Price: $72 Brooks sho-rate flow meter
Price: $220 melvin c. miller multi combination meter model B3
Price: $220.93 Hitachi v-222 oscilloscope 2X 20MHZ 732
Price: $206.34 Benq FP73P monitor monitor vga / dvi-d - 17" G392
Price: $125 New asia-italia sr-72 panel meter 0-45A * in box*
Price: $125 New weigal 69896 panel meter 0-120% * in box*
Price: $22 New redington 722-0030 hour meter * in box*
Price: $525 Fluke 1587 insulation multimeter. excellent condition
Price: $24 Baumer b 148.R06XC8C hour meter *used*
Price: $25 Gossen 1901.407 meter 2000KW *used*
Price: $163 New rs components 312-381 led control panel meter * no box*
Price: $625 Greenlee cs-8000 circuit seeker. excellent condition
Price: $19 Analog tube panel meter mk-2 voltmeter dc 1.5V mirror scale
Price: $695 Druck dp I107LEAK rate indicator with accessories
Price: $150 P/h 100A5253 semi-converter pc assembly
Price: $175 P/h control module 100E4367-2
Price: $32 New yokogawa 254301FAFA8JAH panel meter * no box*
Price: $45 P/h auxiliary circuits assembly 100A4909-16
Price: $180 P/h pulse amplifier 190A 4843-1
Price: $220 P/h meter module pc assembly 100A5620
Price: $175 Redring PE29JJ rs-273-056 60-391410 flow meter *used*
Price: $226 New 150W electronic/dc load meter/tester,cv/ci/cr
Price: $132 New red lion controls CUB4V020 voltmeter * in box*
Price: $400 Keithley 775A programmable counter / timer (mt)
Price: $20 Vintage 1940's general electric volt ammeter model BAK1AAA1
Price: $93.01 Nk-30 mechanical analog push pull gauge force gauge 30N
Price: $700 New myron l 6PFCE ultrameter ii, handheld parametermeter -
Price: $138 New toyo keiki dvf-11 B19 02221 panelmeter * no box*
Price: $800 New - myron l 6PFCE ultrameter ii, handheld parametermeter
Price: $45.52 ncvt-4IR non-contact voltage tester with infrared thermometer
Price: $12 Hobbico expanded scale voltmeater with original box
Price: $41 New general electric 50-251300LSLS meter 5A * in box*
Price: $40 New yokogawa ye/250320RXRX meter 300V * in box*
Price: $79 New yokogawa ye/162141LSNT meter 50A * in box*
Price: $54 Yokogawa 250340NGNG meter 20A *used*
Price: $41 General electric 50162141LSPK2 meter 100A *used*
Price: $43 Reliance 65200-9WB panel meter 400DCA *used*
Price: $23 Yew 251424ECRX panel meter 300DCA *used*
Price: $125 New grasslin 05.31.0001.1 meter * no box*
Price: $113 New brooks 1350EN2BADA1A purge meter * no box*
Price: $153 Aefos absys camera endoscopic + power supply + bag G311
Price: $535 Accuray ad-6-083898-516 meter *used*
Price: $139.99 New fieldpiece ARH5 in-duct psychomotor accessory head
Price: $17.65 Low volt tester 5-50 gb
Price: $20.37 Volt scrwdrv tester gb
Price: $22 Megger BM100-2 insulation & continuity tester
Price: $460 Delmhorst g-70/sp
Price: $214.67 Generic window tint meter visual light transmission 18MM tester
Price: $250 Hewlett packard 5359A time synthesizer (T1)
Price: $100 Northern design cube 400 multi function meter
Price: $28 Vintage weston amperes ac meter 60 cycles 5"X5"X3" (steampunk?)
Price: $75 Demornay bonardi frequency meter b-715-2 (DB1)
Price: $112.5 Tektronix DM502 digital multi-meter
Price: $100 Clearview inline flow meter CVC30W5N (water)
Price: $150 ^^ mensor dpg ii digital pressure gauge model 16500 (bb)
Price: $75 Demornay bonardi frequency meter dbe-715-2 (DB2)
Price: $25 New grainger anti-static mat
Price: $8.99 Diode detector holder for ka-band, made in usa
Price: $20 Vintage cart mahr 1/100 grad dial indicator
Price: $531.69 Aeton 7616 noise generator powered noise 1GHZ to 12.4GHZ G785
Price: $299.95 Precision capacitance & dielectric measurement fixture
Price: $167.2 Vintage levelometer by liquidometer gauge long island ny
Price: $75 Demornay bonardi frequency meter dbc-715-2 (DB4)
Price: $149 Racal dana 9300 true rms voltmeter
Price: $3800 Hipotronics KV200A kv 200 series ac/dc kilovolt meter
Price: $399 Starrett 812-2A transducer head
Price: $60 90600 frequency meter set 3-140 mc, james millen
Price: $17 New triplett 430G panel meter 400AC-a * in box*
Price: $28.99 New crompton instruments ac kilowatts meter 0-3200 077-302A-hqxx
Price: $29.99 New weschler westinghouse kx-241 position meter 1-0-1
Price: $59 New simpson 24502 2865 0-20VDC voltage meter " "
Price: $79.99 Power probe iii clamshell -blue PP3CSBLU
Price: $79.99 Power probe iii in a clamshell (red) PP3CSRED
Price: $79 Eico 232 vtvm meter, with some accessories - works
Price: $61 New brooks 1350GBL3DAFA1AAD flow meter * in box*
Price: $39.99 Taco 732-1 liquid flow meter in box.
Price: $559.95 Radex RD1008 beta gamma geiger counter radiation detector
Price: $467 New bailey fischer & porter 821A003U16 flow meter * no box*
Price: $6.49 Usb charger doctor voltmeter ammeter amp voltage tester detector
Price: $3650 New general electric pqm power quality meter * no box*
Price: $200 New spindle 310-1266-97-00 analog meter * in box*
Price: $79.99 Portable refractometer quantity 3 in leather case
Price: $11.95 Makro 2 metal detector laminated program cards and settings
Price: $11.95 Makro 1 metal detector laminated program cards and settings
Price: $11.95 Whites xlt metal detector laminated program cards and settings
Price: $11.95 Minelab xterra 70 laminated program cards and settings .
Price: $11.95 Minelab se metal detector laminated.program. cards and settings
Price: $49 Omron K3TJ-V111R panel meter*used*
Price: $125 Elcometer 256 fn (B9) coating thickness gauge
Price: $48 Simpson F351150 digital panel meter 120VAC (as pictured) *used*
Price: $48 Simpson F351150 digital panel meter 120VAC *used*
Price: $89.95 Fis F18513HH ov-pm optical power meter
Price: $29.99 Medistor m-500 current shunt multirange precision resistor
Price: $37.5 Vintage alnor velometer type 3150
Price: $9.99 Jbt j.b.t. oven tester 32-jp-7 vintage
Price: $80 Hedland 53404 inline flowmeter *used*
Price: $45 Brooks 1355EAH2CKE1L flow meter *used*
Price: $45 Fischer & porter 10A1338M13B flow meter *used*
Price: $33 Fischer & porter 10A3135 flow meter *used*
Price: $47 Brooks 1350K4EW4F8CJ flow meter *used*
Price: $7 Non-contact voltage detector 1000 vac cat iv
Price: $21 Dwyer rma flowmeter *used*
Price: $99.99 Cooper SRH77A temp/humidity digital instrument
Price: $13.8 80-260V volt digital watt power voltmeter ammeter meter
Price: $1650 Hioki 8730-10 wave comparator
Price: $170.78 Openbox fieldpiece dual-port manometer - SDMN5
Price: $5000 His running line tensiometer model #htnsiokep-d
Price: $35 New ideal K460P-c meter 0-10 dc milliamperes 4" mount old stock
Price: $73 New crompton modutec 3S-dvv-040 ammeter * in box*
Price: $150 Extech thermocouple thermometer, 2 input - 421509
Price: $9.99 Vintage triplett ac a.c. ac volt gauge 0-300 volts
Price: $95 Econospect calibration test meter M7
Price: $55 Flowline LI14-1001 universal process meter
Price: $18 Brooks mite 2700 series flow meters
Price: $1485 Tsi 6200D alnor loflo balometer capture hood
Price: $149 New red lion controls PAXLTC00 thermocouple meter * in box*
Price: $34.99 Vintage westinghouse type px-4 volt meter
Price: $15 Crompton 549-78 volt meter *used*
Price: $35 Milliamperes 100 ma model: HS3
Price: $175 Slightly used (twice) fluke 971 temperature humidity meter
Price: $50 General electric 50-105031-SJSJ2 ac voltmeter type ab-30 *used*
Price: $399.99 Greenlee cs-8000 circuit seeker
Price: $50 New api P5-1802-0100 meter 25-0-25 microamperes dc * in box*
Price: $55 New ohmite 0309 potentiometer 1 ohm * in box*
Price: $33 New ohmite 0327 model j rheostat potentiometer * in box*
Price: $25 New yokogawa 255321NLNL panel meter 30-30 dc volts * in box*
Price: $220 Api 503K panel meter 0-150 *used*
Price: $25 New simpson model 1227 panel meter 0-15 * in box*
Price: $2920.5 Tsi EBT731 balometer capture hood
Price: $19.99 Electronic volt ohms weston model 769 gauge meter
Price: $225 New shinko electric 8017-100-55 displacement meter * no box*
Price: $150 Alnor velometer in case p/n 6000-p
Price: $12.99 Welch scientific dc amperes amps desktop meter cat no 3031N
Price: $59.99 Portable breathalyzer
Price: $150 ++ rubicon instruments portable kelvin bridge (kl)
Price: $150 ++ rubicon co portable kelvin bridge cat no 1622
Price: $100 Leeds & northrup vintage galvanometer in wood case (vb)
Price: $75 Extech instruments vane probe and case
Price: $69 New dwyer rmc-102-ssv flowmeter * in box*
Price: $19.95 Ge general electric test manual vintage 1944
Price: $84 Wheatstone bridge catalog no. 83297
Price: $379.53 Fischer fan control 5A speed governor regulator
Price: $285.6 Oakton wd-35614-32 eutech ph 150 ph, mv, temperature meter only
Price: $499 Hioki IR4057-20 digital insulation resistance tester
Price: $312.8 Ohaus ST300 portable ec/ph meter with 0.00 - 14.00 ph range
Price: $69 -com- military wavemeter W1432 not working only for spare parts
Price: $45 Triplett/eil amp meter p#tr/52-6109 0-50MVDC/0-500ADC unused 928
Price: $25 R & s B14299 plug only used 0616
Price: $57 Allen-bradley operating coil CB236 size 0-1 unused 0616
Price: $15 Fused switch on/off used 0616
Price: $40 Glass globe clear (small) used 0616
Price: $50 Light bulbs 9 in box #1630 unused 0616
Price: $50 Cutler-hammer no.A10CN0 nema size 1 ser A1 used 0616
Price: $85 Russellstoll cat#4462 20AMP 125-250VAC 1HP 10 60 hz used 0616
Price: $80 Russellstoll cat#4465FC/cat#4465 lot of 2 see desc used 0616