Price: $99 R.f. watt meter model me-11B/u as is
Price: $19.99 Simpson teledata w/ brown case - as is untested
Price: $600 Bird 4308 cellular specialist wattmeter,
Price: $158.47 Controller metrix 462 with record cables - REF32697
Price: $71.25 ++ rubicon instruments model 2733 potentiometer
Price: $37.5 Hios tem-120 torque meter multi purpose
Price: $94.41 New cem dt-9702 ac/dc direct cross current clamp meter,
Price: $25.95 Rac model 550 idle tachometer
Price: $532.61 New vertiucal machine sides shake test stand asc-j-500N
Price: $196.87 New portable optical light source meter tester JW3110 1310NM
Price: $100 Bacharach sling pychrometer red spirit fill 12-7012
Price: $450 Omniguard iii differential pressure recorder calibrated
Price: $55 Rifocs 575L power meter powers up
Price: $300 Sponsler MS353A3A2A3 SP2800-ez programmable batcher
Price: $325 Kobold mrt - rate meter, totalizer & batcher mrt-1530
Price: $25 Panel voltmeter for aircraft 6-30V input display
Price: $174.99 Hioki PD3129 phase rotation meter from japan with tracking
Price: $39 Bi a-R10K-l.25 wireound potentiometer *used*
Price: $24.63 Santronics 3000 ultimate ac sensor 50-1000VAC