Price: $19.99 Extron cvda 6 mx composite video distribution amplifier
Price: $40 Hewlett packard 4951C protocol analyzer (1T)
Price: $50 ^^ federal products corp testmaster model m-2
Price: $375 Rhk technology afm 100 AFM100 controller (RH1)
Price: $937.5 Abi prism model 310 genetic analyzer / dna sequencer (#2116)
Price: $500 Hp agilent 8565A spectrum analyzer (SA2)
Price: $250 Tektronix 2440 500 ms/s digital oscilloscope (TO1)
Price: $63.75 Nec ie-75001-r in circuit emulator
Price: $112.5 Mks type 274 3 channel selector (P8)
Price: $1000 Integrating technologies p-6000 P600 spin coater
Price: $48.75 Ling electronics model 470-1 vibration unit / accessory
Price: $50 New comair rotron model 5C156 cooling fan (A1) -
Price: $39.99 Tektronix craftek CT100 isdn subscriber loop test set
Price: $95 Omni spectra os 26850-T4554-T4570 solder fixture
Price: $425 Sencore model LC75 'z meter ii' capacitor - inductor analyzer
Price: $12 New extech DA50 telescoping ac current detector
Price: $39 New extech 461920 laser photo tachometer and counter
Price: $69 New fluke T5-600 voltage, continuity and current tester uk int
Price: $75 extech PH300 ph/mv/temp meter
Price: $19 Davis instruments ipm module stone fruit
Price: $29 New extech BR4-cam 4.5 mm borescope camera tip
Price: $39 New extech MA260 true rms 200A ac open jaw clamp meter
Price: $19 Davis instruments ipm module apple & pears
Price: $95 New extech 461995 combination photo/contact tachometer laser
Price: $9.9 New extech SW810A software, disk & cable for multimaster series
Price: $149 New fluke 566 infrared 30:1 and contact thermometer
Price: $39 New extech RF10 portable sucrose brix refractometer (0 to 32%).
Price: $25 New chauvin arnoux aemc SK1 k-type thermocouple -50°c +800°c
Price: $32 New extech SL123 remote alarm relay module/ac
Price: $35 New extech RT32 wireless ac circuit identifier
Price: $29 New fluke CAP90-2 capacitive pickup
Price: $8 New fluke networks 11231257 coaxial cable coax stripper, 2-level
Price: $42 New extech BR100 17MM video borescope inspection camera
Price: $19 New extech RHT3 ezsmart hygro meter thermometer for smartphones
Price: $39 New extech IR200 non-contact forehead ir thermometer
Price: $35 Panametrics hydrometer system 280 moisture analyzer manual
Price: $450 Spicer consulting field cancelling system model SC07
Price: $40 New red lion controls PGMMOD00 programming display module pgmmod
Price: $199 Granville-phillips 307 vacuum gauge controller (rack-mountable)
Price: $217.49 Fine science tools tr-200 temperature controller
Price: $550 Will'tek 4921 rf shield box
Price: $499 Bryston 2B-lp dual channel stereo power amplifier - 1U rack
Price: $19.89 Capacitance substitution box kit testing device
Price: $199.95 telemecanique altivar 11 ATV11HU05M2A
Price: $395 HSB7JBM emerson tellabs power supply part# 128266
Price: $42.11 Tektronix tek ST112 sonet transmission test set
Price: $450 Ptc instruments 306L "a" scale durometer (model 306 l)
Price: $23.49 Allen bradley 1746-IV16, SLC500 input module as photos, sn:J8IB.
Price: $50 Kenwood kpt-10 prom program test set and 2 manuals.
Price: $275 New cole palmer model 5656-00 led  ph/orp controller - in box
Price: $24.99 Heathkit et-3200 digital design experimenter
Price: $2065.5 Tsi 7545 iaq-calc indoor air quality meters
Price: $1124.99 Mts model 512.04 hydraulic power unit (#2242)
Price: $116.99 Tele-path industires portable isdn connection test set 550B
Price: $51.02 Tele-path industires portable isdn connection test set 550A
Price: $40 ** jc labs model iisc-500 omnispeed hs motion imaging camera
Price: $19.95 Erg inc LPS12-1-6L 8939A smart force inverter BA1
Price: $325 New keysight agilent infinium E2645-66503 usb test fixture
Price: $70 B&k precision 520 transistor tester
Price: $3970 N4L PPA5520-lc precision power analyzer NEWTONS4TH PPA5520
Price: $200 ** applied materials smg phase / mag detector pn 0010-00215W
Price: $120 ** mks instruments hps 315 pirani micro-controller (#144)
Price: $1000 @@ yaskawa electric xu-ACP130-A13 wafer pre aligner
Price: $9.99 Clantech inc., PV800 & PV1100 high voltage detector
Price: $84.95 Westward 1EFX8 refractometer, handheld
Price: $24.99 N45DTCBL nellcor N45 data transfer cable
Price: $35 Vintage eico flyback transformer and yoke tester model 944
Price: $25 Bently nevada #140471-02 dynamic pressure i/o module qty: 1 unit
Price: $1000 Agilent E2960B series N5316A test backplane for pcie 5GB/s
Price: $700 Hp agilent 16442A test fixture
Price: $140 Mountz taams (torque activated am signal receiver) model 011990
Price: $14.69 Ttc 41131B dds local loop interface adaptor module - plug-in
Price: $499.99 Noise simulator & injection box tokin model htg-3222A & 5508
Price: $29 James g. biddle hand tachometer #9920 rpm gauge switzerland
Price: $112.5 Amptec research model SE3332 explosive safety igniter tester
Price: $199.95 System industrie electronics ics pr-1300 power supply
Price: $24 Pair of pressure gauges______4235/8
Price: $525 Fluke mps 450 MPS450 multiparameter simulator biomed tester ecg
Price: $100 Endevco 2775A signal conditioner complete
Price: $85 Tinsley photocell galvanometer amplifier type 5214
Price: $13 Tektronix dm 5110 instruction manual
Price: $1975 Agilent R11645A verification kit, 26.5 to 40 ghz, wr-28
Price: $279.95 Omega 0S65-v-R10-4-C50 industrial infrared thermometer
Price: $2200 Konica minolta CS1000A spectroradiometer used
Price: $488 Audio precision dcx-127 DCX1-30905-3-24 multifunction module
Price: $112.5 Endevco 30702 shaker protection panel (#2)
Price: $445 Walter g. legge conductive footwear tester sltm 4145.26M
Price: $499 Hp, hewlett packard 85046-60068 attenuator T94401
Price: $175 New * * iar systems software i-jet ijet arm circuit debug probe
Price: $499 Yazaki bm-10 bonding monitor T92684
Price: $95 Emf systems 3.6GHZ oscillator p/n 52747-512011
Price: $125 Wavetek 1882A system analyzer for parts
Price: $375 Rhk technology afm 100 AFM100 controller
Price: $50 Fluke 2300A scanner powers up
Price: $450 Hewlett packard 33321-60044 programmable attenuator T115087
Price: $229 Ok industries sa-750 hot plate
Price: $100 Anritsu ME3401A digital transmission analyzer powers up
Price: $4499.99 Anton paar dma 48 density specific gravity concentration meter
Price: $599 Loral instrumentation SBA100A digital data analyzer T110195
Price: $699 Dranetz bmi PP1/p power meter platform T109204
Price: $450 Hp 853A, 8558B spectrum analyzer T109192
Price: $699 Milton roy 1001 plus spectro photometer T109558
Price: $699 Milton roy 1201 spectro photometer T109557
Price: $449 Hp 3497A data acquisition / control unit T108866
Price: $49.95 Keithly instruments 416 high speed picoameter w/4160 input head
Price: $138.75 Microdyne if filter amplifier (1420-i)
Price: $200 ** inficon 333 deposition process controller thickness monitor
Price: $1500 Pbi dansensor map check 9001-1X on-line gas analyzer
Price: $495 Martin walter MW200HM158KHZ ultrasonic generator T104435
Price: $85 Strobotac type 631B vintage test equipment
Price: $34.95 Hp 44471A general purpose 10-channel relay module - 2 a, 250 v
Price: $49.99 Lot of (2) simco M50A static wrist strap monitors esd
Price: $51.5 Vintage weston electrical current shunt 500 amp 50 mv
Price: $699 J1 panametrics epoch 3 iii 2300 ultrasonic flaw detector
Price: $65 Eurotherm temperature controller
Price: $180 Meld technology inc MT300 V1 pico hdtv broadcaster MT300V1 I01
Price: $95 Hp 515-70 gt noise c-151377 input fixture W1
Price: $175 Motorola PPC604E cpu development board 01-W3582F-10C
Price: $125 Emf systems oscillator p/n 52747-224032 W1
Price: $125 Emf systems oscillator p/n 52747-223029 W1
Price: $225 New logic pd omap-L138 som-M1 module 1013528 rev 7
Price: $275 Motorola mvme 2303 01-W3345F-03C MVME2303 vme board warranty
Price: $225 Logic pd OMAP3530 development kit w/ lcd and more
Price: $200 Power measurement ltd. 3720 acm meter
Price: $225 Mmf KD37 universal accelerometer +5000/-1000 g range
Price: $350 Power measurement ltd. xpress card 7700 w/opt mgt, xpr, fbr
Price: $50 Hp / agilent 8761B rf microwave dc-18 ghz spdt relay switch W1
Price: $125 Motorola MPFB1200 m*core platform board w/ CMB1200 cpu module
Price: $100 New motorola mvme 761-001 rtm 01-W3197F-01C
Price: $75 Lsi logic µmeteor tinyrisc TR4101 evaluation board rev. c
Price: $25 Bumpers and handle HP34401,34970A,33120A,33220A,53131A
Price: $99.95 Mountz bstx 10I torque transducer, 1.00 - 10, 0.261 mv/v
Price: $2499.95 Carnel labs model ccs-534 emi calibration standard
Price: $249.95 Precision measurement co pmc strain indicator
Price: $999.95 Strainsert TN8C 8 channel transtrain indicator. strain gauge?
Price: $199 Ziemann module unit
Price: $75 New whitey ms-141AC actuator - in box (B2)
Price: $699.99 Elgar model 251B series 400 frequency oscillator (r)
Price: $89.99 New 1 hp agilent 81000FA fc/pc connector adapter - *ra-8
Price: $125 Kavlico corp. sc-201 digital transducer indicator (r) *ra-13
Price: $80 Ttc t-berd 105 t-carrier analyzer *ra-1 (uw 41)
Price: $100 ^^ industrial scientific docking station model # DS2
Price: $200 Truetime time code distribution model 560-187-97 (trta)
Price: $2000 Advanced energy mdx pinnacle 3152412-115C power supply (#1798)
Price: $300 Pacific nanotechnology control unit model # p-010-0003 (A1)
Price: $200 3-d med technical services rapid prototyping unit (PB2)
Price: $200 3-d technical services rapid prototyping unit (PB1)
Price: $395 Agilent / hp 8441A auotmatic rf preselector 1.8 to 12.4 ghz
Price: $175 Schweitzer sel-351S protection system - model# 0351S6X5B3F5421
Price: $2690 Opwill OTP6200 test set for fttx, metro and access network
Price: $4000 Hp agilent 8156A optical attenuator +option 101
Price: $9000 Burleigh wa-7000 multi-line wavemeter
Price: $7500 Agilent 86109A 30GHZ optical module
Price: $7500 Agilent 86106B 10GB/s reference receiver
Price: $300 Gps source p/n S18-nf gps 8-way splitter
Price: $144 Cylink cidec-hsi encryption system CY1024 (#1C)
Price: $400 Wilkerson refrigerated dryer model no A00-AHP00 115V
Price: $3855.99 New ohaus MB120 compact scientific portable moisture analyzer
Price: $50 ^^ inframetrics 600 imaging radiometer remote control unit (cc)
Price: $750 New ++ port universal motion controller / driver model ESP7000
Price: $25 Tektronix P6063B passive probe 1X or 10X selectable
Price: $3750 Agilent hp 85052D 3.5MM calibration kit
Price: $8100 Keysight agilent hp 85056K 2.92 mm / 2.4MM calibration kit
Price: $500 Maury 8022 3.5MM - 7MM adapter set
Price: $60 Decibel products filters vhf
Price: $80.99 Shimadzu CR601 hplc chromatopac chromatography system integrator
Price: $4300 Astro design VA1809A hdmi protocol analyzer
Price: $100 Leeds & northrup millivolt potentiometer #611241H
Price: $895 Agilent / hp 85046A with cables (300 khz to 3 ghz) with cables
Price: $570 Varian 5.9 - 6.4 ghz 65DB twta for parts VZC6961D7G1
Price: $900 Melles griot 11NCS 101 nanomotion controller
Price: $255 Summation research sri sr-1120A s-band satellite receiver
Price: $255 Sotca frequency converter STC83601D if / rf freq downconverter
Price: $112.5 Ci SR8 controller model # sr-8-13
Price: $650 Eip 578 source locking microwave counter
Price: $2000 Exfo/gnubi EPX16 remote telecom test w/ 17 modules
Price: $30 Sun microsystems ultra sparc 3I processors
Price: $150 Hp hewlett packard 87130A attenuator/switch driver
Price: $140 Pcb piezotronics icp 482A power supply 115 volt ac
Price: $140 Pcb piezotronics icp 482M52 amp/power supply 115 volt ac
Price: $35 Associated research hypot 411, 115 volt, 75 va capacity
Price: $42.75 Sts vf test and dc psu audio test set ~v st-104/red
Price: $379.99 Lantronix UDS1100 universal device server p/n 080-358-001-r
Price: $2137.5 Miteq c-band up/downconverter rf unit (u/d-9502-61289)
Price: $427.5 3DBM, inc 19" chassis 70MDF-dat-glw
Price: $1781.25 Maxtech solid state power amplifier (pcd-6025/n)
Price: $213.75 Lnr power and control module CF12 (3) ~v 012660-1
Price: $74.99 Lot misc microwave trainer components
Price: $16.97 Eisco labs ptpen visual scientifics pendulum 1182Z50
Price: $300 Scientific atlanta prisma model 6971 forward receiver (#2)
Price: $750 New ge general electric TVRMS2 digital test kit- ? (#5)
Price: $750 New ge general electric TVRMS2 digital test kit- ? (#4)
Price: $150 Hewlett packard hp agilent 4935A transmission test set
Price: $850 New ge general electric TVRMS2 digital test kit- in box? (#3)
Price: $200 Amprobe acf-3000DM flexible current transducer 300MV (#3)
Price: $200 Amprobe acf-3000DM flexible current transducer 300MV (#2)
Price: $200 Amprobe acf-3000DM flexible current transducer 300MV (#1)
Price: $5000 Harmonic ellipse 3200 with options
Price: $285 3DBM, inc 19" chassis w/modules 70MDF-dat-glw
Price: $47.5 Harmonic audio cable /w 2 xlr (m) and DB25 connector.
Price: $49.5 Harmonic audio cable /w 4 xlr (m) and DB25 connector.
Price: $599 Rohde&schwarz cmw-Z24 rf combiner 2X4
Price: $379 Esp telekom SBA1000 dc feeding bridge
Price: $9.99 Micro switch PTW2211 120V 50/60HZ
Price: $35 Clc current loop calibrator model clc/kp/0-20MA/bp w/case & info
Price: $500 Cyclomatic industries inc dwf-3 cold wire feeder
Price: $56.25 Hewlett packard 59822B ionization gauge controller (fn)
Price: $35 Model T337 circuit test set *working w/leads
Price: $1299 Agilent 346C 10MHZ-26.5GHZ noise source 3.5MM connector
Price: $4200 Harmonic ellipse 1000 with options hd
Price: $599 1PCS used good basler ACA1600-20GM camera #C1M2 by dhl or ems
Price: $320 Akcp SENSORPROBE2 with temperature sensor
Price: $3995 Harmonic ellipse 1000 with options
Price: $65.99 Macom (amp)torque wrench with detachable 1/2" head. nc-100