Price: $265 Delmhorst techcheck plus digital moisture meter
Price: $70 Fieldpiece SDMN5 dual port manometer
Price: $55 Electrophysics model GRP200S remote sensor for GRP200 meter
Price: $60 Used ~ uei DAFM3 digital airflow meter
Price: $76.96 Extech MA120 mini 200 amp ac/dc clamp-on current detector
Price: $18 Omega 2160A digital thermometer *used*
Price: $33 Dwyer vfb-52-bv flowmeter *used*
Price: $90 Thermo orion model 350 perphect logr ph meter w/o probe
Price: $160 cable SEKG2 2LEMO00-2LEMO01 krautkramer/ge
Price: $550 Hanna instruments HI93703 microprocessor turbidity meter
Price: $750 Agilent E9325A peak and average power sensor 50MHZ-18GHZ
Price: $36 Amprobe ultra ac volt - ammeter 0-300 amp range 0-600 volt range
Price: $750 Associated research hypot ultra ii 7530DT dielectric analyzer
Price: $1395 Tsi AVM440-a alnor velometer thermal anemometer
Price: $121.49 Northeast electronics tts-4A model tts-4XDV untested ar 9
Price: $16.89 Greenlee gt-12 non-contact voltage detector
Price: $24.99 Heathkit model ip-28 regulated power supply - vintage used
Price: $800 Ultrameter ii myron l company - 6P water quality instrument
Price: $39.95 Sperry psi-8031 phase sequence and open phase indicator
Price: $59 New crompton 012-75AA-lsls-C7-B3 meter 5A * in box*
Price: $135 New myron l 532T2 tds meter. in box
Price: $148.48 New AR63C pen vibration meter tester gauge analyzer measure
Price: $1.99 Drok 10A/75MV shunt resistor for dc amp panel meter
Price: $334.61 New 7033B brand mitutoyo magnetic base good qualiity
Price: $11.5 80-260V durable watt lcd volt power meter voltmeter ammeter
Price: $1222.64 New handheld acoustics well/prit depth meter tester measurement
Price: $71 Alnor velometer 6006AP with case & accessories tool ft
Price: $200.45 12PCS support rings for all leeb hardness tester,meter
Price: $360.26 New tes-1380 ph/orp/temperat​ure meter dual lcd display,
Price: $95.98 Az-8705 heat stroke prevention meter index preventer
Price: $40.09 Agilent/hp 35658A tachometer trigger module
Price: $64.97 General SAM800IND pocket heat monitor,32 to 122 degrees f
Price: $128.67 (165FT) distance meter max range laser 50M fluke 414D
Price: $38 New voltage detector for ac handy type 3480 hioki japan f/s
Price: $1181.05 Used chroma meter minolta konica condition in CL200A cl-200A
Price: $69.95 Safety siren pro series combination gas detector
Price: $270.84 New fluke 319 F319 digital clamp meter case 6000 count
Price: $67.79 Digital tachometer,laser type,photo contact,rpm
Price: $14.99 New digital electricity usage monitor - brand in package
Price: $59.95 Automation direct prosense DPM1-a-h panel meter 1/32 din analog
Price: $113.05 Mc-7825P moisture meter(wood to soil),pin type,measure
Price: $70 Universal polyranger sensitive research instrument co model u
Price: $880.1 Digital bottle cap torque meter tester 5 n.m anl-WP5
Price: $402 Hioki CM4371 ac dc clamp meter ac DC600A 0317
Price: $153.3 LS122 infared power meter tester ir 1000-1700NM
Price: $222.49 Process calibrator thermocouple j,k,t,e,r,s,b,N710
Price: $366.18 Ry-TK26 optical fiber tool kit 26PCS tools
Price: $195.58 15000G 1G 15KG digital balance weighing electronic scale
Price: $34.95 Nuclear associates 07-402 portable digital thermometer
Price: $650 << vista environmental heat stress monitor model 865
Price: $19.99 Amprobe moisture meter mt-10
Price: $551.06 Barcol impressor,portable hardness tester,meter(934-1)
Price: $1485 Tsi 6200D alnor loflo balometer capture hood
Price: $251.44 Latest 160 digital cup mug heat press machine
Price: $143.56 New brand uni-t UT71C intelligent digital multimeters
Price: $585.33 Digital torque meter gauge tester measuring range 3 n.m anl-3
Price: $150.41 New 1PCS dial test indicator mitutoyo pocket type 513-517T
Price: $138.5 New APM830 optical power meter for cctv testing test,
Price: $27.99 Ac volt meterr ammeter din rail led multifunction digital meter
Price: $10.98 Craftsman SC07733.00 o-ring 58. for craftsman
Price: $40.37 New shore type a/d/o durometer,rubber hardness tester
Price: $296.83 Sanwa data processing digital multimeters pc link PC773
Price: $97.99 New dial push pull gauge force meter lbs 18KG/40 alb-40 analog
Price: $76.7 Nk-200 dial mechanical push pull gauge force gauge 200 n / 20 kg
Price: $152.45 Peak-DCA75-atlas-advanced-semiconductore
Price: $141.78 Amprobe th-3 relative humidity temperature meter
Price: $50 Coherent 201 laser power meter 115V-ac
Price: $27.79 New greenlee gt-12A non-contact voltage detector
Price: $112.5 Tektronix DM502 digital multi-meter
Price: $19.99 Greenlee tr-12A non contact voltage detector
Price: $79.77 Fluke networks simplifiber pro ftk 1450 case only
Price: $414 New dwyer DR4144 flow meter * no box*
Price: $42 New honeywell 30757178-001 meter assembly * no box*
Price: $34.91 Extech MO280 pinless moisture meter *not working*
Price: $81.6 Tokyo keiso ultrasonic flowmeter model sfc-710 (bb)
Price: $1311 New kytola SR4-2-AF26-s flow meter * no box*
Price: $183 New lake monitors B3A6HT05 flow meter * no box*
Price: $51 New yokogawa 250240LS-TE7/ul panel meter 1600AC amps * in box*
Price: $375 Unilab ltd 871.620 material testing apparatus 220V freq 50HZ
Price: $580 Rek RK2678YM medical earth resistance tester
Price: $11.46 20A 100V liquid crystal digital electric current voltmeter J4Q3
Price: $619 New gamma scout online radiation detector and geiger counter
Price: $489 New gamma scout alert radiation detector and geiger counter
Price: $439 New gamma scout standard radiation detector and geiger counter
Price: $460 New brand rek RK2678XM grounding resistance tester
Price: $20 General electric #185 edgewise instrument 50-185112EMEM1
Price: $789.99 Schneider electric powerlogic ION7650 S7650A0C0B6E0A0A meter
Price: $103 Hach sension 4 ph ise meter. part number 51775-60
Price: $144 Hach sension 4 ph ise meter with probe. part number 51775-60
Price: $45 Hp 3437A system voltmeter metric for parts or repair
Price: $9.99 New ac voltage detector sensor peak meter PM8908C
Price: $16.39 Santronics 3115 ac voltage sensor
Price: $39 New api computer designed 45-32-000045,, 0-900 rpm,,meter
Price: $39 New api computer designed #44-32-000044 ,,,0-100 percent meter
Price: $36 Cdc-s usb cable RS232CD software with 2.5MM diameter jack
Price: $69.99 Insulation tester model 5050-t
Price: $248.88 Landtek fht-1122 specialized fruit hardness tester durometer
Price: $200 Powertronics the detective powerline monitor
Price: $2.49 Pocket digital voltage tester meter pen tester 12V 250V ac dc
Price: $561 New brooks 3750CZ96 flow meter * no box*
Price: $75 New wallace & tiernan 30D061SSXXXX flow meter * no box*
Price: $205 New king instrument 74C234G04132381 flow meter * no box*
Price: $822 New brooks 3750CA5B11ACAAAAA0 flow meter * no box*
Price: $29 New abb 10A6131 flow meter * in box*
Price: $84 New wallace & tiernan 5120M13113XXL flow meter * no box*
Price: $125 New ki instruments FR2A06SVVT flow meter * in box*
Price: $661 New brooks 3750CA1A11BEAAAAA0 armored flow meter * no box*
Price: $563 New king instrument 74C123G081321610 flow meter * in box*
Price: $648 New brooks 3750CA3A11CEAAAAA0 flow meter * no box*
Price: $76 New king instrument MR3A02SVT flow meter * in box*
Price: $75 New king instruments 74C214G021323810 flow meter * no box*
Price: $19.95 La crosse 6 foot detachable wet temperature probe
Price: $203 New king instrument 74C102G021421710 flow meter * in box*
Price: $218 New king instrument 74C234G041323310 flow meter * in box*
Price: $563 New king instrument 74108G061312530 flow meter * in box*
Price: $99.5 Leader lfm-39A wow and flutter meter made in japan
Price: $536.54 New brand fg-5100 force gauge 100 kg lutron FG5100
Price: $65 Wavetek BDM35 benchtop multimeter
Price: $30 New industrial mro 22-15-3802-006 flowmeter * in box*
Price: $25 New industrial mro 1510DKG4A1B flowmeter * in box*
Price: $53 New dwyer rma-42-ssv flowmeter * in box*
Price: $65 New dwyer vfa-41-ssv flowmeter * in box *
Price: $31 New dwyer rma-4-ssv flowmeter 0.5-5 scfh air * in box*
Price: $110 Electrophysics model CT100 digital pinless moisture meter
Price: $835.85 Uni-t UT257A superlarge caliber leakage clamp meter ut-257A
Price: $49.99 Millen 90600 frequency meter set excellent in box
Price: $150 Inficon CC3 vacuum gauge
Price: $35 New port model 202A-JC1 thermocouple indicator
Price: $25 Bourns 3540S-001-502 potentiometer *used*
Price: $28.85 Fluke T140 voltage and continuity tester
Price: $71.99 General dbtu 1300 solar power meter
Price: $46.86 New 1PCS combustible gas leakage detector DY80
Price: $30 New weschler ye/286-h panel mount meter 0-24 dc volts * in box*
Price: $978.03 WG68 precision gloss meter for WG268 upgrade three angle