Price: $11.63 Ametherm MS35 5R025 ntc thermistor
Price: $239.9 Mitsubishi plc rs-232 / rs-422 / 485, melsec QJ71C24 used
Price: $15.45 Pn: 873-902 (lot of 25 piece )
Price: $56 Pn: 873-902 (100 piece lot)
Price: $12.82 Metal voltage volt clamp PM043 326 115+23V 32W 76 0X 20
Price: $32.15 Rf microwave bpf band pass filter 72.8MHZ, bw 2MHZ tested
Price: $250 Lambda power supply EWS150-5
Price: $726.9 Mitsubishi plc cpu unit melsec, 124KSTEP, 5VDC, Q12HCPU, used
Price: $37.6 Universial microwave rf waveguide 6DB coupler WR62 12.6-17.5GHZ
Price: $10.6 Avr-M2012C390KT6AB tdk varistor 39V 100A 0805 rohs 25 pieces
Price: $43.99 New wire grip
Price: $325 Zenith power supply zps-400A
Price: $2.95 Grommets vinyl for 5/16" hole *15 per pack #SGV05
Price: $4.99 Thermistor, ntc, radial, 40OHM mpn: SL15 40004 ametherm X1
Price: $40.16 Molins P150 thermistor
Price: $5.69 Radioshack PR15 flashlight (c&d 4-cell) lamp 272-1125
Price: $2.65 Grommets vinyl for 3/8" hole *13 per pack #SGV06
Price: $4.99 Epcos, B57211P0100M301, thermistor, disc, ntc, 10 ohm X1
Price: $4.99 Thermistor, series SL32, SL32 1R030 1653460 X1
Price: $275 Dvt, 542C, smartimage sensor, comes with 2 lenses,
Price: $5.9 10PCS - avx VF07M10241K zinc oxide varistor
Price: $1409.9 Siemens simovert p 6SE2113-3AA21, 6SE2113 3AA21, used
Price: $130 Telemecanique LT3SA00MW thermistor relay (a-32)
Price: $12.95 Vacu-vise model 300 benchtop vise w/ vacuum base
Price: $29 New 25PC MC14050BCP hex buffer motorola 16PIN dip
Price: $16.99 Lucent x-T64X0014 optoelectronic transponder assy
Price: $29 New 25PC MC14044BCPDS quad nand r/s latch motorola 16PIN dip
Price: $31.28 Anzac two-way power divider 10-1000MHZ t-1000 tested i.l 2DB
Price: $4.99 Thermistor, series cl, part # cl-60 X1
Price: $4.99 Thermistor, series SL22, part # SL22 4R014 X1
Price: $4.99 Thermistor, series SL22, part # SL22 2R018 X1
Price: $8.8 New capillary tube cutter for hvac and refrigeration 1PC
Price: $4.99 10 x vishay, NTCS0805E3104JMT, thermistor, 100K, 5%, smd, ntc
Price: $20 Viking 25AE - 8OHM paging horn weather resistant
Price: $69.99 060999 C1161005 flipper 3 omm control board G1161005
Price: $19.95 New laser kes-480A kem-480AAA lens for sony blu-ray drive sled