Price: $1550 Jungjin_dd-5700: short message service telephone analyzer
Price: $5000 Hp/AGILENT_J1987B: vqt network server (opt. 200 201)
Price: $9900 Hp/agilent J1981B vqt portable analyzer
Price: $150 Hp/AGILENT_J1996A: vqt phone interface
Price: $1300 T-berd 305 DS3/DS1 analyzer with optional 201 DS1 interface
Price: $125 3M test leads with RJ45 connector for 3M dynatel
Price: $239 Convex 809 transmission test set,14VDC,used,usa (92505)
Price: $249 AE1404B ando AE1404B modem tester
Price: $8.5 Teletraffic generator ttg-3C bulk call generator
Price: $100 Wilcom T318-b line access set
Price: $149.99 Teltone TLS3 telephone 2 line simulator 250-00137 201-00889
Price: $39.99 Black box tone tracer (qty 2)
Price: $59.96 Telephone analyzer ta-17B vintage w/ a samsonite case untested
Price: $82.28 Klein tools VDV500-808 tonecube & probeplus kit with pouch
Price: $24.99 Crest tv bar generator ma-4 vintage