Price: $35 Audio dosimeter calibrator - ametek ac-1
Price: $55 Sadelco signal lever meter
Price: $105.9 UT351 noise sound level meter tester 30 to 130DB ut-351
Price: $39.9 Paint coating thickness gauge for cars mgr-11-fe manufacturer
Price: $349.99 Leader lcr-745 lcr meter
Price: $88.8 TM834 digital noise sound level meter tecman-teichman 30~130DB
Price: $2385.99 Siglent SSA1010 spectrum analyzer meter 9KHZ to 1GHZ
Price: $87 New tenmars yf-150 capacitance meter brand YF150 c meter
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Price: $291.87 High voltage clamp ETCR048H current sensor etcr-048H
Price: $50 Simpson 3324 -150 to 250 ºf -100 to 120 ºc pyrometer meter
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Price: $2849 Keithley 6514 electrometer - nist calibrated with warranty
Price: $57.3 Digital humidity meter thermometer temperature AR817
Price: $770 Probe hygrotest 600 wht
Price: $42.74 Amprobe sm-20-a sound meter
Price: $789.67 Ath-10 spring extension compression testing machine spring meter
Price: $150 Hewlett packard 11713A attenuator / switch driver
Price: $95 Polysonics 2100 series 2120M12P peek measurement flow meter
Price: $140 Sl-5856 portable sound level meter SL5856
Price: $169 New LK3600 nuclear radiation detector personal dosimeter
Price: $87.89 New brand AR824 digital sound level meter noise meter ar-824
Price: $269.1 Reed sl-4012 digital sound level meter, type 2
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