Price: $85 United-carr industrial rivet grommet, eyelet press tool M369
Price: $269 Cutting room appliances M516 material inspector
Price: $25 Automagic automatic guide auto silver nailer shoe repair
Price: $39 Lot of 5-- carolina brush co stenter brushes, 7-1/2" od--3/4" id
Price: $525 Shoe repair machine auto soler wire heel machine cinderella
Price: $12500 Used jet sew 2624 auto under front & cut on centerplait machine
Price: $2500 Automatic fabric cloth textile feeder spooler machine
Price: $30 Braider carriers k-8641
Price: $40 United-carr industrial rivet grommet, eyelet press tool M369
Price: $153 Harris pillow vac
Price: $100 Gloss tex dandux extra duty laundary cart
Price: $68.99 Showa-best glove 4565-09 12PACK coated work gloves fnfp
Price: $80.49 Showa-best glove 4565-11 12PACK coated work gloves fnfp
Price: $149 Cams 1V-6P rhinestone feeder plate SS20
Price: $250 Automatic prong snap button machine cap and socket
Price: $450 United shoe mach corp usmc model b eyelet machine
Price: $425 New england butt braiding machines
Price: $1600 Dietze and schell PF1
Price: $205 Lgl electronics primo s-z yarn storage feeder
Price: $155 Memminger iro msf yarn storage feeder
Price: $375 Applied color systems daylight machine a-6124
Price: $89.95 Vintage hay knife antique hay knife 1899
Price: $97.95 Vintage cattle dehorner cast iron works great
Price: $349 Pro series cap heat press auto release
Price: $250 Automatic prong snap button machine post and stud
Price: $20 Twine jute 2 kg 500M 4MM////4822P
Price: $375 Snap machine, kick press, grommet, eyelet machine (used)
Price: $1180 Ahiba polymat lab dyer a-7960
Price: $1750 Mesdan semi-automatic twist tester a-9146
Price: $3000 Automatic snap setting machines
Price: $66 hospital curtain with grommets - 25 yard
Price: $24.99 hospital curtain with grommets 8 yard
Price: $2500 Bias cutting machine with measuring attachment
Price: $195 Cutting clicker dies ballcap hat sides bill lot
Price: $115 Schlafhorst 117-670 046 steuerung control board
Price: $53 Schlafhorst 117-670 046 steuerung control board
Price: $20 Schlafhorst 117-656 049 f electrical board / card
Price: $29.95 Murata yarn feeler sensor Z90-03286-70 nh-12E muratec
Price: $3500 Eastsign ding tec 1700 thermal transfer machine
Price: $19.99 Gerber clr shwr handle
Price: $57.5 Molins 24.546.15.3 24 v 24.2 ohm industrial clutch
Price: $500 Square d busway adapter AF2310G12S 3P3W 1000 amps 600 volts
Price: $29.15 Brace, harness frame steel heddle rh 33433246
Price: $65 Kick press/ grommet press adapter, fits stimpson
Price: $1995 Rebuilt merrow 70-D3B-2 butted seam machine (head only)
Price: $50 New black vinyl tubing .375 x .500 x 100'
Price: $2500 Used snapco male/female snap machines for button up shirts
Price: $2250 Herman schwabe 30 ton twin b double head die clicker press
Price: $9.28 Gerber blt flat 318 x 13-13/16 advncd bct tec part #18050015
Price: $2504 Gerber countershaft y-axis part #21586000
Price: $101 Gerber whip jumper assy 6 cond flat flex cabl part #68235000
Price: $209 Gerber part cable, assy, flat whip, 2.4M whipless part #68367001
Price: $8749 Fletcher fm-84 duplex slitter for foil, nonwovens and film
Price: $35 Schwabe hydraulic clicker ( head return spring )
Price: $450 La macker shoe press
Price: $200 Vintage geo knight cap heat press, 178B for parts or repair only
Price: $38 Kern-liebers machine knitting parts 10149964 (qty-500) (gar-2)
Price: $38 Kern-liebers machine knitting parts 10149965 (qty-500) (gar-4)
Price: $22 Kern-liebers machine knitting parts 10136191 (qty-250) (gar-3)
Price: $3650 Rebuilt juki-1903-sa / lockstitch button sew / made in japan
Price: $650 Leesona model# 959 take up winder
Price: $650 Leesona model# 959 double take up winder
Price: $205 Vintage alfred suter textile instrument machine jp stevens
Price: $600 Shoe repair machine
Price: $300 Auto soler auto wheel with stand
Price: $895 Lesmo braider k-7057
Price: $2200 Gerber c-axis/ motor assy S72 / y-axis- S52 p# 89269000,50
Price: $600 Auto-soler boot model heel wheel
Price: $182.15 Japanese bamboo reed loom wood loom hanging loom
Price: $1300 Leesona variable speed winder 50-1-73
Price: $1000 New 5 bobbin flat braiding machine paint nice
Price: $30 No name 110 vac cooling fan 13-3/4 l x 12-9/16 w x 3-1/4
Price: $425 Heat table
Price: $74.95 Vintage cast iron united - carr industrial press attaching tool
Price: $7.77 New hacoba sucker muller
Price: $2500 Shoe repair finisher machine sander buffer great condition
Price: $750 Auto-soler jackmaster (shoe repair grinder)
Price: $99000 The precision cross winder ds 10 dietze + schell
Price: $2950 Aj horne model af 500 eyelet insertion machine / grommet riveter
Price: $14.45 Filter demineralizer for gravity irons
Price: $2500 Carpet & rug tufting machine 5/16 gauge cut-pile 12" pass
Price: $4000 Mahlo mmz-12 web guiding w/stentering roller ultrasound unit
Price: $2500 Stimpson electric grommet machine 482A
Price: $31.4 New makita p-72176 braces with clips ( ) professional
Price: $129.6 Gerber bipolar signal isolator part# 350500027
Price: $2617.6 Gerber 7200 c-axis motor, pulley and belt kit part# 89799050
Price: $1753.6 Gerber s-91 C200 servo
Price: $1052 Gerber encoder assy 52/72 x-axis, S91 x, y & c part# 79097000
Price: $1500 Gerber motor assy, y/c-axis-S72, y-axis-S52 w/box part# 89269000
Price: $510.4 Gerber regen drive 115/230VAC, 1.5/3HP part# 350500046
Price: $1049.6 Gerber cable assy part# 61783002
Price: $3000 Gerber s-91 C200
Price: $24.05 Gerber brg linear LM76 #L10SM-ns 10X19X29 no se part# 153500573
Price: $957.6 Gerber C200 sharpener sol assy part #21307001
Price: $1144 Gerber motor control minarik RG400UA part# 65066001
Price: $3975.2 Gerber s-91 C200 theta assy
Price: $3000 Gerber motor assy c-axis s-93-5 part# 54607000
Price: $1750 Gerber crank hsg assy S93-5 w/lancaster part# 66657000
Price: $109.6 Gerber cable dc power supply - TB1 shark/S91 part# 84414000
Price: $1000 Gerber motor assy knife 2.3HP s-91/C200 part# 78996000
Price: $444 Gerber pulley assy idler, s-93-7, lanc. part# 67900000
Price: $1677.6 Gerber s-91 c-axis theta counter shaft assy part# 20547001
Price: $165 Gerber pulley drive cranksh., imp.head, s-93-5 part# 69198000
Price: $150 Gerber kit bridge guide roller lower, s-91 part# 64418000
Price: $3000 Gerber motor assy y-axis w/ENCBKTC200 part# 78737002 rev: c
Price: $569.6 Gerber seal strip side non-console-side, s-91TCW part# 38551002
Price: $1000 Gerber gear assy drive sharpener, s-93-5 part# 55649000
Price: $1300 Gerber s-91 y-axis counter shaft part# 21586000
Price: $800 Gerber s-91 servo mtr/enc cable part# 75059000
Price: $2500 Gerber housing crank assy, 1'', s-93-7 part# 61612001
Price: $600 Gerber gtxl pneumatic assy up/down part# 85640000
Price: $723.2 Gerber cable assembly, X2 servo axis, control t part# 74813000
Price: $200 Gerber yoke, k.i., lower roller guide part# 20664020
Price: $608.8 Gerber presserfoot assy drill hd, s-91 part# 21746000
Price: $117 Gerber motor power cab./table part# CR3-121
Price: $4800 Gerber s-91 c-axis motor w/encoder w/o bracket part# 78737003
Price: $100 Gerber drill hollow 3.2MM s-93/S5200 part# 55544004
Price: $2000 Gerber plate, sub, assy, beam, s-93-5 part#55431000
Price: $4000 Gerber s-91 drive rack x-pinion part# 21928000
Price: $124.51 Energizer max alkaline aa batteries - EVEE91BP2CT
Price: $23.21 Champion sport CR8SET jump rope - CSICR8SET
Price: $31.01 Pendaflex straight cut end tab file folder - PFXH110D
Price: $63.09 Swingline bindmate personal combbind system - SWI7706170
Price: $9.99 Vintage advertiment tailors ruler boston ma
Price: $67.5 Stimpson 405 eyelets fastener and rivets
Price: $750 Lindly dual level yarn inspector controller model 2060
Price: $4999.99 Atlas electric devices co. CI35-f CI35-f fade-ometer fadeometer
Price: $895.99 Royersford excelsior no. 10 with some die set
Price: $9.99 Spectra yarn 1 pound packages
Price: $550 Stimpson type one rivet machine, press eyelets,grommets ?
Price: $89.95 C&c met prod arbor press grommet rivet press punch #79 -lip lok
Price: $3000 Gerber cutter motor part 78737002
Price: $3900 Raitech quickdry lab washer extractor
Price: $25.1 Free shipping fiber optic tcs-1 kevlar shears scissors
Price: $2400 Textile winder with uster classimat ii
Price: $550 Judson rivet machine, press button snaps automatic feed clothing
Price: $99 Stimpson 405 grommet machine press
Price: $30000 Hauser quilting machine (model SNA3300)
Price: $36.98 New makita p-72176 braces with clips ( ) professional
Price: $275 Alfres suter sample cutter a-8677
Price: $7000 Decor 2 color rhinestone setting machine
Price: $75 Karg inc strand carrier braider apparatus K8-10001
Price: $85 Ahiba lab dye canisters a-6224
Price: $195 Auto soler nailer
Price: $33.33 New edag rf-08-20-05 axis shaft endkontrolle
Price: $950 Wolf form size 10 — used and in good condition
Price: $9.99 New tulip color lab cotton yarn dye kit cool 11 pc kit in box
Price: $199 Auto soler heel popper shoe repair machine
Price: $399 Auto soler heel wheel shoe repair machine
Price: $399 Nib auto soler bler shoe repair machine
Price: $10 custom 4-color lab dye kit-vintage 017754346667
Price: $5900 Atom clicker press
Price: $10.95 New tulip color lab cotton yarn dye kit cool 11 pc kit in box
Price: $40 New faustel inc acetal 20 7680 1 x 58 x 0.03-b #722-879-a
Price: $26500 Vald. henricksen atmospheric jigger model M8016
Price: $490 Texi apollo 68 electronically controlled steam / fusing press
Price: $2995 Used schon die clicker 8VE
Price: $5500 Used herman schwabe ds double head die clicker
Price: $810 Merrow 35-fj serger/crochet shell stitch head only free shipping
Price: $400 Wolf fabric roll supports
Price: $980 Vacuum pillow stuffer
Price: $175 25 ga round stitching wire on 5 lb spools brassy finish
Price: $175 20X25 flat stitching wire on 5 lb spools tinned finish
Price: $4999.99 Eduard kusters textile calender roll 272-59-500 roller padder
Price: $9000 All american 4-color/size sequin machine
Price: $795 Pro series heat press auto release 16"X20"
Price: $350 Pioneer - terex wire stitcher model a
Price: $1500 Cezoma tube winder FKC5GSL-130-B4-84 b-7885
Price: $10000 15 can ahiba ir sample dye machine
Price: $1500 Gerber cutter motor gearbox part 79713001
Price: $660 Texi apollo 101 electronically controlled steam / fusing press
Price: $1500 Scovill tack and burr machine (dual feed electric)
Price: $125 Eltex yarn thread sensor 17040, G2, 03485005
Price: $895 New england butt braiders 17-carrier #2 k-8724
Price: $100 New england butt parts braider #2 k-8918
Price: $20 Lesmo braider carriers single thick k-8804
Price: $9975 Herzog braider carriers single thick k-8803
Price: $895 New england butt braider 17-carrier #2 k-8740
Price: $895 New england butt braider 8-carrier #2 k-8736
Price: $895 New england butt braider 12-carrier #2 k-8738
Price: $354 Gerber cutter motor power cable, table part#: CR3-120
Price: $650 Autosoler shoe/boot nailer
Price: $4500 New psr model FM4306 fusing machine
Price: $5500 Rebuilt brother lh-B816-21 tandem lockstitch buttonhole
Price: $8 Nip tulip color lab cotton yarn dye kit in cool 11 pc kit
Price: $1500 Ogm garment turner
Price: $3000 Rhinestone machine
Price: $4500 Branson model #910IW ultrasonic welder
Price: $15000 Mathis model bfa 16 ir sample dyer
Price: $22500 Atlas electric sunshine carbon arc weatherometer model cxwa
Price: $7000 Atlas cps+
Price: $26500 Atlas electric ci-3000 fadeometer
Price: $2950 Zanata matic verdi VR503 heel nailer italy free shipping
Price: $20 New 2 no name textile gears TY39 approx. 1.177" id
Price: $500 Cezoma tube winder type EKC5GSM-180-B4-84 b-7103
Price: $6990 Flat pattern digitizer by autometrix
Price: $770 Stimpson #489 eyelet grommet foot powered automatic feed machine
Price: $1500 Used ideal 6032 bad band creaser
Price: $1500 Used ideal model 6025 flap creaser
Price: $2500 Used exkell shirt front hemmer w/ stacker
Price: $2000 Used snapco male/female snap machines
Price: $5000 Used 2M rd 3001 collar band creaser
Price: $2500 Used simplex 416B fusing machine
Price: $2500 Used juki acf-161 chainstitch buttonsew indexer for shirt fronts
Price: $7500 Used reliant nova 45 pn 18" fusing machine
Price: $3000 Ideal 6855 cuff-collar band stitch machine
Price: $2500 Necchi 2531/a shirt pocket setter
Price: $2000 Adler 971 profile stitcher
Price: $500 Adler hemmer
Price: $800 Eastman rp punch perforator F420 110V 60 cyc 3 amp (100817)
Price: $52 Hormas el arbol shoe lasts forms polyethlene 12.5 gibson narrow
Price: $9500 Clicker press
Price: $4.99 Parts chart for singer 990E3 990E43 machines
Price: $4.99 Pfaff 5463 parts manual
Price: $4.99 Bmt automatic bagging system model 900-2 manual
Price: $4.99 Yamato class VC2600 instructions
Price: $4.99 W&g 1420 serge & seam instruction & parts catalog
Price: $4.99 Industrial plaza and plaza-pack boilers catalog
Price: $4.99 Reece series 80 automatic bagging machine
Price: $4.99 Chandler shank button hopper parts and instruction manual
Price: $4.99 Kansai special manual dwr-1900 series
Price: $4.99 Eclipse steamboiler manual
Price: $4.99 Fully automatic press fastner machine manual ne 16 s
Price: $4.99 Fully automatic press fastner machine manual ne 16 s
Price: $4.99 3M-matic 2A adjustable case sealer manual
Price: $105 New silver star series es-90 iron set 90A
Price: $59.99 EW432 fd dog shnk f/tp edg sewing machine part
Price: $39.99 Singer 268136 needle bar for singer 300W & 320W sewing machines
Price: $789 Vintage auto soler company shoe repair 64J37493
Price: $49000 Automatic pillow fiber filling machine
Price: $399.99 H. maimin co inc 7" vertical fabric / cloth drill *made in usa*
Price: $500 Pioneer - terex wire stitcher model a
Price: $50 Iro sweden industrial sewing machine welt yarn feeder
Price: $14999 Hacoba BW24-r industrial braider machine
Price: $38 Kern-liebers machine knitting parts 10001674 (qty-1000) (gar-2)
Price: $45 Schwabe hydraulic clicker items
Price: $16.5 New schwabe hydraulic clicker head ( rubber bumpers "2" )
Price: $850 Kevlar 29 style 731 fabric ( american made )
Price: $950 Lesmo braider 21-carrier 25/2 k-7053
Price: $25 Herzog and lesmo single thick braider carriers k-7158
Price: $150 New england butt braider 25-carrier #2 k-8681
Price: $395 New england butt braider 17-carrier #2 k-8658
Price: $15.99 Dap 5.5 oz. kwik-seal tub and tile adhesive caulk
Price: $50 Auto soler stitcher
Price: $75 schlafhorst-circuit-board-117-650-144-fa
Price: $75 schlafhorst-circuit-board-117-650-224 -e
Price: $75 schlafhorst-circuit-board-117-650-272 -f
Price: $75 schlafhorst-circuit-board-117-650-247-fa
Price: $75 schlafhorst-circuit-board-117-850-267-f
Price: $75 schlafhorst-circuit-board-117-650-248F
Price: $200 Auto soler continental 8 shoe repair heel nailer
Price: $13.99 Peak 3407SA0 linen tester 7X magnification
Price: $13.99 Peak 3407SA3 7X linen tester magnifier
Price: $16 Peak 3408WZ3 8X linen tester magnifier
Price: $16 Small linen tester 9X, spring loaded magnifier
Price: $13 Peak brand, linen tester 1006WZ3 6X magnifier
Price: $65000 Asselin web drafter / slitter - nonwoven fabrics
Price: $500 1000D cordura urethane coated fabric 60" hunter 50 yds full roll
Price: $55.95 Kevlar 29 style 745 ballistic fabric
Price: $1500 Used boston power seam rubber crp-3 machine
Price: $7.5 No name spring 1-3/8"o.d. 13" compressed length 3/16"
Price: $2950 Aj horne model af 500 eyelet insertion machine / grommet riveter
Price: $150 Boston reducer
Price: $999 Raitech manual quickwash plus fabric shrinkage tester / washer
Price: $999 Raitech manual quickwash fabric shrinkage tester / washer
Price: $4800 Volkmann vts - 06S twister 2 x 1 96 spindles
Price: $40 Schlafhorst board, leistungsverstarker 117-655 144 f
Price: $3795 Eastman power cradle
Price: $3250 Pernick fabric inspection machine
Price: $850 Utica bias collarette cutter
Price: $5000 Judelson bias cutting machine with sewing unit
Price: $5 New baron f/oil reclaimer filter element 50816 6" x 2"
Price: $542 Checkline ar-300-2 area weight balance 220VAC
Price: $837 Checkline lmc digital consumption meter manual type
Price: $1458 Aqua-boy tem-1 textile moisture meter
Price: $967 Checkline lmc-s digital consumption meter magnetic sensor type
Price: $1291 Checkline tmt-425 digital textile moisture tester
Price: $275 Alfred suter sample cutter a-8677
Price: $75000 Non woven card machine, befama, 1989
Price: $99 Red lion gemini 1000 electronic counter
Price: $5500 Used herman schwabe ds double head die clicker
Price: $1800 Rebuilt merrow 35-fj serger / crochet shell
Price: $1800 Rebuilt merrow 15-ca-1 flat edge finish crochet blanket machine
Price: $1800 Rebuilt merrow 27-fj serger / crochet shell
Price: $3500 New york pressing machine es-30X40
Price: $49 Refurbished schlafhorst board, leistungsverstarker 117-655 144 f
Price: $30.97 Wheeled tile glass nipper cut safely finch and mclay flooring
Price: $300 Stimpson riveter, kick press, eyeletter, grommet setter, piercer
Price: $14500 Hunter 15 tacker needle loom, 105" wide.