Price: $150 Honeywell XFL523B, lon di 12 digital inputs with xsl 513 termina
Price: $199.99 Sp-02P squeeze-eze™ power pack w/ cd-1CH jaws & VFP440 foot pe
Price: $9800 New amat 0040-18219 / 0040-18053 hdpcvd lased pedestal 200MM snn
Price: $1600 Amat 1080-00279 drvr servo amp 200V 15A 400W sercos pv s, PV2A01
Price: $2400 Amat 0040-51823, 0040-51824 manifold out, left/right chamber lid
Price: $1100 Amat 0100-75548 chamber dio backplane
Price: $149.99 Tel tokyo electron throttle valve controller pcb 3M08-021529-11
Price: $96.75 Gastech/thermo scientific 24-0130 H2 pc detector board
Price: $18.99 Praxair kit, 100008313 kit,internal,cv-nc, m, viton
Price: $7.93 Jarden applied materials 3PC brsh cutter blade
Price: $6.12 Jarden applied materials 24PC pivotrim pro line
Price: $125 Amat 0680-01211 mag therm 2P 240VAC 20A bolt-on qo square d QOB2
Price: $7.3 New jarden applied materials pivot rim X4 line...
Price: $89 Hydrel L06 rmwe 12 va slide linear rmwe 12 va/59
Price: $398.25 New fujikin fbdv-6.35-2B3-316LP-apk block valve, novellus pn: 22
Price: $246.87 New fujikin fpr-sdat-21RS1-6.35UGF-apd igs mega-mini 3-port pneu
Price: $60 Nikon afx microscope camera system
Price: $10 Gewiss GW44003 junction boxes with plain press on lid - IP55 80X
Price: $700 New amat applied materials 0242-29971 contains fi service lift k
Price: $219 Cedarberg phase converter series ib horse power 5 - 7 1/2
Price: $185 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 4-8 pam-900
Price: $158 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 1-3 pam-300
Price: $200 Amat pump port PC2
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $1000 Applied materials amat 0040-81156 tetra, liner, upper
Price: $45 Applied materials amat 0022-03198 heat shield, chamber body, tet
Price: $599 Applied materials 0100-20024 analong/stepper distribution bd.
Price: $95 Amat various screws washers various screws washers
Price: $1900 Amat 0010-70317 assy hp robot
Price: $299 Cutler hammer CE15FN3Y1 contactor 32 amp 3-pole 110V lot of (2)
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $27.07 201756 aluminum blast gun body 12 cfm
Price: $14.81 412003L left glove 24 in
Price: $3.77 403510 motor gasket
Price: $9.26 411239 florescent bulb 12 in
Price: $483.18 Apc by schneider electric J35B power conditioner,1500V,750VA,j t
Price: $149 Amat 0050-85778 gasline,foreline ch a,thru floor,H2 pump 200MM
Price: $182.78 Thk vr steel cross roller guide VR1-20HX5Z, 20MM l, 4MM w, 8.5MM
Price: $159 Amat 0020-18462 plate lower motor robot extension
Price: $19.99 Kulicke & soffa diamond dicing blade
Price: $8.75 Jarden applied materials jarden applied materials pivot rim X4 l
Price: $1999 Varian turbo-v 250 macro torr turbopump w/ cooling fan
Price: $100 Stec sec-4550MO mass flow controller, 40 slm, gas: N2, used
Price: $125.87 202835 light box, large, gray
Price: $550 New dip CDN391 15039103 amat 0190-06279 pcb card digital dent di
Price: $19.95 New kalrez spectrum AS568A o-ring k # 013 o ring compound 6375
Price: $29 New kalrez spectrum as-568A o-ring k # 008 compound
Price: $19.95 New dupont kalrez spectrum AS568A o-ring k # 018 compound
Price: $14.83 201883 gun to cabinet wall hose
Price: $34 Industrial grade esd mat 60X40CM manufacturing tool
Price: $74.99 Smc AR30-N02E-z regulator, relieving type, 7.25 - 123 psi set pr
Price: $249 Spellman X3000, X3361 high voltage power supplies working
Price: $225 New brand mks 1479A mass flow controller
Price: $45 Wera adjustable production torque driver screwdriver 1.2-3.0NM 7
Price: $45 Wera adjustable production torque driver screwdriver 0.3-1.2NM 7
Price: $49.99 Tohnichi production torque wrench spanner open end SP67NX17
Price: $49.99 Tohnichi production torque wrench w/ interchangeable spanner ope
Price: $49.99 Sturtevant richmont production torque wrench with 13MM 39NM head
Price: $110 Allied high tech support plate stainless steel 12" #55-50005
Price: $3946.48 Varian auto-test 948 leak detector
Price: $140 Kla tencor 0000612-000 filter fan unit i/f board
Price: $32.29 3.1MM - 4.0MM pcb tungsten carbide drills set (t/t 10X)
Price: $19.47 Remote control assy
Price: $6900 0010-20286, amat, assy, indexer right automated load lock
Price: $370 0680-02065, amat, cb mag therm 2P 240VAC 20A 10KAIC ring-lug w/s
Price: $700 0040-85475, amat, shaft, aluminum ha-12 clamp heater 300MM
Price: $1700 0020-70285, amat, blade 8", buffer, frog leg
Price: $1000 0040-01355, amat, vwprt, dome 2.75'' cff halogen lamp
Price: $1100 Asyst technologies power box 4002-7565-01 001
Price: $109.99 Ltx 858-9199-01 dut board w/893-5988-01 rem dut cntl dut lock ca
Price: $1799 Aviza p/n 188855 assy platen 200MM locator AU2D05
Price: $1350 Ion tech inc. model mps-3000 fc ion gun controller
Price: $3681.39 Novascan psd series digital uv ozone system psd uv 10
Price: $8000 Tel UNITY2 etcher mc controller TEB162-pa
Price: $8000 SMM162-522ATEL tokyo electron UNITY2E mc controller
Price: $171.49 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $18.46 Southco inc sc-522 push-to-close hidden-panel latch 170 lb. sout
Price: $67.99 Brooks cmc series vacuum compact 10 torr manometer
Price: $350 Evg | reflective mirror
Price: $455 Evg | jenny science ac/dc 72V10 servo controller
Price: $2500 Evg | 6IN/150MM bond chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | 5IN/125MM bond chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | 6IN/150MM bond chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | small pieces bond chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | 6IN/150MM bond chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | 4IN/100MM bond chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | 6IN bsa loading chuck
Price: $300 Evg | gescio-1, gespac i/o card
Price: $225 Evg | acb-gesbus-16A, 16-slot gespac backplane
Price: $350 Evg | acb-gesout-3B, gespac OS9 output card
Price: $150 Evg | FE8B-DLF6V, yamatake honeywell micro switches
Price: $3000 Evg | 6IN/150MM bond chuck
Price: $2995 Evg | Z061765, 6IN/150MM quartz pressure insert
Price: $200 Evg | middex electronic temperature control board
Price: $150 Evg | cybor power supply (model 512)
Price: $225 Evg | cybor control module
Price: $275 Evg | werma signal technik beacon
Price: $333.33 Evg | 6IN/150MM ceramic bond chuck
Price: $5.54 Elec pist assy, 1-1/2", #6469
Price: $4.95 Copartner E119932 cable signal 300V, 26AWG, 6' long...
Price: $7.3 New jarden applied materials pivot rim X4 line...
Price: $3999.98 New hp t-608950 3D scanner mechanics angular axis
Price: $150 Ioline LP4000 plotter
Price: $170 Landis & gyr rzm 61.2 polygyr module 2 items
Price: $435 Amat 0224-44071 thornton 770PC display resistivity, glycol,temp
Price: $98 Zellweger analytics 1283-2000 lifeline ii mda scientific plus br
Price: $999.99 Gulton air cooled reactor kva 9/5 208V
Price: $110 Amat 0050-06115 wldmt, foreline, position b&d ultima
Price: $125 Semitool brd assy optical switch tach 16730-01
Price: $199.99 Square d 9016-gaw-1 series c vacuum switch 10A 480VAC 1/4" npt
Price: $180 Applied materials / turck 0620-02899 U0410-9045 wsc rkc 572-4.5
Price: $40 Gasline backside gas pib 300MM esc dt 0050-80924
Price: $224.99 Pneumatic control box inspection system 743-21210-ad
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $2589.78 Trebor magnum 620 pump AW2786 rebuild
Price: $5700 Brooks automation vision load port 162770-01
Price: $119.99 Last chance aegis conductive silver epoxy EP2400 ukit w/sgr, fin
Price: $8350 New amat 0010-19010 motorized lift, 300 mm assembly,
Price: $5900 New amat 0010-06140 endura shutter assembly & blade, 300MM,
Price: $19.92 Southco inc sc-522 push-to-close hidden-panel latch 170 lb., sou
Price: $350 Semitool 166672-16 srd spin rinser dryer single bolt rotor
Price: $9.99 Vintage acopian technical equipment regulated power supply model
Price: $750 Amat applied materials 0010-00153 shaft assembly shuttle
Price: $7.38 New jarden applied materials pivot rim X4 line...
Price: $620 Strasbaugh 6DSSP pcb boards dcx-MC100
Price: $250 Disco solenoid valve MONH052--a
Price: $1180 Strasbaugh 7AF chucks
Price: $8500 New amat 0010-01388 ltesc control box assy,
Price: $300 New amat 3420-01069 insul nupro valve silicone rubber foam,
Price: $75 Kbic-120 solid state variable speed dc motor control
Price: $230 Phase-a-matic 2 hp vs-2 rotary converter voltage stabilizer
Price: $800 Phase-a-matic 15 hp vs-15 rotary converter voltage stabilizer
Price: $3.59 New 5PCS MB102 breadboard power supply module 3.3V 5V for arduin
Price: $299.99 New lam research 810-802902-006 motherboard node 2 pm pcb 710-80
Price: $7500 Genmark GB8 gencobot 8/3L genmark refurbished
Price: $249.49 New fujikin fpr-nsdt-21-6.35UGC-pa#a 2-way igs nc valve, novellu
Price: $217.88 New fujikin fpr-nsd-21-6.35UGC-pa#a 2-way igs nc valve, novellus
Price: $229.99 Mks delta ii flow ratio controller DLT2A213163AA N2 1000SCCM
Price: $229.99 Mks delta ii "stretch body" flow ratio controller DLT2A152163AA
Price: $999.99 New brooks GF125CXXC/GFC125C-896851 mass flow controller, novell
Price: $999.99 New brooks GF125CXXC/GFC125C-894128 mass flow controller, novell
Price: $999.99 New brooks GF125CXXC/GFC125C-893970 mass flow controller, novell
Price: $399.2 Xandex Y381-24B
Price: $3999.99 New safc hitech enabling technology/asm/novellus ald ampoule/bub
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA150/MA200 mask aligner 6IN/150MM bsa chuck
Price: $2000 Karl suss | MA200 mask aligner 8IN/200MM chuck
Price: $500 Karl suss | 500 watt short arc mercury lamp
Price: $150 Karl suss | shipping handle
Price: $168.5 Karl suss | proximity switch 8 x 8 x 40 mm
Price: $125.5 Suss | 1000 watt lamphouse door switch
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA150/MA200 mask aligner 4IN/100MM bsa chuck
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA150/MA200 mask aligner 3IN/75MM bsa chuck
Price: $2000 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 mask aligner square substrate chuck
Price: $2000 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 mask aligner chuck, pieces: 0.75IN x 1IN
Price: $2000 Karl suss | 2IN/50MM bsa chuck
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA150/MA200 mask aligner 4IN/100MM chuck
Price: $200 Karl suss | flexible finger guard for tsa microscope lift assy
Price: $1250 Karl suss | UV300 cold light mirror, 1000W lamphouse
Price: $625 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 mask aligner drive motor
Price: $565 Karl suss | tilt motor dvm microscope
Price: $950 Karl suss | x, y axis lead screw, microscope manipulator
Price: $718.75 Karl suss | UV400 cold light mirror, 1000W lamphouse
Price: $167.5 Suss | MA6 mask aligner mirror house cylinder
Price: $165.5 Karl suss | shutter cylinder 350W lamphouse
Price: $265.5 Karl suss | MA100 / MA150 mask aligner mirror house cylinder
Price: $6950 Karl suss | 260MS195, digital video control unit (dvcu)
Price: $450 Karl suss | MJB3 mask aligner 1.5IN/38MM wafer chuck
Price: $295.95 Karl suss | 350 watt short arc mercury lamp
Price: $3500 Karl suss | G145525, ellipsoid mirror 350W lamphouse
Price: $154 New ~ ~ quartz tube elbow pipe, 3/4"id, 3"h, 3.5"l oal w/1.5" ta
Price: $35 New disco diamond cut-off blade B1A801 SD240P50M01 76.2 x 0.2 x
Price: $25 New disco diamond cut-off blade G1A857 SDC240R11B01 58 x 0.25 x
Price: $25 New disco diamond cut-off blade G1A850 SDC240R13B01 58 x 0.25 x
Price: $25 New disco diamond cut-off blade G1A857 SD600R11B01 56 x 0.25 x 4
Price: $25 New disco diamond cut-off blade G1A851 SDC320R13B01 58 x 0.2 x 4
Price: $40 Renishaw window assembly kit, a-2115-0002-03, optical probe
Price: $50 Mag global services flange t.1048.2584
Price: $200 Evg | 141097, XEA01 analog out card
Price: $215 Evg | XE7B8 temperature input card
Price: $215 Evg | i/o card xeinii 290596
Price: $2250 Evg | 6IN/150MM tsa wafer chuck
Price: $2150 Evg | 7IN mask load frame
Price: $2500 Evg | 6IN/150MM bsa wafer chuck
Price: $2250 Evg | 6IN/150MM bsa bond load chuck
Price: $2250 Evg | 6IN/150MM bsa bond load chuck
Price: $2500 Evg | small pieces chuck
Price: $200 Evg | BPV53503, evc 110M balzers solenoid valve
Price: $250 Evg | tim-100, human machine interface
Price: $225 Evg | 790300, XE7B8 temperature input card
Price: $200 Evg | 230496, XERS1 communications card
Price: $215 Evg | 160296, XEIN2 input card
Price: $3000 Evg | CV6200933, 2IN/50MM proximity wafer chuck aut-200
Price: $250 Evg | 10009596, pfeiffer compact full range gauge
Price: $275 Evg | 200396, XEPW1 power distribution card
Price: $215 Evg | 230496, XEOUT21 output card
Price: $175 Evg | 17MM ceramic wafer bow pin
Price: $175 Evg | 11MM ceramic wafer bow pin
Price: $450 Evg | Z063593, 6IN graphite disc
Price: $1000 Evg | 4IN/100MM bsa wafer chuck
Price: $156.32 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-wr gloves, wrist length, pin
Price: $229.03 Tempshield temcg cryo-industrial glove, mid-arm, cryogenic, medi
Price: $19.99 Dell cn-0UC795-42940 docking stand
Price: $23.99 Thor labs mirror mounts
Price: $29.99 New h-square corp. T694PKAS molded tip brand
Price: $15.97 Proline chemical & plastics CC1 lb crystal draincleaner - quanti
Price: $150 New dynapert dip-860N139-1 photocell control board
Price: $7.3 New jarden applied materials pivot rim X4 line...
Price: $229.53 Fei company gain hvps high voltage power supply 4035-272-26351 r
Price: $229.53 Fei company grid hvps high voltage power supply 4035-272-26561 r
Price: $109.95 New 6" rosemount sanitary tank spud weld t-316L stainless steel
Price: $750 Kensington labs WFH4 slip ring board
Price: $25 New aviza technology 793965-002 sprocket wheel
Price: $25 New aviza technology 104194-05 sprocket wheel
Price: $10 New aviza 793966-003 belt, 5MM htd, 15MM wide, 80G for use on: a
Price: $27.95 Swagelok bellows sealed valve nupro ss-HBV51-c
Price: $119.99 Entegris pressure regulator 971-10404-01, teflon tfe, 0-30 psi,
Price: $199.99 Parker partek pr-1-2214-1 high purity pressure regulator 0-30 ps
Price: $480 Esi dual power supply for esi 4000 laser trimming system
Price: $500 Novellus 16-132590-01 wldmnt shwrhd pinned 300MM
Price: $150 New omron GT1-AD04 analog input unit, 4 point module fast free s
Price: $600 Komatsu electronics aih-64QS-T5 heat exchanger
Price: $9.99 George co. 233-inox ss tweezer serrated tip 6" made in italy
Price: $85 Pfeiffer balzers tcp 015 vacuum turbo pump controller
Price: $2499.99 Cnc machine inspect tooling precision nordson table xyz mill 3-a
Price: $8.99 Cd-r/rw drive nec corp -7800A
Price: $350 New universal instruments 4791 touch screen p/n 13-1321-01K ** *
Price: $925 Universal instruments 6241 series vcd/seq centering device assem
Price: $9.99 Mdc NW50 KF50 stainless steel centering ring with viton o-ring
Price: $3150 Rfpp RF10S power supply,1KW @ 13.56MHZ, 208V, 50/60HZ, 15A, grea
Price: $65 Keyence lb-1001 amplifier unit - for laser triangulation sensor
Price: $14.99 Mykrolis AWAYP0001 filter, impact plus om
Price: $19 Koganei KSC22 controller
Price: $200 Amat 0660-00222
Price: $400 353 applied materials pcb dual gas leak detector board 0090-7501
Price: $99.99 Verteq teach pendant, hand held keypad w/ cable model 8045R4-2
Price: $133.78 samsung DC92-00162B printed circuit board (pcb) ( printed circu
Price: $1469.92 Tempshield cryo-gloves ma gloves, mid-arm, large (pack of 10 pai
Price: $109.99 New mks 9330-0053 heater jacket str 3 DX3 l (FNI4), 220V 78W 0.5
Price: $29 Lot 41PCS hounsfield test specimens ref. e 0.54% c. steel
Price: $114.99 Mks 4320-0022 heater jacket 06111180, 120V, 150W, 1.25A or 100V,
Price: $94.99 Mks 4320-0021 heater jacket 05706181, 120V, 70W, 0.58A or 100V,
Price: $890 Brooks automation bm#33409 rev a 2996WTE J1 thru beam recvr/xmit
Price: $660 New entegris 6500T0F2D12KP1U1 electronic flowmeter without cable
Price: $260 Quick connect nitto kohki 72EPT-s 316 ss 1/2" npt drip free safe
Price: $799 Vat serial# F02-86358/0042 file 02010-BA24-1008 - vat usz
Price: $150 Fadal ele-0084 keypad. free shipping
Price: $27.97 Skf 4202ATN9 bearing
Price: $179.99 Pulley drive coupling w/flange 3020-10-000-0313
Price: $950 New amat endura preclean ii chamber bell jar 0040-21178 / 0040-2
Price: $168.47 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-ma gloves, mid-arm, pink, sm
Price: $156.32 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-wr gloves, wrist length, pin
Price: $255.4 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves eb gloves, elbow length, blue,
Price: $169.99 Tempshield cryo-gloves eb gloves, elbow length, 17.32" length, s
Price: $229.03 Tempshield temcg cryo-industrial glove, mid-arm, cryogenic, medi
Price: $295 Advance sav-4670-131KI valve teflon, diaphragm
Price: $99 Amat lam research temperature calibration source 518-025348-001
Price: $15 New latch - draw ss southco 2816 -
Price: $17.88 Southco inc sc-522 push-to-close hidden-panel latch 170 lb. sout
Price: $2199 Trebor magnum 620R pump 1/2FLARE
Price: $22.24 Festool 452897 hose sleeve, non-antistatic hose reducer
Price: $39 Nuga nsrb relay
Price: $35 Takex takenaka SST810L detecting width
Price: $17.56 Trerice 735-2 needle valves, 1/4" npt connection
Price: $200 Amat 0100-35063 assy pcb remote main relay
Price: $22.24 Festool 452897 hose sleeve, non-antistatic hose reducer
Price: $449 Applied materials 0020-21028 blade 8" transfer frog leg
Price: $19 Burkert 0312 c 2;0 nbr ms flnsch PN0-10BAR 042536 solenoid valve
Price: $30 Vivitar 1:3.5-4.5 lens, 28-85MM, mc, macro focusing zoom
Price: $1899.99 M & w systems RPCX28A-d-dt-D12X10"-rm-3 flow rite recirculating
Price: $18 75% off smc manifold block assy
Price: $4.45 New - - stat-o-seal washers 3/8" cha industries 7100-3/8
Price: $19 Lot 18PCS. hounsfield test specimens metric ref. e 0.54% c. stee
Price: $307.99 New thermocouple sheath, quartz, dual, 63.5"l ~ ~
Price: $19 Porter instrument A250-2-B2268 flowmeter
Price: $29 Lot 48PCS hounsfield test specimens ref.d size 12, area 1/40 sq.
Price: $69 New alkon AA7984-14 pilot valve * * uic p/n 16816000
Price: $19 Moeller ETR4-51-a ETR451A delta timer c
Price: $43.2 500PSI plug valve swagelok ss-42VVCO4-13158
Price: $32.2 Festool 452897 hose sleeve, non-antistatic reducer
Price: $429.99 applied materials 0100-20061 amat shield treatment control boar
Price: $150 817-2262 fireeye / cleaver brooks ultraviolet flame scanner
Price: $67.5 High pressure flow switch, peeco hp-f 2000 explosion proof,
Price: $24.99 T handle flex drive short allen , hex wrench , lot of 4
Price: $350 0020-21114, amat, blade 6", buffer, frog leg *sealed*
Price: $1700 Nordiko deublin rotary union four passage 1379-860
Price: $64.95 New mks pn: 100760110 nw 100 mf, vacuum blank off flange, 304 ss
Price: $115 New three, , national electric, scr;s, T720145504DN, thryristors
Price: $25 Kf-40 (nw-40) 45 degree bend
Price: $215.59 Vat gate valve 15040-PA44-0002/0005 with 24DC solenoid, outstand
Price: $799.99 Schumacher display board 1730-3013
Price: $35 Kf-40 (nw-40) nipple
Price: $26.33 Little fuse FLSR6.25ID 600V ind fuse
Price: $3343.12 6"/150MM diffusion furnace quartz door assy, 7 piece: cantilever
Price: $14.99 New - - cha industries ceramic stand offs #2606, NL523WG02-006
Price: $2999 6"/150MM diffusion furnace quartz door assy, 7 piece: cantilever
Price: $40 New lot of 17PCS takigen concealed interlocking hinges p/n b-10-
Price: $649.95 Skf actuation system (2) EC050-020MM 1B0-000 NL04935230 (1) cont
Price: $990 Hitachi high technologies board ALMDT00 m p/n 415-6603
Price: $69 3EA furon mcvm-F66 teflon check valve (used)
Price: $129 Mdc conical reducer, NW80 to NW50 840019
Price: $189 New box of 10EA disco nbc-zh-203F-se 27HCDD diamond blade
Price: $89 Furon mcvm-F44 teflon check valve 1/4" tube
Price: $499 Fil-tech Q12000 single feed through 1" bolt
Price: $49 Varian E15000320 rev C2 pcb assy elevator control
Price: $129 Advance model 24641 poly pro valve QDR40FP-x-TS2-pp
Price: $189 Parker 4V4V6-B6XJ-ssp-r-1941 three way b-series ball valve
Price: $245 Varian d-E15001650 pcb assy, 24 digital output
Price: $249 2EA varian E15002602 rev a multi faraday cup amplifier
Price: $295 New 3EA mks NW50 to 75/50 o-ring
Price: $129 Mks / hps NW80 bellows assembly kit 100001687 w/o-rings
Price: $229 Mks-hps division 10006125 kit, rebuild NW50
Price: $279 Mks-hps division 10008871 kit, rebuild 80HV w/1196
Price: $32 Fluoroware 206-0433-2 pfa check valve 1 psig
Price: $199 Mks-hps division 10006124 kit, rebuild NW40
Price: $40 New htd 375 5M d&d synchro power belt htd lot of 4 .
Price: $24.99 Saenyo denki 6H180 head, gear (L5)
Price: $40 New htd 475 5M d&d synchro power belt htd lot of 4 .
Price: $599.99 Entegris millipore mykrolis 10" chem-line ii atx WDFGATX0F 0.2
Price: $169.48 Touch single serve brewer black bolder tasting coffee rapid brew
Price: $799 Applied material reflector plate 2MM purge radiance chamb 0020-0
Price: $1400 Jst applicator tool sphd-002T-P0.5
Price: $599.99 New 2X symmetry sr-2000 controller retrofit kit
Price: $2500 Asm gesvig-4 vig-4 composite video graphics board, asm pn: 03-32
Price: $899 Amat 0021-23329 shield, chamber, sip ii 200MM
Price: $475 Anelva 1015-ilc sputtering system manual / documentation set
Price: $22.24 Festool 452897 hose sleeve, non-antistatic hose reducer
Price: $29 Black box 724-746-5500 SW088A-fff abc switch
Price: $18.46 Southco inc sc-522 push-to-close hidden-panel latch 170 lb. sout
Price: $99.95 New novellus ay. clip actuator 00-664345-00 ++ ++
Price: $4.75 Swagelok stainless steel 3/8" to 1/8" npt / 90 degree fitting B1
Price: $199 Amat applied materials 0100-76124 digital i/o pcb board
Price: $899 Applied materials 0100-35124, assembly, pcb, seriplex i/o distri
Price: $499 Applied materials 0150-76698 cable assy,gas panel umbilical#2,25
Price: $439.12 Vac scr constant current power supply, AJ3/scr-cc, dual filament
Price: $490 New amat assy: 0020-35042 rev P1 w/ 2 parker veriflo hi purity 9
Price: $19 Watts R374-01C R37401C pressure range 0/25
Price: $2499 New mrl diffusion furnace lpcvd door flange assy, 7.5", 2 gas in
Price: $45 Thk afc grease. 70G tube.
Price: $225 New toshiba ceramics 1MVR ce pure in-line gas filter, 1M-vr 1/4,
Price: $2.99 New 1.0MM carbide pcb router, endmill, brand , diamond teeth, w/
Price: $26 New 1/8" carbide coated pcb router, endmill, brand , diamond tee
Price: $187.95 tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60H
Price: $10 New iomega zip diskette, 250MB, box of 8
Price: $155 Entegris flouroware 1" pfa high flow auto valve normally open wi
Price: $645 Kronos dual deposition rate indicator & quartz crystal film thic
Price: $133 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 3/4-1 1/2 pam-2
Price: $171.46 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $322.96 Amp 354259-1 rev-f control board 354258-1 sw 354540-1 ver-3.01 t
Price: $225 Amat 0090-16024 cutler hammer 12100R6517 w beam detector eaton s
Price: $4500 Schumacher mdot 342 tlc m-dot bubbler assembly, trans lc w/ cont
Price: $129.95 Applied materials amat digital i/o card board assy 0100-11002 re
Price: $125 Amat 0020-13825 cover block off plate aluminum adapter
Price: $95 Entegris flaretek® pfa fitting, C8-8FN-1, ½” flaretek® x ½
Price: $18 Mpl 808-60 psi deact pressure switch
Price: $890 Hitachi high technologies LSPAMP40 pcb 118B0981 419-7856
Price: $690 Hitachi high technologies ZVL987-8 ZVL987-b 118B0981
Price: $390 Hitachi high technologies ZVL808 ZVL808-r 118B0981
Price: $390 Hitachi high technologies ZVL808-q 118B0981
Price: $3 Photoelectric smoke detector head with chamber check DS250
Price: $247.5 New amat 1310-00084 tc,dual circuit sdsm -1603,300MM hdpcvd
Price: $225.1 New ( ) kitz sct IB8VCS-vcc-std-316L pneumatic bellows valve
Price: $189.19 Amat 0010-02579 hose assy, wxz chamber #2 supply, parker push-lo
Price: $50 Zephyrtronics air pick zt-3 smd vacuum handling station
Price: $150.99 Rorze rc-002 phase driver rd-a/phase pulse motor driver MB3283
Price: $224.99 Furon teflon clean room di water and nitrogen N2 guns (pair)
Price: $55200 Gasonics gasguard AP3
Price: $700 Perkin-elmer 690-0855-008
Price: $600 Perkin-elmer 690-0735-008 solinoid manifold A900
Price: $100 Novellus C1-C2 15-053394-02 this is for 5 spindle fork finger mi
Price: $1350 Like new thermo kevex model: KSW5031-sw x-ray tube 1.2MM x 1.4
Price: $29.99 Furon recirc-102 spray gun unused
Price: $26 Smc VZ3143-5FZ VZ31435FZ valve
Price: $9.99 (6) unopened sealed dupont kalrez 6230A perfluoroelastomer parts
Price: $460 Semitool 910T0143-503 or 910T0358-517 lt wip wafer mapper i/o co
Price: $70 Patlite lel-fbw 24V ac/dc blue, green, amber, red signal tower l
Price: $4499 Atlas copco air compressor with built-in dryer
Price: $299 Cybex longview companion model lvcmpn, part #: 510-094-001
Price: $25 H1 castel capped valve 1/4" tap p/n 6420/2 H1 +69225
Price: $324.97 Data instruments 9302904 pressure transoucer
Price: $18.28 Southco inc sc-522 push-to-close hidden-panel latch 170 lb., sou
Price: $3500 Amat applied materials 0010-70008 heat exchanger
Price: $2000 Tel susceptor, tokyo electron limited, 1810-121299-11, 8", 200MM
Price: $1600 Lam research .2 meter monochromator detector verity EP200MMD
Price: $199.99 Nerlite doal-25-led illuminator 010-202500 9-pin connector
Price: $99.99 Hewlett packard / agilent 44705A 20 channel relay multiplexer
Price: $55 Fluoroware PA192-80M 200MM wafer carrier; high profile, open sid
Price: $649.99 New aera FCPIDA980C4V/pi-980 NF3 mass flow controller, novellus
Price: $35 Kf-40 (nw-40) 10-inch bellows
Price: $110 Digmesa - 934-2360 - flowmeter, ffg, pvdf
Price: $259 Semitool rotor stop positioner part # srd 06-00148
Price: $22 Moeller contactor DIL0M-g 24V coil 35A
Price: $70 Dc motor speed control model:kbic-118
Price: $180 Semitool brd assy optical switch tach 16730
Price: $99 Turck BCF10-S30-VN4X
Price: $300 Semitool solenoid valve manifold
Price: $199 Semitool srd-06-00355 windows, 270,
Price: $812.49 New horiba stec sec-Z522MGXN 30 slm mass flow controller, novell
Price: $749.99 New brooks SLA7950S1EGG1B2E1 ar mass flow controller, novellus p
Price: $1095.6 Semitool / amat cy-20 static eliminator, 110V, st, s, & f model
Price: $950 Tokyo electron tel T7(8K-220-a) ring shield 1810-223596-C11
Price: $275 Sanyo denki 103G814-5790 stepping motor rorze type RM29B2S
Price: $150 Hokuyo automatic co., ltd. dm-HB1Z optical data transmission dev
Price: $850 Tokyo electron tel quartz pedestal cove vdp VD5105-300082-51
Price: $495 Mks instruments epcb-29702 mass flow CT5015-000025-11 tel electr
Price: $800 Tokyo electron tel quartz fin VD5105-300093-11
Price: $475 Ogura clutch nsib 0.25 g sanyo denki 103G814-5790 stepping motor
Price: $1000 Tokyo electron tel support ring inner tube SUS316 VD5110-203939-
Price: $2250 Tokyo electron TTLM02-12 MDIF5B pcb DS2180-021108-11 tel furnace
Price: $2250 Tokyo electron CT5044-000269-11 pcb csb io TKB7490A tel lithius
Price: $2250 Tokyo electron TTLM01-12 MDIF2B pcb 2180-021107-11 tel lithius
Price: $1650 Tokyo electron TKB7581 if kvm 5044-000359-14 tel lithius
Price: $450 Tel ring insulator A7 LA6-8 1D05-300354-C11
Price: $65 Single fan absolute hepa filter assembly
Price: $95 bv-110CRF-tu-A03 3 fan absolute 2T-400120048 hepa filter assemb
Price: $1750 Rfpp RF20S power supply, 2KW @ 13.56MHZ, 208V, 50/60HZ, 3PH, 15A
Price: $124.99 New honeywell 9602.0091.00.01 gas sensor 10 ft cable, asm pn: 32
Price: $31 3M 661X diamond lapping film 25 discs
Price: $223.28 New fujikin fpr-sd-71-6.35-2 compact diaphragm 1/4" valve, asm p
Price: $499 Applied materials 0021-21469 ring restraint, 1.574 dia shft, 8"
Price: $225 Applied materials amat 0100-09177 assy pcb ext vme ai/o di/o g.p
Price: $1200 Daihen amn-50K1-v rf auto matcher
Price: $6000 New tel tokyo electron mirror unit CT5080-191951-11 GD309362 ell
Price: $200 Amat 0020-76431 center plate upper frame rear centura applied ma
Price: $75 New amat 0140-04236 h/a gp door switch interc, applied materials
Price: $175 Tokyo electron 3 way control valve 5K80-001624-11
Price: $1595 Lam research verity instruments EP200MMD 1000805 .2 meter monoch
Price: $265 Kla instruments dual stepper driver 710-650879-20 rev. F1
Price: $49.99 Vat 03110-MA24-001/0006 a-1209402 gate valve
Price: $449 Applied materials/amat p/n 0100-94036
Price: $269 Applied materials amat intelligent interface 0100-09006
Price: $109.95 New yamato scale/ check weigher cpu board - pn EV501F-R2
Price: $99.95 New yamato scale/ check weigher board - pn EV953FR3
Price: $99.95 New yamato check weigher board - pn EV939FR3
Price: $149 Nor-cal products model 0190-00879
Price: $3890 Hitachi high technologies driver unit c assy 118B0829 ntn hb-R80
Price: $890 Hitachi high technologies collecting lens assy 118B0981 419-2278
Price: $39 Pro-log 7901 extender card c
Price: $2200 Svg -8620 controller, silicon valley group wafer scrubber,
Price: $5.96 4 bulb lamp candelabra 2.2 v 250 ma screwbase
Price: $5.69 New 3 jumper grey plug dual 4" lead electronic parts
Price: $5.96 11 tube gas voltage ref 70V arc electronic part electric
Price: $6.69 New 3 capacitor 0.1UF 250V with radial electronic parts
Price: $5.96 New jkm 3 asm cable optical sensor with leads electronic part# Q
Price: $6.69 New switch n/o mom rocker 125V electronic parts
Price: $5.69 New 2 terminal block 4 pos 300V electronic parts
Price: $6.69 New 2 resistor 1.2 k ohm power 10% electronic parts trw 8537 PW7
Price: $7.96 New 3 heat sensor 1/2 " with sleeves 6" leads electronic parts
Price: $6.69 New 1 line cord 18-2AWG 2 electronic parts
Price: $6.69 New 3 jumper mod plug to 2-pin br electronic parts
Price: $5.69 New 2 terminal block 6 pos 400V electronic parts
Price: $6.69 New 25 led green 3VDC bulb lens electronic parts
Price: $200 Amt 0660-00607
Price: $125 Cyberoptics PXC200AL 4 port color frame grabber (D2C)
Price: $690 Hitachi high technologies ZVM958 assy 118B0981 419-8635 ZVM958-3
Price: $189.99 New prometrix 52-0038 kla pcb board 36-0030 36-0026 in bag
Price: $32.69 Strasbaugh 106953 condor HD24-4-8-a+ power supply 24V 4.8A
Price: $5999 Mks astex smart match AX3076
Price: $89.99 New kla prometrix 54-0101 pcb, opt. sensor, flat alignme 36-0084
Price: $11.99 4 smc corporation KQ2H12-00 fitting 12 mm 44.5 mm 1.0 mpa max.;
Price: $5.99 Riregulator and filter FR23- 0.5 6 bar, pmax 16BAR-230PSI, tmax
Price: $500 Branson ipc plasma asher etcher 10 inch quartz chamber
Price: $39.95 Kf-16 (nw-16) to 1/4" swagelok adapter
Price: $19.99 Atlas copco 2250 8183 00 seal ring
Price: $55 817-2261 fireeye / cleaver brooks infra-red flame scanner
Price: $1000 Verteq ST800 power filter, turbo power supply, (2) frequency gen
Price: $25 Amat 0680-01605 circuit breaker mag therm 2P 120/240VAC 10A appl
Price: $89 Varian feedthrough manipulator feedthru ***unused surplus*** E19
Price: $28 Mykrolis impact plus filter .1 micron CT024-021906-1 AWAVP0001
Price: $24.99 Opto 22 AD18T t thermocouple input analog isolated module, 30 ma
Price: $250 Applied materials 0200-09610 quartz outer ring ulvac 1016698 150
Price: $100 Applied materials 0200-36680 upper quartz liner ulvac 5002020
Price: $1.25 Lot of twenty teflon / plastic rollers / spacers
Price: $39 Applied materials amat 3020-01083 cylinder air base full husky
Price: $30 Applied materials amat 3700-02743 oring id 13.984 csd .139 viton
Price: $199 Nsk board E043ZZIF1-013
Price: $146.95 Mactronix aff-600 wafer flat finder alignment for A182-60MB px 9
Price: $2300 Deposition - vacuum horizontal chamber
Price: $325 Semitool/ amat foxboro tc-40 resistivity monitor power supply 92
Price: $48 Semitool/ amat gasket, d.i. manifold, 9 position, silicone
Price: $125 Semitool/ amat rotor mounting plate, 4 bolt, w/ model ST260-280,
Price: $325 semitool/amat foxboro tc-40 resistivity monitor power supply 92
Price: $3800 ad-tec ax-2000EUII rf generator, 2 kw 13.56 mhz power supply: r
Price: $1600 Fei company sem scanning electron microscope part
Price: $2000 Brooks automation ergospeed ii slr 200 x-rot/l
Price: $2000 Kin macinebouw rijen bv; fabrication code 80102-011 fei
Price: $40000 Surface technology systems ipc deep reactive ion etcher
Price: $2000 Txz heater 4511458415, amat # 0040-36180. (lsa-cleanpart)
Price: $750 Mitutoyo series 378 microscope head 378-134-5, serial # 810308
Price: $2000 Brooks automation fixload 25 wafer load port
Price: $12500 Nordson march c-series plasma treatment system, vacuum etcher: a
Price: $2000 Brooks automation ergo wafer load port: 002-8700-01
Price: $4500 Mks eni mwd-55LD-01 match network
Price: $2000 Smc HRS024-a-20-jmt-X021 chiller
Price: $80 New national instruments SH68-68-ep noise rejecting 184749B-01 *
Price: $199 Ifm DN2114 24V dc / 20A
Price: $120 Watlow F059076500 120V/290W mtek corporation pn:09-500100
Price: $49 Turck ni 4-S12-AN6X 1-30VDC 200MA
Price: $120 Watlow columbia F06007797A 120V/255W p/n 60270
Price: $500 Semitool valve 310C0091-03 and 310C0093-03
Price: $15 Gewiss GW16712TB chorus white switch panel for double switch
Price: $125 Toko inc. SWE50-12C power supply,acin: 50/60HZ, 100-240V, 1.2-7A
Price: $495 Thermco systems diffusion heating furnace tube
Price: $24.99 Amat toggle switch kit, pn 100008311: kit, internal,cv-tog, vito
Price: $14.99 Jonathan 5101019-KT2
Price: $40 Mykrolis planarguard filter CMP5 5UM 10"
Price: $2903.12 6"/150MM diffusion furnace quartz door assy, 7 piece: cantilever
Price: $49.99 New rosemount analytical 23018-00, electrode reference element,
Price: $20 Bridgeport mill elevating rod bearing retainer
Price: $790 Hitachi high technologies power unit 118B0829
Price: $1700 Hitachi high technologies HLM1000 photoreceiver l pbs 118B0981
Price: $25 Kimden et-8-944 transformer
Price: $1200 0190-76043, amat, pcba assy,sbc synergy 68040 controller, V440
Price: $390 Hitachi high technologies tilt mirror b assy 118B0981
Price: $699 Applied materials, AMAT0100-09071, sbc i_o breakout board
Price: $25 Nupro ss-4BK-1C valve
Price: $185.99 New prometrix 54-0147 kla pcb assy, edge sensor fa, in bag 36-01
Price: $299 Applied materials 0040-01641 bracket mtg ch a,dpa,producer 200MM
Price: $21.99 New qty. 10 * * aleph ps-4122 reed switches / for factory automa
Price: $153.04 High yield technology 8000 detector turbo sensor unused.
Price: $8.99 Dell cd rom drive part# KK790
Price: $19.99 Praxair kit, 100008312 kit,internal,cv-nc, m, viton
Price: $249.9 Spoolmaster unlimited widths cable reel rollers 2,000LBS capacit
Price: $127 Amat boron nitride AXO5 lid, metal source hbn center power space
Price: $119.97 New tempshield lox mil-l cryo industrial glove mid arm cryogenic
Price: $999.99 Lam research 810-800256-005 rev. f node board type 3 w/ 810-8029
Price: $1250 Cti-cryogenics 8113181G003 network terminal 115/230V
Price: $5.35 Tontec A4988 reprap 3D carrier module board
Price: $75 Wave solder measurement guide
Price: $195 Disco nbc-zh dicing saw blade 10 pack
Price: $195 Disco nbc-zh 2040 dicing saw blade 10 pack
Price: $1200 Svg 9037S 28-543013-01-001 13-47454-01 99-47467-01 SVG90 vacuum
Price: $193.08 Sale tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800 watt avr surge 120-
Price: $88.88 Megaflex orv-10PM-40DM flexible vacuum hose
Price: $15 Pall MACWA0501 filter capsule (5 um profile star, male thread fo
Price: $2799.99 Lam research 853-015130-R002-v-elm rf match gear drive
Price: $7.99 New l-com at adapter, DB9 male / DB25 female adaptor -
Price: $80 Millipore optimizer di-l CBUZ3L0P1 filter 0.05µm
Price: $399 Gaylord box poly dust caps - clear 4 mil (25 caps)
Price: $45 H-square corp. T791PKAS molded tip
Price: $1995 Spicer SC12 magnetic field cancellation system complete set
Price: $39.6 Wahl 441-154C temp-plate temperature recording decal 154-160-165
Price: $45 H-square corp. T694PKAS molded tip
Price: $69.99 Matrox meteor ii METEOR2-mc/4 multi - channel frame grabber
Price: $380 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 5V dc power supply
Price: $5500 Karl suss | MA6 mask aligner maskholder (7IN x 7IN)
Price: $2250 Karl suss | MA150 mask aligner proximity maskholder (5INX5IN)
Price: $2000 Karl suss | MA6/BA6 mask aligner 6IN/150MM lower bond chuck
Price: $2250 Karl suss | MA6 mask aligner proximity maskholder (2.5IN x 2.5IN
Price: $2250 Karl suss | MA6 mask aligner maskholder (1IN x 1IN)
Price: $2500 Karl suss | BA6/BA8 bond aligner 4IN/100MM bsa chuck
Price: $4610.33 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 mask aligner 5IN/125MM bsa chuck
Price: $500 Karl suss | MA8 mask aligner mask adaption frame
Price: $500 Karl suss | sic 6" sandwich and pressure plate w/ foil
Price: $2000 Karl suss | BA6 bond aligner 4IN/100MM fusion chuck
Price: $2500 Karl suss | BA6/BA8 bond aligner 4IN/100MM bsa chuck
Price: $2500 Karl suss | BA6/BA8 bond aligner 6IN/150MM bsa chuck
Price: $2500 Karl suss | BA6/BA8 bond aligner 4IN/100MM bsa chuck
Price: $1000 Karl suss | fixture for 4IN wafers
Price: $3250 Karl suss | 8IN bsa custom chuck
Price: $2000 Karl suss | 8IN chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5" round opening mask holder
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1IN round opening mask holder
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1IN round opening mask holder
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5IN round opening mask holder
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1 1/8IN x 1 1/8IN square opening mask holder
Price: $400 Karl suss | 3IN x 3IN square opening mask holder
Price: $400 Karl suss | 2IN x 2IN square opening mask holder
Price: $450 Patterson pump model E1.5B9A-cc, 40 gpm ,208-230/460,3PH
Price: $350 Sbc 8156V pcb card
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 4IN/100MM bsa chuck for 3MM thick wafers
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 4IN/100MM bsa chuck for 1MM thick wafers
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 4IN/100MM bsa chuck for 5MM thick wafers
Price: $2500 Karl suss | MA6/MA8 mask aligner 4IN/100MM bsa chuck
Price: $2000 Karl suss | small pieces chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 3IN x 3IN square wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 2IN diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5" diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5IN diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5IN diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1" diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 3" diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 2IN diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5IN diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 1.5" diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 2" diameter wafer chuck
Price: $400 Karl suss | 3IN diameter wafer chuck
Price: $150 Drbotech/asmb-036273-rev pcb card base
Price: $499 Amat applied materials 0020-52990 rev 003 shim clamping encore i
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $599 Applied materials 0240-07285 kit, shields,szbesc,sip-cu 290MM,sn
Price: $65 New high vacuum feedthru 4 leads 1-5/16" od, stainless steel
Price: $196.74 Thk vr steel cross roller guide VR1-20HX5Z, 20MM l, 4MM w, 8.5MM
Price: $55 New ae aera fc-D980CBF mass flow controller gas NF3 range 100-sc
Price: $2500 Reflector plate radiance 200 mm purge radiance 0020-08621 applie
Price: $8.5 Sunx cx-28 photoelectric reflective sensor 500MM for transparent
Price: $18.5 Sunx rx-LS200 photoelectric sensor nos
Price: $34.99 3M 468XIMPERIAL lapping film psa dics /size 12"xnh discs 25 / 3
Price: $79.99 Ttc magnetic chuck parallels & universal " v" blocks
Price: $1308.13 New gespac adc-2B/gesadc-2 analog/digital convertor board, asm p
Price: $24 Spin chuck OD70- mm
Price: $501.17 Radisys 61-0575-10 pcb card 60-0262-01 eclipse star 68-0070-11 u
Price: $501.17 Mrc materials research 883-90-000 pcb card rev. X4 eclipse star
Price: $501.17 Mrc materials research 883-90-000 pcb card rev. a eclipse star u
Price: $879.97 Bradley S78-018 ctd twl disp if circ & shroud
Price: $903.32 Bradley S87-015 remote supply box assy
Price: $246.46 Bradley 217-018 shroud
Price: $60 Ckd KML50-0A-b level switch
Price: $350 Koganei corp nikon 4K191-928 pneumatic control box KBB18600-5
Price: $250 Nikon vcm amp 4S586-946-1 SPA136A
Price: $1450 Lam research rainbow 4500 4700 controller crt display monitor 85
Price: $9.86 Whit conn fem plc omc
Price: $21.45 Sier swtch 3POS mrc ptc
Price: $5.52 Swiv bushing nyl
Price: $65 Starr-tel 100MV trandformer
Price: $649.99 New horiba-stec sec-Z512MGX 10 slm mass flow controller, novellu
Price: $599.99 New horiba-stec sec-Z513MGX 100 sccm N2 mass flow controller, no
Price: $649.99 New fujikin FCST1005MZFC-4CL2-F1L-NF3-U037-ep mass flow controll
Price: $499.99 New horiba-stec mass flow controller, no
Price: $749.99 New brooks SLA7950S1EGG1B2A1 ar mass flow controller, novellus p
Price: $649.99 New mks pfc-60/pimfc P6A004203HAT0 ar 2000 sccm mass flow contro
Price: $40 New lam 715-038611-002 revision b ; skt ; plasma snsr
Price: $3295.55 New amat 0190-41807 end effector with plunger & mapper M101, aeg
Price: $160 Robitech interface board 865-8293-003 01
Price: $3500 Astex arx-X248, 13.5 mhz solid state drive rev h amat 0190-18146
Price: $3750 Ade 350 robot vacuum interface pcb
Price: $525 Tencor alpha step as-200 power supply convertor concepts
Price: $525 Tencor alpha step as-200 power supply power one
Price: $21 T-tech carbide drill bit (db-0595) 0.0595 qty 5
Price: $59 T-tech carbide router (cr-062-R2) 0.062 qty 10
Price: $42 T-tech carbide drill bit (db-0320) 0.0320 qty 10
Price: $21 T-tech carbide drill bit (db-0400) 0.0400 qty 5
Price: $21.34 Southco inc sc-522 push-to-close hidden-panel latch 170 lb., sou
Price: $9.99 Stepping motor PK264M-03A oriental motor 2-phase
Price: $699.6 Stainless steel static wet process bath w/furon teflon valve 8"x
Price: $150 Electroglas, pc board - non-contact edge sensor, p/n 244863-001
Price: $49.9 New pisco SEU10-1/4AL sensor in bag
Price: $79.99 Proteus 100 series 1/4" npt stainless steel fluid flow control s
Price: $119.99 New proteus 100 1/4" npt stainless steel fluid flow control swit
Price: $379 Applied materials 0040-05783 bracket, lower final lines, ch. a/b
Price: $500 Perkin-elmer 690-0757-004 a-110 pcb assy.
Price: $159 Applied materials 0050-08366 wldmnt 5RA NF3, lower chmbr a/b/c,
Price: $55.99 Tokyo electron WZ10-100614-11 lab industrial 10"od 1/2" thick so
Price: $49.99 Applied materials amat 0100-02129 serial network server TS16 dis
Price: $55.99 Lot of 4 industrial 8" long 3/8" thick quartz semiconductor equi
Price: $85.99 New lam research 716-051059-001 industrial component quartz shie
Price: $549 Applied materials 0050-43450 weldment 5RA O3 lower ch a,b,c 200M
Price: $600 Lam research xycom 70110-003 pcb card 71110B1-001 rainbow 4420
Price: $20.99 Inficon 757-303-G30 30FT 9M 15-pin male 9-pin female connector x
Price: $20.99 New ckd AMD412-X1394-2RBS 0-0.3MPA air operated teflon pneumatic
Price: $43.99 Applied materials amat 0100-02129 serial network server TS16 16-
Price: $76.99 Lam research 716-072580-035 rev. a 15"od semiconductor quartz ri
Price: $28.99 Lot of 2 ckd GAMD002-X0058-2XS industrial pneumatic nc no valves
Price: $49.99 New ckd AMD422-X0469-yx industrial 0-0.3MPA high temperature pne
Price: $61.99 Cti 3918059G001 250PSI pressurized t-shaped industrial flex pipe
Price: $65.99 Thales mi-150FTO optem vsi 110 high-intensity fiber optic illumi
Price: $92.99 Thales mi-150FTO optem vsi 110 high-intensity fiber optic illumi
Price: $85 3M 853-034126-001 rf data cable.
Price: $2300 Amat assembly h.o.t. detector module 0010-10973
Price: $220 0200-10446, insert ring.silicon, 200MM,notch (2), si/qt
Price: $260 0200-36696, shadow ring,quartz,200MM notch (2), super e
Price: $17.99 New sealed lam research 716-140469-010-a ring semiconductor part
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-044863-001-b ring semiconductor part
Price: $115.99 New sealed lam research 839-015480-010-c electrode semiconductor
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 715-083172-003-a pcr ring drive semicond
Price: $34.99 New sealed lam research 716-017581-003-b ring semiconductor part
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-013402-401-e h/e hot edge quartz rin
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-023013-007-c h/e hot edge silicon ri
Price: $115.99 Lam research 716-017112-603-e thick ring semiconductor part
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-013402-003-d h/e hot edge quartz rin
Price: $115.99 Lam research 716-017112-010-c thick ring semiconductor part
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-040737-407-b coupling quartz ring w/
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-040737-402-b ceramic coupling ring s
Price: $41.99 New sealed lam research 716-031257-581-a 300MM top edge quartz r
Price: $299.99 New sealed lam research 716-800330-063-c insulator bottom esc ta
Price: $92.99 Lam research 716-800330-016 rev. b semiconductor part
Price: $92.99 Lam research 839-015480-010-c electrode semiconductor part
Price: $73.99 Lam research 716-022025-001 rev. c quartz ring outer 200MM semic
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-044668-430-a ring semiconductor part
Price: $62.99 New sealed lam research 716-069688-222 rev.b inner electrode sem
Price: $30.99 New sealed lam research 716-040738-427-b ring semiconductor part
Price: $7.99 Gould fram to adapter gasket, 730785130-0001 vellumoid 8 1/4" id
Price: $39.95 Vintage leeds & northrup multirange conductivity resistivity ana
Price: $81 Fanuc A06B-6050-H052 discharge unit P11H00042 regenerative, rege
Price: $49.95 New amat 0020-05713 spacer 1.0 fln main frame mce
Price: $599.99 New rosemount analytical 5081-p-ht transmitter
Price: $189.99 Lam research 810-800081-013 P2 mb vme pcb
Price: $382.53 New gespac gesmfi/mfi-1 dual serial interface board, asm pn: 03-
Price: $2450 0100-18043, amat, assembly, pcb remote seriplex i/o hdp-cv w/ 01
Price: $249.99 New gespac gesintlan-1B 7265/intlan-1B 10-base t network interfa
Price: $42.59 Bridgeport 325 1-1/2 105D plastic bush
Price: $140 Applied materials amat 0140-75111 harness shield treatment turbo
Price: $250 Nikon S202A KBB04200-A01 yaskawa ugqmem-01SNQ22; motor assy utop
Price: $58.99 Ham-let union elbow 765L-ss-8MM
Price: $299 Ushio fa-cont 930228 / free expedited shipping
Price: $209 Ushio gp SIO5 no.931004 / free expedited shipping
Price: $399 Ushio pb-0929 no.960112 stage 3AXLE / free expedited shipping
Price: $269 Ushio seexp-cont 9606028 / free expedited shipping
Price: $399 Ushio SYS286CONT no.930928 / free expedited shipping
Price: $215 Ushio 9706092/U00 / free expedited shipping
Price: $34.62 Bradley 300-1141 panelon ef esc assy
Price: $15.05 Bradley 125-091 o-ring (-236) 3.234ID x .139W
Price: $111.88 Bradley 102-018A shroud-18"-column shower
Price: $16.52 Bradley 125-093 o-ring (-239) 3.609ID x .139W
Price: $70.43 Bradley S57-054 supply pipe assy
Price: $699 Lam diffuser 715-011757-001
Price: $162 Ge 605-048878-001 flash v.01 vme-7671-421000 / free expedited sh
Price: $50 New siemens nozzle changer holder 00323044-05
Price: $110 Yaskawa sgdh-04AE, servopack drive
Price: $375 Gasonics pcb controller board A90-005-02 rev. r
Price: $2500 Genesis fs-8 cryo vacuum pump with cti compressor 8300/8400
Price: $575 Millipore f/g atx l-pillar ctdzatxlh 0.05 µm filter
Price: $175 Amat applied materials 0100-09123 wafer sensor board
Price: $450 Mercury MC860VB (I860) vme sbc board
Price: $35 Nupro 6LV-DAFR4-p valve
Price: $150 Parker dci linear positioning slide /stage 5” travel 8"X8"X2.5
Price: $14.5 World magnetics 7161-702 pressure switch PSF102
Price: $1250 Osaka tg-200 compound turbo molecular vaccum pump
Price: $167.59 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $550.73 Apc by schneider electric J10BLK power conditioner,1000V,500VA,j
Price: $1000 Westwind air bearing spindle rebuilt drill motor ww 1201-19 110,
Price: $1250 Kla tencor, motor dist, S8000, 294420, 4 channel pwm motor drive
Price: $22.5 Warner electric 5603-751-020
Price: $1300 3M ion gun control
Price: $75 Millipore span SPT204 range 250 psig pressure transducer.
Price: $499.95 Henry mann manix g-1010 lead forming machine tested
Price: $350 Amat applied materials 0100-20148 pcb assy heater lift/drvr intf
Price: $18.8 4 tylok 1/2 unions model 8-1U swagelok cross ref 810-6
Price: $23.95 Lead benders for 1/2 to 2 watt carbon comp resistors
Price: $124.99 Turbo cable control interfaced E16047070 appears unused
Price: $59.99 3U din extender pcb by varian pb-free
Price: $9.68 Swagelok ss-2C4-1
Price: $274.89 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves eb gloves, elbow length, blue,
Price: $182.96 Tempshield cryo-gloves eb gloves, elbow length, 17.32" length, s
Price: $181.33 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-ma gloves, mid-arm, pink, sm
Price: $80 New qty.100 coax miniature socket assy 2011145-2 ark p/n: 50F567
Price: $750 Quartz opaque blank od 12" x 1.1" thick
Price: $899 Applied materials ac rem i/o distribution board 0130-35014 nos
Price: $500 Trikon technologies ion gauge controller AC1703
Price: $1300 Abp induction power supply control rack(d.i.c.u.)
Price: $259 Varian lambda emi power supply ems 10-250-2-d-0209E **30 day war
Price: $559 Varian lambda emi power supply ems 10-250-2-d-0209E **30 day war
Price: $48.88 Porous media DFL04 disposable filter capsule
Price: $135 Sensor assy rear ada w/c ground front & rear for bus G1100470
Price: $2250 Tokyo electron ltd. V2 digital spectrometer board 43-800115 rev.
Price: $350 Semitool | smc manifold, 5 port/base mounted, 6 positions
Price: $2500 Semitool | 244T0375-01, connector plate
Price: $1100 Semitool | 244T0312-01, contact ring assembly
Price: $225 Semitool | 341R0006-511, sst nozzle, 0.1 gpm, fan spray
Price: $650 Semitool | 932T0016, 23835 dual fiber transceiver
Price: $200 Semitool | 16FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 15FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 23FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 26FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 24FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 25FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 14FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 33FT fiber optic cable
Price: $200 Semitool | 22FT fiber optic cable
Price: $350 Semitool | H1/8VV-SS11003, 1/8IN stainless steel male tip nozzle
Price: $1325 Semitool | 73080-36, heater immersion, 380V, 4.4KW
Price: $450 Semitool | 8IN/200MM tin anode set
Price: $427.38 Semitool | 116R0002-09, rear bowl seal (chemraz)
Price: $1230 Semitool | 73080-36, heater immersion, 380V, 5KW
Price: $200 Semitool | 11FT fiber optic cable
Price: $125 Semitool | FE050024-ra, power supply 500W 24VDC
Price: $2950 Semitool | 73080-01, heater immersion, 220V, 4.6KW
Price: $4500 Semitool | LT02182, 3-axis controller
Price: $395 Semitool | 123U0002-501, quartz window, 260/70/80 cpc
Price: $935 Semitool | 70886-10, pall gaskleen filter
Price: $275 Semitool | 13607-01, seal door 380 vad
Price: $1150 Semitool | 116R0002-09, bowl seal, rear (240-300 bowls)
Price: $150 Semitool | 116R0002-01, seal, rear bowl, 240-300, s-model
Price: $20 Black box 724-746-5500 SW088A-fff abc switch
Price: $1215 Semitool | 2-valve cdv manifold - (2X) 1114781 - 1/4”, plug
Price: $3450 Semitool | 5-valve cdv manifold - (5X) 1114570 - 1/2” flare x
Price: $1150 Semitool | 2-valve cdv manifold - 1110655 - 1107478 - 1/2”, pl
Price: $1550 Semitool | 1-valve cdv manifold - 1114781 - 1/4” plug
Price: $435.66 Semitool | R108-25, valve, 3/8 in x 10-32 out x 3/8 out
Price: $409.79 Semitool | R108-61, valve, 1/4 fnpt inlet x (2) 3/8 flare outlet
Price: $1150 Semitool | R108-60, valve, (2)1/4FLARE in x (3)1/4FLARE out
Price: $850 Semitool | R108-04, valve, (2) 1/4F in x (2) 3/8T x 1/4F out
Price: $316.53 Semitool | R110-01, valve, 1/4 f in x 10-32 out x 1/4 f out
Price: $375 Semitool | R108-01, valve, 1/4 fnpt in x (2) 3/8 tube out
Price: $975 Semitool | 70961-08, flow switch .20-.23 gpm ss
Price: $350 Semitool | 72056-31, blancett flow meter
Price: $250 Semitool | 72056-46, pick-up sensor
Price: $350 Semitool | 314-002, blancett flow meter
Price: $425 Semitool | robot teach pad w/ e-stop & deadman qterm
Price: $125 Semitool | FE050048-ra, power supply 500W 48VDC
Price: $6750 Semitool | 200T0118-01, drive head assembly, 300MM
Price: $550 Semitool | 60710-08, led display
Price: $45 Semitool | 313C0001-01, poppet,diaphragm,3/4 drain valve tfe
Price: $75 Semitool | 313R0006-01, poppet bellows metering pump tfe
Price: $886.77 Semitool | 61326-05, resistivity probe (5FT)
Price: $325 Semitool | touchscreen keypad (crt monitor)
Price: $100 Semitool | 72056-45, rf pre-amplifier (pick up amp)
Price: $3.5 Inficon 212-281 centering ring
Price: $450 Amat 0021-12878 robot transfer blade 300MM moss 390
Price: $399.99 Lot of 2 semitool 32734 circuit board quad overtemp board with s
Price: $60 Ckd corp AMG302-10BUP- pneumatic air 3/8" chemical liquid pfa va
Price: $199 Daikin industries cryo capture U101AW helium compressor unit (A5
Price: $299.99 Applied materials amat 0200-02421 isolator lid ceramic txz 300MM
Price: $95 Todd products corp power supply mdt-224-1215RL
Price: $36 Skf snh 508-607 split pillow block bearing housing vu
Price: $699 0150-76819, amat, cable, harness mfc chamber c
Price: $17.56 Trerice 735-2 needle valves, 1/4" npt connection
Price: $182.09 Labconco 6926000 formaldehyde detector tube (pack of 3)
Price: $100 0660-00065
Price: $200 36-0261 ss fault 50HZ
Price: $100 Neslab E400744001230
Price: $45 Iso 100 valve
Price: $27 Duniway p/n: g-800 copper gaskets for 8.00" od cf flange (od 6.7
Price: $3600 New amat 0150-09549 cble heated final filter,
Price: $94.99 Aera fc-7700CU mass flow controller gas H2 100 sccm
Price: $94.9 Matrox meteor/rgb frame grabber pcb card 571-03
Price: $39 New package of 6 all electronics 4-28 vdc piezo beeper sbz-365 S
Price: $240 Svg 80035B
Price: $240 Svg 80035B
Price: $320 Svg 80035B
Price: $220 Svg 80035B
Price: $220 Svg 80035B
Price: $160 Svg 80043 a extender board
Price: $220 Svg 80035B 12-1
Price: $320 Svg board 80035B3-02
Price: $50 New mks hps NW100 chain clamp 10099717 ( )
Price: $620 Edwards main box NRY0TN100 NRY0TN101CE-b
Price: $159 Asyst 9701-2937-01 advantag gateway rev c used working
Price: $1600 Nikon 4S064-513 fau-036-02 dux inc. adp-700 6D03I0152
Price: $1600 Nikon 4S064-513 fau-036-02 dux inc.
Price: $75 Amat lam research temperature calibration source 518-025348-001
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $2100 Universal instruments 48558601 kit, gem hardware 4796 type b - i
Price: $999.99 Tel tokyo electron hte-OV1-b-11 oven i/o board#01 pcb TAB2100 AC
Price: $999.99 Tel tokyo electron hte-OA1-b-11 oven add on board#01 pcb TAB2101
Price: $271.7 Yaskawa jusp-OP02A sigma digital operator controller JUSPOP02A
Price: $61.43 New ab allen-bradley 800T-FX6A5/fx A5 30.5MM push-button, asm pn
Price: $9.86 Whit conn fem plc omc
Price: $21.45 Sier swtch 3POS mrc ptc
Price: $49.95 Fowler 54-575-650 electronic edgefinder 0.400 stylus 3/4" chuck
Price: $49.95 Pec electronic edge finders - model: 4200-B40 tip diameter : .40
Price: $5 Swiv bushing nyl
Price: $35 Fireye flame scanner
Price: $800 Pioneer magnetics, p/s-PM2974A-3-5
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $200 Asml/svg 859-0928-007A A1304/A1305
Price: $250 Asml/svg 859-0929-005A stage decoupling/over current
Price: $35 Semiconductor & pcb equipment part lot of 2
Price: $118.74 Future cryo apron 33 length x 23 width cryogenic blue apron
Price: $999 Mrl 4"/100MM door assembly with gasket/o ring
Price: $35 New tel tokyo electron limited rom / eprom for M3100, MBM27C512-
Price: $150 Amat 0040-02634 manifold, short,centura mmf (lot of 2)
Price: $89.95 Sispan transducer 100 psia date 1993 - untested
Price: $59 Semitool door seal
Price: $15 Fuji electric EA52C 10 amp auto breaker BB2BEC-010
Price: $10 Fuji electric EA32AC 10 amp 2-pole auto breaker BB2AEAC-010
Price: $32 Nupro 6L-E4HB-350-VR4 excess flow valve; max. open 3000 psig w/h
Price: $119.99 New turck fcs-G1/4A4-arx-H1140 ss self contained insertion probe
Price: $120 Fastest fittings mit-07858B
Price: $60 PWRDRVBD02-PART1 pcb card
Price: $25 Itl ICEPLCC44
Price: $499 Universal instruments pca,vrm-mc 50814202 pcb from universal adv
Price: $999 New surplus - amat 0010-00171 gate valve actuator assembly
Price: $55 Mtrx pcb card, qty - 1PC
Price: $85 Mct 2000 crt controller card 105765 rev b , qty - 1PC
Price: $50 Micro pneumatic logic pressure switch mpl-808-15 psi-de
Price: $65 Mega test 102306-00 rev c pcb board Q2 parametric unit, qty - 1P
Price: $360 New box btu international 3351048 3P phase angle power control 4
Price: $10 Markem 10 blade p/n 0313520 rev b, qty- approx 10PCS
Price: $169.99 New ontrak helical flexible shaft coupling MC7C225-32K5-20 MMQ6
Price: $65 National instruments gpib-1014P 1800150-02 rev e 3, pcb board, q
Price: $45 Sgs-ates PC033-V01-01 RLMT6 pcb board, qty - 1PC
Price: $199.99 Gespac gesmfi/mfi-1 multifunction serial interface board, asm pn
Price: $654.44 Gespac gesvig/vig-4 standard video graphics board, asm pn: 03-32
Price: $872.59 New gespac gesvig/vig-4 standard video graphics board, asm pn: 0
Price: $850.29 New gespac gesadc-12A/adc-12A analog/digital converter board, as
Price: $105.5 Laser lens mount vv ot.5-3L m
Price: $499.99 Gespac gesadc-12A/adc-12A analog/digital converter board, asm pn
Price: $1000 Norcimbus gas valve manifold box - nitric oxide - allen bradley
Price: $2000 Comet 20065316 rf match box - novellus 27-447822-00
Price: $175 Amat 3870-01264 valve manual oper bellow meter 1/4 vcr bm series
Price: $185 Applied materials 3870-01264 valve manual oper bellow meter 1/4
Price: $399.99 Varian semiconductor equipment E11326001 D1 ps controller
Price: $200 Lot of 6) b/w controls 6012-EP1 ceramic electrode plug - 6012EP1
Price: $359 Ushio gp-pio-a 9705032/U00 940314 / free expedited shipping
Price: $243 Virtual industries porta-vac PV2000 vacuum handling tool - used/
Price: $270 New universal instruments 27465000 jaw, 300, 20 lead ** **
Price: $14.1 3 tylok 1/2 union tees model 8-3TTT-8 swagelok cross ref 810-3
Price: $74.11 Bridgeport 105-s 1-1/2 steel cnd lknt
Price: $40 Dage 4000-hk-5-2 160-OT12-ptp-02 pull test pins , old stock
Price: $135 3M model: 030-87508 diffusion furnace collar, mrl industries 150
Price: $3 Hps division seal,ctring assy,NW25,a/v 100312603
Price: $20.77 New napa bk 725-1700 quick coupler, male& female, in box . n.o.s
Price: $98 Semitool/ amat gasket, d.i. manifold, 9 position, teflon
Price: $3500 9584 process technology tytan water heater ty-012-480-3-sc-ri 12
Price: $999.99 Tel tokyo electron ACT12 clean track hte-OV1-b-11 oven i/o board
Price: $23.95 LS1 series level switch c-96, kip incorporation
Price: $600 Pcb chiller
Price: $36 bimba S323919 d-17280 reed switch, lot of 4
Price: $4500 Mks astronhf-s part number: AX7645RH-10 rev. b
Price: $60 Ontrak 4095-10-6 P0/10401 3LP helical flexible shaft coupling
Price: $45 Sturtevant richmont production torque wrench inch-pounds
Price: $89.99 Used smartmotor SM2310D version 4.15 as-is
Price: $500 Sumitomo eaton nova corp 15S7034 board, rotary drive
Price: $10 Swagelok box of 10EA ni-8-vcr-2-vs nickel vcr face seal 1/2"
Price: $49 Nikon 4K110-074AN flexible coupling
Price: $95 Futurestar pathfinder flow control 100-040
Price: $179 Toho 4F-av-013-n-ciff-1/2(n.c) valve teflon, air operation
Price: $99 Varian E15000290 rev b di/temp assy signal conditioner
Price: $429 Varian E15002602 rev a multi faraday cup amplifier
Price: $155 New column vac line NW80 tee
Price: $6.99 Svg thermco vtr- clamp,thomas pinch-18
Price: $169 New box of 10EA disco P1A851 SD1200R10MB01 diamond blade
Price: $3.95 Swagelok ss-8-vcr-2-gr-vs 316L ss vcr face seal gasket 1/2" unpl
Price: $399 Amat 0100-09379 assy, pcb, lamp test, mod i, pab chamber a and b
Price: $10 Phd 17000-38-0 hall reed switch mounting bracket. unused from ol
Price: $10 Phd 17000-40-0 hall reed switch mounting bracket. unused from ol
Price: $10 Phd 58050-02 hall reed switch mounting bracket. unused from old
Price: $299 Amat 0140-20353 harness assy, second orienter
Price: $6.95 Vector ha-11 four (4) pack rack cabinet accessories finger pull
Price: $99 Ontrak 28-8875-004 dual dc motor board
Price: $1360 Trillium dpmy/dwsm DPMY3-4M 865-5410-10 rev: 1
Price: $5000 Sensors unlimited SU320M 1.7RT-d/RS170 nir swir ingaas camera SU
Price: $425 Semitool/ amat thornton TC40 resistivity monitor power supply ty
Price: $50 Perkin elmer 851-8435-002 pcb
Price: $299.99 New high vacuum apparatus 6" pneumatic gate valve #21211-0609
Price: $50 New nor-cal stainless steel pneumatic bellows angle valve 1" fla
Price: $25 Flowlink gaz high purity stainless steel pneumatic valve female
Price: $75 Mct csi-1 power control pcb board 105763-y, qty - 1PC
Price: $125 Mega test front panel pwb 105440 rev f, qty - 1PC
Price: $32.95 New rdi 2M25DSM 25 pin breakout board terminal block interface
Price: $40 Signet speedometer rotor kit
Price: $269.1 Lot of 15 laser mirror mounting adapter 4000-00007-01 uhv clean
Price: $69.95 Cf-2.75 (conflat) to kf-25 (nw-25) conical reducer, sst
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $5999 Lam match box with sled, 853-025903-002-a-1367, 853-491836-001-a
Price: $199 Amat pall GLFPF6101VXM4M gas filter 0.003 micron 1/4 vcr
Price: $399.99 Amat 2 mhz generator rf match cable assembly 834-201187-003 rev.
Price: $178 Semitool 16801-527, quad overtemp controller board semi-tool 199
Price: $298 Semitool 16805-503, a/d converter board semi-tool 1996
Price: $29 Ridgid handle d-9 D9 3/4" npt threaded used
Price: $298 Semitool 16799-01, 32-bit output board semi-tool 1999
Price: $24.32 Jarden applied materials pivotrim pro trim head
Price: $169.99 Tel tokyo electron clean track 848 ACT12 sub unit conn board 298
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron chemical cabinet F32 SLM602 101640 slmcu ACT1
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron ACT12 clean track assemply oriental motor vex
Price: $369.99 Asm / qualitech model: 2600331-02 temperature control panel. rev
Price: $22500 Kla 2122 wafer defect inspection station, 200MM, used, as-is
Price: $119.5 Semiconductor, integrated circuit, vic 64 - nc
Price: $169.99 Tel tokyo electron clean track 845 ACT12 sub unit conn board 298
Price: $2800 Rorze fors-300 load port 300MM ,
Price: $10.95 Nmb 3610KL-05W-B50 24V 0.20A dc brushless fan motor warranty
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron cu rh hhp (D1C-2177-k) 633000020 ACT12 clean
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron cu rh hhp (D1C-2008-k) 633000020 ACT12 clean
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron cu lhp lh (D1C-1252-k) 633000019 ACT12 clean
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron cu lh lhp (D1D-1417-k) 633000019 ACT12 clean
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron cu hhp rh (D1D-1313-k) 633000020 ACT12 clean
Price: $399.99 Tel tokyo electron cu hhp lh (D1D-1285-k) 633000021 ACT12 clean
Price: $21.05 Lot of 16 willson chemical cartridges filter replacement respira
Price: $100 Vision-applied precision connector spares kit, part #: 53-201016
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#272 compound 8575UP nom:9.484X0.139" nom
Price: $19.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#220 compound 8085UP nom:1.359X0.139" nom
Price: $19.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#022 compound 8085UP nom:0.989X0.070" nom
Price: $19.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#129 compound 8085UP nom:1.549X0.103" nom
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#033 compound 8085UP nom:1.989X0.070" nom
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#234 compound 8575UP nom:2.984X0.139" nom
Price: $4495 Yield engineering systems yes-GS1 as-is
Price: $29.99 Tokyo electron 1810-431227-11 cap c. p(mnt) (lot of 10)
Price: $140 Tokyo electron 1D10-402054-11 insulator clt (DRM2)
Price: $499.99 Tel tokyo electron ACT12 smc manosys EMD7 manometer yamamoto SR4
Price: $125 Semitool | 0.5 um filter for 4-inch filter housing
Price: $435 Semitool | static eliminator w/ power module, 230VAC
Price: $1575 Semitool | static eliminator w/ power module, 120VAC
Price: $860 Semitool | T97000-41, 12IN/300MM ceramic end effector
Price: $685 Semitool | 0.22 micron filter, 5-inch
Price: $1955 Semitool | 0.2 um filter for 10" filter housing
Price: $200 Semitool | 932R0001-503, N2 heater assembly 120V, 600W
Price: $575 Semitool | 16753-511, std isolated motor interface board
Price: $200 Semitool | 245014-1, 3 axis head controller board
Price: $515 Semitool | 06-235777-001, scorpio fire suppression board
Price: $500 Semitool | tem-1711-6, N2 filter - 3/8IN compression fittings
Price: $200 Semitool | 14831-01, output board
Price: $175 Semitool | 212C0008-01, rotor shaft, qd motor drive bolt
Price: $435 Semitool | gls-04-200, power supply
Price: $200 Semitool | 16756-01, rinse timer board
Price: $95 Semitool | 73170-01, illuminated rocker power switch
Price: $425 Semitool | 73147-21, power-one power supply MAP130-1024
Price: $200 Semitool | 23741-01, octal thermocouple interface board
Price: $575 Semitool | 16750-501, 32-bit input board, rev. b
Price: $625 Semitool | 16750-501, 32-bit input board
Price: $350 Semitool | 14837-503, quad serial board
Price: $200 Semitool | 16800-01, std bit shift board rev. c
Price: $600 Semitool | 16746-01, std cpu 68000 card
Price: $418 Semitool | coe-0200, ceramic end-effector
Price: $200 Semitool | ceramic end-effector
Price: $32.99 Varian support handle E17090973 handles sold in pairs
Price: $89.99 Arcotronics 480 vac 50/60HZ 30A at 40 deg c g
Price: $198.4 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-eb gloves, elbow length, pin
Price: $168.46 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-ma gloves, mid-arm, pink, sm
Price: $15000 New wave quiklaze ql 50 trilite laser head
Price: $16000 Mks astex FI20110 6.0KW generator
Price: $79.95 Amat 0150-12779 power cord ext
Price: $500 Tritec industries E001721
Price: $179 Balzers eva-016-p bp V15 066/6022 24DC/ 230AC vacuum valve, exce
Price: $350 Anafaze multi i/o processor assembly 10410-00 rev c, qty - 1PC
Price: $125 Anafaze ssaim control i/o 10415-00 rev b, qty - 1PC
Price: $55 Magnetic technologies hysteresis brake/clutch coupling w/ adapte
Price: $20 Amat 0020-26937 bracket, mounting driver
Price: $35 Amat 1410-01423 heater jacket, 30 mil b layer upper zone 1 chamb
Price: $30 Amat 0040-09223 bracket motor (load)
Price: $185 Applied materials (amat 0022-77519 fixture, pad centering
Price: $124.99 Cutler hammer CE15FN3Y1 contactor 32 amp 3-pole 110V coil amat 1
Price: $250 Applied materials 0040-00248 port screen, turbo pump
Price: $950 Amat 0200-14035 hanger quartz opaque AMC7700 (pinless de
Price: $35 Applied materials 0050-62006 line 1.73L exhaust spool rp 300MM e
Price: $70 New amat 0020-78238 retainer,
Price: $350 New applied materials pn: 0200-09349 150MM flat quartz clamp (ox
Price: $15 Amat 0020-09722 heat sink
Price: $150 New amat tube gas feed, 0200-09450/b, OD6.35MM bwcvd/dcvd, rev:
Price: $15 Amat 0020-76559 cover, side front frame, centura 5200ST
Price: $275 Applied materials amat 0020-30815 gas distribution plate
Price: $75 Amat 0020-23487 bracket mounting 2-phase driver
Price: $70 Mks hps 4520-0017 heater jacket flange insulator for NW50 + doub
Price: $100 Parker SSH4-62 female quick coupling assy w/ 1/2" tube and compr
Price: $999.99 Tel tokyo electron hte-OA1-b-11 oven add on board#01 pcb TAB2101
Price: $1200 Amat 1350-00157 xdcr press 1000TORR 1/2FVCR 15P manometer
Price: $1200 Brooks automation fixload 6 load port
Price: $800 797-152271-001 GF125 mfc
Price: $178 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 3-5 pam-600
Price: $180 Amat 0090-09027 motor assy cvd lifts vexta PH264-01B-C11, 2-phas
Price: $42.5 New lot of 2 mahi sfp transceiver TRF5926AALB008 oc-48 ir-1
Price: $15.5 New sfp-ge-lx 1310 1000 base-lx sfp transceiver module luminent
Price: $12 New nmb dc brushless fan motor 4715KL-05W-B30 471505WB30 24V 0.4
Price: $85 Sigmameltec type ps-10N, -1 +1KGF/CM3 pressure / vacuum switch a
Price: $359 Ae apex 2305650-a 1310032 d 3649-002 / free expedited shipping
Price: $499 Ae apex 8705124C MC1006 B00003256-01759 1306415-05 a / free expe
Price: $299 Ae apex 2305818-a 1315221 a 3570-001 / free expedited shipping
Price: $399 Ae apex 2305722-a 1306648-01 b / free expedited shipping
Price: $65 New fsi 300919-160 teflon encapsulated o-ring, # 160, 5 7/16" od
Price: $275 Nor cal products fct-8-3002-iso coaxial metal sieve forline trap
Price: $4999.99 Aixtron 100038549 42418-00 lid assy,tma/03,valve sensors,rf,gdm
Price: $249.99 Ssi switching systems international power supply SQV175-1221-5 (
Price: $100 3M nextel 031-915654 diffusion furnace collar for 245MM quartz t
Price: $200 Applied materials 0150-21011 remote video cable assy for 5500 pv
Price: $275 Semitool/ amat tc-20 resistivity monitor with interconnect cable
Price: $79999 Arch epifill bulk delivery system cabinet epifill 850 pn:888043
Price: $3200 Applied materials vhp+ robot(0020-25769,0020-25770,0040-45907,00
Price: $33.99 New asm model: 2869718-01 heater inlet atm 12. revision a. old s
Price: $33.99 New asm model: 2859688-01. heater clamp 28. revision a. old stoc
Price: $369.99 Asm A600 elevator maintenance box with cable
Price: $12 28/15 socket quartz bugle 4MM x 6MM tube
Price: $37.5 P1010U unitrust P1010U-ss 1/2" channel nut w/ spring - stainless
Price: $270 Smc 720.141 - arcnet active hub - 8-port hub discrete led coax -
Price: $870 Vetra vip-390-scvdor customer kvm - used - VIP390SCVDOR
Price: $437.8 Vicor MP3-57501 megapac power supply - 208/240 vac - 15A - 47-50
Price: $183 New whitey ss-63TF8 stainless steel ball valve 1/2" locking leve
Price: $65 Lot of 3 entegris E12-12TFN-1, pfa elbow adapter, ¾” flaretek
Price: $90 Lot of 3 entegris DCC12G-8GN-1M pass-through pfa dual containmen
Price: $29.99 Smc bowl material: polycarbonate, max. drain. 150PSI,
Price: $59.99 Applied materials (amat) 3300-05240 parker fs-372-6FP fitting co
Price: $64.98 Ttc 1/2" x 3/4" precision steel parallel tp-108 length:9"
Price: $13.72 Crc industries SL3161 disc brk whl GREASE14OZ
Price: $599.95 Hi lam frequency dip pcb assembly 810-017003-004 w/ varian assem
Price: $799 Sensarray kla tencore wafer 1501A-8-0638 user guide & documentat
Price: $1249.99 Lithography systems asml-svg electromagnetic levitation stage pn
Price: $168 Varian mounting plate suppressor E17089242 (appears unused)
Price: $139.95 Novellus veriflo 06-0434R-021 valve nc pneu 4FVCR 945 appears un
Price: $174.95 Kronos, inc. deposition rate indicator faceplate ri-100, htf and
Price: $179.95 Novellus quartz window AO6-300-1
Price: $168.47 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-ma gloves, mid-arm, pink, sm
Price: $169.99 Tempshield cryo-gloves eb gloves, elbow length, 17.32" length, s
Price: $156.32 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-wr gloves, wrist length, pin
Price: $420 8D-4350: shaft for cat
Price: $3599 Asml 2500W tcu controller
Price: $44 Dwyer vfc-122 flow meterseries vfc visi-float, flow meter, 690KP
Price: $405 Lam research vme-ltni-S4 asy B105-0102 rev d 605-707109-002 / fr
Price: $59.99 Uinics sp-522-V3/ga digital display
Price: $42.99 Nu-concept computer systems safety control station model scs sol
Price: $320 Festo cpv 10-vi valve terminal
Price: $100 Brooks automation wafer slide out detector VCE6
Price: $1350 Vat 12048-PA24 iso-250 vacuum gate valve
Price: $500 Oxford applied research atm 103 autotune controller ATM103
Price: $3000 Spicer consulting SC22 field cancelling system
Price: $300 Cognex clm 4554 linear array light, part # 119-0179, serial # 32
Price: $1350 Ferrotec D1.56H.044 assembly hub drive spindle, feedthrough
Price: $40 Dwyer gage, PS100-A1310, pdps .25MBAR differential vacuum/pressu
Price: $2000 Hitachi-kokusai f-353F-95VR-5Z-mo-c-a-w 5 zone furnace tube
Price: $800 Applied materials amat 0010-07563, 0020-19999 block 300MM magnet
Price: $1000 Applied materials amat 0010-12582-002 pvd magnet, serial # 14321
Price: $2000 Motion control systems mcs ax 20000 analog servo amplifier
Price: $500 Vat 12040-FE44 iso 100 heated gate valve
Price: $100 New nor cal products fta-8-4002-iso angle trap iso-100, body onl
Price: $1200 Amat 0190-30773 lfc lfm stec model LV405PO, H2O 10G/min
Price: $1200 Amat 0050-06171 wldmt 3 final valves fujikin ultima hdp-cvd
Price: $230 Amat 0200-04372 (0200-05086) nozzle aln , .020 hole , 1.76L hdp-
Price: $230 Amat 0200-04987 (0200-05112) nozzle aln 2.28L x .014 dia, hdp-cv
Price: $1500 Amat 0050-95068, 0010-52043 gasline, inlet, bottom port elbow
Price: $5.75 Eagle plastics 12BH341-gr 4-aa battery holder with snaps 5 pcs
Price: $2000 Tel tokyo electron 3100 ctl control unit with display panel, use
Price: $1500 Yaskawa 4S587-668 linear motor controller clsr-0420-N2CD
Price: $1400 Yaskawa xu-DV0804V linear motor controller 4S587-295-2
Price: $600 Applied materials dual gas leak detector assy no. 0090-05327 rev
Price: $150 Applied materials 16AXIS interface assy no.0100-01767
Price: $1300 Amat 0020-63185 blocker plate, uniform flow-0.2 bp sta
Price: $250 [3123] brooks 6256S/ gas:SIH4 /cf: 0.625/ fs flow : 200 sccm
Price: $500 For repair parts: eni ghw-12Z, GHW25A,GMW25A,NOVA25A rf generato
Price: $26.23 Jonard ex ic extraction tool for chip with pin ex-2
Price: $11.02 29 tylok plastic caps 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2
Price: $30 Regular complete lamp assembly pn. aw-lamp-comp
Price: $20 Sharp laser diode type LT023HCO electrical component
Price: $200 Sensor, inductivee position spring tip , m 0190-10183
Price: $15 New in bags 10 pcs swagelok 1/2" ni-8-vcr-2-gr-vs vcr gasket ret
Price: $199 Chutian jhm-4GX-400C ZGDS1.pcb controller assy
Price: $689 Jenny science controller SV72V10-ac
Price: $34.98 " " gore joint sealer 1/2"X5FT
Price: $2500 Schreiber trueton 300AC 300 ac 3 ton 36000 btu air cooled water
Price: $1250 Inficon hpr-1100 transpector hpr residual gas analyzer assembly
Price: $18.99 Ten (10) 32.1502.310-04 CC14-RPM0198 stop assy assembly
Price: $599.99 Brooks instrument flow controller heated 1355EZ338844C2Z1A9CA02
Price: $399.99 Amat generator rf match cable assembly 03-378300-00/a A17P1 10
Price: $299 Omega fma A2305 flow meter gas N2 range 500 sccm max pres 250 ps
Price: $44.95 Nor-cal stainless steel nw-25 to 3/8" mvcr adapter nw male vcr a
Price: $24.95 Nor-cal stainless steel nw-40B-1MPT bored flange
Price: $50.99 Gardner neotec pacific scientific glossgard ii glossmeter value
Price: $8.95 Nor-cal nw-40-pr overpressure ring over pressure ss stainless st
Price: $6.95 Nor-cal nw-25-pr overpressure ring over pressure ss stainless st
Price: $8.95 Nor-cal nw-50-pr overpressure ring over pressure ss stainless st
Price: $39.95 Nor-cal 8.26" iso-200-cr-al centering ring aluminum flange vacuu
Price: $149 New * * universal instruments 46443901 pc bd ncc hd intf 2 asm
Price: $69 Cutler-hammer JD3250F circuit breaker 250A 600VAC 3-pole with 20
Price: $31 3M 661X diamond lapping film 25 discs
Price: $50 New in bags 190 pcs swagelok 1/2" ni-8-vcr-2-vs vcr gasket retai
Price: $350 Hd systems rh-11-3001-E100AL driver servo rotation hs-450R (bcab
Price: $95 Hp RG1-1969-050 dc controller pcb assembly
Price: $25.51 New cutler hammer pushbutton-emo 40MM red push button/eaton cutl
Price: $129 Motor speed drive controller minarik motormaster 20000 #MM23401A
Price: $249 Photolithography optic in 2-point adjustable mount 854-0086-002,
Price: $19.95 Nor-cal 8" od cf copper gasket flange G800 g-800
Price: $14.95 Nor-cal nw bored blank nwb vacuum fitting 304 ss
Price: $29.95 Nor-cal 2K-nw-25 45-degree radius elbow vacuum fitting 304 ss
Price: $34.94 Nor-cal 2KL-nw-16 45-degree radius elbow w/tangents vacuum fitti
Price: $15 1/4" tube to 1/2" sanitary flange swagelok adapter, tube to tri-
Price: $39.95 Nor-cal 2NRC-nw-40-25 NW40 NW25 conical reducer nip vacuum fitti
Price: $14.95 Nor-cal 1N-nw-25B nw-25 half nipple vacuum fitting 304 ss stainl
Price: $44.95 Nor-cal nw 3T-nw-10 tee vacuum fitting 304 ss stainless steel
Price: $109.99 Teflon end effector wafer carrier, 200MM wafers -- outstanding c
Price: $39.95 Nor-cal nw 2N-nw-50B nw-50 full nipple vacuum fitting 304 ss sta
Price: $14.95 Nor-cal nw aluminum clamp vacuum fitting 304 ss stainless surese
Price: $49.95 Nor-cal 4C-nw-25B nw-25 4-way cross vacuum fitting 304 ss stainl
Price: $34.95 Nor-cal 2NR-nw-25-10 nw-25 nw-10 reducer nipple vacuum fitting 3
Price: $10500 Synergy motorola V452-b 73641-01 73694G01 72423G03 rf-2 upstream
Price: $7.5 Lefoo-compressor preasure switch
Price: $42.48 9 tylok 3/8 caps model 6-1CAP swagelok cross ref 600-c
Price: $200 Cb therm mag 1P 120/240VAC 70A 10KAIC w 0680-00062
Price: $45.95 New swagelok removable filter ss-4TF-05 sealed 0.5 micron SS4TF0
Price: $380 Cambridge absolute filter GA5-340390T-sdtkn
Price: $240 Asyst atr-9000 9700-6584-01 PMQATR9000
Price: $29.95 Nor-cal stainless steel nw-16 to 1/4" mvcr adapter nw male vcr a
Price: $5000 0190-24979 mei board
Price: $599.99 Aixtron 36904-01 heater assy, 3" canister 500W 208V w/cover
Price: $44.4 New iso 160 throttle valve o-ring * *
Price: $149.99 New lot 50 ~ehwa diamond dicing blade HE3040~made in korea~kerf
Price: $9500 Refurbed asyst axys 21 robot 300MM part number 14100-008
Price: $220 Applied materials amat 0100-09103 pcb assy a/c interconnect a/c
Price: $129 Pacific scientific, sigmax model E32NCHT-lnn-ns-00
Price: $32.9 7 gyrolok hoke 1/8 fittings
Price: $39 Dwyer vfb-85-ssv flow meter, .2-2.0 gpm water, ss valve
Price: $35 Millipore mykrolis wafergard 40 cartridge WGGL40S01 cartridge fi
Price: $50 Telemecanique LC1D4011 contactor
Price: $258 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 4 - 8 pam-900HD
Price: $158 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 1-3 pam-300
Price: $119 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 1/3-3/4 pam-100
Price: $185 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 4-8 pam-900
Price: $1000 Kaiser system ksi LS7000 high voltage power supply cymer #05-100
Price: $1000 Kaiser ksi LS6000 high voltage power supply 1101071-2/208 cymer
Price: $1000 Kaiser system ksi LS1600 high voltage power supply cymer 05-1000
Price: $1499.99 Electroglas 2001X silicon automatic wafer die probe prober stati
Price: $20 New disco diamond cut-off blade S1A101 930226 76.2X0.3X40 $20 SD
Price: $95 Switching systems international (ssi) SQM200-1224-3 (L3) 200W po
Price: $125 Lambda sirius CSF250NM 5/24 5A 12/12G H70035 power supply 250W
Price: $249 Spellman X3000 high voltage power supply 24V, 50V-30KV 400UA w/c
Price: $201.16 Hitachi BBB5-01 pin out pcb board m-712E shallow trench etcher u
Price: $100 Excell 4 wire light tower p/n# EXZS58A-dc-2403C-d 24 volt dc
Price: $72.5 New alkon 2-40R2 valve * * uic p/n 22526000
Price: $3500 New asm pn: 02-325961D01 transfer arm assembly assy
Price: $150 Apa avance parts and accessories aluminum squeegee tool assembly
Price: $520 Applied komatsu technology atm robot interface 0100-71013 rev E2
Price: $400 012141-101 component side
Price: $650 0100-35053 rev. b applied materials
Price: $1200 0100-09026, amat, pcb system wiring.
Price: $95 Interactive computer products, inc. transmitter and receiver 232
Price: $248 New amat 0050-25013-pa ss elbow, mdc, insync syst. inc. KF40/NW4
Price: $134.99 Furon recirc-102 spray gun unused
Price: $348 New amat 0050-25242 ss tee, mdc, wolfe engr., 3X KF40/NW40, 1XKF
Price: $998.47 Ir tester 3001/2 htp high throughput option kit esi control boar
Price: $40 Roxtec seal and adapter
Price: $12 Amat amphenol 1341054A master and slave cable 54"
Price: $499 Applied materials 0140-13229 chamber harness assy ac dist produc
Price: $199 Applied materials 0150-00559 cable
Price: $299 Amat 0270-20268 pcii belljar beadblast fixture
Price: $349 Amat, 0050-18879, weldment mnf 2 final valves fujikin ultima
Price: $299 Amat 0090-06130 switch water flow B101 30
Price: $14.2 New greene tweed chemraz oring 223 p/n 9223-505 (as-568A-223 cpd
Price: $18.95 New greene tweed chemraz oring 255 p/n 9255-505 (as-568A-255 cpd
Price: $449 Amat 0150-76869 cable assy 50 condumbilica 25FT emc comp
Price: $449 Amat 0150-76697 cable assy, gas penal umbilical 1.25FT rev 001
Price: $125 Applied materials -- 0030-00200 c-- pedestal ring
Price: $75 Applied materials -- 0020-09955 c-- plate
Price: $60 Applied materials -- 0150-09072-- cable leveling head ext.
Price: $95 Applied materials -- 0090-01022 -- harness input module
Price: $499 Applied materials -- 0010-09116 -- assy head 6IN nitride/oxide
Price: $4499.99 Varian 947 digital platform auto-test helium mass spectrometer d
Price: $350 Lam atmi esca wafer clamp plate 9-3/8" o.d. 5-1/4" i.d.
Price: $29.99 Patelite model le-w 24VAC/dc red orange green
Price: $199.99 Lot of 4 surpass valve & 4 of swagelok ss-42GXS4-1466 tel tokyo
Price: $99.99 Lot of 2 yamamoto manosys EMD7-D1T0D manometer digtal differenti
Price: $149.99 Lot of 2 sks pressure gauge 0.3MPA & 2 fujikin n.c. o.p. 0.34~0.
Price: $24.99 Lot of 2 omron D2D-1001 0686RN tel tokyo electron clean track AC
Price: $199.99 New * * 5 kva xfmr harness assembly (40FT) cable power to chambe
Price: $850 Applied materials 0200-00980 rev-011 ceramic ring 381MM notch
Price: $199 Hamamatsu xenon lamp type no. L10725-01
Price: $125 Amat 0040-02632 manifold, tall, centura mmf applied materials
Price: $150 Amat cutler-hammer GDB3080D cb therm mag 3P 480VAC 80A ring-lug
Price: $14.99 Dupont kalrez AS568 o-ring 0.926 x .0070 D2
Price: $10 Sygef rdc bush 160X110 ir/b-fus
Price: $18.99 Cabletron st-500 ethernet/ieee 802.3 transceiver with lanview 18
Price: $750 Fiber optic optics 12 position polishing disc plate machine part
Price: $225 pressurized 48' cryogenic helium pump hose 1/2" id cryo
Price: $225 pressurized 45' cryogenic helium pump hose 1/2" id cryo
Price: $75 Asco JKH8262G220E valve solenoid
Price: $99.99 Smc CXSM25-20 dual rod cylinder with (2)d-Z73 sensors
Price: $298 Huge mks 200 slm mfm mfc and type 246 power readout 579A01322L93
Price: $464 Mks 152E-po automatic pressure controller with key & connector
Price: $399 Applied materials ep vga i/o interconnect assy. 0100-70034 rev.
Price: $2499 Applied materials 0100-09285 centura apc i/o dist bd
Price: $157500 Karl suss MA150CC bsa mask aligner - back side alignment - suss
Price: $22 Parker balston 4433-05-dq filter, barb/1/4 in, 10.1 cfm, nylon
Price: $899 Amat 0270-76328 arm leveling tool, hp upgrade hp upgrade
Price: $10.99 Spears 2000 8057-010 pvc 1" seal union SC80 viton
Price: $9.99 Spears 2000 8057-007 pvc 3/4" seal union SC80 viton
Price: $2000 Knf neuberger 840.3 laboport diaphragm vacuum pump PM24938
Price: $1000 Oerlikon leybold s 250 c vacuum pump
Price: $189 Usb ccd laser beam porfiler /laser spot analyser/400NM-1100NM la
Price: $95 New (4) aero D38999/20FF32SN 32 pin female mil connector
Price: $45 New D38999/26FJ29PN 29 pin male mil connector
Price: $749.99 New aera tc fc-PA7810C 20 slm mass flow controller novellus pn:
Price: $995 Lindberg GO1330A gravity oven
Price: $79.95 HCD10004 HCD10004 hcd series capacity: 100 lb x 4 oz 45 kg x 100
Price: $24.82 Blum / blumberg co. BM26041547 carioca game station arcadia
Price: $4795 Ulvac cryogenics,inc. C30ZR compressor unit, model no.C30ZR, ser
Price: $29.99 Festo standard cylinder dsn-25-40-p festo pn 5077
Price: $19.99 Festo esnu-25-10-p-a standard cylinder festo pn 19269
Price: $100 Siemens tray tower tray 00372614-04
Price: $199 Amat 0240-76735 kit, floor mount generator rack
Price: $20 Yaskawa jusp-RG08
Price: $899 Asm 70065-00052 motor dec/s bd
Price: $799 Asm 70065-00039B rbt drv bd
Price: $197.27 Tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A 60HZ
Price: $30 Keyence em-010 sensor
Price: $150 Advance AV2 teflon valve
Price: $159.11 New tripp lite LC1800 line conditioner 1800W avr surge 120V 15A
Price: $600 Brg, sin ball, 4PT cont, 8.625 od x 8 id x .3125W 0190-00959
Price: $19.95 1/2 x 1/2 swagelok 1PSI check valve
Price: $999.99 Lam research pn: 853-064887-006 13.56 mhz rf source unit
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#250 250/8575UP
Price: $469.99 New asm pn: 16-320958B01 detector H2-modified-whc & llc, gas sen
Price: $6000 Edge ring oxidized 0200-03319
Price: $600 Monovat gate, aluminum, 35X336, kalre 3870-05098
Price: $200 Pcu analog 30613410220
Price: $100 Dcvd process chamber interface 0190-35216
Price: $45 Applied materials cable assembly 0140-70093 b dryvac pump interf
Price: $299 New olin hunt contraks-cv pvdf hf acid dump fill valve * *
Price: $220 Gemu pvdf 3/8" 1/2" nuts
Price: $49 Idec photoelectric switch SA1A,SA1B
Price: $999 Iwaki metering pump
Price: $7000 Type r thermocouple, process tc, 3 zone, 87" l, conax/tempress
Price: $999 Mks assy: 653B-3-80-1, jalepeno valve, nupro, 5 ea tc's & mks ht
Price: $99.99 Mks hps instruments blanket heater jacket +piping 9530-0246 9520
Price: $109.99 Lot of 2 semitool output board assembly card 16799C 16799B used
Price: $29.99 Lakeshore cryotronics, inc. model 2081 screw terminal adaptor (A
Price: $3000 Tel tokyo electron 3Z10-100159-V1 electrode 12WL bottom (vb) 4H
Price: $199.5 Fanuc A06B-6047-H002 servo drive tested velocity unit x y z axis
Price: $153 Fanuc A06B-0642-B011 dc servo motor 5M - tested - 2000 m encoder
Price: $15 Amat applied materials 0010-F5650 down décor panel 1 assy "(smi
Price: $500 Applied materials amat 0190-13274 rev. 001, 15"x 1-3/8" opening,
Price: $1500 Shell assy 195MM semi notch no fl 0040-77771
Price: $600 Blocker SD1325 300MM sacvd 0021-47453
Price: $20 Pin, alignment, 1.94 lg 30 deg 0020-86778
Price: $380 Cambridge absolute filter GA5-340390T-sdtkn
Price: $480 Lam parts 715-140124-002 upper seal plate
Price: $275 Lam part 716-443179-102 edge ring base
Price: $15 Aromat AJR371798 relay 10A /277 v ac 30 v dc
Price: $67.5 New siemens 3SB18 switch 6 amp 220 volts free shipping
Price: $119.97 New asyst technologies 101-0006-3 hall effect/magnetic sensor bo
Price: $210.34 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-eb gloves, elbow length, pin
Price: $1387.62 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves ma gloves, mid-arm, blue, x-la
Price: $1287.57 Tempshield cryo-gloves wr gloves, wrist length, 11.417" length,
Price: $679.99 Balzers ehv 110A tetrode high voltage bak power supply module co
Price: $119.97 New asyst technologies 3000-1149-01 rev.2 sensor board
Price: $262.99 Pre-tech pt-005J 1A lab 1500KHZ high voltage finejet ultrasonic
Price: $2699.99 Amat applied materials industrial enclosed gas vapor control sys
Price: $2699.99 Amat applied materials industrial gas vapor control system w/wat
Price: $43.99 Atmi systems cdo-859 laboratory gas burner led pc board assembly
Price: $52.99 Vat 92228-01 796-098655-002 hard anodized plate for pendulum val
Price: $1850.03 Tempshield cryo-gloves sh gloves, shoulder length, 26.96" length
Price: $49.99 Lam research 716-803180-003-a + 1138A-2 assembly semiconductor p
Price: $36.99 Lam research 716-087945-006-a tcu setpoint -10°c to +60°c semi
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-020964-BU1 rev. a + 716039579001 assembly semic
Price: $14.99 Lam research 716-058179-007 rev. b quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $19.99 Lam research 716-087946-001 rev. b quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $34.99 Lam research 716-069688-022-c elctd electrode inr si 300MM semic
Price: $679.99 Lam research 716-002174-002-a +715-803220-002-c assembly semicon
Price: $49.99 Lam research 715-042350-004-b protection board semiconductor par
Price: $12.99 Lam research 716-020964-003 outer electrode semiconductor part
Price: $49 New lot of 9 volumn control 4-28 vdc piezo beeper sbz-365 SBZ365
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-011969-002-b coupling quartz ring semiconductor
Price: $103.99 Lam research 716-072580-035 rev. a quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $36.99 Lam research 716-087945-020-a tcu setpoint -10°c to +60°c semi
Price: $14.99 Lam research 716-058179-307 rev. a quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $26.99 Lam research 716-803180-001 rev. f + 1109-7 assembly semiconduct
Price: $26.99 Lam research 839-052157-010 + 22713-37 assembly semiconductor pa
Price: $679.99 Lam research 716-017112-533-c quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $192.99 Lam research 716-036170-001-c quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $49.99 Lam research 716-803180-003 rev. a +1092-11 assembly semiconduct
Price: $32.99 Lam research 716-000473-001 rev. a + 1070-3 assembly semiconduct
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-040737-402 rev. b ceramic coupling ring semicon
Price: $65.99 Lam research 716-087942-001 rev. a quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $192.99 Lam research 716-017112-002-b quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $41.99 Lam research 716-044668-001-e range +10°c to +60°c ring semico
Price: $41.99 Lam research 716-044668-001-c operating range +10°c to +60°c s
Price: $18.99 Lam research 320.675MM od heat transfer upper baffle plate metal
Price: $679.99 Lam research 716-017112-300-c quartz wap twist ring semiconducto
Price: $115.99 Lam research 716-037794-002 rev. a ring semiconductor part
Price: $26.99 Lam research 716-044668-435-b range +10°c to +60°c ring semico
Price: $46.99 Lam research 716-044668-001-a ring semiconductor part
Price: $82.99 Lam research 715-024255-001-a ring semiconductor part
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-013402-003-d h/e hot edge quartz ring semicondu
Price: $38.99 Lam research 716-069688-012-a inner electrode eltcd semiconducto
Price: $26.99 Lam research 716-040738-432-a tcu setpoint -10°c +60°c ring se
Price: $1799.99 New sealed lam research 715-081696-001 ring semiconductor part
Price: $82.99 Lam research 716-037794-003 rev. c ring semiconductor part
Price: $26.99 Lam research 716-023013-071-a tcu setpoint -10°c +60°c ring se
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-040737-407-c esc operating range +10°c +60°c
Price: $10.99 Lam research 716-058179-004-a ring cover quartz stepped semicond
Price: $65.99 Lam research 716-037793-109 rev. a quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $14.99 Lam research 716-049806-001 rev. c quartz ring semiconductor par
Price: $38.99 Lam research 716-069688-022-b elctd electrode inner si 300MM sem
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-011969-400-d quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-017581-003-b quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-040737-450-c quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $38.99 Lam research 716-069688-005-b inner electrode eltcd semiconducto
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-013402-401-e h/e hot edge quartz ring semicondu
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-013402-003-e h/e hot edge quartz ring semicondu
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-069709-053 rev. b ceramic ring semiconductor pa
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-040737-473 rev. a ceramic ring semiconductor pa
Price: $16.99 Lam research 716-069709-051 rev. c ceramic ring semiconductor pa
Price: $44.99 Lam research 839-044157-331-a + C07008A-14 assembly semiconducto
Price: $38.99 Lam research 716-069688-005-a inner electrode eltcd semiconducto
Price: $22.99 Lam research 716-083964-001-a quartz ring semiconductor part
Price: $15.99 Lam research 839-800332-019 rev. b semiconductor part
Price: $17.99 Boc edwards H0170252 KB65 210V 1000W diffusion pump heater pack
Price: $13.99 New sealed lam research 716-011624-010-c insulated quartz lower
Price: $23.99 Lam research 716-031257-325-a top edge ring ssr semiconductor pa
Price: $9.99 Vguard VG4C-plus dvr pci 4-channel video interface card
Price: $23.99 New sealed lam research 716-044863-120-a ring semiconductor part
Price: $23.99 New sealed lam research 716-011969-002-b coupling quartz ring se
Price: $85 Stencils tqfp ( 5.64SQ )/30 st( C7025 ), qty - 1PACK
Price: $169.98 Tempshield cryo-gloves eb gloves, elbow length, 17.32" length, s
Price: $1379.63 Tempshield cryo-gloves ma gloves, mid-arm, 15.35" length, x-larg
Price: $32.29 Jarden applied materials 16959 pivot rim pro trim head free ship
Price: $5499.99 Electroglas 2001X 8" silicon automatic wafer die probe prober st
Price: $375 Edwards active gauge apg-m-NW16, tested good
Price: $300 Edwards active gauge apg-m-NW25 st/st, tested good
Price: $100 Applied materials 0200-35801-001 end point recessed window 4MM a
Price: $499.99 New mitsubishi 7011AR-30-b uninterruptible power supply ups asm
Price: $649.99 New mks pfc-60/pimfc P6A029203HAT0 mass flow controller, novellu
Price: $649.99 New mks pfc-60/pimfc P6A007502HAT0 mass flow controller, novellu
Price: $749.99 New brooks GF125C-922325/GF125CXXC mass flow controller, novellu
Price: $1589.22 New quality transformer 9185 24 kva 3-phase isolation transforme
Price: $245 [test video] panasonic ac servo driver MADDT1205003 expedited sh
Price: $299.99 Advantech sbc pce-5120G2 pce 5120 G2 expedited shipping
Price: $479.99 Axiomtek full-size lga-1155 cpu card SHB106/108 rev.A2-rc expedi
Price: $149 Pc board assy - 1000462AX card
Price: $360 Philips fei micrion 4022-192-90655 pcb connectors' control box f
Price: $199 Applied materials 0090-00765,0090-02346 heater filter rev 002 (l
Price: $35 Valve passive check w.viton 97352120-00
Price: $455.5 Delta tau data systems pmac-pci-lite 603657-101 expedited shippi
Price: $188 Adlink 51-12006-0A3 pci-7248 002 pci 7248 51 12006 0A3 expedited
Price: $299.99 National instruments pci-6221-37 192970C-01L pci 6221 37 expedit
Price: $189.99 Aplus-motion amc-D0832CP aplus motion amc D0832CP expedited ship
Price: $11000 Ae mdl-15 m/n 3152345-101D
Price: $250 New applied materials, amat, shaft, collar, htesc, htr isolator,
Price: $361.76 New omron E3L-2RC4/2DC4/2LRC4 photoelectronic switch sensor asm
Price: $1150 Praxair 3 bottle gas distribution cabinet, loaded: flopure, nano
Price: $899.99 Svg 99-80071-49 pcb cpu hpo p/n 80071E silicon valley group scru
Price: $139.99 Ap tech SL5806SX 2PW FV8 FV8 caj pressure regulator,max inlet 30
Price: $345 Semitool/ amat d.i. manifold assy: manifold, bracket & gasket 8
Price: $295 Semitool/ amat teflon d.i. water manifold, 8 pos., spin rinser d
Price: $3900 Lam research rf match 853-015130-004-a / 853-015130R004-a
Price: $31.49 LD420/470WUB-SBA1 control pcb 2L
Price: $48 Semitool/ amat gasket, d.i. manifold, 8 position, silicone
Price: $17.6 DN100 PN10/16 novus 34 ring gasket
Price: $79 New * * harting industrial ethernet stranded cable cat 5 plus
Price: $950 New lam research smb 796-010692-002 rev a belows, (93051)
Price: $150 Spts pro cable 506 (edwards) CL321776-22.01
Price: $5.33 DN40 PN10/40 novus 34 ring gasket
Price: $875 Semitool | 16801-513, overtemp board assembly
Price: $6950 Semitool | 17410-504, sst motor, 1/2 hp, brushless, 220VAC
Price: $75 Semitool | swivel leveling mount, type 303 (metric)
Price: $250 Semitool | 810R0011-01, 6IN/150MM teflon clamshell, bal 0-25
Price: $4500 Semitool | 810R0011-01, 6IN/150MM teflon clamshell, bal 20-25
Price: $250 Semitool | 810R047-01, 8IN/200MM teflon clamshell, bal 0-22
Price: $250 Semitool | 810R0484-01, 8IN/200MM teflon clamshell, bal 0-22
Price: $1500 Semitool | 500U0101-01, teflon rotor, clamshell
Price: $1500 Semitool | 500U0101-01, teflon rotor, clamshell
Price: $1500 Semitool | 500U0059-01, teflon rotor, cassette
Price: $250 Semitool | 16836, emerald el adapter board
Price: $350 Semitool | 14889-01, analog control board
Price: $250 Semitool | 16761-509, liquid level board
Price: $355 Semitool | 14887-01, resistivity monitor transition board
Price: $415 Semitool | 16795-503, generic relay board
Price: $150 Semitool | 601-2H, teledyne ssp 10AMP 250VAC ssr
Price: $6950 Semitool | 17410-07, sst motor, 1/2 hp, brushless, 220VAC, 60IN
Price: $6950 Semitool | 17410-05, sst motor, 1/2 hp, brushless, 120VAC, 60IN
Price: $1750 Semitool | 6IN stainless steel rotor (single bolt)
Price: $2250 Semitool | 16761-505, liquid level board 4T4S
Price: $275 Semitool | tem-1711, N2 filter - 1/4IN compression fittings
Price: $200 Semitool | cca 11146-3, general monitor module sensor board
Price: $250 Semitool | 16761-513, liquid level board
Price: $250 Semitool | 23734-527, quad overtemp board
Price: $600 Semitool | 910R0002-01, 8-slot card cage
Price: $675 Semitool | 50015-01, ccd module board
Price: $200 Semitool | 16795-01, relay assembly board
Price: $200 Semitool | 14837-503, quad serial board
Price: $375 Semitool | 16751-503, drain valve sensor assembly
Price: $350 Semitool | 16836-01, emerald el adapter assembly
Price: $850 Semitool | 16799-01, 32-bit output board
Price: $250 Semitool | 16802-505, integrated motor speed limiter board
Price: $250 Semitool | 16802-507, integrated motor speed limiter board
Price: $250 Semitool | 16802-01, integrated motor speed limiter board
Price: $425 Semitool | 60270-04, heater blanket 120V, 6IN x 7.5IN w/t-stat
Price: $129.95 Amat wheel with 11 misc. filters appears unused
Price: $149.99 Interconnect controller - multi battery isolator model 31622P ns
Price: $249.99 Novellus door chamber 233355439 great find at a great price
Price: $198 Anorad corp. magnetic rails for air bearing system 4238-svg
Price: $219.95 Varian vacuum valve, 90 degree p/n: E32000047IIS mn: nw-40-a/o a
Price: $279.95 Robitech inc. 990-9168 series transducer board
Price: $455.1 Kitz sct diaphragm valve pi-seat o.p. 0.4 ~ 0.7MPA(g.) scv 10K-3
Price: $50 Boston X221-2-69 gear
Price: $125 New semitool/ amat rotor mounting plate, 8.5" dia, straight shaf
Price: $169.99 Aptech AP1510S 4PW MV4 FV4 0 0 st sp regulator maxi inlet 3500 p
Price: $1599.99 Verteq frequency generator 16 bit controller megasonic sunburst-
Price: $1350 Verteq bowl w/heater mirror finish, RA10 semitool srd spin rins
Price: $499.99 Verteq frequency generator dual mc-020-04 excellent
Price: $149.99 New fluoroware 203-1414-225 valve,solenoid
Price: $98 Semitool/ amat d. i. mounting brackets, "st" model
Price: $259 Scorpion rev.c / free expedited shipping
Price: $159 Mouse system corp. cwe 7VTB p/n 801877-001 / free expedited ship
Price: $159 Quatech inc. ds-202/ds-302 / free expedited shipping
Price: $299 Comark corp. 54-14405-M33 rev. b / free expedited shipping
Price: $925 Btu international - overtemperature unit - btu 5203376. 12 chann
Price: $689.99 Thornton 740-A01 resistivity module dot two controller w/ probe
Price: $250 3COM assy 8772-10 rev b / free expedited shipping
Price: $250 Dsquare d amat 0660-01516 & 0660-01195
Price: $139 Dsquare d 30299-279-53 0190-71355-06 intergrated analog:9945
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#130 compound 4079
Price: $3450 New adic bosch roboter SR80-g 321000800 schwenkarm roboter tape
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring compound 4079 k#258 amat 3700-01301
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#281/8575UP
Price: $29.99 Kalrez as-568A o-ring k#274 274/8575UP
Price: $2200 Ae advanced energy e'wave 3152603-015 generator 27-282098-00
Price: $3500 Eubanks pneumatic automatic wire stripper airstrip 2700-04
Price: $749.99 Lam research tcp rf coil as is
Price: $199.99 Tel tokyo electron 1D81-000088 pcb card board TVB0008-1/vmif uni
Price: $544.99 Motorola mvme 162-032 01-W3884B-18F pcb with tel TEB203-11 and T
Price: $90.3 Asm 64-28377 03-28377 02-82387 board
Price: $177 Cis ccd camera vcc-G20E30-kr vcc G20E30 kr expedited shipping
Price: $146 Cis ccd camera vcc-G20V30A vcc G20V30A expedited shipping
Price: $144 Cis ccd camera vcc-G20E30 vcc G20E30 expedited shipping
Price: $2499.97 Leco gp-25 823-200 wet/dry polisher grinder - works well
Price: $329.99 New nor-cal esvp-1002-nwb-sa valve-angle pneumatic actuated 1" a
Price: $288.37 New emerson bristol babcock 506008-630 10 psi pressure switch, a
Price: $69.99 New novellus 03-155888-00 pca, rf current sensor
Price: $359 Semitool/ amat nitrogen heater manifold and N2 heater cartridge,
Price: $85 @@ asm qualitech temperature control panel type ams-europe tcp
Price: $350 | 988A-22CD-ndrg, watlow 988 temperature controller
Price: $350 1000 sccm N2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 200 sccm he mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 1000 sccm O2 mass floe controller, card edge
Price: $350 50 sccm N2 mass flow controller, 9 pin
Price: $350 200 sccm N2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 100 sccm N2 flow mass controller, card edge
Price: $350 50 sccm N2 flow mass controller, card edge
Price: $350 1 slpm N2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 40 sccm CL2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 1SLM N2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 20 sccm ar mass flow controller, 15 pin
Price: $350 50 sccm C2F6 mass flow controller, 15 pin
Price: $350 30 sccm O2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 100 sccm N2 mass flow controller, 15 pin
Price: $350 50 sccm he mass flow controller, 15 pin
Price: $350 Tylan 2900, 30 sccm N2 mass flow controller, card edge
Price: $350 Tylan 2900, 50 sccm he mass flow controller, 15 pin
Price: $350 Fc-2901 av, 500 sccm ar,15 pin mass flow controller
Price: $350 Mks 1479, 20 sccm, NH3,9 pin mass flow controller
Price: $200 Brooks | 001-2635-03, robot paddle
Price: $200 Brooks | TT1ENR2-tvs-es, robot handheld remote, teach
Price: $200 Edwards | D37208000, electric sensor module
Price: $200 Edwards | A52844460, tim interface module
Price: $200 Mykrollis 100MT digital vacuum gauge
Price: $250 Control technology corporation (ctc) | 2600XM, automation contro
Price: $200 Control technology corporation (ctc) | 2335, analog interface mo
Price: $250 217A-19.25KMKM-D1D1, rf cable 19.25 cm, allcom
Price: $195 Yes | 01-700-420-3150, yield engeneering 16IN door seal
Price: $799.99 Verteq frequency generator dual mc-009-05 1020159.009 R05
Price: $439.99 New toshiba ceramics ce pure in-line gas filter, 1M-vr 1/4, 2400
Price: $499.99 Verteq frequency generator dual mc-009 1077577.17
Price: $689.99 Brooks automation 002-1100-10 control pcb - as is
Price: $74.99 Applied materials cathode hart assembly 0090-03857
Price: $24.11 Little fuse FLSR6.25ID 600V ind fuse
Price: $69.99 New in box dell 0KJ410 latitude laptop media base docking statio
Price: $5 Phd 5142-34-3 bracket
Price: $695 New * * nordiko lid p/n: N102250DN
Price: $395 Mks type 128 baratron pressure transducer 128AA-00001B,1 torr, 5
Price: $195 Sierratherm tc interface card part# 5-48-00003 rev d
Price: $179 Sst woodhead 5136-dnp-pci devicenet pro pci adater pcb card 60 d
Price: $2200 0050-18527 wldmt mfld 2 final valves left veriflo l
Price: $45 Sierratherm encoder interface card part# 5-48-00004 rev d
Price: $398 Amat 0040-35882 manifold ttf supply SSH4-62 swagelok 1 2" quick
Price: $864 New nordiko pole piece * * N101985DN
Price: $188 Cylinder model universal instruments 46064601
Price: $395 Nordiko lid, p/n: N102250DN *used*
Price: $43 Conveyor belt universal instruments 44548605
Price: $964.99 Nordiko load lock shutter *used* p/n: N104918DN
Price: $120 Oriental motor vexta driver model DFC5114T UX41210103
Price: $298 Amat 0020-30773 plate distribution 200MM heweb
Price: $1199 Amat 0100-35065 serial isolator pcb board
Price: $695 New * * nordiko earthshield lid, p/n: N101988DN
Price: $225 New * * nordiko chamber liner DN104440
Price: $650 Wfregistor 710-75023
Price: $3.94 Hitachi 6689761 bearing holder
Price: $599.99 Industrial laboratory wafer robot blade w/2X amat 0100-00149 sen
Price: $800 Amat 0050-32174 weldment, PMV1 & PMV2 to foreline divert
Price: $800 Amat 0050-18703, 0050-32175, 0050-32178, 0050-32177 weldment, ga
Price: $500 Am 0100-20100
Price: $1100 0190-09547 seriplex
Price: $599.99 Verteq frequency generator dual mc-001-08 1020151.001 R08
Price: $3499.99 Lam research 839-800327-410-d esc electrostatic chuck semiconduc
Price: $3499.99 Lam research 839-800327-410-b esc electrostatic chuck semiconduc
Price: $274.99 Lam research 839-800327-390 esc electrostatic chuck semiconducto
Price: $274.99 Lam research 839-052158-020 assembly semiconductor part
Price: $749.99 Lam research 715-036558-001 rev.a cam ring semiconductor part
Price: $274.99 Lam research 839-018098-001 assembly semiconductor part
Price: $299.99 Lam research 716-037794-102A ring semiconductor part
Price: $649.99 Lam research 716-013344-001-d quartz bottom ring semiconductor p
Price: $649.99 Lam research 716-014843-300-d quartz wap 17" dfc generic ring se
Price: $599.99 Lam research 716-077916-001-a electrode elctd outer semiconducto
Price: $274.99 Lam research 839-020965-006 + 716-020964-003 elctd outer assy se
Price: $649.99 Lam research 716-083172-002 rev. a semiconductor part
Price: $299.99 Lam research 716-037794-108-c ring semiconductor part
Price: $299.99 New sealed lam research 719-017112-533-a ring semiconductor part
Price: $19.99 Crydom  84134140  solid state relay, 100 a, panel, screw, 48 v
Price: $699.99 Lam research 715-102003-001/b +715-101572-800/b assembly semicon
Price: $699.99 Lam research 715-101572-800/b assembly semiconductor part KLC11D
Price: $699.99 Lam research 839-101572-801/d 300MM hot tesc 2Z he assembly semi
Price: $699.99 New lam research 839-101572-801/b 300MM hot tesc 2Z he assy semi
Price: $599.99 Lam research 716-082039-003-d electrode outer semiconductor part
Price: $859.99 Almatec A14/TT2 sez verder A10TTZ pump
Price: $333.75 New nor-cal aiv-1502-nwb 1.5" manual angle-in-line valve nw-40 a
Price: $1000 C114788 f-332C-83VR-4Z-m-a-w diffusion tube furnace heater eleme
Price: $38.25 Amat 0200-02565 quartz, view port, producer e
Price: $125 Amat 0200-02449 ring, cover 300MM; tosh C40-013-q-91R
Price: $500 Amat 0200-01833 cover columnar 300MM
Price: $405 Novellus 02-0472-01 assy, pedestal lift (0-1)re
Price: $1700 Novellus 02-034310-00 assy,mod cntrl,P100/16M C2 altus
Price: $127.5 D&h manufacturing 02-034112-00 2-layer coolstation, dlcm assy
Price: $1300 Amat 0195-01348 ccb-ii analog / digital controller
Price: $1500 Amat 0190-20087 phasetronics P1038C wlamp driver,metal anneal ch
Price: $550 Amat 0190-13274 seat, anodized aluminum, 35MM x 381MM
Price: $37.83 Amat 0190-09539 seal, 5000 za slit valve actuator
Price: $429.95 Amat 0190-09533 gate, 5000 za slit valve (anodized)
Price: $2800 Amat 0190-08245 wet robot, edge grip capable, non copper
Price: $450 Asml 851-8942-001C perkin elmer 94-47, pcb,encoder,buffer
Price: $12 Westinghouse zr-2468 10A quicklag circuit breaker
Price: $21.49 Klockner-moeller ZM6-100 c.b overload ZM6-100 klockner-moeller
Price: $150 Klockner-moeller ZM11-250 circuit breaker
Price: $200 Hitachi ze-2AF low-voltage insulation monitoring unit
Price: $25 Telemecanique contact block, ui: 600V, uimp: 6KV, nh: 10A ac 15
Price: $225 Pro log Z80A openware multifuntion cpu card; 7806-0
Price: $361.25 Mwb z-68-887 transformer current s-n 85-833432 mwb
Price: $46.75 Tokyo electron z-15GQ loader base limit swich tel
Price: $150 Nemic lambda ym-95-774 power supply, rws 30A -5/a, 7830I opal
Price: $12 Westinghouse yf-7436 10A quicklag-c circuit breaker
Price: $12 Westinghouse yf-6527 10A quicklag-c circuit breaker
Price: $10 Yashica hard case for electro 35 gsn gn rangefinder film 3500 ca
Price: $10 Yashica 35MM camera case
Price: $446.25 Bio-rad Y7601000 pre aligner pac
Price: $26.78 Bio rad Y5304400 real time stage reader
Price: $55.79 Bio rad Y5304300 dcservo board
Price: $100 Bio rad Y5301267 dc servo board
Price: $265 Edwards Y11201063 boc edwards heat exchanger; bowman
Price: $38.25 Honeywell XSL513 terminal block for XFL521 522 523 XSL513
Price: $106.25 Marathon XQA56C34F308B marathon electric model #: XQA56C34F308B,
Price: $12.5 Dell XJ019 dvd-rw d-series
Price: $10 Mic xj-hd 166S drive dvd evo 16X40X carbon
Price: $10 Mic xj-HD166S cn-OH2442-55081-42E-41M7
Price: $250 Sony xc-ST70 kla-tencor 480-15438-000 ccd video camera module
Price: $24.74 Potter & brumfield X68-X2Q12-5 circuit breaker, 5-amp 277VAC max
Price: $100 Generic shaft bellows vacuum for lift assembly
Price: $800 Nihon koshuha wtm-02X-02NX1A isolator, assembly 2GHZ
Price: $29.75 Cisco systems ws-X5302 cisco route switch module
Price: $12.75 Cisco systems ws-X5201 cisco systems 100BASE fx fast etherchanne
Price: $10 Intel WM3B2200BG intel pro wireless 2200BG mini-pci wifi card
Price: $150 West instruments west 2070 controller, temperature, input: 120-2
Price: $240 Millipore WCDS000F2 wcds controller fp
Price: $25 Generic meter, watts meter max 500 watts
Price: $17.85 Potter & brumfield W93-X112-20 breaker, 20A 277V 50/60HZ
Price: $20 Dell W7881 VCQ4400NVS; pny nvidia QUADRO4 graphics card 64MB pci
Price: $10 Dell W7506 24XDSERIES cdrm drive
Price: $11.16 Potter & brumfield W68-X2Q12-5 curve: 2
Price: $100.41 Ascent w-P30L1065 pitch axis gear box
Price: $11.16 Moeller circuit breaker; 32 amp 3POLE
Price: $75 Tokyo keiso w-364-6R flowmeter ss range: 20 l/min, supply voltag
Price: $91.8 Landis & staefa VVG41.40 valve 2 way 1.5 l&s, pn 16 bar, dn 40,
Price: $325 Mieidensha VTIS70- 3 phase induction motor, 440V, 60 hz, 2.5A, 3
Price: $127.5 Toshiba VT3D-2039 driver board
Price: $250 Nib vincent associates vmm-D1 u litz shutter driver
Price: $45.9 Vimec vmc-300 3-way manifold valve for standart dp tra, 316/ss,
Price: $225 Versalogic vl-PS50 std bus power supply
Price: $225 Versalogic vl-7806D pcb, cpu
Price: $50 Smc VJ314MY 2 pneumatic valve solenoid assembly, pressure: 0.15~
Price: $300 Generic 4PC vibration isolation leveler
Price: $21.68 Pall vhd-9001-xx-07 solenoid valve coil
Price: $350 Generic vf-4001T pcb, board
Price: $10 Nvidia 180-10283-0000-A02 128MB quadro nvs 285 pci-e graphics ca
Price: $125 Kinex vam-7L power supply
Price: $17 Landis & gyr valve-25 valve two way for steam; 52.40-20G
Price: $500 Mks V2-100-am-vst-clvnh gate valve 2-stage soft start valve righ
Price: $106.25 Fluid V100 controller stroke rate V100 110V/4-20MA
Price: $125 Kromschroder uvs-8 sensor - uv light detector
Price: $350 Mactronix usj-600 boat loader; wafer transfer system; this equip
Price: $255 Mycom UPS54-030-01 stepping motor driver
Price: $140 Oriental motor UPH566G-a-A25 5-phase vexta stepping motor
Price: $15 Phoenix contact uk 6-fsi/c with tcp 2.0A fuse modular terminal b
Price: $15 Dell UJ268 assy ;anel i-o nad mnld usb port
Price: $250 Unit instruments ufc-1660 mass flow controller, range: 1 slm, ga
Price: $185 Unit ufc-1210A-20SLM-H2 mass flow controller; range: 20LM, gas:
Price: $250 Unit instrumetns inc. ufc-1100A mass flow controller, range: 5 s
Price: $97.75 Unit ufc-1100-5SLM-N2 mfc ufc 1000 02 5SLM for gas shelf
Price: $277.95 Unit ufc-1100-2SLM-N2 mfc std uts-1100 1/4 vcr horizontal 2 sl
Price: $250 Unit ufc-1100-10SCCM-O2 mass flow controller; ufc-1100, range: 1
Price: $250 Unit ufc-1000 mfc, 500 psi max, range: 500 sccm, cas: CF4
Price: $243.65 Unit ufc-1000-10SLM-ar mfc 1100 f.s hor att vcr 1/4 argon 10SLM
Price: $17.85 Phoenix contact uegm-oe/av-24DC/24DC/100 pulse expansion module
Price: $250 Oriental motor UDK5214NW 5-phase step motor driver harvested off
Price: $500 Ultra clean technology uc-03-16407-00 control box gas
Price: $12.5 Hitachi U1753-used kr-OU1753-35831-3CB-6181
Price: $12.5 Dell U1751 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $67.5 Siemens u-08N input module semifab
Price: $136.99 Fairchild TT6000-006 transducer
Price: $125 Texas instruments TSP50C14 pcb
Price: $12.5 Tsst ts-L462 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $10 Samsung ts-H352 dvd-rom ide drive ***barely used***
Price: $85 Rechner ts-120-pnp-a capacitive sensor
Price: $171.81 Lucent-avaya TN771DP maintenance test
Price: $223.13 Lucent-avaya TN2464BP DS1 intfc HV2
Price: $89.22 Lucent-avaya TN2401 netcon/pkt intfc
Price: $78.09 Lucent-avaya TN2214B 2W digital LINEV12
Price: $11.16 Lucent-avaya TN2182C tone clock
Price: $30 Quantum TN18L462 atlas 10K 3.5 series, 18.2 U160/m; dell p/n: 00
Price: $50 Toyo keiki TMH716330 v-transducer, input ac 0-150V 50/60HZ, outp
Price: $42.99 Merlin gerin TM200D o.l TM200D 200A marlin gerain
Price: $102 Pulnix tm-540 ccd camera module
Price: $3510 Aztech tl-10RU generator, rf
Price: $125 Alcatel tl-01693 robot arm 5 inch
Price: $119 Siemens 088484-000 module input/output controller local.; watkin
Price: $750 Mega test ths board pcb, pwa: 112073, pwb: 112074
Price: $21.25 Trane THR00004 thermometer oil sump - thr 0004.
Price: $750 Mega test tg board pcb, pwa: 112067, pwb: 112068
Price: $10 Dell TF028 dvdrom D800
Price: $17 George fischer TEE90 D20 fitting pvdf tee 90EQUAL D20 gf
Price: $45 Conlab tct-3 conlab tct-3 isolated thermocouple transmitter semi
Price: $250 Truevision targa+ isa video card
Price: $200 Acme transformer ta-2-81326 350VA industrial control transformer
Price: $35 Z-line T9092B-cbsf power distribution unit, input: 110-125/200-2
Price: $35 Eaton T9092B-cbsf power distribution unit, input: 110-125/200-24
Price: $10 Dell T5273 24X cd-rw-dvd module
Price: $10.2 Siebe T19-301 pneumatic thermostat
Price: $995 Acme t-1-81052 apd cryo compresor hc-4
Price: $20 Allen allen wrench hex tee handle, 1/4", pack of 3
Price: $106.25 Synel sy-40 head for card reader dcm-100
Price: $55.79 Cd technologes SX400U1AAFLBLBH power supply
Price: $42.5 Trane swt 1660 sensor purge liquid level - swt 1660.
Price: $15 Toshiba X6858 cd-rw ide drive; dell X6858
Price: $106.25 Asml-svg svg-8632 ctd/8636 hpo display panel with 80073B diaplay
Price: $35 Sie sensorik sv-45/30/15-ns capacitive amplifier harvested off u
Price: $15.3 Particle measuring su 14 filter optic (lazer cal.)
Price: $400 Verteq STQD800-CC50-mc-2X power supply
Price: $400 Verteq STQD800-CC50-mc-2 power supply
Price: $400 Verteq STQD800-CC50-mc-2-scp power supply
Price: $75 Steag steag-splash-guard splash guard, chemical tanks
Price: $175 Verteq ST800-CC50-mc-px power supply
Price: $200 Verteq ST800-CC50-E2PX controller megasonic
Price: $1200 Verteq ST800-CC50-E2PX power supply magasonic blue case manual v
Price: $450 Verteq ST800-C2-E4 power supply megasonic blue case
Price: $15 Seagate ST39102LC ST39102LC-scsi disk drive
Price: $15 Seagate ST39102FC ST39102FC 9J8004-037
Price: $15 Seagate ST318203FC 9L8004-035 LRG10931
Price: $20 Seagate ST136403FC cheetah 36GB fiber channel hard drive
Price: $20 Seagate 9J9006-021 seagate cheetah ST118202LC 18GB 10K 80PIN sca
Price: $20 Seagate ST118202FC seagate cheetah ST118202FC 18.2GB fibre chann
Price: $75 Swagelok SS1GF4-bkb-spr mounted valve afjn, 316
Price: $75 Nupro ss-BNVCR4 bellows-sealed valve, 1/4 in. male
Price: $75 Nupro ss-BNV51-o bellows-sealed valve, 1/4 in. female
Price: $75 Nupro ss-BNV51-du-o bellows-sealed valve fitting 1/4 in. female
Price: $75 Nupro ss-BNV51-du-c bellows-sealed valve, 1/4 in. female
Price: $75 Nupro ss-BNV51-c bellows-sealed valve, 1/4 in. female
Price: $75 Nupro ss-BN8FR8-du-o bellows-sealed valve, 1/2 in. female with c
Price: $21.25 Nupro ss-4D4L-V51 valve 1/4" ss high-purity bellows-sealed valve
Price: $106.25 Pacific scientific SR3616-4381-7 ac servo motor 1/3 hp 3800RPM
Price: $125 Shimaden SR24-41-0090 controller temp
Price: $136 Shimaden SR24-1P-4090 controller, process control instrument, sv
Price: $106.25 Shimaden SR24-1P controller, shimaden, sr-24 0-400C t/c j.s svg
Price: $225 Parker SQ420E505687 veriflo 45200927; regulator; sq (series), 42
Price: $225 Parker SQ420E502PFSFFPM veriflo 45200927; regulator; sq (series)
Price: $125 H-square corp SQ21796-2 8" cassette handle teflon
Price: $46.75 Kracht spv-25-12 valve press lt spv 25.12 turb. oil unit; d-598
Price: $80 Hirschmann spider 5TX rail switch harvested off unused system
Price: $50 Recf idlw display box, door sensor electrtonic
Price: $442 Atmi packaging SP4CDAAB-031621 smart probe - UV46-0.3
Price: $58 Black box SP400A-R2 opto isolator
Price: $65 Amhs SP3BC0026 x linear motor extension (cable)
Price: $30 Smc 0-1 mpa, 1-040 psi gauge- harvested never installed system
Price: $800 Parker linear actuator servo motor: SM231AE-nfln; 170VOLTS, 2.1A
Price: $800 Parker SM231AE-N10N servo motor rotation assembly, 170V, 2.1AMPS
Price: $800 Parker linear actuator servo motor: SM231AE-N10N; 170VOLTS, 2.1A
Price: $75 Cyclades SM16 ii 16 port serial module
Price: $10 Mic sm-332 cd-rw-dvd drive
Price: $15 Samsung 0J304 cd-rw ide drive; dell 0J304
Price: $450 Generic slv-assy-used valve, slit assembly, opal 7830I, smc cyli
Price: $600 Superior electric slo-syn 230-epi motor, indexer drive, 115V 1A
Price: $225 Si automation silverbox-ac silverbox-ac; input: 110-240 vac 50-6
Price: $600 Sigma sigma-200-calibration-kit sigma 200 calibration kit amat
Price: $2000 Daihen sgm-30B1 generator, power, frequency: 2460M hz, rated pow
Price: $89.25 Flair international-pneumatic ser 972046 set plug gab 3000XX02(1
Price: $20 Generic sel-3.5-6.5 vibration isolation
Price: $65 Ge SEDA24AT0100 ge industrial circuit breaker; 8LB, type: seda,
Price: $225 Stec inc sec-4400MC-suc mass flow controller; range: 200 sccm, g
Price: $19.95 Tb wood's SDS138 bush qd sds 1-3/8 eaton 110150
Price: $10 Samsung sd-616 dvd-rom drive
Price: $650 Seiko seiki scu-H301C stp-H301C; turbo molecular control unit **
Price: $750 Seiko seiki scu-H1000L controller, turbo, molecular pump unit, 2
Price: $12.5 Philips CC755 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim-drive; dell CC755
Price: $225 Daifuku scb-3271A pcb
Price: $10 Mic sbw-242U dvd-rom-cd-rw drive
Price: $10 Dell sbw-242 dvd-rom-cd-rw drive
Price: $950 Ushio inc sb-15202AP mercury lamp power supply
Price: $65 Ascent SA109540 4.33 coolant line
Price: $325 Arl S930 021-2 pcb, S700183, S212687
Price: $300 Arl S930 012-2 pcb, s 700 096, s 313 813
Price: $115 Omron S8VM-30024C power supply; input: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ, 4.3A
Price: $65 Omron S82K-01505 switch mode power supply; (S82K), (-015) 15W po
Price: $325 Ante ground engineering gmbh S320A060RBOO servomotor, 85V, 3.10A
Price: $11.16 Abb S282UC K1A breaker, circuit, 2 pole
Price: $12.75 Stotz-kontakt S181K414A breaker circuit miniature S181K414A
Price: $12.75 Stotz-kontakt S181K212A S181 circuit breaker miniature
Price: $220 Arl s 930015-1 pcb, s 700098
Price: $250 Arl s 700 031 pcb, s 700028, s 920003 04 arl, recto
Price: $26.78 Cat s-57910 transformer, 220V, 50HZ, 9V ACX2 1.0A
Price: $212.5 Signatone s-1049 signatone prober probe controller
Price: $125 Sedlbauer rto 853788 polytronik-ringkern-transformer, 115VA, ta=
Price: $225 Sedlbauer rto 853787 polytronik-ringkern-transformer, with plate
Price: $250 Sedlbauer rto 853786 polytronik-ringkern-transformer, with plate
Price: $125 Sedlbauer rto 853785 polytronik-ringkern-transformer, 265VA, ta=
Price: $135 Rotec rtc-20 rtc-20
Price: $12 Dell RT917 dell xps 700 710 front i/o usb audio board UW628 RT91
Price: $12 Westinghouse rt-1769 10A quicklag-c circuit breaker
Price: $18 Pro signal rs-232 computer adapter, mini-tester check tester
Price: $212.5 M and w systems RPCX35-w-ea-3PH-rc flowrite recirculating coolin
Price: $200 Daifuku rm/tfe/conv. maint. unit teach pendant
Price: $102 Digital equipment corp. RL01K-dc digital equipment corp. data ca
Price: $20 Turck rkm wkm 5711-1M 1M U7377-1 cable
Price: $1200 Rga-sensor rga-sensor sensor, rga mks probe
Price: $145 Hamamatsu reverse-50-0212 light source fiber optic cable
Price: $212.5 Yokogawa rdm-800 freon control analyzer; 85-265VAC, 47-65HZ, max
Price: $15 Dell RD530 truemobile internal bluetooth 350; PIW632500516610
Price: $500 Raytek RAYT4BTLT controller, temperature sensor; thermalert iv
Price: $59.95 Sun power ram-2807SA6 computer power supply dual ras 610W max ho
Price: $150 Honeywell R7355F10773 controller heater, dialatrol , 120V, 50/60
Price: $15.95 Dell R6520 dell latitude E4300 radio switch board with or withou
Price: $20 Dell R3M11 dell inspiron sata adapter
Price: $100 Ebm R2E220-AA44-05 fan asyst enclosure
Price: $20 Norgren R08-200-rnma regulator 300-psi in, 150-psi out
Price: $15 Norgren R07-100-rgka pressure regulator panel mount
Price: $63.75 Airtrol r-901-50 airtrol preset regulator, supply pressure 1-150
Price: $125 Puls QS10.301 dimension power supply harvested off unused system
Price: $25 Square d QOB3305237 3-pole 240V 30A circuit breaker
Price: $25 Square d QOB3155237 3-pole 240V 15A circuit breaker
Price: $25 Square d QOB2105237 2-pole 10A circuit breaker; yf-6857
Price: $350 Edwards Q40-2.2 pump controller, q, 200/208V ac, 3PH/60HZ, 3.7 k
Price: $38.25 Asca PX8342C110541 valve solenoid 4 way asco for kemp
Price: $125 Omega PX655-0.1DI differential pressure transmitter, range: .1"
Price: $65 Oriental motor co. motor, vexta stepping, 2-phase, 1.8"/step, 6V
Price: $19.13 Oriental motor PX243-01AA 1.8-deg 2-phase vexta stepping motor,
Price: $63.75 Branson PWA1649501 pcb, i/o ubterface
Price: $101.25 Stec inc pv-2103MC piezo valve
Price: $76.5 Aviza pump circuit kashiyama pump circuit pcb
Price: $250 Pretech pt-005J generator, finejet 48W 100V
Price: $350 Pretech pt-005J 1A generator, finejet
Price: $350 Pretech pt-005J-1 generator, finejet, 48W 100V
Price: $21.25 Toko inc. PS15-12F power supply; 12V 1.3-amp, 85~132VAC, 50/60HZ
Price: $15 Liteon ps-5022-5L 200W dc output power liteon
Price: $29.75 Aleph ps-4122 read switch
Price: $200 Leybold ps 113 switch, safety low pressure came from opal 7830I
Price: $50 Dell prs docking station for i.t.e note book computer PP01S
Price: $15 Airpax PP11-4-4 magnetic circuit breaker, 250V, 50/60HZ
Price: $137.5 International test solutions pp-2060-7003SCMP wapp+plate PROBEPO
Price: $11.16 Aviza poa eprom version 2.70 poa eprom version 2.70
Price: $27.2 Cat pn-31-4406 hps div fittings ss vacuum elbow 90 degrease mite
Price: $200 Bertan associates pmt-50A/p power supply 0-5KV @ 500UADC, came f
Price: $191.25 Particle measuring pms-592F-4 pcb, board read out controller pms
Price: $225 Sms PMP1A0024 heater inline quartz high purity, pfa flare connec
Price: $29.75 Square d pm-9417 circuit breaker, 240 v, 30 a
Price: $250 Pacific scientific pm-200 pcb, board, filter option
Price: $100 Toyo sokki pls-50L-335 load cell; 50KG (110LB) capacity
Price: $995 Eni pl-2HF generator, power supply, output power: 400W, forward
Price: $995 Eni pl-2HFN-1-tr generator plasmaloc 2-hf
Price: $28.36 Klockner moeller PKZM3-63A c.b PKZM3-6.3A
Price: $28.19 Klockner moeller PKZM3-4A circuit breaker PKZM3-4A
Price: $28.19 Klockner moeller PKZM3-16-02 c.b PKZM3-1.6A
Price: $28.19 Klockner moeller PKZM3-10A c.b PKZM3-10A
Price: $16.06 Klockner-moeller klockner-moeller circuit breaker;
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller pkzm-1-16 circuit breaker
Price: $55.79 Oriental motor PK266-02A 2 phase 1.8" vexta stepping motor, A100
Price: $75 Vexta PH265M-31 2-phase stepping motor, DC6V, 0.85A/phase
Price: $350 Philips 4022.430.1246 pcb asml 4022.430.1246
Price: $12.5 Dell PF313 8X dvd sfx hlds d-mod
Price: $10 Dell PF313 8X dvd sfx hlds d-mod
Price: $250 Mks pdr-c-1B-used baratron pressure meter
Price: $225 Mks pdr-c-1A throttle valve controller, unit: ps/dvm
Price: $42.84 Cat pcl-240AK programable single-chip high-speed pulse generator
Price: $125 Adlink pci-7300A 006 80 mb/s high-speed 32-ch digital i/o card
Price: $55.79 Rotec PCB2 with PCB3 vtemp controller
Price: $55.79 Rotec PCB1 with PCB2 and PCB3 vtemp controller
Price: $20 Touchstone technology inc PCB0168 3-port nic pci card
Price: $125 Kla tencor 54-0220 H2 theta interface pcb
Price: $552.5 Mbc PC6062 mbc parallel i/o
Price: $25 Hitachi denshi pc-3 cable, power cable assembly
Price: $99.62 International test solutions pc-1012X probe clean on 8 silicon w
Price: $125 OPTO22 PB8AH pcb- signal wiring
Price: $75 Gordos arkansas pb-24Q pcb i/o mount rack opto 22
Price: $21.25 Cat pb-0731 internal touchpad
Price: $93.5 Cat pb-0730 external touch pad
Price: $35 Proportion-air 3400-0105-03 pressure transducer
Price: $38.25 Semiconductor circuits inc PA11-100 SP5905 power supply, power s
Price: $39.3 Signet scientific P30075-1 power supply 110V/12VDC pn P30075A fo
Price: $25 Georg fischer +gf+ P30073A power supply; output: 12VDC @ 0.8A
Price: $25 Signet scientific P30073-1 power supply; output: 12VDC @ 0.8A
Price: $55.79 Merlin gerin P25M-4A multi 9 P25M 4A; 660V~; ac 3-iec 292-1
Price: $127.5 Cat P196B32P00F0021 pcb card slit test CO2 leica ergolux
Price: $15 Dell P1444 250W power supply
Price: $127.5 Electroglas P133 motor assy theta air drive
Price: $350 Brook hansen P071GH pump centrifugal polypro magdrive, 110V 5.6A
Price: $15 Dell P0304 200W power supply hp-P007F3
Price: $14 Stancor p-6377 transformer 115-24
Price: $153 New btu oszi-004 bruce technologies scav shield for multi-axis-s
Price: $350 Amat opal 702 pcb, elv supervisor, EA70210224100 opal 7830I
Price: $10 Dell OJ888 PE2650 cdr-fd combo w-imposer
Price: $85 Klockner moeller NZMH4-25 circuit breaker power NZMH4-25
Price: $297.5 Klockner moeller NZMH4-16 c.b power NZM4-16
Price: $40 Generic NW80 to NW50 conical nipple reducer
Price: $45 Generic bellows NW80 ss 6"
Price: $10 Hps NW50 toggle clamp KF50 spring clamp
Price: $35 Generic bellows nw 50 4" ss
Price: $25 Generic nw 40 8" piping with bellows
Price: $15 Generic kf 25 blank off ss pkg 3
Price: $35 Generic bellows nw 25 7" ss
Price: $45 Smc NVV5J5-40-0004USL NVV5J5-40-0004USL mount with 2) NVJ5340-5M
Price: $25 Smc NVM22 pneumatic valve 1/4 turn panel mount
Price: $25 Smc NVM12 pneumatic valve 1/4 turn panel mount
Price: $35 Smc NVKF332-5G-M5 3-port solenoid valve harvested off unused sys
Price: $255 Efen nu 4A-d fuse housing 660V 1250A NU4AD for NH4
Price: $25.5 Klockner-moeller NR15-L10A faz 3-pole circuit breaker
Price: $10 Mic -7900A cd-r-rw drive
Price: $12.5 Nec -7800A cdrw drive
Price: $150 Sqaure d NQOM430L225-1 30 circuit 225A main lug panelboard
Price: $10 Dell NP720 ati X1300 128MB pci-e 16X card
Price: $300 Nikon NP23131 pcb - counter i/f
Price: $15 Go forward NP12-1S0912 ac adapter, i/p: 100-120V 50/60HZ 0.3A, o
Price: $350 Fairchild T7900-00502O0P high flow microprocessor ep, i/p pressu
Price: $28 Netmercury NM0003-2533 pulley hub mirra platen motor
Price: $75 Net mercury NM0003-1862 motor theta-axis
Price: $55 Net mercury NM0003-0651 block spray gun mount; 020829-101104, 08
Price: $65.63 Edwards 796-025605-001 kit, N2 purge, complete exhaust purge kit
Price: $55 Legrand nf-EN60742 safety isolating transformer
Price: $20 Smc NAR3000-N02 regulator, set press. 0.05~0.85MPA
Price: $15 Smc NAFD2000-N02-c micro mist separator harvested off unused sys
Price: $10 Dell N5825 12FT ac adapter; model 0335A1960
Price: $18 Dell N275P-00 275W power supply
Price: $226.3 Linde ag N19157 electronic for alarm unit p/n N19157
Price: $67.14 Linde ag N16339 switch level for comp e-220
Price: $86.5 Linde ag N14814 kit for press.contr.MPVL65 comp.E220
Price: $40 Cmo N141XC-L01 14.1 xga matte lcd screen
Price: $12.75 Bauer N13459 valve nonreturn comp e-220 n 13459
Price: $15 Dell N1192 cdrw drive
Price: $55.25 Skf n-13 skf n-13; bearing locknut mod. 3700 size 3 x 4-16N
Price: $250 Semy MYP9001005 15-input thermocouple amp
Price: $15 Omron MY4N-cr relay, 200/220VAC, 5A-250VAC, 5A-30 vdc
Price: $75 Toshiba mx-dcd power supply, APS0485AAZ02
Price: $63.75 Asco MUSX8262C2NVVM13722 valve gas/bleed 2 way valve gas/bleed 2
Price: $700 Tdk corporation MSE181G power supply
Price: $225 Rsf electronics MSA6701 ml 320MM linear encoder scale, 320MM, u:
Price: $65 Magnatrol valve corp MS33N33 solenoid valve, 24V, 75 p.s.i.,
Price: $65 Msi ms-9121 dual socket motherboard
Price: $10 Nvidia 239920-001 dell 239920-001 nvidia riva TNT2 64 16MB vga c
Price: $14.75 Bimba mrs-041.5-dpx air cylinder
Price: $41.06 Aro mq-2139 valve ram control
Price: $20 Hp MPGA604 MPGA604 system motherboard
Price: $50 Samsung MPGA479M motherboard
Price: $25 Fsi MP401651-001 wheel code indexing
Price: $3500 New port MM4006 motion controller, ac autorange 100-240 vac, 47/
Price: $150 Vicor westcor division MM4-14601 mini megapac, power supply, 115
Price: $30 Philips MM25-br 16K eprom program memory; brown front strip
Price: $10 Dell MJ382 cpu heatsink with fan
Price: $212.5 Millipore millipore-10 filter housing,pfa 10", 3/4 flore connect
Price: $10 New migishita 0-1 mpa, pressure gauge appears
Price: $15 Electra orange blinker, 24V, light
Price: $15 Electra blue blinker, 24V, light
Price: $38.25 Tokyo electron mhm-5 z sw for tel 1007 prober
Price: $3000 Brady mgl label and sign maker 3, rated: 100-240V~, 50/60HZ
Price: $250.75 Tylan mfc-2900 200SCCM SIH4 autozero 1/4 vcr f
Price: $12.5 Dell MF672 dvd-rom slim drive; teac 1977067C-E3
Price: $17.21 Seiko mg-02P-1-50 mg-02P-1-50 valve, sol pilot
Price: $392.7 Samson media 4 pn 40 flowmeter media 0-1600MBAR PN40; 5.004-1214
Price: $395 Tylan general mdvx-100B valve, throttle motor-driven
Price: $150 Todd products corp mdt-223-0512RP power supply; wired for: 115V,
Price: $22.19 Cat MD38.950 filter air complete, p/n: MD38.950
Price: $250 Modular circuit technology mct-turbo pcb, board
Price: $11.16 Raritan MCP4 masterconsole ii switch
Price: $100 Towa MCF4200 sti microsafe MCF4200 flexible series receiver, 434
Price: $24.55 Dwyer 56-167252-00 manifold assy 56-167252-00 rma series
Price: $38.25 Clippard maf-1 clippard filter N2 high pressure p.e
Price: $240 Tokyo electron MA02702 lcd pcb; orn-3B
Price: $750 Panasonic M9MC90GB4Y motor 220V 60HZ 0,65A brake torque 4
Price: $25 Extron 230488-002 module motor speed cont. 18022A, 230 vac 1HP;
Price: $10 Dell M5604 ati radeon X300 pci-e dvi s-video graphic card
Price: $36.55 Pall M2580-18 lb f/IN2 pressure gauge; nad 5006XX00 for 501 & 25
Price: $11.9 Densitron M25330H-9910 densitron M25330H.9910 solenoid for 8" lo
Price: $55.79 Sord M243-ex main and sub board
Price: $125 Piab M20A6-cn M20 theta vacuum gnerator
Price: $250 Dxl M10 mass flow controller, range: 200 sccm, gas: C2F6
Price: $250 Dxl M10 mass flow controller, digital, range: 100 sccm, gas: SF6
Price: $60 Superior electric M061-fd-6002 slo-syn synchronous / stepping mo
Price: $750 Generic 2-vc-03164-1 pcb, board, 9ECU-001A; dns m-cpu-02
Price: $127.5 Lambda lut-12-5122 power supply; +5, +/-12V
Price: $25 Lantronix ltx-t twisted pair transceiver, iee 802.3 10BASE-t, 0.
Price: $10 Lite-on 7N956 cd-rw ide drive; dell 7N956
Price: $30 Samsung LTN141P4-L02 14.1" matte sxga+ lcd screen
Price: $10 Mic ltd-163 dvd-rom drive
Price: $55.79 Lambda lss-38-12 power supply
Price: $24.55 Gems ls-7 side-mounted liquid level switch
Price: $150 Si span lr-300 display one channel lr-300 12V span, broken bezel
Price: $25 Sharp LQ133X1LH27 13.3" xga lcd screen
Price: $500 Hps lpv-25-S5-clvs valve, vacuum assembly hps slow start came fr
Price: $595 Eni power systems lpg-12AL generator, lpg-12A solid state power
Price: $85 Lg LP171WP9 17" wxga+ matte lcd screen
Price: $50 Lg LP154W01 15.4" wxga glossy lcd screen
Price: $75 Lambda lns-p-15-40066-4 regulated power supply; input: 208VAC +/
Price: $21.25 Gsi lumonics lmc-wafermark-ii-system-diagnostic-v-9-30 cassette
Price: $21.25 Gsi lumonics lmc-wafermark-ii-system-diagnostic-v-9-29 cassette
Price: $38.25 Lam research LL38672 cable dual channel interface
Price: $50 Samsung LJ96-0151A 14.1" matte lcd screen, 141XD-L01
Price: $125 Lambda lis-9I-24 power supply, regulated input: 85-132 vac(~)47-
Price: $250 Disco limn-910001-0 chuck table dress, saw
Price: $150 Lambda lfs-48-48 power supply 48VDC20.5A
Price: $300 Lambda lfs-46-48 power supply, rep
Price: $595 Lambda lfs-43-15 power supply sw sngl 15V 15.5A for eleva
Price: $35 Festo lfr-M2-G1/4-E07RG micro-filter pressure regulator harveste
Price: $35 Festo lfm-M2-G1/4-ar micro-filter pressure regulator harvested o
Price: $39.1 Pall LAE4000XX07 relay t delay lae 4000XX07 110V/50HZ for
Price: $106.25 Eastern air devices LA23GCKF-210 1.8DEG linear actuator, 4V 4-ph
Price: $29.75 Carrier LA04AA300 carrier condenser motor fan blade
Price: $226.8 Honeywell L7025A honeywell electronic insertion thermostats (moi
Price: $75 Varian L6280-301 valve, vacuum bellows NW16 came from opal 7830I
Price: $12.75 Lovejoy L110X28MM 28MM size L110 standard jaw coupling hub
Price: $125 Granville-philips L02469 convectron gauge
Price: $17 Vossloh schwabe l 13.313 switch start chokes magnetic ballast; 9
Price: $45 Generic key button assembly
Price: $10 Kingston KVR333X64C25/128 128MB 333MHZ ddr non-ecc CL2.5 dimm, 1
Price: $180 Keyence kv-16R plc controller, kv series
Price: $29.75 Potter & brumfield KUP14D55 relay, 3PST, 12V dc
Price: $12 Kingston kth-MLG4/4G 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC2-3200 DDR2 400MHZ 240-pin
Price: $50 Nihon kohden kp-75UNCY rf-filter
Price: $10 Dell KN303 low profile radeon X1300 128MB pci-e graphics card
Price: $25 Koganei kmr-60 micro valve roller-cam
Price: $100 Samsung KMM3144C213CS1-6S sun microsystems 64MB (2 x 32MB) memor
Price: $35 Beckhoff KL9210 potential supply terminal, 24 v dc, with diagnos
Price: $25 Beckhoff KL9187 potential distribution terminals
Price: $25 Beckhoff KL9186 potential distribution terminals
Price: $25 Beckhoff KL9010 end terminal
Price: $26 Beckhoff KL2612 2-channel relay output terminal
Price: $25 Beckhoff KL2424 4-channel digital output terminals 24 v dc
Price: $10 Dell KJ334 radeon X1300 pci-e graphics card
Price: $25 Potter & brumfield khu-17D11-24 24VDC, 1/10HP, 3A3 120VAC, 3A, 2
Price: $25 Pepperl+fuchs KHD4-irr-EX1 isolated repeater; KHD4-irr/EX1
Price: $25 Pepperl & fuchs KHD2-itr-EX1 pulse divider
Price: $25 Generic nw/kf 50 clamps pkg 5
Price: $25 Generic NW40 clamps pkg 5
Price: $22 Generic N25 KF25 clamp pkg 4
Price: $144.5 Tsubaki KD2002EB ac servo driver; source: 200/200/220VAC, 50/60H
Price: $12.75 Nikon tec corporation KBB00640 spring coil tension
Price: $90 Rechner kas-80-c-18/4-sx capacitive niveau sensor
Price: $45 Rechner kas-70-20-s 10-35VDC proximity sensor
Price: $10 Dell K4525 ati radeon X300 64MB pci-e dvi s-video graphic card c
Price: $29.75 Ets K45024-05 ets K45024/05 s/w retro kit 02.24S1; w.o. no.: X70
Price: $50 Kensington K33239 docking station
Price: $21.25 Bauer K3268600 glass sight suction comp e-220 k 3268600
Price: $25 Dell K2306 dell K2306 pwa pln PE1750 2XCPU 400MHZ system board
Price: $106.25 Cat K01-025 9 port solenoid valve assy
Price: $12.5 Dell K0032 cr-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $46.75 Jelight jzt 3770 A2 jzt 3770 A2, 240V 50HZ power supply
Price: $125 Lambda JWS120P-24 power supply; 24V output voltage, 5.0A average
Price: $225 Yaskawa jusp-ACP07AA servopack power supply
Price: $17.21 Daikin jsc-G01-2P-10-cl solenoid valve, sol 24VDC
Price: $200 Baldor JM3107 motor water pump mydax tcu, 208-230/460VAC, 3450RP
Price: $10 Dell JK334 radeon X1300 pci-e graphics card
Price: $10 Dell JJ369 assy pwa PE2850-68XX fox
Price: $250 Astec JF151A-3000-0000 power supply, input: 230V~;13A; 50/60HZ,
Price: $250 Astec JF151A-2000-0000 power supply, input: 230V~;13A;50/60HZ le
Price: $250 Astec JF151A-1000-0000 power supply, input: 230V~;13A;50/60HZ le
Price: $55 Dell J3717 server motherboard
Price: $40 Javelin J0508R accessory control unit ***as is / no returns***
Price: $50 Smc ITV0090-3ML electro-pneumatic regulator harvested off unused
Price: $50 Smc ITV0010-3ML electro-pneumatic regulator harvested off unused
Price: $135 Hps piping vibration isolation,ss kf-50 with kf-40 adapt, pack o
Price: $17.85 Smc IS1000-Y30E pressure switch with Y30E fittings
Price: $39.99 Lam research ontrak 13-8092-035 shaft, o-ring drive wet indexer
Price: $29.75 International rectifier IRKT41-10 thyrister module scr dual pr 6
Price: $225 Generic pcb, Q2 rigid docking ld/bd, housing
Price: $102 Trillium interface tel interface trillium tel
Price: $25 Recf idlw display board, 24V light tower command
Price: $243 International light IL440 uv light meter
Price: $40 International power ihtaa-16W power supply, poly-flow
Price: $56.64 International power IHB24-1.2 international power module power s
Price: $225 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw-ctrl-assy idlw control board; 92
Price: $125 Recif idlw display flat panel
Price: $500 Gf fanuc IC610CHS114A controller, programmable assembly plc 2 in
Price: $28.69 Briskheat IBM211291 blanket, heater
Price: $44.63 Bh thermal IBM211067 brisk heater for KMB601 pump, 120V, 4.5AMPS
Price: $225 Nikon I5021-2A pcb, board
Price: $136 Anorad / rockwell i-serv-BR1-220 controllr, anorad servo
Price: $200 Daifuku i/o doors teach pendant
Price: $225 Zundgerat HZ2000 rofin sinar laser power supply
Price: $10 Infineon HYS72T256220HR-5-a 4GB kit (2GB x 2), PC2-3200 DDR2 400
Price: $200 Hitachi hv-200BV-H2 camera, high resolution vidicon camera head
Price: $200 Hitachi hv-200BV-H2 camera, high resolution vidicon camera head
Price: $250 Hitachi hv-200BV-H2 controller, camera unit, AC100V, 50/60HZ, 40
Price: $200 Matsusada precision devices hv-1.5PN power supply, high voltage
Price: $125 Matsusda precision devices hv-1.5PN power supply, high voltage
Price: $125 Matsusada precision hv-1.5PN high voltage power supply assembly
Price: $75 Power one htaa-16W-a power supply;max current 75 amp;fuse rating
Price: $40 Boehydis HT14P12-100 14.1" matte lcd screen
Price: $30 Hps assorted kf clamp, pack of 8
Price: $30 Yamatake hpa-R21 photoelectric sensor, 10-30 vdc--not in origina
Price: $45 Hp hp-668741 hp motherboard
Price: $30 Dell HJ859 dual socket motherboard
Price: $10 Dell HJ513 radeon X1300 128MB pci-e graphics card
Price: $106.25 Nord hfd 511-460-8 line filter; hfd 511-460/8; 146162.3
Price: $200 Precision lift heavy duty precision lift assembly heavy-duty-pre
Price: $25 Pepperl+fuchs HD2-SS1-EX4 isolated switch amplifier; HD2-SS1/EX4
Price: $284.75 Escap 036-085.003-026 dc motor, HD11 216 e 2041; leica 036-085.0
Price: $250 Svg hciu host computer controller track system, 8010B board asse
Price: $10 Hubbell HBL2326 hbl flanged receptacle; insulgrip twist-lock
Price: $25 Hubbell 6110-0113-01 connector body. wiring scheme, 2-pole, 3-wi
Price: $75 Power-one HBB15-1-5-a-used HBB15-1.5-a power supply
Price: $45 Power-one HB24-1.2-a power supply, international series, output:
Price: $125 Ushio hb-10201AF-panel power supply, mercury lamp, control panel
Price: $125 Ushio inc hb-10201-af front panel remote power supply, mercury l
Price: $75 New harting connector power appears
Price: $225 Atcor ha-6192-01 optical isolator
Price: $12.5 Dell H9294 dmod cdrw dvd 24X cdr
Price: $30 Ham-let h-810-n-1-2-t h-810-n-1/2't, valve, 316 s.s. 1500 psi, 7
Price: $35.77 Ham-let h-800-ss-L1-2 valve ball ss 1/2 sw-lok h-800-ss-l 1/2
Price: $12.5 H-l gwa-4082N cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $369.75 Semi gas systems gsm-4A gas safety monitor
Price: $21.68 Pittman BM11205 motor; brooks BM11205
Price: $75 Nec GLS5323B laser, gas power supply
Price: $200 Nec GLG5323 laser - 5MW class iiia laser, 632.8MM wavelength
Price: $125 Nec GLG5322 laser radiation laserstrahl rayons laser, wavelength
Price: $10.2 Cat gkw-341 gkw-341 box 170X400X300 with plate mw-34
Price: $100 Global series ghdd-101 power supply
Price: $25 Guden GGS21-090-i gas spring; specs: rod dia: .315, stroke lengt
Price: $975 Genmark gencobot 4 wafer transfer station 200,150,125MM
Price: $10 Hp gdr-8482B cd-rom drive E2C
Price: $10 Mic gcr-8485B 0431630-10 e-H021-04-4973-b
Price: $15 H-l N1192 cd-rw ide drive; dell N1192
Price: $10 Hitachi gce-8400B cdrom cdrw 40X ide black
Price: $10 Hitachi gcc-4241N kr-OU1753-35831-393-2875
Price: $12.5 Dell GC253 24X cdrw/dvd combo slim drive
Price: $35 Glentek GA365-1 pcb, servo amp x,y,z
Price: $12.5 Sony G9391 cdrw-dvd sff sata; sony CRX830E
Price: $10 Ati G9184 dell radeon X600 256MB pci-e low-profile graphics card
Price: $10 Mic G9041 dvd 16X lead free bl dskt
Price: $50 Yamaha corporation G776420 pcb. display master cga
Price: $10 Dell G0772 64MB nvidia agp dvi w/tv out
Price: $10 Dell G0771 nvidia agp vid card w/ dvi,tv
Price: $10 Dell G0770 geforce 64MG agp graphics card; nvidia 180-10117-0000
Price: $10 Dell G0169 dell nvidia GEFORCE4 MX440 P117 dvi agp 64MB video ca
Price: $75 Deltron FT46AHH33-36P power supply, 400 watt max,
Price: $20 Keyence FS2-62 photoelectric sensor, 12~24V dc harvested off unu
Price: $14.75 Bimba for-31-0.5-eeo.375 ok pneumatic cylinder; for-31-0.5-eeo.3
Price: $14.75 Bimba for-31-0.5-l-eeo.375 pneumatic cylinder; for-31-0.5-l-eeo.
Price: $425 Bohmer fkk V016 100-1 stainless steel valve ball complete for li
Price: $250 Dbi FJS46W70198 pcb, board, 30000354 pc/8
Price: $550 H-square FFTB3MA automatic flat finder
Price: $550 H-square FFTB2MA automatic flat finder
Price: $191.25 Westinghouse FF4-16 controller pressure comp e-220 n 14862
Price: $250 Westinghouse fd 25K circuit breaker, 80A, 600 vac, series: c, 3
Price: $20 Dns fc-821L-specs mutually agreed and confirmed specifications c
Price: $257.55 Tylan fc-280-san-1SLPM-NH3 mfc tylan fc-280-kz 1SLM NH3
Price: $250 Tylan fc-260 mass flow controller, range: 500 sccm, gas: N2, flo
Price: $250 Tylan fc-260 mass flow controller, range: 3 slm, gas: N2
Price: $200 Sanken electric fbk-S102A uninterruptible power supply
Price: $21.25 Klockner-moeller fazs-C32 circuit breaker fazs-C32/2, 2*32A 2P
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C4-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C4 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C25-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C2-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C16-2 circuit breaker
Price: $30 Klockner-moeller fazn-C16 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C10-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C10 circuit breaker
Price: $11.16 Moeller 2 pole starter / contactor
Price: $77.99 Lot of 2 lam research ontrak 13-8000-182 shaft, transport drive
Price: $202.5 Tokyo seimitsu FA0139B 5CH pgen board
Price: $33.13 Tokyo seimitsu FA0075B digital divider board
Price: $425 Accretech fa-0143D pcb - pio vme
Price: $297.5 Boc edwards boc edwards operator control panel
Price: $25 Belkin F1T013 switch, 2 position automatic for printers
Price: $45 Smc EX9-PE1 power block harvested off unused system
Price: $35 Smc EX9-OET1 output block for low wattage load harvested off unu
Price: $35 Smc EX9-OEP1 output block for high wattage load harvested off un
Price: $45 Smc EX250-IE3 input block; M8 connector, 3 pin, socket harvested
Price: $63.75 Herion ex-92-c-2175X valve sol.5/2WAY for KY2621/2
Price: $35 Clippard eto-3 24VDC solenoid 3-way fully ported valve
Price: $25 Clippard et-3M-24VDC solenoid valve
Price: $125 Euro power ESP835515/x power supply, regulated came from opal 78
Price: $12.5 Compaq ESP113 194989-001 ps-3381-1C; 400W hot-swapable power sup
Price: $282.8 Teledyne es-551A1400133-001 std. impeller & magnet assy pn 41515
Price: $191.25 Power pac EP8CC-36-ov power pac EP8CC-36-ov M77 linear power sup
Price: $191.25 Power pac EP8CC-05-ov power pac EP8CC-05-oc M77 linear power sup
Price: $60 Hewlett packard EN489AA docking system
Price: $125 Micro-tech instruments, inc eke microscope light source / illumi
Price: $325 Abb eh-300 600V 350A contactor 100-250HP
Price: $250 Westinghouse ed 65K circuit breaker, 3 pole, series: c, 200A, 24
Price: $30 Zentro ecv-24N power supply 220V-24V power supply 3-2A
Price: $750 Megatest EBEM5W bd pwa: 121618, pwb: 121617
Price: $208.25 Poly-flow engineering eb-005 pcb auto flow controller eb 005
Price: $225 Amat EA70412720 pcb, mps board, EK194V-0 3300 came from opal 783
Price: $250 Amat EA70316570300 pcb, itu driver board came from opal 7830I
Price: $225 Amat EA70312540200 pcb, RS170 board came from opal 7830I
Price: $233.75 Opal EA7031159C100 vac. drive bd.
Price: $12.75 Fuji EA52F auto breaker 30A
Price: $191.25 Tritec industries E55237 pcb pump control tritec industries
Price: $40 Omron E3X-NT11 sensor, amplifier for if-b, 12 to 24VDC
Price: $75 Precision sensor E36W-H87 900-torr absolute pressure switch
Price: $117.3 Mitsubishi E3552-05 mitsubishi fx-eeprom-4 with software for the
Price: $15.73 Electroglas eg 4090 PROBER1724 electroglas, solenoid valve SV2 E
Price: $18.95 Dell E233037 dell latitude D505 cpu fan and heat sink E233037, U
Price: $45 Imo E1H-H250-P6-pls differential slack diaphragm pressure switch
Price: $35 Varian E17145790 shield, source housing liner
Price: $350 Varian E15000101 pcb assy multi electrode manip
Price: $30 Lg E114072 16MB (2 x 8MB) memory kit
Price: $50 Motomatic e-550 motor generator
Price: $187 Linde ag e-340 retainer oil for compressor e-340
Price: $90 Cat e-0803 magnet short-stroke for e-0803
Price: $10 Compaq dvd-117MG dvd rom drive unit
Price: $10 Mic DV5800A dvd-rom drive
Price: $35 Proportion-air DSY008 pressure transducer harvested from unused
Price: $63.75 Sterlon DS3-.812-a semiconductor part, slide
Price: $25 Tel DS2110-451098-11 inner labyrinth, SUS316L
Price: $150 Tokyo electron-tel DS040-365151-1 motor,stepping A3651
Price: $165 Lambda DRP240-1 power supply harvested off unused system
Price: $15 Apollo dqc-100 connector network
Price: $20 Sunx dpx-600A-in pressure gauge
Price: $12.5 Dell dps-500CB J1540 500W power supply
Price: $14.75 National semiconductor DP8409AN ic ram controller NS74S809 nicol
Price: $22 Sunx DP2-20Z high performance digital pressure sensor, -101.kpa
Price: $26.35 Fip DN40 diafragm 1.5 DN40 epdm for fip pvc va
Price: $125 Tektronix dm 501 meter, digital multi
Price: $45 Generic door lock electro mosnet, electro mosnet 1/0 vac
Price: $38.25 Fluoroware dit-23-99-000 dip tube for slurry (re-circulation dru
Price: $59.5 Icp dio-144 icp data acquisition board, 144-bit opto-22 compatib
Price: $345 Vexta DFR1507A 5-phase driver, DC24V +-10%, 1.1A
Price: $20 Jaquet dfr-915-s jaquet dfr 915 s digital display
Price: $75 Leo designote maintenance leo designote personal computer, ratin
Price: $350 Fala technologies depodder asyst
Price: $81.94 Aeg dep-210 card 8 digital input 115VAC/6MA, dep-210
Price: $15 Ibm ddyf-T18350 ultrastar hard drive 07N3270
Price: $12.5 Dell DD314 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $212.5 Cat dap 208/as-bdap-208 output relay module: 8PT dap-208, 230VAC
Price: $425 Eaton daa-v-155-fb pump vacuum 2 stage, 72L/min, 9 torr , 100V-2
Price: $17 Cat dage-se-PC517 pcb z and x opto
Price: $15 Avc DA09232B12H M6792 dc 12V 1.0A ball bearing cooling fan
Price: $85.17 Tuthill D9863MC tuthill motor gear pump, 12VDC
Price: $63.75 Cdm D8S40 heater, 500 watts, 240 volts, G203
Price: $450 Anorad corp. D8250-f pcb, intelligent axis, opal 7830I
Price: $75 Rechner D68623 sensor; 14FT
Price: $200 Edwards D37215000 flash module iqdp interface
Price: $225 Anorad D25609 2-axis iac/brushless backplane
Price: $246.29 Teledyne D19133-d teledyne motherboard for analyzer-model 306WAD
Price: $30 Banner 32820 D12 series din rail high power fiber optic sensor a
Price: $25 Varian D12004063 pcb power supply
Price: $225 Varian D09782001 dvm readout
Price: $10 Dell D0727 lat d series cdrw 24X
Price: $480 Varian d-H0135001 pcb assy d.p. interface & dc drivers
Price: $275 Varian d-F4685002 pcb vert scan gen
Price: $150 Melec d-561 pm-driver
Price: $225 Melec d-541 2 station drive unit pm-driver
Price: $100 Nova associates d-1500240 pcb extender controller card
Price: $100 Varian d-12005999 pcb fil pre ampl
Price: $100 Varian d-12004145 precision deadband amp
Price: $125 Mks cts-5 controller, tester simulator
Price: $300 Matheson tri-gas ctl-1100-xx controller, automatic purge
Price: $70 Seagate CTD8000E-s 4356XP tape drive 064-0003-001 b
Price: $45 Creative labs CT4780 dell sound blaster live pci audio sound car
Price: $10 Crucial CT12864AA800.M8FJ3 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHZ 24
Price: $125 Tokyo electron CT024-015312-1 air cylinder, CDU25D....., maximum
Price: $125 Tempshield inc. cryogenic apron, 42" length x 24" width small te
Price: $10 Sony CRX330E cd-r-rw-drv-rom K7414
Price: $45 Mcmaster-carr seal crimp tool with 100 seals
Price: $10 Lg 34EWX cd-rom ide drive; dell 34EWX
Price: $55.79 Parker cp-c-drive-b compumotor c-series drive;cp*c-drive-b
Price: $150 Parker cp-c-drive compumotor c-series drive; cp*c-drive
Price: $75 Dell cn-0UC795-42940 latitude and inspiron notebook monitor / do
Price: $20 Dell cn-0U9580 poweredge 1850 backplane
Price: $30 Dell cn-08P283-13740 dell cn-08P283-13740 socket 478 motherboard
Price: $180.74 Proconics cms-1500 controller, wipstation, rcms rcu-386
Price: $850 Tylan general cmlb-11MS12 sensor pressure 0-10 torr
Price: $250 Tylan cmla-11 barratron, output: 0-10 vdc, range: 0-10 torr
Price: $125 Vacuum general cmht-11 transducer, pressure, range: 10 torr
Price: $200 Vacuum central cm-01-10 transducer, pressure, range 10 torr, inp
Price: $45 Comair rotron CL2L2 caravel fan, 50/60HZ 1.0/.88 amps
Price: $22.31 Moeller klockner base, contactor, steag
Price: $145 Baldor CJM3107 motor water pump mydax tcu, 1/2 h.p. , 208-230/46
Price: $125 Thermodynamics thermocouple wafer 200MM
Price: $38.25 Bimba CF0-00418-a cylinder air 3/4 bore x 1 pn 203-018
Price: $35 Smc CDQ2D16-15DM-A73 cylinder, max. press: 145 psi 1.00MPA
Price: $26.52 Smc CDJ2D10-75-b cylinder; max press: 100-psi 0.70MPA
Price: $10 Dell CD453 128MB graphics card
Price: $12.5 Dell CC755 cd-rw/dvd-rom combo slim drive
Price: $125 Canon manual canon operating manuals consist of 32 manuals (6: f
Price: $225 Yaskawa cacr-PR02AA4 servopack power supply
Price: $55.25 Sprecher schuh 70-0010-161 contactor, 600 vdc, 25A
Price: $14.95 Plantronics CA10 cordless amplifier, power: dc 9V dc/800MA, clas
Price: $225 Keyence ca-DC100 light controller
Price: $1275 Eaton C921137 exchange arm left and right
Price: $17.5 Avc C9025B24UA dc 24V 0.3A ball bearing cooling fan
Price: $12.5 Dell C8111 cd-rom slim drive
Price: $24.55 Merlin gerin C60N-C40 400V 3 pole circuit breaker
Price: $20 Merlin gerin C60N circut breaker, multi 9, d 10A, 415V~
Price: $750 Omron C28P-edr-a C28P i/o unit plc, 12X5 i source: 100-240VAC 50
Price: $212.5 Edwards C214354 cable kit edward pumps for a 15 meter lam podium
Price: $25 Suspa C16-23459 lift supporter shock, M528500; 7400-3007-01
Price: $35 Dell C057J cable management arm
Price: $200 Asyst C0093-0488-188 fan filter assembly with fan filter unit sp
Price: $75 Compumotor c-drive compumotor drive, c series
Price: $485.45 Ebara c-4110-249-0001 brush for dresser
Price: $40 Varian c-1501820 pcb datalk slave assy , component side, dataloc
Price: $41.99 Si span c-12 gauge pressure 2 30 -0-200PSI span c-12
Price: $200 Toho bxbx-303-004-op temperature controller bx-303
Price: $125 Goldstar BRI4630 parallel / serial card; eud 5U9
Price: $127.5 I-t-e BQ3B030 circuit breaker, 30-amp 3-pole 240V lam 44XX/45XX
Price: $20 Pri automation-brooks BM70152 pcb, enc assy xz
Price: $45.48 Square d BM53A2 square d limit switch;
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM302650000 assembly motor hxfr
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM302650000 assembly motor hxfr
Price: $425 Brooks automation BM27367 cmc jght-4921-1 pm servo motor with du
Price: $200 Brooks instrument BM26010L01 assy, v-station mtg co-esd 100
Price: $1800 Brooks BM25765 robotic arm, scara 7" modular no sens
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM200520100 pcb
Price: $750 Brooks BM19616 servo power supply
Price: $250 Fsi international BM12125L02 pcb
Price: $125 Brooks instruments BM05750RB sensor encoder interface
Price: $125 Canon BH4-0993-01 pcb extender test
Price: $125 Canon BH4-0992-01 pcb extender test
Price: $58.04 Poly-flow bh-030 thermocouple p/n bh-030
Price: $820 Canon BG9-4877 disk unit
Price: $350 Canon BG8-3355 ebr pcb assembly, I4/I5
Price: $750 Mega test bem board pcb, pwa: 116410, pwb: 116411
Price: $115 Moeller bd 01-AK2X-f tap off with bd-01-AK2X/f & window 4 spa
Price: $21.25 Varian - eaton BCC230A-1 6200230A eprom for disk beam controller
Price: $20 Sony bc-CS2A ni-mh battery charger; for aa or aaa sizes
Price: $89.25 Bpc bam-st 2-axis stepper motor interface
Price: $25 Westinghouse BAB2010HT 2-pole 10A circuit breaker
Price: $120 Varian B686030 pwa primary protect.
Price: $65 Varian B666235 process cont output conn board
Price: $65 Varian 683365-01 input connector board
Price: $65 Varian B666171 dc output connector board
Price: $63.75 Power one B55934BPR power supply dc
Price: $1700 Edwards B52005000 ricor pump cryodrive 1-5
Price: $52.28 Micron B400-0027 impervitran industrial control transformer tran
Price: $10.95 Nidec B35502-35 nidec betav 5-pin cooling fan B35502-35 120X120X
Price: $20 Honeywell B2MLSK1147A skinner valve; 3.5-bar, 3.2 orif, 220V/50H
Price: $309.13 Cherry B1TZ-3201 pcb programing keyboard
Price: $65 Honeywell i.n.c. B16BX9D valve solenoid ss, 175PSI, 12VDC, 1/16
Price: $75 Onv B156RW01 15.6" wxga led lcd monitor, v.0
Price: $65 Auo B133XW03 13.3" wxgaglossy lcd screen, v.0
Price: $45 Auo B121EW03 12.1" glossy screen, v.7
Price: $70 Au B121EW01 12.1" glossy wxga screen, v.2
Price: $22.66 Nikon precision B001160AB main flow meter(filter) type:CK111-667
Price: $23.8 Teledyne b-30868 temp.control pc board assy teledyne energy syst
Price: $34 Klockner-moeller azg-10A circuit breaker automatic 3 polig. g-10
Price: $50 Schmersal az 16-03ZVRK-M20 safety switch harvested off unused sy
Price: $225 Inter-tel axxess-ah-card-cage card cage only
Price: $101.25 Aval data avme-340A photo isolation module
Price: $200 Ete AVH20-2-PW3/4-t teflon valve, type: AVE202PW34T, air operati
Price: $11.16 Aviza avd-coc-4R eprom
Price: $86.06 Aved AV550 pci svga video card
Price: $575 Astech 1110-01006 automatic matching network, 155VAC, 50/60HZ, 5
Price: $85 Jumo ath-2 thermostat athf-2 ts 2-8 for ms station
Price: $25 Allied telesyn MC101XL fast ethernet media converter
Price: $15 Allied telesyn at-FS201 transceiver fast ethernet switch ieee 80
Price: $20 Allie d telesyn at-AR450S managed switch 8 port
Price: $20 Allied telesyn at-AR450S managed switch 8 port
Price: $42.5 Compact air ASFH118X214 cylinder, 300MM cass up/down
Price: $1389.75 Norcimbus inc as-0763-tower high pressure manifould pp-4 ( WF6 )
Price: $750 Mega test apg board pcb, pwa: 11308, pwb: 11309
Price: $30 Keyence ap-40 separate amplifier type pressure sensor harvested
Price: $17 Poly-flow ao-157 diaphragm epdm with assy valve
Price: $500 Micro slides ano-40055 200MM x/y stage micro slides: ano-40055 w
Price: $750 Mega test ams board pcb, pwa: 112455, pwb: 112456
Price: $299.99 Lot of 2 lam research ontrak 12-8000-012 rollers
Price: $350 Amat mass storage module mass storage module 0190-75048 (hard-dr
Price: $249.99 Lot of 2 lam research ontrak 12-8000-012 rollers-used
Price: $14.33 Univer AM5060 valve, needle restrictor
Price: $141.44 Tcumseh AH400JT-168-A4Y tcumseh compressor
Price: $64.99 Lot of 2 lam research ontrak 13-8082-288
Price: $120 Nikon afx camera system nikon , power: 1A, pri 100/120V, 1A, 50/
Price: $129.99 Lot of 3 lam research ontrak 13-8000-154 shafts
Price: $129.94 Koganei afdpg-12 gripper (flat type air hand)
Price: $15 Delta AFB0712HHB delta fan AFB0712HHB 70X70X15MM dc 12V 0.45A 3
Price: $239.99 Lot of 4 lam research ontrak 13-8000-154 shafts
Price: $239.99 Lot of 4 lam research ontrak 13-8000-182 shafts, transport drive
Price: $10 Delta AFB0612HHB delta brushless fan AFB0612HHB DC12V 0.18A
Price: $75 Rkc af-48N32C-m controller, temperature, j o~400'c
Price: $350 General electric af-300B inverter unit ge drive 208 volts
Price: $125 Generic actuator, source assembly with festo pneumatic cylender
Price: $125 Cti-cryogenics adsorber filter - cti adsorber (helium filtration
Price: $45 Eskay corporation ADR59540 linear encoder daifuku (feh-DA5)
Price: $30 Fcc ack-540 mini black keyboard with guide point touch pad
Price: $300 Trikon AC1971 automatch hf/lf board
Price: $20 Sony ac-LS1A 12.5FT ac power adaptor
Price: $1150 Eto 0190-02977 rf, eto gen eps power supply ipsrep; amat 0190-02
Price: $102 Semitool aba-101 pcb auxilary board-03
Price: $75 Okazaki AB174307 thermocouple, aeropak, element: k, class: 2
Price: $10 Adaptec 372952-001 64MB 6-port sata raid controller card
Price: $100.41 Gasonics A90-031-03 pcb, plasma/lamp failure detection
Price: $132.09 Airpax A82840-M1 airpax A82840-M1 8848; 24V 7.0W rot, rpm: 0-8 1
Price: $20 Intel A64083-004 10/100 network pci card
Price: $22 Moller A600Q300 general use, contact block, above 300V ac, 10A 6
Price: $500 Edwards D37215000 im smart pump interface
Price: $250 Fisons instruments A51301327-100 pcb kevex semicron
Price: $106.25 Edwards 4-A50433000 OLM100 oil level monitor (fit E2M40 E2M8
Price: $29.75 Th A4812-th shaft 1/4 x 1 meter for bearing
Price: $476.85 Scp us inc. A40-00114 swagelok vaporizer output valve
Price: $1200 Sigma A38123 shutter, elec box, sigma 200; shutter lid / cover /
Price: $150 Plasmatherm A360 inner liner model A360
Price: $90 Edwards A30551022 coupling enclosure 50HZ EH1200
Price: $45 Dwyer A3003C with power supply photohelic differential pressure
Price: $450 Nissin A2NCPU-ul programmable controller
Price: $35 Edwards A25903001 perspex cover ITO100-300
Price: $250 Westinghouse A202K4DA contractor 4POLE ac lighting 480/277V 200A
Price: $29.75 Johnson controls A19 penn temperature controlsensor remote lo wa
Price: $225 Proconics international A1176800 pcb, servo amp
Price: $100 Proconics international A0975000 pcb, bcms gripper interface, me
Price: $55.79 Proconics A0974800 rev a pcb, vertical trolley junction, meas/in
Price: $200 Proconics international A0974700 pcb assy, i/o port junction car
Price: $200 Proconics international A0974700 pcb assy, i/o port junction car
Price: $200 Proconics international A0974700 pcb assy, i/o port junction car
Price: $175 Proconics A0974700 and A0974600 i/o port controller and i/o port
Price: $225 Proconics international A0974600 pcb, i/o port, meas/insp
Price: $150 Proconics international A0474400 pcb, light curtain control, mea
Price: $27.5 Proconics A04740B0 pcb, sensor, light curtains, wip station
Price: $20 Renishaw a-9572-1083-05 sigum interface module
Price: $20.08 Sporlan a-3-0-0/80 thermostatic expansion valve
Price: $45 Hoffman a-14N126 14 x 12 x 6 junction box
Price: $10 Dell 9P809 24X cd-rom slim drive
Price: $250 Powertec 9K2-300-372-fglv-S1723 power supply, super switcher ser
Price: $10 Dell 9K100 low profile 32MB ati rage pro 128 agp card
Price: $15 Dell 9K099 32MB ati rage pro 128 agp card
Price: $250 Powertec 9J8-200-371-23-S1750A power supply, super switcher seri
Price: $225 Powertec 9J12-130-371-23-S1749 power supply, super switcher seri
Price: $300 Dns 9EIO-201B1 pcb i/o
Price: $10 Dell 9CR0412S5038 san ace 40 9CR0412S5038 dc 12V
Price: $66.94 Controlotron 995T cdu hand held terminal
Price: $275 Varian 994728-0002N pcb tm 990/101 ma mod pn 1503010
Price: $225 Excelan 9900027-13 pcb - EX0S 205T lan card
Price: $233.75 Systems chemistry 99-85016-00 interconnect pcb assy
Price: $59.5 Asml 99-80309-01 pcb motherboard card cage (old ven. no.:
Price: $50 Svg 99-80304-02 receiver-handler interface assembly
Price: $312.38 Svg 99-80295-01 pcb power supply & safety reset
Price: $255 Svg 99-80293-01 i/o expansion/lcd interface board
Price: $219.94 Svg 99-80268-01 system power supply
Price: $433.5 Svg 99-80267-01 shuttle interface board
Price: $75 Svg 99-80224-01 pcb canon interface; 80224A
Price: $25 Svg 99-80212-01 pcb shuttle interface (small)
Price: $467.5 Svg 99-80210C assy pcb interface controller
Price: $75 Svg 99-80184-02 pcb, vacuum sensor board, 80184C-02
Price: $1326.51 Svg 99-80071-49 pcb cpu hpo old type p/n 80071E
Price: $11.59 Asml 99-80001-01 svg
Price: $100 Svg 99-44061-01 assembly, pulley drive/idler
Price: $55.79 Rite track 99-43123-01 assy, brake, fail save
Price: $21.25 Svg 99-39270-02 patlite signal tower
Price: $370 Svg 99-38892-01 developer spindle meter unit
Price: $25 Svg 99-23230-02 patlite signal tower
Price: $21.25 Svg 99-23230-01 patlite signal tower
Price: $106.25 Tegal 99-206-001 pcb agcp-1 tegal 915
Price: $170 Tegal 99-196-003RW pcb ati-3 auto tune T915
Price: $191.25 Cat 99-142-001 pcb adis-1 tegal 915
Price: $120 Svg 99-11562-01 block 6 grooved hpo; 551035758
Price: $63.75 Asml 99-10971-01 detector assy. over temp; svg
Price: $125 Aviza 986359-001 manifold leak check, 9-inlet
Price: $191.25 Hewlett packard 98624-66501 HP98624A hp-ib interface card
Price: $89.25 Eurotherm 983-zcp controller temp digital ind.; 983-zcp
Price: $106.25 Plast-o-matic 98001943 relief valve
Price: $382.5 Ag associates 9800-0310 ag associates analog board
Price: $191.25 Bruce 3161111 btu engineering corp. 3161111, relay output module
Price: $20 Akrion 9735212D valve passive check viton seal
Price: $95 Ascent 9700-2330-02 cable gripper arm; 2 ft
Price: $135 Teradyne 969580 copley controls corp 230-13A linear power amplif
Price: $800 Seagate 967001-002 714953 HD800 exp.; PA8K2A; MD714953, 92006821
Price: $35.8 Mks instruments 9645-0143 heater jacket, 4.5 , elbow 60M, spec,
Price: $170 Teradyne 961-509-00 kooltronic K2BB35-101; 471-733-00 with 396-6
Price: $350 Ushio 9605016 controller, exp, seexp-cont, 931004
Price: $20.08 Novellus 96-2611 cable assy, (J34),bulkhead z-bot 2
Price: $20.08 Novellus 96-2610 cable assy, (J33),bulkhead z-bot
Price: $1200 Novellus 96-0362-mot controller box CB1-CB4
Price: $150.48 Lam research 955-001177-005 tube corr tef 32 in
Price: $850 Rigaku 9547-5002 high voltage transformer
Price: $20 Cat 9506-5521 eprom/chip set
Price: $25 Parker 95013070-01 & 95013070-02 application development tool fo
Price: $202.5 Teradyne 950-818-09 satellite board # 1
Price: $350 Teradyne inc 950-788-00 pcb channel card 225PS
Price: $425 Dcs 950-775-00 dcs digital channel slice TW653-03
Price: $637.5 Teradyne 950-687-01 pcb quad 5 amp voltage source
Price: $200 Dti 95-0288 motherboard
Price: $25 Parker 95-016324-01 device driver & sample files for 6000 series
Price: $59.5 Eaton 94VO 1485 pcb data aquisition assy pn 1501360
Price: $175 Arl 9463-301-04 pcb, p 5070
Price: $225 Generic 9445.303-04 pcb
Price: $225 Generic 9445.303-03 pcb
Price: $35 Veriflo 944 s 1/4" diaphragm valve, maximum inlet: 3500 psi
Price: $200 Arl 9428-364-04 pcb, p 5092
Price: $42.5 Linde 94245 instrument measuring switch press. 0.21B
Price: $55.79 Cabletron systems 9404004 st-500 with lanview (90 series)
Price: $500 Airflotek 94-0000-0001-00 with aerobar model 5225; 29Z99X2Z1E2,
Price: $200 Generic column interface box opal 7830I
Price: $25 Advanced input devices aid-1 keyboard aid-1 panel mount
Price: $100 Cat 9300-0096 cc-b ratemeter card
Price: $29.45 Matrix 93-20044 matrix rear large plate (matrix 1)
Price: $12.5 Ibm 92P5993 cd-rw/dvd como slim drive
Price: $250 Mupac 9299215-01 21 slot vme bus pcb, 4600280
Price: $918 Tmk manufacturing 929345-001 tmk manufacturing 12" shield inject
Price: $225 Carlo gavazzi 9292236-01 assembly, cardcage
Price: $20 Amp 929057 circuit breaker 15A
Price: $750 New port 92514-1000 arc lamp
Price: $55.79 Elma 920-2733 us gen. mdl.7
Price: $75 Asml 919131-001 tool pulling repacement belt wire flat
Price: $191.25 Wj 918750-001 kit belt maintenance, service, tool, belt, flat, W
Price: $2125 Kit service table 918243-001 kit service table splice belt -api
Price: $350 Arl 9161.302.03 pcb, P5090
Price: $350 Arc 9160 301-10 pcb, mmb 68- programmed for: esc
Price: $77.33 Seagate 915007-608 hard disk drive, seagate ST3290A, 261 mb
Price: $425 Hp 91123-00 pcb V2100 calibration board
Price: $425 Hp 91044-00 pcb formatter/pin electronics V2000
Price: $73.95 Stanley 909410432 linear actuator assembly
Price: $125 Amat 9090-01165 battery b/up assy std
Price: $11.16 Aviza 908312-001P eprom
Price: $11.16 Aviza 908312-001 eprom
Price: $33.47 Leybold 908-080-P1 temp control cover
Price: $125 Square d 9070T100D3 100VA 208V-120V class X2 transformer
Price: $30 Boc edwards 907027-001 300D0031; amp cable, afe data panel;
Price: $59.5 Standard 906602-00A fan polypropylene turner oil cooler
Price: $12.75 Square d 9065SEO-5 overload relay 3 amps, 360 va
Price: $500 Fsi international 905516001C motor speed control assy
Price: $21.25 Commodore 905080-02 commodore cable
Price: $81.6 Fsi international 904149-001 flat cable stepper motor driver to
Price: $21.25 Btu 9011962R00 kit, firmware mhc dspl 7 (U7+U8) for eleva, 2:mhc
Price: $21.25 Btu 9011213 cable assy 7618/trch htr 15, ~16FT long
Price: $200 Lambda 9010B-9EJ-002 lambda qualidyne switching 1500W power supp
Price: $191.25 Aviza-watkins johnson 900859-001 pcb sensor cassette-circuit car
Price: $12.75 Cat 90072 receptacle 4 circuit 207569-1 p/n 90072
Price: $1325 Parker acr 9000 motion controller, 120/240V, 50/60HZ, controller
Price: $55.79 Novellus 90-1079 pcb, plasma failure detection
Price: $225 Generic actuator, bellows vacuum
Price: $20 Dell 8P283-with-addon optiplex GX240 motherboard with pci expans
Price: $30 Dell 8P283 optiplex GX240 motherboard
Price: $40 Dell 8P277-with-addon optiplex GX240 motherboard with a pci expa
Price: $30 Dell 8P277 optiplex GX240 motherboard
Price: $161.5 Ziatech 89CT90 zt 89CT90 pcb arcnet card
Price: $200 Mks 892B12PMC2GF1T baratron pressure transducer surface mount
Price: $55.79 Arch 888154 TC2000R ch
Price: $1296 Kaijo corporation 8801B-mr hi megasonic power meter
Price: $934.89 Teradyne 879-934-01/d pcb mainframe support board 879-934-01/d
Price: $140 Mda scientific 872049-1 module, point system 16
Price: $50 Foxboro 871PH-1X1A st a sensor, ph; orp holder
Price: $297.5 Perkin-elmer 869-0065-001 perkin-elmer transport arm
Price: $637 Trillium 865-7052 trillium DPAG8 865-7052-02
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-7029-02-05 pcb bints assy
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5962-15 pcb RMTS2-RMTS2A
Price: $500 Ltx 865-5936-02 pcb BIT3 multibus (tpa)
Price: $637.5 Trilluim 865-5930-06 pcb WCAB3
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5913-12 pcb CPMY4
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5727-05 trillium hmstr pcb
Price: $637.5 Ltx corp 865-5410-00 pcb vian v-i analog ja
Price: $467.5 Ltx 865-5390-00 ltx ph.811 interface; 860-0772
Price: $140 Trillium 865-5367-14-01 trillium pcb TCAL3
Price: $637.5 Cat 551232125 pcb PAPR2/PAPR3
Price: $212.5 Trilluim 865-5363-03 papr iii assy
Price: $637.5 865-5271-11-01 865-5271-11-01 slav iii
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5235-10 trillium PREF3
Price: $500 Ltx 865-5199-05 pcb PRDZ2
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5176-07 trillium CATM2 pcb
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5165-20 trillium ddps pcb
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5101-05 pcb pcon
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5062-05 trillium abit pcb
Price: $425 Trillium 865-5058-03 trillium pcb apgn
Price: $637.5 Trilluim 865-5016-15 pcb igen
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5009-01 trillium cpab
Price: $637.5 Trillium 860-5925-02-01 pcb FMTS3-FMTS3A
Price: $970 Cat 859-9426-005 motor assy robot
Price: $225 Cat 859-5257-002 control panel lamp ignitor
Price: $225 Cat 859-0534-004 solenoid cage
Price: $119 Ltx 858-0510-02-01 pcb assy
Price: $765 Ltx 858-0510-02 pcb assy thpb and vprbd 865-7018-02 and 865-5315
Price: $161.5 Ltx 858-0159-03-01 pcb assy 865-5315-05 and 865-5446-02
Price: $11.88 Ltx 858-0126-00 handheld manipulator control unit
Price: $350 Lam 853-490003-001-E2 pcb
Price: $90 Lam 853-370015-003 assy,ca,coax,sense box/blkhd; rf cable to mat
Price: $106.25 Lam research 853-17953-020 communication cable, 3750, E42769, aw
Price: $38.25 Lam research 853-17922-20 cable communication. lam 44XX/45XX etc
Price: $55.25 Lam 853-17818-020 cable pump cart emo, ~20FT long
Price: $55 Lam 853-14677-004 module power supply 24V dc 005
Price: $100.41 Lam 853-12601-001 hine 853-1280-003 elevator
Price: $135 Lam 853-025245-002 assy, temp probe
Price: $59.5 Lam 853-021611-001 assy ca dc pwr interface
Price: $106.25 Lam research 853-021607-001 assy. cable ac power iso
Price: $31.04 Lam research 853-017824 cable m&w emo chiller
Price: $74.8 Lam 853-017818-040 cable emo, ~40FT long
Price: $40 Lam 853-015982-001 top rf assembly match manual module for lam 4
Price: $24.55 Lam 853-005200-001 assy flow switch harness
Price: $700 Svg 85-22664-01 90S system control panel touch panel rb hold
Price: $510 Lam research 839-13510-1 assy isolation valve (chamber LAM4500)
Price: $29.01 Gemu 83332D7204 meter, flowrate, gemu
Price: $29.75 Cat 830100024 relay control 4R 10R 17R
Price: $127.5 Cat 830100018 coupling york flex for chillers
Price: $85 Crouzet 82862004 alu pod-motor 150MM; 9600-0101-01
Price: $55.25 Atlas copco 8204-1304-93 emergency swith, 10FT long cord
Price: $250 Nanometrics 820-0142 pcb, board
Price: $50 Hp 814DP27001G 2740 ultra-slim expansion base
Price: $35 Amat 8112463G050 4 1/12 feet long power cable, ul/vde
Price: $265 Lam 810-17078-002 pcb chiller res. cert.
Price: $72.25 Lam 810-17031-2 adio-A0 control board
Price: $100.41 Lam 810-17025-3 rf gen. cart breakout board
Price: $255 Lam 810-17018-002 gap motor controller board
Price: $175 Lam 810-17016-01 pcb, board, stepper motor driver
Price: $300 Lam research 810-17016-001 pcb. stepper motor driver
Price: $38.25 Lam 810-17015-001 wafer edge sensor
Price: $102 Lam 810-17004-001 solenoid interlock board
Price: $375 Lam research 810-077389-002 mce i/o motherboard
Price: $250 Lam 810-017038-002 force computer 880-12535-101 SYS68K sio-1
Price: $143.44 Svg 80284A asml pas 5500 i/o interface
Price: $127.5 Svg 80266B-02-01 station cpu
Price: $223.13 Svg 80230B smiff interface pcb
Price: $79.69 Svg 80207C3-01 spin station expansion
Price: $125 Svg 80172A-01 pcb double relays remote control, 99-80172-01, 551
Price: $669.38 Svg 99-80166-01 99-80166-01 station cpu board
Price: $669.38 Svg 99-80166-01 99-80166-01 station cpu board
Price: $382.5 Svg 80125B handler pcb; pn 99-80125-03, 80125B-2-01
Price: $250 Smg 80122C-02-01 pcb, track interface bd
Price: $72.25 Svg 80075B pcb mother assy
Price: $38.25 Svg 800068A pcb speed control board indexer
Price: $350 Vacuum general 80-2 controller, throttle valve pressure, positio
Price: $12.75 Cat 80-195-002 clip lock, 1/4 npt
Price: $165 Dell 7N7M1 ijmaging drum kit
Price: $10 Dell 7K113 graphics card, 16MB, ati, ultra
Price: $45 Watkins johnson 7A-79 probe--not in original packaging
Price: $1020 Lam 796-090807-102 valve gate, vat housing, ass ag-schweiz type:
Price: $11.16 Lam 795-092093-003 omron ee-SX672 sensor gap
Price: $270 Ascent 792250500091 operator panel grc 4; bedieningspaneel
Price: $265 Cat 792250200115 transfer arm (zero backlash)
Price: $50 Ascent 792200013892 ring alsint
Price: $10 Ascent 792200013159 waste pipe fos for slurry
Price: $125 Ip&t 790-31-00-0999-6-d-34 temperature chart recorder 18-26 degc
Price: $100 Ip&t 790-30-00-0999 chart recorder; 6 cm/hr; 65-80
Price: $100 Amat 78319030200 pcb, vacuum dist board, opal 7830I
Price: $1200 Kla-tencor 780-10019-001 crankshaft, feedthru elevator
Price: $950 Kla-tencor 780-08568-000 hvpzt-amplifier
Price: $55.79 Quint 78-102-4300 power supply; ps-120 ac/24DC/2,5
Price: $300 Xycom 779660 xvme-9660
Price: $250 Lam research 778-090731-001 temp controller wvds CAL9900
Price: $125 Cole-parmer 77096-00 liqui-sense controller, 115 vac, 50/60HZ, 9
Price: $29.01 Lam 768-090229-001 switch, pressure, ultra low di
Price: $21 Smc 766-091334-001 valve, solenoid, 3-way, n.o.
Price: $180 Asmil 763115-013 ufc-1160A mfc 3SLM gas N2, 500 psi max
Price: $23.69 Aeg modicon 7628-042-244-801 DTA201 secondary subrack 5 slots
Price: $65 Telrad 76-110-2900 ULD_4L board
Price: $500 Telrad 76-110-2800 pri-24 board
Price: $175 Telrad 76-110-1730 shd 4-port single line circuit card
Price: $50 Telrad 76-110-1200 col 8-port loop start trunk; style d-9
Price: $50 Telrad 76-110-1200 col 8-port loop start trunk; style d-0
Price: $125 Reichert 7579 stage wafer inspection 4 reichert, elevator
Price: $11.16 Suspa 754093484001 spring gas
Price: $31.62 Triac 7500-0036 triac safety shield; varian - eaton 7500-0036
Price: $21.25 Kla-tencor corp ieee-448 cable
Price: $20 Ibm 74P6735 thinkpad port replicator, p/n: 74P6734
Price: $13 Ibm 74P6733 ibm R51 laptop port replicator
Price: $55.79 Ascent 748-173-4AS fis pri sensor board
Price: $95 Scp 7460552B-00 pcb, sensor interface, mod. for 9200 robot
Price: $400 Scp 7460531B-00 pcb, bam i/o interface, for 9200 robot
Price: $150 Pacific scientific 7460-0400 sensor,rga in-situ particle level c
Price: $125 Akrion 746-256-2A pc board bam i/o interface (for 9200); scp 171
Price: $150 Scp global 746-057-1AX encoder board
Price: $225 Scp global 746-055-1AX pcb board
Price: $150 Scp 746-053-1AX network card
Price: $225 Scp 746-012--8A-00 compumotor c series drive
Price: $219.3 Thornton 740-R11 analyzer % rejection model W740-R11
Price: $950 Kla-tencor 740-679132-00 power supply, 65V/24V stage amp driver
Price: $75 Lam 740-614351-001 meter aperture current
Price: $350 Lam research 740-473236-000 end effector
Price: $125 Tescom 74-3061TSN30-056 regulator, 60 psig max. outlet, max inle
Price: $225 Tescom 74-2461KRM20 regulator ss high purity 1/4 mvcr
Price: $17 George fischer 735-150-113 fitting pvdf elbow 45 D90 735.150 .11
Price: $17 George fischer 735-150-110 fitting pvdf elbow 45 D50 735.150 .11
Price: $125 Systence 732232134521 wafer lift pallet exit lock
Price: $72.25 Scientech 73148-04 power supply +/-5V +/-12V 65W
Price: $250 Astec 73-940-0106I power supply harvested off unused system
Price: $637.5 Trilluim 7249-1028-01 pcb DPMY8-4 dwsm
Price: $30 Semitool 72057 flowmeter
Price: $787.1 Nanometrics inc 7200-1469-r power supply laser 115V 0.12A model
Price: $25 New cisco 72-1196-01 2.5-ft dc redundant power load cable appear
Price: $375 Lam 718-094523-281 assy, elctd, esc 8" notched lt
Price: $600 Spts 716507 assy, pole piece, mag charger,
Price: $106.25 Lam research 716-011057-002 ring filler upper non clamp for LAM4
Price: $300 Lam 715-28554-002 seal plate- esc
Price: $600 Lam 715-130081-005 holder,wfr,5" stpr
Price: $225 Lam 715-12101-5 wafer arm
Price: $297.5 Lam 715-11035-001 plate lower end (chamber)
Price: $150 Lam 715-028686-002 plate, gap parallelism
Price: $72.25 Lam 715-012233-003 gate inner door hd anodize
Price: $157.25 Lam 715-011642-006 cap lower electrode 6 inch
Price: $35.7 Lam research 715-010237-006 semiconductor part, disk calibration
Price: $55.79 Lam 715-010213-003 tool edge cal large
Price: $80.56 Lam 714-77410-001 plate cover
Price: $55.79 Lam 714-412399-001 cover, lift, lam A6
Price: $63.75 Lam 715-015003-002 lower match cover. (L96/44/45)
Price: $30 Lam 713-031682-001 plate moounting rf connector -tcp coil
Price: $225 Ag associates 7100-5177-04 atp board assy
Price: $191.25 Ag associates 7100-5141-02 ag associates pc controller
Price: $297.5 Ag associates 7100-5128-06 ag associates erp linearizer
Price: $225 Ag associates 7500-5190-02 atp board assy
Price: $225 Ag associates 7100-2585-03 atp board assy
Price: $225 Ag associates 7100-2585-02 atp board assy
Price: $350 Kla-tencor corp 710-800667 pcb 3021 klaasp, fab no. 073-800707-0
Price: $125 Parker 71-009019-01 compumotor c-drive
Price: $150 Pacific scientific 70X-50/50 sensor, in-situ particle level cham
Price: $145.35 Varian-eaton 7074-0034-0001 sensor assy wafer refltv opto load p
Price: $150 New port 70709 power supply harvested off unused system
Price: $350 Opal 70512351000 controller, sh-stc-assembly, 7830I,opal
Price: $500 Amat 70417890100 pcb, smc-micro board, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70417880 pcb, smc-RS232 card, opal 7830I
Price: $225 Amat 70412720000 pcb, mps board, opal 7830I
Price: $500 Amat 70412575100 pcb, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70412572000 pcb, attenuator, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70412569000 pcb, overlay, opal 7830I
Price: $225 Amat 70412565000 pcb, scan switch amp, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70412556000 pcb, gun alignment, opal 7830I
Price: $275 Amat 70412546200 module, video cpu
Price: $225 Amat 70412544200 pcb, DIF2, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70412543300 dif 1; 70412542 opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70412542200 pcb, opal 7830I
Price: $175 Opal 7041249000 unkown, bdr assembly, opal 7830I
Price: $500 Amat 70411590100 pcb, vacuum driver board, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Opal 70411540 controller, vacuum gauge, 7830I opal
Price: $250 Amat 70411530400 pcb, vcr relay, opal 7830I
Price: $800 Amat 70410229200 pcb, vcr cpu board, opal 7830I
Price: $55.79 Sdc 703849-003 assy, gasstick high flow, unit 326017
Price: $100 Amat 70319020000 pcb, seo dist. board, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70317875100 pcb, smc/m vacuum board, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70316690100 pcb, cassetee sensors board, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70316570400 pcb, itu driver board, opal 7830I
Price: $225 Amat 70314015000 pcb, video selector board, opal 7830I
Price: $225 Amat 70314010000 pcb, rs 422 transc., opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312980200 pcb, h.v. controller board, opal 7830I 70312889
Price: $350 Amat 70312970100 pcb, analog control board, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70312891000 pcb, l.v. power supply board, opal 7830I
Price: $750 Amat 70312555100 pcb, frame buffer, opal 7830I
Price: $300 Amat 70312548000 *(s)mod. video convrt bo opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70312547000 pcb, video switch 2, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70312544000 pcb, e/o interface, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312543100 pcb, remote inter board, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312542100 pcb, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312541100 pcb, system cont. 1, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312539000 pcb, system cpu, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 70312538200 pcb,
Price: $300 Amat 70312537300 *(s)mod. slow scan board opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312533010 pcb, video cpu, opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 70312533000 pcb, e/o cpu, opal 7830I
Price: $400 Amat 70312532000 pcb, lens control 1, opal 7830I
Price: $300 Amat 70210029100 pcb, detectors switch, opal 7830I
Price: $50 Sono tek corporation 70189029-P7-used lid rt side for lf to rt h
Price: $106.25 Kammer ventile 701100017 kammer ventile actuator 3824 for valve
Price: $561 Cat 700902021 control panel indicat. alarm 0A11 HBLS0
Price: $323.37 Herion 700201007 herion valve solenoid 2/2 way r 3/4 SV223 ms.;
Price: $17 Bauer 700102014 switch vacuum air suction filter comp
Price: $187 Linde ag 700101037 sleeve shaft for gear comp e-340 80/68/5
Price: $125 Scientific technologies inc 70010-1080 power supply light curtai
Price: $750 Dns 7-39-54697 temperature controller, power supply
Price: $10 Nvidia 109-83400-02 32MB agp graphics card
Price: $10 Dell 6P679 24X cd slim drive
Price: $100 Swagelok 6LVV-DPLMR4-p diaphragm-sealed valve loto, 316L vim-var
Price: $20.08 Swagelok 6LV-DLBW4-p valve
Price: $127.5 Dayton 6K472D motor 1/3HP 110/220VAC, appears never used,
Price: $33.47 Strasbaugh 6DSSP second table molded pan retrofit
Price: $250 Powertec 6C32-ee-371-l-23-S1748 power supply, multimod series, i
Price: $250 Powertec 6C32-ee-370-l-23-S1748 power supply, input: 115/230V~;2
Price: $45 Watknis johnson 6A probe--not in original packaging
Price: $595 Perkin-elmer 6908585003 perkin-elmer A701/702 el. control p.e. p
Price: $106.25 Perkin-elmer 690-9782-002 perkin-elmer l/f p/c assy wire flex Y2
Price: $552.5 Perkin-elmer 690-8283-003 perkin-elmer A208 step motor p.e. pcb
Price: $106.25 Perkin-elmer 690-8271-001 perkin-elmer A302 wafer stg pcb assy
Price: $637.5 Perkin-elmer 690-8256-002 perkin-elmer lvdt A207 p.e. pcb
Price: $637.5 Perkin-elmer 690-8095-003 perkin-elmer A5 dma controller (afa-mi
Price: $637.5 Central data 690-8082-005 central data CD21/863X-exxx
Price: $1022.44 Gemu 690/25/d 02052 1 valve, drain
Price: $637.5 Perkin-elmer 690-0757-004 perkin-elmer a-110 pcb assy
Price: $191.25 Perkin-elmer 690-0725-004 perkin-elmer A22 p.e. pcb assy
Price: $11.16 Lovejoy 685144-35350 s-flex coupling
Price: $17 Perkin-elmer 682-0250-009 flexible cable uniformity 7.12" (+11)
Price: $55.25 Perkin-elmer 682-0184-025 perkin-elmer airpot mod#160 p.e
Price: $106.25 Dragwerk 6807305 rack polytron for 5 sampling points 6807; arkb-
Price: $90 Perkin elmer 680-0146-048 2972A-2-3 power supply; pioneer magnet
Price: $270 Varian 67782502 feedthrough assy elect
Price: $29.41 Drager rohrchen 6733181 tube test ozone 0.05B drager p/n 6733181
Price: $63.75 Hersteller 66308 hersteller angle valve; linde ag, armat.-ki 9A
Price: $1350 Westinghouse 6590C16G02 800A 600VAC ground fault circuit breaker
Price: $41.31 Verteiler 6547-31210B 9127B0 controller board, ad/da-pc
Price: $250 Reichert-jung 6526-0 controller, photo exposure camera unit for
Price: $300 Diversified technology 651402004 single board computer
Price: $500 Therma-wave 65-005455 optical probe, final turning mirror
Price: $18.39 Malema engineering 645-09512-001 lam 853-15767-001 flow switch
Price: $55.25 Perkin-elmer 644-6796-001 perkin-elmer finger airpot actuator
Price: $400 Generic 641957700 vibration dampener / leveler heavy duty, set o
Price: $225 Millennium circuits 6407235 pwa, Q2/62, probe rdb, TAP50C33/34
Price: $21.25 Paco 64013853-c inner pump paco pn 64013853-c
Price: $595 Kulicke and soffa 6300-4541-000-04 pcb servo assy pn 0797-4420-0
Price: $164.46 Lam research 6300-1083-000 kit retro freq shift module
Price: $14.45 Analog devices 624AD analog devices i.c.
Price: $125 Reichert-jung 6209.105 power supply 110V-1,25MT, 220V-0,8MT, 240
Price: $41.65 Iller pneumatik 62-50-75 cylinder pneumatic DNS0 for ms station;
Price: $156.4 Fusion systems 61971 M150PC system interface pcb
Price: $15.62 Gemu 617-15-D78 617/ 15/D78 20 5A-0 hp; k-5126; DN15PN6PVDF is a
Price: $175 Western digital 61-000342-00 pcb disk controller
Price: $40 Lg 6091L-0080A 14.1" matte lcd monitor
Price: $46.75 Cat 6070-097 mapnet base afcon pn-6070-097
Price: $350 Svg thermco systems 606210-01 pcb,clpb i/f,motion ctrl -apl
Price: $125 Muhlbauer ag 60616552 stepper motor z axis p & p
Price: $150 Bertan associates inc 605C-100P power supply, high voltage, extr
Price: $11.16 Thermco systems 605909-02 cable assy. relay bd to alarm bd
Price: $20.08 Svg 604351-01 harness assy, H2 burn-off
Price: $350 Svg thermco systems 168050-001 kit,pcb,c/b/b motion control -pl
Price: $225 Svg thermco systems 603746-02 controller - power control panel;
Price: $25 Merlin gerin 60246 C15A MULTI9 C60 2-pole circuit breaker harves
Price: $25 Merlin gerin 60244 MULTI9 C60N 10A-type c 2-pole circuit breaker
Price: $25 Merlin gerin 60237 C2A MULTI9 C60 2-pole circuit breaker harvest
Price: $25 Merlin gerin 60235 C1A MULTI9 C60, 2-pole circuit breaker harves
Price: $550 Svg thermco systems 602058-01 process adapter board
Price: $550 Svg thermco systems 601628-01 automation controller
Price: $30 Aviza 600623-01 assy, pcb, duty cyc pwr pack svg thermco
Price: $250 Semy engineering 600059-06 6-input thermocouple amp
Price: $55.79 Svg 600058-01 pcb assy; svg / thermco
Price: $125 Aviza technology 600057-01 pcb, top mother board backplane
Price: $55.79 Svg 600056-02 pcb temp; svg / thermco
Price: $250 Svg 600055-02 digital output
Price: $250 Svg 600051-01 pcb analog input
Price: $191.25 Cat 600.0070.3 flq 600.0070.3, pcb light controller
Price: $650 Jordan valley semiconductors, inc 60-023179-000 driver rack 1,wi
Price: $10 Lovejoy 5JX1-1-8 5JX1 1/8; max rpm: 7600
Price: $30 Dell 5C947 socket 370 motherboard
Price: $225 Varian 5990-0090-0001 pcb assy 3 cryo remot
Price: $225 Eaton 5990-0062 pcb ac line monitor; 0303-0122
Price: $467.5 Eaton 5990-0056-0002 pcb tilt and rotate controller
Price: $325 Axcelis 5990-0029-0001 tyrs-iii board; hcn pcb-147F; module seri
Price: $12.75 Teledyne 596 swagelok air restrictor
Price: $45 Barber-controller 590 controller, temperature
Price: $52.7 Scp 583-017-1B pcb. panel touch switch akrion systems 891-020-1B
Price: $12.75 Axcelis 580773D tc, ES3
Price: $63.75 Microcontrol 5800810-nv pcb, notch aligner array receiver
Price: $212.5 Barber-colman 580 controller oven heat
Price: $525.94 Ibm 57F2705 pc board control interface
Price: $350 Akrion 579-029-1A compumotor auto transfer controller
Price: $225 Rigaku 5771D8 spc flow proportional counter; 1674493
Price: $30 Dell 57502 power supply backplane
Price: $69.03 Leitz 562-223 micro stage
Price: $200 Generic spool panel mount isa 100 8" x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2", 4" id, w
Price: $11.16 Dwyer 56-167252-00 flowmaster rma series max press 100PSI max te
Price: $165 C-temp 55601411 sf sensor rtd 3W, 100 ohm, 3 wire
Price: $21.25 Amp 553577-4 amp ieee cable
Price: $21.25 Amp 553577-3 amp ieee cable
Price: $10.84 Electroglas electroglas, tool ocr camera alignment, eg 4090 PROB
Price: $106.25 Electroglas tool 5 manual loader perkin elmer
Price: $12.75 Cat 551700011 gear for p&p indexer motor
Price: $12.75 Asm 551656198 software back-up system & tube data
Price: $42.5 Asm 551656195 power cabinet switch tool kit
Price: $63.75 Hp 551612701 tool extractor pin board
Price: $106.25 Cat 551539012 back-to-back card module 200 c micro inst. ele 153
Price: $38.25 Cat tool straightener lsc 4140 PLCC68
Price: $93.5 Ti 551517201 clutch ida-3 inter drive assy 1/2-1-710R
Price: $21.25 Cat 551500023 micromass software MM386 100D overlap V6.2 floppy
Price: $12.75 Cat 551431025 air jet holder assy scap. lots of corrosion
Price: $106.25 Todensha SSUX2-ebs-p bi-directional joystick
Price: $63.75 Varian-eaton 551425602 mounting plate rnd flood ring (for kit-f
Price: $127.5 Varian 551425080 shunt magnet, 0149 thk for skm
Price: $81.29 Generic 551425002 scan power driverapex PA10A, 3B1980434, 0303-0
Price: $78.2 Cat pcb a/d
Price: $106.25 Cat 551367221 shaker assembly
Price: $17 Gauge pressure gauge o-601PSIG, 316 s.s tube and socket
Price: $142.8 Cat 551365206 heat internal 5KWW/vessel 1.6
Price: $106.25 Cat 551364208 heater element wet (36.0 ohm)
Price: $191.25 Lam research 551363280 electrode upper (poly) ** re-anodize** a
Price: $106.25 Lam 551363076 wafer shuttle crossmember
Price: $123.25 Lam research 551363072 assy cable rf generator lam 44XX/45XX etc
Price: $170 Varian varian - eaton software backup and system disk _ r.t.p
Price: $170 Varian varian - eaton software backup and system disk - r.t.p
Price: $21.25 Varian varian - eaton eprom 160 bm cont. term. rmt. for pcb
Price: $34 Cat 551264520 cylinder counter balance chamber door
Price: $211.65 Varian-eaton 551264104 pcb pod head cont autotune 2
Price: $17 Airpax 551263152 circuit breaker 15A e-shawer p.b
Price: $63.75 Trillium 551241729 trillium bearing probe card i/f
Price: $148.75 Kla-tencor corp kla-tencor corp raiser 3 pins chuck
Price: $425 Cat gear box for hf prober (theta) kla
Price: $12.75 Kla-tencor corp 551241007 kla-tencor corp theta motorized probca
Price: $637.5 Cat 551232110 pcb SEQR2MM ltx
Price: $191.25 Ltx corp 551232101 ltx corp. control bits
Price: $191.25 Ltx corp 551232100 ltx corp. v/i digital
Price: $191.25 Electrotech pcb switch assembly and power
Price: $12.75 Cat 551216509 resistor variable 15KOHM 12.5W
Price: $46.75 Cat 551128400 glass replacement assy 4
Price: $15.94 Electroglas electroglas fiber optic illuminator support
Price: $55.25 Electroglas zoom drive assy
Price: $12.33 Electroglas auto pro electroglas nozzle assy air upper air track
Price: $20 Electroglas 551081216 wasco V110-31W2A/6038, solenoid predyne 24
Price: $21.25 Cat 551061709 specimen exchange rod
Price: $46.75 Cat 551039505 wafer holder
Price: $29.71 Cat 551039218 transformer
Price: $106.25 Leica 551039128 pcb ams side interface assy leica ERGOLUX2001039
Price: $20 Generic 551036168 11FT 50-pin scsi cable
Price: $38.25 Asml 551035671 encoder hub coat/dev (spindle) svg
Price: $106.25 Cat power supply for trucks
Price: $106.25 Asml 551035133 sensor pcb double for indexer slot/top svg
Price: $63.75 Cat 551035001 alarm box assy -tsl made
Price: $127.5 Pcb set 551000303 pcb set lift fl fndr and brn box
Price: $40.16 Adac corp 5508SHR direct connect isa card
Price: $225 Hewlett-packard 5501A transducer, laser
Price: $125 Inter-tel 550-2733 card for axxess phone systems
Price: $125 Inter-tel 550.273 T1C board
Price: $125 Inter-tel 550.26 opc board
Price: $125 Inter-tel 550.011 power supply
Price: $276.25 Sigma 55-0209 color 400 s card
Price: $75 Quester 5421004 bushing, liner
Price: $49.41 Ewal 54-724-5TW2-n connector cga-724 p/n 54-724-4TW2-n
Price: $25 Kla tencor 54-0215 pcb, interface 'z' i/o; 36-0197 REV2
Price: $45 Kla tencor 54-0136 tester vacuum manifold
Price: $250 Prometrix 54-0112 servo-motor controller board pcb
Price: $225 Prometrix 54-0097 pcb, digital driver with panel; 36-0080 rev c,
Price: $300 Prometrix 54-0095 dual stepper driver; scp 746-054-1AX
Price: $165 Prometrix 54-0049 pcb, parallel i/o, uv 1250
Price: $61.2 Hitachi 538-1427 dp heater, dpt- 500W, 100V
Price: $85 Akrion-scp 530-030-4B quar combustion chamber - see 551015278
Price: $38.25 Cat transport tube-4FA0250#02
Price: $17 Axcelis retaining ring
Price: $14 Kla-tencor 52-0337 24V single solenoid vacuum valve
Price: $81.6 Leica 519838 periplan gf 12.5/18M p/n 519-839
Price: $25 Hp 5187-4913 motherboard for kelut GL6E
Price: $17 Balluff 516-384-eo-c sensor, inductive
Price: $500 Kevex semicron 51301350 wafer cassette rotation assembly 125-200
Price: $250 Fisons instruments 51301315 pcb kevex semicron
Price: $500 Fisons instruments 51301310 pcb kevex semicron
Price: $250 Kevex instruments 51301307 pcb kevex semicron
Price: $500 Fisons 51301300 power supply, ac power distribution, 208 vac, 50
Price: $1020 Cybor 512F power supply; 25020-10
Price: $1200 Cymer 5107484 controller cooling
Price: $212.5 Micro instrument 510-102373 EM500 test card
Price: $17 Cat 51-501281-000 cable power mod to w/s CP2, ~5.5FT long
Price: $38.25 Vision 51-501280-000 cable probe force x y z motion
Price: $106.25 Amp 51-500568-001 cable pmu power
Price: $70 Allen-bradley 509-tod bulletin 509 size 00 magnetic motor contro
Price: $337.5 Proxim mp.11 5054-r proxim tsunami mp.11 5054-r quickbridge high
Price: $337.5 Proxim tsunami tsunami mp.11 5054-r quickbridge high power subsc
Price: $460 Amat 50412570300 etd board assy
Price: $100 Ion 5024(e)-ce controller controller, input: 100/120/230VAC, 50/
Price: $21.25 Cat 501715010 aqua timer controller
Price: $24.75 Mego afek 501484053 gauge pres.0-160 psi 4 1/2 npt ss glyc
Price: $30.01 Cat 501208002 battery charger 1.2 24VDC CG0652
Price: $399.99 Lot of 10 lam research ontrak 13-8800-032 pulleys, conveyer, sma
Price: $21.25 Cat wrench for particulate filter for ozon a
Price: $100.3 Cat 501128052 switch plate assembly for swing
Price: $77.99 Lot of 5 lam research ontrak 13-8800-033 adapters, roller, wide
Price: $39.95 Cat 501084201 motor ofm 230V 925 rpm 1PM 1PH 0.5HP 50HZ
Price: $22.95 Fip 501083219 spring case item #9 for 2-hrt century in
Price: $23.28 Cat 501083214 spring item number 5 for 2-hrt line pres-6ATG
Price: $12.24 Cat 501083137 bonnet item 23 for 1-c/hrt century inst
Price: $14.79 Cat 501083125 diaph. lower case item #12 for 1-c/hrt c
Price: $14.79 Cat 501083121 diaphragm upper case item #10 for 1-c ce
Price: $14.79 Century inst 501083120 diaphragm upper case item #10 for 1-c ce
Price: $11.73 Cat 501083119 spring case item #9 for 1-hrt century in
Price: $15 Sun microsystems 501-5030-02 2GB (4 x 512MB) memory kit
Price: $60 Tokyo electron 500467-030512 tokyo electron; key, UV5-0.45; 550D
Price: $165.03 Kla-tencor 500-900918-00 arm load endeffector
Price: $297.5 Micro instrument 500-102376-001 auxillary i/o board
Price: $386.91 Chem-tec 70961-08 switch flow di-water; semitool 70961-08
Price: $79.69 Cybex 500-094 pc companion plus; transmitter, 9VAC, 50/60 hz
Price: $35 Tencor 50-0110 precision light source
Price: $35 Dns 5-F4-70264 tension shaft
Price: $15 Ibm 4W0627 lenovo thinkpad cpu heatsink with fan
Price: $30 Dell 4W0435 thinkpad cpu heatsink fan
Price: $467.5 Nikon technologies 4S020-040D pcb ldrv ty. 4S020-040C
Price: $255 Cat 4S020-028E p.c.b lsa i/f ty.4S020-028E A6
Price: $722.5 Nikon 4S017-371 pcb mother board 6WLMTR3 from STP13
Price: $350 Nikon 4S007-123 pcb lia-i/f 18222
Price: $175 Lambda 4C6NA2E-1734 power supply, input rating: 90-250VAC, 10.5A
Price: $297.5 Nikon 4B990-073 unit fly eye
Price: $80.75 Robert birkenbeul 4AP90S-6 motor turbine oil cooler fan, v 220/3
Price: $12.75 Carrier 48DD408-852 shaft fan carrier
Price: $110.5 Cat 486 emergency recovery kit 486+h/d+ide ver.
Price: $10 Dell 48026 6120C dell pwb computer scsi backplane adapter
Price: $250 Kla-tencor 480-15438-000 ccd video camera module
Price: $225 Hmb 48.11003.021-1K pcb
Price: $50 Pilz 474760 safety relay 24 vdc 4.5W
Price: $11.16 Nmb 4712KL-05W-B30 brushless fan, 119MM, 24VDC, 280MA; 100CFM
Price: $28.64 Teradyne 464-267-00 ball nut pull-down medusa
Price: $75 Hp 457355-001 pavilion motherboard
Price: $125 Tigris elektronik 4541474C45 scr intcon H7-01-099; card, vision
Price: $21.42 Hps-mks 4524-0109 rev. a blanket, heater
Price: $19.13 Mks 4520-0021 heater jacket; 120V 67W 0.56A
Price: $350 Generic 450-01083-00 pcb, board
Price: $17 George fischer 45 D63 fitting pvdf elbow 45 D63 gf
Price: $12.75 George fischer 45 D32 fitting pvdf elbow 45 D32 gf
Price: $12.75 George fischer 45 D25 fitting pvdf elbow 45 D25 gf
Price: $12.75 George fischer 45 D20 fitting pvdf elbow 45 D20 gf
Price: $35 Mac 44B-aaa-gdaa-1KV solenoid valve, vacuum 4-way, 24 vdc, 1.0W,
Price: $18.27 Gems 44719 gems low switch
Price: $202.5 Helical 4449 lift, power 500LBS 220V
Price: $350 Pcb 441A45 ac power supply, input: 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 1.3A
Price: $125 Allen bradley 440R-M23143 safety relay with delay outputs; MSR13
Price: $75 Nt international 4400-03-F06-B06-a teflon electronic flowmeter (
Price: $38.25 Ontrak 44-0004-026 relay 4PDT 24V 5A; finder type 55.34, 5A-250V
Price: $10 Mks 43PWRCORD06 power cable standard
Price: $66.81 Linde ag 439824 unit contact 1B N160 p/n 439824
Price: $125 Scientific technologies inc 43268-08-used power supply light cur
Price: $125 Scientific technologies inc 43268-04-used power supply light cur
Price: $500 Kla-tencor 432-06045-000 stage, elevator limit switch feedthru
Price: $34.17 Joucomatic 430 04188 valve 3/2-way 110VAC asco 1/4 npt ss 10
Price: $50 Ibm 42W3014 thinkpad X6 ultrabase docking station
Price: $94.35 J&j machine 420149-001 base ct rad. disp. al. w/bushing bottom
Price: $38.25 Varian 4200032 varian - eaton bearing spher 1/4 lss
Price: $119.07 Lam research 42-0016 controller close temperature
Price: $55 Apollo precision, inc 417267-001 spacer
Price: $37.23 Idi 416769-001 manifold N2 purge w/orfice 1/8 npt idi c
Price: $45 Plasmatherm 4112003784010 detail insulator cath
Price: $80 Edwards 411010 1374 motor pulley
Price: $250 Plasmatherm 4110004217010 shield dark space A360
Price: $10 Plasmatherm 4110003781010 support disk wafer detail
Price: $10 Axcelis 4100002 bush taperlk TL108-5/8
Price: $15 Price pump 4095 i incomplete kit, chiller pump rebuild
Price: $145.86 Angar scientific 409214 angar scientific solenoid valve
Price: $21.25 Ddk 408JE ddk amphenol ieee cable
Price: $223.13 Asm 4061850-21 pcb control assy-asm
Price: $250 Associated research inc. 4050AT ac hypot and ground continuity t
Price: $270 Teradyne 405-558-00 power one PM5A4CSE7S656, power supply,~input
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-347-00 power supply,RPM5QADAKDAS487,powerone,INPUT5
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-343-00 power-one RPM5F7F7DAS476, power supply, inpu
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-339-00 power-one, RPM5CUCUCVS472, power supply, inp
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-294-00 power-one RPM5A7A7D5S455, power supply, inpu
Price: $270 Teradyne 405-270-00 power-one RPM5F7F7D5S418, power supply, inpu
Price: $270 Teradyne 405-269-00 power-one RPM5A4A4D5S417, power supply,~inpu
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-253-00 power supply, RPM5CWCWBES405, power one, inp
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-250-00 power supply,RPM5H7E5E5E5S402,power one,inpu
Price: $270 Teradyne 405-246-00 RPM5A7E1KA8S398, power supply, input 50-60HZ
Price: $270 Teradyne 405-245-00 power-one RPM5A7A7A8S397, power supply, inpu
Price: $210 Teradyne 405-231-00 power supply, RPM5H7H7KS374, powerone,50-60
Price: $1155.46 Data industrial 4035A1-A023 hot di water data industrial flow me
Price: $350 Data industrial 4035 81 cold di water data industrial flow meter
Price: $51 Asml 4031 semiconductor part, carriage stop adjustable wide size
Price: $55.79 Phillips 4022-436-0112 sbip vme board
Price: $55.79 Hinds 4022-430-1418-2 pcb; dpem 300 pwa 030-2300-001
Price: $300 Amsl 4022-430-1247 power amp. ct module board svg
Price: $960 Aztec 4020790977 roo black max ii lpcvd furnace mrl element WDFN
Price: $200 Cat 400D servo amp
Price: $250 Simco 4009133 gemini profile emitter module; includes simco 5051
Price: $55.79 Asyst 4001-7068-01 block mtg front plex arm 2200
Price: $450 Kensington 4000B controller, wafer handling robot (check rear bo
Price: $995 Pri 4000 pri 4000 robot
Price: $30 Emtec 40-2768-1 holder wafer lbl pusher block
Price: $11.16 Schupa npfi 40.030.4 sk 4 pole breaker; fi-schutzschalter; npfi
Price: $45 Schupa 40/0,03 circuit breaker, un: 400/230 v~, in: 40 a, 4 pol.
Price: $38.25 Clippard 3BDD-4 air cylender lift
Price: $249.99 Lot of 10 lam research ontrak 13-0092-059 pulley, idler
Price: $12.5 Ibm 39T2674 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $10 Ibm 39T2529 dvd-cd-rw disc drive
Price: $129.99 Lot of 10 lam research ontrak 13-8892-062 rollers
Price: $12.5 Ibm 39T2504 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $21.25 Victor 39 seal lip ht drive, 2030-102J, 2-C1222,
Price: $249.99 Lot of 10 lam research ontrak 201-029 bushings
Price: $14.95 Compaq 387090-001 compaq 387090-001 lvd scsi hotplug backplane b
Price: $97.49 Lot of 4 lam research ontrack 201-033 bushings, delrin
Price: $350 Ungermann-bass 38475-01 pcb, board
Price: $34 Herion 382672 valve soloniod 2.3 i inde NO240112
Price: $64.99 Lot of 4 lam research ontrak 202-010 belts
Price: $12 Soligor 381045990 35-70MM 1:3.5-4.5, c/d, zoom+macro, 55MM dia.
Price: $125 Mks 370HA-00010 pressure head, baratron,10 torr
Price: $97.49 Lot of 6 lam research ontrak 13-0072-382 rollers/ grippers
Price: $1500 Kevex 3701-1090-0555 x-ray sensor 155EV@5.9KEV
Price: $97.49 Lot of 6 lam research ontrak 13-8082-285 bumper, nest, flthd
Price: $102 Mesur-matic electronics corp 3640A pcb stepper motor drive pn 99
Price: $400 New amat 3620-02332 controller cryo-pump - s
Price: $500 Granville-philips 360121 stabil-ion guage high performance ioniz
Price: $238 Dakota 36001101 monitor system, 5 gas area, remote, dakota
Price: $125 Kla tencor 36-0188 spectrometer interface
Price: $399.99 Lot of 8 lam research ontrak 13-0072-020 grippers, rbt. fngr
Price: $100.41 Prometrix 36-0099 servo-motor controller board
Price: $225 Prometrix 36-0082 rev c pca 54-0099; board, card, C2C logic inte
Price: $225 Prometrix 36-0082 rev a pca 54-0099; board, card, C2C logic inte
Price: $129.99 Lot of 8 lam research ontrak 13-8882-367 bumber, nest-v-groove
Price: $100.41 Prometrix 36-0037 pcb, motor controller
Price: $350 Ungermann-bass 35292-03 pcb, board
Price: $6450 Kensington 35-3700-1725-03 robot xyz with M4000 servo positionin
Price: $146.97 Cr laser 35-1001-00 cr laser power supply for laser
Price: $69.75 Hewlett packard 3488A hewlett packard 3488A switch/control unit
Price: $225 Jlp 348339-9014 pcb
Price: $100 Generic pcb
Price: $225 Amat 348332-9012 pcb, 348332-1204 came from opal 7830I
Price: $25 New sun microsystems 342704300017 2 server mounting slides appea
Price: $350 Bausch & lomb 341 generator, hydride voltage: 100-125, 200-
Price: $350 Amat 3400-01108 cryo hose flex helium sst .75ID x 1.14OD X10'l c
Price: $55 Novellus 34-133183-00 solid-state relay, 24VAC 3-3-vdc ssr 10A
Price: $38.25 Asco 690-8076-001 asco angar scientific 50-psi solenoid valve; s
Price: $15 Hp 335182-001 200W liteon power supply
Price: $70 Drager 3300518 acknowledgment module
Price: $284.89 Cat 330000194 valve b/fly acris size 4 wafer lug man
Price: $177.65 Cat 329446 safety valve 17BAR coldbox p/n 329446
Price: $179.95 Integrated dynamics engineering 328.000 active passive vibration
Price: $102 Westinghouse 327P488 motor ifm 1-5HP 380V 3PH 1725RMP, 1/2 hp, 1
Price: $50 Scp global 3270251A mcs 6 cable box
Price: $75 Scp global 3270151D controller, analog mod(4-20MA); 327-015-1DX
Price: $75 Scp global 3270151A controller.mcs analog mod assy
Price: $175 Scp global 3270111H mcs pcu module
Price: $175 Scp global 3270111G mcs pcu module
Price: $175 Scp global 3270111A mcs pcu module
Price: $75 Scp global 3270071C controller, mcs rtd module
Price: $75 Scp global 3270061C-00 controller, a-d mod assy
Price: $75 Scp global 3270011E controller, pim assy;?3270011E-00
Price: $75 Scp global 3270011C controller.mcs pim interface module assy
Price: $75 Scp global 3270011B controller.mcs pim interface module assy
Price: $75 Scp global 3270011A controller.mcs pim interface module assy
Price: $297.5 Scp 326-039-4F controller 3151 nitride etch
Price: $30 Telcom 3222B264 3-phase 500-cpr motor
Price: $15 Varian 3216-x-1 bellows for target cooling ring
Price: $85 Itt engineered valves 3212 air motor actuator for 1 grinnel valv
Price: $110.26 Leser 320DN15 safety valve type 539 valve 5-945 coldbox, gas use
Price: $216.75 Perkin-elmer 690-0707-003 perkin-elmer 690-0707-003, scan drive
Price: $38.25 Amp 3202458 cable
Price: $55.25 Btu 3202241 cable pn 3202241 btu furnaces (1013)
Price: $10.2 Cat 3201790 cable, ~15.75 ft long
Price: $29.75 Fip 320000665 fip 160X110 dn 100 pn 16 fitting cpvc reducer
Price: $350 Ungermann-bass 31791-06 pcb, board
Price: $300 Ungermann-bass 31784-08 pcb, board
Price: $250 Btu engineering 3163061V02 3163060, pca mkii elevator man cont w
Price: $225 Btu engineering 3163023V01 wafer trans i/o, 3163030; pca elev tr
Price: $225 Btu engineering corp. 3162280 pcb, communication interface proce
Price: $68 Btu 3161961 pcb mother board p/n 3161961
Price: $250 Btu engineering corp. 3161950 pcb, system microcontroller assemb
Price: $481.95 Btu engineering corp. 3161911V02 pcb boatloader microprocessor f
Price: $4500 New advanced energy 3150852-004 rf generator, vhf 2060, 208VAC a
Price: $24 Dell 312-0315 battery dell D410 9CELL, kr-OU5883-71274-75Q-C4A1
Price: $350 Ungermann-bass 31117-16 pcb, board
Price: $127.5 Lambda 31022BFM power suppply 1000 w
Price: $19.13 Jller-pneumatik 31-311-011 valve solenoid 3/2WAY R1/8 SV2676A/67
Price: $170 Bausch & lomb 31-30-62 bausch & lomb illumintor
Price: $106.25 Hillard 31-120 filter crst-sp sgl hillard
Price: $750 Semikron 31-002 h.v. rectifier assembly
Price: $250 Nikon 30I47 pcb, board
Price: $52.71 Acme electric 30B20H power supply, module 24V, 115/230V 47-440HZ
Price: $105 Mattson 3080-22 hitron HSC60-47 power supply for rapitarin (mult
Price: $19 Hp 307160-001 power supply 240V
Price: $106.25 Edwards 305344-001 IC693MDL655F module plc 32 inlet P4400; ge
Price: $250 Varian 304298001 feedthrough lens assy
Price: $17 Linde ag 303823 wika thermometer A5105 ti 2-1 ms station
Price: $204 Mdc 303001-03 gv-1500M-p-03; 91-07930-g; valve, gate, model gv-1
Price: $225 Amat 3030-07144 stec sec-4550MO mass flow controller; range: 40
Price: $225 Amat 3030-05704 stec sec-4500MO-uc mass flow controller; range:
Price: $225 Amat 3030-02330 stec sec-4500MO-uc mass flow controller; range:
Price: $325 Nikon 30149-1 pcb - ad/bfr, reticle step align.
Price: $175 Nikon 30148 pcb
Price: $250 Nikon 30147-1 pcb
Price: $125 Nikon 30134 pcb
Price: $225 Leica 301-368.065-000 pcb motor controller for ergolux 200
Price: $127.5 Leica 301-336-0731 pcb FT3 keyboard pn: 301-336.073-000 leica ER
Price: $144.5 Leitz 301-336-029 wetzlar gmbh 301-336.029/B01 motorized microsc
Price: $127.5 Leica 301-333-125 pcb keyboard and display decoder leica ERGOLUX
Price: $212.5 Leica 301-333-115-000 pcb regulator c
Price: $280 Leica 301-333-105-000 pcb dwwt leica ERGOLUX2001039
Price: $41.62 Leica 301-314-001-020 pcb with radiator
Price: $12.75 Leica 301-305-785-000 revolver code reader
Price: $196.96 Leica 301-305-760-000 pcb revolver motor control
Price: $255 Leica 301-305-252 pcb control card p/n 301-305.252-000 leica ERG
Price: $191.25 Leica 301-305-246-000 pcb output stage pn: 301-305.253-000 leica
Price: $127.5 Leica 301-305-206 pcb ram 16K p/n 301-305.206-000 leica ERGOLUX2
Price: $264.04 Leica 301-305-202-000 pcb cpu-2
Price: $106.25 Leica 301-305-201-000 pcb cpu 1 p/n 301-305.201-000 leica ERGOLU
Price: $127.5 Leica 301-305-181 pcb interpolator pn: 301-305.181-000 leica ERG
Price: $106.25 Leica 301-305-175-000 pcb mst 1 pn: 301-305.175-000 leica ERGOLU
Price: $262.89 Leica 301-305-172 pcb laf-treiber
Price: $212.5 Leica 301-305-072 pcb measuring control 2 pn: 301-305.072- leica
Price: $25 Accuride 301-2590 1 16" long slide rail
Price: $29.71 Leitz 301-003-369 leitz transformer
Price: $140 Santa clara plastics 300D0056 cable triaxial rf
Price: $150 Nikon 3008-4 automatic laser compensator sensor unit- untested o
Price: $45 Dwyer 3006C with power supply photohelic differential pressure g
Price: $225 Nikon 30065-1A pcb
Price: $250 Nikon 30061-1 pcb - err lmp
Price: $250 Nikon 30059-2 pcb - interface
Price: $175 Nikon 30041-3A pcb - SR3 i/o
Price: $45 Dwyer 3003C with power supply photohelic differential pressure g
Price: $200 Nikon 30035-1 pcb - STG31
Price: $60 Asyst 3000-1005 used top skin for smif
Price: $38.25 Ontrak 30-0056-021 couper flex, 3/8X1/4 bore
Price: $35.6 Si span 30-0-100 gauge pressure 2 30 -0-100 psi span c-1
Price: $10 Generic lens, leather brown case, 3'' diameter, 5 1/2'' in long
Price: $17.95 Dell 2Y833 dell inspiron D800 nvidia 32MB video card board + coo
Price: $63.75 Aehr - test systems 2VH36-1AN5 pcb mos driver extender aher, bur
Price: $25 Dell 2H970 poweredge 1655 PE1655 kvm pwa interface board/card
Price: $10 Dell 2G813 16MB rage agp graphics card
Price: $225 Pioneer magnetics 2974A-3-5-used power supply
Price: $225 Pioneer magnetics 2972A-2-3 power supply
Price: $350 Ungermann-bass 29342-05 pcb, board
Price: $10 Hp 290992-M30 16X dvd-cdr drive
Price: $89.95 Nichias 2904-290018-11 spin chuck 200MM
Price: $106.25 Datel 29010030 datel pca display
Price: $250 Fsi 290080-400 phoenix interface w heatsink
Price: $90 Fsi 290080-400 phoenix interface w heatsink
Price: $157.25 Fsi international 290080-2 pcb phoenix interface w heatsink
Price: $300 Fsi international 290078-200 flow controll compl
Price: $100 Fsi international 290065-400 pcb autofill
Price: $75 Fsi 290030-400 pcb pneumatic
Price: $65 Fsi international 290030-200 pcb compoment side
Price: $400 Fsi 290020-400 pc 2800 i/face board assy
Price: $212.5 Axcelis 286596-01-01 alignment bar assy sliding seals
Price: $106.25 Tokyo electron 281-600205-3 tokyo electron a/l switch board (c)
Price: $650 Tokyo electron (tel) 281-500198-3 pcb- x y z theta assy motor dr
Price: $10 Fsi international 280025-001 transformer 12V power
Price: $145 Ontrack 28-8875-014 quad micro stepper pre-pr
Price: $100 Phoenix contact 2784133 interbus type: ibs 24 bk-i/o bus termina
Price: $15 Canon 277T speedlite shoe mount flash
Price: $30 Compaq 277498-001 compaq PC133 motherboard
Price: $60 Kuhnke 2729080 cylinder air
Price: $250 Nikon 27201-1 pcb
Price: $350 Nikon 27124-1 pcb - frz brd; reticle step align.
Price: $200 Nikon 27085A pcb - sshdrv
Price: $750 Lambda physik 27079431 laser wavelength calibration module; comp
Price: $4320 Novellus 27-251604-00 turbo pump tmp 2000L leybold
Price: $3200 Novellus 27-00196-00 generator, low frequency; plasmaloc 2-hf
Price: $30 Compaq 269014-001 motherboard
Price: $75 Amat 268723-001 mount- motor hd
Price: $22.5 Metrobility 2643 metrobility optical system
Price: $750 Lambda physik 26290831 laser front optics module; component for:
Price: $500 Lambda physik 26286027 laser rear optics module; component for:
Price: $150 Deublin 2620-527-300 rotary union viprr sst deublin
Price: $270 Strasbaugh 261012 chuck, resilient vacuum
Price: $250 Nikon 26028-1A pcb
Price: $250 Nikon 26002-6B pcb - cpm-851A
Price: $250 Nikon 26002-6 pcb - cpm-851A
Price: $250 Nikon 26002-5 pcb - cpm-851A
Price: $297.5 Prometrix 26-0058 prometrix pcb disk controller
Price: $10 Dell 25P5157 ibm nvidia vanta 16MB agp
Price: $19 Generic 25FT CAT6 ehternet cable CAT5 cable network 25 foot
Price: $264.6 Strasbaugh 257527 6DSSP,adapter,lower
Price: $1200 Electroglas 255595-001 ring carrier, PK243-01AA vexta stepping m
Price: $255 Aec 2543249-21 pwba temp ratio atm with ots (torch)
Price: $40 Asm 2533863-21 assy pwba cassette sensing
Price: $30 Compaq 252608-001-with-addon cpq evo D500 P4 motherboard; comes
Price: $20 Hp 252608-001 cpq evo D500 P4 motherboard
Price: $30 Hp 252608-001 cpq evo D500 P4 motherboard
Price: $38.25 Cat 2520004500 gear worm (B252-0001-506) & shaft (252-0003-552)
Price: $255 Kla-tencor corp 251739 socket assembly particle pmt
Price: $233.75 Aec 2512610-21 pwba temp ratio atm with ots (torch)
Price: $51 Asm 2506475-21 pwba outout dtc board to scr 3 chanel &
Price: $51 Asm 2506432-21 pcb, digital i/o dpc
Price: $194.92 Asm 2506-505-01A pwba pressure interface
Price: $20 Ibm 2504 advanced docking station for thinkpad T60/Z60 with keys
Price: $102 Flair international-pneumatic 250100028 panel remote sensor cont
Price: $108.96 Flair international-pneumatic 250100026 sensor spare yed 14191XX
Price: $85 Astec 24N4-8 power supply; 24 volts; 8 amps
Price: $63.75 Electroglas 249984 tool prealign centering
Price: $661.94 Electroglas 249860-001 electroglas ring clamp mech. i/f
Price: $125 Electroglas 248058-002 arm assy
Price: $21.25 Electroglas 246254-002 electroglas clamp ring 9035
Price: $59.5 Electroglas 245554-002 motor assy xfr arm P134
Price: $202.5 Teradyne 245031 transfer arm 1
Price: $425 Electroglas 245023-001 pcb theta & fuction ii rev h electroglas,
Price: $15 Canon 244T speedlite shoe mount flash
Price: $425 Electroglas 244888-001 pcb cpu bd rev l electroglas,auto pro
Price: $191.25 Electroglas 244863-001 pcb assy nces
Price: $425 Electroglas 244288 pcb tester interface rev p electroglas,auto p
Price: $318.75 Tencor instruments 244163B pcb assy pfe computer interface
Price: $89.25 Ibm 243-531961-003-a ultrium lto 2, 200/400GB
Price: $225 Nikon 24068 pcb - control panel interface
Price: $12.75 Cat 24101016 gasket exhaust manifold for diesel engine
Price: $28.25 Gastech 24-0274 evaluation board, sensor amp. black
Price: $187 Gastech 24-0130B pcb analyzer module alloy
Price: $65 Astrosyn 23LM-C309 motor, miniangle stepper, 6.0 v/phase, 0.85 a
Price: $10 Dell 239920-001 low profile 64MB tnt vanta-16 agp video card
Price: $10 Dell 239920-001 low profile 16MB tnt vanta-16 agp video card
Price: $10 Safety mark 239428-002 ac adapter power supply cord
Price: $17 Wika 238532 0-25 bar pressure gauge; ms st. pi 2-1 2-2; 238532
Price: $63.75 Lapp-textima ch-8335 p/n 23500.301, transformer, ch-8335 hittnau
Price: $242.25 Idi 231813-001 pcb interface idi
Price: $42.5 Cat 231804 BCD115-b, motor 240V/50HZ, massalombarda inco, sinex
Price: $250 Nikon 23130 pcb - lsa interface
Price: $250 Nikon 23129 pcb - bus interface
Price: $250 Nikon 23129-1 pcb - bus interface
Price: $250 Nikon 23124 pcb - dc motor drive
Price: $250 Nikon 23123-1 pcb - interface
Price: $250 Nikon 23088-2 pcb
Price: $300 Nikon 23083-1 pcb - pulse motor control
Price: $300 Nikon 23070 pcb - pulse motor drive
Price: $250 Nikon 23065B pcb - joystik if
Price: $250 Nikon 23050-1D pcb - exp. cntrl
Price: $300 Nikon 23049-3 pcb, sr cntrl
Price: $250 Nikon 23048-3 pcb, pem i/o
Price: $250 Nikon 23046-2 pcb - bus receiver
Price: $25 Tescom 23-3C25ADHP5HP5Z regulator,ss maximum inlet: 150 psi, max
Price: $72.68 Rosemount analytical inc uniloc div 22698-02 pre-amp
Price: $20.08 Strasbaugh 226586 pulley r.h.s. elevat belt
Price: $11.8 Atlas copco 2254-7041-00 bearing block inlet valve
Price: $56.25 Brooks 224-052 sho-rate flow meter; model number 1350EPA7HFF1A
Price: $55.79 Sierra instruments inc 224-015 meter readout system, range 0-35,
Price: $250 Stec inc sec-4400MO-suc-G2 mfc, gas: N2, flow rate: 1000 sccm, 2
Price: $250 Stec inc sec-4400MO-suc-G2 mfc, gas: N2, flow rate: 100 sccm, 2V
Price: $12.75 Cat 2210067016 seat suction/discharge
Price: $180 Amat 220550063 motor 14907 19.7 12-172
Price: $12.75 Control technology corp 2202 24 outputs module
Price: $63.75 Control technology corp 2201 32-channel input module
Price: $106.25 Novellus 22-130114-00 pneu sol assy,3X14,ilds
Price: $212.5 Vdo mess- und regeltechnik gmbh 22-04-22 transducer vdo-4-20 ma.
Price: $85 Ontrack 22-0075-026 ontrak pia, quad ce-96 22-0075-026
Price: $225 Lam 22-0075-010 pcb, gespac pia board
Price: $29.01 Omega 2165A digital thermometer
Price: $21.25 Cat 216-758-1 d coil for sv #216-758-1 pn 02803
Price: $133 Amat adapter, H2O inlet assy
Price: $12.75 Pepperl+fuchs 21473S safety switch,KHD2-SS1/EX4
Price: $82.18 Asml-svg 214-3 chuck 109.2 q derlin last track 3.2 mm a
Price: $162.56 Kla-tencor 213802 pcb assy pmt lid
Price: $494.7 Systems chemistry-air liquide 213-47 1 facing tool
Price: $13.85 Spears 2121-020 valve ball 2? fpt , pvc-epdm, nsf-61
Price: $20.08 Merlin gerin 21110 motor circuit breaker; P25M9..14
Price: $46.75 Cr industries 21101 seal crosshead pn 4080031020
Price: $38.25 Timken 21075-21212 bearing shaft worm
Price: $350 Amat 2106400059 pcb, fine shift, opal 7830I
Price: $24.55 Novellus 2103-0223-a 10FT shielded cable
Price: $15 Belden 2103-0022-2103-0006 cable analog ddc to digital m-dot, 21
Price: $25 Belden 2103-0022-2103-0006 cable analog ddc to digital m-dot, 11
Price: $30 Btu 2103-0014 c cable from m-dot to gas module cable s-a doc ext
Price: $250 Amat 21016400088 bas interface 3483329038 opal 7830I
Price: $350 Amat 21016400052 pcb, scan rotation, opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 21016400051 pcb, scan mode sw., opal 7830I
Price: $300 Amat 21016400045 video mixer board opal 7830I
Price: $225 Amat 21016400044 dsg board opal 7830I
Price: $250 Amat 21016400038 pcb, system memory, opal 7830I
Price: $74.8 Cat 210107003 impeiier cpvc.p-5A.
Price: $35.7 Cat 210106401 impeller no.101 110 12 21 1203
Price: $38.25 Cat 210104801 valve assy discharge
Price: $25.5 Cat 210102106 shaft norm 40 for pump 150/250 pn 201
Price: $100 Fluke 2100A thermometer, digital, 0-+1760 degrees celsius 2100A-
Price: $125 Axcelis 210026 power supply, 230VAC, 50/60HZ, 23A
Price: $225 Ag associates 2100-0253-02 com card
Price: $150.07 Ag associates 2100-0120 ag associates pcb mio 24 relay panel int
Price: $29.75 Lam-ontrack 21-8885-055-002 assy cable heat lamp ext.30
Price: $50 Huba control 20T85 switch, pressure
Price: $20.08 Corcom 20K6-F1580 emi filter; 20A 120/250V
Price: $21.25 Gould 2090-50DJ siemens gould 24-48 volt replacement coil
Price: $650 Kla tencor 208-600242-2 pcb a/l i/f
Price: $28.03 Tokyo electron 208-600214-2 pcb-auto loader sensor
Price: $272 Kla-tencor corp 208-500117-1 pcb RS232 interface type RS98
Price: $500 Tokyo electron (tel) 208-500102-3 slave cpu pcb 8085 expanded me
Price: $12.75 Generic 207563-1 receptacle 3 circuit 207563-1 p/n 00000
Price: $12.75 Pepperl + fuchs 20652S safety switch,KHD2-SSVEX2
Price: $106.25 Asm 2053683-01 pressure switch assembly vac/o -bristol 63-0
Price: $265 Compaq 203919-002 backup tape drive 110/220GB dlt super tape sdl
Price: $46.75 Electroglas 203-22-1-62F-103-4-1-1 switch airpax pn 113322 elect
Price: $68 Eaton 20295-0012-001 pcb assy vacuum cassette wafer 15S0285
Price: $297.5 Electroglas 2023.913-61.521-000 zoom drive assy electroglas,auto
Price: $35 Clippard 2012 3-way valve - control
Price: $38.25 Ein hashofet 928.700 choke eco E58.103.60 58-65W ein hashophe
Price: $60.52 Fluoroware 201-39 valve.diaph.1/2 b.w.tef.
Price: $3000 New amat 200P-cassette-alignment-tool cassette alignment tool am
Price: $34 Standard power inc 200B24H power supply, 115/230V 50/60HZ, 24V 7
Price: $3500 Ebara 2009151CMP cmp controller
Price: $500 Leybold 20080729 dryvc control unit; 200-80-729
Price: $75 Wasco 20078090 pressure switch, SP120-31W2B-x/8179
Price: $25 Dwyer 2006C magnahelic 0-6
Price: $25 Dwyer 2006 magnahelic 0-6
Price: $12 Cat 200510330 socket box 3X16 2EA comp.
Price: $1495 Pri 2000 robot load fsi
Price: $375 Testech 2000-004-400-07 pdrv board
Price: $38.25 Varian-eaton 200-09-382 pressure switch for leybold -RP1 0.1-1BA
Price: $30.89 Varian 200-09-381 pressure differential switch;
Price: $55.75 Deltron 200 91 247.2 strap, heated
Price: $62.76 Linde ag 20-125 valve ball purchasing part A25 PN25 cold
Price: $225 Generic 2-F3-31399 endeffector ceramic, arm, 90MM
Price: $212.5 Aera 2-C250-lh electrical supply tsk, vde 0660 t.500 tta, iec 43
Price: $26.96 Linde ag 2-81792-5 actuator kit for valve 5-120 coldbox; 329143
Price: $33.47 Schiele 2.550.118.41 timer, delay, with aux. supply
Price: $255 Dns controller coater meiden UA201/101A coater controller
Price: $20 Dell 1P463 prec 340 motherboard
Price: $25 Fuji electric 1DI200A-120 transistor modul for vsi-73
Price: $15 Dell 1B231JU00 media card reader with cable
Price: $350 Generic 1A10047A0 pcb i/o
Price: $318.75 Tencor instruments 199940B pcb assy psf controler
Price: $35 Mettler 19800425 cryo/colora mettler, resistor ntc 6K8
Price: $12.5 Teac 0R113 cd-rw slim drive
Price: $15 Teac 1977047N-66 laptop slim-drive, internal
Price: $10 Teac T9503 24X cdr slim drive; dell T9503
Price: $72.25 Gems sensors 191544 flow transducer assy
Price: $25 Dwyer 1910-00 pressure switch, maximum pressure: 45 in. w.c., su
Price: $337.5 Klepco 19-6B ra 19 power supply mainframe w/ 3 HFS48-2.8 modules
Price: $14.03 Axcelis 18S0512 axcelis macrob dummy wafer
Price: $63.75 Axcelis 18S0451 axcelis plate
Price: $25 National insturments 185319B-02 2M SH50-50 cable
Price: $51 Axcelis 1826120 axcelis arc slit gauge
Price: $386.75 Axcelis 1825320 eaton wfr support arm fixture gsd
Price: $51 Varian 18004820 varian graphite tool analyzer
Price: $106.25 Varian 18000306 varian - eaton rolplat tool
Price: $10.2 Varian 18000215 varian post setup electronic
Price: $38.25 Sycom 3 1/2 " floppy disk w software for sycoom dp
Price: $500 Kla-tencor 18-012799 optic assembly
Price: $106.25 Electroglas 17PS-C011-05 motor assy roller air drive P135 electr
Price: $400 Rotec 17900 pcb
Price: $78.09 Svg 174819-001 pulse bar kit
Price: $100.41 Gasonics 17391-01 A3000 cham. htr. pwr. interface box
Price: $250 Generic 173280-202 pcb
Price: $194.23 Schumacher 1730-3002 reservoir controller board
Price: $10 Burkert 17264 G1 8 PN0-7BAR, 24V, 50-60HZ 4W, 00017264; 200-78-2
Price: $35 Axcelis 17221630 pole entrance lower 540F0067;
Price: $35 Axcelis 17221620 pole entrance upper 540F0066
Price: $23.8 Varian 17120640 varian - eaton p.s bracket
Price: $25.5 Varian 17120580 varian bracket, fastener, power supply 00
Price: $38.25 Axcelis 17080030 hanger sect cryo removal
Price: $42.5 Axcelis 17022383 shim insul 1/4 term NV20
Price: $42.5 Axcelis 17022382 axcelis shim insul 1/32 term NV20
Price: $42.5 Axcelis 17022381 axcelis shim insul 1/16 term NV20
Price: $250 Generic 170-0077-006R00 pcb, snap video DVA500; 020-0492; cardin
Price: $20.08 Svg 169040-004 cable, for video recorder
Price: $67.09 Siniaver pumps 168476 siniaver pumps 168476 shaft norm 50/200 pn
Price: $11.16 Svg 168352-001 harness
Price: $250 Unit ufc-1660 mass flow control, 500 psi maximum, utm-1660S rang
Price: $17 Gould 164354 bearing.steady item 213 nm 71
Price: $11.48 Bauer wolfratshausen 16338 sensor level for comp e-220
Price: $11.16 Svg 162199-001 cable assy, pwr int.
Price: $90.47 Linde ag 16208 sensor temperature ptc comp-220
Price: $59.5 Varian 161038130 varian cbl pwr stg 1/2PMP
Price: $46.75 Phillips 161-193 capacitor oil pump motor start cpt 0689.
Price: $100.47 Dart 1600-S012 module dc control 1/3HP 220V, input: 240 volt, 87
Price: $300 Inficon sky CR901D gauge, baratron diaphragm
Price: $350 Leybold inficon CR091D 1000-torr capacitance diaphragm gauge, sk
Price: $148.75 Trikon 156998 ring - wafer lift (fxp)
Price: $250 Fsi ufc-1560A mass flow controller, range: 250 sccm, gas hf, cal
Price: $127.5 Cat 155487D01 target heater stand
Price: $76.5 Asml 15352-01 svg PIQC2 exhaust coulping, slip x slip
Price: $350 Mks 152E-P0 controller, exhaust valve, automatic pressure un tes
Price: $106.25 Eaton 1521980 eaton hi electrode supp. & filter pcb assy
Price: $106.25 Eaton 1521060 eaton chg monitor 15S108 pcb assy
Price: $150 Eaton 1520930 pcb assy vac cass wfr
Price: $275 Eaton 1517820 pcb dedicated buffer rev d
Price: $95 Eaton 1517380 eaton disk faraday filter pcb
Price: $20 Varian 1507380 pcb exchange arm, exchange interface board, art n
Price: $425 Eaton 1505720 pcb, amu, ground level
Price: $185 Eaton 1505430 pcb speed ctrllr rot drv bd
Price: $68 Eaton 1504100 eaton flat sensor emitter board, 150MM
Price: $297.5 Varian-eaton 1503169 beam control board assy eaton, nv-10
Price: $125 Nikon 15021-2A pcb
Price: $40.64 Varian-eaton 1501700 pcb datalk slave assy, teccon 94VO 3084, M8
Price: $125 Eaton 1501490 data aquisition power supply board
Price: $275 Varian 1501280 pcb assy, input/output cassette to cassette board
Price: $147.9 Axcelis 1500730 pcb assy extender
Price: $63.75 Nova 1500690 pcb grid ps assy
Price: $191.25 Ksi 150027 divider pcb assembly
Price: $408 Varian 15000400-a servo amplifier board
Price: $63.75 Eaton 15000340 eaton n.o. optical switch pcb assy
Price: $127.5 Eaton 15000020 eaton multi-emi protection pcb assy
Price: $106.25 Cat 150 impeller
Price: $20 Novellus 15-101482-00 fork,toplate,a,antideflect,seq
Price: $6500 Kensington laboratories 15-0000-0028-02 wafer transfer system wi
Price: $29.75 Cat 14991 liner drive D1.5 VRB105 pn 14991
Price: $225 Opal 1496235 5-channel preamp; ep 70412611000
Price: $111.56 Watlow 1482-2187 watlow teus gas heated half inch line
Price: $125 Schumacher dlsu dlsu control box
Price: $45 Schumacher lsu-1 alarm controller
Price: $102 Cat 143053 kemp 1177951; 150-psig, 3" check valve
Price: $100.41 Axcelis 1419510 rev b pcb, resn intf
Price: $300 Nikon 14116.w.agc-n pcb agc-n
Price: $225 Nikon 14103-1 pcb, 5X stepper
Price: $300 Nikon 14102-1A pcb - filter
Price: $250 Nikon 14100-1A pcb - detection logic
Price: $300 Nikon 14100-1 pcb - detection logic
Price: $25.16 Klockner moeller 140-1779 switch motor protec.adj.area pkzm 0-24
Price: $20 Amat 1410-01079 htr ring sgl 750W 120V 7.4375OD x 5.3125X
Price: $250 Nikon 14099A pcb - prl interface control?
Price: $300 Nikon 14099 pcb - prl interface control
Price: $250 Nikon 14066E pcb, rtcl.agc
Price: $250 Nikon 14066B pcb - rtcl. agc
Price: $300 Nikon 14065-1 pcb - w. agc
Price: $250 Nikon 14036-3A pcb, pem psd
Price: $250 Nikon 14036-3 pcb - pem psd
Price: $250 Nikon 14036-2B pcb, pem psd
Price: $250 Nikon 14036-2A pcb, pem psd
Price: $350 Nikon 14036-1D pcb - pem psd
Price: $250 Nikon 14036-1C pcb - pem psd
Price: $106.25 Semifab 1401293 transformer 230VAC/115VAC-24VDC semifab system
Price: $29.75 Eao 14-132-025 switch type 14 2 poles open/close asm - vertical
Price: $500 Therma-processor 14-010064 pcb assembly, analog prcr, asp opitip
Price: $500 Kla-tencor 14-007135 af interconnect, at
Price: $15 Ibm 13R0292 docking station, compatible with T30 / T40 / X30 / R
Price: $10 Ibm 13N6771 cd-rw/dvd slim drive combo; asm p/n: 13N6770
Price: $10 Ibm 13N6769 cd-rw/dvd combo slim drive;
Price: $10 Dell 13N6769 cdrw dvd combo thinkpad T4X
Price: $30 Ibm 13N0832 powepc 405GP remote supervisor adapter
Price: $55.25 Cat 13962 bushing gland C1.5 VRA115
Price: $225 Generic 138850-36 pcb
Price: $250 Applied research laboratory 138780-136 controller power distribu
Price: $350 Generic 138740-37 pcb
Price: $191.25 Cat 138589 liner suction D1.5 vra 102 pn 13858
Price: $125 Generic 138395-1 pcb extender
Price: $225 Generic 138330-31 pcb
Price: $275 Generic 138320-32 pcb
Price: $325 Generic 138315-31 pcb
Price: $12.5 Dell 132FK 24X cd-rom slim drive
Price: $17 Linde ag 132584 electronic control for bekomat
Price: $191.25 Schroff 0920907-0177 power supply, seg 124; mattson 0920907-0177
Price: $150 Nikon 13078-1 pcb
Price: $125 Nikon 13037-3A pcb
Price: $150 Nikon 13036-2 pcb - r, align
Price: $125 Nikon 13032B pcb - agc
Price: $25 Ontrak 13-8800-042-02 frame conveyor transfer right
Price: $100 Gemu 1289 e-module
Price: $40 Tokyo electron 1280-001345-11 tokyo electron keyboard alphanumer
Price: $125 Megatest 127866 polaris/megaone incremental release software 4.3
Price: $150 Generic 127746-1-s&s prober bowl
Price: $35 Farnell 1262068 wattmeter 0-1400W
Price: $125 Megatest 125868 polaris/megaone incremental release software 4.3
Price: $34 Eckardt 125037 reducer.pressure#f.control valves for pc
Price: $350 Mks 122BA-00010EB baratron, pressure, type: 122B, range: 10 torr
Price: $1614.49 Axcelis 1220-0009-0003 interface device two-state
Price: $223.13 Turn-act 122-B353A rotary vane actuator
Price: $181.69 Thermalogic 121-336 RA2015-03A temperature controller board
Price: $114.75 Thermalogic 121-201 RA2015-03 temperature controller board
Price: $117.94 Thermalogic 121-201-f RA2015-04 temperature controller board
Price: $255 Thermalogic 121-188 RA2011-09 stage terminal; 718-562
Price: $309.19 Thermalogic 121-180 718-525 temperature controller board
Price: $296.82 Asml 121-106 controller oven heat barber-colman 590.
Price: $215.48 Asml asml heater element plate 230V 400W
Price: $250 Nikon 12072-1 pcb - analog i/f
Price: $250 Nikon 12071-1 pcb - 0-z control
Price: $250 Nikon 12059-3A pcb
Price: $250 Nikon 12059-3 pcb
Price: $250 Nikon 12049-1 pcb - r. adapter
Price: $300 Nikon 12038-5 pcb - stgxy
Price: $250 Nikon 12038-4 pcb - stgxy
Price: $300 Nikon 12034-2B pcb - motor drv
Price: $250 Nikon 12031-1C pcb - r stage srv
Price: $250 Smc 12-port manifold solenoid valve block 12 position harvested
Price: $55.79 Lam 12-8892-010 motor, 25 vdc 500CPR
Price: $250 Stasbaugh 12-0742 electric cylinder
Price: $2500 Sumitomo 11D1525 resonator 400
Price: $17 Flair 112C size 1/4 npt, valve relief, 150-psig, 92-scfm, 0.250
Price: $297.5 Dasibi 1180-ah ozone/nox concentration analyzer
Price: $10 Compac engineering 117MG hp 16X dvd-cdr drive
Price: $125 Cda intercorp 1176291 brushless pm motor
Price: $24.44 Electroglas electroglas EGE21 - shafts for eg 4090 PROBER1724
Price: $25 Generic 115MM x 76MM leveling feet pkg 2
Price: $225 Ultralink 11502 115 vme mailbox link
Price: $58.38 Leica 115-099-131-000 pcb card adapter
Price: $221 Electroglas 114824-001 pcb 2.8V solenoid drivers rev a
Price: $24.65 Semitool 114371 ekc canister adaptor inner screwing
Price: $223.13 Eaton 1140142 cavity voltage monitor, ion beam system power supp
Price: $55.79 Axcelis 1135180 astec acv 12D3.4 power supply
Price: $21.25 Cat 113385 cover ets sigma / SPT51500
Price: $63.75 Cat 113370 keyboard assy tel 1007 prober
Price: $637.5 Cat 113369 loader lift assembly
Price: $106.25 Tokyo electron (tel) 113365 tokyo elctron loader base 1007 probe
Price: $297.5 Cat 113361 z motor assy tel 10071
Price: $125 Mega test 113131 controller, operator interface box
Price: $11.16 Fala 111820071 bracket
Price: $2500 Electro scientific industries 110M-V803 laser power supply, ligh
Price: $2000 Electro scientific industries 110M-ps esi lightwave 110M-ps diod
Price: $500 Lam research 11061-1-8 9/90 rf mt chamber bypass
Price: $15.62 Persys-rokar 110150-7001 llm 3D-i liquid analyzer, as is no retu
Price: $42 Furon 1100717 1/2 teflon di fill valve w/bypass
Price: $12.75 Varian 110-007-028 bearing microslides,
Price: $29.75 Asml 11-0111-11-0109 svg red pointer & lens set span
Price: $12 Generic 10FT CAT6 ethernet cable CAT5 cable network 10 foot
Price: $63.75 Honeywell 07518 s 245 a-1", pn 25, rg: 5, 340-20-d/g-0,73, 11 ba
Price: $45 Amat 0020-36626 contactor plate
Price: $55 Amat 0150-35215 cable assembly; stec mfc short
Price: $150 Amat 0140-1033 harness assy, exhaust interlock
Price: $100 Amat 0150-35386 cable assy, interlocks pneumatics oxide
Price: $25 Amat 0150-35286 harness assembly; chamber pneumatics
Price: $25 Amat 0140-35499 cable
Price: $22.5 Amat 0150-35112 cable assembly; ac pwr, 5 phase driver to pcb
Price: $20 Amat 0150-36233 cable assy lamp test interlock
Price: $22.5 Amat 0140-76625 harness assy centura msm pwr #2
Price: $22.75 Amat 0150-37037 c/a adapater status light panel
Price: $45 Amat 0150-76063 cable assy, centura gem interconnect
Price: $10 Amat 0150-35140 cable assy, hard disk power
Price: $20 Amat 0150-36895 cable assy l/l over pressure solenoid
Price: $15 Amat 0150-10232 cable
Price: $85 Amat 0140-38250 harness assembly
Price: $95 Amat 0140-76127 harness assy, emo, centura common
Price: $125 Recif VMT8-A1200 keyboard,VMT8
Price: $45 Amat 0140-35132 cable assembly; harn cont i/o to ac dist
Price: $17.5 Amat 0150-35578 gas dist brd to ev manifold
Price: $30 Amat 0150-76061 harness assembly; centura serial interconnect
Price: $15 Amat 0150-76062 cable assembly; centura scsi interconnect
Price: $17.5 Amat 0150-35184 cable assembly; CJ24 - SJ24
Price: $20 Amat 0150-20628 cable assembly; mainframe pneumatics
Price: $15 Amat 0150-20629 cable assembly; mainframe pneumatics
Price: $15 Amat 0150-35195 cable assy, system electronics ext
Price: $200 Amat 0140-76170 harness assembly; centura sys elec contr dist
Price: $200 Amat 0140-76170 harness assembly; centura sys elec contr dist
Price: $175 Amat 0140-70235 harness assembly; sys elec contr pwr dist
Price: $175 Amat 0140-70235 harness assembly; sys elec contr pwr dist
Price: $75 Amat 0140-35129 harness assy RP2-4 to CP2-4
Price: $20 Amat 0150-35260 cable assy contactor intlk centura ht
Price: $150 Amat 0140-76292 harness assy, bulkhead to drivers a-d
Price: $150 Amat 0140-76291 harness assembly; acp to bj, centura controller
Price: $200 Amat 0140-75010 harness assy, acp to bj, centura controller
Price: $800 Amat 0140-38014 harness assembly
Price: $100 Amat 0140-35103 harness assembly; trsfr chmbr slit valves
Price: $40 Amat 0150-35811 (six) 0150-35811 & (six) 0150-35812 wire harness
Price: $185 Amat 0140-70233 harness assembly; mainframe pressure
Price: $185 Amat 0140-35100 harness assembly; load locks interconect
Price: $55 Amat 0140-35095 harness assembly; gas panel
Price: $30 Amat 0140-35228 cable assembly; emo
Price: $75 Amat 0150-35263 cable assy smoke detect controller i/o
Price: $500 Amat 0140-75070 cable assembly; driver encoder home sensors
Price: $37.5 Amat 0150-35776 cable assy N2 xdcr extension
Price: $180 Amat 0150-35168 cable assembly; system electronics backplane
Price: $100 Amat 0150-35169 cable assembly; system vme bus
Price: $185 Amat 0150-76463 cable assy system electronics backplane
Price: $80 Amat 0150-35170 cable assembly; system controller i/o
Price: $500 Amat 0150-76181 emc comp.,harness assy main frame
Price: $650 Amat 0150-76513 cable assy, main frame umbilical
Price: $235 Amat 0150-16088 cable assembly; heat exchanger intrfc,50 ft
Price: $280 Amat 0020-37639-assembly lift assembly; 0020-37639, 0020-36726 w
Price: $700 Amat 0150-76682 emc comp., harness assy load lock
Price: $70 Amat 0150-10235 cable assy, communication, 50FT
Price: $65 Amat 0150-76198 cable, system video 25FT assy
Price: $450 Amat bundle 0140-09996 harness press xdcr seriplex (apc)/vme ii;
Price: $200 Amat 0140-10035 harness, pressure transducer, 7-10
Price: $275 Amat 0140-09996 harness press xdcr seriplex (apc)/vme ii
Price: $100 Amat 0150-76175 emc comp.,cable assy,opterator panel,P26
Price: $45 Amat 0020-37523 plate
Price: $175 Amat 0040-35351 manifold, ox chm,upper exh
Price: $1500 Amat 0190-35390 chamber ev block,common pneu
Price: $585 Amat 0190-35252 assy,chamber pneumatics
Price: $525 Amat 0050-36604 line,lower exhaust,rtp chmbr; iso-kf 25 (side),
Price: $825 Amat 0140-20492 harness assy chbr tray interconnect; 0100-35060,
Price: $550 Amat 0050-36474 spool, xfer chamber exhaust
Price: $17.5 Amat 0150-35355 cable assy, customer interface jumper
Price: $75 Amat 0150-35346 cable assy RS232 oxide 400
Price: $100 Amat 0140-35474 cable assembly; harness assy rtp scr dri ver con
Price: $100 Amat 0140-35475 h/a,ch b scr driver control,rtp
Price: $80 Amat 0150-38853 cable assy, 25 ft m/f emo umbilical, rtp
Price: $62.5 Amat 0150-35488 cable, assembly, monitor
Price: $175 Amat 0150-35222 cable assembly; gas panel power
Price: $110 Amat 0150-35642 cable assembly; exh umbilical
Price: $115 Amat 0150-35002 cable assy, maintenance monitor
Price: $35 Amat 0150-35675 cable assembly; emo,water leak detect
Price: $14 Amat 0150-20239 cable llb led pxr
Price: $45 Amat 0150-35837 cable/assy,80IN RS232,rtp
Price: $55 Amat 0150-20160 cable assembly emo interconnect
Price: $18.07 Parker hannifin zz-1050 valve, regulator
Price: $33.75 Smc 024-006915-1 filter element
Price: $150 Nagano keiki seisakusho ZT15 pressure transmitter, range 0-200KG
Price: $300 Nagano keiki zt-20A06 transmitter, pressure zt-20A06 1:50 1/4
Price: $150 Nagano keiki ZT15 pressure transmitter, range -1-200 kgf/CM2, po
Price: $31.74 Smc ZSM1-T121 vacuum switch; regulating press. range: -27 to -80
Price: $29.75 Smc ZSM1 vacuum switch p/n J025-772600
Price: $381.46 Smc ZSE5B-02-27L pressure switch, 200KPA; 10 feet long
Price: $46.26 Smc ZSE3-0X-21-X106 h.s. m/a vac sensor(X2)assy(pa) mark 7/8
Price: $44.64 Smc ZSE3-0X-21 tel CT1386-458275-12, h.s. m/a vac sensor(X1)assy
Price: $12.4 Smc ZSE2-0X-55CN switch, vacuum NZSE2 series
Price: $106.25 Allied witan co. zr 250 64 mini-muff muffler
Price: $12.15 Smc ZMA101H-K5-T14C solenoid VALVE7
Price: $382.5 Klockner moeller ZM6-63 overload zm-6-63 klockner moeller
Price: $297.5 Klockner-moeller ZM11-250 circuit breaker
Price: $20 Disco zht-554-105F-se-27HEGE diamond blade
Price: $21.25 Smc ZFB201-07 air suction filter
Price: $45 Klockner?moeller ze-0.4 overload relay
Price: $400 Ebara zccm ebara induction motor; 3PHASE-2POLE; output-2.2KW; in
Price: $12.75 Koganei ZC605A-xda sensor, cylinder frame transfer
Price: $15 Telemecanique 109-249 switch base normally open 24V lighted
Price: $650 New port Z807A sps-ddc-48V amplifier, dc, 48V, sps, 100-240VAC,
Price: $28.9 Part miner direct Z6047 Z6047 - zener diode for ET4070
Price: $200 New port Z569C y driver, 2-phase, sps-D2PX, 32-132 vac, 45-190 v
Price: $200 New port Z568C x driver, 2-phase, sps-D2PX, 32-132 vac, 45-190 v
Price: $225 Semitool Z123R0013-501 window 260 lh; 17446-501
Price: $12.58 Cat Z02702-010L gasket item-44
Price: $64.58 Millipore ` filter housing 4? cartridge, ? npt, halar, waferguar
Price: $135 Millipore YY5500003 o-ring, silicone
Price: $33.75 Mykrolis YY5032PS1 filter, wafergard pal mini-xl 3/8" swg
Price: $125 Millipore YY5032PR1 filter, gas
Price: $150 Millipore YY5001HS1 filter 316 ss 1/4" fitting wafergard sg gas
Price: $125 Millipore YY5500010 wafergard housing halar
Price: $225 Millipore YY5000500 wafergard t-line high purity gas filter unit
Price: $870 Millipore corp YY46H2F0F housing head, u-line 3/4" flare i/o 1/4
Price: $500 Millipore YY4612170 chemgard pfa ; 12" bowl 1/4" buttweld drain;
Price: $57.38 Millipore YY4600001 wrench tool kit chemgard
Price: $750 Ytc yt-850 edwards helos valve, 3-way bypass KF40 hps limit swit
Price: $27 Thk ys OJ12 round panel mount linear slide
Price: $10 Dell YG666 ati V3400 firegl 128MB pci-e X16, 2 dvi ports
Price: $1500 Yamada yd-20TTD pump double diaphragm teflon 15GPM,
Price: $22.95 Advantest ycy-014241-1 smc CDJ2B16AB-T1941-100; air set plate cy
Price: $75 Advantest ybs-007306-1 screw, ball unload p&p bearindg assy.
Price: $1195 Nsk YA21090003 linear guide actuator
Price: $15.19 Mitsui 250L-dia-ppw pcw filter; 150UM, 200MM, polypropylene (med
Price: $15.19 Mitsui Y75-9269-000 filter, air, pump
Price: $25.31 Mitsui Y75-9267-000 sheet, valve,pump,sus
Price: $126.56 Mitsui Y75-9266-000 diaphragm, pump
Price: $125 Canon Y75-6748-000 hamamatsu L937-01; lamp, mercury ozonizer
Price: $225 Cannon Y60-1448-000 filter change assembly, nd UNIT1
Price: $100.41 Bio-rad Y5304310 pcb, optical distribution
Price: $55.79 Bio rad Y5301221 front module dist. card
Price: $12.04 Brooks automation Y5301123 cable assy, RS232 upgrade
Price: $75.3 Bio-rad Y5204100 pcb, filter card
Price: $39.95 Dell Y3939 dell poweredge 1850 2X pci-x riser board Y3939 C1330
Price: $12 Boc helios monitor, yellow heater 500 mm cable lg
Price: $24.55 Boc edwards Y14109040 2'' vlv crown tms kit
Price: $75 Edwards Y14109039 207MM quad pipe insulation jkt
Price: $111.56 Boc edwards Y14109038 1-22" tms kit
Price: $21 Edwards Y14109022 insulation jacket 75MM
Price: $47 Boc helios tms heater 40MM id 50MM long
Price: $17.5 Boc helios execess air act. (spring in) kit
Price: $112.5 Edwards Y12201007 helios air blower, natural gas regulator
Price: $112.5 Edwards Y12201006 helios excess air regulator
Price: $36.55 Boc edwards Y05601413 drain pump tank hox gasket
Price: $57.8 Edwards Y05201207 spacer ring mounting shelf
Price: $345.87 Boc helios quadrants, head assy, 16MM/25MM
Price: $125 Boc edwards Y04999553 tpu 120V tms monitor
Price: $1200 Edwards Y049-99-571 kit tcs, tpu kronis, helious, valve position
Price: $125 Boc helios tpu 120V tms monitor
Price: $65 Edwards Y04210422 packed tower lid tpu
Price: $125 Edwards vacuum Y04210183 interface module i/face
Price: $168.75 Edwards Y04200015 kit, tpu water valve retro kit
Price: $34 Edwards Y02601062 pcs actuator rod extension burn box novellus
Price: $49.57 Boc edwards Y02221008 o-ring viton 0.489"x 0.7" burn box, pack o
Price: $357 Elder communications technologies y-ls-y 100 ft cable 34 wire gr
Price: $12.75 Smc y-G03 double rod clevis
Price: $996.31 Nsk corp/precision america inc xy-HRS060EH202 tester, handler x
Price: $192 Teradyne XVR100 sun XVR100 32MB graphics pci
Price: $21.25 Quad power xpz-1060 belt-v p/n 1513 0045 12.(3/8-1060)
Price: $350 Smc xld-40-X853 valve, l type vacuum high
Price: $106.25 Computer products XL50-8401 pcb power supply dc; 115/230VAC, 65-
Price: $20.4 Cat XH562 input output card housing cover for controller XH561 e
Price: $250 Nagano keiki xgi-2 trocholute gear pump with mikipulley al-095 s
Price: $161.5 Honeywell XFL523B input digital module XFL523 excel
Price: $329.99 Honeywell XF528 input digital 64 XF528 excel
Price: $64.6 Sirena xf-n red nuovo xenoflash rotallarm
Price: $106.86 Honeywell xf 525A output floating module XF525A excel
Price: $11.39 Donaldson xdx-01-4006 cleaning detergent for air suction cart.,
Price: $35.44 Koganei XDA20X225 air cylinder "axis" , frame transfer
Price: $33.73 Koganei XDA20X150 air cylinder "axis"
Price: $127.5 Temptronic corp XA50220 heater, 400W 7.25 x .5
Price: $350.2 Kla-tencor corp X48177 polarizer assembly p/s illumination
Price: $111.56 Yaskawa X3058 transformer
Price: $73.78 Boston X221-2-69 gear output for reductor no 232
Price: $357 Trane mod-0361 module-purge mod-0361
Price: $21 Fabco-air x-121-xk cylinder, air 1-1/8BORE(fabic
Price: $177.85 Ebara x-0001482-4501 holder, ring gemp
Price: $1119.09 Ebara x-0001-49007701 AI8MP-Y0076; chucking, plate gemp
Price: $386.98 Ebara x-0001-482-4301 ring, edge gep
Price: $15 Sojitz pla-net x-0000-274-7301 bracket, arm (b)
Price: $66.94 Taiyo x-0-BASE3 x,0-BASE3 board
Price: $10 Dell WX492 wireless antenna
Price: $17 Fluoroware WU8P straight union 3/4"
Price: $58.78 Thk WTF2040-2 nut, dual-4 l/f loader ball s
Price: $13.6 Fluoroware WT16P fitting pfa tee f.s.1 bw purebond, 244909
Price: $19.95 Compact WSK3 air pneumatic cylinder 24VDC 3 wiresensor limit
Price: $29.95 Werac WS52C receiver, photocell wer WS52C
Price: $15.19 Eos WS465 beam plate
Price: $25.31 Eos WS459 varian magnetic tunnel bottom graphite shield
Price: $25.31 Eos WS458 magnetic tunnel top graphite shield
Price: $25.31 Eos 17335000 resolving dust shield aperture
Price: $15.19 Eos WS435 varian/eaton 17334540; resolving aperture suppression,
Price: $30 Eos WS434 strike plate disk faraday
Price: $25.31 Eos 17E9731 plate disk faraday; varian/eaton 17E9731
Price: $25.31 Eos 17E9730 plate disk faraday
Price: $25.31 Eos WS321 slit, beam width chamb
Price: $25.31 Eos WS317 pole piece 3 in elect, 7103-0180-0001
Price: $14.18 Eos WS316 plate, shielding, graph, 5880-1486-0001
Price: $14.18 Eos WS315 plate shielding graph, 5880-1485-0001
Price: $14.18 Eos WS314 plate graphite scan s, 5880-1481-0002
Price: $15.19 Eos WS313 plate, shielding, graphite, 5880-1351-0002
Price: $15.19 Eos WS312 plate profiler mask, 5880-1351-0002
Price: $15.19 Eos WS311 plate slit taw dual d, 5880-1329-0001
Price: $25.31 Eos WS309 plate beam stop trans, 5880-1247-0002
Price: $25.31 Eos WS308 plate scan graphite f, 5880-0872-0005
Price: $25.31 Eos WS199 support arm G2
Price: $25.31 Eos WS159 varian aperture winged resol
Price: $15.19 Eos WS068 front plate r/L650(modified)
Price: $14.58 Petterson associates, inc. wrs-ifvr sensor, room vav
Price: $35 National WR6161 breaker,AC300V,20A
Price: $10.2 Fluoroware WR16-12P fitting pfa reducer 1 x 3/4BW purebond
Price: $106.25 Mykrolis WPRV200S0 waferpure micro gas purifier for oxide gases
Price: $15.06 Millipore wprv 200 sc waferpure micro gas purification system fo
Price: $191.25 Cat WP50427 dep. mod. scs spares kit
Price: $12.75 Cat WNP10-195-01X24 probe probe card .195X1.5
Price: $29.75 Cerpobe WNP10-150-01X1-5 needles for M6759F sell lot 50
Price: $10 Intel WM3A2100 wireless mini pci card
Price: $10 Unicom wm-02 19" wire minder w/7 d-ring, 1 rack space
Price: $55 Fujikin wl-4X4BW-4-s manifold block
Price: $225 Wj wj-976209-001 pc board analog 8 chanel cca (0)
Price: $250 Wj wj-970145-000 board-display-drv-con
Price: $325 Wj wj-970011-000 board-mfc drive-cca
Price: $350 Wj wj-968121-000 board-cpu, expand- cca
Price: $350 Integration accessories wj-967285-001 board-i/0-mother-w
Price: $275 Aviza wj-965195-802 card,out,temperature controller
Price: $35 Wj wj-083319-000 meter, hour, 24VDC
Price: $53 Millipore WGMS32PRU filter, gas
Price: $60 Saginomiya wgk-PP23 control housing pinion
Price: $20 Saginomiya wgk-PP18 pinion gear
Price: $55 Saginomiya wgk-AA02 control rack pinion
Price: $75 Johnson controls corporation wgk-AA01 pinon, control rack
Price: $125 Millipore WGGB36WS1 filter max press 600PSI
Price: $95 Millipore WGGB01KL0 filter for N2 gun pn
Price: $67.01 Mykrolis WGFZ40H01 ?filter, .05UP act-8 old dev/
Price: $67.5 Entegris WGFV04HP6 filter
Price: $95.63 Millipore WGFG36WR1 inline filter
Price: $65 Millipore WGFG32PRU filter, gas
Price: $100.56 Entegris WGFG06WR1 filter, inline, fltr large (12) 1/4 vc
Price: $89.25 Millipore WGFG06WC1 filter
Price: $225 Millipore WGFG02PRU wafergard inline gas filter
Price: $23.8 Entegris WGFG01HB1 integris / mykrolis millipore mini in-line ga
Price: $55 Sansei WGFG01DSO filter, N3
Price: $55.91 Millipore WG2F02PS1 wafergard ii f-mini xl 1/4" compression seal
Price: $15 National 8 cap, water proof
Price: $17 Metron technology WE16P fitting pfa. ell 90 1 bw purebond
Price: $250 Dkk-toa wdm-135A conductivity probe holder, circulation, output
Price: $29.75 Mann wd 13 145 mann oil filter for comps & turbines
Price: $21.34 Mks-hps division wcsh-0120-0000 board, replacement 120C
Price: $21.25 Systems chemistry-air liquide WBT12-4PFN-1 tee adaptor ?" 1/4" ?
Price: $13.6 Fluoroware WBT12-12PTN-1 fitting pfa union branch tee 3/4 spaces
Price: $19.13 Waters WAT060249 tubing, poly, 10FT
Price: $13.94 Cat WAT026613 kit seal pump-head replacement
Price: $25.5 Kmp wah-052 kmp worldseries filter drier; listed refrigerant fil
Price: $239.02 Honeywell W973J1025 3 panel logic, 24V, 50-60HZ, 8VA, HH8-2AW-01
Price: $45 Potter & brumfield W92-X113-30 circuit breaker, 30A, 277 vac, 50
Price: $15 Potter & brumfield W91-X112-15 breaker, 15A 277V 1PL
Price: $15 Dell W7506 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $500 Edwards 600AB 1000TR 8 vcr 600AB, transducer 1000TR, cajon, 8VCR
Price: $20 Potter & brumfield W67X2Q5-0-30 30.0A 65VDC circuit breaker
Price: $20 Magnecraft W67TCSX-8 24VDC, 5-amp @ 28VDC/128VAC
Price: $12.75 Magnecraft W67SCSX-3 relay 3A 28VDC 5KOHM alarm processor
Price: $15 Magnecraft W67RCSX-2 relay, power, 5A, 28VDC
Price: $21.15 Magnecraft W6102DSX-1 solid state relay, 120VAC, 2 1/2A, input:
Price: $23.99 Dell W5378 inspiron 9300 ati 64MB video card w/heatsink
Price: $15 Allen bradley W33 thermal overload heater
Price: $28 Dwyer W25S-bh pressure gauge. max press. 15 psig
Price: $35.25 Potter & brumfield W23-X1A1G-5 potter & brumfield 5-amp, 250VAC
Price: $200 Sam W22-l pigtail source dpu, W22-l
Price: $125 Air liquide W22-14RS gas bottle connector dpu, W22-14RS
Price: $114.75 Brooks W201-15 ups, smart 400 power system
Price: $11.16 Whitman controls corp. W17V-3H-K12TS 4 hg incr vac
Price: $500 Innersense ltd w-501D-SI12 smart wafer, innersense
Price: $55.79 Steag w-4-3-A4 w-parallel, serial, steag, sotec
Price: $25 Generic heater, overload, W32 10LH, 20LH, 30LH
Price: $17 Skf 8910-0009 skf w-09 / goulds 8910-0009 stl thrust bearing loc
Price: $12.75 Smc VZS2150-5KZ valve, s/s pneumatic
Price: $35 Smc 3870-90283 solenoid, 3-way valve, pressure: 0.15~0.7MPA {1.5
Price: $38.25 Smc VZ3343 valve solenoid, 1/8 pvdf-hp D3, 0.15-0.7 mpa,24V dc
Price: $21.25 Smc VZ3243-5FZ valve; supply press: 0.1~0.7MPA
Price: $21.25 Smc VZ3143-5FZ valve; supply press.: 0.15~0.7MPA
Price: $10.2 Smc VZ3140-5MZB valve, 24VDC
Price: $38.25 Smc VZ312M solenoid valve 312, 24V dc
Price: $38.25 Smc VZ110-5MOZ-M5 solenoid valve, max press. 0~0.7MPA, {0~7.1KGF
Price: $38.25 Smc VZ110 valve, solenoid
Price: $34 Smc MOGCH613--ay smc solenoid valve; disco MOGCH613--ay
Price: $75 Smc vx-3335-X21 smc, vx-3335-X21, valve, solenoid
Price: $125 Tofle VWF800016-a tube, flexible vended pipe
Price: $55.25 Siemens VVP45-25-10 valve, 2-port
Price: $114.75 Landis & staefa VVG41.32 valve two way 1 1/4 VVG41.32
Price: $106.25 Landis & staefa VVG41.25 valve two way 1 VVG41.25
Price: $72.25 Landis & staefa VVG41.20 valve two way 3/4
Price: $170 Siemens VVF41.80 valve two way 3
Price: $82.89 Smc VV3K3-S42-02-X47 valve, sol 2VALVE 24VDC assy
Price: $35 Smc VT317V solenoid valve adjustable
Price: $500 Teledyne hastings instruments vt-6X-01-01-00 hastings gauge, vt-
Price: $191.25 Potter security vsrd-ex switch flow vane type 4 exproof 4 line
Price: $129.1 Bergar lahr VRDM368-50LWBOB z-axis step motor; attachments: mayr
Price: $125 Thk VR3M-200HX28Z 200MM cross roller guide bearing pkg 2
Price: $125 Thk VR3-150HX21Z 150MMX18MMX8MM cross roller guide pkg 2
Price: $55 Smc VQZ3150Y-5L-02 solenoid valve
Price: $55 Smc VQZ2151Y-5L-02 solenoid valve
Price: $45 Smc VQC1A01-5 valve, dbl sol, plug-in, atex, 0.15-0.7 mpa
Price: $100 P.t. products & services inc. VQ1A01Y-5 solonoid valve mesa grip
Price: $29 Smc VQ1101NY-5 solenoid valve
Price: $10.2 Smc VQ110-5F valve, solenoid 24VDC
Price: $15.19 Smc VP544R-5GS-02A solenoid valve
Price: $125 Smc VP542-5GSC-02AF valve, solenoid base
Price: $35 Pisco 237757 vacuum pad; strasbaugh 237757
Price: $15.19 Metron VP344R-5GS-02A smc, solenoid valve, press. 0.2~0.8MPA
Price: $15.19 Metron VP344-5GS smc, solenoid VALVE7, main press. -101.2KPA~0.8
Price: $70.94 Koganei VO30E1-psl cylinder, pneumatic for if-b
Price: $19.25 Metron VO307V-5GS solenoid VALVE4
Price: $170 Cat vmb-06-T2862-fg-20715 N20 stick type 6
Price: $191.25 Cat vmb-04-T5060-fg-20714 low vapor pressure source stick type 4
Price: $115 Imk vm-90A vibrate, switch no.1 brower
Price: $837 Baldor VL3515 motor, 2 hp, 115/230 volts, 23/11.5 amps, 3450 rpm
Price: $45 Yokogawa VGH1-026-AAA0 conditioner, signal,input 4-20MADC,100-24
Price: $35 Smc VJ514RY solenoid valve, 1.5~7KGF/cm^2
Price: $523.97 San lab systems VHSLS1049 1.5 inch dia 70MM snap; sls 1042, prec
Price: $109.35 San lab systems VHSLS1021 sls 1021; roller, 1.5 inch dia 70MM lo
Price: $45 Smc VHS30-N02-bz 3 port, residual pressure relief valve
Price: $19 Smc VHS2000-02 shut-off valve, pressure: 0.1~1.0MPA, {1~10.2KGF/
Price: $125 Valcom VHR3-A4-s-4 pressure transducer, switch, ebara, range -10
Price: $10 Pisco CT024-013340-1 pt filter mount pisco VFUH2 / tokyo electro
Price: $10.84 Pisco VFU3-66 filter vaccume d=22.5 l=66MM tubed
Price: $75 Dwyer vfc-122 flow meterseries vfc visi-float, flow meter, 690KP
Price: $225 Valcom VDP4-A6-1KPA-t-4 pressure sensor 316 ss
Price: $11.7 Klockner-moeller vde 0660-5 entry feeder-cable from the front cd
Price: $29.04 Visys inc vcsd-5.5-d cable, camera for 8808 rotary
Price: $81.53 Valex VCR5X15 fitting coax tee purge w/vcr .5X.25
Price: $500 Schumacher vap-VS4 kit, solid source vaporizar retrofit system
Price: $600 Inficon VAH040-a hook hand valve aluminium DN40K
Price: $21.26 Humphrey VA250AE1 3 10 21A valve, general purpose
Price: $17.66 Mmsi pte ltd VA0018311 coupling, servo motor ia-12GI
Price: $19.41 Valex V7-aaa-15 fitting SS316L tee f.s.1-1/2 X0.065 bw r
Price: $15.62 Skinner V55DA2100 skinner valve
Price: $30.98 Mit V38C24RJPX-95-crk kit, rebuild hydralic pump o-ring; 38C24RJ
Price: $21.42 Valex V31-aa-75-x-5 fitting SS316L X1/2 bw.RA30
Price: $20 Valex V31-aa-5-16X-1-7-8 orbital weld conical reducer.3/4 X1/2 b
Price: $10.33 Ultron V2LA120323 bulkhead, 1/4-M6
Price: $111.54 Nagano keiki seisakusho. ltd. KH15 KH15 pressure transmitter
Price: $385 Varian V08-500032-3 pcb fil pre ampl
Price: $25 Fluoroware pfa vent trap, tankle-W050-00D2096
Price: $600 Yaskawa electric ugqmem-02MAK0E rl robot z drive motor
Price: $13.6 Fluoroware UT8T-8-8TFN-1 fitting pfa. red. union tee 1/2 t space
Price: $17 Fluoroware UT8T-12-8TFN-1 fitting pfa. union tee 1/2 x 3/4 x 1/2
Price: $13.56 Entegris UT6-4-6FN-1 union tee, reducer 3/8-1/4-3/8
Price: $11.95 Entegris UT4FN-1 tee, flaretec furnace
Price: $20.4 Fluoroware UT12T-12-2TEN-1 fitting pfa. union tee 3/4 t spacesav
Price: $17 Entegris UT12FN-1 entegris / fluoroware UT12FN-1 tee, union, fla
Price: $191.25 Ushio ush-205S ushio super high pressure mercury lamp
Price: $125 Ckd USG3-6-1-e valve, solenoid 316 ss, 24 volts, 4 watts, pressu
Price: $142.8 Ckd T012-002493-1 solenoid valve a/l sub-chuck, T012-002493-1, 5
Price: $73.78 Sa us-602 s strip heater 1
Price: $225 Okazki UR30471W probe okazki, UR30471W, resistance bulb
Price: $195.5 Furon uprm-144-60-m 1/4 back pressure regulator (envoy)
Price: $350 Furon uprm-144-30-m regulator; uprm 1/4 1/4F, 30-psi m; pfa tefl
Price: $225 Furon 307319-003 valve pfa, pneumatic, 3-way, 1/2" orifice,3/4"
Price: $15.06 Furon UPM2-6812NO-aok valve
Price: $21.25 Airpax UPGX1-1-61-502-c-91 circuit breaker, f.l amps: 5, 277 max
Price: $490.47 Vexta UPD599H-b driver, 1.0 ohm pulse, motor/ with controller
Price: $81 Comtrol upci/oct-DB25-r rocketport pci universal octicable DB25
Price: $25 Scitec technical products inc UPC7011 film printing pack color f
Price: $50 Sony upc-7031 ohp printing pack for color printer mavigraph, let
Price: $45 Sony upc-7011 color printing pack for color printer mavigraph, 1
Price: $75 Furon upbm 1/2 1/2FB p model: upbm 1/2 1/2FB p, p/n: upbm-788-p;
Price: $23.8 Schmitt UP115 rotating
Price: $165 Knf neuberger UNMP50 vacuum pump / compressor minature 12VDC
Price: $24 Hagemeyer north america inc une-127 kit haz-mat shipping materal
Price: $125 Nippo ltd ump-09496 outer ring, inner ALPHA8
Price: $195 Yokogawa UM350-00 digital indicating controller
Price: $12.75 Manufacturing integration technolog um-TL50S photo sensor (light
Price: $19.44 Nippon valqua o-ring, ultic armor 334.7X48.7X3.7
Price: $275 Teisan ulsi-02000500X regulator, ulsi-02000500X
Price: $85 Skf ukp-213 adapter sleeve H2315 n.s.k for a/c cah-1
Price: $20 Matsushita UJDA330 slim line cd-rw laptop drive; fru p/n: 08K961
Price: $104 Oriental motor UG678K pulse generator, AC100V +10%, 50/60HZ, 0.1
Price: $225 Briskheat UFSL13561TSN-007 heater nitride offset 13 standard gas
Price: $23.7 Verschleibteilsatz ii ufm-T6 o-ring service kit
Price: $40 Iwata and co ltd 6 fitting, union elbow, reducing
Price: $40 Iwata and co UER6-4E fitting, union elbow, reducing teflon
Price: $30 Ami UEFT204-12 bearing pillow block accu-loc concentric collar l
Price: $170 Ue-a-matic ue- 8808 ue a-matic ue 8808 230W switching power supp
Price: $44.63 Clippard 73849-01 novellus 73849-01 cilinder, universal mount, d
Price: $15.94 Clippard instrument lab inc udr-08-1-mb clippard cylinder stainl
Price: $12.75 Clippard udr-05-1-2 cylinder, 1/8X17/32 air
Price: $63.75 Allegro UDN2954W allegro i.c. step motor driver cybor pump 2954W
Price: $45 Oriental motor UDK5114N servo motor driver 5 phase
Price: $500 Oriental motor UDK5107NW2 oriental motor company 5-phase driver
Price: $106.25 Watford UCTAE67 watford delay on timer; p/n 024L00482
Price: $125.54 Daikin 2-39-79522 dns 2-39-79522; float, humidifier 200W
Price: $2125 Meiden UA201/108A controller - dns sk 2000
Price: $13.6 Asco U8325B6V valve solenoid 110V-50HZ SV5A-nc
Price: $400 Tara technologies corp U69890 ina 65286 fld rpl only beamline be
Price: $100 Edwards U40000136 switch press 6PSI gold contact; whitman contro
Price: $41.25 Metron U3ATRM2021/HAATRM200 hand/sheet
Price: $26.25 Metron technology(shanghai) ltd U3ATRM2018/UBATRM200 hand/sheet
Price: $70 Edwards U30004980 regulator 1/2FNPT non-reliev.
Price: $215 Air liquide U22SSS2W101024F24FG regulator, U22SSS-2W-1010-24F24F
Price: $150 Air liquide U20SVS-2Y-1010-84M84M regulator 316 ss, ulsi-150010-
Price: $250 Crown U20SSS-2W-1010-24F24F regulator 316 ssyutaka for high puri
Price: $123.25 Filterite U20AW30A EC1A filter cartridge U20AW30AEC1A brunswick
Price: $38.25 Kip U141131 solenoid assy, 6 watts, 24VDC, 150 mopd
Price: $12.75 Milton U115-c-29 shaft pin schmitt pump U115/c pn 29
Price: $63.75 Hydrel U01 hy-227409 U01 hy-227409, esec 140.1190.1/01; linear g
Price: $25 Omega u-cp thermocouple plug, pack of 7
Price: $85 Siemens u-08B plc simatic 8-slot rack
Price: $191.25 Siemens u-05T output relay module
Price: $127.5 Asahi type 57 butterfly valve wafer pvdf
Price: $30 Thomas & betts TY53MX identification ty-rap(r) cable tie, pack o
Price: $25 Thomas & betts TY53MX identification ty-rap(r) cable tie, tie le
Price: $75 Micropolis 4221 hard drive, scsi
Price: $450 Bionics instrument tx-900 kfp sensor exhaust gas bromine BR2 0-1
Price: $20.49 Koganei twinport cylinder, 25X300MM dbl act end mt
Price: $60 Petterson associates, inc. tvr-cm interface, tuc-vr
Price: $150 Toho tv-013-ciff-3/4 valve teflon, shutoff
Price: $25 Generic tungsten halogen lamp, 78MM, 220-240V, 200W
Price: $125 Sms TUB1B0008 sms spike tube-quartz - 6MM
Price: $120.49 Fairchild TT800-004 transducer
Price: $125 Texas instruments TSP50C34 pcb, pwa, Q2/62, src board
Price: $38.25 Skf tsna-609-g seals, double-lip
Price: $21.25 Accurate gas control systems inc tsk-b accurate gas control syst
Price: $125 Tokyo electron TS3286-000265-15 wire ground chuck p-8; 026514
Price: $135 Tokyo electron (tel) TS3286-000045-14 theta motor assembly, 0.75
Price: $217.6 Kla-tencor corp TS285-003013-1 arm unload.
Price: $42.5 Cat TS26-ns ptfe gasket 10 pack jis W26-r
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron TS035-542322-1 tokyo electron switch, push button
Price: $225 Naigai tech kaisha ltd ` valve diastar pvc/epdm 1", air operatio
Price: $20 Rechner sensors ts-120-npn-a sensor capacitive; 6FT
Price: $100 Rechner sensors ts-120-mpm-a sensor capacitive
Price: $20 Omega trx-005132-7.3 ceramic thermocouple insulators, incomplete
Price: $500 Entegris TRVWACE3S tr ate CL1 c/v ucm 15NM 1 T3S
Price: $25 Tru tru-8027-snt rf fitting qds-ul to qc adapter
Price: $42.5 Trane TRR00977 transformtor cnt power 115Q24 v trr 0977
Price: $15 Gold shawmut TRM5 fuse, 250 vac, 5 amp, pack of 6
Price: $30 L-com 6102-0056-05 5E patch cable, RJ45 / RJ45, violet 7.0 ft pk
Price: $10 L-com 6102-0056-27 7FT category 5E patch cable
Price: $22 L-com TRD695RA2BLK-3 CAT6 right angle RJ45 ethernet patch cord p
Price: $25 Ferraz shawmut TR40R 40A 250V ac,tri-onic dual element time dela
Price: $75.3 Celerity TR0001346803 transducer, pressure
Price: $125 Eci tech TQ503255 preamp
Price: $135 Surpass industry tpl-5A-n gauge, pressure sensor,range:0-500KPA,
Price: $150 Beco tp-2W8P-c-AB0 valve; tp-2W8P-c.AB0 teflon
Price: $125 Beco tp-2W8P-0 valve ptfe teflon
Price: $95 Saginomiya TNSC1070CL5Q017-65DEG sensor, oil temperature TNSC107
Price: $45 Compact air TNK2B0028 compact air stainless steel piston agitato
Price: $40.77 Cat tnf-m level controller 110V oz-on, 400 vac, 5A/2000 w
Price: $336 Avaya TN2224_S4_VH8F15 card, univ. digital 24 port lin
Price: $125 Ckd TMD00-X6 valve pfa
Price: $15 Phoenix contact tmc 1 M1 100 breaker, circuit 250VAC/65VDC
Price: $420.75 Toshiba TM1S-vr-02PB TM1S-p ce pure in-line gas filter could be
Price: $15.19 Metron tl-W1R5MC1 proximity SWITCH2
Price: $13.6 Parker tky-w-4.5X3 convum pneumatic air cylinder; tky-w-4.5X3; b
Price: $13.6 Myotoku ltd tky-w-4.5 x 3 cylinder, 4.5MMX3MM
Price: $637.5 Cat 551720228 panel touch
Price: $45 Omega TJ36-icss-146-2.5 probe t/c
Price: $400 Hytec TIP106A10 10" cartridge housing, high temp ptfe
Price: $63.75 Hp ths-HP4085A-KLA1007 bar torsion small (ths-HP4085A/KLA1007)
Price: $35 Mcmaster-carr ths-4 ss bolt shoulder, pack of 50
Price: $21.25 C&k TH01-2 5-amp 250V switch hiac/royco,particle
Price: $35 Mitsubishi th-N60TA-67A relay, thermal
Price: $29 Mitsubishi th-N60-54A relay, thermal
Price: $29 Mitsubishi th-N60-42A relay, thermal
Price: $29 Mitsubishi th-N60-35A th-N60 relay, thermal
Price: $75 Mitsubishi th-N220HZKP105A relay, thermal
Price: $20 Mitsubishi th-N20-11A th-N20 relay, thermal
Price: $15 Mitsubishi th-N18-5A relay, thermal
Price: $30 Mitsubishi th-N120TA-105A relay, thermal
Price: $30 Mitsubishi th-N120KP-67A relay, thermal
Price: $75 Mitsubishi th-n-220HZ-125A relay, thermal
Price: $75 Mitsubishi th-n-220HZ-105A relay, thermal
Price: $60 Toto th-668V12 valve, electromagnetic hand wash basin
Price: $59.5 Nor-cal th-300-20-2ISO fitting ss. flex hose ISO80 X20 l. thick
Price: $46.75 Tgk tgk-210 tgk heater controller (nison bath heater)
Price: $10.2 Gore tex TF2GK teflon gasket kit pn TF2GK for pump M2KT
Price: $20 Tokyo electron (tel) TEL0423-23-54005 centering ring ss iso 100
Price: $20.06 Fulljet tef 6S0. nozzle spray di(cone) ssco. fulljet 1/8HH tef 6
Price: $250 Ckd tec-c-07-3-X1 esc-ctlr; exhaust switching controller; AC120V
Price: $225 Acopian TD15-450M dual tracking power supply
Price: $80.75 Conlab tct-3 conlab tct-3 isolated thermocouple transmitter semi
Price: $10.2 New ark tcss 1100 optocoupler
Price: $350 Total control solutions tcs-005-01655-002 monitor 17" flat panel
Price: $1800 Pfeiffer tcp 600 power supply: input: 110/220 v, 50/60HZ, 15 a,
Price: $106.25 Lam tcp 9600 interactive maintenance system, ims software cd rom
Price: $75 Kitz sct TCD4MS-gc-546-r-ep-316L valve actuator
Price: $75 Kitz sct TCD4CI-1/3-gcf-65-ep-316L valve actuator TCD4CI-1/3-gcf
Price: $12.75 Ina TC2031 bearing,rulon high performance flange
Price: $200 Novellus TC100032 digital rail pcb
Price: $45 Omega tc-k-npt-u-72 k-type thermo couple high temp leads
Price: $375 Aera fc-785C mass flow controller, range 300 sccm, gas N2
Price: $375 Aera fc-785C mass flow controller, 2SLM, SIH4
Price: $65 Fil-tech tc-06M thermocouple vacuum gauge
Price: $250 Aera tc fc-985CBF-1000SCCM-ar mass flow controller; serial #: 24
Price: $250 Advanced energy tc fc-786CY-bf mass flow controller aera NF3 1SL
Price: $66.94 Fujifilm tc 2000 eprom 26 sw 03030, 2 sw 07021, 7 SW03034
Price: $12.75 Mitsubishi TBN100XL037 belt
Price: $11.85 Mks instruments tbm-15 adaptor, terminal block 15P
Price: $12.75 Misumi usa inc 80XL belt, strip onload width driv
Price: $35 Netmercury ta-gi-pvdf-44-w gauge, protector guard, di phos injec
Price: $10 Dell T9503 24X cdr sff optiplex
Price: $35.06 Pall corp T93077200040 filterite disposable pleated polypropylen
Price: $35.06 Pall corp T93077003040 filterite disposable pleated polypropylen
Price: $68 Cat T915 feedthru spacer reactor
Price: $10 Dell T9016 internal wireless mini-pci card
Price: $125 Usf T8121223300 cmp 102-10UV-M3 300
Price: $75 Filterite T7514000300 CA3/8-cmpd 0.5-10U-M3V 300
Price: $137.16 H-square corp. T693PKAS molded tip
Price: $14 H-square corp T692PKAS wafer wand molded tip, vacuum narrow push
Price: $191.25 Cox T632 pcb six channel capacitive sensors
Price: $124 Hitachi kokusai electric inc T606063 heater blanket kit pipe, he
Price: $17.85 Ametric T5-780 156-tooth timing belt
Price: $15 Metron T5-10-51 u#type timing BELT1
Price: $125 Memtec T3BB10Y-M3 memtec filterite filter
Price: $30 Advantec co ltd T3-263 tube, gas flexible
Price: $391 Tokyo electron T282-003587-1 arm wafer handling b (lh prober)
Price: $64.6 Kla-tencor corp T281-600219-3 pcb handling arm u/d limit assembl
Price: $149.6 Kla-tencor corp T281-600203-1 pcb display
Price: $17 Cat T214-269 spacer pivoting arm
Price: $875 Dupont gpl 100 krytox performance lubricant; 60164-51-4 svg T200
Price: $21.3 Ge T10-06E-5-0 transmitter, pressure
Price: $29.75 Klockner-moeller T1-3-130 klockner-moeller flush mounting cam sw
Price: $63.75 Klockner-moeller T1-1-8200 klockner-moeller flush mounting switc
Price: $29.75 Klockner-moeller T1-1-15301 klockner-moeller flush mounting cam
Price: $625.6 Asml T06734-08 chuck spindle 150MM developer, delrin chuck, (tab
Price: $40.8 Tokyo electron T036-001589-1 tokyo electron pressure switch pe-1
Price: $55 Pall T003BB10Y-M3 usf fluoropolymer series filter cartridges
Price: $42 Advantest T002X16M67XX tray test fixture M67XX, U144INF/67., spe
Price: $12.75 Parker 00034602-00 game-22-01 elbow pargrip .5-32 tu x 1-8M - np
Price: $15.19 Nissin-allis t-53B sensor micro photo
Price: $35 Air liquide t-35-2 thermocouple, k type
Price: $42.5 Harrington t-271 minator for herrington - t-271 ppl 2X3
Price: $15 Mcmaster carr nylon t tube fittings, pack of 50
Price: $24 Synchroflex t-2-5-540-fa drive belt; t 2,5/540 fa
Price: $45 Smc SZ3160-5LOZ-C4 solenoid valve
Price: $163.2 Skf syt 75 f skf syt 75 f; pop release
Price: $10.2 Smc SYJA712-01T valve, solenoid .15~.7MPA 3PO
Price: $15.19 Metron SYJ5223-5GSD-M5 solenoid valve;solenoid VALVE8, supply pr
Price: $17.85 Dns SYJ3180-5LOU valve, solenoid 12VDC shuttle
Price: $15.19 Metron SYJ314R-5GSD-M5 solenoid valve;solenoid VALVE5
Price: $13.95 Smc SYJ314M-5LOZ ev,sinle port
Price: $75 Smc SY5120-5MOZ-N9T solenoid valve
Price: $29.75 Smc 2-39-66714 solenoid valve; dns 2-39-66714
Price: $125 Smc SY114-5LZB valve solenoid 6 pos assy., base mt, sol
Price: $20 Schumacher SY114-5LZB solenoid,24VDCWO'ride switch ev,lrm,teos,b
Price: $340 Synel sy-65 access commun. control synel SY65
Price: $123.25 Synel sy-42 cardreader synel SY40/2(on line)inc.powe
Price: $420.75 Semigas sy-2008 main module ( dpd - sycoom ) semigas, gas system
Price: $671.5 Semigas sy-2007 piv-process inlet valve-module ( dpd-syc semigas
Price: $129.78 Semel ltd sy-2006 sov pneumatic valve eso vmb, 70-125 psi air ma
Price: $187 Semigas sy-2004 pgi-purge gas inlet-module (dpd - sycoom semigas
Price: $106.25 Semigas sy-2003 pgs-purge gas supply semigas, gas systems
Price: $107.95 Semigas sy-2002 pli-process line isolation ( dpd - sycoo semel l
Price: $17 Trane swt-1679 trane switch; bpi vane indicator; warner-bernstei
Price: $15 Toshiba X6858 cd-rw ide drive; dell X6858
Price: $20 Computize inc SVP23N1-25 cable kwm vga PS2 25FT copper remote mo
Price: $276.25 Parker SVC508M10808-10 valve single vertical 1 main X1 branch
Price: $395.42 Parker 48098-3 uhp valve ss single vertical 1 main x 3/4
Price: $255 Parker SVC504M10804-10 valve single vertival 1 main X1-2 bra
Price: $317.32 Parker SVC504M10606-10 valve ss single verical 3/4 main x 3/4
Price: $165.75 Parker SVC2195M6-7 valve single vertical cross 1-2 x 1-5 e
Price: $165.75 Parker SVC2195M-7 valve single vertical cross 1-2 x 1-5 e
Price: $1195 Yamato electric works svc-2403PJB chemical heater high purity
Price: $15.06 Valcor SV6IC56P3 valve
Price: $15.06 Valcor SV61C19P3 valve
Price: $15.06 Valcor SV54C56CP1A solenoid valve 110VAC 190PSI
Price: $125 Wasco inc SV120-3-W2A-x-9217VAC-sw switchvac 100TORR w/kf 16
Price: $41.25 Sensorik sv-45/30/15-n-s sie sensoric sv-45/30/15-n-s electronic
Price: $125 Motoyama SUSF316L valve, air-operate, 2ES4CV-1LC (nc)
Price: $25 Tel SUS304T1.0 cover, burn out
Price: $40 Iwata and co ltd SUR4-2E fitting, straight union, reducing teflo
Price: $20 Fluoroware SU8F-8GN-6M 1/2" flaretek to 1/2" tube adapter
Price: $55 Entegris SU12-4FN-1 entegris / fluoroware fitting - pfa 3/4 x 1/
Price: $900 Verteq STQD800-CC50-mc-2-scp-1077577 power supply,120V,50/60 hz
Price: $500 Seiko seiki stp-300 pump body
Price: $14.14 Sanyo STK7406T w regulator ic STK7400 series fixed oscillating t
Price: $12.75 Smartheat stds-CF1 filters and chamber liners kit desolder
Price: $199.1 Recif idlw display board, carrier rotation management
Price: $222.75 Recif idlw display board, lower axis management
Price: $225 Recf idlw display racket interface board
Price: $125 Ascent ST81295 bottle cap pressure
Price: $55.79 Thk lm system STUU80 THKST80UU bearing lm stroke, id 90MM, od 11
Price: $25 Semix ST161 ring cup - drain for 5" wafer- mark
Price: $35 Semix ST159 cup cover, drain for all size wafer- mark
Price: $10.2 Thk ST12UU bearing, 12X22X32MM linear s
Price: $150 Ktm st-F8 valve ball 316 ss, st-F8, npt
Price: $35.69 Takenaka SST810L width detector, seeka transmitter takex
Price: $33.75 Scientech sst-ipa semittool filter used for ipa,not us; cvdi 01T
Price: $33.75 Scientech sst-ACT935 semittool filter used for ATC935,not
Price: $850 Teknic sst-1500-xcw & m-2348-fx teknic servo drive firmware: V1.
Price: $25 Bearings limited SSRIF8516 single roll bearing pkg 5
Price: $11.86 New hampshire ball bearing ssri-1438ZZ precision roller bearing,
Price: $45 Precision consolidated ssr-12-2RS precision bearing
Price: $350 Nihon digital denshi 853-S040471-001 power supply; 853-S040471-0
Price: $4200 Sinfonia ssm-2075BGMS-c sumitomo cyclo drive cnvx-4105-lb-11 wit
Price: $14.44 Lintec ssd-l-16-5-T2V-d cylinder, 16X5MM dbl act hsg
Price: $24.65 Ckd ssd-dl-16-10 cylinder, 16X10MM dbl act hsg
Price: $35 Ingersoll-rand company SS800L-12 rear end plate pump ss
Price: $320 Ingersoll-rand SS800G-11 plate, front end
Price: $450 Kobe steel SS800-K3 cylinder kit
Price: $250 Kobe steel SS800-A202 pump housing end plate ss ,
Price: $60 Ingersoll rand SS800-42A-5 vane, packet for air motor M800-42 ks
Price: $470 Kobe steel SS800-140 hosing, motor, 1
Price: $132.26 Flotect SS60 switch flow assembly M14061-009
Price: $75 Gsi SS4UA951D-00 sensor, chiller temperature
Price: $20.4 Dockweiler SS316L fitting end cap E6732, 1-1/2 X0.065 bw.r, 38,1
Price: $65 Wj SS3121 load door bulkhead flexli
Price: $250 Cat SS3010001 ring, protective edge
Price: $15 Swagelok ss-wvcr-1-4 connector ss-wvcr-1-4
Price: $225 Swagelok ss-TH8TA8TA8-660 hose braided ss 1/2 inch, length 50 fe
Price: $55 Swagelok 510763 water line, shutter 16"
Price: $22 Swagelok ss-QC4-b-8MO quick, connect
Price: $25 Swagelok ss-QC4-b-2PMK3 fitting, ss instrumentation quick-connec
Price: $45 Swagelok ss-CHVCR4S4-kz-5 check valve sc-11 clean, tube fitting,
Price: $29.75 Swagelok ss-CHVC4-10 nupro checkvalve
Price: $127.5 Nupro ss-BNVCR4-px-20 high-purity bellows-sealed valve; ss-BNVCR
Price: $150 Swagelok ss-BNVCR4-p-c valve
Price: $150 Swagelok ss-BNV51-ab bellows sealed valve, 1/4", female vcr face
Price: $129.37 Swagelok ss-BNFR4-px-2C alve gas h-pressure fimaile
Price: $15.06 Swagelok ss-BN8T8A-p-c valve
Price: $85.41 Parker ss-BN8FR8-zd valve bellows nupro ss 1/2 vcr ss-BN8FR8; 8V
Price: $38.25 Swagelok ss-bn-0-K10 less body kit sc-11 clean
Price: $12.75 Nupro ss-8F-K4-140 140 micron filter strainer kit
Price: $114.31 Swagelok ss-8CPA2-50 valve pressure safety valve
Price: $10 Swagelok ss-8-vcr-p swagelok 1/2" plug, vcr fitting
Price: $28 Swagelok ss-7P4TA6TA6-45CM 7P poly pure 1/4 (6.4MM) wp 2750 psig
Price: $12.75 Swagelok ss-6MO-6 swagelok reducing union
Price: $38.25 Nupro ss-6CKZ-100-7203 check valve poppet, 3/8", 100 psi
Price: $95 Swagelok ss-6BK-tw valve
Price: $15 Swagelok ss-600-8-8 fitting, male connector, 3/8 in. tube od x 1
Price: $25.5 Swagelok ss-6-mta-7-8R6 swagelok pressure gauge screwing R1/2"
Price: $38.25 Omron ss-5GL13 omron micro switch with lever
Price: $106.25 Nupro ss-4TF-tw-pm-05 filter inline nupro .5 micron 1/4 T915
Price: $38.25 Swagelok ss-4TF-K2 filter gasket kit
Price: $63.75 Swagelok ss-4CA-ep-50 valve relief p/n 02730
Price: $255 Swagelok ss-4BY-1C-6226 valve
Price: $150 Swagelok ss-4BMRG-tw valve, seal bellows
Price: $206.38 Swagelok ss-4BK-vpli-1CM valve assembly+1/4 swaglok ends on-spec
Price: $106.25 Cajon company ss-4BHT-14 ptfe-lined, ss braided hose assembly, 1
Price: $139.91 Whitey ss-45F8-33C-1466 valve ball ss whitey SERIES45 pnu nc 1/2
Price: $58.24 Whitey ss-45F8-1466 valve ball ss whitey series 45 1/2 nptf.
Price: $11.48 Swagelok ss-4-vcr-flc fitting lock and tag device for valves
Price: $55 Ozak ss-20-600 20 x 600L shaft
Price: $15 Cajon ss-2-ut-12 connector gas feed tube
Price: $27.11 Mcc ss-1RM4-S4 valve
Price: $75 Integrated power supply srw-45-1001 power supply 5 vdc 9AMP; 708
Price: $165 Omron SRT2-VOD08S terminal, sensor sourse: 14-24VDC, output: 8PO
Price: $36.89 Generic SRPR075V regulator pvdf repair kit SKPR075V
Price: $350 Smc SRH3000-02 regulator 316 ss
Price: $300 Seibu srh-007 ss ball valve with qace actuator
Price: $140 Smc SR4111-03-X220 regulator
Price: $125 Smc SR4110-03-X220 clean regulator ss 316L, set pressure: 0.5~7K
Price: $65 Smc SR3101-02-X220 SR3101 regulator
Price: $250 Smc SR3101 regulator 316 ss
Price: $38.25 Gordos SR3027 heater, chuck 250W
Price: $191.25 Shimaden SR20-405I-4412-NL784P0 controller ph model SR20
Price: $127.5 Nemic-lambda SR110-12-pv 12V 10A switching regulator; SR110-12/p
Price: $20 Idemitsu sr-400G daphne eponex grease sr 400G; ??????sr
Price: $82 Smc sr-3110-02 SR3110 regulator
Price: $141.17 Lam research sr-24-1Y controller shimaden sr-24-1Y dry contact
Price: $125 Parker SQMICROHF502PBIS valve check 316 ss veriflo 45400622PA
Price: $125 Parker SQMICRO502PBIS valve check 316 ss veriflo 45400622PA
Price: $35.43 Smc SQ1A31-5-C4-m ozone water pressure sensor
Price: $40 Rucker & kolls inc spx-260-5 tool pcr micro-talon pusher std. (o
Price: $82.43 Go inc spr-1C21K5A114 regulator, 1/4MVCR 1-30PSIA
Price: $11.02 Origa SPP210-25/385MM (origa) kit, repair for P210-20-25038
Price: $225 Spm spm-16020 pps guide ring; speedfam ring; 364067 / 17098
Price: $101.25 Teradyne spk-GVS2600R spare parts for GVS2600R
Price: $318.75 Carten spdst-500-049-500-049-PC1 carten ultra-high purity valves
Price: $25 Spc SPC19783 spc compliant modular junction box, 5 outlets, 11 i
Price: $10.2 Cat spb 3550 belt spb 3550
Price: $22 Daito SP410L 250V 1A fuse pkg 10
Price: $35 Tel SP3BC0066 cable, z-tower motherboard power
Price: $55 Recf idlw display z-axis saftey encoder
Price: $27.11 Prometrix SP3113 canon CN35-06203 DN35-T13G2B motor, door
Price: $15.06 Prometrix SP3102 regulator, 50 psi
Price: $38.32 Hoerbiger origa SP125-v-SX580MM kit, repair P125-s/20X580MM
Price: $75 Wasco SP120-31W2B-x 26149-2 pressure switch; maximum pressure: 3
Price: $26.52 Banner engineering corp. SP100E 19708 wafer sensor emit.
Price: $42.5 Cat SP04269 rod assy.
Price: $106.25 Origa sp-P210-32MX1250MMVM hoerbiger repair kit
Price: $27.11 Frost sp-723 sensor, photo electric
Price: $106.25 Uinics co sp-593RT-P2-av-bi-sl-A2 hcl flow indicator
Price: $41.25 Regent SOK30-2040 center pole
Price: $72.25 Skf SNL508-607 split pillow block bearing hous snh 508 tg
Price: $17 Texas instruments SN74S244N octal buffers and line drivers with
Price: $12.75 Texas instruments SN74S157N ic 74S139 dual 1 or 4 dec *32 per pa
Price: $33.04 Texas instruments SN74S08N ic 74L08 quad 2-1 and gate **20 per p
Price: $20 St 6100251 texas instruments ic 74LS74
Price: $21.25 Texas instruments SN74LS640N ic 74LS640 octal inv bus trans.3-st
Price: $85 Texas instruments SN74LS374N ic 74LS374 octal d.ff 3-state **149
Price: $13.6 Texas instruments SN74LS241N octal buffer/line driver with 3-sta
Price: $118.15 Texas instruments SN74LS240N ic 74LS240 octal inv bus/line dvr *
Price: $21.25 Texas instruments SN74HCT374N octal edge-triggered d-type flip-f
Price: $12.75 Texas instruments SN74221N ic 74221 pn 6100022
Price: $12.92 Integrated flow systems, inc SN4-f nut 1/4 female split nut
Price: $15 Nippon bearing smt-8GUU bearing, 8X15X24MM two-side cut flange t
Price: $29.97 Nb SMS12GUU bearing, 12X21X30MM slide bus
Price: $225 Mrm SMP2-15TF-pb valve, manual teflon
Price: $16 Nippon bearing co. smk-13GUU slide bush bearing, 13X23X32MM sq f
Price: $11.33 Nb corporation of america SMF16WUU bearing, 15X27MM round head
Price: $33.86 Ion systems smd-type-c capacitor tantalum 22MF 16V , roll of 498
Price: $17 Ion systems smd-1206 capacitor 1NF 10VDC smd 1206, roll of 500
Price: $25 Nanotech 35-04 driver, SMC42 motor 1A/phase
Price: $140.25 Polygyr smc 61 actuator for damper smc-61
Price: $12 Besi SM2320V1 pcb, SM2320V1, piggy back
Price: $101.25 Egs sls-24-024T solav hevi-duty linear open frame dc power suppl
Price: $15 Imation 438-291 imation SLR1-150MB cartridge, tape exabyte-150MB
Price: $125 Millipore corp SLR0153E1 filter, solaris device for cmp process
Price: $18.07 Keyence slc-1-D9 level sensor (capacitance) lufran 24V
Price: $45 Sunx SL54H fiber optic sensor amplifier
Price: $11.95 Crc industries SL3161 14OZ hi-temp disc brake bearing grease
Price: $50.25 Generic SKPR100V regulator pvdf repair kit SKPR100V
Price: $110.5 Plast-o-matic SKPR050V plast-o-matic regulator pvdf repair kit
Price: $148.75 Landis & gyr SKC61 landis & gyr skc 61 polygyr
Price: $55.79 Hp SK826-1411-1197 assembly, printed circuit board, telesound
Price: $33 Radar inc SK4932 sensor, optical wip encoder
Price: $125 Su SK1114N-21992 heater pad; 2028 volts; 500 watts
Price: $251.53 Sensorik SK1-20-M30-p-b-8 sensor cap idi; 3-1/2FT long
Price: $25 Amat sk-sb-971029-21-R1 vacuum flange, stainless steel, 304 esr
Price: $41.25 Sensorik sk-4-10-b sie sensorik electronic sensor
Price: $212.5 Bicc general cable sk-300-679877-156 brown flexable wire 25MM2 1
Price: $50 Sie sk-1-5-6-5-b sk-1.5-6.5-b sensor, capacitive flush mnt, 7FT
Price: $25 Mcmaster-carr SJN062027XL sealing WASHER14 id x 5/8" od--pack of
Price: $350 Siemens simatic S5-100U controller, compact, cpu 103, 20KB, 1 x
Price: $15 Silicon image X8760 orion ADD2-n dual pad pci-e X16 dvi card; de
Price: $750 Millipore corp SI3M035R5 t-line gas purification system for hci
Price: $500 Millipore SI3M034R5 filter housing 316 ss - .05UM seal gas
Price: $801.56 Shibaura SHA1852G-1 esc power supply
Price: $93.75 Mykrolis SH5M191J4 F18 vco sus housing for tel
Price: $187.5 Tel SH5M017T1 16 notch filter housing
Price: $15.3 Taiyo SH3-D20 cylinder, silkychuck
Price: $37.79 Disco hi-tec SH3-910101 block, pogo
Price: $1020 Bionics instrument sh-2607TS-n analyzer teos bionics model sh-26
Price: $374 Yaskawa sgmah-A3B1AG761 ac servo motor, servo ac positioning
Price: $150 Pall 22-00090-00 filter, 0.2 micron, high flow entegris - WG2F06
Price: $223.13 Yaskawa sgd-01BHY5 ac servo pack, input AC100-115V, 50/60HZ, 1 p
Price: $150 Fuji SG103C-EB3ESD-100KK 100A AC100-200-415V, 100/200/500MA; cir
Price: $10.2 Kaman industrial technologies corp SFR8Z-ijk bearing, 1/2X1-1/4X
Price: $12.75 Ti SFDR6FF bearing, ball
Price: $382.5 Tokyo keiso ZYF01-61005 ultrasonic flow meter ZYF01-61005 (monit
Price: $15.19 Shibaura SFA0777 photoelectric sensor
Price: $60 Jazz SF4-70262 spin shaft
Price: $10 Hager SF10816A 556108 breaker, circuit, 1 pole
Price: $125 Mitsubishi sf-jr-180M K11 M32 108342; end of a scroll pump; sf-J
Price: $26.32 Serfilco sf-30C20U filter element; 30-micron, bleached cotton, 2
Price: $25 Centennial equipment company, inc sf-0028 house convoluted flex
Price: $40 Pisco SEU10-6AL40 sensor
Price: $2891.7 Amat set-805-753KR-q amat endura process kit, 8" PIK2 ceramicoat
Price: $125 Asml serv.454.64581 asml chamber window foil; 04-01117
Price: $21.25 Trane sen 0387 sensor, cond sat tefing temp-sen 0387
Price: $75 Generic SEG39128287 backshell assembly
Price: $700 Horibastec sec-F730M A1 mfc sec-F730MC-A1-uc-N2-100SCCM
Price: $1406.48 Stec inc sec-F730M stec inc advanced mass flow tech. mass flow s
Price: $250 Stec inc sec-7350MC-H2-20SLM mass flow controller, gas: H2, flow
Price: $250 Stec sec-7330MC-uc-792B-150SCCM-N2 mass flow controller; gas: N2
Price: $297.5 Horiba stec sec-7330M mfc hbr 50 sccm valve air MAGD3-02A-11 tel
Price: $225 Stec inc sec-4500MC ar stec mfc, valve: c, gas: ar, flow rate: 2
Price: $249.99 Lot of 2 lam research ontrak 800553 conveyer pully
Price: $55 D.p.i. SEBS20A slide rail, plenum cleaner
Price: $15.06 Tychoway SEBS15AUU guide
Price: $12.75 Micro-mech sdt-1154B-01 needle, 0.3MM dispense
Price: $75.65 Agru sdr 21-iso-s 10 fitting pvdf elect fusion socket D63 pn 16
Price: $17 Cylinder sdr-05-1/2 air cylinder
Price: $55.39 Agru sdr 21 valve diaph D25 PN10 pvdf-hp (150PSI) bw-ir; 342.002
Price: $12.75 Sdp sdp a 6B16M080060 belt, electrode manipulator he
Price: $402 Yamatake 2-39-60028 dns 2-39-60028, controller, temp/humd 200W
Price: $42.82 Koganei SDA25X25-180-CS4MA2-CS11TA2 cylinder, linear-rotery w/se
Price: $13 Lam research SD62006 belt throttle valve groove 118
Price: $175 Hitachi SD60T8K80U146 thyristor, SD60T8K8OU146
Price: $25 Atmi systems SD4BAAP-030709 smartprobe for 3625
Price: $135 Atmi SD4BAAB-030920 dispense dip tube
Price: $149.85 Tel SD3S81-001515-11 pcb assy SW300B/GAS6 V2
Price: $113.04 Tel SD3M80-001607-11 pcb, SW3008/ ptc assy
Price: $318.02 Tel SD012-005383-1 valve vac 26328-KA01
Price: $11.41 Weidmuller sd-S37-t module, interface slim
Price: $100 Sam SCV4V-lvp-l check valve 316 ss
Price: $100 Sam SCV4HM-lvp check valve 316 ss
Price: $100 Sam SCV4HM-lnp check valve 316 ss
Price: $20.08 Slave SCT39175 assy cable connector 37P male
Price: $35 Mitsubishi sct-CK100S paper sheet set for mitsubishi color video
Price: $15 Koganei sco-vl speed control valve
Price: $400 Varian sclsa-1 shutter & clamp weldment
Price: $100 Naigai SCH112-100V-120W-4M heater, silicon belt
Price: $58.99 Parker SCH1004D1040410BSK valve.diaph.sing.hor.CROSS1/2X1/2 SHC1
Price: $21.25 Cat scf-08 restrictor one way 8/ 8 tube straight
Price: $20.08 Mallory SC628EJ sonalert low sound slow pulse
Price: $17.34 Ris SC5410 transdu.two wire p/i model 5410 ris i/p-
Price: $12.75 Releco SC480 pus button - start ; 4?80W, 220?250V
Price: $150 Koganei SC4-01-b controller, speed SC4-01-b
Price: $315 Varian SC381695 shield conmag combination
Price: $25 Hotwatt 3220-10001 30-watt 120V heater; telos labs 3220-10001
Price: $225 Rohm haas SC081017C ring, silicon carbide
Price: $38.25 Asco sc-B262C007 asco sc B262C007; 2-way direct-acting solenoid
Price: $125 Fuji electric sc-03 contactor w/ tr-0N, max ratings: hp(3PH) ith
Price: $125 Fuji electric sc-03 contactor 3-5HP 4NC0A0
Price: $46.75 Oriental motor SBR32-zp relay brake pack
Price: $56.25 Disco sbee-SX672 photo interrupter
Price: $505.07 M61 systems sb-075 pcb motor drive
Price: $15 Cat SAVK04 kit, 1A6 sloblo fuse
Price: $150 Advance sav-3660-131U3 valve teflon air operation valve
Price: $175 Advance sav-3660-131CI valve teflon, air operation
Price: $225 Advance 8 valve, diaphragm teflon
Price: $225 Advance sav-3260-131TIZR valve teflon adjustable air operated
Price: $225 Advance sav-3260-131PIZ valve teflon, diaphragm
Price: $150 Advance sat-3260-131TI valve teflon advance, sat-3260-131TI, val
Price: $225 Mrm SAP2-15TF-pb-0 valve teflon air operated
Price: $40 Omron sao-S2N sensor, current,freq 50/60 hz
Price: $200 Advance sam-4720-131LI valve teflon manual
Price: $175 Advance sam-3260-131LM valve teflon, hand
Price: $29.75 Lam SAK304 lam gear
Price: $18.98 Yamatake SAB10-TS16J5 module, 16-in node
Price: $24 Nanometrics SAB10-TM16J5A module, 8-in/8-out node
Price: $500 Cat SAB0804 temperature controller
Price: $55.25 Cat SA39230 sensor S1 S2
Price: $255 Cat SA0040403 robot wafer carrier end effector
Price: $135 Goodyear S8M2800 super torque belt; 350 teeth, 8MM pitch, 5.3 th
Price: $125 Omron S82J-5124 power supply
Price: $175 Omron S82H-3324 unit, power supply S82H-3324,DC24V 1.3A
Price: $175 Omron S82H-3305 unit, power supply S82H-3305,DC5V 6A
Price: $150 Omron S82A-0213 unit, power supply S82A-0213,DC24V 1.1A
Price: $253.13 Gsi S710205 pcb, imballance indicator
Price: $28 Goodyear S5M500 100-tooth timing belt, 5MM pitch, 3.4MM thicknes
Price: $12 Office max S5CTGT150 toner cartridge remanufactured black 339479
Price: $20 Nagano keiki seisakusho S4B0170501 panel mount gauge type: BA15-
Price: $17 Cat S40-S300 1 set oil gauge gaskets
Price: $12.75 Mbl S3M501 belt, toothed
Price: $300 A&n AV300-LF80/LF100-e-m valve, 3" 90DEG man NW80/100 flngs
Price: $35 Tel S340589 injector
Price: $199.95 Aceco S33-1040A 0-15(blasted) baffle plate
Price: $11 Gca S323919 bimba d-17280 reed switch modified bimba; 2 ft
Price: $10 Shin-etsu quartz products co ltd S310150 plug, qtz
Price: $106.25 Asco S301AF02V3BD7 semiconductor part, 2-way normal closed 1/4"
Price: $76 Cat S300872A oil mist trap (l) assembly
Price: $26.82 Abb S283-k 16A breaker, 6A 400V 3PL
Price: $21.3 Abb S273-na relay, breaker
Price: $10.2 Abb S271K6A breaker, 6A 240A 1PL light
Price: $22.95 Asm S26-E10735 mp-cap, M11B4 (ejmr)
Price: $17.85 Asm S26-31039 ?belt, x (modified)
Price: $21.25 Abb S252-B20 breaker, 20A 400V 2PL
Price: $29.75 Reliability S24P5 converter dc-dc S24P5
Price: $29.75 Teledyne S236 selector switch
Price: $25 Abb S202U-K20A 20A 2-pole circuit breaker; ad-7383, ~240V 50/60
Price: $209.78 United electric controls S164B pressure switch O2 hi/lo p/n-4243
Price: $20 Kulicke & soffa S1645 dicing wheel
Price: $45 Ks semitec S1435 blade; dicing; 6 in. wa
Price: $15.06 Millipore S12M037R3 filter, inline
Price: $51 Si span S122-30-100-psi-npt gauge 1/4 vcr pressure - vacuum -30-
Price: $117.4 Millipore S122--0.1-0.2-mpa-vsf millipore S122--0.1-0.2-mpa-vsf,
Price: $225 Ets S12-PW8-t air operation valve teflon
Price: $540 Cymer S05-05186-00 pcb, A4 shared memory
Price: $1540 Cymer S05-05178-00 pcb, 486SLC microprocessor, mcs (bom)
Price: $356.97 Sosul S0401034001-00-em-n chuck, rf cathode stage bronze
Price: $41.01 Sosul S0401014001-01 port, main view
Price: $168.75 Cymer 04-06044-0-e chamber window/beam splitter
Price: $182.25 Asm S01-16044 assy, z motor 889A (bh)
Price: $47.6 Kla-tencor corp S0090042100 pcb limit sensor (d)
Price: $619.65 Dynaroll E11148230 varian E11148230; assy, bearing ceramic feed-
Price: $33 Edwards S00010534 E2M28 lv blds drilled/finnegan
Price: $93.75 Sec S00-036-22 autobypass for nomal open,A60200005
Price: $15 Pillar fitting s-ut-6B tee, 6MM union super type pillar teflon
Price: $45 Pillar s-UEAW4-TW4A29 fitting reducing port teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-ue-W4B fitting, union elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-ue-8B fitting, union elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-ue-6B fitting, union elbow teflon
Price: $12.75 Pillar s-ue-4B 4MM super union male elbow; 016066-610
Price: $40 Pillar s-u-W4B fitting, straight union teflon
Price: $245 Hitachi s-torr-31WVU regulator 316 ss
Price: $50 Naigai tech kaisha ltd s-rut-W8-W6-W6A fitting reducing t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-RUE12-W4B fitting, union elbow, reducing teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-rue-W4-10B fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $45 Pillar s-RU25-19B fitting, union, reducing teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-RU12-10B fitting, union, reducing teflon
Price: $45 Pillar s-pmu-8B fitting, union, panel mount teflon
Price: $45 Pillar s-pmu-6B fitting, union, panel mount teflon
Price: $45 Pillar s-pmu-19B fitting, union, panel mount teflon
Price: $84.49 Lam research ontrak 13-8800-050 pulley, cnvyr, large
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-pmu-10B fitting, union, panel mount teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-NEW4-N2B fitting, male elbow teflon
Price: $86.75 Mitsubishi s-N10 conductor, magnet, s-N10
Price: $40 Pillar s-MRT8-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-MRT6-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $45 Pillar fitting s-MRT4-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $35 Pillar s-MRT19-3A fitting teflon, male run t
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-MRT12-3A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Naigai s-MRT12-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-MRT10-3A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-MRT10-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-MRT10-1A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Naigai s-mrt-1A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-ME4-2B fitting, male elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-ME10-3B fitting, male elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-MCW4-N2B-ds fitting, male adaptor teflon
Price: $35 Pillar s-MC8-2B fitting, male connector teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-MC10-2B fitting, male connector teflon
Price: $125 Naigai s-FV30-20 sensor, sight flow ss
Price: $45 Pillar s-FRT8-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $50 Pillar s-FRT6-2A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $45 Pillar fitting s-FRT12-3A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FRT10-3A fitting, male run t teflon
Price: $45 Pillar s-FRT10-1A fitting, male run t
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FE8-3A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Naigai s-FE8-2A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Naigai tech kaisha ltd s-FE6-3A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-FE6-1B fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-FE19-6A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FE19-3A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FE12-3A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-FE10-4A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FE10-3A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FE10-1A fitting, female elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FCW4-3A fitting, female adaptor teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FC8-2A fitting, female connector teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FC8-1A fitting, female connector teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FC19-4A fitting, female adaptor teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FC19-3A fitting, female connector teflon
Price: $36.5 Pillar s-FC12-3A fitting, female connector
Price: $40 Pillar fitting 6 fitting, female adapter teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-FC10-3A fitting, female connector teflon
Price: $45 Naigai s-FBT8-3A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FBT8-1A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting s-FBT6-3A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $65 Pillar s-FBT6-1A fitting, male branch t
Price: $45 Pillar fitting s-FBT12-4A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $45 Pillar fitting s-FBT12-2A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $45 Pillar fitting s-FBT10-4A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $40 Pillar s-FBT10-2A fitting, male branch t teflon
Price: $45 Pillar fitting s-cp-W4A fitting
Price: $20 Pillar s-cp-6A 6MM super cap fitting; tube size: 6X4 teflon
Price: $450 Snt-usa s-3925 ceramic 6" and 8" blade thin robot for 5200
Price: $191.25 Cat s-3503 shield ring; sheet flange, cathode (conv ti)
Price: $101.25 Solmics s-3124 ring, ext outer H6 qtz tel sccm
Price: $12.04 Snt-usa s-3041 nut, feedthrough 1/2-20 un, x .25
Price: $125 Mean well s-25-12 replacement power supply for user intf; akrion
Price: $10 Uline s-2351 industrial reinforced tape, 3 in x 450FT natural
Price: $15 Varian s-1741 sensor optical wafer entry/exi
Price: $93.5 Mean well s-150-24 power supply; input: 110-120VAC 3.2AMP / 220-
Price: $39.5 Microcontrol s-150-12 power supply, 115-230/12/12,5A
Price: $225 Toho kasei s-11277-10(HODC2) s-11277-10(HODC2); chuck sensor
Price: $156.19 Net mercury NM0004-2823 quartz window; part of kit # NM0004-2777
Price: $20 Gca s 002845 air pressure sensor 10 psi
Price: $20.5 Landis & gyr RZM61.7 universal indicator
Price: $67.83 Landis & gyr RZM61.400 measure amp RZM61.400
Price: $20 Cat RY4S-uc AC24V 50/60HZ
Price: $57.8 Sunx 73042-06 optical cassette present sensor
Price: $60.12 Micro slides RW118-6 slider, precisor y
Price: $144.07 Plast-o-matic RVT100V-pf plast-o-matic 1" rvt angle pattern mach
Price: $225 Parker rv-144-90-03 regulator teflon ptfe
Price: $125 Parker rv-144-02 valve manual pfa
Price: $17.97 Dell RT917 dell xps 700 710 front i/o usb audio board UW628 RT91
Price: $16.14 Entegris RT4-4FN-i fitting tee pfa. tee. 1/4T x 1/4NPT fl
Price: $25.5 Danfoss RT110 switch press. diesel oil 0.2-3 bar RT110
Price: $29.75 Square d rt-729 20 amp 2 pole circuit breaker qo-230 ac, 120/240
Price: $19.95 Thk RSR7WZMVV+50LM linear bearing
Price: $20 Thk RSR12ZMUU+220LM slider, pre/postbond x.; RSR12ZMUU+220LM
Price: $12.75 Smc RSDQB20-10D cylinder, 20X10MM dbl act
Price: $38.25 Generic RS90124 cap ALS31 200V 6800UF
Price: $553.49 Buchanan rs-i-30-100-360-T1-m-k-l-G1-sp actuator, theta axis sma
Price: $10 Cat rs 456-150-50 connector bnc 50E terminal
Price: $35.46 Honeywell RP920C-1039 pneumatic receiver controller; single inpu
Price: $10 Scitec technical products inc RP10019 paper seikosha printer 216
Price: $50.63 Valcom rn-760T switch, pressure
Price: $123.25 Rhp RMSN17 bearing r.h.p. RMSN17 (2-1/2 5-7/8 1-1)
Price: $11.53 Cat rma-24-ssv flowmeter 5-70 lpm air 2 scale
Price: $45 Dwyer rma-2-ssv dwyer rate-master flowmeter
Price: $13.56 Dwyer rma-13-ssv flowmeter, 7100
Price: $45 Dwyer rma-10-ssv-apf rate-master flow rotometer, series: rma
Price: $165 Black box RM418 server keybd w/drawer, rackmnt 1U
Price: $350 Sondermann rm-pp-12-150-30S magnetically coupled centrifugal pum
Price: $26.69 Electrocube rm 1784-1 ntwk RC0.5MFD/220 ohm(surge protection).
Price: $21.25 Trane rly 1676 relay current oil pump motor rly 1676.
Price: $12.75 K&m rlf-rt lamp holder for panel
Price: $148.75 Riken keiki rkp-90356 sensor for teos analyzer riken keiki
Price: $45 Rk industries rk-dfa air diaphragm valve polypro epdm
Price: $191.25 Rk industries rk-aov valve n.c. polypropelene 1/2 for bypass
Price: $12.3 Visics RHV190-06 cable, switch to monitor
Price: $12.75 Idec RH4B-ul switch, 4PDT 24VDC function
Price: $385 Harmonic drive systems rh-25-5007-BE010BL-sp harmonic drive syst
Price: $385 Harmonic drive systems rh-25-3808-BE010BL-sp harmonic drive syst
Price: $450 Hd systems rh-25-3808-b-e-sp hs-450R-3-sp; driver
Price: $15 Rf rfu-538 connector fr uhf male to male adapter
Price: $15 Repco REP327W contact brush
Price: $552.5 Maxon RE025-055-35EBA201A dc servo motor + tacho 5.2:1
Price: $25 Berg RC25SS-66 roller chain
Price: $77.54 Abb RC221-T14 RC221/1 for T1 4P fixed, residual current l-sha re
Price: $65.91 Abb RC221-T14 release, residual current l-s; RC221-T11
Price: $20 Lintec of america, inc RC075-300RP thermal ribbon, bar code labe
Price: $44.01 Minarik ?electric co RC06T-250-RL16 slider, wafer x-y table
Price: $16.78 Minarik ?electric co RC03T-125-RL19 slider, upper heat block
Price: $180 Applied products inc rc-002 link master fabs amat mirra mesa ror
Price: $26.25 Motorola CF0118 1/8" diameter rtd, 10' leads, sensor in middle
Price: $12.75 Dwyer ram-1-ssv flow regulator, maximum pressure: 100 psi, maxim
Price: $21.25 Carlo gavazzi RA2450HA06 relay
Price: $210 Omron R88D-UEP04H ac servo driver
Price: $17 Norgren R73G-3KB-rmn regulator, inlet: 2.1 mpa maximum, outlet:
Price: $34.95 Dell R6520 dell latitude E4300 radio switch board with or withou
Price: $109.55 Itt industries R605 black pressure regulator fuel/air p/n r 605
Price: $82.92 Epson R35N700000900 thermosensor, sealing pipe ty
Price: $61.6 Kanematsu usa inc R35N700000600 thermosensor, epson NR351-J100S-
Price: $97.21 Itt industries R356 regulator sampl p/n R356(GH10) series
Price: $10.2 Compact 3039-17 cylinder, air 3/4" bore x 1/2" stroke
Price: $100 Swagelok R321-4-x-2 bellows 1/4" sst
Price: $25 Taco R31-200-C100 regulator with gaugeadjustable, size: rc 1/4,
Price: $35 Koganei R301-03-8W regulator, oil free
Price: $182.25 Hamamatsu R2255 photomultiplier tube
Price: $10 Dell R1695 8X24X dvd fixed optical C800
Price: $55 Koganei R151-02-25W regulator, special, 0.05-0.25MPA
Price: $12.75 Cooper turbocompressor R140 5535-00002 tubing round carb-stl, 18
Price: $297.5 Airpax R11-4-6.00A-B06CV-v circuit breaker
Price: $29.75 Airpax R11-4-4-00A-B06CV-v 1 pole circuit breaker; R11-4-4.00A-B
Price: $35 Norgren R07-255-nneb regulator, general purpose
Price: $163 Norgren 70905-01 stainless steel pressure regulator; semitool 70
Price: $90.36 Varian R0395301 gauges pcb
Price: $45 Air logic r-7100 air logic regulator, output: 0-100 psi, max sup
Price: $225.25 Air products r-6102 regulator process gas reg
Price: $17.3 Clippard r-301 valve, electronic, 3-way
Price: $29.75 Schneeberger r-3-050 slide bearing roller p/n nsr 3 050AA
Price: $106.25 Ranco r-12 ranco pressostate low side
Price: $255 Cat qz-104 quartz lid dome qz-104
Price: $63.75 Quikcoup quikcoup-75 QUICKCOUP75-8 500 psi ul
Price: $25.5 Quikcoup quikcoup 2-7 fitting groove end quickcoup 79 2 ul-fm
Price: $1495 Cat quartz 11 inch nitride etch condensing cooling collar q-104
Price: $300 Novellus QU390045 ipec galil interconnect board
Price: $11.16 Msr qtz nozzle photo resist nozzle
Price: $23.9 Cutler-hammer QPHW3020H breaker, 20A 240V 3PL
Price: $10.2 Intel QP80C51BH 6573 8552 ics, microcontroller, 72442186136
Price: $17 Square d QOU3305283-HL01 breaker, 30A 3PL w/lockout lam
Price: $17 Square d qo circuit breaker, 15-amp single pole, btu furnaces, 1
Price: $125 Ushio qih-480-6000 ushio quartz infrared halogen lamp
Price: $15 Cutler-hammer QCR1015 circuit breaker, 1 pole, 15 amp, 120/240 v
Price: $125 Surpass industry qch-wp-4P-f coupler, gas side
Price: $35 Surpass qch-wp-3S quick connector socket
Price: $125 Surpass industry qch-wp-25P-f coupler, gas side
Price: $500 Entegris QCDYATE4H ate 0.03 um disposable liquid filter ptfe, 10
Price: $225 Mykrolis QCCVATM01 filter quickchange atm 0.1UM 10"
Price: $600 Mykrolis QCCGSTX01 filter, quickchange atx 4" 0.2UM
Price: $10.91 Cerquad qc-176316-wz package 176-lead cerquad qc-176316-wz
Price: $50.39 Siemens QBM62.201 sensor press.diff. QBM62.201 0-50/100 pa
Price: $76.5 Compact air cylinder dut lock
Price: $16 En pointe 340861 14/28GB 125M ame data cartridge, for mammoth ta
Price: $225 Ge Q15-0370/a-110104-JCI3603 boat quartz, 200 mm, Q15-0370/a-110
Price: $178.5 Sg Q125 200 mm quartz 200 mm 125 slot 3RAIL boat
Price: $40 Pillar q-RUE20-S19B fitting,90 deg teflon
Price: $40.43 Asm PZD02 kit, valve KF40 asm exhaust
Price: $90 Copal electronics pz-200 pressure sensor display
Price: $180.74 Fuji PYX4MAY1-120YF controller, temperature PYX4
Price: $128.52 Oriental motor PXC43-02AA-C3 vexta 2-phase stepping motor, 0.9-d
Price: $64.71 Oriental motor PX244M-02AA vexta 2-phase motor 0.9?/step
Price: $63.75 Oriental motor co. PX243-02BA vexta# vexta motor, step 9.6V .4A
Price: $29.75 Cat px-392 flat cables for retainers; approximately 9 feet long
Price: $17 Micro switch PWM11 micro switch emergency stop switch
Price: $25 Magnecraft PW67CSX-7 relay, 12VDC , 5A @ 28VDC/115VAC
Price: $250 Ets pvh-S12-PW8-t valve teflon air operation
Price: $350 Ets pvd-S20WN-PT12-t valve teflon, air operation adj flow
Price: $225 Nisco pvd-S20-PT12-t valve teflon, air operation
Price: $225 Ets pvd-S12-PT8-t valve teflon, air operation
Price: $225 Nisco pvd-S08-PW6-t valve teflon, air operation
Price: $225 Ets pvd-S05-PT4-t valve teflon, air operation
Price: $125 Ets pvd-AS20-PT12-pp valve poly pro air operation valve
Price: $165 Tescom PV73LK-7080-115 low pressure actuator valve, normally clo
Price: $191.25 Tescom PV65-3404-087 packless valve pneumatic actuated normally
Price: $676.94 Tescom PV65 valve isolation isoblock PV65 but-welded
Price: $106.25 Tescom PV63TV1-4M004F tescom 125-psi diaphragm pneumatic valve
Price: $124.54 Precision sensors PV48W-108 novellus 34-256611-00; switch, 60MM
Price: $28 Sigma probe inc. pv-4 tool pcr micro-talon pin vice handle (orde
Price: $21.51 Fluid connector pv-11-004 valve, diaphragm 3/4BW nc tef
Price: $15 Edwards PTZ003237 P000 ferrite core
Price: $15 Edwards PTZ002868 8MM tube fittings m-dct-8M-R4S
Price: $38.25 Honywell PTY2093B-B99 micro switch push button
Price: $44 Asm PT9925 qtz socket inlet ots (q-1021) PT9925/1.0
Price: $750 Edwards PT67QE811 P067 envelope VG400 set- housing
Price: $20 Edwards PT40GA111 leg (k L104)
Price: $25 Gfp pt-ap-642SS-4TS fitting cga ; kit includes: (1) nip-ap-642SS
Price: $24.55 Dwyer pt-979 flowmeter 50 gph water ss
Price: $15 Turck psw 4M-2/S90 cable, 26AWG, male, 4.4 mm, 2 amps, 125 vac/v
Price: $15 Turck psw 4M-2/S90 cable, 26 awg, male, 4.4 mm, 2 amps, 125 vac/
Price: $15 Turck psw 4M-2/S90 U0137-8; cordset cable
Price: $200 Nippon pillar pssp-M8B pssp-M8B, valve, manual
Price: $200 Nippon pillar pssp-M6B pssp-M6B, valve, manual
Price: $225 Nippon pillar pssp-M25B valve, manual pssp-M25B teflon
Price: $20 Hudson pss-64 side shilds for frame styles dg-64 dg-79
Price: $20 Precision surfaces international psi-1503-1.51.5 lapping film sh
Price: $25 Precision surfaces international psi-1309-2 lap film discs (blue
Price: $25 Precision surfaces international psi-1301-2 lap film discs (gree
Price: $25 Precision surfaces international psi--1501-4.54.5 lap film sheet
Price: $44 World magnetics PSF102 world magnetics PSF102 / net mercury NM00
Price: $45 Smc PSE510-M5 sensor, pressure, dc 12-24V, analog 1-5V, 0-1MPA
Price: $52.87 Materials development corp mdc pse-ga flex probe tips
Price: $125 Pureron psd-01B sensor, pressure amplifier
Price: $35 Phihong psa-30U-050 power supply, switching ac, input: 100V~-240
Price: $60 M4COM PS533M-b 5-phase 5-lead stepping motor; deg/step
Price: $106.25 Toko inc. PS15-05F power supply; 5V-3A, 85~132VAC, 0.5A
Price: $132.6 Cosel 037575-007 module power supply 12V, 037575-007
Price: $20 Parker PS1-E2302B solenoid coil, 24VDC, 1.2 w
Price: $45 Telemecanique PS1-E11 solenoid valve 4MM nnp nc, 170M, 120 v max
Price: $29.04 Keyence ps-T2 amplifier, photo sensor
Price: $125 Gems ps-j-2-4M-b-sp pressure switch
Price: $54 Waber by tripp lite ps-606-hg power system, for power distributi
Price: $69.69 Keyence ps-49 photoelectric sensor, wafer (nova)
Price: $24.81 Keyence ps-47 sensor, proximity
Price: $58.44 Electroglas ps-3044-1AHM electroglas probescrub 1UM alo(purple)4
Price: $12.72 International test solutions ps-3001-1AHM probescrub 1UM alo(pur
Price: $56.02 Dorlen ps-3 power supply
Price: $24.1 Keyence ps-2 amplifier, photoelectric sensor
Price: $25 Keyence ps-05 photoelectric sensor
Price: $129.99 Lam research ontrak 13-0082-129 top for servo motor mount
Price: $399.99 Lot of 5 lam research ontrak 33-0007-007 shft, 1/8DX4.375L
Price: $127.5 Leybold B31D86-018656-12 low pressure safety switch: tc: atm (C2
Price: $73.78 Plast-o-matic pro-25V-ss pl pressure regulator pvc 1/4
Price: $250 Mykrolis PRHZ01PQ1Y protego plus htx 10" c-0 key, presize 0.05UM
Price: $20 Kurt j. lesker PRD005034 kurt j. lesker 10" flange; copper gaske
Price: $10 Presray pawling PR6473-6-4 10FT gasket
Price: $225 Plast-matic PR050EP-pf regulator di ipec 472; 5-50 psi
Price: $17 Particle measuring pr-22 paper for clean room printer lasair 110
Price: $119 Tescom pr pv 72 rhv l.p. isolation valve, max inlet 3000 psi
Price: $38.83 Keyence 244802 keyence amp-in-photoelectric sensor
Price: $100 Cat ppb-21-1000 471030; tube polyprop 1/8 od, 400 feet minimum
Price: $15.23 Entegris PP01 union elbow ss 1/2; UE8TFN-1
Price: $18.77 Yinyue pp-10-4 filter cartridge
Price: $35 American denki male pull lock, 30 amp-600V, pack of 2
Price: $106.25 Powerex 4803-0010 pow-r-blok rectifier bridge
Price: $106.25 Mott gas shield filter, metal 150 slpm ss 1/4"
Price: $25 Nitto kasei pom black mod cassette plate
Price: $28.05 Dns poly 2300 kit pm, poly 2300 esc o-ring
Price: $22 Millipore PO2818J poly caps
Price: $63.75 Lam research PN97780-005 pcb adaptor board 2000 lam 44XX/45XX et
Price: $500 Aoki seimitsu kogyo co.,ltd PN074-200-71-3470 motor 3 phase indu
Price: $85 Century insturments pn-10 diaph lower case item number 12 for 2-
Price: $91.13 Asi pmt-01 card, controller pmt
Price: $160 Cole-palmer PMR1-010423 flowmeter, rotameter 16.7L/min
Price: $1700 Almatec PMP2A0038 diaphragm pump teflon/ss
Price: $800 Kokusai pmc-1000 servo motor/ motion controller
Price: $27.11 Accent PMA52B00 crouzet sensor 89 401 036
Price: $83.4 Power products PM962 ic PM962(cps) p/n 6100313
Price: $60 Sunx PM2-LH10 diffuse reflective photoelectric sensor, convergen
Price: $10 Plasmatek PM112-122-132 rf generator triac replacement kit for t
Price: $30 Sunx pm-T53 photoelectric u-shaped slot sensor pkg 3
Price: $106.25 Sunx pm-L54 sunix position sensor
Price: $12.75 Ckd pm-L53B detector, bifurcated photo
Price: $26.25 Sunx pm-K53 sunx pm-K53; photoelectric 24VDC 8MM npn connector
Price: $10.46 Honsberg pm-050K004HS switch, pressure water supply, 20-50 bar
Price: $75 Sam PLT4HM-R3Y valve, high press manual PLT4HM-R3Y
Price: $75 Air liquide PLS200L-250-AN2 cell, load
Price: $21.25 Signet PLS153N programmable logic arrays ***sold 2-per pack***
Price: $35 Ryokosha co ltd pls-101 sensor, anti vibration stage
Price: $125 Ic measuring instruments co pls-1 sensor: plm-r, level switch; s
Price: $45 Panduit plmm-M0 3 7/8 / 99MM, marker ties, black weather resista
Price: $125 Mitsubishi plm-r-12 sensor, electrostatic
Price: $125 Sam PLD4VF-R3Y manual valve high pressure 316 ss
Price: $125 Sam LD4R-cy-tl valve 316 ss manual
Price: $125 Sam PLD4HM-C2Y valve 316 ss normally closed metal diaphragm
Price: $35 Kobelco pl-1182 oil filter element
Price: $90 Bulldog pl-101312 controller/actuator w/xfrmr, 24VAC, 50/60HV,(1
Price: $59.5 Klockner moeller pkzm 3-6,3 pkzm 3-6,3 with u-PKZM3; 3-phase mot
Price: $10.2 Klockner-moeller pkzm-1-1 contact breaker p/n PKZM1-1A
Price: $12 Murata PKM34EW-1201C murata piezoelectric buzzer mirra light tow
Price: $20 Turck 6102-0066-01 picofast cable
Price: $15 Turck pkg 4M-2 pico fast; cbl, 4 pin female picofast w/ , 101506
Price: $17 Turck pkg-3Z-3-psw-3-S90 picofast "snap-on" connector, cbl, pico
Price: $106.25 Oriental motor 023-001549-1 oriental vexta stepping motor, trans
Price: $132.6 Oriental motor PK266-02A 2 phase 1.8" vexta stepping motor, A100
Price: $63.75 Oriental motor co. PK233PB vexta motor, lamination sensor steppe
Price: $532.54 Eckardt PIC7-2 transducer measuring pneumatic
Price: $191.25 Micro motion pi-4-20 process indicator, pi 4-20; digital convert
Price: $21.25 Purolator pi 1163 cartridge oil filter comp e-220 n 16169, size:
Price: $125 Pall PHF11GT44LD filter lock
Price: $10.13 Pall PHF11GS44LD manifold, .02UM nylon fi
Price: $52.65 Pall photokleen ezd filter
Price: $120 Pall PHD12UG003EH11B filter EZD3 pall .03UM hdpe double area for
Price: $100 Pall PHD11UNMEH11B filter
Price: $38.25 Mks PH801-544-4236 heater, blanket flange, 120 volt, 300 watt
Price: $85 Oriental motor co. PH268-21 motor, vexta stepping, 2-phase, 1.8D
Price: $55.79 Oriental motor PH266L-01 vexta 2-phase stepping motor
Price: $20 Oriental motor company PH266-01GK stepping motor; dc 6V 2-phase
Price: $65 Vexta PH265M-33B motor, steping, 2-phase, 0.9 degrease/step, dc
Price: $195 Oriental motor company PH265L-04 2-phase 1.8-degree/step vexta s
Price: $136 Vexta stepping motor PH264-01B-C80 motor, 4V 1.1A 2-pha rotation
Price: $50 Mykrolis PGSV040E1 panelgard ps-40 0.1UM filter
Price: $60 Osvald jensen PG5260-30/54-rl motor, magazine handler
Price: $42 Hitachi kokusai pg-300-102G-2-s-3-vcr copal dc-12-24V, gauge, pr
Price: $75 Millipore corp PFFV01D4S filter, sod (pack of 3)
Price: $225 Jazz pfc-T583-203 ring, bottom chamber, ceramic
Price: $225 Jazz pfc-T582-204 platen, ceramic
Price: $125 Jazz pfc-T582-203 platen, ceramic
Price: $225 Jazz pfc-T580-204 shield, distribution gas, ceramic
Price: $225 Jazz pfc-T580-202 shield, distribution gas, ceramic
Price: $45 Precision ferrites & ceramics, inc. pfc-557-207 ceramic top plat
Price: $225 Jazz pfc-1012397 ring, filler, cooling, ceramic
Price: $63.75 Nyden PF543-ac motor, 5-phase stepper
Price: $15 Dell PF313 8X dvd sfx hlds d-mod
Price: $350 Naigai PF2-10SVABS valve, air actuator
Price: $20 Poly-flow PF18168 cable fiber optic 0.04 dia bifurcated, banner
Price: $125 White knight PF11050-a prefilter megasonic system pump white kni
Price: $28 Poly-flow engineering pf-32792 probe tc bare bead j-type
Price: $68.54 Provac aktiengesellschaft PESM6008038 ttetraflex high pressure t
Price: $107.58 Bio-rad PER3AXXD pcb, elevator
Price: $47.5 Bio-rad PER3800C pcb, elevator
Price: $45 Koganei peda 16X20-7 cylinder ss pneumatic
Price: $65.21 Dupont PE704P-1221HB pellicle for 'p.e.aligner' with gleicer
Price: $1195 Nippon pillar pe-40MA bellows pump
Price: $695 Pillar pe-20MA pump, pillar pe 20 ma
Price: $225 Lambda PDC60-300 power supply board, PM30-24T03-12, PM3024S05
Price: $12.75 Seiko PDAS16X15-7PYCS7G2 ZC1538 cylinder, 20X35MM dbl act hsg
Price: $191.25 Precision digital PD720CT module precision digital meter temptro
Price: $80.58 Ace PD43522 mount, cam follower z base
Price: $200 Pall PCY27GN16H ngs, CODE7, filter housing,20" 150 psig
Price: $29.01 Kitz sct pctfe-seat 080041-480-0207 KD4CS-vfc-ep-316L; diaphragm
Price: $144.18 Recif idlw display board, lighting management
Price: $182.74 Recif idlw display board, port parallel/serial
Price: $48.55 Cat pcl-240AK programable single-chip high-speed pulse generator
Price: $200.51 Purolite 1850-108Z cartridge high capacity; 20" mixed bed oxygen
Price: $29.75 York pcc-2 york purge cycle counter;
Price: $30.68 Interay PCB004238 converter, fmc/dc/24VDC
Price: $116.25 Sic pcb-335 pcboard,lcd expander
Price: $44.63 Kla tencor pcb 36-0123 ft-500 vacuum sensor/valve connector boar
Price: $15.19 Cambridge pca-49539012 chemical filter 495390, 19 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Price: $15.19 Cambridge pca-35535512 chemical filter 355355
Price: $21.25 Philips PC74HCT32P 2-input or-function logic gate ***sold 50 per
Price: $28.05 Temptronic PC70803 assy,pcb keyboard
Price: $116.96 Temptronic corp PC40723 pcb display p/n PC40723
Price: $31.69 Nepenthe PC1-044050 nepenthe 44 pin socket
Price: $350 Pfc pc-T578 ring, top, two sections, ceramic
Price: $225 Pfc pc-T577-205 ceramic top plate
Price: $42.5 Containerware pc-90 box for et HP4072 lot of 30
Price: $12 International test solutions pc-1001 pad probe clean 2 inch(inte
Price: $10 Mcmaster-carr pbl-12 polomar balls, pack of 51 balls
Price: $10 Mcmaster-carr pbl-12 polomar balls, with tube, pack of 51 balls
Price: $13.97 Koganei pbdas-16X10 air cylinder for w/f count o/c 16X10
Price: $106.25 Koganei pbda-10X100-a-1219W pneumatic cylinder
Price: $318.75 Cat PB25060 pcb scara interconn VER3
Price: $18.72 Opto 22 PB24HQ rack, terminal strip bus quad pak mt
Price: $75 Gordos arkansas pb-24Q pcb i/o mount rack (gordos arkansas)opto
Price: $472.64 Ushio pb-0292-9708004 controller 3 axis, x,y,0 stage
Price: $55.25 Oriental motor pavr-20KY speed control variable register
Price: $14.88 Mmi PAL20R4ACNS programmable array logic ***10 per pack***
Price: $21.25 Mmi PAL16R6ACN ttl programmable array logic dip 20PIN ***sold 15
Price: $45 Hps pump flange edwards x kf-50
Price: $2500 Seagate technology PA8K2A HD800 expansion module, 967001-002, PA
Price: $27.2 Mks instruments PA4-05 G2 sensor, mks 0558A
Price: $10 Toshiba PA3336U-2ACA 240V ac power adapter
Price: $10 Toshiba PA3083U-1ACA 240V ac power adapter
Price: $30 Apex 3120-0208-0001 i.c.; perkin-elmer 3120-0208-0001
Price: $17 Reiku pa-gob-48P42 pg connector
Price: $1800 Nippon pillar pa-40H auto accumulator pillar teflon
Price: $38.25 Cat 551630521 preamp for flow meter; pa-20/3-5MV; 220249
Price: $12.75 Ge P9SSCD0K95 ge c-2000 push button key selector switch , square
Price: $100 Novellus P823-3A-6F-S23 meter, purge w contact
Price: $125 Amat P8019-0828 florescent light unit, 24"
Price: $76.5 Johnson controls P74EA-9700 P74 series differential pressure con
Price: $75 Johnson controls P70JA-16 penn micro-set spst pressure control
Price: $106.25 Johnson controls 025-17676-000 york certified part; pressure con
Price: $14.82 Sporlan omkc-1 omkc-1, solenoid coil kit
Price: $127.5 Edwards P60153001 chiller refub kit
Price: $150 Signet P58540-5 meter, flow kgf
Price: $16.18 Donaldson P558329 lube filter
Price: $350 Ktm P4-75-D600-ptfe valve, air operate; tag no. s; mfg no. d-132
Price: $350 Kitamura P4-75-D600-25A-01 air operated valve teflon; d-172360;
Price: $350 Ktm P4-50-D600 valve teflon, air operate, P4-50-D600,P4-50-D600-
Price: $106.25 Pneumatico 900927-001 pressure switch custom part number: 230029
Price: $106.25 Minco P3403629-1585 rtd w/fitting
Price: $18.66 Boc P33069100 sporlan egre-1/2-x valve, thermostatic expansion
Price: $11.59 Cat P30011V impeiier nut o ring viton.penguin P5A
Price: $11.05 Cat P30009A lip seal assy, viton penguin p-5A
Price: $57.8 Wesco P250-51W3A-6440 pressure switch; max psig: 4000, 1A 115 va
Price: $65.62 Wasco P250-51W3A pressure switch assy 60TO 100 psi on-spe
Price: $35.12 Nsk P215 bearing hou.p-215+ukp-215+adapter sleeve
Price: $15 Unistrtut P2055 2 pairs of 4-1/8" pipe clamps *doesn't come with
Price: $30 Unistrtut P2047 9 pairs of 3-1/8" pipe clamps *doesn't come with
Price: $12.75 Unistrut P2027 10-pack of 5/8" o.d. clamp pipe
Price: $250 Entegris P1S-nk-8010 filter, extraction; dimensions: 23-3/8"X23.
Price: $250 Donaldson P199595REFILL lithogaurd, bsm max filter refill
Price: $60 Donaldson inc. P198200-160-190 tokyo elec filter assy
Price: $150 Donaldson P198190 filter lithoguard carbon; approximately 18-1/8
Price: $93.75 Donaldson P198183 carbon filter for tel
Price: $56.25 Donaldson inc P198130-016-190 tokyo electron filter assy
Price: $25 Donaldson P196384REFILL cfs refill filter assembly
Price: $12.75 Cooper turbocompressor P1793301-00000 tube-fit comp -connector
Price: $38.25 Cooper turbocompressor 700200022 snubber press
Price: $15.33 Cooper turbocompressor P1405340-00264 lubricant grease
Price: $32.41 Varian P129616 insulator, boron nitride
Price: $22.95 Millipore P128125 cartridge, deionization, mixed bed
Price: $38.25 Whitman P117LG-10H-F12L 50-psig incr, 100-psi max, 1-amp 115VAC
Price: $750 Axiomtek P1126-370R touch screen & display with software
Price: $25 Unistrtut P1120 5 pairs of 3-1/2'' pipe clamps *doesn't come wit
Price: $22.33 Wasco P110-55W3B/6844 switch, pressure
Price: $122.4 Cosel P100E-15 module power supply, 15V, 037575-008
Price: $12.75 Cooper turbocompressor P0540174-00002 tube-fit,comp,connector
Price: $15.3 Cooper turbocompressor P0540067-00249 conduit fitting elbow
Price: $12.75 Millipore P02818J filter, 0.6 micron 125ML
Price: $140 Kobelco VP3165 smc VP3165; valve, double direction solenoid
Price: $550 Kobe steel ltd p-FC61-001-02 valve thermostatic , temp control,1
Price: $155 Kobe steel ltd p-DD02-006-12 ring, oil
Price: $106.25 Cat p-725 5V power supply
Price: $250 Prototype specialties, inc. p-3711-0041 slide housing
Price: $34 Shibaura p-34 o-ring perflouro-p-34(p)
Price: $33.29 Barrel p-32 barrel o-ring perflouro-p-32(p); B2ME-05-7116-siba
Price: $15.3 Cat p-30013V head cpvc, penguin p-5A.
Price: $15.3 Cat p-300-08V snap ring cpvc. penguin p-5A
Price: $23.97 Shibaura p-15 o-ring perflouro-p-15(p)
Price: $30 Ebara W719-06A3A218 power cord 20FT long 14 awg 2/0 - 40C soow 9
Price: $45 Kensington p-1 switchbox, remote with wire
Price: $100 Airtec p-05-312 airtec pneumatically operated 3/2-way valve; par
Price: $38.73 Saginomiya owr-5004G valve, water regulating temp
Price: $44.54 Giorgio tech OTM2106(TPE001) roller, removing
Price: $21.25 Cat OTK3E2500-000 float switch york pump
Price: $37.08 Mit oth-2118/07 holder, bpvi tip type a/b
Price: $21.25 Btu oszi-003 spring, holder for multi-axis-sadd
Price: $125 Megaflex orv-8PM-30 tube 316 ss vcr vacuum flexible hose
Price: $150 Tofle co orv-10PS-l-3000 316 ss 115" tube, flexible ; orv-10PS-3
Price: $125 Tofle co orv-10PS l=1200 316 ss 45.5" tube, flexible ; orv-10PS
Price: $150 Cat orv-10PS-l-1000-SUS316L stainless steel flexible tubing; l=~
Price: $21.25 Orbitec OR85 orbitec OR85 019900 28V 0.04A 719931
Price: $18.07 Applikon OR106014J-X18-p electrode, pt band comb
Price: $15 Parker o-ring, kf-25, viton, pack of 10
Price: $35.44 Opto opto-23A11 25-pin d-sub asynchronous, fiber-optic, mini mod
Price: $11.56 Analog devices OP77 OP77FJ next generation OP07 ultralow offset
Price: $350 Philppines 6100267 op-07EZ 8 pin dip
Price: $10.57 Sporlan omkc-2 coil assembly,
Price: $75 Nohken olv-20S-2P tank level 2 position ss sensor
Price: $49.03 Drager ol-RS485 modem RS485/RS232 for drager?
Price: $11.85 Opto 22 ODC5 power, 60VDC module
Price: $22 Potter & brumfield odc-5A relay; 5VDC control, 1A 200VDC output
Price: $88.4 Cat OD82 fitting brass bulkhead unionb 1/4 od 82-
Price: $19.18 Cat OD50-1 fitt point cpl.OD50.PN1
Price: $50.29 Cat OD160-16
Price: $125 Naigai tech kaisha ltd od-B1 amplifier
Price: $270 Junkosha od-6A junkosha, od-6A, amplifier
Price: $20.64 Valex od E74 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 1 1/2X1 od E74
Price: $24.79 Valex od E7-2 fitting ss equal tee but weld 2 od E7-2
Price: $147.62 Tokyo keiso oac-1 controller, flowrate amp; dns 2-39-63461
Price: $172.2 Smc NZZX106-UIB990200 (smc) soft start valve manifold vacuum eje
Price: $14 Smc NZHI10DS-07-07-09-X121 1/4 sup vacuum ejector
Price: $65 Sunx NX5-M30P photo sensor, 6 1/2 feet, brown: 24 to 240 vac, bl
Price: $55 Tofle co NW40X70AL bellows
Price: $15 Generic NW40 clamp clamp kf-40 pkg 2
Price: $15 Kalrez sahara NW25 o-ring kalrez NW25 compound 8475UP; 1.100"(28
Price: $15 Dupont NW16 kalrez, o-ring, compound: 4079, nom: 0.709 x 0.197IN
Price: $25 Dupont NW100 kalrez o-ring compound: 4079, nom: 4.094 x 0.197IN,
Price: $12.75 Nor-cal nw-25-bcp clamp, NW25, 6 bolts bulkhead
Price: $11.97 Smc NVZ3323-5MZ-M5 valve, sol 24VDC .15-.7MPA tescom
Price: $12.75 Smc NVZ314R-5MOZ valve, 3-way 24VDC
Price: $12.04 Smc NVZ110-6G-M5-f valve sol
Price: $30 Smc NVZ110-5LOZ-M5 solenoid valve, pressure: 0~0.7MPA 24 vdc
Price: $20 Smc NVV3KF3-42-05-01T 5 position manifold, com sup/exh
Price: $38.25 Smc NVS3410-5D-03T pneumatic control valve
Price: $20 Smc NVM120-N01-00 valve plunger style smc
Price: $10.7 Smc NVJ3243-5LOZ valve magnetic
Price: $12.04 Smc NVJ314M-5LOZ valve smc solnoid 3WAY
Price: $22.95 Smc NVJ314M 24VDC valve smc solnoid 3WAY
Price: $21 Smc NVJ3140-smz-M5 solenoid, index table
Price: $114.75 Smc NVFS3410R-5D pneumatic control valve
Price: $140 Mitsubishi NV400-sp 3P 250A ground-fault circuit interrupter 3P
Price: $1200 Mitsubishi NV400-sep ground-fault circuit breaker interrupter; 4
Price: $20 Gfp nut-63SS-ap nut cga pkg 6
Price: $27.11 Span ntt-00204 transducer, pressure
Price: $15 Nte NTE457 silicon n?channel jfet transistor general purpose amp
Price: $21.25 Visolux NT3 sensor proximity ind NT3 no pnp visolux
Price: $37.97 Nuga nsrb relay, nievau for tanks
Price: $350 Merlin gerin NS100-160-250 circuit breaker 3 ph n/h/na 250A
Price: $24.55 Network peripherals np-sbs-D10 network peripherals fddi sbus fib
Price: $42.5 Century insurments no-3 top diaph lower case item number 12 for
Price: $100 Net mercury NM002-5911 720K0327; dnc, sensor dual spin finger bi
Price: $45 Net mercury NM0004-4910 kit o-ring etch oxide lam 4500 ell/iso u
Price: $55.79 Netmercury NM0004-3566 kit, o-ring annual
Price: $111.56 Netmercury NM0004-3565 kit, o-ring quartetly pm
Price: $111.56 Netmercury NM0004-3564 kit, o-ring chamber clean nxp
Price: $100 Netmercury NM0004-3087 ontrack knex assortment for lean event
Price: $450 Net mercury NM0004-2777 bellows kit pm annual 4520 chamber
Price: $75 Netmercury NM0004-2776 kit, pm, annual, loadstation
Price: $50 Net mercury NM0004-1742 sleeve bladder tube pkg 20
Price: $55 Netmercury NM0003-8213 cmp, ipec, viprr retaining ring
Price: $500 Fairchild T7900-00502O0P high flow microprocessor ep, i/p pressu
Price: $25 Net mercury NM0003-7680 cable light tower to pcb nova
Price: $120 Net mercury ABD2UET3EH15 filter cartridge 20IN .1 superflow pes;
Price: $100 Net mercury NM0003-7302 endeffectror ceramic vacuum arm; pec 132
Price: $225 Net mercury NM0003-6810 keyboard encoder pcb; svg 130029
Price: $25 Net mercury NM0003-5755 o-ring plenum seal (eclipse sputterer)
Price: $100 Net mercury NM0003-5735 glass wafer 7.874
Price: $120 Pall NM0003-5252 filter hot acid (ref WDFG80PTF), LDFT1F00213E51
Price: $85 Netmercury NM0003-4615 demister coated das
Price: $35 Net mercury NM0003-4614 lower sleeve coated, das
Price: $12 Net mercury NM0003-4402 coupling insert 1/8" hose barb non valve
Price: $16 Net mercury NM0003-4350 greene tweed (as-568A-016 cpd 550) o-rin
Price: $65 Netmercury NM0003-3298 o-ring, kalrez 4079, 139.50 x 3.00MM
Price: $16 Net mercury NM0003-2335 lens side view 90DEG beam axis for carou
Price: $28 Net mercury NM0003-1924 net mercury 452 o-ring, clear silicone 7
Price: $35 Net mercury NM0003-1905 opto 22 relay solid state ssr 45A 240VAC
Price: $25 Kip 0110-024 stainless steel fluid level sensor
Price: $28 Net mercury NM0003-1748 320B0103; o-ring, 017, voltage feed, sma
Price: $75 Netmercury NM0003-1525 sensor PU160045/ sensor water track
Price: $125 Netmercury NM0003-0658 linear slide (load station)
Price: $50 New ark NM0003-0656 hard drive ipec
Price: $36 Net mercury NM0003-0549 cylinder (horizontal)
Price: $50 Netmercury NM0003-0506 assy brain board analog rail#1
Price: $75 Netmercury NM0003-0480 vacuum generator
Price: $45 Netmercury FS2-62 amp photoelectric keyence FS2-62
Price: $35 Netmercury NM0002-7341 o-ring,chemraz 570,2.150IDX.157THK
Price: $120 Net mercury NM0002-7168 valve air 3/4FTU nc
Price: $20 Lam NM0001-4246 pfa male adapter elbow spray bar; 30-0024-007
Price: $267.51 Rk industries 8 regulator pressure pvdf 3-4"
Price: $168.3 Rk industries nlf-253 v pressure regulator pvdf 1/4
Price: $405 National electronics NL10250-35 magnetron
Price: $28.05 Nejiren NJ26R-02EP-ns pigtail connector jis W26R NJ26R-02EP-ns
Price: $27.2 Nejiren NJ22L-02EP-ns pig tail connector jis W221 nj 211-02FP-n
Price: $106.25 Nejiren NJ21L-02EP-ns pig tail connector jis W21L set 1-4 tube s
Price: $37 Gfp nip-ap-642SS-4TS cga connector pkg 7
Price: $25.31 Eos NIE78645 arc chamber plate - bottom
Price: $50 Turck NI4-S12-AP6X proximity switch 10-30 vdc,200 ma
Price: $10 Swagelok ni-2-vcr-2 vcr gaskets ni, pack of 4
Price: $25 Swagelok ni-2-vcr-2 vcr gaskets ni 1/4, pack of 10
Price: $23.27 Koganei NHBDPA20 cylinder, dbl act hsg mt air; nhbdpa-20
Price: $21.25 Lindner NH3-8003-630A link fuse 1F-1 nh-TYPE630A linder NH3-63;
Price: $20.4 Eltropa nh-00-000 fuse, 50 a 500V nh
Price: $81.33 Edwards 796-025605-001 kit, N2 purge, complete exhaust purge kit
Price: $45 National NE32408 inner plug plate
Price: $57.5 Atmi nd-sp-2P nowpak bag-in-a-bottle; pressure assist dispense c
Price: $45 Atmi systems nd-ep-4-t probe nowpack extended pump parts
Price: $750 Cat ncs heater module assy ncs N2 heater module assy
Price: $1195 Ncs ncs control module control module assembly
Price: $125 Smc NCMC075-0600-xb cylinder,pneumatic 6 inch, 250 psi, 1.70 mpa
Price: $17.85 Smc NCJPT10-037D cylinder, 10X10MM dbl act hin
Price: $24.55 Smc NCDQIWB63-01-70339 cylinder
Price: $225 Smc NCDQ2WB50-50D-F79W-XB9 cylinder, lifter main ch, maximum pre
Price: $12.75 Smc NCDQ2D25-15D-A80 cylinder, 25X15MM dbl act hsg mt air
Price: $22.95 Smc NCDQ2B12-10DC cylinder, 12X10MM compact w/0 switches
Price: $12.75 Smc NCDQ2A12-10D cylinder, 12X10MM air
Price: $12.04 Smc NCDHB106-01-0221US cylinder, air
Price: $40.5 Smc NCDGNA40-UIA000386-2200 cylinder, product infeed
Price: $15.56 Smc NCDGLA20-0325G79 cylinder, 5/16X3-1/4 air
Price: $145 Smc NCDGBA25-1185-G79-XT6 cylinder, air dual action with sensors
Price: $12 Cello-lite fuse NC2 fuse, AC500V DC5250V 50A
Price: $27.24 Merlin gerin NC100H MULTI9 3-pole circuit breaker, C63A; 301-837
Price: $20 Disco nbc-zh-2050-se-27HEFF diamond blade; saw; 8 in. wafer
Price: $20 Disco nbc-zh-203L-se-27HCDG2 diamond blade
Price: $20 Disco nbc-zh-203L-se-27HCDF1 diamond blade
Price: $20 Disco nbc-zh-105F-se-27HEGF diamond blade
Price: $12.75 Ina natv-8PP 5712750 bearing, 8X24X15MM ball shld
Price: $200 Smc NARM2000-6A1-N01G-1 manifold, reg, 6 pos w/gauge
Price: $18.9 Smc NAR111-NO1-X247 air regulator
Price: $63.75 Iko NAG4902UU linerar slide
Price: $46.75 Ckd NAB1W-15A-db cathode water inlet valve
Price: $46.75 Ckd nab-10X1175 cathode pneumatic inlet valve; main: 0-0.7MPA, o
Price: $22.5 Dell N5370 nvidia FX5200 64MB graphics card
Price: $157.62 Cat N292059-200 sensor taste bud end, effector robot
Price: $80.75 Linde ag N19739 switch, level for comp e-340
Price: $63.75 Bauer N16673 thermostat insert comp e-220 n 16673
Price: $40.39 Bauer N14758 gasket set pres relief valve comp e-340
Price: $29.75 Bauer N14676 valve nonreturn comp e-340 n 14676
Price: $51 Bauer N10538 vacuum switch for suction filter in air
Price: $29.75 Bauer N10448 valve nonreturn comp e-340 n 10448
Price: $12.75 Bauer wolfratshausen N10091 hose connecting comp e-220
Price: $12.75 Bauer wolfratshausen N10037 hose connecting comp e-340 n 10037
Price: $59.5 Bauer N09566 manometer comp e-220 n 09566
Price: $20 Perkinelmer life N069-5379 tube quartz
Price: $180 Perkinelmer life N068-0503 (stk no. 54351, part type: consumable
Price: $17 Skf 8601-0006 skf n-06 / goulds 8601-0006; locknut
Price: $60 Parker hannifin o-ring buna-40 0.424X0.103 lot of 289
Price: $12.04 Greene tweed N038406502SD653 o-ring, 2.560 id x 0.151 cx in
Price: $12.04 Chemraz N038403419SD653 o-ring, pfe
Price: $75 Greene tweed N026230480SS513 o-ring .103 x 12.0 chemraz 12.0X.10
Price: $25 Greene tweed N026230480SC639 chemraz o-ring; cpd 639; 12.000" (3
Price: $27 Chemraz N026228791SC520 o-ring, chemraz, N026228791SC520 cpd 520
Price: $106.25 Greene tweed N0262228791SC520 oring,287.91 id x 2.62 cx mm,11.33
Price: $12.75 Vat n-7100-110 seamless 49 o-ring dps metal vat.
Price: $66.71 Skf n-316-ecp-C3 bearing s.k.f n 316 for elec motor.
Price: $17 Skf 8601-0009 skf N60 / goulds 8601-0009; locknut, brg
Price: $21.25 Linde n 17944 gasket for pres maint valve for comp 3-3
Price: $14.95 Omron MYQ4N omron 24VDC general purpose relay
Price: $25 Omron MY4N-D2 12VDC relay
Price: $25 Omron MY4N-cr 220/220VAC relay
Price: $12 Omron MY4N-24VAC relay, 5A 250VAC / 5A 30VDC; 06Z6Y1
Price: $25 Omron MY4N 100/110VAC relay
Price: $18 Omron MY4 24VDC relay
Price: $25 Omron MY3N 200/220VAC relay; contacts: 5A 240VAC / 5A 28VDC, coi
Price: $20 Omron MY2N-D2 24VDC relay; standard coil polarity with built-in
Price: $25 Omron MY2N 100/110VAC relay
Price: $75 Smc mxs-A1203 cylinder, end plate 12X30 frame
Price: $297.5 Tokyo electron (tel) 024-016881-14 air cylinder
Price: $51.99 Cat mxh-5102 cable lcd CM2 + CM3 back light unit - lcd
Price: $129.99 New 2 lam research ontrak 215-013 couplings
Price: $125 Camfil mxgs 220X520 filter hepa maxilar; testflow: 185 M3/h 100
Price: $249.99 Lam research ontrak 13-0082-134 mount for spindle motor
Price: $544.99 Lot of 16 lam research ontrak 33-1000-005 bearing del. glass bal
Price: $10 Tel MX4-041250-b spring arm ss, boat elevator
Price: $449.99 Lotof 4 lam research ontrak 13-8000-225 roller wafer pinch slots
Price: $126.56 Climax MVET001 micro vision tool kit for mv 1000-e
Price: $399.99 New lot of 3 lam research ontrack 13-8800-050 pulley cnvyr large
Price: $250 Parker mv-8-66168-1 valve teflon 3-way manual
Price: $10 Bafo 6102-0043-02 25FT enhanced CAT5E RJ45 patch cable
Price: $41.82 Megatron mtwt-i transduser 4-20MA/4-20MA mtwt-i
Price: $12.75 Humphrey mtl-5 manifold, 5 position
Price: $50 Micron MT8HTF6464HDY-667D3 512MB DDR2, 667, CL5, PC2-5300S-555-1
Price: $60.75 Tel MT1000700865 motor, drive namiki
Price: $54.91 Cat mt-8503 solenoid valve 24V mt-8503 p/n mpv.090
Price: $21.25 Cat MSPS6 SP100A switch
Price: $17.92 Misumi usa inc mspb-hr switch, heat resistance w/ball plunger
Price: $125 Texas instruments MSP50C614 pcb, pwa, Q2/62, src board
Price: $350 Texas instruments MSP50C614 pcb, mixed single processor
Price: $75 Mitsubishi mso-N65 relay, thermal 15KW AC100V
Price: $220 Mitsubishi mso-N25 relay, thermal,5.5KW
Price: $110.5 Rhp msn 15 bearing r.h.p. msn 15 (2 4-7/8 1-1/16)
Price: $60 Net mercury MSLF42UAM pre-weigh interface box pass
Price: $38.25 Festo msfg-24-4527 festo; type: msfg-24, best .: 4527, dc 24V, 4
Price: $22.95 Tel MSE20-503445 seal, door rotation, lower
Price: $350 Panasonic MSDO21AXX04 minas servo driver
Price: $750 Panasonic MSD5A1P1EA driver, servo ac,input:100V,50/60HZ,output:
Price: $21.25 Disco MSACRM100-2 oil stone helicl cuplin arcm-100 6X8 A4
Price: $25 Manostar MS61H switch, manoster,0.2-1.2KPA
Price: $80 Amphenol MS3108E22-12S connector plug conmag gun
Price: $30.12 Air electro MS24266R12B12S6 connector
Price: $33.47 Rms MS24264R16B24PN connector robot side; mfg #: R071716R24PN-00
Price: $19.95 Dell ms-8604 dell emuzed ms-8604 atlantis movie studio plus cont
Price: $191.25 Koganei MRSP25X600-kl-ZE155A2-1014W koganei air cylinder
Price: $191.25 Koganei MRSP25X600-kl-1014W koganei air cylinder
Price: $28 Yarbrough southwest MRS40-lmt-op plunger housing for NW40 switch
Price: $78.2 Bimba mrs-172-dxpz pneumatic cylinder 1-1/2INCH-bore 2INCH-strok
Price: $55 Bimba mrs-040-5-dxpz pneumatic cylinder
Price: $17.85 Bimba mrs-027-dxpz cylinder, 5/8X7 dbl act end mt ss
Price: $60.12 Koganei MRCH20X450 cylinder, 20X450MM dbl act en
Price: $68.85 Humphrey MRCH20X400 cylinder, 20X400MM rodless
Price: $12.75 General electric MR11 35MM halogen lamp, 12V 35W
Price: $351.73 Linde ag MPVL80 kit for pressure control MPVL80 comp. E340
Price: $187.5 Apprecia technology inc MPV14HP valve, 4DIRECTION,AVMPV14-2P11IF
Price: $200 H-square corporation MPS1-002 pick mask assembly 9" x 9"
Price: $138.51 Convum mps-R3S5-gha-d vacuum for spin sd, sensor
Price: $12.67 Dns 2-39-65373 myotoku mps-71E-g-D6 convum indicator, digital on
Price: $15 Convum mps-71E-g-D5 pressure display switch
Price: $20 Mpl mpl-502-0.05 pressure sensor
Price: $93.75 Usf mpf-9001-70 filter cartridge mpf-9001-70 replacement
Price: $22 Clippard mpa-10 air pilot actuator, 1 1/4? bore
Price: $43.93 Asco mp-c-011 coil valve solop 120VAC/50HZ 1273944 for; 099257-0
Price: $12.75 Disco MOWLH30558 valve, pulsejet MOWLH30558
Price: $50 Dell mott-canyon-4 D34533-01 & D35404-101; audio dev board with
Price: $93.75 Disco MOSCH908-d differental pressure
Price: $18.75 Sumico MOS2 (50GR) paste/moly paste 500
Price: $20 Allsafe monogoggle faceshield allsafe monogoggle hazardous mater
Price: $17 Molykote molygnd metal assy paste g-n 2.8 oz
Price: $12.32 Disco MOKJH077--a seal, (5)
Price: $14.98 Disco MOKJG017 seal, MOKJG017
Price: $12.75 Disco MOKFL021--a plate, slider
Price: $125 Disco corporation MOJSL03051A slide guide, 5A010, A5D 4
Price: $12.75 Disco MOJSL00263 cable, MOJSL00263
Price: $22.33 Disco MOJPH148 pulley, (shaft)
Price: $25 Disco hi-tec america inc MOJPH129 bearing, (8), bearing, (10) pl
Price: $18.68 Disco MOJPH114 pulley, (motor)
Price: $35.44 Disco MOHWH049 cylinder
Price: $15.19 Happy pole co. MOHVH03951 replacement of air filter for turntab
Price: $12.91 Disco MOHPZA17--az nut, lock, flange (b)
Price: $43.04 Disco MOHNXA08---z obsolete cover, (with ncs)
Price: $18.38 Disco MOHLR011 slit
Price: $12 Disco MOHLC004--a cover, rubber plate (flw)
Price: $99.11 Disco MOGCZ010-ay MOGCZ010-ay grind spindle wire, 25" long
Price: $18.75 Disco MOGCR026 belt (chuck motor)
Price: $23.97 Disco MOGCNO35-y disco filter element air 0.3UM (F40-41)
Price: $17 Disco MOGCN045---y paint kit
Price: $14.03 Disco MOGCN034---y filter element air 5UM (F40-42)
Price: $46.75 Disco MOGCN031---y disco es filter
Price: $25.5 Disco engineering service MOGCN030---y filter (pure boy b); 6 fi
Price: $265.2 Disco MOGCL310---y load/unload fork rot.arm MOGCL310 (F19-2
Price: $510 Disco MOGCL226--by load/unload plate rot.arm MOGCL226 (F18-
Price: $29.75 Disco MOGCH812 smc valve air multiconnector (F45-13)
Price: $34 Disco MOGCH709 disco solenoid valve air spinner valve base
Price: $41.25 Disco MOENT072 wiper
Price: $18.75 Disco MOENS025 seal (2)
Price: $18.75 Disco MOENS024 seal (1)
Price: $15.19 Disco MOENL083 timing belt
Price: $18.75 Disco MOELT044 belt
Price: $18.75 Disco MOELH11353B filter element;filter element;filter
Price: $18.75 Disco MOELH11352 filter element;filter element;filter
Price: $48.75 Disco MOELH11351 filter element;filter element;filter
Price: $45 Varian 3290 cassette-to-cassette sputtering system (operation ma
Price: $69.7 Trebor model 75 surge suppression 75(05)
Price: $212.5 Tosoh MOD504 door, atm qtzno hole,100-01111
Price: $18.75 Disco MOCAH120 vacuum meter
Price: $218.7 Recif idlw display motherboard, foup opener bracket
Price: $12 Clippard mnv-1P needle valve
Price: $125 Ckd ckd corporation valve, selenoid
Price: $20 Microsoft mn-730 802.11G wireless pci-adapter
Price: $299.5 Motorola mms-a-2 photo detector motherboard
Price: $38.42 Infitec MMR1521 timer 120VAC
Price: $12.75 Tel mme-109815B-1 seal, rubber dev cooling x 128
Price: $125 Ckd MMD50-X0079 valve, manual pilaer welding joint
Price: $175 Ckd MMD40-X0246 valve adjustable flow pfa
Price: $125 Ckd MMD40-X0049 valve, manual sus welding joint
Price: $175 Ckd corporation MMD40-X0030 ckd corporation, MMD40-X0030, valve,
Price: $150 Ckd MMD30-X0139 valve, manual branch 4 joint 316 ss
Price: $125 Ckd MMD30-X0138 valve, manual branch 3 joint
Price: $150 Ckd corporation MMD30-X0137 MMD30-X0137, valve, manual branch 2
Price: $125 Ckd MMD30-X0136 valve, manual branch
Price: $150 Ckd MMD00-X6 valve pfa suck back
Price: $120 Cosel MMC75A-2 power supply, 15V-1.5A,-15V 1.5A
Price: $152.25 Gsi mmc-QR030024-02LD00A driver-controller motor, mmc linear ser
Price: $127.5 Cosel MMB50A-5 power supply mmb series
Price: $15.3 National semiconductor MM74HCT32N quad logic gate ***sold 25-per
Price: $12.75 Cat mm-71T-80-6.4 belt sub chuck
Price: $142.08 System papst MLR25PR fan with filter housing FLF3, 322115
Price: $67.5 Ckd mlps-52B sensor, N2
Price: $25.5 Leica ML514625 filter yellow (for ergolux); K480, 514625
Price: $765 Alphasem ml-YA13096E01AT15 rail, assy w/3 motors (NSK0
Price: $20.13 Nuovo ml-l-lt red blinker microlamp 220V ac x 12556 IP65 50/60HZ
Price: $32.27 Automation tech ml-C003MS05 cable, for y motor assy
Price: $363.12 Leica ml-569163 npl 20X/0.35 df. p/n ml 569163
Price: $159.12 Leitz wetzlar germany ml 569162 npl 10X/0.20 df p/n ml 569162
Price: $816 Leica ml 569151 objective for microscope
Price: $127.5 Advantest mkx-D5736F-1 plate, itx base
Price: $36 Advantest mkx-D5659D-1 fan shaft tc
Price: $60 Advantest mkx-D5171 block, setplate mounting, left
Price: $60 Advantest mkx-118042 block, 20.8 pitch load, w=55.40MM
Price: $200 Ckd mkml-1C-b-5-2 fine level switch
Price: $35 Omron MK2P 24VAC relay
Price: $200 Saginomiya mjv-CHU43371 valve electric actuator
Price: $19 Tokyo electron (tel) mjt-40CK-rd coupling motor
Price: $125 Daido air MJP001AG kit, seal valve clean maint
Price: $45 Nke mix-08V20 uni-wire system, input output module
Price: $22.95 Manufacturing integration technolog mit-16/ip card, input 16 poi
Price: $45 Ascent mil-c-17-g cable rf test cable; 6 ft
Price: $182.25 Ushio mig BA0251 lamp, assy halogen 9000
Price: $111.56 Mgi MIC060142RC showerhead middle
Price: $21.51 Ckd mic-lvl-dsp display, level remote; turk id #: U2459-20, p/n:
Price: $43.04 Mitsubishi mic-lvl-alm controller, level alarm
Price: $300 Thales optem mi-150FTO vsi 110 high-intensity illuminator
Price: $55 Yokogawa MH1W-6-8-a isolator,INOUT1-5 v dc,24VDC/100VAC 47-63 hz
Price: $37.4 Mgi SP100R wafer sensor receiver; banner SP100R
Price: $30 Dell MG6HK inspiron 1090 docking station with jbl speakers
Price: $12.75 Merlin gerin C60N 16A-type b C60N 16A-type b; breaker, 16A 480V
Price: $60 Square d MG14887 78PC merlin gerin 14887; end caps for 3-pole bu
Price: $75.3 Advance power MG12-10C power supply
Price: $10 Dell MG042 D520 15" lcd back cover
Price: $78.2 Mgi mg-ipx-308 pulse motor lift nippon PF55-48D3G
Price: $12.75 Varian - eaton mg 780 resistor prec 20MOHM 1% 15KV
Price: $17 Kalrez metri-o-ring k#33080, compound: 8475UP; 17.295"(439.30MM)
Price: $15.06 M.e.c. tech MEC50008-554-5 ring lopec
Price: $35 E&s tech mec-AMC2 damper rebuild kit,mech,AMC2,
Price: $40 Iwata and co ME8-8PE fitting, male elbow teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting ME8-6PE fitting, male elbow teflon
Price: $40 Iwata and co ME8-12PE fitting, male elbow teflon
Price: $350 Ulvac japan ltd ME04-9616-0 transfer robot finger
Price: $67.74 Todd products corp mdt-223-0512RP power supply; wired for: 115V,
Price: $895 Iwaki MDM25-1702EKKF037J-E2-jec-2137-2000 pump head: iwaki model
Price: $225 Norriseal MDL1631AA elec press controller (norriseal)
Price: $602.44 Lasermax mdl-asyst-670-3 wafer protrude laser for asyst smif i/o
Price: $116.64 Thk MDK1404-3G2FM+18LC7F lead screw, dps; MDK1404-3G2FM+182LC7F
Price: $27.88 Oriental motor MD1225A-24A oriental motor orix dc rushless fan;
Price: $100 Pall MCY4463NAEYH15 pall ultipor N66 filter
Price: $113.04 Pall MCY4463FREJ pall filter
Price: $106.25 Pall MCY4463EC air filter element
Price: $100 Furon mcvm-P44Y check valve teflon
Price: $125 Millipore corp MCVL10S03 cartridge filter (pack of 3)
Price: $40 Pillar MCTSW3-4A-b fitting male adapter teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting MCT8-3B-b fitting male adaptor teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fittingpillar fitting MCT6-2B-b fitting, male connector,
Price: $30 Naigai tech MCT25-8A-b fitting male adapter teflon
Price: $40 Pillar fitting MCT2-1B-b fitting male adaptor teflon
Price: $11.56 Aml mcro-aml micro switch, aml 300 series, 125 vac - 10AMP
Price: $62.35 Accretech mcr-DAC8/i-4/mstb converter, d/a 4-20MA
Price: $170 Dynamation research MCP9600SU prefilter element
Price: $55.25 Honeywell mce 3 external output relay module digital output MCE3
Price: $125 Pall MCD9140UNDEJ filter
Price: $83.5 Forrer 8 control, motor, forrer elect MC920
Price: $40 Iwata and co MC8-4PE fitting, male connector teflon
Price: $40 Iwata and co MC8-12PE fitting, male connector teflon
Price: $12.75 Motorola MC7905CK motorola 3A -5V voltage regulator
Price: $15 Motorola MC68HC711E9CFN2 ic 48600 controller on main boa
Price: $35 Iwata and co MC6-4PE fitting, male connector teflon
Price: $26 Idec MC2D-p push-button switch
Price: $25 St MC1488 rs-232C quad line driver
Price: $20 St microelectronics MC1458N ic dual operational amp. LM1458N PKG
Price: $15 Mitsubishi MBM2756-25 melsec 16K rom
Price: $44.63 Miller bowers mbci grade 7 high temp pleated element
Price: $555.1 Tel MBE280-000001-16 pcb, E2B101-16 ppc
Price: $225 Cat MB82-B3-F3 fan unit
Price: $208.25 Saint gobain MB458211 boat med profile nort(q-1003) PT9903/1.0 r
Price: $118.64 Tel MB3S87-000262-12 sunx FX2-A3R sensor, photo assy
Price: $634.56 Tel MB3S87-000258-12 gauge, VGP2 assy
Price: $54.48 Tel MB3S80-000358-11 cb hotliner 300MM, 304-21477-00
Price: $3994.56 Tel MB3S80-000332-11 rotary, drive feedthru; 447-21765-00; C2470
Price: $35.27 Tel MB3S80-000205-11 lamp,lpa
Price: $32 Tel MB3S80-000204-11 lamp, halogen 406MM
Price: $32 Tel MB3S80-000203-11 mattson 542-20994-00; lamp, halogen 456MM
Price: $32 Tel MB3S80-000202-11 lamp, halogen 506MM mattson 542-20993-00
Price: $173.06 Tel MB3S80-000099-11 vat 88770-R1 kit, battery VETR1
Price: $85.77 Tel MB3S10-401601-11 pin wafer support
Price: $1318.57 Tel MB3S10-351965-11 plate, quartz, allfp
Price: $827.76 Tel MB3S10-350681-11 disk, delay wave rsy
Price: $1251.71 Tel MB3M87-041723-14 smc xz-159-1 high vacuum heated valve, assy
Price: $34.42 Tel MB3M87-039450-11 thermo assy
Price: $93.72 Tel MB3M87-035737-12 heater, vacuum line assy 2 1/12
Price: $274.29 Tel MB3M87-029127-12 assy, htr inlet block p(tin)
Price: $58.67 Tel MB3M87-029053-11 assy, tc mano block 1000T, rlf
Price: $58.67 Tel MB3M87-029052-11 assy, tc mano block 1,10T
Price: $29.93 Tel MB3M87-027501-11 assy, tc throttle vlv
Price: $45.82 Tel MB3M87-026496-12 assy, thermoprocess line 3
Price: $45.82 Tel MB3M87-026494-12 assy, thermo process line 1
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026364-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 22 (300T)
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026363-12 thermo (m) assy, PERTIER21(300T)
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026362-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 20 (300T)
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026361-12 assy, thermo(m) pertier 19 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026360-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 18 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026359-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 17 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026358-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 16 (300T)
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026357-12 thermo (m) assy, PERTIER15(300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026356-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 14 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026355-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 13 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026354-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 12 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026353-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 11 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026352-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 10 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026350-13 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 8 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026349-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 7 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026348-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 6 (300T)
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026347-12 thermo (m) assy, PERTIER5(300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026346-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 4 (300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026345-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 3 (300T)
Price: $33.31 Tel MB3M87-026344-12 thermo (m) assy, PERTIER2(300T)
Price: $33.55 Tel MB3M87-026343-12 assy, thermo (m) assy pertier 1 (300T)
Price: $293.84 Tel MB3M87-025944-12 assy, htr shower head 2 (tin)
Price: $292.79 Tel MB3M87-025943-12 assy, htr shower head 1(tin)
Price: $158.91 Tel MB3M87-025858-13 assy, htr TICL4 evac vlv 2
Price: $158.91 Tel MB3M87-025857-13 assy, htr TICL4 evac VLV1
Price: $136.06 Tokyo electron (tel) MB3M87-025855-12 heater assembly, TICL4 eva
Price: $136.05 Tel MB3M87-025854-12 assy, htr TICL4 evac line 2-2
Price: $144.91 Tel MB3M87-025851-12 assy, htr TICL4 evac line-2
Price: $163.26 Tel MB3M87-025850-12 assy, htr TICL4 evac line 1-1
Price: $178.51 Tel MB3M87-025845-13 heater vacuum line assembly, 32V, 60W0301
Price: $209.71 Tel MB3M87-025840-13 assy, thermo TICL4 evac vln
Price: $474.55 Tel MB3M87-025837-13 assy, htr process line 2
Price: $40.96 Tel MB3M87-025836-12 assy, thermo TICL4 evac line 2
Price: $241.63 Tel MB3M87-025834-12 assy, htr process line 1
Price: $57.47 Tel MB3M87-025696-11 smc VXZ2230G-03-5DS-q valve, assy water shu
Price: $13.13 Tokyo electron (tel) MB3M87-022381-12 gauge, pipe 4 heater (MK2)
Price: $99.05 Tel MB3M80-001699-11 o-ring, flourine tel unity
Price: $101.29 Tel MB3M80-001354-12 board, rcb-11-B3-1
Price: $17.21 Tel MB3M12-013695-11 valve, shuttle XZ159-1-6-1S 6
Price: $22.11 Tel MB3M10-410595-11 support, pin cb hotliner
Price: $19.16 Tel MB3M10-407432-11 insulation, shower 8
Price: $58.23 Tel MB3M10-406104-11 plug, shower base
Price: $40.71 Tel MB3M10-405980-11 ring, center mesh
Price: $274.29 Tel MB3M10-310186-11 plate, shower htr 1S0L OUT2
Price: $274.29 Tel MB3M10-310185-11 plate, shower htr 1S0L OUT1
Price: $59.01 Tel MB3M10-308781-12 insulation, shower 7
Price: $79.57 Tel MB3M10-308780-11 insulation, shower 5
Price: $68.14 Tel MB3M10-308566-12 disk, insulator
Price: $41.72 Tel MB3M10-307965-12 insulation, shower 6
Price: $93.88 Tel MB3M10-307942-11 inlet, pipe NH_8W
Price: $504.49 Tel MB3M10-204698-11 holder, upper sfr 300 lpa
Price: $1556.46 Tel MB3M10-204604-11 holder, pedestal 300 lpa
Price: $1068.84 Tel MB3M10-203454-11 plate, shower, htr isol in
Price: $253.6 Tel MB3M10-203202-11 insulation, shower 3
Price: $257.96 Tel MB3M10-202738-13 insulation, shower 2
Price: $250.34 Tel MB3M10-202737-12 insulation, shower 1
Price: $114.83 Tel MB3M10-200150-11 spacer, shower cpf-tin int
Price: $111.3 Tel MB036-005832-1 inficon sky CDG160A-s vacuum gauge, CR096S 13
Price: $17.85 Tel MB028-014372-1 clamp, vac PB0420
Price: $12.75 Tel MB028-012126-1 vac, IAGD2-seal-bp (A4-244680)
Price: $63.75 Tel MB028-012123-1 vac, IAGD2-seal-mfc-LS5 (A4-244677)
Price: $38.07 Tel MB027-004263-1 o-ring, dupra DU191DAS01 AS568A-321
Price: $21.25 Smc VJ514MY-5LOZ valve,sol, 24VDC
Price: $15.07 Tel MB012-007387-1 valve, water check
Price: $40 Honeywell mb-d-005-AB619A skinner solenoid valves
Price: $75 Advantest max-106371E-1 pusher base, all fbga x 16/32/64STD/dcc
Price: $40 Pillar fitting MATW4-N2A35 fitting, male adaptor teflon
Price: $40 Pillar MAT19-N6A50 fitting, male adaptor teflon
Price: $425 Sycom mastergas 2000 main panel board (dpd-sycoom) gas distribut
Price: $17.31 Dns 2-39-52312 module
Price: $20 Jx nippon oil & energy marti-knock-2-grease 400G marti knock gre
Price: $18.59 Nke map-08V20 module; dns 2-39-52313
Price: $191.25 Generic magna 303 electrode welding 3/32 pkg 194
Price: $125 Ckd magd-1AY-cb(sus) valve 316 ss, air ope, main 0.5MPA, operate
Price: $225 Muto technology ma-20308 collimator
Price: $38 Extron 230488-002 module motor speed cont. 18022A, 230 vac 1HP;
Price: $250 Ktm M509-8K80 manual valve diaphram M509, 8K80, DI80,; , inner d
Price: $10.71 More-4-less 6600085 eaton 6600085 24VAC transformer
Price: $101.25 Signal M4L-3-10 class f-1 transformer, 1000VA 115V; pri: volts:
Price: $350 Kitamura M490L-D100-81TN valve; size: 15A, w.p.: 0.3MPA, sup.p.:
Price: $12.75 Teqcom M442C1DFSHT vavle, 12 vdc hp, 1/4" nc, 40 psi
Price: $55 Humphrey M401-37 miniature solenoid valve
Price: $350 Kitamura M4-90L-D100-81K valve; size: 25A, w.p.: 0.4MPA, sup.p.:
Price: $125 Ckd M3PB110-06-C2-10-3 valve, solenoid 9 valve manifold
Price: $125 Madison M3571-C1903-240 switch pp liquid level 30W 20FT; leak de
Price: $145 Ge sensing M2LR 2361-005 P14509; 2-wire cable for M2LR sensor; 1
Price: $12 St M27C4001-10F1 ic dip eprom, 32 pin
Price: $56.1 Cat M27128AF1 kit for micro system, 7 eproms, pgm, 12.5V
Price: $135 Disco M22NRFA-lnf-ns-00 powermax ii 1.8 step motor, M22 w/8X12"
Price: $80.75 Unitronics M210-12-EN3 input module M210-12-EN3
Price: $50.15 Unitronics M210-12-EA1 output module model M210-12-EA1
Price: $75 Hitachi kokusai M1AC-14K/12K coupling, cx shaft
Price: $21.25 Wilden M16X1-5 nut impeller stain M16X1.5 PN217 for pump
Price: $56.47 Teledyne M14040-009 orifice assy M14040-009 p/n 02656
Price: $17.85 Teledyne M14032-001 screen flow matrix barrier M14032-001
Price: $25 Unistrtut M1131 5 pairs of 76.2 - 82.6MM pipe clamps *doesn't co
Price: $30 Unistrtut M1130 10 pairs of 73.0 - 79.4MM pipe clamps *doesn't c
Price: $21.25 Unistrut M1127 clamp unistrut o.d. tubing 2 1/8 (pkg of 10)
Price: $55.25 Generic M1110BQ maintenance kit for HGM300 freon M1110BQ
Price: $25 Tecs M11108301 opener, base plate left
Price: $25 Tecs M10968202 guiding, upper left
Price: $21.51 Lunaire M06-D5-7 shaft, blower
Price: $21.25 Cat M05-D2 blower shaft seal
Price: $35 Chemraz M035003370SC51 chemraz o-ring; cpd 513; 33.70 id x 3.50
Price: $30 Mykrolis M00000001 tube lab sampling; box of 100
Price: $225 Generic m-mem-03 pcb, semr-0011A
Price: $540 Intel m-b L440GX pcb, server board S5000P sl
Price: $425 Genius m-818 magnet card for genius pro
Price: $75.3 Malema m-60-6-a-ss switch, flow
Price: $75.3 Malema m-55-2-t-ss lam 853-015775-002; flow switch
Price: $225 Malema sensors m-50-T21-01-012 flow switch teflon (malema sensor
Price: $121.5 Malema m-1500-T11-011-009 meter, flow malema
Price: $63.75 Ontrak 31-0008-027 air cylinder, 1-1/16 bore x 6 stroke
Price: $70 Electroglas inc 5-39-07803 valve, pneumatic
Price: $25 Omron LY2N 200/220VAC relay
Price: $25 Omron LY2N 110/120VAC relay
Price: $65 Kurita water lx-2VC head, pump, injecter, naclo
Price: $63.75 Iko lwlf-14/M3 linear slide
Price: $115.18 Nippon thompson lwl-9C2R lwl 9C2R 80 h/DM3
Price: $350 Iko lwl-15-C2-R787-E548 linear motion rolling guide (iko nippon)
Price: $21 Smc LVDD10-S04 digital solenoid valve
Price: $250 Fer rof luidic lup-29 feedthru, rotary
Price: $43.52 Skf lubr 12-2LS bearing lhbr 12-2LS for multi axis-sadd
Price: $325 Axcelis technologies lu-c-645 clamp, spring 8" wafer cla
Price: $25.31 Axcelis lu-a-318 plate,stop sensor
Price: $10 Lite-on 7N956 cd-rw ide drive; dell 7N956
Price: $75 Linear technology LTC1274CSW linear technology LTC1274CSW N09061
Price: $45.05 Sharp LT022MC0 laser diode 780 nanometer type LT022MC0
Price: $45 Fabco-air lss-33-sk seal kit fabco air lss-33
Price: $175 Fabco-air lss-33 lss 33 go fabco airpiston assy
Price: $125 Hitachi lse-06 sensor, 6 points lse-06
Price: $106.25 Ti lsc 4140 semiconductor part, tool planarizer
Price: $117.61 Jacob ls-773 logosol, network i/o node ls-773
Price: $125 Toho kasei ls-6P sensor, 6 points
Price: $101.32 Adance automation ls-10R-no adance automation magnet pick up V3
Price: $58.48 Rosemount analytical LR34186 cover-internal preamp 15 cable r. m
Price: $24.72 Telemecanique LR2 D1321 023262 relay, thermal overload
Price: $323 Si span lr-300 display one channel lr-300 12V span, broken bezel
Price: $26.25 Festo lr-1/8-g pressure regulator, lr-1/8-g
Price: $74.46 Sharp LQ0B102 sharp back light unit
Price: $650 Mks LPV1-50-ak-cnvs KF50 right angle vacuum valve
Price: $51 Chem-tec lph-375-3-bc flow switch
Price: $35 Chem tec equipment company lph-375-1BC N2 sw pro quip
Price: $75 Tofle LPCB7 flex.4 flexible gas tube
Price: $75 Tofle LPCB7 flex.3 flexible gas tube
Price: $75 Tofle LPCB7 flex.2 flexible gas tube
Price: $50 Tofle LPCA5 flex.3 flexible gas tube
Price: $75 Tofle LPCA5 flex.2 flexible gas tube
Price: $75 Tofle LPCA5 flex.1 flexible gas tube
Price: $250 Mks LP2-40-rk-clvs valve, lo pro NW40
Price: $150 Lambda lns-p-15-40066-4 regulated power supply; input: 208VAC +/
Price: $15 Winifred lmb-1-w bearing, 1/4X1/2X3/4IN linear
Price: $28 Parker LM1592-014 inductor
Price: $35 National semiconductor LM1458N dual operational amplifier pkg 6
Price: $106.25 Leitz./leica ersatzteillager LM016LT leitz./leica ersatzteillage
Price: $24.4 Sick LLK2-Y8MM02 LL3-TS10 sensor, fiber optic
Price: $12.75 Sick optic LLK1-D3 sensor, light
Price: $12.75 Disco lkjs-910018-0 belt, timing 10-S3M-264
Price: $15.19 Asm MOJSX006 brush, MOJSX006
Price: $15.39 Disco ljat-010001-0 pad, ljat-010001-0
Price: $42.5 Micron lithius-40999 tel lithius resist bottle dispenser head
Price: $10.2 Misumi lhifc-6 bushing, 6MM (4-bolt)sq flanged linear
Price: $113.9 Asi lg 1.75-1.0 guide, light 1.75M x 1.0MM dia
Price: $12 Idec lftd-2WPN10 10-pack 24W led
Price: $15.06 Timken lfst 3/4 ball bearing
Price: $42.5 Lambda lfs-43-12 power supply, regulated, input: 95-132 vac ~ 47
Price: $75 Axcelis lfs-40-5 power supply, 5V
Price: $12.95 Dell lf-4291P dell latitude E4200 laptop motherboard i/o flat co
Price: $25 Mcmaster-carr lf-12 leveling feet 2 1/2" x 3", pack of 4
Price: $135 Manufacturing integration technology led-GPOA70-228TR lighting,
Price: $220 Pall LDFT1F00213E51-K3 pall filter
Price: $100 Sam LD4V-cy valve, low press air 316 ss
Price: $125 Sam LD4R-cy-tl valve 316 ss air operated
Price: $40 Mouser LD1084V 49-pack of 2.85-30V 5.0A adj st low drop voltage
Price: $720 Sunx ld-C60 controller, ld-C60
Price: $61.64 Furon LCU7-1212 kit valve check 3/4 buttweld
Price: $54 Patlite lcr-b accretech light tower
Price: $212.5 Diavac lclv-40-AC200V diavac limited leak valve
Price: $46.75 Mega lck-1000 mega kinetics leak sensor
Price: $35 Thk LBS50UU nut bearing
Price: $17 Skf lbcr 5-2LS linear ball bearing; lbcr 5-2LS; 5MM (id), 12MM (
Price: $182.25 Nikon LB1001-501269503-46174 bridge lan for nikon
Price: $191.25 Probe technology lb-140 box planarization system manual
Price: $127.5 Eastern air devices LA23GCKF-210 1.8-deg linear actuator, 4V 4-p
Price: $68 Eastern air LA23ECK-13R1 stepping motor; 24V dc 4PH, 0.25-amp, 1
Price: $135 Varian L9545-301 pcb, i/o remote (979 & 947)
Price: $350 Hamamatsu L9519-02 lamp D2 hb hamamtsu L9519-02
Price: $350 Hamamatsu L9519-01 lamp D2 hb hamamtsu
Price: $105.55 Semitool L8755301 kit, V1/V2 valve repair (947)
Price: $225 Hamamatsu L6832 mercury-xenon lamp
Price: $195 Varian L6591-301 valve, vacuum, 2-3/4" od, 1-1/2" id
Price: $29.75 Rochester gauges L6253-6Q rochester gauges of texas level contro
Price: $30.98 Varian L6128301 spare parts kit NW40 a/o; 1291-L6128-301
Price: $17 Hitachi L456815 o-ring fpm AS568 225
Price: $125 St 6100843 stmicroelectronics L298N dual bridge drvr sg
Price: $40.65 Numatics 3000060 controller, air logic, 14.5-145 psig, 1.10 bar
Price: $38.25 Klockner-moeller L21GN1FA klockner-moeller green indicator lamp
Price: $21.25 Klockner-moeller L2-ea-rd klockner-moeller red indicator lamp
Price: $25 Littelfuse L1J17F flnr 40 id, FN98-97, powr-gard class RK5 time
Price: $180 Lynn research & technology L147-VRE5-604-4 electrode upper pe 06
Price: $15.06 Novellus L007 float switch
Price: $127.5 Cat l-1680 bearing for 3640
Price: $140.25 Keyence kv-U4 keyence corp power supply
Price: $216.75 Keyence kv-16R plc controller, kv series
Price: $16.1 Potter & brumfield 107-004 relay, 24VDC, 3A, 1/2HP, 600VAC, tyco
Price: $12.75 Limitron ktk-r-2 limitron class cc, current limiting fuse, 600V
Price: $12 Bussmann ktk-r-15 bussmann limitron class cc current limiting; f
Price: $150 Green tweed kt-0122 o-ring seal kit, chamber wet strip novellus
Price: $35 Festo KSV6-7 multi-tube connector
Price: $15.1 Humphrey KSHDM10X15 shock absorber, 15MMSTRKX18
Price: $100 Sacom ks-10PT sacom ks-10PT; p-panel converter controller box xr
Price: $11.05 Potter & brumfield 80-650-030 12V 50/60HZ relay; 1/5HP, 10-amp,
Price: $33.15 Advantest krl-001274-2 matsushita FC25N, BMF625A, K1 coil relay,
Price: $30 Smc KQ2U12-16 5-pack of different diameter y union fittings; one
Price: $10 Smc pneumatics KQ2T06-00 union tee 6MM
Price: $125 Kyocera kpt-100-10PAN16-mb thermal-head; 460P204010
Price: $24.1 Faith kpd-540 manual control keypad
Price: $13 Ina KNZ12 linear bearing
Price: $25 Nikon KNB45327 11 plate spring
Price: $15 Ina KNAZ12 bearing
Price: $16.27 Kyb KM200400-f damper/gas cylinder,
Price: $225 Osaka jinno KLP25W0.15 exhaust fan KLP25; AP485438, 0.15KW, 3600
Price: $125 Nagano KL77 pressure sensor teflon, inlet pressure FS820L
Price: $12.5 Dell KK790 cd-rom slim drive
Price: $14 Smc KJT03-00 tee tube fitting, pack of 10
Price: $550 Lam research kit, pm, lam 9400, quarterly, ext ll with dsq strip
Price: $21.25 Potter & brumfield HHU17D11 relay, 4DPT 24 vac, 1/10HP, 3A, 120
Price: $18 Potter & brumfield khu-17D11-24 24VDC relay; 1/10HP, 3A, 120VAC;
Price: $58.09 Nagano keiki KH15-A34 transmitter
Price: $175 Nagano keiki kh-21 pressure transmitter, system two wire, power
Price: $175 Snk limited KFR2L1001M filter, 0.1MICRO_M
Price: $22 Generic KF80-SD653 o-ring
Price: $10 Generic KF50-clamp iso-kf 50 clamp ***your item may different th
Price: $370 Swagelok KF50 ball valve assembly ss, kf 50
Price: $35 Generic kf-tube-tube-t-adapter 132.58MM length; flange: 50.45MM(
Price: $34 Hoffman instrumentation supply inc kf-50-lf fitting ss vaccum fl
Price: $20 Generic 2 key lock blue button
Price: $12000 Asahi pyro ke-V4-in-02 t/c, cascade control tel ALPHA8 type r si
Price: $15 Dell KC411 6" backplane sas cable
Price: $450 Nikon KBB07191-A01 pin notch drive unit
Price: $150 Nikon KBB04410-A04-1 arm long, side slide
Price: $125 Nikon KBB04410 A03-1 arm short, side slide
Price: $675 Nikon KBB04200-A01 yaskawa ugqmem-01SNQ22; motor assy
Price: $225 Nikon KBB02432-NL002 wafer sense led assy
Price: $225 Nikon KBB02432-509-1 notch pin motor; minimotor sa
Price: $10.44 Niko KBB0061007 bearing thrust .00179
Price: $36 Schaeffler KB20-pp-as linear ball bearing
Price: $30 Rechner sensors kas-80-A12-a capacitive sensor; 6FT
Price: $212.5 Industrie-elektronik kas-80-30-il-M32 liquid level sensor capaci
Price: $65 Rechner sensors kas-70-c-18/5-o sensor capacitive
Price: $40 Rechner sensors kas-70-23-s-M22 proximity : M22 x 1,5, 10..35 v
Price: $100 Rechner sensors kas-40-10/20-m sensor capacitive; 6 1/2 ft
Price: $520 Varian K9234-303 cold cathode vacuum gauge
Price: $63.75 Ets K80998-01 kit service dealer valve
Price: $63.75 Trikon technologies K80335-02 hse tool kit
Price: $1275 Trikon K76815-01 dep tool kit
Price: $45 Honeywell K4S02C1 valve pilot 4-way, *el, 5W, 28-100PSI
Price: $29.75 Honeywell K4S02 valve pilot 4-way, *fi, 5W, 28-100PSI
Price: $12.78 Warden fluid dynamics KSHDM8X12 shock absorber, 12MMSTRKX14MM; K
Price: $54 Parker K4P04 valve, skinner
Price: $21.25 Cat K45028-05 ht mod kit; K45028/05 ets sigma / SPT51500
Price: $297.5 Cat K45027-03 hse s/w retro kit 02.23S p/n K45027/03
Price: $225 Hitachi high-tech K433004 gauge, pening
Price: $62 Omron K3NX-adia-L1 meter, digital panel
Price: $175 Omron K3HB-xvd-L2AT11 ac/DC24V meter, panel digital
Price: $20 Kulicke & soffa K2525-E5SH-000 dicing wheel
Price: $81 Ultratech K17012583A shield, face 200M si pad shirt
Price: $82.5 Nexx K17012313/b shield, finger esc/skirt 200M
Price: $453.85 Asm K17012246B assy, wafer tray edge shields
Price: $106.25 Datametrics K15D0-300-5SE-6B encoder model
Price: $68 Cosel 198765 power supply 5V/3A switch 120VAC, 198765
Price: $100 Nexx K11007332 tensioner, drive chain (load
Price: $32.64 Cat K04202-000L shim test item 19 34 38
Price: $15 Dupont dow K017 o-ring, 1X063S kalrez
Price: $70 Trebor K0026 reducer, magumun 610 to SS75
Price: $142.8 Kalrez k-268 o-ring 8.50ID x 1/8C/s lower windo
Price: $12.04 Smc k-12 pressure gauge 11KG/cm / 160 psi
Price: $15 Duralight jxm-400VIAIL trastar cross-walk signal; 120 v, 60HZ, 9
Price: $65 Koyo thermo systems js-42-04891 tube 316 ss vcr, flexible js 42
Price: $500 Shin-etsu js-37-589-003 inner tube quartz tel ALPHA8
Price: $75 Amat js-36-1714-001 cushion js 36 1714 001
Price: $75 Amat js-36-1713-001 ring,js 36 1713 001
Price: $75 Amat js-36-02274-003 ring, teflon lp 211 308 LE1 LE3
Price: $75 Amat js-36-02274-001 ring, teflon lp js 36 02274 001
Price: $225 Asahi pyro js-34-08705 t/c, auto profile
Price: $75 Koyo thermo systems co ltd js-32-18941A-004 tube, flexible vcr 3
Price: $125 Koyo js-32-18941A-003A tube 316 ss vcr, flexible js 32 18941A 00
Price: $500 Shin-etsu js-27-253 outer tube quartz tel ALPHA8
Price: $106.25 Aromat 6500430E rela pcb aromat JR1AF-DC1
Price: $87.14 Daikin jqc-T03-2C-12-no valve, counter balance
Price: $20 Presslok JNU1-4 presslok JNU1/4 1/4" metering valve; akrion VLV2
Price: $11.9 Timken 235001208 bearing cone/cup item-40
Price: $15.94 Timken JLM104910 bearing,roller for spindle
Price: $10.2 Dell JK171 dell JK171 optiplex 740 sff dvi video card cn-0JK171
Price: $30 Dell JJ312 modem card, JC92-01746
Price: $125 Nippon sokki JIS10K25A-80-4 diaphragm pressure gauge, 25A, 4MPA
Price: $20 Kalrez sahara jis-G040 o-ring kalrez; 1.551"(39.40MM) x 0.122"(3
Price: $20.25 Dupont jis V325 o-ring kalrez 6 x 321.5 mm 12.657 x .236IN.
Price: $48.2 Dupont jis G470 8475 o-ring, kalrez ID18.476 CSD0.224, 8475UP
Price: $65 Ushio lighting JIH120V-2000WB/am lamp, halogen 120V-2000W
Price: $35 Generic JF922370 tube to kf reducer; 109.18MM length; flange: 77
Price: $35 Generic JF876825-kf kf to kf reducer; 81.57MM length; flange: 50
Price: $30 Generic JF876825 tube to kf reducer; 104.80MM length; flange: 50
Price: $35 Generic JF723744 tube to kf adapter; 57.63MM length; flange: 63.
Price: $45 Generic JF722262 tee ss weld 1-1/2" pipe to kf flange to 1-1/2"
Price: $150 Tlv JF5X-2 40A trap, steam drain JF5X-2 40A
Price: $35 Generic JF50775 kf to kf reducer; 76.78 length, 50.37MM(o.d.), 2
Price: $35 Generic JF325914 kf-kf-tube t adapter; flange: 50.45MM(o.d.)/ 21
Price: $35 Generic JF323205 tube to kf reducer; length: 44.79MM; flange: 34
Price: $125 Koganei JDAS50X30 koganei air cylinder jig
Price: $33.15 Koganei JDAS40X75 air cylinder jig, 40X75MM dbl act hsg
Price: $21.34 Koganei JDAS32X75-CS9H2 kog cylinder, 15/32X2-61/64
Price: $10.2 Warden fluid dynamics JDAS12X15 cylinder, 6MMX15MM k
Price: $12.75 Koganei JDAS12X10 cylinder, 12MMX10MM k
Price: $89.25 Koganei JDAFS25X20-230W air cylinder "jig"; 2T5-1269-000
Price: $17.85 Koganei JDA16X10 cylinder, 16X10 air
Price: $77.59 Koganei jd 20X20 koganei cylinder a/l sub chuck
Price: $43.93 Heinemann JC2S-Z90-1JC2S-T3-cb-01-d-a circuit breaker
Price: $21.08 Eaton JC2S-Z90-1 eaton heinemann culter hammer breaker
Price: $15 Smc JB20-5-080 floating joint for compact cylinders
Price: $16.5 Smc JA10-4-070 floating joint, M4X0.70
Price: $17.85 Acopian J2700UV-00-16-U036-u tc, ungrounded
Price: $5500 Ebara J2-12SLOT cmp vme controller J2-12SLOT (2) avme-352, (3) a
Price: $276.68 Mks J1-050-ak-lzrha-24A n valve, exhaust, isolation
Price: $301.21 Mks J1-050-ak-lzrha-24A NW100 1-stage jalapeno
Price: $55.25 Omron J025-001300 fiber sensor
Price: $106.25 Nicolet J000-0008-01 detector switcher board
Price: $10.41 Klockner-moeller j-dil-3 contactor coil 220V 50HZ J3-220V
Price: $15.19 Metron j-7-V4 limit switch
Price: $111.56 Solmics j-114 moer exclusion ring, 1.5MM alt
Price: $800 Smc ITV0010-3ML regulator, manifold, 10 pos
Price: $20 Smc ISE4B-T1-26L digital pressure switch; sensor assy ecmp N2 pr
Price: $30 Smc ISE4-01-25L digital pressure switch, 12~24VDC
Price: $55 Smc ISE2-T1-15L switch pressure, 0-1 mpa
Price: $28 Smc IS1000-Y30E pressure switch with Y30E fittings
Price: $68 Asml-svg ips 122 2 inch stainless steel indicating pressure swit
Price: $35 Custom eye ip-10119 gas feed tube
Price: $75.94 Asi io-pd-mod card, io and photo diode
Price: $31.57 Smc inr-244-115A-8 cable, ext inr-244-115A-8 mar
Price: $44.2 Ulvac ina-14-47-04 vr check valve
Price: $150 Smc ina-13-815 regulator 316 ss
Price: $28.35 Smc ina-13-795-02 regulator, ina-13-796-02
Price: $54.4 Akrion-scp IMP8G gripper grab seal 1/2 teflon. pn:IMP8G.
Price: $40 Ibm IM1164LH rechargeable battery; replaces 92P1163 and 92P1164;
Price: $168.3 Nor cal ilvp-200 valve main vacuum 2
Price: $21.25 Cat ILQ2 integrated circuit quad isolator
Price: $150 Etel ILD24-030-2NA-A00A ILD24-050-2NA-A00A, coil, y linear motor
Price: $50 Power one ihtaa-16W ac pwr supply, opn frm series 5VDC
Price: $65 International power ihtaa-16W power supply, poly-flow
Price: $99 International power IHC5-6/ovp power supply, 5VDC, 6A
Price: $78.2 Power one IHC24-2-4 power supply 24VDC, bf-005
Price: $500 Mykrolis IHAV01P01K filter, pore size: 0.1UM, media: upe, suppor
Price: $63.75 Fluoroware gip-05-0001 inline gauge protector
Price: $65 Entegris igp-04-100-2-7 inline 3/4 inft, 100PSI, teflon sst gaug
Price: $59.4 Entegris igp-01-060-4 gauge prot - 1/2"fnpt-halo
Price: $35 Fastcom IG422-8 fully isolated rs-422 adaptor
Price: $45 Baumer ifrm 06P3713/l inductive sensor
Price: $56.25 Baumer ifr 06.26.35/l inductive proximity switch
Price: $800 Krohne IFM1010K-gna-0040-AW1C-N2-1N meter, flow of inlet,connect
Price: $34 Baumer iff 08.26.35/L1/K828 inductive proximity switches; iff 08
Price: $17 Eldor iec 61156-5 data cable comm for tgm teldor 61156-5
Price: $15 Gl automation IDS8-na-ar roller peak alingment
Price: $63.75 Finite idn-2G filter disposable on-line svg
Price: $25 Cat IDLW8-M0022 notch finder peak 3MM
Price: $187.42 Recif idlw display assy, anf up/down aligner
Price: $274.12 Recif idlw display assy, roller motor drive, anf
Price: $28 Omega icss-18G-12-pfa probe temperature teflon coated (omega)
Price: $22 Omega icss-14U-12 electrical rod, j-type, high limit entegris
Price: $350 Integrated circuit support inc ics-2468120-noshadow lam 4500 cla
Price: $32.3 Yamaichi IC53-1324-280 FX200 socket
Price: $125 Kitz sct IC4-1/3-gf-75-ep check valve; IC4-1/3-gf-75-ep
Price: $15.06 Briskheat IBM211301 blanket, heater
Price: $700 Kitz sct IB8VOS-vcc-std valve, air operate
Price: $12.75 Sharp IA50HR sharp photo interrupter
Price: $34.17 Interaction ia-PCL24/250-02 lamp, halogen inter action
Price: $71.4 Anorad / rockwell RS232C controller, anorad servo
Price: $25.31 Mit i/o-24 board, adaptor
Price: $145.52 Linde ag i-156916 valve pneumatic for comp E220/ E340; osv-15 ng
Price: $220.03 Optical radiation corporation HVN1600 lamp, mercury xenon w/supe
Price: $106.25 Ckd HVB81-15F-5 valve em (HVB81-15F-5-DC24V)
Price: $29.75 Asco HV2305954 solenoid, pressure equalizing comp, r-11 5 psi, 1
Price: $15.3 Contitech htd 1120-8M-20 belt, timing
Price: $143.44 Power one htaa-16W-a power supply, international series
Price: $25 Foamex HT4794-25 2 packs of 25-pack ultrasolv wiper 0.046"X9X9"
Price: $25 Foamtec international HT4528D81-1 25-pack of emery cloth , 4.25"
Price: $45 Foamex HT45207-1 3.5" medium duty disk w/loop backing
Price: $34 Foamex HT179036D-1 scrub tip swab
Price: $12 Vwr international, llc HT173228-5 scrubtip 280 grit silicon carb
Price: $35 Thk HSR12RM-2D137 lm linear guide
Price: $150 Misonix hsp-8296 pump seal kit misonix 1018573
Price: $191.25 Tpi HSH250-16 250-w maximum power supply; adj to 45V, 115/230V~,
Price: $96.56 Cat HSH250-13 power supply 220V 24V 10A
Price: $75 Novellus HS190000 fluid sensor control
Price: $554.4 Power-one HP5F2F2KS233 power supply 2V 300A, input: 50-60HZ, ac
Price: $369.75 Hewlett packard HP44472A card vhf switch
Price: $313 Hp D9419A fmcs hd hp-D9419A 36G
Price: $11.16 Spears SCH80 D2467 plunger, epi scrubber,
Price: $75.3 Cgs thermo hp-8-2-a thermocouple wafer, 8"
Price: $425 Oma hobby-6-02-OM200-230-50-oma inbal air compressor for industr
Price: $29.97 Power one HN24-3.6-a HN24-3.6-a power supply, 24V@3.6A
Price: $106.25 Ham-let HM20-4VKLO-GF4GM4 ucv hm series diaphragm valve 1/4 n/o
Price: $20.25 Ham-let HM20-4VKLC-GF4-GM4 valve, n/c 1/4" fvcr-mvcr aov
Price: $15 Osram hlx 64621A halogen photo optic lamp xenophot hlx, 100W, 12
Price: $10 Osram hlx-64250 halogen photo optic lamp
Price: $146.88 Mit hl-2305-0303 motherboard, dio-124 mb
Price: $125 Hubbel hkb 0593 killark gas box exhaust,
Price: $15 Dell HK718 cd-rom slim drive
Price: $28.05 Minco HK5574 R10.0L12F 0516 heater, 0.50 x 1.0 10 ohms
Price: $10.2 Humphrey HJDA20X3/4 cylinder, 5/16X25/32
Price: $12.75 Cat HIS2002 specimen stud 26MM, 26D, 10 pc set
Price: $20 Generic hinged clamp, pack of 3 KF25
Price: $1334.91 Sez HICV020-131RC1/4'' self control valve spm pining (
Price: $931.77 Advance 23072 self control valve
Price: $225 Advance HIC300-115PIGH valve teflon model 20544 air operated, HI
Price: $10 Comm instr HFW1201S100 relay surface mount
Price: $82.5 Fluoroware hfm-16F valve - hf man ft 1"
Price: $27.11 Thermo hfc 0803 enclosure, explosion & fire hazard only
Price: $297.5 Carten HF500-049-PC2 carten ultra-high purity valves
Price: $15 Ina HF0812SS225 bearing
Price: $225 Spirax sarco hf-2300-15-4R-2-1 flow meter (spirax sarco) emco ol
Price: $60.75 Mks hesv-150-1 heater, jacket iso valve 12V 6.5X3.6, 32W, 120V
Price: $12.75 Philips HEF4073BP philips i.c. input and gate
Price: $550 Baldor bs/M63A-275AA servomotor with gear reduction; bs/M63A-275
Price: $15 Hitachi HD46821P pio interface 2 mhz 40 dip
Price: $30 Strasbaugh 106953 condor HD24-4-8-a+ power supply 24V 4.8A, 110/
Price: $68 Power-one HC12-3-4-a power supply; output: 12VDC @ 3.4-amps temp
Price: $1500 Osram hbo-450W-gs mercury short arc photo optic lamp; hbo 450W/g
Price: $13 Hubbell HBL7485 plug, 15A 125/250V 3W tl
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL2426 ac flanged outlet nema L15-20 female white,20 am
Price: $19 Hubbell HBL2425 ac flanged inlet nema L15-20 male white, 20 amp,
Price: $10 Hubbell HBL2326 twist-lock flanged receptacle. 2P3W, 20A 250V, L
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL2313 twist-lock connector body. 2P3W, 20A 125V, L5-20
Price: $73 Teradyne HB5-3/ovp-a ac/dc power supply 5V
Price: $12.91 Ckd HB21-6-1-n-AC100V valve, solenoid 100V 4W 0-.7M
Price: $85 Hanhart HANH291-469000 signal clock electronic
Price: $96.64 Air products S6612 hamamatsu S6612, starter, lamphouse, high vol
Price: $38.25 Power one haa-512-a power supply, 5V@2A/9-15V@.5A
Price: $21.25 Power-one HA5-1.5/ovp-a ac/dc converter, output: 5VDC at 1.5A
Price: $35 Humphrey HA040E1 3-way 2-position normally closed solenoid manif
Price: $18.07 Humphrey HA010LE1 manifold set/valve
Price: $25 Humphrey HA010E1 valve solenoid
Price: $650 Harmonic ha-210-2 65BA015VXKH1 ac servo controler
Price: $36 Site services inc H96-014347 semco cartridge, 232ML for cds pump
Price: $10 Meacon corp H7185 muffler ,mech,PFD2,wht ,20205002 pkg 5
Price: $204 Kla-tencor H7-24E7 inker catridge holder
Price: $129.19 Ham-let H6895SSNL1/2PSS HX150 chiller drain valve 3000PSIG @ 100
Price: $34 Omron H3BH-8 timer,24 vac 5A 250VAC 50/60HZ
Price: $227.81 Axcelis H3501182 lens, sapphire plano, conves 50MM f
Price: $48.75 Axcelis H3500451 element holder
Price: $42.5 Nsk H310X adapter for bearings
Price: $10 Weidmuller H16/24 grun wire end ferrule terminator with plastic
Price: $126.56 Axcelis H1407109 300MM edge ring;300MM edge ring;ring
Price: $10 Edwards H128-10-001 dry star coolant- volume shown in pic
Price: $97.49 Lam research ontrak spindle assy "no size"
Price: $27.27 Dockweiler H12139 fitting coax elbow 90 degrease .5X.25 10RA C2-
Price: $500 Generic H1100353 thermocouple assy high temp
Price: $20 Varian H0436001 bracket feeler
Price: $10 Edwards H03537279 male conn nylon 1/8"-1/8" bt; swagelok ny-200-
Price: $64.99 New lam research ontrak lt arm roller 13-8000-149
Price: $235 Edwards H03537123 3/8" compact check valve 1PSI
Price: $64.99 New lam research ontrak upper arm roller 13-8000-150
Price: $45 Edwards H03527000 fitting male connector
Price: $15 Edwards H03524919 1" gasket
Price: $64.99 New lot of 5 ontrak timing belts 32-0005-002
Price: $35 Edwards H02122159 o ring vit 299.3ID x 5.7 sec PK1
Price: $38.25 Edwards H02121103 o-ring nitrile model 1695-30
Price: $64.99 New ontrak arm, upper 13-8000-148 rev.P4
Price: $93.75 Tosoh H001460 T4DD1-57465 tel injectors, quartz nozzle
Price: $42.5 Ham-let h-810-n-1/2't h-810-n-1/2't, valve, 316 s.s. 1500 psi, 7
Price: $46.75 Ham-let h-710-ss-n-3/4" ham-let ball valve h-710-ss-n-3/4" ss 34
Price: $55.25 Ham-let h-710-ss-n-1" ham-let h-710-ss-n-1" ball valve
Price: $75 Generic h-5755-S2000-s disco diamond wheel
Price: $38.25 Skf h-309 skf h 309 sleeve adapter
Price: $25 Sunx gxl-N12F-ip proximity sensor
Price: $10 Ati GX240 rage 128 16MB apg graphics card, 109-73100-02
Price: $63.75 Generic GW62210-c socket, 32A-6H, 220-380V, 240-415V, type 425
Price: $38.25 Generic GW62210-a waterproof socket,16A-6H/380-415V, type 415
Price: $340 Gewiss gw-68-05 gewiss gw 68 005 unwired water-tight board with
Price: $106.25 Oriental motor company GVH5G250 gear head (GVH5G250)
Price: $125 Pall GTMF3200F4A-VM4 filter,stainless steel
Price: $17 Eiko GTL3 lot of 3 glow starter germicidal bulb E17 base
Price: $12.75 Cvc gtc-036 thermocouple gauge tube
Price: $48.75 Tel-tru 39675K124 proctel-tru 16120877; fluidix 39675K124; motor
Price: $19.95 Ww grainger inc GS1-420-426 channellock set, tongue & groove pli
Price: $15 Festo grla-M5-pk-3-b one-way flow control valve
Price: $125 M.schneider GR1-200AT-500V-mg motor, huse of ponie for mg
Price: $156.1 Condor GPC80-5 power supply; 80W 5V @ 16A
Price: $30.6 Filt air gpb-10GV-zfca filter ro tank G15-10GV-1241 95%, 7X-886-
Price: $102 Filt air ltd GP9-16CA-xeca panel ulpa filter; 1140X1140X130MM
Price: $102 Filt air ltd GP7-15CA-xeca GP7-15CA-xeca
Price: $300 Fti GP1PVB01455C28 pump marathon, spray 208V/1PH/60HZ 2HP; motor
Price: $3500 Agc electronic america GP1104 sic baffle holder- silicon nitride
Price: $750 Kokusai gp-581-H2L indicator unit 2
Price: $17.85 Ckd gnab-X1114 valve, solenoid air/vacuum/wa
Price: $18.48 Takex GLT2 (seeka) sensor, fiber optic
Price: $18.07 Pall glpf 3000MFC9 filter, inline gas, mini gaskleen
Price: $225 Pall GLFF4200VMM6/8 gaskleen filter, low press; GLFF4200VMM6/8
Price: $75 Ngk gl-66-2 igniter plug
Price: $12.99 Gkw gkw 331 bow gkw 331 175 x 300 x 300 with platf atf
Price: $63.75 Trane gkt 1920 gasket rupluar disk-gkt 1920.
Price: $12.75 Pall GK6738PB01 o-ring; oag 6738PB00
Price: $29.75 Mechanical plastics GJWB60 mechanical plastics corp the tb toggl
Price: $669.38 Dakota gib-dak-0063 gas isolation box
Price: $27.11 Hubbell GFR53501 ground fault circuit interrupter
Price: $250 Pall GFF1100VMM4 filter, assembly, 3000 psig at 100'f, mwo numbe
Price: $12.75 Cosmos GF16 var resistor
Price: $179.11 Command GETA100B card 4 speech links 100B command
Price: $200 Alcatel gessmc-1 pcb motor control board
Price: $12.75 Cat 551223202 lamp spotlight
Price: $10 Ibm gdr-8085N 11S39T2576Z1ZASR053516
Price: $260 Silicon graphic 061-0025-001 color graphic 20 inch monitor
Price: $125 Nagano keiki GC72-223 pressure sensor switch gauge, power: 24VDC
Price: $155 Nagano keiki GC62-211-20N GC62 manometer, digital
Price: $155 Nagano keiki GC62-211-10N manometer, digital
Price: $15.19 Metron GBATRM2013/TFATRMD01 hand/sheet
Price: $15 Csc GB4 804A sprinkler head
Price: $72.25 Sae GA1B-20 sae emi filter
Price: $82.69 Millipore GA0001863893 gauge swsolid state 0-15PSI norm ips-122
Price: $71 Omron G7TC-0C08 i/o relay terminal P7TF-OS08 24 vdc
Price: $15.19 Metron G7L-2A-tj omron, RELAY1, coil:24VDC
Price: $15.19 Metron G7L-2A-tj(AC100V) omron, relay, coil:100-120VAC
Price: $18.07 Cuno G78V81-G86K filter, cuno filtration
Price: $11.16 Ibm G6SM4H-009 A09749B0 rls, rms gripper sense
Price: $15.19 Metron G6B-4BND omron, terminal relay, -fd-us, 24VDC, 5A-250VAC,
Price: $20.25 Omron G6B-4BND circuit breaker
Price: $45 Omron G6B-47BND relay,250 vac,30 vdc,coil:24VDC
Price: $25 Ckd G59D-8-PK04-P9 pressure gauge
Price: $55 Betatherm G50K6D44 temperature probe, 3 1/2 feet long
Price: $212.5 Opto 22 G4PB16L nsfp G4PB16L G4 dc output 5-60 vdc 16-channel in
Price: $17.85 Opto 22 G4ODC5 module, digital output
Price: $45 Eriks G480 V75 o-ring,metric.viton. 479.3MM x 5.7MM
Price: $45.19 Ibm G45M4H-014 rls bcr decdr/cntrlr
Price: $12.75 Opto 22 G4-IDC5 5-volt logic relay; input: 10-32 vdc
Price: $25.3 Omron G3NA-220B solid state relay; 200-240VAC
Price: $15.19 Metron G3H-203SN omron, solid st. relay
Price: $24 Novellus NM0003-1888 o-ring, viton 2-82-50 chamber
Price: $15 Marshalltown instruments G32154 3.5 1/4BM 300 dp brass needs cal
Price: $50 G cube G3-m-upl-001 pipe, tel unity pcw line in
Price: $38.25 Asco G238A050SCA sv for di tank relief 1" 115V 0 bar
Price: $29.01 Watlow G227385 thermo-couple probe 95-3644 lamp control J4 to ch
Price: $486.2 Alpha moisture systems G2-sr-nee dewpoint indic. - alarm G2
Price: $250 Agilent G1820-65343 system,sc intro,poly-propylene
Price: $160 Agilent G1820-60399 lens omega
Price: $18.75 Metron G162053/G163054 hand/sheet
Price: $102 Filt air ltd G16-1066-8D41 filter class to en 1922: H10
Price: $30.6 Filt air G15-10GV-1241 filter ro tank G15-10GV-1241 95%, 7X-886-
Price: $200 Emerson G135 series 3000 gear motor, corro-duty, G12-G135-m, CBN
Price: $17.68 Parker MOENH242 pressure gauge; disco MOENH242
Price: $65 Novellus G1-610003-00 cba,quartz lamp
Price: $31 Dell G063G dell oem latitude E4200 laptop ssd hard drive cable G
Price: $25.95 Dell G0169 dell nvidia GEFORCE4 MX440 P117 dvi agp 64MB video ca
Price: $250 Fil-tech g-75-pt ion gauge glass tubulated gauge 3/4 inch glass
Price: $66.74 Shibaura g-75 o-ring perflouro-g-75 (p)
Price: $41.72 Shibaura g-45 o-ring perflouro-g-45(p)
Price: $297.5 Shibaura g-250 o-ring perflouro-g-250(p)
Price: $297.5 Shibaura g-210 o-ring perflouro-g-210(p)
Price: $191.25 Shibaura g-200P shibaura eletec corp g-200(p) o-ring
Price: $297.5 Shibaura g-190 o-ring perflouro-g-190(p)
Price: $74 National FZ40423494S panasonic ballast, 200V, 60HZ, 40W x 2-lamp
Price: $58.41 Freudenberg FX9S10G/55 freudenberg polishing pad (oxide); mat. #
Price: $18.1 Entegris FUT4 fitting pfa tee f.s.scrd 1/4NPT galtek
Price: $75 Fujikin fufl-915-6.35-2 filter, inline, 2 micron ss
Price: $125 Fujikin FUDFTB716G-6-35-4-bp valve 316 ss, operate air
Price: $150 Fujikin FUDFTB716G6.35-2BPUP regulator 316 ss, operate air FUDFT
Price: $125 Fujikin FUDF716G6-35BPUP valve, high press manual valve 316 ss
Price: $125 Fujikin fudf-716G-6.35-2-bp-up valve 316 ss, operate air
Price: $225 Fujikin fuddfm-71M-6.35 ptd, diaphragm valve, mg
Price: $225 Fujikin fuddflt-21-6-35UGF-apd filter fuddflt-21-6.35UGF-apd
Price: $25 Fujikin fuddfl-21-6.35UGF 1/4" 2-port turn manual valve; k-H30K-
Price: $125 G cube fucl-715-6.35-007 valve, check 316 ss
Price: $125 Fujikin fucl-715-6.35-0.07-up valve, check 316 ss
Price: $125 Fujikin fucl-715-6.35-0.023-cr-up valve check
Price: $125 Fujikin fucl-715-6.35-0.023-cr fucl-715-6.35-0.023-cr; valve, ch
Price: $65 Fujikin fucdf-21-6.35UGF-akh check valve; k-L6D8-001
Price: $50 G cube fubfn-71M-6.35-2BR-up valve, needle
Price: $100 Fujikin fubfl-91-9-52-a valve; fubfl-91-9.52#a; DD1016611UFV016
Price: $225 Fujikin fubfl-71-9.52-2-a bellows 90 deg open/close 300MM
Price: $10 Naigai tech FU05 sus fineu-nut unit, bearing
Price: $15.19 Metron FTWH150S-5M-270 timing BELT1
Price: $15.19 Metron ftv-7BC photoelectric sensor
Price: $125 Surpass ftl-3-v teflon check valve
Price: $175 Deltron FT46AHH33-36P power supply, 400 watt max,
Price: $75 Atlantic tubing co FT18-natural teflon pfa 50FT awg 18 tubing
Price: $55 Datalux FT1-skin datalux, skin, protective, keyboard,
Price: $17 Btu ft-6-ss mesh trap
Price: $15.06 Novellus ft-00302-A1 plate mounting
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70203-b r-7(5A*475L)-l fsl-70203-b r-7(5A*475L)-l;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70203-b r-6(5A*495L)-l fsl-70203-b r-6(5A*495L)-l;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70202-b-r-5-5A-535L-l pipe, reactor
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70202-b r-4(5A*535L)-l fsl-70202-b r-4(5A*535L)-l;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70202-b r-3(5A*535L)-l fsl-70202-b r-3(5A*535L)-l
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70201-b r-4(5A*250L)-l pipe, reactor 4 5A 250L DJ82
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70201-b r-3(5A*220L)-l pipe, reactor 3 5A 220L DJ82
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70201-b r-1(5A*160L)-l fsl-70201-b r-1(5A*160L)-l;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70199-b r-7(5A*475L)-r pipe, reactor 7 DJ835 R7 5A
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70199-b r-6(5A*495L)-r fsl-70199-b r-6(5A*495L)-r;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70198-b r-5(5A*535L)-r pipe, reactor 5 DJ835 R5 5A
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70198-b r-4(5A*535L)-r fsl-70198-b r-4(5A*535L)-r;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70198-b r-3(5A*535L)-r fsl-70198-b r-3(5A*535L)-r;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70198-b r-1(5A*735L)-r pipe, reactor 1 DJ835 R1 5A
Price: $55 Advantec co ltd fsl-70184-b pipe, reactor 2 nit sin
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-5(5A*280L)-r ; fsl-70176-b r-5(5A*280L)-r
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-4(5A*250L)-r fsl-70176-b r-4(5A*250L)-r;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-3(5A*220L)-r reactor, pipe 3 5A 220L dj 8
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-2(5A*190L)-r reactor, pipe 2 dj 825; fsl-
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-1(5A*160L)-r reactor, pipe 1 5A 160L dj 8
Price: $20 Keyence fs-V22 dual, digital fiber sensor
Price: $60 Fsi international fs-850-5 switch flow; 230082001; 6 ft
Price: $225 Beco fs-103306 switch flow N2 4 scfm 25 psig teflon
Price: $75 M system frs-3A-r temperature converter, input pt 100 0-50 celci
Price: $25 Freelin-wade fre-thane-95A-polyurethane tubing appr 46-feet tubi
Price: $400 Koganei FR300-02 regulator filter, maximum pressure: 9.5KGF/cm^2
Price: $28.49 Entegris FR16D flange ring; fr 16-d
Price: $12.75 Cherry elect FR152-12 microswitch positioner electric FR152-12
Price: $15 Fabco-air fps-148-ohv cylinder, 5/8X1-7/16 air load
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-ubf-716-6.35-2-up valve 316 ss, operate air
Price: $125 G cube fpr-uddf-71-9.52-nl valve, air-operate for koyo LE1-3
Price: $70 Fujikin fpr-uddf-71-6.35-nl-pa fpr-uddf-71-6.35-nl-pa; valve, ai
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-ubftb-716-6.35-2-up 3-way valve; fpr-ubftb-716-6.35-
Price: $185 Fujikin fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-6 fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-6; valve, air operat
Price: $120 Fujikin fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-3 fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-3; air valve
Price: $400 Fujikin fpr-91-9.52 fpr-91-9.52; valve, air operate; ag 5MX000,
Price: $140 Fujikin fpr-91-12.7 fpr-91-12.7; valve, air operation
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-71-9.52-2 valve nupro 1/2" n.c
Price: $79.95 Fujikin fpr-71-6-35-up valves & tubes connectors
Price: $220 Yokogawa FP203-GL2-B1 pressure dispatch machine,output:4-20MA dc
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-9.52-nl-pa fp-uddf-71-9.52-nl-pa
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-9.52-2-nl valve 316 ss, fp-uddf-71-9.52-2-nl;
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-6.35-2-nl-up valve, air-operate
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-91-9.52 valve, operate air
Price: $17.85 Bimba fos-500.375 bimba cylinder, tape punch
Price: $17.85 Bimba flat-1 cylinder, 5/16X1/4
Price: $28 Recif idlw display kit, rotary fo map antenna initialization sen
Price: $33.94 Recif idlw display kit, carrier resting plane rotation dest
Price: $24.75 Recif idlw display kit, carrier resting plane rotation initializ
Price: $31.19 Recif idlw display kit, initialization sensor kit
Price: $45 Sms FOR2B0006 sms main air cylinder
Price: $23.09 Recif idlw display kit, foup door key initialization sensor
Price: $22.6 Recif idlw display kit, fo mapping antenna racket sensor
Price: $225 Recf idlw display moto clamp
Price: $35 Kla-tencor fo-14-40 fiber optics 40" cable--not in original pack
Price: $10.68 Cc tron fnq-r-5 fuse, time delay class cc current limiting
Price: $17 Cooper bussmann 045-01043-1 cooper bussmann cc-tron time delay c
Price: $61.71 Precision instruments FN296-n-ug-11-1D filter, duv excitation, 2
Price: $11.9 Semifab FMP8UE union elbow 1/2 male flare connector
Price: $17 Saint gobain FMP6SU saint-gobain teflon fitting flare union 3/8;
Price: $45 Cat FMP4SUP bulkhead union teflon
Price: $10 Furon FMF66EAMN-1 furon flare grip male elbow 3/8 tube x 3/8 mnp
Price: $10.16 Entegris FME4-4 fitting pfa street ell 90 1/4 npt galte
Price: $14.03 Entegris FME2-2 fitting, pfa. street ell 90 1/8NPT galte
Price: $12.74 Fluoroware FMC4-6 fitting pfa reduce. bus. m/f. 3/8M x 1/4N
Price: $11.04 Entegris FMC2-4 fitting pfa red. bush m/f.1/4MX1/8FNPT ga
Price: $18.95 Dell FM349 dell FM349 ati radeon HD2400 pro 256MB dvi s-video vi
Price: $80.75 Cat FM01011-0031 0085 pin set-1 vacuum
Price: $46.75 Cat FM01002-0018 pin stage
Price: $125 Entegris fm-4F-250-i entegris fl mtr - 1/4" ft 250CC-i
Price: $35 Memtec FLTR050-9M3F memtec 90013000300/ usf T90013000300; 0.05 m
Price: $30 Hps flex line 1', cvd exhaust, kf 40
Price: $18 Idec FL1C-PM3 memory cartridge
Price: $27.11 Omega fl-1002 flow meter, air
Price: $25 Turck fk 4.4-1/14.5/npt U2-03118; eurofast receptacle
Price: $18 Fuji seiki fk-1008-l-s energy absorber, impact rate: 0.3 - 3.0M/
Price: $77.66 Cat fk-100 ball for valve fk-100(repair kit) 4 -lin
Price: $550 Tiv fi-7155A,b mx-52E-050-L92J1 flowmeter, fi-7155A,b mx-52E-050
Price: $46.75 Alco conthols FF115-S1 high pressure control cutout cnt 1820.
Price: $25 Ooberon ff-028 clear faceshield, chemical resistant outside comp
Price: $30.6 Cat fer-2090WW4 fitting ss 304L 2 ell 90 agmo
Price: $45 Pepperl+fuchs fef-PLT1-L2 micro switch; 453618; fiber optic cabl
Price: $20 Fluoroware FE6-8FN-1 elbow, 3/8"od tube x 1/2"fnpt, pfa with pvd
Price: $17.85 Franke FDK20 84441AN bearing, 20 axes feather roller
Price: $33 Afaya fdk-25SH02G 2GB ide flash disk
Price: $453.46 Seiwa FDCA32100 fluorescence lamp CEP011-CJD1240
Price: $12.75 Klockner-moeller fd-b-dil free-wheel diode suppressor, 12...250V
Price: $454.75 Yutaka fcr-801K crown valve CO2 reducing with heater ac 100V-190
Price: $20 Fluoroware FC8-8GN-1 fitting pfa fem. CONNECTOR1/2T x 1/2FNPT qu
Price: $13.95 Fluoroware FC6-6FN-1 adapter, straight, 3/8FL x 3/8 fnpt
Price: $12.11 Entegris FC6-4FN-1 fitting, flaretek
Price: $45 Yokogawa FC1A-aa-b isolator,in:ma dc 4-20,out:ma dc 4-20
Price: $10.2 Fluoroware FC16-16FN-1 fitting pfa. fem. conn 1 t x 1 npt flare
Price: $95.2 Plast-o-matic valves FC075EP-6-pf flow controller valve 6GPM 3/4
Price: $72.59 Plast-o-matic FC075EP-4-pf flow controller pvdf 4GPM 3/4 FCO75V
Price: $95.27 Plast-o-matic valves FC075EP-003-pf 3/4" pvdf controller valve p
Price: $69.25 Plast-o-matic FC050EP-002-pf 1-5" pvdf flow control valve efdm 2
Price: $60 Ryan herco FC050B-1-4-pp valve flow control 1/2IN replaced with
Price: $34.95 Dell FC0210406-13 dell FC0210406-13 66MHZ 1GB pci copper channel
Price: $250 Advanced energy fc-PAR785T-bw 3SLM N2 mfc, kokusai aera fc 785T
Price: $350 Advanced energy fc-D986CYBF-7.5 mass flow controller multi-gas 1
Price: $350 Advanced energy fc-D986CYBF-7 mfc,multi-gas 5-10 slm
Price: $382.5 Aera fc-D986 mass flow controller,
Price: $350 Aera fc-785C mass flow controller, gas O2, range 1.5SLM
Price: $300 Aera fc-785C-N2-5SLM mfc, fc-785C N2 5SLM
Price: $375 Aera fc-785C mfc,N2 200SCCM
Price: $375 Aera fc-785C 29D2436 mass flow controller, SIH4, 50 sccm
Price: $200 Psi fc-2900 mfc tylan FC2900M gas: N20; inlet perssure: 34 psig;
Price: $29.75 Riken keiki fc-001 check sheet for C4F6 riken keiki
Price: $350 Fujikin fbsdw-6.35-4B6-bgc valve 316 ssfbsdw-6.35-4B6-bgc; 4-way
Price: $225 Fujikin fbsdv-6-35RS20-2B3 valve, air ope, 0.39-0.59MPA,type nc
Price: $150 Fujikin fbsdv-6.35-2B4-bgc valve 316 ss, fbsdv-6.35-2B4-bgc; air
Price: $225 Fujikin fbsdv-6.35-2B4-bgb valve 316 ss, air operate
Price: $79 Fujikin fbsdt-6.35-3B5-bgb fbsdt-6.35-3B5-bgb; valve, air operat
Price: $225 Fujikin fbnsdv-6.35-2B3-316LP-ams valve 316 ss, 3-way, final
Price: $225 Oriental motor FBLM220A-gf-GF2G10 motor with gear, head,GF2G10 b
Price: $12.75 Klockner-moeller fazn-C6-2 circuit breaker
Price: $21.25 Klockner-moeller fazg 2 2-hi 10 klockner-moeller fazg 2 -2-hi 10
Price: $25.5 Klockner-moeller faz-G10A-3POLE circuit breaker, 3 combined faz-
Price: $38.25 Klockner-moeller faz G2A klockner-moeller miniature circuit brea
Price: $29.75 Klockner-moeller faz G1A klockner-moeller faz G1A 220/380 a.c. m
Price: $63.75 Chem-tec FAV375S(B683-.025) flow switch brass .038FPT 0.025GPM
Price: $71.5 Comair rotron fan-04115-1 fan 4 sq axial 115V neeltran
Price: $750 Adler FA1-DN25-PN40-304-N870178 high pressure ball valve
Price: $420 Tokyo seimitsu FA0111A cap sensor board
Price: $21.25 Cat FA0079+80 cable flexible
Price: $850 Iwaki fa-2E-W02 teflon bellows pump
Price: $600 Kitz fa-10UTB2L valve, 3WAY; work. p; 0.39-0.69MPA; 60-100PSI; w
Price: $22.5 Ace fa 1008 vb miniature shock absorbers, fa series
Price: $35 Hitachi kokusai electric inc F90-001RA-n sensor, fiber optical
Price: $100 Watts fluidair F701-02D7 oil removal filter, counter ball
Price: $21.25 Watts fluidair F701-02D7 oil removal filter, counter ball
Price: $106.25 Magnetek F7-24 quick pack power xfmr pri-115V 50/60HZ, sec. 24VC
Price: $225 Purafilter F5-73H0D-33WE psam filter 5MICRON 20" x 42" x 8" (hei
Price: $708.75 Edwards F33766000 pump, 1/2 pfa w/ fiber optics
Price: $1300 Varian F3287002 diode rectifier pass stage assembly
Price: $21.25 Edwards F32080002 100-psi ametek gauge for hf-mix regul.
Price: $140.25 Edwards F31300004 card cage for d-1000
Price: $17.5 Belkin F2N209-xx-t 15FT 9 pin serial cable
Price: $55 Takex F28742-2 fiber sensor assembly (dicing saw)
Price: $101.25 Power-one F24-12-a power supply 12A 24V
Price: $29.75 Piab F20 piab sucktion cup
Price: $15 Mdc F133000 1.33" blank 6 x 0.172" holes stainless vacuum
Price: $25 Big j enterprises, llc F11X-1894 xdk ald clear cover with intel
Price: $17 Scienceware F11646-3832 bottle wash 1L solvent/s
Price: $1062.02 Disco F10-25 mount disk assy (F10-25)
Price: $1200 Recf idlw display antenna, standard mapping
Price: $1500 Recf idlw display antenna, rotary mapping
Price: $17.85 Tokyo keiso F01-602072 flow meter
Price: $17.21 Asgt drk-2-vcr-fs valve, manual f-fvcr V2 asgt
Price: $120.49 Koganei f-DAV125-r-db valve double fill
Price: $15.3 Fabco f-5-x cylinder, 1/2B 5/8S pan da
Price: $17 Air logic f-400-200 air logic pressure electric switc; 15AMP
Price: $150 Swagelok f-2-f 1/8"t weld flex pkg 10
Price: $38.25 Sensycon f 37890 sensor meass.insert l=315 for TE2601/2/1
Price: $131.75 Rosemount analytical EX89C2009X eexia ii CT5, eexia ii CT6; u ma
Price: $250 Smc EX300-TTA1 t-unit
Price: $45 Sunx ex-D30M sensor proximity ss
Price: $724.34 Krammer ex-93.c.2104X krammer ex-93.c.2104X; pneumatic actuator
Price: $450 Cyberoptics ex-73Q-C06 wafer mapping sensors (cyberoptics semi)
Price: $106.25 Nemic-lamdba EWS50-6 nemic lambda EWS50-6 power supply output 6V
Price: $100 Nemic-lambda ews-150-5 nemic-lambda, ews-150-5, supply, power 5V
Price: $55.79 Unknown gas stick two ewal 424, one membralox ultrex 3" std 9 lo
Price: $12.75 Precision bearings ew-3/8 bearing ball thrust; ew-3/8
Price: $125 Puls ew-294.990.00-10E power supply, SL5.100VDC/5A 115/230V
Price: $200 Toho ev-261-CIW1/4 valve metering teflon
Price: $45 Hitachi ets chuck arm arm, chuck, HODF2
Price: $29.75 Dwg et-691000-u dumper pvc exhaust 3 dwg 00-m-224-4 wit
Price: $25 Praxair esvp-150-95 valve seal kit, 1-12" pneumatic valve
Price: $15.06 Nor-cal esvp-150-16 PESVP150 poppet valve
Price: $162 Nor-cal esv-3002-iso valve, 3" 90 degree man NW80 flange
Price: $375 Traco ESP18-24S traco power supply 24V
Price: $16.8 Festo esnu-25-10P-a cylinder, 7/16BORE x 1/2STROK
Price: $126.77 Entegris vaporsorb vsiithc filter, DUV3 (460X360X155) w/o gasket
Price: $165.19 Entegris vaporsorb vsiithc filter, DUV3 (360X620X155) w/o gasket
Price: $236.29 Entegris vaporsorb vsiithc filter, duv 3, 24 1/2 x 18 x 6 (w/o g
Price: $125 Tel ESBX80-070311-11 oshitari nvl-101S3-A8FA large fan hepa filt
Price: $450 Ingersoll rand ES90P ingersoll rand electric screwdriver, revers
Price: $548.57 Tel ES3D10-200330-12 ring, focus pm 4.0
Price: $166.05 Tel ES3D05-200162-12 ring, quartz 17IN wap generic
Price: $850 Tel ES1D80-002468-11 prss sw..SG1S067H000NS4
Price: $10.2 Tel ES1D10-402081-11 support, p-pin c (DRM2)
Price: $12.75 Tel ES1D10-402080-11 support, p-pin b (DRM2)
Price: $17.85 Tel ES1D10-402078-12 shaft, p-pin c (DRM2)
Price: $10.2 Tel ES1D10-402045-12 collar,spring
Price: $500 Tokyo electron-tel ES1D10-315272-11 ring shield m-2(skirt) UNITY
Price: $115.37 Tel ES1D10-311758-11 ring, bellows lower sccm
Price: $200 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-309946-12 applied ceramics 94-00079A
Price: $548.57 Tel ES1D10-203753-12 ring, centering-y sccm
Price: $297.5 Tokyo electron ES1D10-201595-15 shield. depo 85 l(DRM2)
Price: $20 Chino ES05002 clean s 60MM chart paper , pack of 3
Price: $12.82 Tokyo electron ES028-011169-1 ftg vac.iagd-mfgr-SUS35 gasket mfc
Price: $16 Valqua ES027-002872-1 o-ring kalrez 2037 AS568A-022
Price: $21.25 Tokyo electron ES027-001460-1 o-ring fluorine D0270 AS568A-274 b
Price: $10 Tel ES012-011986-1 battery, apc, dallas DS1220Y-200
Price: $35 Entegris es-sp-018 entegris adaptor leak well 1/4" mnpt
Price: $55 Entegris es-sp-017 entegris tube ring 3/4" adaptor
Price: $212.5 Teledyne es-M14031-001 plaque matrix barrier M14031-001
Price: $59.5 Teledyne enerngy systems es-551B1800032-0C reed switch assy four
Price: $191.25 Teledyne energy systems es-551A1400018-01 matrix barrier
Price: $100 Commerce one bpo, llc es-2040-25 pfa-st micoflow neb. 20UL/min
Price: $25 Naigai tech es-1C-ca-03 cable, sensor leak
Price: $180 Elemental scientific, inc. es-1503-0500 820E0044: sapphire injec
Price: $14.42 Teledyne es 551B140025-0C kit parts shutdown reg. 551B1400025-00
Price: $27 Extron ER7174 analog video switcher,ac adaptor:pd-9500,input:120
Price: $24 Maxell ER6 (aa) super lithium 3.6V pkg 2
Price: $55.25 Sealmaster er-12T ball bearing, .750BX1 .850OD, 2-012B
Price: $12.75 Jelight eq-0044 switch interlock
Price: $350 Engineered parts & supply, llc BM16171 pcb, system interconnect;
Price: $25 Sojitz EPO22-BPX0390 pipe support
Price: $255 Power pac EP8CC-24-ov power pac inc. EP8CC-24-ov M77 linear powe
Price: $18.7 Meitav EP2-sw thermostat fan coil
Price: $55.25 Motorola eni 1 transistor eni 1(spcial for gen. mod. pl
Price: $550 Gsi end effector for cybeq end effector cybeq
Price: $65 Mykrolis ENC0MRF02 valve ss diaphram
Price: $127.5 Klockner-moeller EMT6-230V EMT6 over temp. motor protection rela
Price: $10 Manufacturing consulting design EMSC1056-b pps roller for plm br
Price: $21.25 Siemens emg-10-rel-ksr-g-24-1-lc relay minature power (j-box inj
Price: $125 Ulvac EM2615-150-03A wafer dummy 8IN ulvac
Price: $350 Ulvac EM2338-160-02A shield top depo ulvac ring chamber
Price: $125 Ulvac EM2145-659-03A shield bottom depo ring chamber
Price: $125 Ulvac EM2145-004-30A shield earth TS200
Price: $21.25 Dwyer EM1660-630-25C thermo couple EM1660-630-25C
Price: $21.25 Ulvac EM1566-662-61A upper shield (1)
Price: $21.25 Ulvac EM0894-125-20C lower deposition shield ti-treatment entron
Price: $254.26 Ulvac EM0894-125-20B shield ring, lower (ti treatment)
Price: $125 Ulvac EM0867-131-24B cu plate b
Price: $125 Ulvac EM0867-131-23C cu plate a
Price: $15 Ulvac EM0867-131-11A spring terminal current feed-thru
Price: $250 Ulvac EM0867-131-04E copper plate
Price: $622.51 Cat EM0848-162-04A target fixture
Price: $13.26 Cat 100010086 pin guide sheet flange; ulvac 100010086
Price: $25 Toflo EM0100DR meter, digital cable
Price: $25.5 Keyence em-080 sensor, proximity
Price: $88 Okamoto em-038 sensor,
Price: $29 Seiko elf-4 6 cyl seal kit kit, seal t/f manifold 6 cyli
Price: $125 Sam ELD6-4R-R3Y valve 316 ss, low press manual ELD6 4R -R3Y
Price: $75 Sam ELD4V-R1Y valve, low press manual 316 ss
Price: $125 Hitachi ELD4R-cy-TL3 sam low pressure air operate valve
Price: $125 Sam ELD4R-cy valve 316 ss, low press air operate ELD4R-cy
Price: $125 Sam ELC4R-cy-2 valve 316 ss, low press air operate block 4 way
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-R236Y-E1 valve 316 ss, low press manual 2-3 way ELB4V-
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-R236Y-D1 valve 316 ss , low press manual 2-3 way ELB4V
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-R236Y-21 valve 316 ss, block 2-3 way
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-CR236Y-21 valve 316 ss, block 2-3 way ELB4V-CR236Y-21
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-64R236Y-E1 valve, low press manual 316 ss
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-64R236Y-D1 valve 316 ss, low press manual 2-3 way
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-46C236T2 valve 316 ss, low press air operate block 2-3
Price: $125 Sam ELAHR4V-cy valve 316 ss, low press air operate
Price: $20.39 Helvar EL2X36HF chock elctrin magnatech bbt-158 W1
Price: $49.3 Elantec EL2007 high efficiency precision servo driver with heats
Price: $35.16 Bionics instrument co. el-4215 electrolyte for freon ana. (100 c
Price: $800 Yokogama EJA118W pressure differential sensor tank level explosi
Price: $10.99 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display vacuum wand tip
Price: $25.31 Jercy-smart ei-92400 shileld insulator
Price: $17.21 Black box EHN382-0020 cable, cpu to switch serv
Price: $50 Fuji electric EG53FC-50A 50AMP 3-pole 100MA earth leakage circui
Price: $80 Fuji electric EG33FC-20A 20AMP 3-pole 30MA earth leakage circuit
Price: $80 Fuji electric EG33FC-15A 15AMP 3-pole 30MA earth leakage breaker
Price: $70 Fuji electric EG32FC-5A-30MA 5AMP 2-pole 30MA earth leakage circ
Price: $63.75 Fuji elec EG102A gfi circuit breaker 30MA trip, 100A, 100-240V
Price: $15.19 Rigaku ee-SX672 photo sensor (x-ray shutter,collimat
Price: $15.19 Shibaura ee-SPY402 sensor
Price: $15.19 Metron ee-SPY401 photo micro sensor
Price: $57.41 Omron ee-SPX302-W2A photo sensoor assy, microphotosensor for eew
Price: $15.19 Shibaura ee-1003 sensor
Price: $123.25 Cat edi-mpb power board auto door- edi-MPBV3 for air shower
Price: $30 Parker ED207729 cylinder, 1.06X4 dbl act end mt ssbimba, 1.06DXP
Price: $11.25 Hendor pe ED00000044 module, diode 403CNQ100
Price: $300 Nemic lambda ed-5-1212 supply, power 12V dc , input 85-132 vac,
Price: $35 Shinwa corporation EC9-18H filter 19 11/16 x 9 13/16 x 2 3/4
Price: $234.19 Micro systems EC5000/EC5400 pcb, cpu memory; 206-5102-00
Price: $18.75 Disco eaum-1109502 pressure switch unit
Price: $109.14 Edm EAJ10APIP2-1 heater, element 1000-w 240-v
Price: $255 Cat EA70202220000 pal drive assy opal, sem
Price: $22 Ekk EA560-25P mechanical seal for industrial and general purpose
Price: $40 Fuji electric EA32AC-3A 3AMP 2-pole AC440V auto breaker
Price: $517.79 Poly-flow ea-113 pcb display unit p/n ea-113
Price: $172.72 Lam research E9-e-sc kit repair pump seal mydax
Price: $68.34 Manufacturing integration technolog E818-212-089 ball screw, aut
Price: $37.67 Valex E7W-1-5-co fitting ss equal tee but weld 1 1/2 od
Price: $22.1 Valex E7R-1X.5-co fitting ss red.tee b.weld 1X1/2 od
Price: $39 Valex E7R 2X1 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 2X1 od E7R 2X1
Price: $38.18 Valex E7R 1 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 1X3/4 od E7R 1
Price: $40.66 Manufacturing integration technology E788-632-011 ball screw, z
Price: $30.23 Manufacturing integration technolog E788-313-028 shoe, sealing
Price: $15 Varian E77000001 cable, fiber optic
Price: $14.88 Manufacturing integration technolog E770-P15-045 brush, tip
Price: $33.57 Manufacturing integration technolog E770-141-032 shaft, ejector
Price: $19.52 Valex E74 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 3/8X1/4 od E74
Price: $107.83 Varian E71030411 tube, swing arm-cont.
Price: $23 Veri E7088-63201 valve, plus solenoid
Price: $467.5 Agilent technologies inc E7080-59616 agilent technologies versta
Price: $42.5 Cat unkn kit V2000 dut extension kit
Price: $20.74 Valex E7-.75-47 fitting ss equal tee but weld 3/4 od
Price: $19.04 Valex E7-.5-co fitting ss equal tee but weld 1/2 od; E7-.5-co
Price: $20.98 Valex E7-1-co fitting ss equal tee but weld 1 od
Price: $10 Varian E64000014 applied solar energy
Price: $125 Varian E61000016 imp, ic a/d 12BIT 4 chn
Price: $10.2 Varian E60000159 b/w moisture sensor no. 6013-msa-1
Price: $25 Fluoroware E6-4FN-1 adapter 90 degrease, pfa 1/4MPT x 386 flare
Price: $235 Omron E5CS-rkj meter, temperature indication
Price: $15 Watlow E5A57-L12 heater, firerod 12'' leads
Price: $20 Varian E59000002 standoff smith ceramic
Price: $21.25 Minitor E5343 minitor co sentan tool; felt buff tip 6MM shank 3
Price: $40.26 Minitor E5341 felt buff TIP4MM SHANK3 soft flat
Price: $74.72 Iko E534-820-032D vacuum, shaft pnp pre t&r
Price: $15.06 Gelman E530F1BE filter, cartridge, 30 microm.
Price: $72.14 Varian E52000006 mag, ndfe 5X2X2
Price: $130 Hitachi kokusai electric inc E52-CA15A-1-6-4M sheath, t/c
Price: $15.03 Valex E2-.5-bo fitting ss elbow 90 degrease but weld 1/2 od
Price: $56.1 Valex E2-2 fitting elbow 90 degrease but weld 2 od E2-2 valex
Price: $106.25 Cat E2-13-3 bearing, double shield chain tensioner; 746-90156-1
Price: $12.75 Micro-mech E2-12C-xxx holder, p/u tip esec 2008 (large tips)
Price: $225 Varian E19003900 safety grounding rod high voltage, maintenance
Price: $32.81 Varian E18008220 blank, off 90 waveguide
Price: $182.25 Varian E18006360 ring, centering, 200MM
Price: $25 Varian E18000282 shaft support tool
Price: $101.25 Varian E17386180 chamber, arc moly (non vap) eterna
Price: $119.03 Varian E17312330 assy, block shuttle with beari
Price: $43.57 Varian E17297970 endcap, repeller ver
Price: $17.5 Varian E17288250 feedthru, 2-cond high voltage
Price: $255 Varian E17285420 shield, pair, leybold turbo position
Price: $200 Varian E17280180 shield, aperture exit graphite
Price: $82.5 Varian semiconductor equipment E17280170 shield, faraday apertur
Price: $55.69 Varian E17274980 shield, cathode assy
Price: $15 Varian E17270060 liner, interlocked 70 wa
Price: $45 Varian E17250090 liner, center, bottom
Price: $10.2 Varian E17248490-a cone, clamping
Price: $233.75 Varian E17240030 electrode, accel/decel
Price: $52.5 Varian E17232530 liner, exit, upper, c-magnet
Price: $126.56 Varian E17231450 liner, secondary end; liner, secondary
Price: $101.25 Varian E17229140 plate, graphite supp elect
Price: $126.56 Varian E17220520 plate,side,gas,ihc source
Price: $126.56 Varian E17220380 plate,base,ihc arc chamber
Price: $344.25 Varian E17219690 shield, cryo flange corrector
Price: $18.67 Varian E17215550 pin, mounting
Price: $38.73 Varian E17210510 aperture, scanner
Price: $135 Varian E17207900 clamp, filament, negative
Price: $74.61 Varian E17207890 post, filament positive
Price: $125 Varian E17205410 shield, scan plate assy
Price: $70 Varian E17204780 beam, dump front
Price: $51.64 Varian E17204460 plate, mounting arc chamber
Price: $57.16 Varian E17204430 aperture, end cap arc chamber
Price: $74.61 Varian E17204070 bracket, collector cup left
Price: $28.05 Varian E17202910 repellar clamp
Price: $214.65 Varian E17201770 base, arc chamber
Price: $100.41 Varian E17200890 platform cassette polish
Price: $10 Varian E17195830 exit oven charge
Price: $17.75 Varian E17194530 electrode, ground cap
Price: $481.95 Varian E17191540 pick shuttle 200MM right
Price: $40.47 Varian E17189190 cover, filament bottom rounde
Price: $36.78 Varian E17185850 electrode, filler
Price: $35.54 Varian E17185840 shield, inner, faraday
Price: $25 Varian E17185810 electrode, suppression, profiler
Price: $68.34 Varian E17183230 cover, adj bias feedthru
Price: $18.59 Varian E17182700 shield, horizontal 1ST
Price: $145.8 Varian E17182660 plate, base decel lens assy
Price: $125 Varian E17182330 shield 9001 varian semiconductor equipment
Price: $185.29 Varian E17181110 sleeve, electrode ground decel end statio
Price: $28.48 Varian E17179590 plate, mounting arc chamber
Price: $15.5 Varian E17177020 bushing
Price: $37.5 Varian semiconductor equipment E17177010 liner, secondary end
Price: $16.2 Varian E17177000 liner, secondary face; liner, secondar
Price: $38.5 Varian E17176140 insulator, faraday base
Price: $162 Varian E17175130 liner, upper rear (corrector magnet)
Price: $12.27 Varian E17168600 retainer, bushing
Price: $213 Varian E17167330 plate, ground
Price: $45 Varian E17167280 spacer, block
Price: $55 Varian semiconductor equipment E17160860 shield, graphite face r
Price: $15.01 Varian E17159910 button, faraday
Price: $205.95 Varian E17159230 plate, arc chamber base, no vaporizer
Price: $51.83 Varian E17158750 insulator, boron nitride
Price: $30.98 Varian E17158740 housing, liner graphite
Price: $75 Varian semiconductor equipment E17158730 aperture, faraday shiel
Price: $37.5 Varian semiconductor equipment E17158720 aperture, exit shield g
Price: $155.48 Varian E17157880 electrode, variable
Price: $33 Varian E17156700 insulator, decal
Price: $46.93 Varian E17155660 conductor
Price: $75 Varian E17154060 shield, chamber exit
Price: $52.5 Varian E17151490 liner, top pole, analyzer
Price: $52.5 Varian E17151480 liner bottom pole, analyzer
Price: $55 Varian E17148480 cable, W3 assy
Price: $50 Varian E17146170 electrode,suppression,graphite
Price: $107.47 Varian E17136790 ckd GAB352-3-4-M2H-fld; high energy aperture
Price: $150 Varian E17136220 tube, exhst, tfln coat
Price: $37.5 Varian semiconductor equipment E17135270 filament, insul tungs
Price: $225 Varian E17134630 electrode, exit suppression
Price: $225 Varian E17134260 plate, electrode suppression (graphite)
Price: $125 Varian E17134250 plate, scan
Price: $208.52 Varian E17134120 insulator, front set up
Price: $16.97 Varian E17133990 guard, right
Price: $22.95 Varian E17133980 guard, left
Price: $600 Varian E17133880 particle, dump
Price: $44.54 Varian E17129240 bolt, shoulder source (ti)
Price: $20.25 Varian E17127290 finger, site 200MM
Price: $52.4 Varian E17126040 retainer, motor pulley
Price: $28.86 Varian E17126000 retainer, drive pulley
Price: $238.29 Varian E17118050 yoke, dose magnet
Price: $31.82 Varian E17117310 feedthru, vista 810
Price: $71.38 Varian E17117300 feedthru, welded
Price: $12.74 Varian E17116730 filiment, retainer
Price: $127.57 Varian E17116690 housing, filament
Price: $29.62 Varian E17110890 screw, repeller
Price: $21.3 Varian E17102970 rod, multi-torsion
Price: $11.14 Varian E17094760 bushing, insulator beamgte as
Price: $83.53 Varian E17094580 bushing, beamgate shaft
Price: $19.36 Varian E17092030 insulator, suppression magnet
Price: $32.93 Varian E17070270 strap, graphite
Price: $25 Varian E17069090 vaporizer tab
Price: $10 Varian E17066291 plate,end plate arc chamber blanket
Price: $13.56 Varian E17064640 spring, retainer
Price: $25.31 Varian E17063840 insulator, lamp, dual; insulator, lamp
Price: $75 Varian E17063150 support, chamber lower
Price: $150 Varian E17059403 e clamp spider assy 150MM
Price: $97.2 Varian E17058260 aperture, horiz exit
Price: $23.24 Varian E17055940 blankoff, faraday
Price: $101.25 Varian E17054980 cup, sample faraday
Price: $93.75 Varian E17054970 insulator,sampling cup
Price: $30 Varian E17050510 liner, inboard
Price: $45 Varian E17049410 REV5 handle source 35038
Price: $17.85 Varian E17049240 clamp, filament
Price: $94.75 Varian E17048800 clamp, spacer filament
Price: $33.75 Varian E17046610 spacer, center, elevator door
Price: $12.91 Varian E17042280 block, cooling pfg
Price: $38.25 Varian E17042160 #2 plasma flood gun insulator
Price: $25.18 Varian E17036971 strap, bernas reflector
Price: $55 Varian E17036400 liner,support grap
Price: $81 Varian E17030860 shield, target backwall
Price: $25 Varian E17030190 relay-actuator arm
Price: $82.5 Varian semiconductor E17028531 liner, multi-graph
Price: $82.5 Varian semiconductor E17028530 multi-grapht liner
Price: $75 Varian E17027050 top, front grnd plt
Price: $65 Varian E17027040 bottom, front grnd pl
Price: $300 Varian E17026680 deflector, scan
Price: $82.5 Varian semicoductor E17026610 plate, ?faraday
Price: $61.05 Varian E17026570 mask, ground setup cup
Price: $21.51 Varian E17023890 slide, multi-inner
Price: $35 Varian E17021890 cover, head hard stop
Price: $35 Varian E17021610 forcer, adjustable saddle mount
Price: $20 Varian E17021600 forcer, adjustacle sa
Price: $70.93 Varian E17020820 plate, setup suppr
Price: $10.2 Varian E17020270 gasket, 34X54X1.5MM 4HOLE sili
Price: $34.63 Varian E17017140 nozzle, small
Price: $37.5 Varian semiconductor equipment E17012790 flexure, orstage
Price: $43.82 Varian E17012770 shaft, vertical onstage
Price: $125 Varian E17011850 carriage, stiffarm
Price: $25 Varian E17011320 filament
Price: $22.95 Varian E17010270 hub, wafer handling hardstop
Price: $37.5 Varian semiconductor equipment E17009150 forcer, pivot
Price: $45 Varian E17008840 bushing, adjustable
Price: $33.11 Varian E17008460 pin, hinge adjustable
Price: $22.07 Varian E17008450 pin, hinge
Price: $22.95 Varian E17007410 rod, accelerator torsion
Price: $20 Varian E17001780 plate faraday setup
Price: $21.25 Nsn E16A-7 nsn switch-toggle-main
Price: $20.25 Varian E16081790 cable assy,W2014,extract supp to ma
Price: $15.19 Varian E16081770 cable assy,W2013,surge supp to mani
Price: $162 Varian E16008990 light link, temperature
Price: $15 Varian E1608980 light link, temperature, 2.5 ft fiber optic cabl
Price: $10 Varian E16008701 light link assy, 1FT. fiber optic cable
Price: $14.08 Valex E16-5 fitting ss cap but weld 1/2 od E16-.5 va
Price: $25.5 Entegris E16-12FN-1 fitting pfa male ell 90 1 t x 3/4NPT fl
Price: $222.75 Varian E15001080 pcb, assy setup faraday cup
Price: $1360 Varian E15000540 pcb energy
Price: $75 Varian E15000520 pcb, 30KV deflect active ld
Price: $150 Varian E15000510 pcb, 30KV deflect drive stage
Price: $38.25 Varian E15000140 pcb, deflect active ld
Price: $194.4 Varian E15000040 pcb serial loop mast
Price: $62.72 Varian E14000360 capacitor, deflection
Price: $103.27 Varian E12009370 housing, spring
Price: $63.03 Varian E12008980 coupling, 3/16 to 1/4 id flex
Price: $27.11 Varian E12008480 coupling, flexible 3/16 id, m
Price: $125 Varian E12003810 clutch, modified screw manip
Price: $12.75 Varian E12000230 manipulator, standoff, suppression
Price: $126.44 Varian E11709024 assy, sensor flow
Price: $1600 Varian E11286920 kit, seal differential
Price: $1500 Varian E11133620 assy, decel cylinder
Price: $55 Varian E11124560MNR kit pm source assy ihc minor vista
Price: $210 Varian E11123620 kit, beam dump pm, analyzer, general
Price: $12.91 Varian E11096640 plunger, assy
Price: $178.04 Varian E11095240 liner, assy waveguide no.2
Price: $155 Varian E11089790 switch, mtg assy tilt lh
Price: $155 Varian E11089780 valve, switch mtg assy iso rh
Price: $155 Varian E11089770 valve, switch mtg assy iso lh
Price: $200 Varian E11087460 bushing, housing assembly ball, bracket, slidii
Price: $175 Varian E11081511 vent valve
Price: $63.75 Varian E11081330 sensor, assy
Price: $125 Varian E11077200 assy, feedthru dose
Price: $125 Varian E11072340 source liner
Price: $405 Varian E11064190 detector, dect assy burn thru
Price: $4496.35 Varian E11054660 assy, es gas dry
Price: $55 Varian E11029840 relay, contact arm assy
Price: $977.5 Varian E11004970 controller service, monitor
Price: $15.3 Varian E11002210 lipseal, multi assy
Price: $125 Varian E11001914 200MM spider assy
Price: $500 Varian E11001574 plate chuck
Price: $375 Varian E11001530 homlock assy
Price: $23.62 Varian E11001490 roller, multi 1.5IN dia
Price: $4100 Varian E11001000 left arm servo controller
Price: $38.25 Lam research E108998 cable emo. lam 44XX/45XX etcher
Price: $95.63 Cat E0R05-18377A-E0R05-18376A cpu board (set)
Price: $10 Intel e-G021-03-1982 C2126 gigabit fiber network card
Price: $22.31 Telos lab e-5-9-5 telos lab spare part sensor; 3220-10001
Price: $10 Hitachi high tech e-418088 bolt, front pvc
Price: $55 Hitachi high tech e-417508 gear, large
Price: $45 Hitachi e-417462 shaft, transfer
Price: $25 Hitachi high tech e-417152 block, arm hold
Price: $30 Swagelok e-3DK-df diaphragm kit, sc-01 clean
Price: $123.25 Lam research e-34972 cable rf coax lam 44XX/45XX etcher
Price: $25 Hitachi e-321448 holder, arm
Price: $75 Hitachi high tech trading corporati e-214998 shaft
Price: $27 Trionic e-194BPK gloves, triple polymer; sold as a pair
Price: $15 Hitachi e-112144 sensor, mechanism part carrier
Price: $21.25 Tyco e-06 raychem kit end for heat strip
Price: $125 Millipore DZUPC21K1 impact pi-250, photochemical filter
Price: $50 Millipore DZU004401 assist flushing shell. for use with ipa clea
Price: $121.5 Tel DXT170-80-4A-6 connector, assy 24"
Price: $10 Dell DW1390 broadcom BCM94311MCG 802.11 b/g wireless wifi card m
Price: $12.27 Contrinex dw-as-405-M10-650 detector, proxibloc w/cable, A144001
Price: $255 Parker DVT504M10604-10 valve ss duplex vertival 3-4 main x 1-2
Price: $637.5 Uhp DVT5041110804-10 47092-7A parker valve duplex vertical tee 1
Price: $77.93 Parker DVT1004D1040210BSK-02 vlv diaph.dup.v.tee.1/2X1/4 DVT1004
Price: $318.75 Parker DVT1004D1040210BSK vlv.diaph.s.hor.cross 1/2X1/4 SHC1004C
Price: $175 Hitachi dv-80-t valve teflon air operation valve tank drain
Price: $125 Hitachi dv-30-t valve teflon , air operation
Price: $125 Nisco dv-25-t valve teflon air operation tank drain
Price: $300 Advanced radiation corp. duv-1000-30119 lamp,1000W duv f/208V sy
Price: $150 Mettler toledo DT120 sensor,temprature
Price: $75 Entegris dsu-00-01-00 dispense head, pfa, 1" flaretek
Price: $27 Festo dsnu-8-25P-a pneumatic cylinder; max: 10-bar/145-psi, 1X5/
Price: $17.85 Festo dsnu-16-150-p-a cylinder, 16X150MM dbl act
Price: $27.11 Tel DSMJ4-085240-c fxtr,l/a align,100/125/150,sol
Price: $61.24 Tel DS3887-204432-12 mks 55-0794; heater, pipe 45 3/8
Price: $422.31 Tel DS3810-325138-12 heater jacket, 120V, 178W, 1.49A, 50/60HZ
Price: $63.91 Tel DS3810-324514-12 mks 55-0797; heater, fujikin-v, spec, 46 3/
Price: $20.9 Tel DS3810-322683-11 assy, injection pipe fnc..std
Price: $14.94 Tel DS3805-320074-B1 quartz, injector l-82-748 NH3 eval
Price: $19.08 Tel DS3805-320069-B1 quartz, injector l-84-45
Price: $17.58 Tel DS3805-320068-B1 quartz, injector l-82-260 nhs 8TM
Price: $445.5 Tel DS3805-320005-12 quartz fin,rot
Price: $445.5 Tel DS3805-320004-11 quartz, fin rot 300MM diffusion
Price: $222.75 Tel DS3805-220056-11 quartz, plate 300MM diffusion
Price: $215 Tel DS3805-22004511 quartz, cover 300MM diffusion
Price: $297.27 Tel DS3805-120037-B2 quartz, housing 300MM diffusion
Price: $12.75 Nais DS2Y-s-DC24V miniature relay. nominal voltage 24 v dc
Price: $21.25 Cat DS26-ns pctfe gasket washer for jis W26-r cylinder connectio
Price: $106.25 Tokyo electron DS2187-296124-11 tokyo electron branch piping.. 8
Price: $10.85 Tokyo electron DS2110-445187-11 screw quartz holed..INCONEL600
Price: $39 Tel DS2110-363579-11 ?flex, 3/8" SF6-400-sp
Price: $26.26 Tel DS2110-356270-11 spacer, 2 ptfe T1.0
Price: $32.38 Tel DS2110-356269-11 spacer, 1 ptfe T1.0
Price: $182.25 Tel DS2110-355609-11 panel heater, .2110355477 type
Price: $125 Tel DS2110-355606-11 panel, heater 21103554761*type
Price: $100 Tokyo electron DS2110-336676-11 heater ribbon; tokyo electron DS
Price: $30.6 Norcimbus inc DS21-ns 10-pack washer fpr jis cylinder connection
Price: $637.5 Tel DS1187-143513-12 jc board 8SE ct/tbx-36 G12 tbx-36
Price: $25 Tel DS1110-408125-11 blankoff 3/8" flange port plug
Price: $40.02 Tel DS1110-317604-12 insulator, heat material. max heat 250 celc
Price: $389.37 Tel DS1110-217001-13 insulator, heat 2
Price: $182.25 Tel DS1105-302133-51 quartz pedestal base
Price: $180 Tokyo electron DS043-000440-1 tokyo electron DS043-000440-1 fht
Price: $59.5 Tel DS039-001824-1 cosel system rack power supply +12V, 6.3A, AC
Price: $141.75 Mks instruments DS036-007450-1 sensor, pressure
Price: $81 Tel DS036-006180-1 thermocouple, t-240-31
Price: $39.95 Keyence corporation DS036-004603-1 sensor fiber optic..fu-18
Price: $20.25 Tel DS028-018959-1 fitting, flange, PD6334
Price: $20.25 Tel DS028-016864-1 fitting, flange, 34.0056.10 NW80
Price: $16.2 Tel DS028-003143-1 flg, 34.800.802 NW20/25 viton o-ring
Price: $52 Tokyo electron DS027-003032-1 pkg seal seat
Price: $38.25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS012-012061-1 valve ball, g-470072 3/8
Price: $101.25 Tel DS012-000725-1 v, bellows, fujikin fubfl-71-9.52-2-br; 012-0
Price: $38.25 Mgi drw-00-m-199 cassette limiter mgi
Price: $261.82 Deltron DRS10070 grinding wheel Z2 (if-01-1-8/16-b-K04)
Price: $25.63 Apollo dqc-100 connector network
Price: $318.75 Carten DPV500-049-250-035-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas valve
Price: $318.75 Carten DPV1000-065-500-049-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas valv
Price: $318.75 Carten dpv-500-049-500-049-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas valv
Price: $318.75 Carten dpv-1000-065-500-049-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas val
Price: $125 Ckd corporation dps-05-05-am-15-100KPA switch, pressure kaijo
Price: $78.09 Rk industries DPR503V-svg regulator diaphragm pressure pp ? npt
Price: $256 Edwards vacuum inc DPI52S50-20 dip-proofing technologies inc. mo
Price: $256 Edwards vacuum inc DPI52S25-20 dip-proofing technologies inc. mo
Price: $15.62 Square d DPA33 contactor
Price: $53.5 Cim-tech DP5D0010 panel, front, air control unit
Price: $21.25 Cat DP40-401 filter air 35 PERCENT20X16X4 for shelter ah
Price: $27.11 Banner industries D12 series sensor, cycle/leak
Price: $27.11 Trebor dp-c-8 probe fiber optic
Price: $37.5 Yoshitake dp-10 valve, solenoid,AC100V-15A
Price: $10 Dell D0723 ID0D0723-48220-428-0084
Price: $15 Dell DN55T speaker assembly
Price: $722.5 B&r DN15X15PN40X40 valve safety prv 25.18BAR ss DN15/PN40 in-out
Price: $11.19 George fischer DN15 valve diaphragm kit ptfe for GF315
Price: $20 Nisshin dmu-n-3 PT1/4 * 50, 0-1.6 mpa pressure gauge
Price: $165.75 Advantest dmt-003613-1 2-phase 15.a max motor controller
Price: $50 Datel dms-30PC-1-rh-c 3.5 led digital panel meter
Price: $246.8 Olympus DM142300 valve, sol 6VALVE 24VDC assy
Price: $15 Quantum dlttape iv 40/80GB, 0.5 inch data cartridge
Price: $15 Maxwell dlttape iv 1/2" tape cartridge, 40/80 gb, 557M, 1828FT
Price: $54.4 Tdk-lambda DLP240-24-1-ej power sup lambda NES240-24 24VDC 10A
Price: $500 Densei-lambda DL5107-600J 5107 600V uninterruptible power supply
Price: $385 Varian DL30-a-1049 shield for ceramic ring 5"`
Price: $35 Aviza DL06-a-076 anode cap (weekijzer ring)
Price: $75 Vox-tec dl 55 v 178 ceramic ring 5 zoll; material: AI2O3, DL50.3
Price: $135 Entegris dit-71-99-000 dip tube keyed black - slurry del
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-60-09-000 entegris insert - drum pfa; dip tube for
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-60-02-000 entegris fluoropure insert - drum pfa; di
Price: $127.5 Flouropure dit-29-ug-000 dip tube , insert-drum pfa
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-01-08-000 entegris insert - drum pfa; dip tube for
Price: $300 Naigai DISKDIA20AD600JIS10K valve, manual teflon
Price: $300 Naigai DISKDIA15AD600JIS10K valve, manual teflon
Price: $50.63 Industrial computer source DIO8-p pcb, DIO8 card
Price: $195 Icp dio-144 icp data acquisition board, 144-bit opto-22 compatib
Price: $39.95 Klockner-moeller DILR40 system contactor relay, 230V 50HZ, 240V
Price: $148.75 Klockner-moeller dil-08-44 220V universial contactor relay
Price: $38.25 Klockner-moeller dil 08-62 klockner-moeller universal contactor
Price: $15 Black watch digital linear tape iv magnetic 1/2" cartridge tape
Price: $17 Nacom dib-pvdf nacom dib-pvdf bellow ptfe no valve
Price: $30.6 Cat DI810172 ceramic shaft for di data flow
Price: $637.5 Uhp DHT504M10606-10 46599-1A parker valve ss bw duplex horizonta
Price: $38.25 Entegris dht-00-lx-001 entegris dispense pfa head; part number:
Price: $127.5 Entegris inc dht-00-99-00 dispense head
Price: $135 Entegris dht-00-04-000 dispense head brown- slurry
Price: $191.25 Entegris dht-00-03-000 dispense head NH4OH 228-0102 F6
Price: $22.59 Mmsi pte ltd DH30005847 kicker,
Price: $165 Festo dgo-16-775-ppv-a-b linear actuator cylinder
Price: $500 Pureron dfs 3-1200 switch, flow digital 316 ss, press max 0.7MPA
Price: $46.75 Porous media DFL04 filter, element, max operating pressure: liqu
Price: $55.25 Pall DFA4001J045 filter capsule HDC4.5 mic, working pressure at
Price: $41.25 Pall DFA2A010F64 pall filter
Price: $25.06 Pall DFA1A050PS44 filter, 5MM super pillar 300
Price: $55 Dns dfa-V195-4P valve pfa manual 1/4
Price: $21.25 Cat df-40-24 door filter
Price: $125 Despatch DES150040 heating element 6 kw 240V htr ay LCC1-51
Price: $51 Advantest dee-002659-2 hlp kawai 200V 300W 9805 heater cartridge
Price: $51 Advantest dee-002659-1 hlp kawai 200V 300W 9705 heater cartridge
Price: $15.19 Nissin-allis DE09961 fpc(belt)
Price: $50 Nissin-allis de-1072239E wire insulated ceramic bead, wiring. pf
Price: $50 Nissin-allis de-1072231E wire insulated ceramic bead, wiring. pf
Price: $10 Hp dds-2 8GB data cartridge
Price: $375 Air products dd 1051 gasguard master control processor
Price: $73.63 Precision micro control corp dcx-BF100 micro control pcb
Price: $106.25 Conlab dct-3 isolated dc transmitter
Price: $75.3 Parker DC3 power supply compumotor power supply
Price: $75 Sofmap co ltd dbi-UV8-4GT2 drive, hard back up
Price: $35 Generic DB25 male to male adapter DB25-male-to-male***6 pack***
Price: $15 Spc DB15 male to male adapter gender changer***6 pack***
Price: $2000 Shin-etsu ALPHA8-cap quartz, cap tel ALPHA8
Price: $750 Shin-etsu D2DK34000 cover ceramic
Price: $750 Tel D2DK21819 quartz baffle alpha 8
Price: $500 Hitachi kokusai electric inc D2CM24747 pipe, exhaust 1C
Price: $950 Shin-etsu D2CK21778 boat 200MM silicon carbide alpha 8
Price: $35 Bosch D263/D273 photoelectric smoke detector with chamber check
Price: $47.6 Schilage D25D schilage loxk D25D ply bkset 2 3/4 finis
Price: $41.31 Cat D25-16 valve check in_line D25 pvdf bw ir PN16.
Price: $862.92 Cat D22116201 encoder joint 3/4/5/6 560C, 250 puls/rev, pe 50 C6
Price: $941.87 Fsi international D22116200 encoder joint 1/2 200 line; fsi-2317
Price: $38.25 Barksdale D1T-M8055 switch press D1T-M80 ss turbine oil unit
Price: $68 Delaval turbine D1T-H1855 switch pressure 220V ac/1/4 npt PS25 s
Price: $213.04 Fuji electric D1I300A-120 transistor modul for vsic-110
Price: $500 Shin-etsu D1DK-79865 quartz boat; tel ALPHA8
Price: $500 Shin-etsu D1DK-59590 outer tube quartz tel ALPHA8
Price: $500 Shin-etsu D1DK-44792 quartz boat tel ALPHA8
Price: $125 Kokusai D1CN95276-R8 3" gas line flexible tube
Price: $1200 Hitachi kokusai electric inc D1CL58943 adapter, inlet r
Price: $1500 Hitachi D1CL27729 adapter, inlet l
Price: $1200 Hitachi kokusai electric inc D1CL06440 flange, inlet
Price: $60.25 Svg D16B-9498-0401 pcb, control board p-351
Price: $214 Cat D160-1 valve pvdf.n/r.wafer c/w spring D160 PN1
Price: $2000 Edwards D15471025 magnet assembly
Price: $35 Varian D12004061 pcb power supply
Price: $40.7 Banner D11EN6FP-48307 photoelectric sensor
Price: $183.43 Tokyo electron tel D112647 shield, ring heater 150MM
Price: $37.6 Fip D110-02 fitting pvdf tee 90EQUAL D110
Price: $37.6 George fischer D110 fitting pvdf tee 90EQUAL D110 gf
Price: $125 Tel D103483428 line, reactor 10 gas
Price: $46.48 Cat D100X1-2 fitt.pvdf.inst.fitting.D110X1/2
Price: $63.75 Barnstead D0832 filter LOT87G1NH (for laser-mark) pn/301, two-be
Price: $212.5 Pall D04F010F13H12 phosphoric filter for ON03 pall
Price: $22.5 Dinson D009330058 g-280 perfluoro KD8
Price: $15 Dinson D009320013 p-12 perfluoro white oring
Price: $28 Asm D003747A quartz vessel, 820G0115
Price: $50 Asm D003520A 20M ribbon cable
Price: $20 Asm D003477A cable emo 300C0165;
Price: $100 Asm D003475A cable,power,W03
Price: $100 Asm D003081A cable,mfc
Price: $21 Dinson D002010325 o-ring 451 viton chamber
Price: $15.19 Dinson D002010086 insulator, heater assy
Price: $25 Smc d-G59W-bp switch
Price: $55 Smc d-F7NJL switch, auto solid state relay
Price: $27.11 Bimba d-82278-a-3 cylinder
Price: $125 Norgren d-71083 panel mount actuator lcm-5473-24NAK
Price: $23.37 Gerwah dk 20/37-8H7-9H7 shaft, coupling
Price: $47.12 Cat d-52 shaft p/n 20 model d-52 hameits .
Price: $11.25 Plansee d-36233 rlse knob bolt sce
Price: $175 Ktm d-171330 ktm, d-171330, valve, manual teflon pfa
Price: $25 Bimba 31-0008-026 clevis air cylinder piston
Price: $650 Eaton d-1400640 pcb emission control system
Price: $600 Eaton d-1400630 1400630 log ratio module cont system
Price: $400 Kitamura d-131791 valve teflon, air operate, type P4-59-D600-ptp
Price: $220 Varian d-12008291 pcb fil pre ampl
Price: $45 Cymatix CYM3532 motor, brushless spindle resolver
Price: $770 Hitachi kokusai electric inc CX1307 controller, lp-cvd, mec
Price: $1000 Hitachi kokusai electric inc CX1304C controller, hec pryo
Price: $40 Sunx cx-PRVM3 sensor s-r sunx double load
Price: $150 Millipore 024-013907-1 0.05UM microgard minichem d filter; tokyo
Price: $22.95 Mykrolis CWUV16KL2 filter, microgard minichem 16; 0.1UM
Price: $100 Mykrolis CWUG0SP01 filter prewet ACT935IN 4IN 250E0243; microgar
Price: $106.25 Millipore CWFA01PLT fluorogard-plus 1.0UM cartridge code 0 tef-e
Price: $15 Icos vision CW4774 cable, breakout for MVS988 m/f
Price: $191.25 Amt CVA40 kit, narrow gap .P5000 pilot tool
Price: $15.06 Pfa cv sensor pfa sensor, cover assy, pfa
Price: $25 Emp cv 30290 valve pilot 2 way nc
Price: $15.3 Smc CU20-30D cylinder, 20X30MM compact
Price: $14 Smc CU10-5D cylinder, 10X5MM compact
Price: $22.95 Smc cu-10-5D-XB6 cylinder, 10X5MM compact w/hi
Price: $400 Keithley ctm-05 PC6122 counter timer pcb; ctm-05 PC6122 14014 re
Price: $20.25 Mykrolis CTFA03TPE filter, fluorogard at 1.0UM 3
Price: $399.95 Tel CT6-40-100-tc-4.0-pro head, prom probe type b
Price: $96.65 Tokyo electron (tel) CT5085-412474-11 fork, assembly cra
Price: $113.88 Tokyo electron (tel) CT5085-405392-13 fork, assembly iras
Price: $25 Tel CT5010-405548-11 gauge dev 60679121-004 62901400-001
Price: $395 Tokyo electron CT310-290647-7 pincette / tweezer arm ceramic uni
Price: $245 Tokyo electron CT2987-478653-11 cable assembly, (ACT8) z axis
Price: $245 Tokyo electron CT2987-478652-11 cable assembly, (ACT8), z axis..
Price: $55 Tokyo electron CT2986-479009-11 wee led assy, 2986-460153-011 ca
Price: $12.75 Tel CT2986-448784-13 switch, proximity 8 chp
Price: $12.75 Tel CT2986-435169-13 assy, sensor cover php
Price: $850 Tel CT2986-4195-12 cpc-G221D01A-11 TKB2133; motor i/o board asse
Price: $100 Tokyo electron CT2986-402955-11 sod sensor-ebr optical flowmeter
Price: $20 Tokyo electron CT2986-401317-11 sensor c/s cassette
Price: $245 Tokyo electron CT2986-401221-11 8" m/az axis cable assembly, 1)
Price: $65 Tokyo electron CT2986-400683-13 cable smart probe
Price: $1200 Tel CT2985-408083-16 act ergo loader assy
Price: $100 Tokyo electron-tel CT2985-407633-14 ergo loader mount base
Price: $20 Tokyo electron CT2985-402935-13 pin (transition-low-csb)
Price: $20 Tokyo electron CT2985-402689-13 pin(transition-high-csb)
Price: $242.25 Tel CT2985-400547-13 bottle cap (hmds_color)
Price: $45 Tel CT2980-193223-11 amp, assy
Price: $28.76 Tokyo electron CT2980-192867-11 cable 8 irs x- sensor 02 BR93026
Price: $225 Tokyo electron CT2980-192593-11 rail guide.. mu-P236
Price: $550 Tel CT2944-000006-11 analog board(P2V2A2) TOB1003
Price: $200 Tokyo electron CT2910-420312-11 seal chp
Price: $12 Tel CT2910-403893-11 spacer, hot plate
Price: $124.77 Tel CT2910-213977-11 fork, 12PRA long
Price: $13.88 Tel CT1910-318301-12 guide, wafer mark 7/8
Price: $16.19 Tel CT1903-300150-11 block, location MARK7/8
Price: $12.75 Tel CT1902-411191-11 pulley
Price: $31.84 Tel CT1386-459741-11 assy, 8 pin u/d sol L1600 mar
Price: $300 Tokyo electron CT1386-456646-12 cable, 3P m/a s.s flex mark 7/8
Price: $24.75 Tel CT1386-453048-11 harness, sensor 3P m/a s.s x 3
Price: $24.75 Tel CT1386-453047-11 harness, sensor 3P m/a s.s x 2
Price: $24.75 Tel CT1386-453046-11 harness, sensor 3P m/a s.s x
Price: $33.15 Tel CT1386-444810-12 assy, 8" nozzle chnger h sens
Price: $36.33 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-444579-12 sensor, chuck up/down
Price: $25.5 Tel CT1380-102894-11 belt, blower mark 7/8
Price: $810 Tel CT1380-102881-11 fan, in line booster 100CFM mark 7/8
Price: $364.5 Tel CT1380-101437-11 board cn-BASE2 sc/if
Price: $283.5 Tel CT1380-101436-11 board cn-BASE2 sc/if
Price: $2500 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-036898-12 act 8 ac power box, TKLCT8
Price: $182.25 Tel CT1380-002048-13 filter, air duv mark 7/8
Price: $1000 Tokyo electron CT1380-002001-11 hp hot plate, MK8, 8C9HP-hg-tf-f
Price: $12 Tokyo electron CT027-003936-1 oring sod canister; 027-003936-1
Price: $14.32 Tel CT024-021486-1 pall trincor, PHD11UGDEH11B, filter
Price: $170 Tel CT024-012347-1 filter, wafegard pal mini-xl 3/8" swg
Price: $150 Tokyo electron-tel CT024-012012-1 filter,hsg,f-16SS housig
Price: $106.25 Tokyo electron CT024-006916-1 filter, wgfg 01K
Price: $225 Tokyo electron CT018-002622-1 pra x lm rail guide
Price: $101.25 Tel B2018 000794-1/CT018-000794-1 linear way LWHS15C1R1620B/a-l
Price: $46.75 Cat ct-800-4 sight-glass moisture indicator; 1/4 flare
Price: $134.97 Tel ct-2985-400056-1A hp ext cover assy ct-2985-400056-1A
Price: $20 L-com csuzab-5M usb cable type a - b, 5.0M
Price: $12 L-com 6102-0055-01 5.0M 1394 firewire cable, type 1
Price: $215 Nagase & company ltd 10 polisher dresser, head
Price: $12 Titmus CS74 t-loc shields
Price: $106.25 Temptronic CS48950 stand pivot assembly temptronic corp
Price: $18.75 Cs clean CS4121 caster D75MM (clean)
Price: $125 Tel CS1B12-000089-11 ckd lyx-1095 resin valve, main: 0-0.2MPA, o
Price: $152.38 Tel CS1B10-338738-11 holder, right hand wafer
Price: $152.38 Tel CS1B10-338736-11 holder, left hand wafer
Price: $1800 Yeild CS1B10-115867-13 guide, wafer (pvdf) SD2 1/2
Price: $30 Tel CS1B10-114641-18 chamber fm std
Price: $31.7 Tel CS1B02-400861-11 coupling, CCZ35 12-8
Price: $19.78 Tel CS1B02-400774-11 coupling, ld t
Price: $172.13 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B02-300900-11 ball, screw changer z
Price: $122.13 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B02800899-11 ball, screw changer z
Price: $202.5 Tel CSB02-300870-11 ball, screw-z
Price: $202.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CS040-002444-1 encoder
Price: $76.5 Tel CS039-002138-1 cosel PAA50F-24; power supply, dc
Price: $10.63 Tel CS036-001775-1 H20, leak det ipa sens
Price: $17.85 Tel CS024-013675-1 advance aa-3360-10A; aspirator
Price: $150 Tel CS024-003016-1 controller, speed
Price: $46.75 Tel CS023-002452-1 belt,timing..100-S5M-200-0
Price: $12.75 Tel CS023-002383-1 coupling mjt 30CK-rd-dia 12 DIA12
Price: $17 Tel CS023-002380-1 coupling mjt 30CK-rd-10-11
Price: $25.5 Tel CS023-000461-1 belt, timing B100S3M1005G
Price: $125 Tel CS019-000134-1 bearing unit..WBK10-11
Price: $120.53 Tel CS014-000793-1 exchanger, heat aih-124QS-T3FM
Price: $17.21 Tel CS012-010086-1 georg fischer typ 346, 15MM 1/2", ball valve
Price: $17.21 Tel CS012-009089-1 georg fischer 346 ball valve type 346; 3/4" 2
Price: $17.21 Tel CS012-007843-1 valve,check
Price: $75 Tel CS012-005569-1 check valve resin ft-4-V2
Price: $125 Tel CS012-004174-1 valve, resin.. ckd TMD00-X6
Price: $15 Tel CS012-003900-1 v part 4SO socket assy F4 16119
Price: $300 Tel CS011-000003-1 iwakie pump controller, vac pump ac-1
Price: $105 Heatcon CS0001400019 heater, 240V 900W hotwatt str
Price: $25 Koganei cs-R300-03 regulator 0.05~0.83MPA
Price: $165 Tempshield inc. cryo-gloves, waterproof midarm length with liner
Price: $27 Iko CRWM2-30 bearing, 30MM linear
Price: $16.2 Entegris CRO1F3006 30" filter, polygard cartridge
Price: $850 Hitachi CRN2-40 booster pump ss; CRN2-40 a-p-g-bube, grundfos 80
Price: $150 Mykrolis CRK301V06 polygard-cr cartridge filter 10 in. 0.3 ?m co
Price: $15 Lg 34EWX cd-rom ide drive; dell 34EWX
Price: $35 Iomega CRBS36408W zip 250MB atapi drive
Price: $32.95 Millipore CRA5M0203 millipore polygard filter, 05UM nom
Price: $125 Millipore CR5001T06 filter polygard 50UM filter
Price: $37.74 Ge CR353AC4BH1C machine main contactor ac., 4 pole/40 amps per p
Price: $119.95 Mykrolis CR1001T06 10" cartridge filter
Price: $39.95 Millipore CR03M0203 polygard filter, 3UM nom
Price: $17 Goulds 8690-11220 cr 11343 / goulds 8690-11220 oil seal
Price: $25.31 Smc CQSB16-25DCM cylinder unit
Price: $25.31 Metron CQSB12-10D cylinder
Price: $12.04 Smc CQS812-40DC cylinder
Price: $28.05 Smc CQ2L20-25DM cylinder, 20X25MM dbl act fm
Price: $30 Smc CQ2B40-25D cylinder, compact 40X25MM
Price: $50 Smc CQ2B40-15DC-XB9 cylinder, air
Price: $17.85 Smc CQ2B25-15DC cylinder, 25X15MM compact single act
Price: $63.75 Smc CQ2B20-40D-XB6 cylinder, 20X40 (smc hi-temp)
Price: $25.31 Metron CQ2B20-10DM cylinder unit
Price: $10.2 Smc CQ2B12-5T cylinder, 12X15MM compact
Price: $43.35 Go inc CPR5-1C21K5E171 regulator, 1/4 vcr cpr-1 (go)
Price: $68 Eaton cpb-16-00 varian-eaton cable, approximately 25 inches long
Price: $25.5 Materials development corp mdc cpa-16-00 interface cable
Price: $11.16 Intersil CP82C55A transceiver ic voltage max 5V prog peripheral
Price: $67.5 Humphrey CP4073B cilinder
Price: $36 Matsushita cp-c-BAC201705 circuit breaker
Price: $13.11 Kimball electronics inc cooner cable sensor, vac, t home genmark
Price: $350 Ushio COM5A0003 sms computer stargate int DB50M with pcb
Price: $30 Com kyl aplicator bottle with pump, pack of 7
Price: $10 Generic coil-tubing tubing, coiled light weight, length 2FT 10 i
Price: $10 Berg CO79S-6 coupling
Price: $12.75 Electroglas CNY36 opto coupler
Price: $1200 Sumitomo CNFM05-6075-11 cyclo drive induction gearmotor; motor,
Price: $60.25 Omega CN884J-200F controller, temp, CN800
Price: $105 Sunx cn-54-C5 assy sensor 001-1925-0013163
Price: $15.62 Mykrolis CMP501E06 filter,.5MICRON,slurry,epr
Price: $15.06 Millipore CMP301E06 filter,.3MICRON,slurry,epr
Price: $15.06 Millipore CMP101E06 filter, planagard
Price: $425 Amat cmp-mst mst replacement kit
Price: $143.44 Performance technologies inc cmp-kit-slurry kit light tower, cmp
Price: $135 Celerity CMLHL31160123 celerity group inc, cmlhl-31-160S123, sen
Price: $45 Chief CMA012018 12INCH - 18INCH black adjustable extension colum
Price: $11.25 Chicago minature CM8-A231 2W 24V miniature light bulb
Price: $595 Parker CM342XJ-01368B parker compumotor servo motor
Price: $63.75 Smc CM2E20-200 pneumatic cylinder
Price: $20.08 Millipore CM1602E06 planargard cmp filter
Price: $23.63 Millipore CM1301E06 filter, planagard
Price: $45 Toho kasei clw-6 fitting teflon, union elbow
Price: $11.51 Alliance cltu-1980 thermostat
Price: $15 Ryan herco CKM050V-pv pvc dia check valve 1/2" thd/v
Price: $45 Teradyne CKA77976D las/bp interlocks
Price: $202.5 Teradyne CKA77697B laser and optics controller circuit card
Price: $195 Teradyne CKA76992C z stage & vacuum control circuit card