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Price: $125 Hp/agilent 5962-5088 8560 series firmware update
Price: $195 Hp/agilent 53310-60002A main board for 53310
Price: $149.99 Hp/agilent 8920A reference #08920-61029 419-3540
Price: $650 Fluke 2680A-apsw flukedaq V6.0 control software
Price: $599.99 Fluke 700G/track data logging software and cable for 700G series
Price: $95 New ni labview cd kit version 8.5 “ sealed “
Price: $35 Hp 16500B complete system disk set
Price: $7900 Tektronix tekexp tek express sata USB3.0 test software
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Price: $1370 Fluke 9935-m logware ii software, 2+chan, multi user
Price: $16.4 121 w
Price: $184.62 Acroprint timeqplus network software (ACP010262000)
Price: $2500 Daihen atp-15B microwave power generator amat 0190-35783
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