Price: $849.99 Tempo sidekick plus tdr telecom cable fault locator 1155-5002
Price: $179.95 Lot of jeff industries & hp 81000BA optical test parts
Price: $39.99 Front panel for tdr cable tester tektronix 1503B metallic
Price: $49.99 Front panel for tdr cable tester tektronix 1502B metallic
Price: $399.99 Harris insight exp multi function tdr phone line tool
Price: $70 Sunrise telecom adsl module ssxdsl-3 sunset mtt & xdsl - tested
Price: $2500 (1) tektronix TFP2 fibermaster with (2) FL1315 modules
Price: $1250 Hp/agilent 4338B milliohmmeter, 1 khz
Price: $1528 Gn nettest CMA4000 communications media analyzer analyser
Price: $500 Nettest cma 4000 model cma 4414 (1550 nm sm)
Price: $2500 Agilent N1015A modulation test set w/ opt 310 #TQ66
Price: $99.9 Icts test head with cable
Price: $99.9 Icts test head
Price: $439.99 Nettest bl cps card w/ 60 gb harddrive
Price: $2750 Smlp 5-5 single-mode/multimode test kit with wave id
Price: $125 Anritsu MH955A1 sm 1310/1550NM laser source plug-in module
Price: $175 Tektronix OF150 fiber optic tdr 820 nm multimode opt. 20
Price: $2000 Tester multi amp
Price: $85 HST3000 jdsu dynatel 965DSP