Price: $100 120/240V kwh electric meter 100A #3
Price: $56.25 Alnor velometer jr fpm 0-200 type 8100
Price: $75 New simpson 59 01350 panel meter 0-15AMPS * in box*
Price: $185 New wiegel DPA14-31M10R-4 digital panel meter * no box*
Price: $20 Volt alert #LVD2 with flashlight by fluke
Price: $15 Volt alert with sound #1ACII - by fluke
Price: $16.99 Soil ph tester kit gardeners farm plant aciditytester
Price: $13.99 Dt-300 mini digital non contact infrared lcd ir thermometer
Price: $15.99 QQ2.0 analog multimeter ac dc voltage current resistance tester
Price: $13.99 Fluke TP88 2PCS piercing needle multimeter test probe
Price: $12.99 0.01MM accuracy measurement instrument dial indicator gauge tool
Price: $199 Tanaka flash point tester with cleveland aco-5 open cup testers
Price: $84.99 Mesr-100 auto ranging esr low ohm circuit capacitor meter tester
Price: $99.99 Uni-t UT216C 600A true rms auto range clamp meter
Price: $57.99 1000M 1000V megger meter insulation tester resistance meter
Price: $25.99 Sz-70 panel dual swr forwad reflected vu meter 100UA
Price: $24.99 Lcr meter test leads lead terminal clip wires leads probes
Price: $27.99 Magnetic dial indicator base holder stand 60 x 50 x 55MM
Price: $27.99 Rsg-100ATC 0-32% brix beer sugar wine wort refractometer
Price: $23.99 0 to 0.0005 inch dial test indicator gauge with 2 clamps and box
Price: $75 General DBTU1300 solar power meter
Price: $149.95 Alnor model 9870 air velocity meter
Price: $199.99 Narda 8616 electromagnetic radiation monitor
Price: $45 Hewlett packard hp model # 3488A switch / control unit (Q1)
Price: $100 Shock alert water voltage detector
Price: $65 ++ rawson lush type 501 indicator- kilogausses in case