Price: $55 Princo L2000 level instrumentation controller with null-kote
Price: $150 Yokogawa WT110 digital power meter
Price: $81 Orange research 2221FG-1A-2.5L - flow meter calibration
Price: $19.99 Ideal voltage tester 61-065 with leather case
Price: $328 New hanna HI8510E meter * in box*
Price: $180 Greenlee power finder 2007 circuit tracker
Price: $21 1PC digital voltage analyser electronic power watt meter tool
Price: $10.66 Ac detectors tester sensor non contact electric pen led 12-1000V
Price: $6.68 Lcd usb detector voltmeter ammeter power capacity tester meter
Price: $17.58 Ac 20A power meters monitor volt amp kwh watt digital meter
Price: $90 Amprobe MAN02-a digital differential pressure manometer
Price: $85 Universal sn-ASB2 gm-2-250V flow meter *used*
Price: $400 Elcometer 311 fnf paintmeter
Price: $75 Dcf-100MB for use with acm-3 noise monitor
Price: $120 Wanger L609 moisture detector, 1/2 depth, pinless,led
Price: $50 New brooks 4-65-b rotameter * in box*
Price: $245 Ge protimeter surveymaster - made in uk
Price: $4299.99 New fluke 983 particle counter air quality meter havc
Price: $72 Brooks sho-rate flow meter
Price: $399 Victoreen model 500 precision medical w/ probes and case
Price: $225 Hp 8012B pulse generator - fully tested - includes manual
Price: $115 Ge protimeter BLD2000 mini moisture meterĀ 
Price: $138 New red lion controls PAXLVD00 voltage meter * in box*
Price: $19.99 Motor load current meter machinefabriek a van der linden bv
Price: $1050 Vitrek V70 ac hipot tester used
Price: $119.95 meg-o-meter by baker instrument co.
Price: $36.35 Dayton purpose relay # spdt 5X824A 120VAC / 60HZ
Price: $144.1 md-0 mini-ligno moisture meter
Price: $38.05 Steffy wood products paper for changing table paper older
Price: $415 James g biddle megger tester
Price: $1.95 Pace electrical instruments co. 0-500 dc volts meter, vintage
Price: $2.49 Triplett model 320-g, 0-75 dc amperes meter, vintage
Price: $2.49 Weston model 1941 194788 dc amperes 0-600A., vintage
Price: $2.49 Weston model 1941 255356 ch-a dc amperes 0-600A., vintage
Price: $2.49 Triplett model 320-g, 0-150 dc volts meter, vintage
Price: $2.49 Triplett model 320-g, 0-10 dc volts meter, vintage
Price: $570.64 amc-3 hand-cranked insulation tester
Price: $149.79 amb-3 insulation resistance tester
Price: $69.95 Amprobe amc-3 meg meter
Price: $19.95 P3 kill a watt ez electricity usage monitor P4460
Price: $675.88 amc-2 hand cranked insulation tester
Price: $59.95 Transistorized meter devry institute of technology bell & howell
Price: $50 King instrument gpm-liquid-sp gr. 1.0-(6-ssl-02) 7311223066MC
Price: $375 Myron ultrameter ii 6PFCE great condition
Price: $589 New gf signet 325376CT0 paddlewheel flow meter * in box*
Price: $150 Megger insulation tester series 2
Price: $8 New household lead check do it yourself testing
Price: $6.99 Commercial electric 120/240 voltage tester MS8901H
Price: $247.29 Fluke 9040 3 phase rotation indicator
Price: $820 Instek gpt-9601 5KVAC/20MA ac withstanding voltage tester
Price: $238.85 Testo 206-PH2 one-hand ph/temp tester, PH2 probe for semi-solids
Price: $200 Ross model ED70-nc-70 high voltage relay- 70KV (A1)
Price: $29.95 Jewell electrical instruments millivolts meter MM3
Price: $560.68 Tramex smp skpper plus moisture meter for boats
Price: $24.52 Ipuzzle wooden ramp race track model with 3 small cars
Price: $199 New port 508A-3 unused
Price: $119 Action intruments V560 ep lcd indicator in enclosure
Price: $199 Controlotron 994P5GLSB-3 ultrasonic flowmeter
Price: $250 ^^ mensor dpg ii digital pressure gauge model 16500 (aa)
Price: $30 Skyjack battery charge indicator gauge. 103240
Price: $124 Dynapar STPS0 process volt meter*used*
Price: $62.38 Fluke networks C9970 high voltage detector
Price: $550 Extech MO297 pinless moisture meter, meterlink(tm)
Price: $350 Polhemus 3SPACE fastrak head and motion tracker model 3SF0002
Price: $20.85 Milwaukee 2200-20 voltage detector
Price: $50 Cable coupler LEMO00- LEMO00 angular
Price: $399 Precision digital PR6000-6R5 provu digital process control meter
Price: $50 Ge- electric meter (kwh) type m-90, 120 v, 4Y. three phase meter
Price: $35 Shurite meter
Price: $649 New wallace & tiernan 5120M12133XXEX purge meter * no box*
Price: $84.28 Extech MO290-p moisture pin probe
Price: $10.99 MD2G digital handheld detector tester moisture meter 5% ~ 40%
Price: $150 Wallace & tiernan 71E093SSXX2X purge meter *used*
Price: $63.49 Fluke LVD1 volt light
Price: $96 Wallace & tiernan npxh-145 flow meter *used*
Price: $150 Porter instruments a-1128 flow meter *used*
Price: $352 Brooks 1305EJ18CJ2BA flow meter *used*
Price: $9.65 Volt meter 12 volt blue digital
Price: $195 Brooks 1350EBA7AGVSA flow meter *used*
Price: $467 New bailey fischer & porter 821A003U16 flow meter * no box*
Price: $350 Anatel exo handheld scanner kcc-cmm-xyl
Price: $11.99 Authentic aspire K2 tank
Price: $5 Ideal receptacle tester model 61-500
Price: $29.99 Solartron DT10P metrology digital probe (parts as is)
Price: $49.95 New gsi mod. G115 galvanometer optics scan assembly. , unused.
Price: $225 New general electric 702X63G973 meter (as pictured) * no box*
Price: $371 New scientific columbus 304P-02-e meter * no box*
Price: $380 Used delvo DLT1673 digital torque checker meter
Price: $414 New dwyer DR4144 flow meter * no box*
Price: $42 New honeywell 30757178-001 meter assembly * no box*
Price: $800 Negative ion tester com-3010 pro made in japan
Price: $175 Hp 11664A detector .01-18 ghz 20DBM/10VDC
Price: $258.53 Extech MO257 pinless moisture meter
Price: $173.79 Kitchen & dining features extech HT30 heat stress wbgt meter
Price: $85.35 rainforest emu-2 energy monitoring unit
Price: $16.5 Engler hour meter 12 volt # J12F5
Price: $20 Eveready volts and amperes vintage pat. 1910
Price: $126.49 Gits 15503 column view gauge, front mount, 3 mounting centers
Price: $90.3 Deteknix huntmate pinpointer metal detector
Price: $250 Meriam instrument 350 series smart manometer 351-DN0200
Price: $528.74 Flir MR60 moisture meter pro
Price: $19.95 New ideal vol con xl voltage tester- needs batteries
Price: $10 Choose pick one...vintage ampmeter or milliamperes gauge
Price: $391 New kytola SR6-2-AF26-s flow meter * no box*
Price: $391 New kytola SR8-2-AF26-s flow meter * no box*
Price: $417 New kytola sr-60-7844 flow meter * no box*
Price: $417 New kytola sr-30-7844 flow meter * no box*
Price: $19 Micro ampermeter 200 ua 1 item cccp ussr soviet union military
Price: $26.07 Signstek uni-t UT333 mini temperature and humidity meter
Price: $395 Ransburg sci output bench curcuit test meter - model 234
Price: $60 Weston sensitrol relay model 705 series a-8065 ks-4346
Price: $417 New kytola sr-20-7844 flow meter * no box*
Price: $550 Biddle megger 210400 5KV megohmmeter insulation
Price: $948 New lake monitors B5A6HW50 flow meter * no box*
Price: $65.95 Ge epm 6000-e power meter PL600065ATHDE
Price: $175 Keithley instruments 480 picoammeter 30V max input [ref a]
Price: $299 Greenlee 2007 power finder closed circuit tracer kit
Price: $100 Megohms meter
Price: $966.61 380803 true rms power analyzer/appliance tester and datalogger