Price: $2 Microcontrollers, microprocessors, peripheral ic:s
Price: $13.95 27C400/800/160 eprom programming adapter to 27C4096 socket
Price: $10.8 Dfrobot xbee expansion board (no xbee)
Price: $59.99 37 modules sensor kit for arduino
Price: $40 Osepp mega 2560 R3 plus microcontroller
Price: $20.7 Digilent pmod hat adapter for raspberry pi
Price: $12.45 Velleman vesa enclosure for raspberry pi 3
Price: $35 Atmel avr ATAVRBC100 BC100 battery charger reference design
Price: $9.44 Top quality chip programmer TSOP48 SA247 adapter socket
Price: $22 Cypress perform programmable CY3214 psoceval usb evaluation kit
Price: $60 Est vision ice scalable emulation w/ PUP55-23-M5 power supply
Price: $80 Keil software uvision 3 debugger compiler simulator
Price: $40 Data i/o 2900 programming system manuals
Price: $50 Eetools PA16SO16D-eo-150, 16 pin sop socket adapter
Price: $3 Original smd MC14053D 3 of 6 analog multiplexers/demultiplexers
Price: $15 Microchip MA330017 DSPIC33 44P-100P DSPIC33FJ32MC204 pim module
Price: $10.4 Ximimark 1 set SOIC8 SOP8 flash chip ic test clips socket adpter
Price: $39.99 2 nos sensory inc. voice extreme 65-0125-a 0223B65553 microchips