Price: $38 Table mount e-stop switch (10FT shielded cable)
Price: $214.5 Us motors high efficiency motor module 1745
Price: $150 New industrial devices corporation 810-101 stepper motor
Price: $200 Pacific scientific hydraulic motor
Price: $189.99 Horton nexen 802855 f-450*0.750 pilot mount friction clutch
Price: $14.99 Mabuchi RS555SH 12V electric motor 6000RPM (lot of 2) ***xlnt***
Price: $8.49 Mabuchi RS545SH 6V-12V electric motor 5700RPM ***xlnt***
Price: $596.69 New setco spindle motor excello 102909 1500 rpm
Price: $1900 Weg 30 hp W22 nema premium motor
Price: $500 Danaher motion pm servomotor
Price: $450 Pacific scientific brushless servo motor
Price: $6 Small dc electric motor 8-16 vdc, 2 amp 11,800 rpm M28
Price: $499.99 Advantech industrial computer 610H (no key)
Price: $25.5 E-stop switch & 20FT. shielded 4 lead 18G cable cnc
Price: $15.31 Dc 12V brushless dc motor micro dc motor
Price: $33 16MM telco coreless dc motor, 5:1 metal gearhead
Price: $4.57 12V 3MA blower fan
Price: $15.93 Dc 12V 180RPM geared motor high torque gear reducer motor
Price: $250 Magnetek 460 v, 3 phase electric motor,1/3-0.9 hp; .7-.4 amps
Price: $5.96 9MM o flat shaft auto car door lock mirror FC280PC/fc-280 8-16V
Price: $80 General electric motor K158 5K35MN34 1725 rpm 1/2 horsepower
Price: $34.2 Mini motor gear 60 rev/min 12V 0.13A 1.5W 1.4N/m tested
Price: $275 Skf d-24-b motor ydk 24V dc y-741-3 D24B 4F30
Price: $36 3X mini motors and 2X mini step motors with rails
Price: $72 Trw electronics speed motor jco-280 0.25 inch 12VDC
Price: $31.5 Tachometer generator 105T2 1V/1000-rpm speed sensor gauge