Price: $24.99 Hitachi s-50E circuit breaker 50A 3 pole 220V 2.5KA #230DK
Price: $31.43 Supco SXT105 transformer
Price: $29.99 New box of 20 nutone #328 plaster guard
Price: $24.99 New in factory package bosch 239-240 valve manifold
Price: $34.85 New in factory package bosch 0-820-028-204 double solenoid valve
Price: $31 New honeywell 50004263-003 transformer * no box*
Price: $30.68 Rheem SP10550B commercial electric transformer
Price: $9.99 Aerovox 2779-mf 24 uf 480 v capacitor
Price: $41.7 Sloan valve el-154 24-volt transformer
Price: $53 New hammond PH150AJ transformer * no box *
Price: $149.95 Burkle schock transformer
Price: $149.95 Schmidt transformer
Price: $12 New transformer 120V-24V lcn 4040SE 3210-sed transformer
Price: $119.99 Ge jxchss ‑ chimney extension
Price: $175 PE4CT square d neutral sensor
Price: $125 PE20CT2 square d neutral sensor
Price: $100 PE16CT2 square d neutral sensor
Price: $90 PE12CT2 square d neutral sensor
Price: $200 2608D25G01 westinghouse neutral sensor MTR101501
Price: $25 New advance transformer, lc-14-20-c, 118V, .36A lot of 2 in box
Price: $99.99 New dayton 4MTN2 isolating transformer
Price: $71.05 New tci KLR8ATB 3-phase 8A amp 600V line reactor
Price: $14.99 Stancor, transformer, p-8130, 117V 50/60HZ
Price: $45 Kep kessler ellis terminal block kalb ac/dc
Price: $395.5 Ge general electric ql 9T2301052 30 kva 60 hz 3 ph transformer
Price: $35 Square d transformer 9070T150D13
Price: $79.99 Siemens westcode PP602-240 diode PP602240 (tsc)
Price: $105 (alkota) france ignition transformer 120V back mount 5LAY-33 
Price: $150 Staco energy products type 60M 1010CT
Price: $35 New in box, square d 9070T350D1 control transformer 0.35 kva
Price: $57.99 Ventex VT9030CL-277 neon transformer power supply