Price: $301.15 Anorad B801857A dual pi interface board pcb card used working
Price: $601.15 Anorad 000-71201886-00 x-axis amplifier board pcb card used work
Price: $601.15 Anorad 000-71201885-00 x-axis amplifier board pcb card used work
Price: $1001.15 Anorad B802247 xy-axis encoder board D45877 pcb card used workin
Price: $795 Lam research hine ergonomic loader for cassette platform
Price: $48.88 Mdc K075-c hinged clamp, PN701000 lot of 5
Price: $601.15 New amat applied materials 0100-09224 expanded RS232 interconnec
Price: $173 Gasonics, donut qtz 9.5IN, 8IN, p/n 6932000
Price: $198 Anorad corp. magnetic rails for air bearing system 4238-svg
Price: $119.95 Amat wheel with misc. filters
Price: $18 Tyco, sprinkler, pendent 68C, p/n SPBQC68
Price: $398 Smc, cylinder air GV2, p/n CDQ2B50-01-59473
Price: $24.95 Varian modified screw manipulator clutch E12003740
Price: $289.95 Photolithography optic in 2-point adjustable mount 854-0086-002,
Price: $219.95 Varian vacuum valve, 90 degree p/n: E32000047IIS mn: nw-40-a/o a
Price: $24.95 Varian electrode, plate, ground sealed 42862-00
Price: $39.95 Varian support handle E17090973 handles sold in pairs
Price: $29.95 Varian electrode, rev 1, sealed E17093150
Price: $179.95 Novellus quartz window AO6-300-1
Price: $55 Extractor assembly pn 11329300-02 4935011298359 general dynamics
Price: $183.27 Hubbell HBL2725SWR watertight safety shroud flanged inlet 30 amp
Price: $18.29 25FT bnc intlock cable 8000-1345-25
Price: $48.88 New mdc vacuum kwik flange 710000 K075 4EA 710001 K100 2EA 71002
Price: $274.19 High yield technology 8000 preamp detector and laser
Price: $3500 0190-00318, amat, applied materials, assy, pcb, 486 board, radis
Price: $5500 0040-04987, amat, applied materials, side coil assy, ultima hdp
Price: $43.89 Band-it AH1145 uncoated tie 200/300 stainless steel 1/4" x 0.015
Price: $9200 Asml, entegris, pump photo 250, p/n 219-240
Price: $9200 Rorze, fabs robot assy, p/n RR700L150-Z30-010
Price: $35 High vacuum equipment type g-72 thermocouple vacuum gauge
Price: $200 Kit of 50PCS applied materials 0020-46521 screen small 200MM 5 z
Price: $100 Applied materials 0020-75155 810-70166 membrane wafer 8" titan h
Price: $300 Applied materials 0020-46516 clamp rolling seal 200MM 5 zone pro
Price: $250 Applied materials 0040-86009ITLWI 810-70172R retaining ring comp
Price: $1600 Applied ceramics 95-00512A shower plate quartz
Price: $22.97 Festool 452897 hose sleeve non-antistatic hose reducer
Price: $120 Span inst IPS122 type 2 indicating pressure switch gauge 0-1000
Price: $160 Magnetic chuck parallels & universal v blocks
Price: $1600 0200-00289, amat, applied materials, cylinder, wafer support, si
Price: $995 George stevens 310-bma wire/bobbin winder
Price: $45.12 New 20- nor-cal g-338 g-462 copper gaskets for 4 5/8 conflat® f
Price: $2100 0190-18430, amat, applied materials, probe mount assy saphire -
Price: $14.95 Ge rtv 103 silicone rubber adhesive sealant black/noir
Price: $8500 Neslab HX150CHX chiller
Price: $2070 Agilent, ac/dc conv module model SPS5481 tdi p/n 09004-133426, p
Price: $1915 Agilent, dc/dc module, p/n E7085-89045, E7085-66545
Price: $345 Mrc, 200MM wafer tab ring clean, p/n D130671
Price: $518 New novellus, lam, non cu design fork - cleaned, p/n 15-042256-0
Price: $863 Lam, cleaned 8" wafer entrance arm 4420, p/n 715-130080-006
Price: $443 Lam, cleaned gate inner door assembly, p/n 715-012233-003
Price: $2000 Applied materials 0010-09978 lamp heater module 600VAC
Price: $2012 Lam, cleaned cover 180 deg load lock, p/n 716-011205-001
Price: $1350 Applied materials 0010-09978 lamp heater module 600VAC
Price: $600 Brooks automation ergo wafer load port: 002-8700-01,978-262-2400
Price: $70 75 units of screw captive spring loa FCS3015LHHS-3-8-3
Price: $55 20 units of hv seal assy connector mtfos cl TU1 14-02-05A
Price: $1000 Aviza technology 166409-005 gas line for vtr 7000, heated, teos
Price: $28 Lot of 4 world magnetics PSF100A psf 100A pressure sensor
Price: $275 Pri automation/brooks PB18538 rev:c comp side board BM18538
Price: $1250 Amat 0010-06422 assy., 208V temp. cntlr. box ch. c or d watlow 9
Price: $100 Amat 0100-35187 pcb assy, load lock beeper
Price: $111 Amat 1270-02967 absolute pressrue switch, E36W-H85 setting: 100
Price: $499 Applied materials 0100-01321 rev 006 digital i/o board,iqe-ME326
Price: $2900 Ae rfpp rf-5S rf generator power supply, 13.56 mhz, 500W, excell
Price: $950 Verteq STQD800-CC50-M6XPVDF megasonic turbo power supply 2 frequ
Price: $10004.15 Amat 408625-D3-gpa and b gas cabinet revision 01 used sold as is
Price: $20004.15 Amat 408393-D3-gp a and b gas cabinet revision 01 amat centura u
Price: $180 Nova associates d-1500610 rev.A1 pcb circuit board #C9
Price: $225 Amat 0520-01014 actuator rotary 280 degree tol-o-matic 18170703
Price: $518 Schroff, pc board -timer TCR1 23021-603 test adapter card /48-pi
Price: $6000 0190-35430, amat, wcontrol,thermometer fbr-opt,120V,spec, sekide
Price: $1093 Varian, advance/hivot, power supply l.e quad power supply 3A4, p
Price: $140 Kokusai electric dn-130L(sa) overheat protector
Price: $204.15 Xp power 003-101300-01-03 circuit board pcb used working
Price: $204.15 Digi international 30001624 acceleport pcb 176-0058-001 used wor
Price: $304.15 Gsi lumonics 000-3014006 pcb assembly 711-73883-12 used working
Price: $89.9 Mks baratron 122B pressure transducer 122BA-00010BB
Price: $169.99 New lot of 48 clamp, NW16, al 100312901 mks/hps
Price: $89.99 New lot of 30 flg weld socket , NW16X.50, 100318301
Price: $179.99 New entegris fluoroware hfc-12F 2 way valve n.c.high flow 3/4" i
Price: $74.99 New lot of 16 stainless steel flg, blank-off NW25,304 100311703
Price: $89.99 Lot of 23 mks/hps 100311701 flg,blank-off,NW16, 304 ss
Price: $76 Johnson controls P70JA-3 penn micro-set spst pressure control
Price: $110 Berkeley process control bam-st 2-axis stepper motor interface
Price: $500 New vat slit door valve
Price: $89 Brooks automation inc assy cable ferrite bead 233451014 lot of 4
Price: $357 Sena power supply unit 2450DR MK2
Price: $120 Brooks-pri automation 916995-1R assy cable middle station 300MM
Price: $18.99 Allen bradley 509-A0D ser b starter 115-120V
Price: $18.99 Allen bradley 509-B0D ser b starter 115-120V
Price: $50 Blank vac CF6.00 ss ZAP014A0021600 model 600-000N
Price: $11.99 Sporlan a-685 catch-all mounting bracket
Price: $20 Kf-25 to kf-16 conical reducer,
Price: $995 New mitsubishi gct thyristor unit # GCU08BA-130 - -
Price: $145 New digi international 50000175 pc/4 board 16C450 pc/4 77000001
Price: $89.95 Hoke 0121L2D electro-mechanical valve actuator
Price: $124.99 New asm pn: 16-187391D01 line-ow inlet extension stainless steel
Price: $149.99 New asm pn: 16-337554-01 line-ow-reac-hf-conn to mfv-rh
Price: $199.99 New asm pn: 16-337138-01 line-ow-reactor-hf-leak check
Price: $149.99 New asm 16-337036-01 line-ow-N2-sc to g/p w/mb AUX4-rh
Price: $149.99 New asm 16-337035-01 line-ow-hcl-sc to g/p w/mb AUX4-rh
Price: $13.89 Crc SL3160 hi temperature disc brake wheel bearing grease - 14 w
Price: $2.99 New 1.1MM carbide pcb router, endmill, brand , diamond teeth, w/
Price: $26 New 2.0MM carbide coated pcb router, endmill, brand , diamond te
Price: $2.99 New 1.6MM carbide pcb router, endmill, brand , diamond teeth, w/
Price: $69.95 New kalrez o-ring k# 263 dupont 7 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 1/8 inchs as-568
Price: $15000 Amat 0010-11806 assy, double ended transfer chamber
Price: $8683 Scp, tank assy molded farm scp 9200 w/imba, p/n 895-310-1A
Price: $8683 Kla, power supply ait 2 75MW laser, p/n 2113-75SLT
Price: $8683 Varian genus, kestrel idx power supply ion source supply 61425,
Price: $8683 Mattson, assy process ac box F47, p/n 263-23206-00
Price: $8683 Varian / hitek 2A5 extraction controller, p/n 4393100, OL2500/50
Price: $8683 Hitachi, shower plate - straight hole, p/n 2-818225-90
Price: $800 Applied materials amat 0660-98011 sst 5136-dnp-pci devicenet,pci
Price: $600 Genmark robot/prealigner interface ls-421E-1001 860214A01
Price: $150 Applied materials 0020-46697 centering fixture 200MM 5 zone prof
Price: $120 Applied materials 810-50023049 97-200T50-ina retaining ring no-l
Price: $75 Lot of 3 applied materials 0021-16908 damping gasket
Price: $100 Lot of 5 applied materials 0020-29237 seal diaphragm 8" titan he
Price: $209.3 Zobotronics sm 56.1.18.JL3 9406 a/ph 3 motor
Price: $400 Quartz insulator ring oem part number ES1D05-30035-11
Price: $1800 New 0020-25866, amat, applied materials, shield upper 8INCH, , s
Price: $1500 New 0225-09267, amat, applied materials, susceptor support, , se
Price: $1500 New 0020-24913, amat, applied materials, pedestal sst 8INCH 101
Price: $1900 New 0020-60273, amat, applied materials cover ring 8INCH htr 101
Price: $1900 New 0020-23811, amat, applied materials, 8 coherent with 1.251 0
Price: $5200 New 0200-10325, amat, applied materials, dome ceramic dps chambe
Price: $2400 New 0020-28434, amat, applied materials, clamp ring 8 jmf ti pvd
Price: $1275 New 0200-10267, amat, applied materials, cover qtz 200MM flt s -
Price: $1000 New 0200-09785, amat, applied materials, cap 8 esc quartz, , sea
Price: $1500 0200-35539, amat, applied materials, blade robot 200MM qtz w_rad
Price: $799 Asml, pc board - assy 90S shuttle cont, p/n 99-80269-01
Price: $44.99 New gauge convestion 275 mini convectron granville philips 27587
Price: $10000 0190-35430, amat, wcontrol,thermometer fbr-opt,120V,spec, sekide
Price: $3500 0020-31708, amat, applied materials, clamp vespel ox-mlr-nit 150
Price: $400 Asml, pc board - cpu 90S end stat inde, p/n 99-80333-01
Price: $1035 Asml, chuck 90DEVELOP delrin 200MM, p/n 38465-01
Price: $2000 New 0190-35431, amat, applied materials, assy, cable-probe, mod
Price: $2132 Kokusai, heater tape temp controller unit, T2DC1-10761-10427, p/
Price: $2243 Kokusai relay box - hitachi, p/n T2DC1-11710
Price: $1550 0200-09072, ceramic plate, ring ceramic shield 200MM
Price: $2012 Kokusai vertron tube controller CX1103 cx-2000, p/n 5UOT127665
Price: $950 0100-35053, amat, applied materials, mainframe interlock bd
Price: $37 Siltronic, tw, silicon i-71-01, p/n nmx-0003-01
Price: $2003.15 Opal 30612550000 MIS2 board pcb card used working
Price: $275 Applied materials 0150-76318 coax cable 55'
Price: $245 Millipore cdl-01S02
Price: $100 Lot of 35 swagelok ss-8-hc-a-811 hose connector, tube adapter, 1
Price: $44.99 Varian "baratron" cmlb-11-001 capacitance diaphragm vacuum gauge
Price: $302 Lam rainbow classic io pcb 810-017031-003
Price: $19.95 Get control gci E84 spc serial to parallel controller pi/o KLA01
Price: $276.99 Teradyne ebm papst 873-103-02/fi-600-950-001 w/R1G220-AB07-09 24
Price: $299.99 Imaging technology inc fb-200-q imaging pcb interface amat rev.
Price: $122.99 New turck rsm-rkm-5711-30M/C1126 male/female straight 5-pole min
Price: $267.99 Teradyne ebm papst 873-103-04/fi-800-950-001 w/R1G220-AB07-09 24
Price: $49.99 New turck rsc-3VBRK-rkc-5724-2M-0.2M-0.2M-0.15M cable/cord u-484
Price: $99.99 Applied materials opal controller board EP70312980100 amat
Price: $1504.15 Sanritz automation svme/at-bcn/v pcb card SVA603V-1-s tel unty i
Price: $1500 Fsi mercury o-ring mix
Price: $149.99 Anorad 61606 y-axis automation pcb card with switch s/n 459.50
Price: $299 Waltow 989A-25EE-jurg
Price: $299 Eurotherm 3208CC
Price: $1600 Lam 856-008059-002 - spr kit rebuilt gap assy
Price: $149.99 Eltrol corporation 61606 y-axis automation pcb card with switch
Price: $85 Semitool door seal
Price: $59 Semitool part srd-06-00056
Price: $256.99 Teradyne ebm papst 873-103-03/fi-600-1.4-001 w/R1G220-AB07-09 24
Price: $149.99 Ludi electronic products emspisp 60000152E pcb afc motor drive m
Price: $195.5 Applied materials cables 0140-A0951
Price: $35 Marquest needle valve 1/4 x 1/4 angle pvc (lot of 2)
Price: $187 Asml 4022.437.29932 8 channel fiber optics svg
Price: $120 Photoelectric liquid sensor tk-010P mega systems & chemicals
Price: $120 Applied materials optical cable 760-42508-id 250I 208 / AR266 lo
Price: $2975 Amat applied materials 0040-23341 rev 007 eep-364
Price: $255 Scp global technology 3270381A-00 scp mcs-e base w/solinoids
Price: $140 Amat brake box 83443-nocbl 100-120V 50-60 hz 0.2 a
Price: $150 Applied materials optical cable 760-42508-id lot of 6
Price: $45 Amat cd-294V0 32/08 lot of 2
Price: $95 Amat 0051-12673 weldment for facility WO6225-2 lot of 2
Price: $60 Opto 22 001788L d/a brains B4 lot of 3
Price: $1360 Cymer inc., cage code: OSMX8 pwb 116846 rev a assy 137385 rev c
Price: $100 Kulicke & soffa saw board 4590-0044-000-17
Price: $100 Kulicke & soffa main logic board 775-9120-0
Price: $100 Kulicke & soffa industries saw power logic board raster board 00
Price: $100 Kulicke & soffa industries saw board 04590-0044-000-05
Price: $100 Kulicke & soffa industries saw board 4590-0044-000-04
Price: $100 Kulicke & soffa industries saw board 797-4180-0 rev d static boa
Price: $1675 Amat mirra 0020-79236 0020-79238 pad conditioner assy sgm-01U3B4
Price: $50 New kaydon 17034000 left arm pivot and bearing assembly
Price: $6.99 Kf-25 (nw-25) mdc stainless steel centering ring with viton o-ri
Price: $750 One pairs bellows for iwaki FF20BT-1 parts
Price: $11000 Brewer science cee 200CB coat bake system with ss tank, operator
Price: $11.2 New crc SL3110 new generation wheel bearing grease for disc and
Price: $49.99 Ss-810-1-10-st
Price: $1200 Amat heraeus exit slit
Price: $13.75 Phd 62517-1 reed switch. unused from old stock. b-11
Price: $5.5 0-60 psi gauge P781641 unused from old stock TB1
Price: $5.5 PHD5142-34-3 hall reed switch mounting bracket. unused from old
Price: $13.75 Phd 53603-1-02 switch. unused from old stock. b-11
Price: $13.75 Panduit supply cartridge. LS5-73 black on white industrial .8".
Price: $5.5 Phd 17000-33-0 hall reed switch mounting bracket. unused from ol
Price: $299 Teflon end effector wafer carrier, 200MM wafers -- outstanding c
Price: $1250 New vat gate valve F03-109237/2 ** **
Price: $99 Kf-25 (nw-25) flexible hose, stainless 24" length
Price: $108 New omron E3X-H11 photoelectric switch 10-30 vdc ( in box)
Price: $39.95 New kalrez o-ring k# 238 dupont 3.484 x 0.139 inchs as-568 6375
Price: $234.99 Waco giken cne 020C ac servo motor
Price: $19 Gasket, inlet #RN10685-2
Price: $5000 Lam research 713-002617-003 quartz plate wdo polycarb chmbr dual
Price: $120 Applied materials 0021-33783 810-64909 200MM membrane silicone 8
Price: $359 Philips pe 1265/60 PE126560 power supply
Price: $14.95 Kf-40 (nw-40) bulkhead clamp
Price: $4.95 Kf-40 (nw-40) centering ring
Price: $35 Duran standard gage glass 1112021402
Price: $15000 Amat 0010-27095 assy, double ended transfer chamber
Price: $270 Filter pureron pgf-3-02VR.PC07, hitachi p/n 560-1673, tel p/n 02
Price: $225 Amat 0225-99037 ss canister with 1/2" & 1/4" vcr, nupro 6LV-BNBW
Price: $829 Lam: rfrb match, bias, 4 mhz, 2.5 kw, v pn 660-095275R003
Price: $55 New advanced energy rf generator power cable 1345802-00/b L1513
Price: $3690 Amat applied materials, union cooling water rotary, p/n 0760-010
Price: $1250 Applied material, lamp 10PK cycled 520 w fused radiance tjs-5004
Price: $47.59 Swagelok ss-6F-7 stainless steel 3/8" conn. 7 micron in-line par
Price: $690 Amat applied materials, pc board - digital i/o board assy, p/n 0
Price: $40 Fujifilm dimatix materials printer cleaning pad clp-016 dmp-2800
Price: $199 Amat applied materials, dow mirra pad politex reg pad 20" da 3Y0
Price: $50 Fujifilm dimatix materials cartridge dmc-11610 dmp-2800 2831 ser
Price: $460 Amat applied materials, blocker plate ti nitride xl, cleaned, p/
Price: $399.99 Precision leveling table in original box level plate 7 7/8" x 7"
Price: $363.15 Hitachi 569-5510 circuit board st sensor hitachi s-9380 main bod
Price: $18.99 180 piece viton o-ring kit excellent protection in high heat
Price: $600.99 Lost battery no test virtual VPW6000B porta-wand handling wafers
Price: $1400 0100-35054, amat, applied materials, chamber interface bd
Price: $83.53 Lindquist 300-84007 t bolt stainless machine component replaceme
Price: $1000 0100-35049, amat, applied materials, sys reset intlk sel board,
Price: $258 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 4 - 8 pam-900HD
Price: $13000 0010-13627, amat, applied materials, assy, high efficiency rf ma
Price: $150 New lam research 853-140051-001 rev:b cylinder, lifter unused
Price: $1999.99 A192-81M bal 0-25 rotor asy semitol srd verteq 8" rotor
Price: $1699.99 Verteq frequency generator 16 bit controller megasonic sunburst-
Price: $699.99 New prometrix pca 54-0095 pcb 36-0078 dual stepper driver in bag
Price: $599.99 Verteq frequency generator dual mc-020-04 excellent
Price: $199.99 Aptech AP1510S 4PW MV4 FV4 0 0 st sp regulator maxi inlet 3500 p
Price: $995 Verteq frequency generator dual mc-001-08 1020151.001 R08
Price: $150.99 Ap tech SL5806SX 2PW FV8 FV8 caj pressure regulator,max inlet 30
Price: $1649.45 Mks assy: 653B-3-80-1, jalepeno valve, nupro, 5 ea tc's & mks ht
Price: $1550 Verteq bowl w/heater mirror finish, RA10
Price: $149.99 New fluoroware 203-1414-225 valve,solenoid
Price: $99.99 New nupro 6L-E4HD-FR4-VR4 nupro excess flow valve; max. open 300
Price: $81.99 Applied materials 0050-40161 gas line reducer elbow-1/4"f to 1/4
Price: $14.99 New magnecraft PW67CSX-7 relay, 12VDC , 5A @ 28VDC/115VAC ( ) si
Price: $1199 Scp mcs base unit with solenoids p/n 3270081M scp global technol
Price: $68 New nordiko iso 160 throttle valve o-ring * *
Price: $90 Brooks automation fixload 6 013501-155-17 l
Price: $140 Brooks automation fixload 6 013501-155-17AEZ02 l lot of 2
Price: $31 Millipore mykrolis wafergard 40 cartridge WGGL40S01 cartridge fi
Price: $120 Semitool 70887-01 semitool seal door 270 vad
Price: $600 (4) kensington labs 4000-60002 axis/ 4000-60010 sbc cards w/ chi
Price: $462 Cognex clm 4554 linear array light, part # 119-0179, serial # 32
Price: $1850 Comdel clf-500/400 rf power supply, part # 1140-01110
Price: $100 Srw-65-2004 power supply
Price: $360 Brooks automation TT1ENR2-1 robot remote
Price: $1500 Applied materials rf match, etch amat 0010-09416
Price: $500 Femtometric systems atps light source audere engineer
Price: $1500 Leybold inficon transpector 1.0 w/ power supply
Price: $880 Brooks automation techware 32 channel digital i/o
Price: $400 Aquafine corp. sl-10A ultraviolet water treatment system: low ho
Price: $680 Airco temescal angle valve (fig-2530): 4" asa: rebuilt
Price: $750 Bloomenergy electrical safety system serial #: 225980A0835000011
Price: $1000 Tokyo electron limited BX80-070699-11, type: DPB9003-1; tel shin
Price: $2800 Genmark automation 9960754 wafer transfer robot
Price: $100 Brooks automation wafer slide out detector VCE6
Price: $750 Applied materials amat 0010-09416 automatic matching network pha
Price: $500 Femtometric systems, audere atps-lt measurement unit
Price: $500 System part 03225830000 1, 795000 01317
Price: $1500 Appied materials module mfg-amt rf match cvd amat 0010-09750
Price: $1500 Ferrotec D1.56H.044 assembly hub drive spindle, feedthrough
Price: $800 Oxford applied research atm 103 autotune controller ATM103
Price: $100 5M-156-custom 95A pur 5/32 x 3/32 5 tube mcr, 100 ft
Price: $1000 Brooks automation 002-8700-01 wafer load port (parts)
Price: $100000 Par systems gantry laser robot for large area cnc milling: 6X20'
Price: $1500 Tokyo electron act 12-slam kit, rt, part # 233-4939-71, serial #
Price: $1800 Leybold inficon transpector 2.0 TSPTT100 rga
Price: $1000 Hiden analytical ha-053-607C valve controller
Price: $550 Kevex x-ray tube division K3003PS power supply
Price: $1500 Advanced energy vm 1500 aw rf tuner, 100-240V, 1,500 w, 13.56 mh
Price: $2000 Brooks automation ergo wafer load port: 002-8700-01
Price: $100 Mep technologies 002-8274-02 cover switch
Price: $750 Bloomenergy inverter (dc-ac converter) serial #: 226010A09040000
Price: $130 Brooks end effector uhv cleaned, veeco part # 03124150018, 0312-
Price: $1400 Spectra 3600-2-L1 mks optivision ii rga
Price: $100 B & b electronics 485OTLED optically isolated rs-422/485 convert
Price: $2500 Cha industries mh-500 bell jar motorized hoist
Price: $1600 Vwr 1400E-2 vacuum oven, serial # 01061708, part # 9100788
Price: $1850 Seren ips AT25NVL at series automatic matching network
Price: $8700 Aerzen gmb 15.11 blower, serial # 318341 1988: rebuilt
Price: $4250 Applied materials chamber amat 0040-07498
Price: $4000 Dr. schenk gmbh industriemesstechnik pollux particle detection s
Price: $4250 Vat 02110-AE24 transfer valve
Price: $3000 Applied materials amat 0010-12582-002 pvd magnet, serial # 14321
Price: $2800 Fisher 282A vacuum oven
Price: $5500 Rfpp advanced energy RF20S rf power supply 13.56 mhz: refurbishe
Price: $2800 Vat 64250-TE52 10" asa gate vacuum valve
Price: $3000 Applied materials amat 0010-07563, 0020-19999 block 300MM magnet
Price: $2500 Applied materials amat 0010-02977 automatic matching network rf
Price: $2500 Genmark automation wafer transfer remote pre-aligner (rpa)
Price: $5000 Mks eni oem-25B rf power supply: rebuilt, 90 day warranty
Price: $3400 Rfpp am-20: 13.56 mhz automatic matching network, 3150128-000: 9
Price: $750 Bloomenergy ccpcs tucson control unit serial #: B0242300A0906000
Price: $4000 Temescal 3CK/2KW e-beam gun four 24 cc pockets serial # T9412
Price: $12500 Nordson march c-series plasma treatment system, vacuum etcher: a
Price: $9500 Brooks polycold pfc-550HC water vapor cryopump: one year warrant
Price: $4500 Rfpp advanced energy rf-50S rf power supply 13.56 mhz: rebuilt,
Price: $50 Dwyer gage, PS100-A1310, pdps .25MBAR differential vacuum/pressu
Price: $3500 Vat 12150-PA24-ASA1/0001 iso 320 aluminum vacuum gate valve
Price: $4500 Advanced energy apex 1500/13 rf 13.56 mhz power supply: rebuilt,
Price: $3500 Comdel clx-2500 rf power supply: refurbished, 90 day warranty
Price: $1500 Axcelis fixture transfer arm 180000509
Price: $5000 Motion control systems mcs ax 20000 analog servo amplifier
Price: $2750 Seren I2000 rf power supply 9600470004: 2000 watts 27.12 mhz, re
Price: $6500 Balzers bak 550 vacuum deposition chamber, serial # 2166
Price: $4500 Eni mwd-55LD-01 match network
Price: $2350 Brooks automation fixload 6 wafer load port
Price: $2500 Asyst technologies nri 1150R, part #: 9700-6444-01, serial #: 09
Price: $2000 Brooks automation fixload 25 wafer load port
Price: $3350 Rfpp advanced energy RF10M rf power supply: refurbished, 90 day
Price: $16000 Brooks polycold pfc-1100ST water vapor cryopump: one year warran
Price: $5800 Comdel cdx-2000 13.56 mhz rf power supply: refurbished, 90 day w
Price: $2250 Seren ips AT30NVL at series automatic matching network
Price: $2500 Nanometrics nanospec/aft microarea gauge w/ cs-2
Price: $3500 Used huber unistat 385 chiller s/n: 41930/00
Price: $100 Mep technologies 002-7312-02 cover bar code
Price: $1500 Advanced energy vm 5000 w rf match power supply
Price: $88000 Used balzers bak 1350 c vacuum system
Price: $4000 Advanced energy cesar 1330 rf power supply, 3 kw, 13.56 mhz: reb
Price: $4000 Hitachi-kokusai f-353F-95VR-5Z-mo-c-a-w 5 zone furnace tube
Price: $380 Festo cpv 10-vi valve terminal
Price: $5800 Mks eni spectrum b-5002 rf power supply amat # 0190-15320
Price: $2850 Brooks polycold aquatrap/cryotiger T1102-15-000-30
Price: $2800 Edwards zenith om exhaust management system
Price: $500 Pure tech cathode
Price: $4000 amat 0060-35276 rev P1 throttle valve assy.
Price: $3800 Rfpp AM20 13.56MHZ automatic matching network, m/n 3150128-001:
Price: $4850 Rfpp advanced energy rf-30S rf power supply 13.56 mhz: refurbish
Price: $800 2 cha resistance 5KW qte resistive heat transformers and watlow,
Price: $4500 Rfpp advanced energy RF20R rf 12.56 mhz power supply: refurbishe
Price: $3500 Comdel cx-1250S rf 13.56 mhz power supply: refurbished, 90 day w
Price: $5800 Mks eni oem-2000 rf power supply: rebuilt, 90 day warranty
Price: $2850 Daihen atp-10A 2.45 ghz microwave 1KW power supply good
Price: $4000 Aluminum vacuum chamber: 38" diameter
Price: $2800 Mks astex smart power 1.8 kw hv microwave power supply: FI20161-
Price: $3500 Used huber unistat 140W ht-H4 chiller s/n: 45765/00
Price: $4999.99 Orthodyne electronics heavy wire bonder used
Price: $4999.99 Orthodyne electronics heavy wire bonder
Price: $159.99 Lot of 4 watkins johnson 909540-001 stainless steel tubing
Price: $299.95 Coorstek guidering guide ring 300-200MM sh 2015784-001
Price: $299.95 Coorstek guide ring 300-200MM sh 2015784-001
Price: $449.99 Ozone generator O3 semi-conductor process component n-01236-069/
Price: $49.99 New asm pn: 16-329310-01 brkt-support-manifold-rp vacuum exh bra
Price: $5 Lam research 33-1000-005 bearing, 3/8X7/8X9/32IN ball
Price: $50 Satis vacuum 10 - crystal 5 mhz gold quartz 7500448N 103217
Price: $32.08 Canon video floppy disk vf-50
Price: $100 Scientific technologies part # 42619-04 factory refurbished MS44
Price: $9502.15 Nikon 4T070-016 foc-chassis-X8 foc rack nikon nsr-S620D used wor
Price: $129.99 Brooks automation tlg-12-1O00-S0-00EB rfid reader LF80 RS232
Price: $2802.15 Nikon 4K957-431-1 optical assembly w/ 4S008-671 pcb nikon nsr-S6
Price: $221.67 New entegris fluoroware integra 202-89 1" n/o 2-way pneumatic di
Price: $14.97 High vacuum fitting kf-16 (nw-16) fitting clamp w/oring stainles
Price: $679 Lam research: insul, elect cap process ii eip, pn 716-028033-001
Price: $1000.14 Nikon rcl-rr-f vent assembly 4K888-014-1 4K886-787 nikon nsr-S62
Price: $802.15 Nikon 4S065-531 lzr-opt-2 pcb module nikon nsr-S620D used workin
Price: $1802.15 Nikon 4K820-769-1 optical assembly k-X8-0403 nikon nsr-S620D chi
Price: $2502.15 Gms general micro system V06-05-e sbc pcb amat 0100-09002 used w
Price: $1999.99 Applied materials radisys 486 61-0367-39B
Price: $800 Solid state equipment corp / ssec 310130000 solvent heater
Price: $60 Unijet omnijet 300 printhead print head
Price: $103 Parker 000232 FDR25H004000-00232
Price: $1392 Lam, lower liner plug cleaned, p/n 715-801021-838 rev c
Price: $2012 Lam, upper liner plug cleaned, p/n 715-027638-814 rev f
Price: $1725 Tel tokyo electron, power supply dc MSE181E, p/n CT2986-436964-1
Price: $443 Varian, electrode suppression - R150, p/n 11633332
Price: $644 Oriental motor, driver mtr v vr cx cy, p/n UDX5107N
Price: $99.99 Hougen 05087 coolant bottle kit
Price: $181.53 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves p-ma gloves mid-arm pink mediu
Price: $227.84 Tempshield waterproof cryo-gloves eb gloves elbow length blue me
Price: $219.1 Tempshield temcg cryo-industrial glove mid-arm cryogenic large (
Price: $2475 Scp, pc board - bam mother board for 9200 a. robot, p/n 7462311C
Price: $59.53 New goodman B020-0162-4 flap tucker 13/16IN assembly stainless B
Price: $60 Samsung MINI2 mini 2 printhead unijet omnijet 300
Price: $62.77 Mdc kf-40 (nw-40) bulkhead clamp, lot of 9
Price: $205 Nor-cal products angle valve, esvp-1502-cf
Price: $30 10PCS ti titanium M6X30MM hex allen taper conical head bolts rai
Price: $35 New dwyer A309 manifold 3 way
Price: $204 Elan board E43 P01-0117.01.2 E43 P010117012 lot of 2 used sold a
Price: $140 Elan board E43 P02-0126.01.2 E43P020126012 used sold as-is
Price: $140 Elan board cnc E43 P01-0141 B1 E43P010141B1 used sold as-is
Price: $140 Elan board E43 P02-0126 ar E43P020126AR used sold as-is
Price: $204 Elan cnc board E2 E43 P01-0140B1 E2 E43P010140B1 used sold as-is
Price: $204 Elan board E43 P01-0119.01.2 E43P010119012 lot of 2 used sold as
Price: $80 Applied materials amat 0190-05157 low bias power specification
Price: $464 Mks 152E-po automatic pressure controller with key
Price: $27.99 Fujitsu 551211600 ribbon for fujitsu printer model dx-2200 usa s
Price: $20 Vdo mess- und regeltechnik gmbh
Price: $950 Amat heraeus energy slit
Price: $35 Solidtek ack-540 ps/2 mini black ps/2 keyboard with guide point
Price: $55 Delta emi filter 20DRT1W3S unused b-0001
Price: $5.5 Ashcroft 15W1005 h 01B 60# unused from old stock. BB1
Price: $82.5 Phd slide & cylinder TS061X5-a-m unused from old stock PB4
Price: $5.5 Phd 17000-51-0 hall reed switch mounting bracket. unused from ol
Price: $130 Robinair 10994 heater blanket
Price: $199.99 New applied materials 0195-07795 heater shaft temperature contro
Price: $103.99 Verteq ST800-CC50-E2PX megasonic frequency generator power suppl
Price: $104.99 Verteq STOD800-CC50-E2X megasonic frequency generator power supp
Price: $250 (40) kalrez as-568A o- ring k #1
Price: $400 Electroglas A911 mux driver pn 252158
Price: $100 Amat 0150-04754 24V power intcnt 77FT cable assy
Price: $110 Amat 0050-06115 wldmt, foreline, position b&d ultima
Price: $80 Amat 0100-00275 pcb assy lt/esc/ai/intlk/break-out
Price: $100 Amat 0100-20026 stepper driver distribution pcb
Price: $4399.98 Varian auto-test 948 leak detector
Price: $119 Phase-a-matic static phase converter horse power 1/3-3/4 pam-100
Price: $288 Scp, pc board - controller mcs sol, card, p/n 3270041C
Price: $288 Scp, aws weidmuller 911884/67 terminal adapter, p/n 91000060A-00
Price: $575 Lam / mks, valve, soft pump, loadlock, p/n 796-901039-001, L2-40
Price: $275.91 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10042 quartz cover,inner,8",notch,
Price: $2174.14 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10066 ring,cent 125/115 1FL 42.5MM
Price: $29.06 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10070 plug, dc quartz, poly, 150MM
Price: $245 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10087 ring, outer, 1.50",ssgd,R2 c
Price: $429.53 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10102 quartz cover, inner, 6"step
Price: $271.05 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10106 ring, outer, 1.75",ssgd, R2
Price: $50 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10111 pin, wafer lift, metal hoop,
Price: $22.07 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10112 t/c keeper, plasma chuck
Price: $576.09 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10129 ring,isolator,200MM
Price: $88.29 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10162 pin, wafer lift, centura, dx
Price: $827.72 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10187 ring, univ, 150/140MM, 57.5M
Price: $347.28 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10192 shield, delta nitride, 200MM
Price: $699.7 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10217 ring,univ,150/138MM,1JMF,(15
Price: $700 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10207 cover, sxtl, 1500MM
Price: $750 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10234 ring, clamp, cer 200/197MM,
Price: $14.58 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10263 washer, insulating, ceramic
Price: $1100 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10267 cover,quartz,200MM flat,s-xt
Price: $21.25 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10359 bias plug, sic, lowred catho
Price: $597.8 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10292 collar, outer, quartz, 200MM
Price: $10.09 Applied materials (amat) 0200-10372 plug,bias,ext ped,graphite,l
Price: $45 Rainier rubber company R2007-75 seal, v scavenger flange kit
Price: $45.9 Tegal 81-105-222 sensor, control(platinum)temperature tegal T915
Price: $13.5 Pall T90067100300 filter, .am chem pre-wet filterite
Price: $8.5 Bran & luebbe 811203 o-ring 34*3
Price: $35 Applied materials (amat) 8112463G050 4 1/12 feet long power cabl
Price: $4.25 Bran & luebbe 811229 o-ring
Price: $21.25 Generic 81-14-55-5 diaphragm for 0703 0803 cat no.81.14.55.
Price: $180 Tokyo electron (tel) 1D10-302209-15 811-50147 focus ring 8S-S1-2
Price: $100 Tokyo electron (tel) DS024-014662-1 811-52247 fltr gtl-1-OVR1AA;
Price: $205.88 Hammond manufacturing 81200-2 sensor, single platen 2 PBPS19005B
Price: $125 Fluke 8120A meter, digital multi., 115V/230 vac, 50/500HZ, 8 wat
Price: $1 Jazz 8121-050-651-1 capacitor-.015UF-50V-cera
Price: $16.99 Staefa control system 8122 sensor, exhaust, steag, fk-PP3
Price: $1.25 Krypton 812213856841 3.6V 0.75A lamp
Price: $6.03 Fan-s 8130 grid, fan
Price: $150 Ascent 8133001 d-12008133; pcb assy, filament, power supply; 801
Price: $101.09 Applied materials (amat) 813871 brooks inst roto/flow meter 10-9
Price: $225 Applied materials (amat) 814-62-002 cartridge with ceramic packi
Price: $50 Hp 814DP27001G 2740 ultra-slim expansion base
Price: $5.96 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-343 piab 32.01.0449U base mounting,
Price: $21.25 Aviza technology 815001-136 coupling, derlin, .0625" id, female
Price: $17.83 Aviza technology 815001-377 superstrut 702-8 unistrurt 702 pipe
Price: $21.9 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-395 seal,teflon,3.250IDX3.625OD
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-467 hose clamp, ss, 1.75"-2.3250
Price: $25 Watkins johnson 815001-466 fitting, teflon, union, 1" tube
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-468 tube, teflon, corrugated, 2" id
Price: $100 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-529 solenoid,mount,card,16 position
Price: $150 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-530 bay pneumatics bes-5536-pcb sole
Price: $235 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-530 valve solenoid manifold mount ca
Price: $11.94 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-589 green tweed 9008-SS571 o-ring ka
Price: $10 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-590 green tweed 9010-SS571 o-ring, ,
Price: $53.83 Svg thermal systems 815001-603 tube, teflon, corrugated, 2" i.d.
Price: $25 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-610 gasket, gore-tex, 2MM, 100% for
Price: $13.55 Aviza technology 815001-693 belkin F2L088-25 cable, communicatio
Price: $29.75 Watkins-johnson 815001-620 watkins-johnson socket, bit, hex, dri
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-805 red, cap, KF63, 96-a, pack of 24
Price: $125 Watkins johnson (wj) 815001-805 red, cap, KF63, 96-a, pack of 97
Price: $43.99 Aviza technology 815001-954 parker 2-272-V884-75 o-ring,viton,9.
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815001-956 o-ring,viton,1.734"id x.139"w, pgk/1
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815001-975 screw, ss, silve plated socket head,
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815001-991 swagelok ss-4-vcr-2-vs gasket, ss, v
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815001-992 swagelok ss-8-vcr-2-vs gasket, vcr s
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815002-012 generic 2191L1-24V screw, ss, button
Price: $25 Watkins johnson (wj) 815002-161 lcom SP2997 cable pkg 712464, 80
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815002-024 mcmaster-carr 97517A020 rivet,alumin
Price: $25.39 Watkins johnson (wj) 815003-123 handle,round,aluminum thread,5/1
Price: $11.58 Watkins johnson (wj) 815003-143 cable, power ac, conductor 3, sh
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815003-197 swagelok ni-4-vcr-2-gr-vs gasket, vc
Price: $47.48 Watkins johnson (wj) 815003-500 l-com cable, extension, vga, m-m
Price: $500 Aviza technology 815004-923 siemens 3TF5522-0AM1 contactor, 3PHA
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815008-004 swagelok fitting, connector, port, t
Price: $10 Watkins johnson (wj) 815008-276 idec nwal-(115) switch nameplate
Price: $3.68 Aviza technology 815008-555 parker seals 2-227 V884-75 (brown) o
Price: $55 Bay seal 815008-558 o-ring, part no: 273
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815008-564 parker seals 2-383 V884-75 (brown) o
Price: $7 Aviza technology 815008-764-4PK washer, flat 10, ss, pkg 16
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815008-942 vat 32009-qapr clamp single claw, pa
Price: $10.65 Aviza technology 815009-229 caster, swivel, grip ring, 7/8" dia
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815009-261 washer,flat,ss,id .25", od 1.oo" pkg
Price: $331.16 Aviza technology 815009-473 mcg 2242-ME9044-2 IDH2224-xxnxefl dc
Price: $15.14 Aviza technology 815009-514 o-ring, viton, brown, 11.984 x .139
Price: $50 Silicon valley group (svg) 815009-476 question distribution logi
Price: $14.11 Watkins johnson (wj) 815010-082 dop us data display porducts 461
Price: $4.99 Aviza technology 815010-566 molex 0306-1022 hinge, offset, type
Price: $40 Aviza technology 815010-989 uc-components h-1824-nk screw,ss,nic
Price: $45 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-020 usdzus fastener AJ5-5OSS latch 1
Price: $8.2 Aviza technology 815011-161 noshok 15.110-30 psi gauge, pressure
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815011-195 ilegris 3802 04 00 / 120438 alr-alr
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815011-195 ilegris 3802 04 00 / 120438 alr-alr
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-414 leviton 12777 cap safety electri
Price: $50 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-602 tag ss open, stamped, 20 ga,1 1/
Price: $50 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-603 tag, stainless steel, stamprd, c
Price: $25 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-604 mcmaster-carr 8612T11 chain ,bea
Price: $8 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-670 berg electronics D14-14 pin, dow
Price: $15 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-671 berg electronics Q3-25 washer, r
Price: $1.01 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-683 parker seals 2-015-S604-60 o-rin
Price: $6.01 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-793 corcom 3EBF1 filter, outlet, rfi
Price: $10 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-845 fitting, pvc tee, 2" insert, sch
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-847 tube, teflon, corrugated, 2" id
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-846 tube, teflon, corrugated, 2" id
Price: $33.59 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-848 bay advanced technologies phi FA
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 815011-976 spears mfg 829-003 fitting,coupl
Price: $271.73 Aviza technology 815011-949 melcor MAPA075-12 cooler assembly,th
Price: $70 Aviza technology 815012-046 reid tool supply co. sti-125 insert,
Price: $4 Watkins johnson (wj) 815012-081 washer, flat, ss, #4, .125" id x
Price: $637.5 Aviza technology 815012-105 fuji electric motor co VFC200A-7W co
Price: $33.5 Svg thermco 815012-181 siemens MT0250J transformer fused, 250 va
Price: $334.13 Aviza-watkins johnson-svg thermco 815012-185 mcg PLH40B power su
Price: $58 Silicon valley group (svg) 815012-251 raf 4567-632-ss-0 standoff
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815012-246 century spring s-1131 spring, stainl
Price: $1.01 Aviza technology 815012-325 parker V884-75-2-212 o-ring, .859"id
Price: $301.85 Aviza technology 815012-487 solenoid manifold, double solenoid v
Price: $394.63 Aviza technology 815012-365 solenoid valve,16 station, 3-way, 24
Price: $200 Aviza technology 815012-487 manifold, double solenoid valve, 8 s
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815012-487 manifold, double solenoid valve, 8 s
Price: $236.19 Svg thermco 815012-488 manifold, solenoid valve, 12 station, 3-w
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815012-531 o-ring, injector, 300MM 3X- apl
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815012-539 mcmaster-carr 91259A622 screw, shoul
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815012-576 bolt, eye, 3/8-16 x 1.0 id x 2.5 sha
Price: $4.86 Aviza technology 815012-693 parker W68PL-5/32-2 fitting adaptor,
Price: $350 Aviza technology 815013-066 therm x thermocouple, type r, 1/8"od
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815013-171 screw, ss 5/16-18 x 1.0, vented,shut
Price: $13.44 Aviza technology 815013-173 seal, teflon
Price: $27 Aviza technology 815013-175 parker seal 2-330 V8562 o-ring,AS568
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815013-176 parker seal 2-340 o-ring,AS568A-340,
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815013-196 parafluor 2-320 V8562 oring,AS568A-3
Price: $6.01 Aviza technology 815013-223 cardilane 21 shss screw,ss,swivel he
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815013-235 allen bradley 1485P-P1R5-DR5 connect
Price: $482.63 Svg thermco 815013-319 mcg B5-ID34003-E2 motor, torque: 210.00 o
Price: $25.42 Aviza technology 815013-321 brecpflex T5-610 belt timing ,10MM x
Price: $14.23 Aviza technology 815013-322 brecoflex ts-420 belt timing ,10MM x
Price: $9.17 Aviza technology 815013-324 brecoflex T5-24 ls 21-T5-24 pulley,2
Price: $15.59 Aviza technology 815013-325 pulley, 60 tooth, 10MM belt
Price: $1000 Aviza technology 815013-340 telemecanique lei D096B62 circuit br
Price: $79.99 Aviza technology 815013-412 coupling,rod alignment,ss, 1/2-20UNF
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815013-527 screw, ss, black plastic head knurle
Price: $14.16 Aviza technology 815013-645 belt, timing, rotation, 71 teeth, 10
Price: $239.17 Aviza technology 815013-656 kalrez as-568A k#280 1050LF o-ring,k
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815013-646 belt,timing,elevation,61 teeth,10MM
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815013-659 kalrez as -568A k#010 1050LF o-ring,
Price: $6 Aviza technology 815013-663 washer, SS316, split lock, #8 pkg 6
Price: $21.54 Aviza technology 815013-705 screw, ss 18-8, socket head, .312-18
Price: $71.87 Aviza technology 815013-716 kalrez as-568A K229 1050LF o-ring,ka
Price: $143.01 Aviza technology 815013-717 kalrez A568A oring k#242 1050 lf o-r
Price: $14.32 Aviza technology 815013-735 block,heat,flame dectector
Price: $14.46 Aviza technology 815013-801 bay seal 271 comp Y884 o-ring,viton,
Price: $383.81 Aviza technology 815013-888 o-ring,kalrez 4079,16.54"i.d. x .210
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815013-951 kalrez as-568A #K958 8375UP o-ring,
Price: $291.59 Aviza technology 815013-955 kalrez as 568A oring d#460 o-ring, k
Price: $222.53 Aviza technology 815013-960 kalrez A568A oring k#167 4079 o-ring
Price: $45 Aviza technology 815013-984 screw,ss nickel plated,flat head soc
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815014-030 screw,ss,socket head cap,6MM x 20MM
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815014-032 screw,ss,socket head cap,4MM x 16MML
Price: $40 Aviza technology 815014-046 screw, ss,silver plated, sockethead,
Price: $26.57 Aviza technology 815014-050 impulse mechanism SH2-2818.3755 clam
Price: $68.53 Aviza technology 815014-154 nor-cal vacuum products inc hc-200-1
Price: $16 815014-227 heater jacket
Price: $11.34 Aviza technology 815014-246 amphenol (amp) 745653-1 clamp,cable,
Price: $12 Aviza technology 815014-291 screw, ss, cap, 12 point head, silve
Price: $14.63 Aviza technology 815014-383 connector kit,mating,ls-182-cn pkg 4
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815014-634 screws, ss, cap, socket headpkg 4 10
Price: $25 Bay seal 815014-408 o-ring, 50X50X1 centimeters, part no: 247, o
Price: $257.39 Aviza technology 815014-765 baldor motors & drives CM3537 motor,
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815014-775 chemi-flex oexl-050 bk std tooth bel
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815014-775 chemi-flex oexl-050 bk std tooth bel
Price: $10.42 Aviza technology 815014-781 harting 09300161540 connector hood -
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815014-784 interpower products conduit, panel m
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815014-785 interpower products 85826760 fitting
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815014-787 interpower products fitting, conduit
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815014-806 olander 6C200SHCS screw, ss, socket
Price: $158.4 Aviza technology 815014-971 iko LWL9B linear bearing dual table,
Price: $65 Aviza technology 815015-228 kalrez as-568A k#273 4079 o-ring,kal
Price: $2 Aviza technology 815015-253 amphenol (amp) 91067-2 ics, tool, 20
Price: $45 Aviza technology 815015-261 mcmaster-carr 92311A430 screw, set,
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815015-261 mcmaster-carr 92311A430 screw, set,
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815015-305 mcmaster-carr 8959A16 drill-stop,col
Price: $18 Watkins johnson (wj) 815015-452 humphrey ZE102B sensor,proximity
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815015-317 nudata CUS1711 video cable with amp
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815015-481 phoenix contact 3006056 terminal blo
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815015-643 applied industrial tech. / wm berg G
Price: $4 Aviza technology 815015-485 richco AL8 clamp, cable, aluminum,1/
Price: $8.01 Aviza technology 815015-658 aeroquip 55000-300S clamp, ss, 3.00"
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815015-723 ball stainless steel 3/4" ball pkg 5
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815015-760 green tweed 9111-SD653 o-ring, chemr
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815015-767 green tweed 9240-SD653 o-ring; as-56
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815015-769 green tweed 9254-SD653 o-ring,chemra
Price: $150 Aviza technology 815015-779 green tweed 9475-SD653 o-ring,chemra
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815015-868 bay advanced pm F54 sensor, photo, u
Price: $132.48 Aviza technology 815015-870 parker b-021-l-S7442 o-ring, .21" od
Price: $69.8 Aviza technology 815015-976 integrated process systems EM0621 th
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815015-944 industrial gas springs,inc. 10-8-21.
Price: $3 Aviza technology 815016-126 mcmaster-carr 90128A251 screw,socket
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815016-126 mcmaster-carr 90128A251 screw,socket
Price: $25 Silicon valley group (svg) 815016-163 avery dennison 10045 cable
Price: $4 Silicon valley group (svg) 815016-163 avery dennison 10045 cable
Price: $5 Generic 815016-318 cable, 48 inches
Price: $10 Generic 815016-319 cable, 11 1/2 ft.
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815016-326 square d DZ5-CA253 terminal end ferr
Price: $25.99 Aviza technology 815016-470 bay seal AS568-457 @ V75WT o-ring,wh
Price: $7.5 Aviza technology 815016-552 amecon FES4052-209049-01 inductor,21
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815016-557 cutler-hammer E22B2 relay, block, co
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815016-706 mcmaster-carr 91590A122 clamp, retai
Price: $4 Aviza technology 815016-706 mcmaster-carr 91590A122 clamp, retai
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815016-725 boyd gasket,poron,adhesive; 8' x 0.3
Price: $18.2 Aviza technology 815016-847 bay seal K120-8575 o-ring,kalrez,.98
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815016-728 beswick smls-1008-2-303 fitting, ss
Price: $16.34 Aviza technology 815016-853 accuride c-201-12-do slide,drawer,lo
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 815016-908 keyboard cable extension, male t
Price: $371.25 Aviza technology 815016-912 network technologies inc. vopex-3KM-
Price: $542.03 Aviza technology 815016-917 advance motion controls DR100EE25A20
Price: $11.77 Aviza technology 815016-930 reid tool supply co. vm-40 mount, vi
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815016-935 sunx pm-F44 sensor,photoelectric,f-t
Price: $450.97 Aviza technology 815016-937 thk 2RSR15WZ m uu+496.5L m linear du
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815016-941 screw ss, 8-32 x 0.5 bh, self-seal,
Price: $30 Aviza technology 815016-944 synetics AJE0001B light,50 watt,asse
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815016-956 blackbox FA454-02 adapter, changer,
Price: $23.57 Aviza technology 815017-031 interlink bt rsm wkm 572-1M cable, d
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815017-333 stud, ss, 3/8"-16 x 1", fully thread
Price: $5.19 Aviza technology 815017-350 ball bearing, silicon nitride, 10MM
Price: $1 Aviza technology 815017-364 parker 2-112 vtbr o-ring,viton,brn,.
Price: $10.4 Aviza technology 815017-369 parker 2-451 vtbr o-ring,viton,brn,1
Price: $11.06 Aviza technology 815017-370 parker 2-459 vtbr o-ring,viton,brn,1
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815017-397 parker seals b-019-l-S7442 53INCHES
Price: $43.32 Aviza technology 815017-398 parker seals b-019-l-S7442 55INCHES
Price: $527.41 Aviza technology 815017-440 smc US19039 manifold,pneumatic,10 st
Price: $225 Smc 815017-440 valve solenoid manifold base, VVQ1000-10A-1, VQ11
Price: $225 Svg thermco 815017-441 smc US20096 valve solenoid manifold,pneum
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815017-444 smc TIUB07W-20 tubing,polyurethane,.
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815017-444 smc TIUB07W-20 20M roll (66 ft)
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815017-478 siemens 3SB3202-0AA61 switch pushbut
Price: $311.85 Aviza technology 815017-533 ebm industries G1G170-AB05-20 blower
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815017-550 nut,coupling,5/16-18 ,pkg 10
Price: $48.83 Aviza technology 815017-727 industrial gas springs,inc. 8-8-19.5
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815017-879 ball, sin, .125 dia, lot/5000, silic
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815017-879 ball ss, sin, .125 dia, pk/10, silic
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815017-879 hoover precision products, inc 6U035
Price: $75 Aviza technology 815017-899 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-049 heater,
Price: $100 Aviza technology 815017-903 heater jacket, model: UTMS10011RSN-0
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815017-905 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-053 heater j
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815017-912 heater jacket, centipede, gas line v
Price: $194.37 Aviza technology 815017-911 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-057 heater j
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815017-913 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-059 heater j
Price: $150 Aviza technology 815017-916 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-062 jacket,h
Price: $175 Aviza technology 815017-914 heater jacket, centipede, teasat gas
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815017-930 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-005 heater j
Price: $500 Aviza technology 815017-931 heater jacket assembly, centipede, m
Price: $150 Aviza technology 815017-940 heater jacket, centipede, elbow 4" u
Price: $380.73 Aviza technology 815017-941 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-068 heater j
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815017-942 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-029 heater j
Price: $338.48 Aviza technology 815017-949 bh thermal UTMS10011SSS-070 heater j
Price: $113.75 Aviza technology 815018-087 mks 9399-0654 heater jacket ,plenum
Price: $440.3 Honeywell electronic materials 815018-215 thermocouple 5 zone ,p
Price: $230.89 Aviza technology 815018-220 honeywell electronic materials X0004
Price: $8.14 Aviza technology 815018-280 reid tool supply co. spf-7S bearing,
Price: $100 Aviza technology 815018-342 heater jacket, model: UTMS10021RSN-0
Price: $7.02 Aviza technology 815018-301 mcmaster-carr 6111K33 pad,leveling,s
Price: $100 Aviza technology 815018-348 heater jacket, model: UTMS10041NNN-0
Price: $100 Aviza technology 815018-349 heater jacket,line vent #2, model: U
Price: $12 Aviza technology 815018-376 accuride cb 2601-8 rail slide, kleng
Price: $12 Aviza technology 815018-376 accuride cb 2601-8 slide, length 7.8
Price: $29.7 Aviza technology 815018-390 nokomes ORN0533 15 inch length o-rin
Price: $4 Aviza technology 815018-411 l-com DGB25MF socket saver,slimline,
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 815018-412 l-com socket saver, slimline, DB
Price: $45 Aviza technology 815018-581 benchmark BFU7142-3 heater tape, sil
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815018-609 ingus B17-4-075-0 e-chain, 2.38 w x
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815018-607 igus separator, e-chain, vertical, B
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815018-632 apem A02501 switch block, push butto
Price: $15 Aviza technology 815018-643 tubes, mixing, extra, 2216 a/b, 50ML
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815018-742 phd 17502-2-06 switch,reed,pneumatic
Price: $293.58 Aviza technology 815018-753 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-072 jacket,h
Price: $65 Aviza technology 815018-763 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-079 heater j
Price: $8.96 Aviza technology 815018-766 swagelok coupler, union, bulkhead, 6
Price: $335.24 Aviza technology 815018-806 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-100 heater,c
Price: $214.38 Aviza technology 815018-807 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-101 heater j
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815018-809 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-103 heater j
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815018-813 heater jacekt, model: UTMS10011RSN-1
Price: $175 Aviza technology 815018-820 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-114 heater,
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815018-822 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-116 heater j
Price: $177.6 Aviza technology 815018-824 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-118 heater,
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815018-826 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-120 heater j
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815018-826 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-120 heater j
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815018-828 insulation jacket, igs stick, inlet
Price: $65 Aviza technology 815018-830 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-124 heater,c
Price: $158.9 Aviza technology 815018-864 honeywell electronic materials Y0001
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815018-887 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-132 heater,
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815018-888 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-133 heater,
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815018-903 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-140 heater j
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815018-906 heater jacket, centipede, pressure r
Price: $150 Aviza technology 815018-907 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-144 heater j
Price: $123.89 Aviza technology 815018-910 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-147 heater j
Price: $45 Aviza technology 815018-911 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-148 heater j
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815018-961 heater, jacket, 9640-1121, 208V 34W
Price: $45 Aviza technology 815018-962 mks 9640-1122 jacket,heater,170C,lon
Price: $69.5 Aviza technology 815018-965 mks 9640-1097 heater jacket, 150C, b
Price: $127.73 Aviza technology 815018-964 mks 9640-1110 heater jacket, 150C, s
Price: $197.8 Aviza technology 815018-966 mks 9640-1111 heater, 150C, 4 inch d
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815018-976 mks 9640-1105 jacket,heater,170C,iso
Price: $153.4 Aviza technology 815018-967 mks 9399-0707 heater jacket,170C,byp
Price: $55 Aviza technology 815019-012 bh thermal UTMS5001NNNN-002 insulati
Price: $254.92 Aviza technology 815019-082 bh thermal heater jacket centipede,
Price: $51.61 Aviza technology 815019-083 bh thermal UTMS10031RSN-076B heater
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815019-085 bh thermal UTMS10031RSN-076D heater
Price: $153.7 Aviza technology 815019-093 bh thermal UTMS10031RSN-135D heater,
Price: $987.11 Aviza-watkins johnson-svg thermco 815019-144 mks 55-0862 heater
Price: $3 Aviza technology 815019-158 accurate screw machine 14160-r-ss-2.
Price: $21.5 Aviza technology 815019-189 black box EVNPS06-0010-mf video cabl
Price: $16.31 Aviza technology 815019-257 southco fasteners E6-10-430-50 hinge
Price: $8 Aviza technology 815019-263 mcmaster-carr MB0375-015 washer, spr
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815019-266 valve manifold, 2 port, smc
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815019-264 bionics instrument tx-1100FK monitor
Price: $5.06 Aviza technology 815019-346 cable, CAT5 communication, centipede
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815019-361 valin BFUA7337 jacket, heater, exten
Price: $175 Aviza technology 815019-374 heater jacket, centipede, manometer
Price: $175 Aviza technology 815019-375 heater jacket, centipede, manometer
Price: $55 Svg thermco 815019-412 mks instruments 9340-0303 vtr- heater 4.0
Price: $75 Svg thermco 815019-413 mks instruments 9399-0727 vtr- heater 1/2
Price: $53.46 Aviza technology 815019-429 bh thermal insulator, actuator, bk s
Price: $125 Svg thermco 815019-415 mks instruments 4630-1073 vtr- heater,3"
Price: $17.79 Aviza technology 815019-430 bh thermal UTMS5001NNNN-006 insulato
Price: $10 Aviza technology 815019-436 loctite 01-81502 epoxy,quick set,loc
Price: $334.46 Aviza technology 815019-440 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-019C heater
Price: $1221.41 Aviza technology 815019-450 cercom inc. 024.2.392 wafer,300MM,ai
Price: $3383.13 Aviza technology 815019-601 epichem inc. OM385Z canister,1.2L,au
Price: $35.48 Svg thermco 815019-714 garlock helicoflex h-308329 rev nc seal,
Price: $81.62 Aviza technology 815019-717 mks 9399-0763 heater jacket,adaptor,
Price: $218.14 Aviza technology 815019-762 bh thermal UTMS10011TSN-001 heater,
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815019-786 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-149 heater j
Price: $150 Aviza technology 815019-789 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-152 heater,
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815019-787 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-150 heater j
Price: $270.46 Aviza technology 815019-790 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-153 heater,
Price: $229.13 Aviza technology 815019-791 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-154 heater j
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815019-833 swagelok ni-8-vcr-2-gr-vs vcr-8 gask
Price: $55 Aviza technology 815020-011 swagelok ss-CHVCR8-kz-1/3 valve, che
Price: $15 Brad 815-019-956 termination tee connector
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815020-104 heater jacket, model: UTMS10011RSN-0
Price: $11.8 Aviza technology 815020-176 centering ring, perlast, NW25
Price: $32.33 Aviza technology 815020-256 green tweed 9131-SD653 o-ring,chemra
Price: $9.39 Aviza technology 815020-177 precision polymer enginnering NW16G8
Price: $65 Aviza technology 815020-270 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-014A heater,
Price: $50 Aviza technology 815020-354 black box EVNSL60GR-0003 cable,ether
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815020-427 mcmaster-carr 5500K999 hose pvc, sup
Price: $14.11 Aviza technology 815020-413 parker seals 2-457,V0884-75 o-ring,v
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815020-427 hose, s.flex, pvc, 2020230-001 spill
Price: $65 Aviza technology 815020-576 mks 9620-1153 heater jacket, 2.0 STR
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815020-575 mks 9610-1049 heater jacket, 1.0, ST
Price: $5 Aviza technology 815020-580 mks 4510-snap heater jacket strap,wi
Price: $11.49 Aviza technology 815020-579 mks 4510-0000 insulation pipe ,foam
Price: $75 Aviza technology 815020-675 mks 4640-1406 heater jacket, 2BP3, 2
Price: $35 Aviza technology 815020-678 mks 9540-0462 insulator, 170C, flang
Price: $65 Aviza technology 815020-680 mks 9199-0251 heater, jacket,170C, w
Price: $45 Aviza technology 815020-928 bh thermal centrb-001 box,external r
Price: $25 Aviza technology 815020-682 parker hannifin 2-106/V884-75 o-ring
Price: $27.7 Aviza technology 815021-266 turck wsm rkc 572-1M cable, devicene
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815021-268 heater jacket, model: UTMS10011RSN-1
Price: $226 Aviza technology 815021-269 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-126B jacket,
Price: $23.65 Aviza technology 815021-303 hps 9340-0275 insulator,MF100,odpo
Price: $97.97 Aviza technology 815021-343 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-163 jacket,h
Price: $135 Aviza technology 815021-394 bh thermal UTMS10011RSN-164 heater,
Price: $7.81 Aviza technology 815021-720 mks instruments 9199-0285 insulator
Price: $65.79 Aviza technology 815021-775 mks instruments 9640-1287 heater,4.0
Price: $75 Aviza technology 815021-776 mks instruments 9640-1288 heater jac
Price: $55.93 Aviza technology 815021-779 mks instruments 9599-0362 heater, 1.
Price: $20 Aviza technology 815021-837 nor-cal vacuum products inc 001008-1
Price: $125 Aviza technology 815021-803 mks 9399-0731 heater jacket, 8.0, BP
Price: $75 Aviza technology 815021-868 mks instruments 99G1064 heater jacke
Price: $375.44 Aviza technology 815021-915 aptech ap 1206-s-m-2PW-MV8-MV8 regul
Price: $41.58 Aviza technology 815021-965 mks 99G1066 jacket,heater,4.0,straig
Price: $225 Aviza technology 815021-991 swagelok 6LVV-msm-ALD3ET-2-p-cs valv
Price: $32 Crouzet 81519378 solenoid valve
Price: $225 Watlow electric mfg. co. 815555-001 heater jacket kit, Z9, V5500
Price: $65 Aviza technology 816204-001 hose, braided ss metal, flex 1/4" pi
Price: $11.58 Aviza technology 816218-001 dupont K30021 7075 o-ring,kalrez,707
Price: $10 Aviza technology 816554-001 green tweed 9114-SC520 o-ring,chemra
Price: $100 816600 rechner sensor 816600 liquid level sensor, cap assy
Price: $17 Vat 81737-R1 vat kit 3/2 way solenoid
Price: $3.91 Tegal 81-94-01-1 prominent 81-94-01-1 valve vent for e type prom
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 820-000-0000 by-pass unit
Price: $250 Nanometrics nanometrics 820-0142 pcb, board
Price: $125 Apple 820-0242-a system logic board for apple mac iici
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 820-080-1104 bypass loflo 4/80M-11 unit
Price: $55.25 Atlas copco 8204-1304-93 emergency swith, 10FT long cord
Price: $38.25 Buschjost 8205301-0201 buschjost two-way valve; 230V, 50HZ, 15VA
Price: $510.34 Cat 820823 power supply assy 115/230V
Price: $202.8 Esi 82206C lca / laser rail / mvbe
Price: $45 Mda 822090 control module, power supply: 24 vac , fuse type: 6.3
Price: $6.6 Bran & luebbe 822507 nipple connector (810176)
Price: $2.13 Bran & luebbe 822611 connector 822600 bran-luebbe
Price: $2.45 Bran & luebbe 822617 connector
Price: $3.4 Bran & luebbe 822623 connector
Price: $1.26 Bran & luebbe 822626 connector t form, #2/4.5
Price: $17 Alcatel 82277 o-ring 148.82X3.53 mfq 60
Price: $2.13 Bran & luebbe 823207 valve 823207 bran and luebbe
Price: $25 The faster center 823292 metal screws ss, size: 10 x 1, pack of
Price: $38.25 Crouzet 82344-fc timer anti recycle 1TR for chillers
Price: $65 Sears 82397 digital clamp meter, max ac 1000A, 750V as is
Price: $6.8 Siemens 8256A-p ic peripheral input/output
Price: $225 Vat 825P8-R1 slit valve blade
Price: $225 Vat 82598-R1 slit valve
Price: $15 Arrow hart 82612 switch toggle panel mount
Price: $35 Asco 8263G210T-120 valve, solenoid, red-hat ii, 302001-t, 3/8",
Price: $15 Asco 8263G210T-120 valve, solenoid, red-hat ii, rebuild kit #: 3
Price: $35 Belden 82723 100FT of multi-conductor - double-pair cable; cmp 2
Price: $25 Cisco 827 800 series adsl router
Price: $8.5 Ontrak 70-0010-173 conxall 8280-4PG-513K 2ONN mini 4-pin crimp #
Price: $8.5 Conxall 8280-4PG-516K mini connector 4-pin crimp #16SHE
Price: $148.54 Axcelis 82841 axcelis pcb ext/ret transport optical
Price: $85 Crouzet 82862004 alu pod-motor 150MM; 9600-0101-01
Price: $4 Spears 829-010C 1" coupler socket to socket
Price: $16 Spears 829-040 slip x slip coupling, fitting size: 4 inch
Price: $2 Spears 829-130 fpt adapter, size: 3/4", sch-80, EV1L1, nsf-pw, p
Price: $55.25 Cat 8-29-3 cylinder valve pneum 5-60 5-61 coldbox
Price: $39.56 Besi north america inc 83000010074 illummination, led-spot 16LED
Price: $403.8 Teradyne 829-970-03 pib expanded address clock
Price: $148.75 Hpc 8300.01247 mod gear box 6:1
Price: $38.25 Carbone lorraine 830002286 carbone lorraine cefilac etancheite o
Price: $20.25 Asm 830002383 v-seal, V220A fpm
Price: $92.44 Asm 830002995 computer products asm power supply +5/+12/-12V 5A+
Price: $543.97 Asm 830003452 maxon motor F2260+gear GP62 35:1+tacho
Price: $345.41 Asm 830007652 A7794 housing, uv module+sens+filter, A7794
Price: $11.2 Asm 830007792 switch, key 3POS figr 51-362
Price: $250 Qualiflow afc-202 mfc, N2 100 slm (afc-202)
Price: $17 Carbone lorraine 830008977 carbone lorraine cefilac etancheite o
Price: $2.11 Etancheite 830008985 o-ring 266 29 x 3 53 tht blauw
Price: $12.75 Carbon lorraine 83001104B o-ring 342 27 x 7
Price: $12.75 Asm 830014721 AKBX21H3146231 thermostat, manual reset
Price: $102 Swagelok 830016759 tube flex ss-TH6TA6TA6-42 te
Price: $55 Asm 830024247 spring, smally wave lp
Price: $35 8300-3005 swagelok valve, check, 30,psig, 25MM, -316 koe, knd,kk
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 830-050-1303 by-pass assy-13 unit inst
Price: $53.76 Asm 830062904 etherlink, pwba 3/3C905C-tx-m
Price: $107.06 Asm 830061908 flowsensor, vega si 1000+steker
Price: $21 Axcelis 830069321 heater, 150W od=10
Price: $21 Asm 830098917 switch, nc open at 150 gr.c
Price: $5.1 Cat 830100005 relay control 11R for chillers
Price: $2.13 Cat 830100004 relay control 14R for chillers, 240V 50HZ coil
Price: $8.5 Cat 830100008 lamp indicator amber for chillers
Price: $127.5 Cat 830100018 coupling york flex for chillers
Price: $212.5 York 830100023 830100023 controller temp. tclc for chiller
Price: $29.75 Cat 830100024 relay control 4R 10R 17R
Price: $21.25 Klinger 830100044 gasket fibre for chillers
Price: $106.25 Cat 830100047 gasket flow control chamber H1-K3
Price: $38.25 Essix 830100061 relay control 22R 25R york pump 120VAC
Price: $17 Cat 830100074 seal o-ring 05194 000 (york chiller)
Price: $29.75 Cat 830100130 thermostat hot hi-oil temp chillers
Price: $12.48 Dayan 830100136 thermometer 4 0-120C cap lenght 3M bul
Price: $2.55 Cat 830100138 stud weld 5/8 unc (york).
Price: $5 Interpower 8301312 snap-in power inlet, 10A/15A 250V, 1.5MM pane
Price: $35 Belden 8302 75FT 2-pair beldfoil shielded cable; E108998
Price: $900 Lam research (lam) 830-330546-001 assy, jct, htd endpoint
Price: $16 Applied materials (amat) 831227 usg 138476A pressure gauge, 2-1/
Price: $78.09 Kla tencor 8314 multifan 24V, 2.2W
Price: $107.71 Applied materials (amat) 832230 gauge -25TO+45 c
Price: $106.25 Sola 83-24-260-03 sola dc power supply; input: 120/240 vac 50/60
Price: $29.01 Gemu 83332D7204 meter, flowrate, gemu
Price: $64.63 Bran & luebbe 834270 rotor kompl. p/n-834270 bran&luebbe
Price: $1 Spears 835-005 adaptor fpt adapter, size: 1/2", ZFIVI3, sch-80,
Price: $40 Lam research (lam) 835-007173-001 gasfeed line 2
Price: $10 Spears 835-010 1" adapter coupling, socket, nsf pvci sh 80, D246
Price: $55.79 Vat 83580-R1 actuator
Price: $20 Spears 835-040 4" pvc female adapter, socket to fpt
Price: $5 Spears 837-130 reducer slip bushings, pkg 2SIZE: 1" x 1/2", sch-
Price: $5 Spears 837-130 reduce bushings, pkg 5SIZE: 1" x 1/2", sch-80, ns
Price: $15 Spears 837-166 reducer slip bushings, size:pkg 12 1 1/4" x 1/2",
Price: $5 Spears 837-166 reducer x slip bushing, size: 1 1/4" x 1/2", qwiy
Price: $15 Spears 837-247 reducer pkg 2 x slip bushing, size: 2" x 1/2",pvc
Price: $15 Spears 837-247 reducer pkg 2 x slip bushing, size: 2" x 1/2",pvc
Price: $20 Spears 837-249 reducer pkg 2X slip bushings, size: 2" x 1", sch-
Price: $8 Spears 837-292 reducer brushing, socket, 2 1/2" x 2", nsf 61, D2
Price: $5 Spears 838-212 reducer x slip bushing, size: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4", sc
Price: $950 Lam research (lam) 839-013522-001 mykrolis mdvx-018S01 throttle
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) 839-013544-001 wldmt spool section ll iso-va
Price: $255 Lam research (lam) 839-014453-001 weldment gas delivery
Price: $63.75 Lam research (lam) 839-014757-057 weldmt gas feed line flex 57"
Price: $48.77 Lam research (lam) 839-014706-001 weldment--not in original pack
Price: $750 Lam research (lam) 839-017561-002 heater 3000W, pl, thermal cont
Price: $250 Lam research (lam) 839-016641-002 weldment, injector gas nozzle
Price: $550 Lam research (lam) 839-020965-005 assembly, outer, .18 step, 300
Price: $35 Lam research (lam) 839-020965-113 pipe, center gas flow
Price: $1171.58 Lam research (lam) 839-020965-006 assy, electd outer 14 step
Price: $550 Lam research (lam) 839-020965-320 lam si, assy, electrode, outer
Price: $55.79 Lam research (lam) 839-024318-100 rev 1 tube assy
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) 839-024561-100 lam weldment entrance and vent
Price: $350 Lam research (lam) 839-029227-102 wldmt,he l w/manom adptr
Price: $162 Lam research (lam) 839-029236-001 weldmnt rga mounting long, por
Price: $125 Watlow 839-030999-001 base, heater, vat valve
Price: $125 Mks 839-031002-001 vat valve heater end cap
Price: $20 Mks 839-031002-001 vat valve insulated end cap--nor original pac
Price: $135 Lam research (lam) 839-031002-608 heater asst
Price: $24.55 Lam research (lam) 839-031054-007 rtnr, univ wdo captive endpoin
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) nk precision machining 839-031454-nk bracket
Price: $25 Applied materials (amat) 513146 filter, uv
Price: $9.04 Lam research (lam) 839-031455-001 weldment, gas line
Price: $50 Lam research (lam) 839-032106-002 weldment, 90 deg elbow
Price: $125 Jazz 839-032134-100 weldment - ballast - exit loa
Price: $125 Jazz 839-032568-100 weldment-he clamp-chamber
Price: $573.92 Lam research (lam) 839-110146-001 wldmt d.i rtn/flow switch
Price: $510 Lam research (lam) 839-13510-1 assy isolation valve (chamber LAM
Price: $13.36 Lam research (lam) 839-140210-001 assy cvr esc rb oxd
Price: $135 Lam research (lam) 839-170110-001 wldmt,pri iso,he
Price: $55.25 Lam research (lam) 839-33103-001 assy heater gate valve 8
Price: $7 Spears 839-211 mpt x fpt bushing, size: 11/2" x 1", sch-80, nsf-
Price: $9.04 Lam research (lam) 839-331163-001 wldmt, tbg, chmbr prg, top gas
Price: $3.01 Lam research (lam) 839-441701-101 mfc spool piece
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 839-492653-002 cable assy
Price: $3.4 83F1688 dale RN60D resistor, 3.92K ohm 1/4 watt 1% pkg 9
Price: $28.05 Watlow 83-FL1 heater, 1000W 7.25 x .49
Price: $11.62 Dai-ichi seiko 83-FM934 kit, rebuild (trans hyd cyl)
Price: $1 Dell 83VKG voltage regulator module; 5100378-0400
Price: $20.4 Unit-celerity 840-035-1000 sleeve inverted unit inst
Price: $8.5 New lam research (lam) 840-075-1000 disc string, design
Price: $8.5 Unit-celerity 840-080-1003 jet-3 mchnd vlv 1000 ser
Price: $10 Hamamatsu photonics C7103-84008 hamamatsu photonics C7103-84008,
Price: $12.75 Unit-celerity 840-080-1005 jet-5 mchnd vlv 1000 ser unit inst
Price: $106.25 Tower 840100010 coupling s(elc. motor+gear) side with 12 b
Price: $21.25 Unit-celerity 840-105-1004 seat, neoprene unit inst
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 840-105-1006 seat, teflon unit inst
Price: $150 Nanometrics japan 8401-1190 assembly, cable, coax, 18' stg/pc vi
Price: $50 3M 8401-1191 cable assembly, 15 cond, 18', nm i/o stage
Price: $35 Cat 8401-1192 15-pin, stage spectrometer cable, ~17.5FT
Price: $12.75 Cat 8405-3 phototrans sdp, led photo
Price: $280 Fsi 840A0059 pc board b/n 209104-200
Price: $180 Applied materials (amat) 840A1058 840A1058 pcb asy ac; chamber i
Price: $116 Translogic 840A0466 translogic 840A0466 pcb station control
Price: $20.4 Lucent technologies 8411D display digital phone set, 10 call app
Price: $55.79 Roc 8412-0024-0 assy vidoe drive
Price: $15 Papst 8414 dc axial compact fan, 24V, 2.4W
Price: $28.08 Gastec 841-b pyrolyzer for teos analyzer sh-2607TS
Price: $2394.5 Brook automation 84209-0001 70018210, assy y motor w/brake turbo
Price: $9.35 Unit-celerity 845-005-1002 plunger unit inst
Price: $183.53 Vat 84430-R1-0014 vat valve actuator
Price: $10.2 Cat 845-010-1000 spacer, .300
Price: $21.25 Cat 845-010-1001 0.301 spacer
Price: $16.32 Cat 845-010-1002 spacer, 0.302
Price: $10.63 Cat 845-010-1003 spacer 0.303
Price: $10.64 Cat 845-010-1004 spacer 0.304
Price: $29.75 Cat 845-010-1005 spacer, 0.305
Price: $8.5 Cat 845-010-1006 spacer .306
Price: $21.25 Unit-celerity 845-015-1000 sleeve pole unit isnt
Price: $21.25 Unit-celerity 845-015-0001 sleeve pole unit inst
Price: $26 Daniel woodhead 845031D12M009 cable, devicenet nc/mic 5P/mfe st/
Price: $25 Daniel woodhead 845031D12M011 cable, devicenet nc/mic 5P m/mfe s
Price: $45 Woodhead connectivity/brad harrison 845031D12M012 cable ,devicen
Price: $25 Woodhead connectivity/brad harrison 845031D1M009 cable, devicene
Price: $35 Woodhead connectivity/brad harrison 845031D1M011 cable, devicene
Price: $2.04 Unit-celerity 845-040-1010 spring, disc bottom .010
Price: $1.7 Unit-celerity 845-040-1006 spring, disc bottom .006
Price: $2.55 Unit-celerity 845-040-1012 spring, disc bottom .012 unit instrum
Price: $4.25 Cat 845-055-1001 valve seat assy ND1 teflon
Price: $77.8 Rexroth 8454-0100313629 tooth belt AT10 50MM wide sold by roll
Price: $27 Rexroth 8454-0104813228 flat belt 50MM wide old ***sold by the f
Price: $6.03 Steag 8454-010-48-15 rexroth 8454-0104815611 belt, flat, 50 mm w
Price: $1 Spears 847-010 slip cap, size: 1", sch-80, nsf-pw, pvci D2467, R
Price: $3 Spears 847-012 slip cap, size: 1 1/4", sch-80, nsf-pw, pvci D246
Price: $27.2 Applied materials (amat) 847-033-3045 847-020-0145 by pass
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 847-020-0245 by-pass. unit inst
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 847-020-0545 by-pass unit inst
Price: $4.25 Unit-celerity 847-020-0745 by-pass...
Price: $11.9 Applied materials (amat) 847-020-1045 847-020-1045 capillary by
Price: $28.9 Applied materials (amat) 847-020-1545 847-020-1545 by-pass
Price: $28.9 Applied materials (amat) 847-020-2045 847-020-2045 by-pass
Price: $27.2 Unit-celerity 847-020-3545 by-pass
Price: $29.75 Unit-celerity 847-033-2545 capillary bypass lo-flo 33-25 unit in
Price: $21.25 Applied materials (amat) 847-033-1545 847-033-1545 by-pass p/n 8
Price: $21.25 Applied materials (amat) 847-033-3045 847-033-3045 by pass p/n 8
Price: $42.5 848-0424-01 tool flex card insertion
Price: $27.2 Applied materials (amat) 847-042-4545 847-042-4545 by pass
Price: $156.19 Lam research (lam) 849-210033-621 kit, atrly, p.m, f/g 9600SE es
Price: $27.2 Bran & luebbe 849391 dosing hose, 6 inches long
Price: $34 Bran & luebbe 849393 dosing hose
Price: $600 Lam research (lam) 849-801425-157 greene tweed 5641A1375SSE38 ki
Price: $10 Ibm 84G2356 120V ac power adapter
Price: $5.1 Bando synchro-link 84XL025 (gates) belt, timing
Price: $37.76 84-zss-422001.2 ludi electronics 84-zss-422001.2 motor, step z-a
Price: $50.86 84-zss-432001.2 ludi electronics 84-zss-432001.2 motor, step fin
Price: $29.75 Unit 850-010-1001 pole bottom
Price: $34.44 Cat 850-025-1000 sleeve top pole assembly
Price: $378 Trebor 8500695 suppressor, surge, model 85
Price: $17 Unit-celerity 850-070-1003 jet 3
Price: $21.25 Unit-celerity 850-070-1006 jet 6 unit inst
Price: $24.55 Lam research (lam) 850-17613-01 harness assy, heater cartridge
Price: $22.31 Lam research (lam) 850-17613-01M harness assy, heater cartridge,
Price: $20.08 Square d 8502 pe 4.11 e contact attachment
Price: $45 Speed control 850 5M belt
Price: $210 850B12PCB3GD mks instruments 850B12PCB3GD transducer, pressure
Price: $116.29 Mks instruments 850BRDPCB3GD pressure sensor transducer, 0-250 p
Price: $17 851-00107 switch, float ss madison
Price: $25 Intermec 851-082-203 50W table top universal power supply
Price: $40 Allied 85-150-360 tech-cloth adhesive back polishing cloth, 8",
Price: $40 Allied 85-150-100 8 inch, adhesive pad, polish, pan, b , pack of
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 851600109DSC513 formed o-ring for lam 9600
Price: $101.25 851.901 powatec gmbh 851.901 driver, pcb motor
Price: $550 Cat 851-8554-003 pcb sbx/std bus
Price: $125 Agilent technologies 85190-60038 kit, upgrade, ic-cap 2006A
Price: $125 Agilent technologies 85190-60040 kit, upgrade, ic-cap 2006B
Price: $200 Svg 851-9947-004 pcb, dmc booster amplifier
Price: $30 New belden 8520-013 belden 100 foot pvc , 14 awg (2.08 sq mm); a
Price: $700 Svg svg 85-22664-01 90S system control panel touch panel rb hold
Price: $63.18 Greene tweed 8528701134SSE38 o-ring, chemraz. 13X 21.34
Price: $400 Mks baratron pressure transducer, 1/4"vcr, 100PSI
Price: $125 Mks 852B12PCJ2GC baratron pressure transducer 1/4" vcr 100PSI
Price: $2050 Lam research (lam) 853-00198-002 gate & linkage innerdoor assy
Price: $200 Mks instruments 852B61PCJ2GC transducer 0-60-psi female 1/4 vcr
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-003632-002 ca, pwr, adptr w/7A cb, mat-n-
Price: $24.55 Lam research (lam) 853-005200-001 assy flow switch harness
Price: $966.95 Lam research (lam) 853-005939-001 ndvx-015S08 valve, throttle KF
Price: $75.3 Lam research (lam) 853-005623-001 assy, adptr, split vlv o.t.
Price: $133.88 Lam research (lam) 853-005949-002 assy, pll end point detector
Price: $6.22 Applied materials (amat) 853-006908-003 assy strap, braided grou
Price: $10 Lam research (lam) 853-011076-001 assy. ground strap
Price: $37.5 Lam research (lam) 853-007909-003 fdd
Price: $4.46 Lam research (lam) 853-011076-001 assy. ground strap
Price: $6.96 Lam research (lam) 853-011117-001 assy gap heating
Price: $36 Lam research (lam) 853-012530-001 assembly vac, black, fru--not
Price: $1200 Lam research (lam) 853-012500-001 sensor stage assembly
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-012566-001 853-012566-001 robot assy shut
Price: $75 Lam research (lam) 853-013317-002 tubing, assy, plasma, arsr, he
Price: $650 Lam research (lam) 853-013929-002 assembly, heated manifold cham
Price: $15 Lam 853-014229-001 37 pin female connector--not in original pack
Price: $89.76 Lam research (lam) 853-015030-001-c-288 controller remote manual
Price: $22.89 Lam research (lam) 853-015030-001 matchunit-manuel (minimatch)
Price: $25.31 Lam research (lam) 853-015060-004 assy,temp snsr,15 in
Price: $225 Lam research (lam) 853-015753-001 oriental PH265M motor, steppin
Price: $467.5 Lam research (lam) 853-015754-0016 assembly spinner power supply
Price: $100.41 Lam research (lam) 853-015760-004 assy,opt snsr,9600
Price: $180.28 Lam research (lam) 853-015982-001 lam top rf assembly match manu
Price: $425 Lam research (lam) 853-017163-101 rf assy filter
Price: $142.8 Lam research (lam) 853-017335-004 assy dc fan tray control enclo
Price: $255 Lam research (lam) 853-017163-101 rf assy filter
Price: $225 Lam research (lam) 853-017370-001 assy, gap drive power supply
Price: $135 Lam research (lam) 853-017411-002 cable, control gap
Price: $1000 Lam research (lam) 853-017415-001 assembly cable upper rf match
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-017423-002 cable coax rf match box assy
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-017423-003 cable coax rf match upper assy
Price: $28.69 Lam research (lam) 853-017425-001 assy cable rf match coax lowe
Price: $88.74 Lam research (lam) 853-017480-002 assy vacuum switch 100 torr
Price: $75 Lam research (lam) 853-017631-002 wasco SV128-312WA-x/6690 press
Price: $75 Lam research (lam) 853-017631-002 wasco SV128-312WA-x/6690 press
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-017633-003 sensor optical drlgtn 4.75
Price: $13.84 Lam research (lam) 853-017633-004 sensor optical drlgtn 5.50
Price: $65 Lam research (lam) 853-017633-007 assembly, optical sensor, drlg
Price: $37.5 Lam research (lam) 853-017633-010 sensor, optical
Price: $22.31 Lam research (lam) 853-017633 position sensor pigtail connection
Price: $5.79 Lam research (lam) 853-017634-101 assy solenoid releas
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-017637-001 oriental motor PH265M-31 orien
Price: $225 Lam research (lam) 853-017643-013 millipore cmla-21-emc CMLA21E
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-017640-001 vexta PX244-02AA stepper motor
Price: $15 Lam research (lam) 853-017654-002 mechatronics F8025H24B fan ass
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-017804-001 cable, rf upper connection
Price: $175 Lam research (lam) 853-017807-001 cable, rf lower match
Price: $14.48 Lam research (lam) 853-017813-025 carol C1176 cable rf coax
Price: $74.8 Lam research (lam) 853-017818-040 cable emo, ~40FT long
Price: $97.92 Lam research (lam) 853-017818-060 assy, cable 60FT pmpcrt emo
Price: $31.04 Lam research (lam) 853-017824 cable m&w emo chiller
Price: $350 Lam research (lam) 853-017928-002 assy, harness chamber signal
Price: $135 Lam research (lam) 853-017930-003 assy, harness, solenoid #1
Price: $11.16 Lam research (lam) 853-017932-001 stepper motor cable
Price: $35 Lam research (lam) 853-017936-002 cable, assembly, rf match d -
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-017939-001 cable, assembly exit l/l sig
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-017938-001 cable, control gap main frame
Price: $17.21 Lam research (lam) 853-017941-001 cable entrance ll signal
Price: $131.58 Lam research (lam) 853-017953-060 cable pump cart interface; app
Price: $69.7 Lam research (lam) 853-017961-060 cable detached operator intcon
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) 853-021607-001 assy. cable ac power iso
Price: $45 Lam research (lam) 853-017987-010 signal cable, esc
Price: $59.5 Lam research (lam) 853-021611-001 assy ca dc pwr interface
Price: $40.8 Lam research (lam) 853-021623-001 cable AC2 input interface asse
Price: $8.5 Lam research (lam) 853-021959-001 cable assembly cord ac power 3
Price: $297.5 Lam research (lam) 853-021640-001 weldmt prim shutoff gas 6 7 1
Price: $40.8 Lam research (lam) 853-023610-001 assembly ca thermocouple j- ty
Price: $15.62 Lam research (lam) 853-023631-065 cable assy
Price: $12.07 Lam research (lam) 853-024470-004 assembly cable ribbon mfc 7&8,
Price: $1275 Lam research (lam) 853-024651-002-E4-3618 assy tcu di water heat
Price: $12.75 Cat 853-0247-10-03 plastic cover for head
Price: $135 Lam research (lam) 853-025245-002 assy, temp probe
Price: $24.55 Lam research (lam) 853-025349-001 cable, assy
Price: $215.22 Lam research (lam) 853-028697-001 assembly ac-2 interface connec
Price: $30.6 Lam research (lam) 853-031498-001 assy heater cartridge 100 watt
Price: $4500 Lam research 853-031685-001 lam 9600 tcp match
Price: $4500 Lam research 853-031685-001 lam 9600 tcp match
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) 853-032081-001 assembly, heater gap adj hsg
Price: $191.25 Lam research (lam) 853-032081-101 watlow L020360500-mod heater f
Price: $75 Lam research (lam) 853-032081-101 watlow L020360500-mod heater b
Price: $150 Lam research (lam) 853-032582-001 assy frequency shift module 96
Price: $25 Cat 853-034011-003 cable assy, rf, gen, intfc
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-032947-001 heater, assy; 7.16'
Price: $100 Lam research (lam) 853-034012-001 power coard assy for rf gen
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-034112-006 sensor, temperature
Price: $9.04 Lam research (lam) 853-034117-001 switch
Price: $125 Ebmpapst 853-034121-001 assy, fan autotune upper
Price: $108.8 3M scotch 853-034126-001 rf data cable from autotune(dip) to mot
Price: $73 Lam research (lam) 853-034153-001 assembly cable rf from sens bo
Price: $55.76 Lam research (lam) 853-034153-002 cable assembly, rf from upper
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-034471-001 adapter assembly cable
Price: $63.75 Applied materials (amat) 853-034471-002 assy cable adapter stepp
Price: $39.44 Cat 853-034472-002 assy harness adapter lifter sensor signa
Price: $42 Lam research (lam) 853-034479-001 assy ca,stpr mot arm dr entrll
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-110629-001 cable assy
Price: $9.04 Lam research (lam) 853-110775-001 assy,24-pin connector, plug, c
Price: $34 Lam research (lam) 853-11076-001 strap changed rf
Price: $100.41 Lam research (lam) 853-12601-001 hine 853-1280-003 hine 853-1280
Price: $23.66 Lam research (lam) 853-140018-001 cable gap drive encoder
Price: $125 Lam research 853-140051-002-b-3117 cylinder, lifter
Price: $84.79 Lam research (lam) 853-140223-001 assy, intlk/optical drvrs, 452
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-141647-001 flat cable assy
Price: $20.08 Kip inc 853-14678-001 valve
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-160176-001 assy, reed switch, 4600
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-170179-100 assy, ll blst valve 1/4VCR 316
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-170245-002 assy, plasma, arsr, he backsid
Price: $225 Lam research (lam) 853-170201-100 weldment, assy adv he cooling
Price: $229.16 Lam research (lam) 853-17817-030 cable ac control box emo
Price: $55.25 Lam research (lam) 853-17818-020 cable pump cart emo, ~20FT long
Price: $38.25 Lam research (lam) 853-17922-20 cable communication. lam 44XX/45
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) 853-17953-020 communication cable, 3750, E427
Price: $510 Lam research (lam) 853-190023-001 pcb hd dr ide w/controller
Price: $225 Lam research (lam) 853-1900023R001 hdd, nit 853-1900023R001-a-el
Price: $900 Lam research (lam) 853-190023-001 drive, hard disk, controller
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-190367-001 cable assy
Price: $2125 Lam research (lam) 853-240742-001 assy matching rf lower esc tcp
Price: $32.97 Lam research (lam) 853-320030-003 sensor short lead
Price: $20.7 Lam research (lam) 853-320030-007 assy optical sensor darl w/lea
Price: $225 Lam research (lam) 853-330281-002 assembly, rf sen box, upr matc
Price: $125 Lam research (lam) 853-330281-002 assembly, rf sen box, upr matc
Price: $24.55 Lam research (lam) 853-330535-004 assy,harn,overtemp sw,adptr pl
Price: $33.47 Lam research (lam) 853-330316-042 assy,htr crtg, 100W, 42LG
Price: $9.44 Lam research (lam) 853-330548-001 heater harn assy ac power ep w
Price: $15.62 Lam research (lam) 853-347068-001 switch vacuum S8-13F assy
Price: $110 Lam research (lam) 853-370015-003 assy,ca,coax,sense box/blkhd;
Price: $90 Lam research (lam) 853-370015-003 assy,ca,coax,sense box/blkhd;
Price: $180.74 Lam research (lam) 853-370175-030 assy, ca, pm/tm intlk, 30 ft
Price: $495.63 Lam research (lam) 853-370015-008 assy,ca,coax,RG214,n-type,276"
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) 853-370393-001 harness assembly, amp sensor
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-370607-607 assy, ca microwave contact
Price: $180.74 Lam research (lam) 853-370681-001 assy,ca,fan isolation,dsq
Price: $10 Lam research (lam) 853-370702-002 cable assy
Price: $24.73 Watlow 853-37071-001 cable, heater endpoint 9400
Price: $1.01 Lam research (lam) 853-370803-001 ground wire
Price: $75.3 Lam research (lam) 853-495527-002 assy ca coax rf gen 4520X
Price: $55.79 Lam research (lam) 853-495530-055 assy, ca, coax, rf gen 1
Price: $55.79 Lam research (lam) 853-495596-080 assy, cap, pmp control, 80FT
Price: $55.69 Lam research (lam) 853-495636-001 assy,amp,lifter,up sense
Price: $253.02 Lam research (lam) 853-542072-001 assy robot lift/position 9600,
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627000-002 touchscreen cable
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627000-003 input cable
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627000-004 heater cable
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627500-003 input cable
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627500-005 cable
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627500-006 cable
Price: $35 Greene tweed 8536601190SS513 chemraz o-ring; cpd 513
Price: $25 Lam research (lam) 853-627500-007 output cable
Price: $35 Weidmuller 8536691001 pxz 35 sockel z-feder with relay 24VOLT dc
Price: $55 Lam research (lam) 853-801879-004 cable, dc pwr esc assy
Price: $10 Dell 85391 ac power adapter
Price: $75 Yokogawa field engineering service 853-L015060-001 electrode, tc
Price: $20.4 Lam research (lam) 855-010409-002 assy cpu eprom set
Price: $12.04 Rite-track 85-43124-01 cable z drive assy
Price: $51 Lam research (lam) 855-034502-002 rf digital controler software,
Price: $35 Allen-bradley 855T-G12DN8 steady tower stack light, 12V ac/dc 0.
Price: $446.25 Lam research (lam) 856-000080-003 kit,upgrade seal, enh, pl, exi
Price: $340 Lam research (lam) 856-017457-001 lam kit upgrade, gas pnl pcb 4
Price: $650 Lam research (lam) 856-020267-012 kit, retro, hyt-70, heated man
Price: $500 Lam research (lam) 856-030996-001 kit, heater, gap barrel
Price: $36.72 Mace 856-1134-0 valve 2 way liqu air contr s/N98616 mod
Price: $370 Lam research (lam) 856-380234-118 9400, edge ring kit, ceramic t
Price: $3.71 Cat 856808 fitt.APVSS304.tee full size od.2 xo.O65
Price: $38.25 Axcelis 85681 adapter, secs ii axcelis-fusion
Price: $14.03 Spears YP1K13 sch-80, spears 2" pvc pipe
Price: $450 Lam research (lam) 857-027108-001 kit, choke ring
Price: $156.19 Lam research (lam) 857-560284-030 kit, int ca, pm to enhan gb 30
Price: $11.88 Ltx 858-0126-00 handheld manipulator control unit
Price: $161.5 Ltx 858-0159-03-01 pcb assy 865-5315-05 and 865-5446-02
Price: $119 Ltx 858-0510-02-01 pcb assy
Price: $765 Ltx 858-0510-02 pcb assy thpb and vprbd 865-7018-02 and 865-5315
Price: $25 Panel components 85827020 conduit flexible plastic black, 22 fee
Price: $5.1 859-015-5011 celerity group inc 859-015-5011 assy, plunger/sprin
Price: $225 Cat 859-0534-004 solenoid cage
Price: $750 Svg 859-0743-011 pcb assy
Price: $225 Lam research 859-0878-004 pds cable
Price: $500 Lam research (lam) 859-0928-007 pcb power amp
Price: $20 Aviza technology 8592859002 seal wafer chuck, pack of 3
Price: $15 Aviza technology 8594014001 airport corporation switch .0627"dx.
Price: $350 Lam research (lam) 859-4541-002 ushio uxm-4000P ushio uxm-4000P
Price: $225 Cat 859-5257-002 control panel lamp ignitor
Price: $135.55 Ibm 8596 controller, wip station, auto
Price: $300 Computer products 859-8132-002 viewing power select panel
Price: $1500 Lam research (lam) 859-8158-001 power distribution module,acopia
Price: $970 Cat 859-9426-005 motor assy robot
Price: $15 Rigaku 85 lamp, submin, wedge, 28V, 40MA(10) 5 x 2 centimeters,
Price: $13.72 Zellweger analytics inc 85-D4033 assy, feedback potentiometer; 0
Price: $2.13 Cat 860100207 ring wear no.20
Price: $11.22 Trillium corp 860-5250-02 ring b pins holder 50 ohm deep i/f, br
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 860-5925-02-01 pcb FMTS3-FMTS3A
Price: $14.88 Trillium corp 860-5251-02 ring a pins holder 50 ohm deep i/f
Price: $38.25 86-1256-001 ludi electronics 86-1256-001  encoder, stage
Price: $9 Applied materials (amat) 862010 miniatur-kugellager 862010 beari
Price: $5 Applied materials (amat) 862033 flex coupling
Price: $30 Applied materials (amat) 862174 timken A2126 bearing cup
Price: $35.7 Svg thermco semiconductor part, display alpha-numeric overlay 86
Price: $35.7 Svg 8638-vp panel sticker svg panel sticker for 8638 vp
Price: $20 Applied materials (amat) 865043 chain, rotation
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5009-01 trillium cpab
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 865-5016-15 pcb igen
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5057-3 trillium apgm pcb
Price: $425 Trillium corp 865-5058-03 trillium pcb apgn
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5062-05 trillium abit pcb
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 865-5101-05 pcb pcon
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5165-20 trillium ddps pcb
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5176-07 trillium CATM2 pcb
Price: $600 Ltx 865-5199-05 pcb PRDZ2
Price: $500 Ltx 865-5199-05 pcb PRDZ2
Price: $35.7 Lspc 865-5231-09 87030-05 9452 circuit flex 93 ohm
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5235-10 trillium PREF3
Price: $212.5 Trillium corp 865-5363-03 papr iii assy
Price: $637.5 Generic 865-5271-11-01 slav iii
Price: $637.5 Cat 551232125 pcb PAPR2/PAPR3
Price: $170 Trillium 865-5367-14-01 trillium pcb TCAL3
Price: $140 Trillium 865-5367-14-01 trillium pcb TCAL3
Price: $467.5 Ltx 865-5390-00 ltx ph.811 interface; 860-0772
Price: $637.5 Ltx corp 865-5410-00 pcb vian v-i analog ja
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5727-05 trillium hmstr pcb
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5731 trillium 865-5731-02 cbuf pcb
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-5800-04 trillium PALM4 pcb
Price: $106.25 Trillium 865-5889-04 with 865-7027-02 pcb ppipv
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 865-5913-12 pcb CPMY4
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 865-5930-06 pcb WCAB3
Price: $600 Ltx 865-5936-02 pcb BIT3 multibus (tpa)
Price: $37.5 Lam research (lam) 853-370736-001 wasco inc SV129-31W2B-x/8082 v
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-370817-001 connector
Price: $15.06 Lam research (lam) 853-402337-001 assy, ca, aep dc pwr, lemo m-n
Price: $55.79 Lam research (lam) 853-443151-003 rtnr wdo, dual monochrometer
Price: $350 Lam 853-490003-001-E2 pcb
Price: $55 Lam research (lam) 853-491159-001 cable rf 4420 A6
Price: $25.42 Lam research (lam) 853-492367-002 cable assy, multiple
Price: $15.19 Lam research (lam) 853-492630-003 aligner cable RS232
Price: $82.5 Lam research (lam) 853-494142-002 assy, harn endpoint det p
Price: $32.28 Lam research (lam) 853-494902-060 assy, ca, sol, sig, rf gen#2,6
Price: $26.6 Lam research (lam) 853-494710-001 assy,ca,mfc vapor dlvy
Price: $500 Asml 859-3790-003 perkin-elmer actuator assembly
Price: $500 Ltx 865-5936-02 pcb BIT3 multibus (tpa)
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 865-5962-15 pcb RMTS2-RMTS2A
Price: $977.5 Ltx 865-5971-01 pcb ACPC3 trillium
Price: $637.5 551232140 pcb CGEN3/CGEN4
Price: $637.5 Trillium corp 865-7029-02-05 pcb bints assy
Price: $130 Ltx 865-7042-06 pcb THBD5 trillium rev 02
Price: $90 Ltx 865-7042-06 pcb THBD5 trillium rev 02
Price: $637.5 Trillium 865-7052 trillium DPAG8 865-7052-02
Price: $637 Trillium 865-7052 trillium DPAG8 865-7052-02
Price: $225 Vat incorporated 86778-R1 actuator position sensor
Price: $2100 Electro scientific industries 86841-000 esi amplifiers, rack mou
Price: $28 Finger lakes extrusion 8685-4170 100FT pe tubing 1/16" (i.d.) x
Price: $35 Flex 8685-4170 ester-pur flex 85 pur tubing, polyurethane tubung
Price: $297.5 Perkin-elmer 869-0065-001 perkin-elmer transport arm
Price: $12.75 Goulds 8690-13535 goulds oil seal; cr 13535
Price: $17 Goulds 8690-17645 goulds oil seal, cr 17645
Price: $17 Zellweger analytics inc 870086 belt, take up reel system 16
Price: $500 Applied materials (amat) 870-01002 oriental motor UDX5114N orien
Price: $45 Mda scientific 870339 chart recorder printer / recorder, power s
Price: $45 Mda scientific 870368 chart recorder, model: scr, 12VDC, 3W
Price: $5 Jazz 870540-1 cable
Price: $45 Mda scientific 870368 chart recorder printer / recorder, power s
Price: $100 Gasonics 870A0021 o-rings for etch kit, semi-annual; kit
Price: $12 A-b quality 871A-TS5-DM1 quick disconnect chamber terminal, 5 pi
Price: $50 Foxboro 871PH-1X1A st a sensor, ph; orp holder
Price: $25 Mda scientific 872089 thermal print paper pkg 9
Price: $91.14 Mda 872098 controller, keypad system 16, ckb 3281
Price: $118.84 Zellweger analytics inc 872260 module, power system 16-
Price: $21.3 Mda 872562 optoisolator, analyzer interf
Price: $12.62 Zellweger analytics inc 872594 hurst 3006-072, motor, tape syste
Price: $12.27 Zellweger analytics inc 872608 valve, needle POINTMODULESYS16
Price: $25 Mda scientific 872770 flow module
Price: $400 Mks 872B-29787 baratron pressure transducer range:1000 torr.,inp
Price: $96.74 Mda scientific 872838 controller, backplane sys 16
Price: $607.5 Teradyne inc 873-079-00 power controller 400-415VOLT 50-60 hz
Price: $354 Teradyne inc 873-139-00 ebm F1-600-1.0-001 ebm fi-600-1.0-001, d
Price: $396 Teradyne inc 873-181-00 ebm industries fi-600-950-002 ebm indust
Price: $225 Foxboro 873CC-jip controller, conductivity
Price: $93 Nikon 87501 lens, collector 12V 100W
Price: $29.75 Nikon 87501 lens, collector 12V 100W
Price: $191.25 Cat 8767-1 ccd camera pru/ocr for model 2001CX
Price: $46.75 Trillium 878-2366 trillium coolant additive kit; contents: 1 bot
Price: $4 Edwards vacuum inc. 87921 gasket,case,2030C
Price: $619.06 Teradyne 879-266-00 teradyne pcb matrix board
Price: $127.5 Tokyo electron (tel) 8-79567-00-600 unitronic R20/T80 lite, imag
Price: $479.4 Teradyne 879-779-00 teradyne AD779A smem pcb
Price: $71.84 Parker 8797-8250-16 venturi pump vacuum (8797-8250-16)
Price: $934.89 Teradyne inc 879-934-01/d pcb mainframe support board 879-934-01
Price: $1104.15 Teradyne inc 879-936-00/b AD936 pcb test head support 879-936-00
Price: $637.5 Teradyne 879-988-01 AD988 config continuity checker board
Price: $170 Ontrak 88-0003-009 ontrack software series 2, version 2.2.3
Price: $21.25 Omega 88007K-nmp-f omega t/c sensor for disk
Price: $1296 Kaijo 8801B-mr hi megasonic power meter
Price: $2 Gca 88065161 brush carbon motor mavilor
Price: $63.75 Fsm 880308 fsm 8800 detector board; assy 880308
Price: $135 Gemu 88071583 valve - gemu cleanstar C60/6/d 75305A-1-1 hpw kuns
Price: $5.06 Greene tweed 881-br-0564 bearing robot blade eye
Price: $25.31 Greene tweed 881-qz-0055 quartz lower chamber vprt dps
Price: $12.75 88203K-re omega 88203K-re element, k-type surface probe
Price: $33.5 Parker 54013696-499999 183020 regulator, w / gauge 1/4" hp 0-
Price: $12.04 Leybold 88321 seal, ctring assy
Price: $1275 Bird electric 8833-300 bird electronic corp termaline coaxial re
Price: $120.49 Junker motoren 88427 01006 motor 42 x 25
Price: $225 Svg 8849-0071 pcb, interrupt control card
Price: $125 Svg 8849-0072 pcb, tv interface and cc adaptor
Price: $40.5 Teradyne inc 885-007-10 assy, cable 16AWG iec 16A plug
Price: $12.75 Teradyne inc 885-012-02 cable, if tester assy
Price: $40.5 Teradyne inc 885-095-12 cable, jumper stp timed
Price: $15.3 Teradyne inc 885-124-02 formatted cable; 14FT
Price: $6.59 New instrument specialties co 8863-0160-82 o-ring shielding elas
Price: $132 Applied materials (amat) 3400-01448 adv micropo amat-0001-dtl as
Price: $3.01 Aviza technology 888000-001 rev-a eprom
Price: $55.79 Arch 888154 TC2000R ch
Price: $22.16 89000010159 datacon north america inc 89000010159 glasschip, 4X4
Price: $65 Stahl 8907/51-24/45 I3NG5 safety barrier
Price: $22.31 Hamlin 59025-569 sensor.reed sw, 2 wire, spst, n.o.; hamlin 5902
Price: $33.75 Spm international limited 8911821A-00 switch, snap, 200 degree f
Price: $15.19 Spm international limited 8912454B-00 switch.assy, float, ve
Price: $45 Akrion 891-227-1AS switch pressure wet dry contact output 0-100P
Price: $200 Mks 892B12PMC2GF1T baratron pressure transducer surface mount
Price: $350 1006610-030 mks 892B-27635 baratron pressure transducer; range:
Price: $4.25 Ltx 893-2180-00 cable kit handler comm.
Price: $325 Mks 1006610-030; baratron pressure transducer; surface mountrang
Price: $30 Potter & brumfield kup-11A55-120 potter & brumfield kup-11A55-12
Price: $21.25 Cat 893-5151 cable prdz pin ref ltx,vlsi TESTER1232
Price: $34 893-5164-02 cable edge sensor
Price: $27.11 Crouzet gordos 89401411 sensor, photoelectric
Price: $18.98 Applied materials (amat) 894014 thermometer, surface
Price: $9.04 Crouzet gordos 89401804 cable, optical
Price: $28.05 89-5 watlow 89-5 heater, 700W 7.25 x .49
Price: $106.25 Cat 896-20 probe holder
Price: $21.25 Materials development corp mdc 896-prb-01 retractable probe tip
Price: $1200 Leybold 89784 thermovac TM22; pirani controller
Price: $12.75 Wikai 8990374 1/4" gauge 200 psi
Price: $15.06 Orion OD6025-12MB cooling fan
Price: $161.5 Ziatech 89CT90 zt 89CT90 pcb arcnet card
Price: $3 New ark 89F343 pomona 5114 clamp - 14-pin hi density dip clip
Price: $75.3 New ark electronics 89K0753 ic, motor driver, pk of 7
Price: $170.68 Watlow 8B15-011J-0104 watlow digital temperature controller 800
Price: $15.19 Metron 8C2011 toggle switch, 6A,, 3A,
Price: $10 Ntn 8C6-16AZ bearing
Price: $17.95 Dell 8G779 dell poweredge 2600 server intel gigabit network card
Price: $15 Parker 8F-Q8VY-ss tube, quick coupling male socket
Price: $25 Sanyo 8KF-A900 batery pack nicad cadnica, 4.84V4. 8V, 900MAH cj-
Price: $35 Generic 8M-025-catalog 100-feet, 8-tubes multicolored ribbon tub
Price: $25 Dell 8P277 optiplex GX240 motherboard
Price: $3 Wrench 8MM hex allen wrench wrench 8MM hex allen tee handle
Price: $30 Dell 8P277 optiplex GX240 motherboard
Price: $40 Dell 8P277-with-addon optiplex GX240 motherboard with a pci expa
Price: $30 Dell 8P283 optiplex GX240 motherboard
Price: $20 Dell 8P283-with-addon optiplex GX240 motherboard with pci expans
Price: $30 Advantec co ltd 8SE-r-G4-340-ST2 tube, gas flexible
Price: $175 Fluoroware 8PM-12F manual valve, pnch / man 3/4 ft
Price: $25 Sebacs co ltd 8-tr-00511 cable, relay sensor spin cap
Price: $3.75 Ontrak 90-0001-028 washer, 5/16 x 1/2 x .03, nylon, pack of 4
Price: $3.75 Ontrak 90-0006-005 screw, 1/4-20X3/4", shcs, nylon, pack of 4
Price: $2.13 Ontrak 90-0006-021 screw hex soc 10-32X1 poly
Price: $1 Lam research (lam) 90-0008-007 scr, shldr, .188 x 50 ln, spln hs
Price: $15.01 Applied materials (amat) 900014 plug, 14-pin
Price: $1.38 Lam research (lam) 90-0036-001 screw set
Price: $225 Leybold 900-041-63 kit rga, flange extension
Price: $67.5 Leybold 900-041-64 kit flange extension leybold
Price: $10 Aviza technology 900056-010 kulka MS601XP1001A terminal strip co
Price: $10.4 Aviza technology 900057-010 kulka 601GP10 terminal block, 10 pos
Price: $31.91 Svg thermco 900069-001 spectrol 534-5001 vtr- pot,ww 2W 490.0 oh
Price: $20 Minolta 9000 maxxum camera, 35MM, slr film (body only)
Price: $35 Aviza technology 900108-010 ade corporation fit 221 3/64 black h
Price: $125 Cole-palmer 900-1111 7018-10 special masterflex pump head; long-
Price: $225 Cole-palmer 900-1111 masterflex pump head; long-shaft, standard
Price: $25.43 Filterite 90011152-033 filter cartridge. 0.2M. 200-10H8V
Price: $15 Craftsman 900.112630 cordless screwdriver, 3.6VDC, 180RPM, missi
Price: $35 Square d 9001K2L35WH6 square d switch reset push button illum
Price: $1.33 Raychem 9002-84-0 tube kit
Price: $20 Aviza technology 900291-036 molex 03-06-1361 connector, rcpt, 36
Price: $25 Spm inc 90036 flange pulley small platen
Price: $12 Spm inc wafer sense plunger T6 aluminum black anodize cu
Price: $55 Cat 9003-pl-1-4-800 1/4'-800MM flexible tubing
Price: $5.95 Greene tweed 9003-SS571 chemraz as-568A-003 cpd 571 o-ring, 0.05
Price: $3.01 Aviza technology 900410-122 coupler
Price: $15 Watkins johnson (wj) swagelok brass 1/2 union swage
Price: $15 Generic 900411-144 fitting bulkhead, union, sst, 1/4" od
Price: $3.01 Aviza technology 900412-166 elbow
Price: $3.12 Aviza technology 900415-166 3/8" port connector ss
Price: $3.57 Aviza technology 900417-124 1/4" port to 1/8" sw
Price: $15 Aviza technology 900417-178 swagelok reducer, sst, 1/2" tubing-1
Price: $2.43 Aviza technology 900420-142 swagelok 0 conn,m,sst,1/4X1/8 swage
Price: $15 Aviza technology 900422-145 swagelok male elbow (1/4T-3/8P)
Price: $15 Aviza technology 900420-146 swagelok male adaptor sst,3/8X1/4
Price: $19.55 Eaton 9004472 eaton grease gun needle noz
Price: $63.75 Axcelis 9004598 wahl 9004598 axcelis wahl temp-plate temperature
Price: $17 Cat 9005118 pin quartz align 0.55", 1.8L for elevator
Price: $85 Btu engineering 9005101 sft linear actuator 5-10ACME for elevato
Price: $22.95 Space metal engineering 9005183 brkt motor support x axis
Price: $303.17 Metron 900588-002 assy, flow control 0-500 cc hc
Price: $10 Btu engineering 9005478 barden 200HDL barden 200HDL; bearing ang
Price: $42.5 9006335 spring contact pogo-pin 1PK=100PCS
Price: $5.36 Aviza technology 900637-230 parker 2-230 V884-75 o-ring,fluoroca
Price: $1 Aviza technology 900638-002 parker 2-218S455-70 o-ring, silicon,
Price: $3.01 Aviza technology 900638-004 o-ring, silicon, 70D, 9.475 x .210
Price: $9.64 Aviza technology 900638-016 parker 2-440S455-70 o-ring, silicon,
Price: $21 Aviza technology 900638-060 parker 2-455S455-70 o-ring,silicon,7
Price: $1 Aviza technology 900638-107 parker 2-107S455-70 o-ring,silicon,7
Price: $200 Parker 2-117S455-70 o-ring,silicone, pkg 565 70D,.799 id x .103
Price: $2.53 Svg thermco 900638-229 acushnet 2-229L13237 vtr- o-ring,silicon,
Price: $13.85 Aviza technology 900638-244 parker 2-244S455-70 o-ring,silicon,7
Price: $8.09 Aviza technology 900638-246 parker 2-246S455-70 o-ring,silicon,7
Price: $3.35 Aviza technology 900638-342 parker 2-342S455-70 o-ring,silicon,7
Price: $10.4 Aviza technology 900638-373 parker 2-373S455-70 o-ring,silicon,7
Price: $16.22 Aviza technology 900638-435 acushnet 2-435L13237 o-ring,silicon,
Price: $40 Aviza technology 900638-428 parker 2-128S455-70 o-ring,silicone,
Price: $14.2 Svg thermco 900638-450 parker-hannifin 2-450S455-70 vtr- o-ring,
Price: $3.01 Aviza technology 900638-456 o-ring, silicon, 70D, 13.475X.275
Price: $6 Svg thermco 900638-471 o-ring, silicon pkg 3
Price: $4.08 Cat 90066 connector plug 2 circuit
Price: $1275 Ltx 900-6804 502029 head ring pogo pins assembly 1033-9023-21 85
Price: $12.75 Cat 90072 receptacle 4 circuit 207569-1 p/n 90072
Price: $125 Atec engineering 90072 hclu cap--not in original packaging
Price: $191.25 Watkins johnson (wj) 900859-001 pcb sensor cassette-circuit card
Price: $25 Svg thermco 900871-008 airpax 219-3-2877-8 circuit breaker, 3 po
Price: $7 Vat 90091-R1 screw, 3: 26" n-6005-506, 3: 6" n-6134-409 washers
Price: $3.4 Greene tweed 9008-SS571 chemraz as-568A-008 cpd 571; 0.176 id x
Price: $7 Vat 90091-R1 screw, 4: 26" n-6005-506, 4: 6" n-6134-409 washers
Price: $11.36 Watkins johnson (wj) 900958-001 cable switch optical-assy watkin
Price: $173.4 Watkins-johnson 900962-001 calibration tool, assy
Price: $25 3M scotch overhead projector, 120V, 60HZ, 4.5A, lamp: 82V, 360W
Price: $625.64 Applied materials (amat) 9010-00763 pick-up loop assy, buncher
Price: $2263.03 Applied materials (amat) 9010-00729 clip actuator
Price: $1193.88 Applied materials (amat) 9010-00897 assy fast cooled vaprsr, qii
Price: $500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01384 pneumatic panel, gripper
Price: $5290.34 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01157 extraction rotate/slide mech
Price: $2695.42 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01384ITL pneumatic panel, gripper
Price: $1500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01457 extraction rotate/slide mech
Price: $3615 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01457ITL extraction rotate/slide m
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01470 festo mfh-5-1/8-s gate valve
Price: $3336.46 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01460 leybold 800120V0002 assy, ma
Price: $952.54 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01470ITL solenoid gate valve assem
Price: $960.55 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01517ITL lower gate valve solenoid
Price: $1000 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01517 festo corp 1360026333-010 lo
Price: $150 Applied materials (amat) 9010-0157ITL lower gate valve soldenoid
Price: $1000 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01764 motor assembly, wafer arm
Price: $2500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-01802 load/tilt motor assembly
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02069 brush block frame assy
Price: $1000 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02160 tilt cable chain assembly
Price: $300 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02257 boc-edwards ACX75 turbo fan
Price: $6500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02276 gas module wired hp-C02
Price: $6500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02455 gas mod'l, sa-hp GEF4
Price: $6500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02276ITL gas module wired hp-CO2
Price: $6500 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02456 gas mod'l, sa-hp, SIF4
Price: $25 Applied materials (amat) 9010-02516 grnd pin assembly-tungsten 2
Price: $20 9010-1094 heater, collar turbo
Price: $517.13 Aviza-watkins johnson-svg thermco 901055-001 vat 62028-KA18-0005
Price: $5 Aviza technology 901020-104 swagelok pipe pllug, sst, m 1/4NPT,
Price: $13.14 Watkins johnson 901056-001 watkins-johnson RS232 cable
Price: $55.79 Novellus 90-1079 pcb, plasma failure detection
Price: $112.5 Novellus 90-1080 pca, lampfail detect
Price: $200 Lambda 9010B-9EJ-002 lambda qualidyne switching 1500W power supp
Price: $260 Lambda 9010B-9EJ-002 lambda qualidyne switching 1500W power supp
Price: $65 Greene tweed 9010-SD550 chemraz o-ring, as-568A-010 cpd 550; 0.2
Price: $350 Fsi 901101001 bearing cast assy
Price: $21.25 Btu engineering 9011213 cable assy 7618/trch htr 15, ~16FT long
Price: $10 Fsi 303266-011 greene tweed 9011-SD505 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-0
Price: $21.25 Btu engineering 9011962R00 kit, firmware mhc dspl 7 (U7+U8) for
Price: $100 Spm inc 90122-1 perf plate amat mra 8 inch
Price: $25 Jordan valley semiconductors, inc. 90-124100-129 sensor, mount m
Price: $45 9012-6500 mst hf-sensor
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9012-SC513 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-012 cpd 513; 0.3
Price: $135.55 Jusung engineering 901-31-51 monitor, control rack
Price: $1 Aviza technology 901323-006 ronman products 1/4 sst washer,sst,s
Price: $5 Aviza technology 901323-006 split lock washer ss, 1/4, pack of 1
Price: $4 Aviza technology 901323-007 split lock washer ss, pack of 10
Price: $7 Aviza technology 901323-007 5/16, lock whr spl ss, pack of 10
Price: $21.25 Greene tweed 9013-SD505 greene tweed chemraz o-ring; as-568A-013
Price: $125 Ham-let 516374 push-on kit
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9015-SS515 chemraz o-ring, as-568A-015 cpd 515; 0.5
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9014-SD653 chemraz o-ring, as-568A-014 cpd 653; 0.4
Price: $46.75 Watkins johnson (wj) 901651-001 communications cable assembly, 2
Price: $38.25 Weiss 9016908 sleeve qtz closure
Price: $46.75 Cat 551013561 cable assy 7618 therm sw 10
Price: $225 Mks 901P-21 series 901P, loaded lock transducer, supply: 9-30VDC
Price: $11.16 Expertech 901959-004 vtr valve adj rlf 1-2 rpt brass
Price: $144.79 Watkins johnson (wj) 902024-001 pcb,input 951-apl
Price: $50 Svg thermco 902091-006 3M scotch 3428-1202 header and wire housi
Price: $65 Aviza technology 902091-006 3M scotch 3428-1202 connector, pcb,
Price: $25 Allied high tech products inc. 90-20995-s polycrystalline, diamo
Price: $15 Allied high tech products 90-21000-s polycrystalline, 0.10 micro
Price: $15 Allied high tech products 90-21010-s polycrystalline, 0.50 micro
Price: $15 Allied high tech products 90-21005-s polycrystalline, 0.25 micro
Price: $3 Svg 902251-0016 6-32 x 3/4" screws,ss pack of 4
Price: $7 Svg 902251-016 6-32 x 3/4" screws ss, pack of 12
Price: $15 Aviza technology 902254-035 screw ss, 6-32 x 3/8, sl pan ms, pac
Price: $8 Aviza technology 902254-035 screw ss 6-32 x 3/8 sl pan ms, pack
Price: $25 Aviza technology 902255-007 screw ss 10-32 x 5/8 soc hd. pack of
Price: $20 Aviza technology 902255-007 screw ss 10-32 x 5/8 soc hd, pack of
Price: $20 Aviza technology 902255-032 screw ss 8-32 x 3/4 soc hd screw, pa
Price: $4 Aviza technology 902255-071 screw ss, 4-40 x 1/2, soc hd, pack o
Price: $4 Aviza technology 902255-071 4-40 x 1/2 soc hd screws ss, pack of
Price: $15 Aviza technology 902263-018 set screw ss 6-32 x 3/16 cup pt, pac
Price: $1 Aviza technology 902273-007 washer, flat 1/4"AN960 id .2
Price: $5 Aviza technology 902273-008 flat washer ss, 5/16, pack of 10
Price: $5 Aviza technology 902273-008 5/16" flat washer,pack of 10
Price: $125 Mykrolis 902343008 sensor assembly for non-reactive gases (small
Price: $7 Svg 902279-022 kepnut lock nut #6-32 ss, pack of 32
Price: $375 Watkins johnson (wj) 902468-001 pcb, output card
Price: $153.37 Watkins johnson (wj) 902469-001 pcb output 951-circuit card asse
Price: $225 Watkins johnson (wj) 902469-001 pcb output 951-circuit card asse
Price: $14.18 Greene tweed 9024-SS520 o-ring, chemraz; as-568A-024 cpd 520; 1.
Price: $13 Greene tweed 9024-SS592 chemraz, o-ring, 1.114 id x 0.070 cx in,
Price: $225 Watkins johnson (wj) 902520-001 902520-001 crt logic pcb
Price: $6.79 Watkins johnson (wj) 902565-001 gasket, fitting, vcr
Price: $1.01 Greene tweed 9026-SC513 chemraz o ring 1.2390.07
Price: $325 Kokusai 9027646 i/o port cable, right, apogee
Price: $8.93 Svg thermco 902916-003 screw head shldr 1-4 dia x.75
Price: $22.95 Shibuya international inc 9029815 comparator, pcb "h"
Price: $22.95 9029816 shibuya international inc 9029816 pcb, conversion da "b"
Price: $75 9029818 shibuya international inc pcb, mapping "a"
Price: $22.95 Shibuya international inc 9029820 pcb, robust i/f "c"
Price: $22.95 Shibuya international inc 9029821 pcb, ctl area lightening "e" "
Price: $22.95 Shibuya international inc 9029823 driver, i/f pcb "k"
Price: $22.95 9029824 shibuya international inc 9029824 sensor, i/f 1
Price: $22.95 Shibuya international inc 9029825 sensor, i/f 2
Price: $22.95 Shibuya international inc 9029826 sensor, axis i/f
Price: $6.8 Watkins johnson (wj) 903026-001 903026-001 file, modified
Price: $8 Hps 90312903 vacuum fitting clamp kf 40
Price: $350 Watkins johnson (wj) 903168-001 mfc regulator card
Price: $350 Aviza technology 903171-001 pcb, liquid source i/o
Price: $30 Waldes kohinoor 903176-004 hardware, retaning ring, exit lock .4
Price: $8.26 9031892 shibuya international inc 9031892 amplifier, p pcb; jem,
Price: $2 Aviza technology 903270-001 rubber plug pkg 5
Price: $10.02 Watkins johnson (wj) 903379-010 cylinder,threaded,4.298"
Price: $93.65 9034050 laurier incorporated 9034050 board, control programmable
Price: $8 Aviza technology 903720-001 rubber plug, #58, pack of 10
Price: $5 Aviza technology 903720-001 rubber plugs, pack of 10
Price: $65 Greene tweed 9039-SD550 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-039 cpd 550, 2.7
Price: $81.6 Fsi 904149-001 flat cable stepper motor driver to matri
Price: $10 Aviza technology 904288-001 general electric 68 lamp,bayonet,13.
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9048-SC513 chemraz as-568A-048 cpd 513 o-ring; 4.73
Price: $65 9042986E aluminum wafer jig- robot cal
Price: $25 Watkins johnson (wj) 905039-002 cable,25 cond, sub d
Price: $21.25 Commodore 905080-02 commodore cable
Price: $25 Square d 9050JCK1F120V14 timing relay; product code structure: c
Price: $500 Fsi international 905516001C motor speed control assy
Price: $75 Watkins johnson (wj) 905535-001 pcb, status/switch interface
Price: $7 Aviza technology 905670-001 vtr- indicator, solid state, ledgree
Price: $125 Watkins johnson (wj) 905714-001 pcb, quad ssr cable interface
Price: $123.57 Watkins johnson (wj) 905718-001 interface solid state relay quad
Price: $14.5 Watkins johnson (wj) 905850-001 line, vapor 5" 1/4 mvcr x 1/4 fv
Price: $42.32 Watkins johnson (wj) 905851-001 line,purge- wpl
Price: $17.46 Aviza technology 905985-002 parker 2-377S613-60 o-ring,silicone-
Price: $16.96 Linde ag 90599 gasket set for ball valve 41 42 ms stat.
Price: $46.75 Varian 905S12H converter dc-dc 905S12H conv - dev
Price: $145 Watkins johnson (wj) 906115-003 sensor kit, ecl gas
Price: $367 Aviza technology 906205-003 unit instruments mass flow controlle
Price: $45 906288-001 isolator, plc interface
Price: $5.54 906310257 stanley 310257 kit, repair for power cylinder
Price: $55 Watkins johnson (wj) 906440-001 thermocouple, surface mount
Price: $84.65 Watkins johnson (wj) 906457-001 line, jumper, purge, crs-wpl
Price: $45 Aviza technology 906515-001 telemecanique light tower, signal-ap
Price: $35 Telemecanique 906515-001 signal tower 3 position
Price: $22.28 Aviza technology 906537-001 screw ss, adjuster, height, crs
Price: $25.99 Watkins johnson (wj) 906549-001 connector, bulkhead, .25", modif
Price: $10 Aviza technology 906579-003 swivel clamp, pack of 2
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 906580-004 30-foot power cable extension
Price: $12.75 Square d 9065SEO-5 overload relay 3 amps, 360 va
Price: $59.5 Standard 906602-00A fan polypropylene turner oil cooler
Price: $75.74 Watkins johnson (wj) 906633-001 aviza-watkins johnson crs leak c
Price: $328.19 Pure clean 906632-001 kit check leak crs
Price: $156.52 E- flow systems inc, 906795-001 manfold module bubbler leak chec
Price: $106.25 Watkins johnson (wj) 906796-001 manifold check leak cabinet bubb
Price: $3.4 Watkins johnson (wj) 906797-001 watkins-johnson manifold actr bu
Price: $6.09 Aviza technology 906798-001 liquid bottle trap
Price: $259.88 Aviza technology 906801-001 bacharach instruments killark hfc 12
Price: $50 Svg thermco 906986-016 swagelok 6LCW4VR4FR4PX5947 check valve, 1
Price: $12.75 Greene tweed 9069-SS571 o-ring; as-568A-069 cpd 571; 9.989 id x
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 907024-003 tube, insert oifice, .44" id
Price: $5 Watkins johnson 907024-005 tube, insert orifice, ." id
Price: $38 Boc edwards vacuum 907027-001 300D0031; amp cable, afe data pane
Price: $125 Square d 9070T100D3 100VA 208V-120V class X2 transformer
Price: $30 Boc edwards vacuum 907027-001 300D0031; amp cable, afe data pane
Price: $18.56 Watkins johnson (wj) 907111-004 cable, conductor, 14/14, 229.00-
Price: $101.89 Aviza technology 907228-003 power, generator, 03,30'- apl, lengt
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 907232-003 cable, power, crs ,30'- apl twis
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 907232-004 cable, power, crs, 40'- apl
Price: $25 Aviza technology 907239-007 parker 2-444V884-75 o-ring,viton,7.7
Price: $6.09 Watkins johnson (wj) 907265-001 907265-001 plug, jumper, P23, cr
Price: $5 Beswick 907254-001 filter, ss muffler, 10-32
Price: $101.15 Goulds pumps 90728-20B7 seat stationary no 383B 9072B-20B7
Price: $55 Watkins johnson (wj) 907286-001 907286-001 clamp support top
Price: $7.85 Watkins johnson (wj) 907298-001 907298-001 plug jumper P22 facil
Price: $15 Watkins johnson (wj) 907316-001 bracket, spring, tc
Price: $15 Aviza technology 907412-002 jonathan 330DO-14 drawer slide ball
Price: $66.05 Aviza technology 907412-003 jonathan 311TW-16 slide, ball bearin
Price: $368.26 Svg thermco 907484-022 unit instruments vtr- controller, mass fl
Price: $373.63 Svg thermco 907484-040 unit instruments mass flow controller, ra
Price: $250 Aviza technology 907646-025 mykrolis fc-2900MEP-4V mykrolis 10-s
Price: $18.27 Aviza technology 907624-003 entegris 907624-003 elbow union, pfa
Price: $336.98 Svg thermco 907657-002 laminar technologies mass flow controller
Price: $10 Aviza technology 907684-001 screw hastalloy C276 shc 1-4X20
Price: $297.27 Aviza technology 907735-008 mks 99-8630 heater jacket ,throttle
Price: $363.32 Aviza technology 907735-010 mks 99-8643 heater jacket ,transitio
Price: $93.96 Aviza technology 907735-009 mks 99-8644 heater, jacket straight
Price: $271.01 Watkins johnson (wj) 907737-001 switch,flow,N2
Price: $137.36 Aviza technology 907741-219 won ik quartz group u.s.a. 108035-03
Price: $378.68 Aviza technology 907741-211 won ik quartz group u.s.a. 108865-03
Price: $174.49 Svg thermco 907741-221 won ik quartz group u.s.a 108035-04 quart
Price: $20.89 Svg thermco 907766-006 swagelok ss-QC6-d-600-K3 vtr- coupling,qu
Price: $7.17 Svg thermco 907805-002 A6R25M080090 vtr- timing belt, htd, 5 mm
Price: $37.87 Svg 907773-002 flow restrictor, H2 10 slpm
Price: $21 Hps 907805-004 timing belt, htd, 9MMP, nprn, 133G
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 907828-001 line, connection, 1.84L pkg 6
Price: $10 Aviza technology 907841-001 gasket temperature display, t/c inpu
Price: $175.2 Aviza technology 907878-001 bh thermal heater jacket, manifold (
Price: $204.06 Aviza technology 907879-001 bh thermal TMS211134 heater jacket,
Price: $154.29 Watkins johnson (wj) 907911-001 thermco systems heater jacket, b
Price: $350 Watkins johnson (wj) 907945-001 pcb, toroidal orifice alarm
Price: $250 Svg thermco 907950-002 bh thermal vtr- heater jacket vac valve,
Price: $273.42 Aviza technology 907977-006 du pont 2-456-8900-75 o-ring,kalrez,
Price: $250.16 Svg thermco 907977-005 du pont 2-451-8900-75 o-ring, kalrez, 10.
Price: $11.4 Aviza technology 907977-020 kalrez as-568A o-ring, kalrez k# 013
Price: $200 Aviza technology 908000-007 freelin-wade 1A-025-07 tubing, 1000
Price: $43.12 Aviza technology 908063-001 watlow ACHA00Q100WK00 thermocouple-a
Price: $143.53 Aviza technology 908078-002 bh thermal heater jacket, avp, vacuu
Price: $268.64 Aviza-watkins johnson-svg thermco 908078-004 heater jacket, thro
Price: $126.46 Aviza technology 908078-009 bh thermal TMS211072 heater jacket,
Price: $250 Silicon valley group (svg) 908078-013 briskheat TMS211104 heater
Price: $186.1 Aviza technology 908078-020 bh thermal heater jacket, elbow vac
Price: $298.19 Aviza technology 908078-021 bh thermal TMS211305 heater jacket,
Price: $285.83 Aviza technology 908078-037 svg TMS211382 heater jacket, 120V, 5
Price: $275.44 Aviza technology 908078-026 bh thermal heater jacket, vacuum lin
Price: $158.87 Aviza technology 908078-038 bh thermal heater elbow, ref.109402-
Price: $225 Aviza technology 908078-040 bh thermal TMS211387 heater jacket,c
Price: $33.47 Leybold 908-080-P1 temp control cover
Price: $13.33 Aviza technology 908102-009 nudata F2L088-25 cable, rs-232, 25FT
Price: $191.57 Svg thermco 908119-001 semy engineering 501.01.12 vtr- current l
Price: $45.19 Leybold inficon 908-141-G1 power module
Price: $438.97 Aviza technology 908162-001 tescom 74-24V1KRM20-071 regulator (t
Price: $2163.5 Aviza technology 908193-001 semy engineering 501.01.31 analog bo
Price: $125 Aviza technology 908284-003 alta technologies 95120500 bradded s
Price: $11.16 Aviza technology 908312-001P eprom
Price: $11.16 Aviza technology 908312-001 eprom
Price: $51.76 Watkins johnson (wj) 908331-001 endeffector wand , shuttle, retu
Price: $260.28 Aviza technology 908354-017 westinghouse FDB4150 circuit breaker
Price: $7.82 Watkins johnson (wj) 908382-001 red lens cap, esd on
Price: $15 Aviza technology 908473-001 nu data CUS5030 key board switch; CU
Price: $12 Aviza technology 908473-001 nu data CUS5030 key board switch; AO
Price: $28.22 Aviza technology 908474-026 nudata CUS4614 video cable, 15FT, sp
Price: $45.66 Watkins johnson (wj) 908534-001 card, interface, ge 90-30 -apl
Price: $225 Aviza technology 908561-001 briskheat heater jacket, type: fg in
Price: $15 Aviza technology 908571-004 black box EVNSL6 gr- 15 cable,ethern
Price: $11.05 Aviza technology 908572-001 parker 2-016-v-3819-75 o-ring,parflu
Price: $67 Aviza technology 908572-009 parker 2-469-v-8562-75 o-ring,parflo
Price: $225 Svg thermco 908599-002 bh thermal vtr- heater jacket-foreline el
Price: $397.95 Svg thermco 908650-002 briskheat heater jacket, thermal sw for e
Price: $384.62 Svg thermco 908650-003 bh thermal TMS211091 vtr- heater jkt,w/th
Price: $257.65 Svg thermco 908650-004 briskheat heater jacket, with thermal sw
Price: $141.55 Aviza technology 908650-010 bh thermal heater jacket, heater thr
Price: $5.36 Svg thermco 908694-002 wrench combination box end
Price: $10.2 908778-002 tln 908778-002 valve, sol 40 psi (metal) assy
Price: $35 Daymarc 90-8885 pcb sensor
Price: $158.6 Svg thermco 908838-010 coast pneumatics CP4162-10 solenoid valve
Price: $2880.9 Watkins johnson (wj) 908960-001 controller screen, electrical, s
Price: $2800 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00209ITL gas panel control assembl
Price: $2821.41 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00442 decel psu resistor assembly
Price: $3307 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00442ITL decel psu resistor assemb
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00788ITL G2/G3 delatch & protectio
Price: $800 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00859ITL chassis b/l psu 24VDC
Price: $750 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00941 connection box assembly
Price: $1086 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00941ITL connection box assembly
Price: $223.13 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00969 sw amat quantx master softwa
Price: $450 Applied materials (amat) 9090-00988 9090-00988..breaker panel as
Price: $5500 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01095 fi control chassis
Price: $150 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01119 N2 vavle assy
Price: $750 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01131ITL assy gas panel ctrl
Price: $30 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01133 slip ring assy wafer head
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01165 battery b/up assy std
Price: $1500 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01177 chassis, b/l active ion gaug
Price: $2000 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01193 assy gas panel ctrl (no oven
Price: $4000 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01265 glassman series er decel psu
Price: $230.74 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01320 ffu controller PX12A
Price: $400 Applied materials (amat) 9090-01335 focus feedthrough assy.
Price: $79.73 John crane 90903-1087 john crane rotary unit 383R A10D
Price: $4500 Applied materials (amat) 9090-1265ITL decel psu -6KV quantum x
Price: $73.95 Stanley 909410432 linear actuator assembly
Price: $342.48 Aviza technology 909411-004 eurotherm controls 425A/60A/480V/277
Price: $25.71 Aviza technology 909664-001 aviall SCAT16 hose silicon flex, bub
Price: $10 Aviza technology 909669-002 igus 909669-002 chain cable tray, 2.
Price: $50 Asml 909711-001 panduit PLM1M-M0 3-7/8" identification zip tie *
Price: $75 Aviza technology 909855-008 bh thermal TMS211280 heater jacket,
Price: $289.58 Svg thermco 909855-021 thermco systems TMS211433 heater jacket,
Price: $34.82 Aviza technology 909951-373 real seal 200-373 o-ring standard in
Price: $2.4 New ark 90B2190 amphenol 31-316 connector bnc RG316 cable right
Price: $21.25 Cat 90-degree rubber elbow
Price: $75 New ark 90N7274 tubing, heat shrink; 2" diameter, 4FT long pkg 1
Price: $15.19 Metron 90-mxl-6.4 timing belt
Price: $3 910-0000-10 washer, ss split lock, 4 x 4 centimeteres, pkg 6
Price: $9.56 Whittet-higgins co 90-ns locknut, for spindle repair
Price: $3 910-0000-50 washer ss, hex head, 8 x 5 centimeters, pkg 6
Price: $21.25 Applied materials (amat) west coast quartz 91-00012A e.p. window
Price: $297.5 Trerice 91000 trerice 91000 series self-operating regulator
Price: $45 Watkins johnson (wj) 910013-002 flange, adapter, pvc- weld
Price: $25 Svg thermal systems 910016-012 alpha fit 221 2 inch black shrink
Price: $15 Aviza technology 910016-013 alpha mil-dtl-23053/5C fit 221, heat
Price: $10 Aviza technology 910016-013 alpha mil-dtl-23053/5C fit 221, 4-fe
Price: $5 91002262P vga-hdmi adapter
Price: $75.3 Proteus industries 9100555PP1 fluid flow switch
Price: $55.79 Proteus industries 00165502 proteus
Price: $133.65 Svg thermco 910074-007 mks 4530-0017 heater jacket, flange insul
Price: $350 Proteus industries fluit flow switch, 3/4" 24V, 30MA
Price: $35 Applied materials (amat) 91-01228A insulator pinless quartz 8" s
Price: $58.34 Aviza technology 910132-007 telemecanique GV2-M07 starter manual
Price: $427.95 Aviza technology 910133-175 merlin gerin 910133-175 circuit brea
Price: $427 Aviza technology 910133-175 merlin gerin 910133-175 circuit brea
Price: $63.81 Aviza technology 910137-040 allen bradley 1492-CB2H400 circuit b
Price: $50 Canon 910-14003-00 thk ax-3E21 thk, btk 1405A ax-3E21 nut, vall
Price: $191.25 Versatest 91019-01 versatest / hewlett-packard test site control
Price: $225 Aviza technology 910228-001 novus 52460 diverter assy kit,16 cas
Price: $325 Watkins johnson (wj) 910240-001 pcb, plc isolator interface
Price: $150 Aviza technology 910268-003 bh thermal TMS211329 and TMS211330 h
Price: $2 910-3200-50 nut, ss 5 x 5 centimeter, pkg 2
Price: $3 910-3208-00 screw, ss hex head, 3 x 6 centimeters, pkg 4
Price: $2 910-3212-00 screw, ss 3 x 9 centimeters, pkg 2
Price: $350 Watkins johnson (wj) 910401-001 pcb, input card
Price: $275.36 Watkins johnson (wj) 910402-001 pcb input TC486-apl
Price: $393.67 Aviza technology 910436-001 heater jacket, 6" diameter elbow, 90
Price: $200 Aviza technology 910436-005 bh thermal TMS211316 heater jacket,
Price: $110 Aviza technology 910436-017 heater jacket, vacuum line, 6" in. r
Price: $225 Aviza technology 910436-021 bh thermal TMS211407 heater jacket,v
Price: $228.93 Aviza technology 910436-022 heater jacket, spool line, size: 4 x
Price: $225 Aviza technology 910436-027 briskheat TMS211419 heater jacket,ma
Price: $125 Aviza technology 910436-028 svg TMS211420 heater jacket, manifol
Price: $425 Hp 91044-00 pcb formatter/pin electronics V2000
Price: $75 Svg thermco 910450-001 triatek wss-300-1-2-2 water detector, sin
Price: $200 Millipore fc-2900MEP-4V mfc H2 1SLPM - repair; mykrolis millipor
Price: $20 Aviza technology 910473-002 parker 801-4/yellow hose, push-lok,
Price: $340 Aviza technology 910473-002 parker 801-4/yellow hose ¼” id ye
Price: $250 Aviza technology 910507-001 unit ufm-1660 1-slpm N2 unit 1660 1
Price: $148 Zeiss 910508-9901 fiberoptic illuminator, output 150 watts, inpu
Price: $125 Zeiss 910508-9901 fiberoptic illuminator, output 150 watts, inpu
Price: $17.57 Svg thermco 910524-001 valex E2K-.5-A7 elbow, 4DG, 7RA, butt-wel
Price: $398.28 Aviza technology 910513-003 precise sensors 3443-0006001CE02LQ75
Price: $300.86 Aviza technology 910566-008 tylan general fc-2900MEP mass flow c
Price: $850 Aviza technology 910623-001 pcb, multi-channel serial data switc
Price: $367.68 Svg thermco 910707-003 advanced motion controls B25A020AC pwm se
Price: $334.13 Aviza technology 910716-001 advanced motion controls PS16L60 pow
Price: $65 Aviza technology 910754-017 watlow L035453500D heater jacket
Price: $35 Aviza technology 910778-006 bh thermal TMS211351 heater jacket
Price: $150 Aviza technology 910778-009 heater jacket, elbow NW100, size: 4
Price: $157.51 Aviza technology 910778-014 heater jacket, flex hose, NW25 flang
Price: $188.14 Aviza technology 910778-017 heater jacket, vac manifold, size: 4
Price: $48 Aviza technology 910778-018 svg TMS211436 heater jacket for "t"
Price: $125 Svg thermco 910782-001 sensor extension, 10 feet long (mst)
Price: $45 Watkins johnson (wj) 910794-003 harness assy., sensor x-axis, st
Price: $4525.38 Aviza technology 910823-006 aera AS71AC thermal vaporizer S82221
Price: $26.51 Aviza technology 910829-002 furon - st gobain uemf-106-ta-1PC el
Price: $106.25 Hp 9108501 dut board/breadboard 128 pin sites 1&2
Price: $106.25 Hp 910900 dut board/breadboard 128 pin sites 3&4
Price: $425 Carten 9109 valve 2” brass w/copper stub, w/purge ports
Price: $10 Aviza technology 910936-011 kalrez sahara as-568A o-ring, kalrez
Price: $65 Aviza technology 910936-020 dupont K375 8575 o-ring,kalrez,9.475
Price: $297.8 Aviza technology 910936-022 dupont K455 8575 o-ring,kalrez,12.97
Price: $850 Asml serv.454.73921 carl zeiss 911000017 grad filter/200 blank
Price: $20 Unknown 91103602 bushing seal
Price: $45 Inficon 911-040-G30 leybold cable assembly; kit includes: 600-10
Price: $4400.5 Aviza technology 911055-001 agem GP32009 rev.ab pedestal baffle,
Price: $367.2 Arrow pneumatics 911043-003 gauge guard 1/2 flare ar-200
Price: $1173.45 Watkins johnson (wj) 911064-001 svg cabinet,etch,belt,1000- apl
Price: $225 Aviza technology 911087-003 glas-col 102A-1905200022 heater jack
Price: $12 Greene tweed 9110-SS513 o-ring greene tweed chemraz as-568A-110
Price: $25 Weidmuller 9111-3642 aluminum wire ferrule, pack of 98
Price: $20 Aviza technology 911219-002 panduit FS1.5X3LG6 cover cable tray
Price: $125 Aviza technology 911152-005 dupont 2-457-sahara-8375-76 o-ring,k
Price: $425 Hp 91123-00 pcb V2100 calibration board
Price: $18.31 Aviza technology 911380-001 kit, harness, switch, presant, casse
Price: $9.68 Ultron systems 9114010001 wheel, replacement cutting
Price: $259.88 Watkins johnson (wj) 911462-001 damper, ss exhaust, 6", flange-w
Price: $10 Greene tweed 9116-SS592 chemraz, o-ring, 0.737 id x 0.103.1 cx i
Price: $10 Watkins johnson (wj) 911790-001 insert, clamp, manifold, etcher
Price: $29.75 Greene tweed 9117-SD505 chemraz o-ring; AS568A-117 cpd 505; 0.79
Price: $21.25 Millipore P30529 greene, tweed 9118-SS515 greene, tweed chemraz
Price: $25 Honsberg 91-2-00126-d metering control flow level temperature pr
Price: $12.04 Greene tweed 9120-SD653 o-ring, chemraz
Price: $1.09 Aviza technology 912112-001 screw plate injector.
Price: $125 Aviza technology 912236-001 teos power harness 3.5
Price: $100 Svg 912341-001 injector,hydride,gas lie to bulkhead
Price: $125 Asml 912397-001 710L0104 purge/dep manifold
Price: $35 Insync systems 912434-001-b pipe spool 1/4 vcr 5" extension
Price: $237.57 Watkins johnson (wj) 912551-001 manifold, outlet, mfc, hydride,
Price: $198.46 Setra 912561-001 pressure transducer, range: 0-100 psig, exc: 12
Price: $305.63 Watkins johnson (wj) 912564-001 manilfold, purge/deposition, O2-
Price: $369.02 Watkins johnson (wj) 912596-004 manifold,chemical,0059,monoblok,
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9125-SS513 chemraz o-ring, as-568A-125 cpd 513; 1.2
Price: $250 Watkins johnson (wj) 912693-001 tube, exhaust, 11.25
Price: $1.27 Cat 912707-001 pin guide shield injector watkins johnson apcv
Price: $59.28 Aviza technology 912712-001 pipe, line, jumper, crs
Price: $10 Aviza technology 912875-001 hinge,rear,enclosure,interface,rack,
Price: $11.08 Lam research (lam) 913-00306-00 cylinder 16X5
Price: $75 Asml 913047-001 F04WJ, F07WJ, F08WJ. bpsg only
Price: $348.98 Watkins johnson (wj) 913047-005 manifold, chemical,5031,8-12- ap
Price: $25 Fujikin 91305 heater tape, sch-150 100V-50W- 1M
Price: $117.39 Watkins johnson (wj) 913085-001 purge, sensor, baratron kit
Price: $1.49 913-10027-00 o-ring 3-8 tube ultra torr gas fitting
Price: $12.75 Cat 913-10014-00 robot collar lower seal
Price: $1.49 913-10044-00 o-ring pin lift body
Price: $1.49 913-10047-00 o-ring gas feed throough
Price: $1.57 913-10048-00 o-ring top plate seal
Price: $14.45 913-10051-00 o-ring feed through shaft bottom
Price: $25 Insync systems 913166-001-a pipe spool 1/4 vcr 4" extension
Price: $5.95 Mattson technology inc 913-10062-00 o-ring, 0.862 id x 0.103 cs
Price: $150.61 Ion systems 91-3210-24V controller, flowbar, nilstat 3210
Price: $20.08 91-3220-24V ion systems 91-3220-24V nilstat 3220 flowbar master
Price: $350 Keithley instruments 9133MPM pcb, matrix switch board repaired
Price: $25 Greene tweed 9136-SD570 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-136 cpd 570; 1.9
Price: $10 91388 poron tape single side 1/4 X3/8 ., 14 feet long
Price: $1429.31 Watkins johnson (wj) 913968-001 valve, toxic, chamber 1,2 & 3- a
Price: $150 Applied materials (amat) 9140-00253 lemo era.3Y cfa 24C.J4/pcb h
Price: $217.52 Svg thermco 914000-001 manifold, valve, reservoir, crs, 6LV-DAC1
Price: $137.61 Applied materials (amat) 9140-00391 cable, w/scan rack to grpr s
Price: $90.27 Applied materials (amat) 9140-00615 loom extraction 30KV
Price: $175 Applied materials (amat) 9140-00742 px-SCNR38, twist arm harness
Price: $223.91 Watkins johnson (wj) 914050-002 manifold, crs, 5.39, 6LVDABW4PC-
Price: $125 Watkins johnson (wj) 914051-001 manifold vapor- weld
Price: $16 Mattson 914-14014-00 legris check valve
Price: $27 Watkins johnson 914056-001 manifold, exhaust, etch- weld
Price: $144.28 Watkins johnson (wj) 914213-001 syncro vac line, coax, crs- wpl
Price: $207.63 Watkins johnson (wj) 914223-001 heater, gas, mini, straight- apl
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9143-SC520 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-143 cpd 520; 2.4
Price: $95.63 Inficon-leybold 914-408-P1 interlock heater
Price: $596.97 Watkins johnson (wj) 914644-001 screen, electrical, side, right-
Price: $55 Watkins johnson (wj) 914663-004 cable,emo,crs/O3 generator,40'-
Price: $24.77 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00094 ca earth strap 20A 130MM lon
Price: $50 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00139 cable assembly 3X12HA.P2/3X1
Price: $90.51 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00145 ca 3X2G.P5/3X7H #H5
Price: $159.21 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00420 ca G2 hv connection
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00421 ca G2 resistor cable
Price: $20 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00545 c/a 3X11W.P1/3X11X.ji
Price: $483.48 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00606 ca #RF15M1 3X6B.P1/3X20B.S1
Price: $29.22 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00628 ca RF15M4 3X13C.P12/3X20A.tb
Price: $159.5 Applied materials (amat) 9150-00842 f/o,T1,3600MM,3X4A.f.rx/..
Price: $544.85 Applied materials (amat) 9150-01180 patlite le-fbp ca ST4 5 colo
Price: $76.85 Applied materials (amat) 9150-01233 cable assembly, 3X4F .P4/3X7
Price: $185.92 Applied materials (amat) 9150-01234 PRA45 3X4D.P6/3X7C
Price: $150 Applied materials (amat) 9150-01339 ca scr turbo X7-30E/J2
Price: $93.19 Applied materials (amat) 9150-02307 cfa,toxic gas module edge co
Price: $18.99 Applied materials (amat) 9150-01796 fil protection, source
Price: $28.46 Applied materials (amat) 9150-02969 ca hv focus feedback pcb
Price: $16.26 Applied materials (amat) 9150-02970 ca signal focus feedback pcb
Price: $16.23 Applied materials (amat) 9150-02971 cable assembly grnd focus fe
Price: $841.85 Applied materials (amat) 9150-03316 c/a remote pc umbilical cabl
Price: $65 Applied materials (amat) 9150-03925 focus supply cable
Price: $55 Applied materials (amat) 9150-03926 focus feedback cable
Price: $150 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04022 ca f/o 3X7.f.rx/3X2D.tx.1
Price: $250 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04092 RPC1 3X14C. P1 / 3X6E. P9
Price: $150 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04023 ca f/o 3X7.f.tx/3X2D.rx.1
Price: $350 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04138 ca mobile pc umbilical
Price: $20 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04268 fiber optic T3, 1000MM, A5.r
Price: $75 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04269 f/o T4, 330MM,A5.tx/A4.rx
Price: $10 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04363 f/o,T1,3500,PX75C.a.tx/PX70B
Price: $100 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04364 f/o,T1,3100,PX70B.b.tx/PX75C
Price: $100 Applied materials (amat) 9150-04365 f/o,T1,3100,PX70B.b.rx/PX75C
Price: $250 Applied materials (amat) 9150-05438 cs PREA28 PXP500.hv/PXP24C.P
Price: $50 Applied materials (amat) 9150-05130 ca PX20F. P1/e. blade
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9150-SC513 chemraz o-ring, as-568A-150 cpd 513; 2.8
Price: $350 Keithley 9150-sru system reference, calibration unit
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 915136-asy-a insulated gas line
Price: $12.62 Watkins johnson (wj) 915380-001 amphenol (amp) 56327 plug, jumpe
Price: $13.6 915-41001-00 thum screw
Price: $350 Arc 9160 301-10 pcb, mmb 68- programmed for: esc
Price: $350 Arl 9161.302.03 pcb, P5090
Price: $2880.9 Watkins johnson (wj) 916412-001 controller screen, electrical, s
Price: $118.41 Brook automation 916588-204 cable for index pin sensor
Price: $821.95 Aviza technology 916596-001 y manifold, vapor,veriflo- wpl, part
Price: $40.8 Nikon 916721 input block for model 97(for probes)
Price: $125 Watkins johnson (wj) 916832-002 robot flex cable assy
Price: $225 Actuator, bellows vacuum
Price: $27 Greene tweed 9169-SSE38 o-ring chemraz plasmapro
Price: $180.88 Applied materials (amat) 734-092040-003 greene tweed 9173-SC513
Price: $5.69 Watkins johnson (wj) 917622-001 bracket ss,solenoid,actuator,val
Price: $10 Aviza technology 917659-001 bracket, mount, e-chain, shuttle, re
Price: $2858.63 Watkins johnson (wj) 917725-001 screen, electrical, left, crs, T
Price: $1984.26 Svg thermal systems 917933-001 screen,electrical,left,crs,1000 -
Price: $296.5 Watkins johnson (wj) 918033-001 shield, N2, 8"-12"-apl
Price: $175.91 Watkins johnson (wj) 918041-001 shield, N2, wj-1000-2.0-wpl
Price: $125 Asml 918043-001 N2 shield 8 in
Price: $2125 Tower 918243-001 kit service table splice belt -api
Price: $75 Asml 919131-001 tool pulling repacement belt wire flat
Price: $19.69 Watkins johnson (wj) 919839-002 cable,circuit breaker,residual c
Price: $19.69 Watkins johnson (wj) 919839-003 cable,circuit breaker,residual c
Price: $10.2 Cat 91984-4 bearing disch. head no.152A
Price: $111.31 Aviza technology 919849-001 fixture, teach, prealign, 996-11.4-
Price: $137.5 Watkins johnson (wj) 919885-001 cable,prealign,mecs,motorola- ap
Price: $35 Hps 9199-0285 heater jacekt
Price: $45 Mks 9199-0322 heater 0.5 EL90M spec 1BP3
Price: $3.5 New ark fair-rite 0443164151 fair-rite 0443164151; round cable s
Price: $1.28 Dell 91NMP dell optiplex GX260 audio usb board panel pcb 91NMP
Price: $4 Ibm 91P6915 telephone cable, 6FT.
Price: $1.76 Intel 91P7267 wireless intel nic for ibm
Price: $1.01 Lam research (lam) 92-0001-011 spacer brushing
Price: $1.23 Ontrak 92-0001-027 spacer, shaft, .187ID, spin
Price: $25.91 Applied materials (amat) 920004 elmwood 3100-3-907 thermoswitch-
Price: $88.9 Datacon north america inc 92000620077 sensor, flow (xyz axis)
Price: $11.16 Lam research (lam) 920-006065-001 conn male 1/2 tube x 3/8 npt
Price: $1.21 Lam research (lam) 920-008887-002 tee,union,pneu,5/32 tube
Price: $6.7 Lam research (lam) 920-092060-004 elbow, swagelok, t to t
Price: $6.7 Lam research (lam) 920-092060-006 elbow, swagelok, tube to tube
Price: $55.79 Elma 920-2733 us gen. mdl.7
Price: $15 Greene tweed 9208-SC513 o-ring, chemraz, esc
Price: $4.25 Cat 92031-2229 drive collar no.552 92031-2229
Price: $2.92 Lam research (lam) 921-001466-001 elbow adjustable 10-32
Price: $5.03 Cat 921-004167-001 nut anchor 3/8 npt
Price: $2.55 Lam research (lam) 921-008770-005 hollow plug hex head
Price: $12.68 Lam research (lam) 921-008875-001 fitting cross 1/8 npt female
Price: $10 Fluoroware 921-009589-001 fitting, elbow m-pipe thread, com
Price: $42.5 Rosemount 92103421 potassium chloride (cas 7447-40-7), sodium be
Price: $4.46 Lam research (lam) 921-091737-003 connector, port, tube, sst
Price: $42.5 Goulds pump 92168-12-2151 key impeller 12 stages no 178
Price: $1.6 Mcmaster-carr 92196A606 screw 18-8 schs 5/16-18X6IN black belt
Price: $25 Greene tweed 921B5-SD570 chemraz o-ring, cpd 570; 1.063" (27.00M
Price: $212.5 Jst module, timer
Price: $7.95 Applied materials (amat) 922032 cutler hammer 10250T51 switch bl
Price: $45.19 Applied ceramics 922-00957A ring confinement ceramic
Price: $311.38 Aviza technology 922133-001 plate, injector, center,16- weld
Price: $225 Vat 92228-01 vat hard anodized plate for pendulum valve
Price: $275 Vat 92228-01-203217 kit, 2300 poly pendulum valve
Price: $45 Air liquide electronics 922485-078 assembly, sw, photo-e, n.o. m
Price: $11.25 Greene tweed 9224-SC513 chemraz, o-ring, 1.734 id v 0.139 cx in,
Price: $1 Greene tweed 9227-1100 o-ring, bellows/cathode 1
Price: $15.3 Greene tweed 9227-SC513 o-ring, chemraz, 2.109 id x 0.139 cx in,
Price: $30 Honeywell 922AC1Y1-A3P-l switch proximity; 6FT
Price: $25 Sen-tech 922AC1YI-A3P-l proximity switch; ~6.5FT long
Price: $20 Greene tweed 922D3-SC513 o-ring, p-040; 1.562"(39.67MM) x 0.139"
Price: $85 Sen-tech 922AD1YI-A3P-l ~6.5FT long lb sensor kgh
Price: $10.63 9232635 fico 9232635 cage, ball 25X31X74MM
Price: $25 Greene tweed 9232-SC513 o-ring, as-568A-232 cpd 513, 2.734"id x
Price: $1 Greene tweed 9233-1100 o-ring, bellows/cathode 2
Price: $2.8 Toplux 92374510103 topflux lamp halogen 6V 10W 7387
Price: $12.04 Greene tweed 9238-570 o-ring, 31/2" x 1/8" cx, greene tweed
Price: $4250 Applied materials (amat) 9240-00172ITL end effector & mapper 300
Price: $1006.35 Applied materials (amat) 9240-00254 retrofit kit vme upgrade
Price: $1017.68 Applied materials (amat) 9240-00325 kit cables quad rotate ext
Price: $416.57 Applied materials (amat) 9240-01239ITL kit uy bottle support 6 g
Price: $3500 Applied materials (amat) 9240-01256ITL kit option sds BF3 gas
Price: $9000 Applied materials (amat) 9240-01257 kit option sds ASH3/PH3 gas
Price: $907.05 Applied materials (amat) 9240-02234 retrofit sds s cryo exh
Price: $740.92 Applied materials (amat) 9240-03955 kit, retrofit vacuum pipe
Price: $653.66 Applied materials (amat) 9240-03580ITL kit argon bleed tylan mfc
Price: $225 Applied materials (amat) 9240-04480 grounding bar kit
Price: $450 Applied materials (amat) 9240-04102 PX27A cryo interface unit in
Price: $250 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05044 kit vme chassis fan upgrade
Price: $762.46 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05184ITL kit argon bleed tylan mfc
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05384 twin fan assembly vme
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05598 smc ISE40-01-62L pressure ga
Price: $1500 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05846 kit, evr extraction rework
Price: $1500 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05846ITL kit evr extraction rework
Price: $2500 Applied materials (amat) 9240-05923 robot mounting kit
Price: $250 Applied materials (amat) 9240-06134 ho pfs assembly ox plus inte
Price: $750 Applied materials (amat) 9240-06135 hd pfs assy, -qx plus
Price: $10.2 92-4006 hoffman instrumentation supply inc 92-4006 kit, pump dia
Price: $5000 Applied materials (amat) 9240-06151 kit, option sds ASH3/PH3, 4
Price: $65 Watkins johnson 924135-001 quick clamp
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9242-SS520 chemraz o-ring; 3.984" (101.19MM) x 0.13
Price: $5 Greene tweed 9244-SD570 o-ring; as-568A-244 cpd 570; 4.234" (107
Price: $25 Silicon valley group (svg) 924539-001 smc uiusp-DUMB01328 shuttl
Price: $50 Vat 92485-R1 seal kit
Price: $232.9 Matrix 92-50006 exhaust enclosure fitting
Price: $125 Skf 925338-scd actuaror, linear, catr 33BX25X625/C24WE, W708 ACT
Price: $163.35 Watkins johnson (wj) 925574-001 baffle, chamber, injector, WJ100
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9258-SS592 chemraz as-568A-258 cpd 592 o-ring; 5.98
Price: $47.34 Watkins johnson (wj) 925909-001 plug exhaust etch muffle
Price: $1 Greene tweed 9261-1100 oring id 6.734 csd .139VITON75
Price: $15 Watkins johnson (wj) 926514-dtl dummy wafer
Price: $55.69 Svg thermco 927094-001 spring, orifice, toroidal, venturi-apl
Price: $190.06 Greene tweed 9268-SC520 o-ring dsq lower quartz window chemraz
Price: $15 Watkins johnson (wj) 927351-dtl dummy wafer
Price: $35 Greene tweed 9278-SC639 as-568A-278 cpd 639 o-ring; 11.984"(304.
Price: $1020.4 Watkins johnson (wj) 928492-001 upgrade flow meter venturi, WJ15
Price: $140.01 Veriflo 928A0PSFSFMF h.p. isolation valve
Price: $20 Applied materials (amat) 929057 circuit breaker 15A
Price: $26.71 Applied materials (amat) 929106 contactor
Price: $225 Carlo gavazzi 9292236-01 assembly, cardcage
Price: $125 Aviza technology 929343-001 N2 shield
Price: $250 Mupac 9299215-01 21 slot vme bus pcb, 4600280
Price: $918 Tmk manufacturing 929345-001 tmk manufacturing 12" shield inject
Price: $12 Ibm 92P1032 120W ac power adapter
Price: $12.5 Ibm 92P5993 cd-rw/dvd como slim drive
Price: $79.56 Unit-celerity 930-000-1003 sensor assy type e, cal ref point uni
Price: $301.21 Svg 9300-0042 power supply hv
Price: $225 Svg 9300-0052 temperature vac. control board;
Price: $300 Svg 8849-7500 jci 9300-0072 pcb, rom/ram card; 8211B
Price: $100 Unknown 9300-0096 cc-b ratemeter card
Price: $46.75 Unit-celerity 930-005-1000 coil assy with terminals unit inst
Price: $1.21 Lam research (lam) 93-0004-014 hinge,mini,lift-off,right side
Price: $1.7 Cat 930-005-2000 coil assy with terminals
Price: $100 Net mercury 93011 2-115-V75; o-ring kit, meta, upper liner rebui
Price: $26 Finder socket relay
Price: $156.98 Dai nippon screen (dns) nagano keiki seisakusho. ltd. 9311-100 u
Price: $3.4 Cat 931-13004-00 cage 2A ( ac box led light)
Price: $550.4 Insulator seal inc. 9312021 high vac thermocouple port
Price: $2500 Mdc 931390-01 #6 bellows assy
Price: $15.62 Hps/mks 9315-0131 htr 1.5,ins,flg,0DP0
Price: $27.11 Hps/mks 9315-0137 heater 1.5, ins, KF40, 2X2.5
Price: $12.75 Johnson controls 9315 johnson controls penn temperature control;
Price: $34 Hps 9320-0032 jacket heater throttle valve
Price: $10 Jordan valley semiconductors, inc. 93-164181-129 spring, adjusti
Price: $55 Mks 9320-0054 mks heater jacket, 45 degree
Price: $23.8 Matrix 93-20040 matrix panel small top rear (matrix 1)
Price: $9.52 Matrix 93-20042 plate fun cut (cover rear)
Price: $29.45 Matrix 93-20044 matrix rear large plate (matrix 1)
Price: $25.5 932-22011-00 fuse bussman ktk-R20 amp
Price: $25 Greene tweed 9326-SS592 as-568A-326 cpd 592, 1.600 id x 0.210 cx
Price: $45 Green, tweed 9328-SD570 greene, tweed chemraz o-ring, as-568A-32
Price: $46.75 Hps 9330-0057 heater jacket 3 stg valve mv/ss/CV3
Price: $236.64 Mks 9330-0108 jacket trotel valve NW80 120V 135C
Price: $8.93 Mks 9330-0299 blanket, heater for reactor isolation
Price: $11.16 Mks 9330-0311 blanket, heater
Price: $22 Greene tweed 9330-SS592 chemraz, o-ring, 2.100 id x 0.210 cx in,
Price: $20 933-10014-00 matson tech pcb mount, ckt bkr 3.15A
Price: $20 Hps 9335-0038 insulation jacket--not in original packaging
Price: $75 Convertors 9336 jackets with snaps made with dupont tyvek size m
Price: $35 Allmro products inc. 933953 3(.5) x 6 ss shcs vent/clean pkg 33
Price: $110 Mks instruments 9340-0179 heater, 4", 1" lenght
Price: $20 Mks instruments inc 93-4071 seat 12S valve .081IN orifice(mks) 4
Price: $20 Mks instruments 9345-0013 insulation jacket, 4.5 ins KF100, 0DP0
Price: $50 Allmro products inc. 934463 screw, silver coated ss A2-70 rated
Price: $225 Svg 9345-0043 communications pcb
Price: $15 Hps 93-4867 adapter, KF40-pvc. 75"
Price: $65 Greene tweed 9346-SC513 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-346 cpd 513; 4.1
Price: $13.77 Greene tweed 9361-SC655 as-568A-361 cpd 655; o-ring, chemraz; 5.
Price: $1.32 Applied materials (amat) 936529 lamp, 28V .04A bi-pin
Price: $34.87 Applied materials (amat) 936533 lamp 6V w/ transformer
Price: $25 Advanced input devices 9370-00769-101 keyboard aid-1 panel mount
Price: $50 Greene tweed 9372-SC513 chemraz o-ring; 8.725" (221.62MM) x 0.21
Price: $225 Svg 9377-0041 pcb, dip switch card
Price: $2 Applied materials (amat) 937900 lamp neon 125V cr-s-N123 clear
Price: $200 Applied materials (amat) column interface box opal 7830I
Price: $110 Applied materials (amat) 938157 fuse control 15 amp 600V
Price: $375 Aviza technology 938397-001 bottom plate injector, center, 16-we
Price: $394.27 Aviza technology 938608-001 shield, N2, embossed,16"- apl
Price: $9.18 Applied materials (amat) 938633 littelfuse fuse holder, 20 amp,
Price: $17.21 Greene tweed 938F4-SSE38 chemraz o-ring; 15.255 (id) x 0.210 (cx
Price: $182.25 Oerlikon 939-10010-02 dc micro motor, encoder & ball bearing
Price: $225 Mks 9399-0563 htr, svg furn base, 1EP3
Price: $20 Mks 9399-0573 mks 9399-0573 heater jacket
Price: $47.34 Mks-hps 9399-0607 heater, flange horn (F1 jalapen
Price: $34.83 Mks instruments 9399-0714 heater jacket, 1.07 STR2.0, spec, 1BP0
Price: $30 Mks instruments 9399-0714 heater jacket, 1.07 STR2.0, spec, 1BP0
Price: $20.08 Mks 9399-0783 vacuum piping heater
Price: $20.08 Mks 9399-0799 vacuum piping heater, htr,wor-vlv,spec,1GP3
Price: $75 9399-0881 mks instruments 9399-0881 blanket, nitr ng horn heater
Price: $1.06 Nanometrics 9401-0000 250V 1-amp
Price: $10 Applied materials (amat) 940102 bourns 3590S-1-102 ten-turn 1K-o
Price: $101.25 Nor-cal vacuum products inc ISO80 x ISO63 valve 80 x 63; repaire
Price: $17.85 Dai-ichi seiko 94-01 heater, 600W 5.5"x.389"
Price: $1.9 Teltec semiconductor technic g 940-17037-00 cable power 125V 10A
Price: $597.35 Axcelis 94020900055 C0NTROLER motor microstep
Price: $25 940324-001 cable, length 5FT 9IN
Price: $55.79 Cabletron systems 9404004 st-500 with lanview (90 series)
Price: $20 Watkins johnson (wj) 940424-001 bushing,window,button pkg 580
Price: $42.5 Watkins johnson (wj) 940494-001 insulation wand vacuum shuttle w
Price: $106.25 Watkins johnson (wj) 940495-001 insulation wand vacuum shuttle.
Price: $20 Willson 94111404 filter replacement chemical cartridges for resp
Price: $20 Novellus 94-1134 sensor vacuum z-bot wafer sense
Price: $1275.26 Watkins johnson (wj) 941315-001 scientific technologies inc 7001
Price: $15 Aviza technology 941397-001 collet ss,thermocouple , .063" dia.
Price: $63.75 Gemu 9415-000-z pneumatically operated plastic quarter turn actu
Price: $42.5 Linde 94245 instrument measuring switch press. 0.21B
Price: $75 Akrion 943-014-1A-00 transducer level best 900 khz
Price: $200 Arl 9428-364-04 pcb, p 5092
Price: $28.05 Watlow 94-3 heater, 600W 5.5 x .39
Price: $2.55 Cat 9433 spacer #10X/2 rd brass
Price: $550 Novellus 94-3418 yaskawa end effecter, yaskawa
Price: $125 Paslode co 94437 nail gun, gn-238 F30, nail gun
Price: $225 9445.303-03 pcb
Price: $225 9445.303-04 pcb
Price: $10 Connectworks 94-473-10476 10BASE-t transceiver; DB15 male to 10B
Price: $12 Tegal 94-484-001 cable assy; ~10.5FT long
Price: $7.5 Tegal 94-484-001 cable assy; ~10.5FT long
Price: $180 Veriflo 944AOPLPNCSI11 valve, air
Price: $35 Veriflo 944 s 1/4" diaphragm valve, maximum inlet: 3500 psi
Price: $1 Greene tweed 9457-1100 oring ID13.975CSD.275VITON 75 duro blk
Price: $408 Watlow 945A-1KA1-A000 temperature controller, 945 series
Price: $12.75 Matrix 94-60029 o-ring valve silicone compound 70
Price: $175 Arl 9463-301-04 pcb, p 5070
Price: $8.5 Matrix 94-60079 o-ring
Price: $182.25 Tokyo electron (tel) 9464-75-2C93 rego 9464-75 valve repair kit
Price: $25 Phoneix contact 947-7-1 1000V, 35MM^2 terminal blocks, pack of 4
Price: $4.25 Amphenol (amp) 94V-0 connection, combination line
Price: $59.5 Eaton 94VO 1485 pcb data aquisition assy pn 1501360
Price: $2.55 Axcelis 9500025 lamp 12V AML91LA73 microsw
Price: $36.64 Applied materials (amat) 9500-90206 sds spares (gaskets)
Price: $46.75 Cat 95010 bucket seal for separator ph 95010
Price: $25 Parker 95013070-01 & 95013070-02 application development tool fo
Price: $25 Parker 95-016324-01 device driver & sample files for 6000 series
Price: $75 Brooks instruments 950-207-2202 sensor, PCB207 assy 8565
Price: $212.5 Unit-celerity 950-210-2540 pcb electronic 200 unit inst
Price: $200 Dti 95-0288 motherboard
Price: $413.4 Teradyne inc 950-303-00 pcb, multi-bus interface
Price: $807.5 Teradyne inc 950-392-00 pcb, sys mon i/f-repaired
Price: $900 Novellus 95-0507 eop detector
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-556-00 pcb, cia
Price: $900 Teradyne inc 950-558-00/a pcb, patgen support J971
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-563-02 pcb, terminator board
Price: $950 Teradyne inc 950-563-04 pcb, digital channel slice async
Price: $220.32 Teradyne inc 950-565-00 pcb, ppmu control
Price: $286.88 Teradyne inc 950-566-00 pcb, z mem control
Price: $353.57 Teradyne inc 950-566-03A pcb, J996 enhanced ra
Price: $300 Teradyne inc 950-570-13D pcb, tg mod 100MHZ 0M
Price: $900 Teradyne inc 950-572-03 pcb, fail vectormemory -repair
Price: $50.63 Teradyne inc 950-596-00 terradyne 950-596-00 pcb, vmo module-ok
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-595-01 pcb, mem pat
Price: $450 Teradyne inc 950-596-02 pcb, vmo MODULE256K a-repaired
Price: $950 Teradyne inc 950-596-03 pcb, vmo module - 256K b
Price: $225 Nor-cal 950607-3 valve vacuum bellows NW50
Price: $114.75 Teradyne inc 950-602-00 pcb, backplane term-repaired
Price: $20 Cat 9506-5521 eprom/chip set
Price: $950 Teradyne inc 950-656-00 pcb 50MHZ x 165DCS -repaired
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-657-00 pcb mcs addr/clk formatter 99X 100MHZ
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-658-00 pcb, tg mod 100MHZ add/clk
Price: $283.5 Advantest 950-660-01 pcb, catch ram terminator
Price: $900 Teradyne inc 950-658-02 pcb, ad tg mod - repaired
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-660-02 pcb, catch ram
Price: $24.3 Teradyne 950-661-001 module, catch ram
Price: $900 Teradyne 950-661-03-00-a pcb, catch ram
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-665-03 pcb, redundancy analyzer
Price: $600 Teradyne inc 950-661-10 pcb, catch ram module
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-678-01 pcb, add/clock pe
Price: $600 Teradyne inc 950-678-04 pcb, add/clock pe-repaired
Price: $637.5 Teradyne 950-687-01 pcb quad 5 amp voltage source
Price: $972 Teradyne inc 950-696-01 pcb, vs bypass-repaired
Price: $38.25 Teradyne inc 950-721-00 pcb, mod pipeline
Price: $360 Teradyne 950-732-01 pcb control board
Price: $425 950-744-01 teradyne xpcb, testhead car card
Price: $972 Teradyne 950-760-00 pcb, control calbration assembly
Price: $425 Dcs 950-775-00 dcs digital channel slice TW653-03
Price: $1105 Teradyne inc 950-788-00 pcb channel card 225PS
Price: $114.75 Teradyne inc 950-789-00 pcb, power sequencer-repaired
Price: $350 Teradyne inc 950-788-00 pcb channel card 225PS
Price: $180 Teradyne inc 950-789-01 pcb, power sequencer
Price: $202.5 Teradyne inc 950-818-09 satellite board # 1
Price: $396 Teradyne 950-818-10 satellite board # 2
Price: $396 Teradyne 950-818-11 satellite board #3
Price: $354.51 Teradyne inc 950-975-00 pcb, patgen
Price: $39.75 Teradyne 950-981-00 system monitor
Price: $255 Teradyne inc 950-993-00 pcb, interface ultra 60
Price: $55 Kokusai 9510-0048 mks 9510-0048 mks heater jacket, 1.0,STR8.28,1
Price: $22.59 9510-0024 mks-hps 9510-0024 insulator, 1" baratron (F1 jalapeno)
Price: $743.68 Applied materials (amat) 951054 weston 8-2436A-0285239 digital p
Price: $27.11 Hps/mks 9515-0051 HTR1.5,ins,flg/spec,odpo
Price: $17 Hps-mks 9515-0269 insulator flange 1.5, ins, flg, 0DP0
Price: $27.11 Hps-mks 9515-0270 HTR1.5,ins,flg/hose,0DP0
Price: $27.11 Hps/mks 9515-0544 HTR1.5,ins,KF40,0DP0
Price: $127.5 Varian 951-5090 valve, pneu 90DEG-repaired
Price: $65 Mks 9515-0662 heater jacket, 208V, 36W, 0.17A, 50/60HZ
Price: $65 Mks 9517-0133 heater jacket, 208V, 44W, 0.21A, 50/60HZ
Price: $65 Mks 9517-0134 heater jacket, 208V, 30W, 0.14A, 50/60HZ
Price: $65 Mks 9517-0135 heater jacket, 2089517-0135, 43W, 0.21A, 50/60HZ
Price: $65 Mks 9519-0662 heater jacket, 208V, 36W, 0.17A, 50/60HZ
Price: $15.3 Hps/mks 9520-0247 insulator iso 80 flange
Price: $36.15 Hps/mks 9520-0379 HTR2.0,ins,flg/blank,0DP0
Price: $45 Mks 9520-0577 mks 9520-0577 heater jacket
Price: $50 Mks 9520-0578 heater jacket, 240V, 53W, 0.22A, 50/60 hz
Price: $65 Mks 9520-0648 heater jacket, 208V, 53W, 0.25A, 50/60HZ
Price: $65 Mks 9520-0650 heater jacket, 208V, 37W, 0.18A, 50/60HZ
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) 9525-0058 htr jacket, 2.5,STR7.94,1EP0
Price: $33.75 Novellus 95-2971 fabco-air pr-11 sensor assy pins down
Price: $33.75 Novellus 95-2972 fabco-air prl-11 sensor assy pins up
Price: $17 Nanometrics 9530-0221 coupling rocom theta nano 215VT
Price: $27.11 Hps-mks 9530-0251 rev. a blanket, heater
Price: $20.08 Mks 9530-0287 vacuum piping heater
Price: $17.85 Mks 9530-0288 vacuum piping heater
Price: $201.6 Teradyne 953-007-10 marlin catch ram mother board
Price: $25 Hps 9530-0361 insulator 3.0, ins, MF80, 0DP0
Price: $660 Teradyne inc 953-053 testhead calibration board
Price: $364.2 Teradyne 953-054-00 expanded a/c channel card
Price: $425 Coldbox 95342 mesh wire 1 x 0.63 coldbox
Price: $10 Varian 953 5015 vacuum fitting copper gaskets for 4.5" conflat o
Price: $43.74 9540-0457 mks instruments 9540-0457 blanket, heater iso
Price: $43.74 Mks-hps 9540-0456 blanket, heater iso
Price: $106.25 Reliance electric 9549-532675-1022 transformer isolation for GV3
Price: $180 Lam research (lam) 955-001177-003 tube flex chamber gas; 4FT
Price: $1.84 Lam research (lam) 955-006068-001 tubing thermoplastic, 1/2 od n
Price: $150.48 Lam research (lam) 955-001177-005 tube corr tef 32 in
Price: $38.53 Applied materials (amat) 955507 relay 4PDT
Price: $15 Applied materials (amat) 955512 opto 22 IAC5 relay 5VAC 3A
Price: $19 Werma 955-840-35 955.840.35 24V 5W lamp
Price: $29.75 955ZA0PLPNCSB111VESP1.06 parker 54017073 54017073 171000, valve
Price: $17.21 Technical controls 955ZAOPLPNOSH11VESP1.06 54017076 valve, 955Z
Price: $4 Farnell 956-2540 semikron skkd 81/16 semipack 1 power supply dio
Price: $1 Cole-parmer 95631-05 tygon tubing; id: 1/8", od: 1/4", wall: 1/6
Price: $28.66 9566 horiba stec 9566 bypass, 44S-100CCM-uc
Price: $25 Intermec 9570 wedge reader
Price: $18 Finder 95.75 relay mount , 10A, 250V, igr C250--not in original
Price: $121.5 Vat 95832-R1 heater, flange dps gate valve
Price: $20 Finder 95.85.1 relay socket, 12A, 300VAC, 10A, 300VAC
Price: $150 Veriflo 959-100-h-2P-fs-mm regulator ss 316
Price: $150 Veriflo 959100W3PFSFMF veriflo, 959100W3PFSFMF, regulator 316 ss
Price: $300 Svg 9596-0071 jci 9596-0071 pcb, cpu card
Price: $60.25 Svg 9599-0040 pcb, extension board
Price: $22.78 9599-0138 mks-hps 9599-0138 insulator, jalapeno valve bypass (F1
Price: $35 Mks 9599-0491 heater jacket pump flange
Price: $9.56 Hps-mks 9590-0234 blanket
Price: $2.03 Mks instruments 9599-0529 nitride t/h port insulator
Price: $22.75 Mks 9599-0563 heater jacket, ins, cvjacts, odpo
Price: $35 Mks 9599-0574 mks 9599-0574 heater jacket kf flange
Price: $10.2 95J okamoto corp 95J rectifier, 4 post green
Price: $25 Screen 95-J22-03663 timing belt code: 2-39-22373, 180X037U
Price: $2.71 Megabelt 9-5X1650L belt v 9.5 x 1650 for bauersan
Price: $12.75 Magabelt 9-5X1275L belt polyster 9.5 x 1275
Price: $59.4 Ontrak 96-0006-003 cable, 26COND, 26GA, grey; 2 feet long
Price: $5.4 Ontrak 96-0007-002 wire, tef. yellow, 20GA; 2FEET long
Price: $5.4 Ontrak 96-0009-002 wire, tef. brown, 22GA; 2FT 6IN
Price: $3.75 Asyst technologies 9600-1177-01 tadiran tl-5903 tadiran tl-5903;
Price: $35 Kla tencor 96-0015 clippard minimatics et-3-24VDC valve, solenoi
Price: $562.5 Scientech engineering corporation 96005-35 leak detector control
Price: $3.19 Nova 960-08005-00 keyboard,104 keys english
Price: $3.19 Nova 960-08006-00 basic optical mouse 1.0A USBPS2 compatible 5V
Price: $21.25 Lam research (lam) 960-091174-001 lub chain aerosol. (for gap ch
Price: $150 Teradyne inc 960-156-01 comair rotron PQ24B4QDNX comair rotron P
Price: $101.25 Teradyne inc 960-156-01 comair rotron PQ24B4QDNX comair rotron P
Price: $9.04 Novellus 96-0169 harness
Price: $75.3 Honeywell 9602-5400 mst satellite sensor cell carbon monoxide 0-
Price: $75.3 Mst 9602-6000 ASH3 satellite sensor cell (atmi)
Price: $75.3 Mst 9602-9732 C4F6 satellite sensor 0-50.0 ppm
Price: $75.3 Mst 9602-9720 CH3F satellite sensor 0-0.500%v/v
Price: $1200 Novellus 96-0362-mot controller box CB1-CB4
Price: $12.75 Ludi electronics 960-621 potentiometer , ludl joystick
Price: $350 Ushio 9605016 controller, exp, seexp-cont, 931004
Price: $578.95 9606355 ushio 9606355 controller, system SYS286CONT no. 930928
Price: $15.06 Multicomp 9606505 muffin fan 12VDC, 30MM x 30MM x 10MM
Price: $45 9610-1001 mks-hps 9610-1001 heater, 1" baratron tee (F1 jalapeno
Price: $102.23 Mst technology 9608-0081 pump, assembly, 115 vac 60HZ, mst, pyro
Price: $7 Southco 96-10-572 removable lift-off hinge
Price: $75 Teradyne inc 961-061-00K power suppply, LN24V/.5A115/230
Price: $37.26 Mks instruments 9611-0033 heater jacket, 1.07 STR86 prts 1BP3, 1
Price: $30 Mks instruments 9611-0033 heater jacket, 1.07 STR86 prts 1BP3, 1
Price: $30 Mks instruments 9611-1099B heater jacket, 57V, 11W, 019A, 50/60H
Price: $229.53 Ushio 9612073 controller, robot & sio, gp SI05 no. 931004
Price: $170 Teradyne inc 961-509-00 kooltronic K2BB35-101 kooltronic K2BB35-
Price: $17.85 Teradyne inc 961-286-00 smc 396 185 00 sensor, temp mainframe as
Price: $20.08 Mks 9615-1098 vacuum piping heater
Price: $15.62 Mks 9615-1088 vacuum piping heater, HTR1.5,dlelb,spec,1AP0
Price: $25 Mks 9615-1189 mks 9615-1189 heater jacket
Price: $20.08 Mks 9615-1233 vacuum piping heater, HTR1.5,EL45LR,tans,1BP3
Price: $101.25 9616572 cherokee international 9616572 power supply, unit ac 110
Price: $55.69 9620-0772 mks-hps 9620-0772 heater, stack ti-xz throttle v, 120V
Price: $55.79 Marsh-bellofram 962-127-000 T10HR 1-4NPT 2-120PSI
Price: $55.69 9620-0773 mks-hps 9620-0773 heater, stack ti-xz bellows, 120V, 3
Price: $15.06 Novellus 96-2372 rev. c cable assy smif
Price: $20.08 Novellus 96-2610 cable assy, (J33),bulkhead z-bot
Price: $150 Mks instruments 9625-1068 heater jacket 2.5, STR4.8, spec, 1BP3,
Price: $20.08 Novellus 96-2611 cable assy, (J34),bulkhead z-bot 2
Price: $35 Mks instruments 9640-1386 heater jacket, 4.0 EL45M trap, 1BP3, 1
Price: $34.02 Mks instruments 9640-1386 heater jacket, 4.0 EL45M trap, 1BP3, 1
Price: $45 Mks 9640-1518 HTR4.0 EL90LR spec 1BP3
Price: $15.06 Novellus 96-4045 cable assy
Price: $37.26 Mks instruments 9645-0086 heater jacket, 4.5 STRM209, spec 1BP3.
Price: $45 Mks instruments 9645-0086 heater jacket, 4.5 STRM209, spec 1BP3.
Price: $35.8 Mks instruments 9645-0143 heater jacket, 4.5 , elbow 60M, spec,
Price: $33.21 Mks instruments 9645-0145 heater jacket, 4.5 STR142 spec 1BP3, 1
Price: $35.8 Mks instruments 9645-0143 heater jacket, 4.5 , elbow 60M, spec,
Price: $36.13 Mks instruments 9645-0145 heater jacket, 4.5 STR142 spec 1BP3, 1
Price: $45 Tokyo electron (tel) 810-44139 heater jacket 4.5 STR3.84 spec ba
Price: $35.64 Mks instruments 9645-1101 heater jacket, 4.5 str 6.43 spec 1BP3,
Price: $40.39 Mks instruments 9645-1101 heater jacket, 4.5 str 6.43 spec 1BP3,
Price: $7.06 Applied materials (amat) 965192 conn m 25PIN rt angle
Price: $3.19 Lam research (lam) 965-002686-001 ge glue silicone rtv 118, clea
Price: $20.93 Applied materials (amat) 965197 connector f 15PIN rt angle
Price: $18.75 Spm international limited 9652011A-00 tube. sight, tank, preweig
Price: $114.75 Watkins johnson (wj) 965534-002 watkins-johnson injector stand,
Price: $28.4 Aviza technology 965534-006 stand injector 8CVD
Price: $800 Seagate 967001-002 714953 HD800 exp.; PA8K2A; MD714953, 92006821
Price: $150 General 969619-000 wafer,profiling,5" wj 999
Price: $135 Teradyne inc 969580 linear power amplifier
Price: $38.88 Mks instruments 9699-0392 heater jacket, 4.95 STR2.94 1BP3, 120V
Price: $30 Mks instruments 9699-0392 heater jacket, 4.95 STR2.94 1BP3, 120V
Price: $20.08 Mks 9699-1123 vacuum piping heater, HTR2.31,STR4.0,bel,1BP3
Price: $37.26 Mks instruments 9699-1199 heater jacket, 4.92 str 4.75, 1BP3, 12
Price: $12.91 Asm 9699347 kit, 4X6MM metric water
Price: $30 Mks instruments 9699-1199 heater jacket, 4.92 str 4.75, 1BP3, 12
Price: $1500 9699524 varian 9699524 controller turbo pump, turbo-v 300HT
Price: $158.38 Tokyo electron (tel) 9699861 pcb, turbo control (979 & 947)
Price: $44.95 Cat conector splitting y conector 2 female 1
Price: $65 Adcs (advanced delivery & chemical systems) low level monitor
Price: $361.25 Trebor P0168 watlow 96B0-caaa-00RG main temperature controller;
Price: $7 New ark 96F3950 idec RH3B-u DC12V relay low volt 3-p 12VDC(newar
Price: $28.75 New ark 96F3961 idec RH4B-u-AC24V relay
Price: $25 New net mercury NM0003-1907 ark 96F7919 pin male connector 24-28
Price: $125 Clutch coil for hardinge
Price: $2 Cat 9700-0341-02 2X led light
Price: $1.7 Ontrak 97-0004-009 foam tape, 1/4" w x 0.06" thk
Price: $45 Ascent 9700214501 cabel assy smif
Price: $6.7 Belden 9700-2172-01 cable assy
Price: $35 Ascent 9700-2328-01 cable gripper shielding
Price: $50 Leemah electronics 9700-2330-01 ~3FT cable gripper shielded 36 5
Price: $95 Ascent 9700-2330-02 cable gripper arm; 2 ft
Price: $8 Asyst technologies 9700-2342-01 sensor assembly smif; 1 ft
Price: $22 Asyst technologies 9700-2396-01 door level switch harness assy c
Price: $11.16 Asyst technology 9700-2684-08 cable
Price: $15.06 Asyst technologies 9700-3045-10 wilco wire & cable / flextronics
Price: $24.55 Asyst technologies 9700-3046-10 cable assy
Price: $11.16 Asyst technology 9700-3047-10 cable
Price: $13.77 Entegris 9700-3159-01 kit liner upper 150MM cle
Price: $250 Entegris 9700-3160-02 kit waferlock 150MM clean
Price: $13.77 Entegris 9700-3161-01 kit liner lower 150 mm pa
Price: $220 Entegris 9700-3162-01 asyst kit gasket 150MM pod clean
Price: $15.06 Asyst technologies 9700-3191-01 harness
Price: $12 Asyst technologies 9700319901 cam link assembly
Price: $180.74 Asyst technologies 9700-3222-02 smif arm 2200 cart
Price: $15.06 Asyst technologies 9700-4333-06 cable assy
Price: $12.04 We 9700-4333-12 cable assy
Price: $11.16 Asyst technology 9700-4335-06 cable
Price: $42.17 Asyst technologies 9700-4818-01 lead screw
Price: $11.16 Amphenol (amp) 9700-4336-06 cable
Price: $11.16 Asyst technology 9700-4857-01S cable
Price: $11.16 Asyst technology 9700-4857-10 cable
Price: $11.16 Asyst technology 9700-4859-10 cable
Price: $350 Ushio 9706024-U00 controller, fa, fa-cont 930228
Price: $400 Ushio 9708050/U00 controller, transfer, gp-pio-a, 940314
Price: $125 Mace 971-1044-01 regulator-pressure-teflon; lam 766-009593-002
Price: $250 Lam research (lam) 971-1144-91 regulator teflon, (mace)
Price: $20.4 Stanley 972312462 anti-rise wheel assembly
Price: $65 Honeywell 972CP15TP-A13N-l micro switch sensing and cooling
Price: $26.25 Spm international limited 9730221A-00 valve air-op shuttle, 1/2
Price: $8.93 Amphenol (amp) 97-3102A-22-20P connctor metal circ box recept si
Price: $20 Akrion 9735212D valve passive check viton seal
Price: $38.15 Akrion 9735212D valve passive check viton seal
Price: $250 Akrion 9735581A plast-o-matic X1038 diverter valve
Price: $450 97-4366-1 gate valve rotary manual control
Price: $33.41 Svg thermco 975459-001 tube, crossbar, manifold (muffle etch tan
Price: $21.53 Aviza technology 975460-001 tube, input, manifold (muffle etch t
Price: $1.75 Farnell 975-552 fuse 5A 250V fast ceramic
Price: $225 Watkins johnson (wj) 975783-001 operator panel
Price: $29.75 Cat 9760-0286 belt
Price: $178.5 Cat 9760-0342 gear #5 for fine focus adjustment
Price: $2.04 Nanometrics inc 9760-0288 o-ring
Price: $191.25 Btu engineering 3161111 btu engineering corp. 3161111, relay out
Price: $225 Watkins johnson (wj) 976504-001 operator panel, alarm/status
Price: $12.33 Wika 9767088 200-psi gauge; type: 213.53 2.5", 1/4" npt lm
Price: $125 Watkins johnson (wj) 97780-005 pcb adaptor board 2000, xycom 977
Price: $250 Watkins johnson (wj) 977176-001 pcb, mfc interface
Price: $220.86 Watkins johnson (wj) 978400-001 wafer 200MM, profiling, single p
Price: $150 Aviza technology 978462-001 valve, purge, mfc, chamber, ss-4BK-V
Price: $15 Novellus 978417 diaphragm, slurry, polish bladder
Price: $3.4 Amphenol 97-9057-1007-1 backshells
Price: $84.65 Watkins johnson (wj) 979212-001 motor-for hoist
Price: $69.43 Watkins johnson (wj) 979790-003 stand injector/vent 20.00 weld w
Price: $1287.88 Watkins johnson (wj) 979791-001 bar, sensor, conveyor, unload
Price: $16.64 9799 horiba stec 9799 fitting, 44M-uc-4CR
Price: $1500 Aviza technology 979888-001 cybeq systems indexer 2208-2 indexer
Price: $216.24 Asahi valve 97D00851A valve pvdf/viton b/fly wafer 3 ansi 150#
Price: $45 General electric 97F5503 capacitor, 370 vac, 3UF, 50/60HZ
Price: $297.5 Ag associates 9800-0150 ag associates pca ocb pcb
Price: $20.25 98-001-0590 imtec acculine 98-001-0590 tank collar condensing ni
Price: $382.5 Ag associates 9800-0310 ag associates analog board
Price: $85 Trebor 98001065 valve dump
Price: $55.25 Trebor 98001081 cell resistivity
Price: $1.6 Semitool 98001230 trebor allen wrench 5/32 for trebor magnum 610
Price: $106.25 Plast-o-matic 98001943 relief valve
Price: $450 Applied materials (amat) 980204-2 valve vacuum, isolation nor-ca
Price: $85 Tec 98025 air bearing; dwg# B58185
Price: $75 Watkins johnson (wj) 980681-001 collar, roller
Price: $25 Watkins johnson (wj) 980681-001 collar, roller
Price: $145 Itt aerospace controls 98087-173P5S111 neo-dyn switch pressure a
Price: $12 Cat 980C0023 11.5"X12.5" 3" 3-ring binder clean room
Price: $337.71 Applied materials (amat) 981006W controller, motor speed
Price: $12.75 Kemco 9816-00 blankoff premix port universal
Price: $106.25 Watkins johnson (wj) 982415-001 block calibration homeswitch ven
Price: $132.08 Watkins johnson (wj) 983902-001 gordon ACHA00Q100WK000 thermocou
Price: $191.25 Cat 98-398-002 pcb, ucn-2, UCN4808A
Price: $89.25 Eurotherm 983-zcp controller temp digital ind.; 983-zcp
Price: $65 Mks 9840-0009 heater jacket vacuum piping , 120VZ, 100V, 28W, 0.
Price: $35 Mks 9840-0016 heater jacket, EL90SR, tan, A1, 120V, 144W, 1.20A,
Price: $13.5 Mks 9840-0031 insulator 45 deg
Price: $125 Mks 9840-0029 heater, jacket, 120V, 476W, 3.97A, 50/60HZ
Price: $100 Mks 9840-0103 heater, jacket 120V, 173W, 1.44A, 50/60HZ
Price: $20 Mks 9840-0105 heater jacket, 120V, 63W, 0.52A, 50/60 hz
Price: $40 Mks 9840-0111 heater jacket, 120/240 vac, 50/60 hz
Price: $28.5 Mks 9840-0112 heater jacket, 120V, 75W, 0.62A, 50/60 hz
Price: $45 Mks 9840-0113 heater jacket, 120V, 388W, 2.82A, 50/60 hz
Price: $12.75 Mks 9840-3005 vacuum piping heater
Price: $25 Mks 9840-3032 heater jacket, 120V, 52W, 0.43A, 50/60HZ
Price: $25 Mks 9840-3031 heater jacket, 120V, 73W, 0.60A, 50/60HZ
Price: $25 Mks 9840-3033 heater jacket, 120V, 64W, 0.54A, 50/60HZ
Price: $3.01 Vat 98441-R1 balls set lubricated
Price: $1112.48 Tokyo electron (tel) 984902 gas distribution , lid htp
Price: $60 Watkins johnson (wj) 984928-001 return line from injector to 4WA
Price: $2.82 Wika 9851755 gauge, 0-60OZ/in H2O 1/4MP btm
Price: $24.3 Watkins johnson (wj) 985177-001 bracket stabilizer crs watkins j
Price: $39.79 985192-017-036/a 3M scotch 985192-017-036/a assy, cable 25 line
Price: $49.64 Watkins johnson (wj) 985227-001 10-foot power cable extension
Price: $5 Watkins johnson (wj) 985230-003 cable,solid state relay,quad,6.4
Price: $308.14 Aviza technology 985417-001 manifold, injector, kalrez o-ring-ap
Price: $12.75 Watkins johnson (wj) 985471-001 line adapter input/output water
Price: $191.25 Hewlett packard 98624-66501 HP98624A hp-ib interface card
Price: $59.5 E-flow inc 986359-001 manfold 9 inletinj bay gas line leak
Price: $125 Aviza technology 986359-001 manifold leak check, 9-inlet
Price: $3.4 Watkins johnson 986711-001 watkins johnson kit, check, leak, WJ9
Price: $17 Edwards vacuum inc. 98-90314-00 ribbon cable harness ocp systems
Price: $812.81 Varian 987AK gaertner scientific co gaertner scientific co, stag
Price: $22.5 Mks 9899-0017 heater jacket, 120V, 49W, 0.41A, 50/60 hz
Price: $162 989A-10BC-curr watlow 989A-10BC-curr controller, heater
Price: $225 Excelan 9900027-13 pcb - EX0S 205T lan card
Price: $1215 Varian 9900045700 kit, hp/ehp, elevator, chamber
Price: $1200 Genmark automation 990010622 system controller, 120VAC 6A/220VAC
Price: $163.78 Asml 99-00269-05 valve solenoid air vacuum control
Price: $10.2 Bimba 99-00802 air cylinder, switch harness
Price: $23.8 Cannon 99-01989-02 cable communication between CONT1 and co
Price: $29.75 Svg 99-01993-02 cable, ribbon
Price: $46.75 Svg 99-03234 cable 6 indexer harness; randcor 9523
Price: $29.75 Gasonics 99-03804 filter emi for motor
Price: $121.5 Nor-cal vacuum products inc 990528-1 heater, iso valve, 208 volt
Price: $15.62 Barbaer-colman 99-04089 thermocouple assy
Price: $42.5 Ontrak 99-06615-02 brush scrubber
Price: $20.4 Svg 99-08130-01 tube vacuum block vapor prime
Price: $63.75 Asml 99-10971-01 detector assy. over temp; svg
Price: $29.75 Linde 99111 sealing ring for PIC2610 KV2621/22/47/48
Price: $120 Svg 99-11562-01 block 6 grooved hpo; 551035758
Price: $127.5 System chemistry 99-11610-03 power control pcb
Price: $175 Aviza technology 9912001 svg thermco pcb *broken fuse holder* JS
Price: $25 Weidmuller 9912-02011 aluminum wire ferrule, pack of 93
Price: $21.25 Linde 99123 sealing element for PIC2610
Price: $15.06 Hps-mks 99-1232 kit, oring, NW80, 2S, S455-70
Price: $114.75 Edwards vacuum inc. 99-12851-00 convertor (mdu) electric board e
Price: $191.25 Cat 99-142-001 pcb adis-1 tegal 915
Price: $20.4 Cat 99-1445 bit tube squaring mc model 301(for s.s.)
Price: $106.25 Svg svg sensor optical for chill plate
Price: $42.17 Svg 99-17128-01 assy, cnvr indx out cap sensor
Price: $10.26 Lam research (lam) 99-17559-01 harness, alarm
Price: $20 Hps 99-1786 flg, blank-off, NW25, 316, ep
Price: $170 Tegal 99-196-003RW pcb ati-3 auto tune T915
Price: $695.98 Tegal 99-203-004 pcb mnp-4 mtch ntwk
Price: $106.25 Tegal 99-206-001 pcb agcp-1 tegal 915
Price: $27.11 Svg 99-22351-02 sensor spindle elevator assy
Price: $50 Netmercury 99-22448-01 harness transfer arm z motion
Price: $45 Net mercury 99-22448-01 harness, transfer arm, z motion, moto-sp
Price: $225 Rite track equipment 99-22488-02 merkle-korff ind cyhc-62976-35-
Price: $15.62 Rite-track 99-23226-01 harness,thermo cutoff
Price: $21.25 Svg 99-23230-01 patlite patlite signal tower
Price: $17 Svg 99-23230-02 patlite patlite signal tower
Price: $25 Svg 99-23230-02 patlite patlite signal tower
Price: $1.91 Matrix 992-60103 retainer ring bottom
Price: $92.21 Matrix 992-60129 reactor clamp insulator
Price: $2 Binder 99-3390-281-04 6MM female socket straight
Price: $45 Mks 99-3811 straight spool, MF80, 5.9" long
Price: $370 Svg 99-38892-01 developer spindle meter unit
Price: $21.25 Svg 99-39270-02 patlite patlite signal tower
Price: $55 Glemco 99411B filament twisted els
Price: $15.62 Rite-track 99-40194-01 harness
Price: $12.04 Rite track 99-42033-01 cable assy
Price: $12.04 Rite-track 99-42598-01 cable remote interface
Price: $55.79 Rite-track 99-43123-01 assy, brake, fail save
Price: $12.04 Rite-track 99-43636-01 cable, hi flex gnd, #10-#10, 18"
Price: $100 Svg 99-44061-01 assembly, pulley drive/idler
Price: $63.75 99-45281-01 lufran slc-2-d-9 sensor proximitylufran slc-2-d-9, 1
Price: $225 Svg thermco 99-45762-07 e-chain 12 module 47 links
Price: $20 Merlin gerin 994582A switch; panel mount knob missing white cove
Price: $5 Jazz 994-60007 o-ring-qz to base, size-#363S70
Price: $275 Varian 994728-0002N pcb tm 990/101 ma mod pn 1503010
Price: $125 Rite-track 99-48549-01 harness w/e-chain shtl z-axis
Price: $12.04 Rite-track 99-48555-12 harness,shuttle e-chain 16STA i
Price: $20 Pneutronics 995-003000-020 pressure switch, 5 psi--not in origin
Price: $35 Pneutronics 995-003000-028 pressure switch, 45 psi--not in origi
Price: $3.01 Svg 99-52211-01 cbl bypass dc pwr to z-mtr pcb
Price: $45 Watkins johnson (wj) 995718-001 mount, thermo couple - apl
Price: $66.94 Controlotron 995T cdu hand held terminal
Price: $196.26 Svg thermco 995732-009 manifold, supply, chemical, 42 hole, mono
Price: $225 Planar 996-0237-05 EL640.400-CE5 normal, el interface; eca: 944-
Price: $35 Watkins johnson (wj) 996656-001 cable,TC37,load,WJ1500- apl
Price: $41.27 Watkins johnson (wj) 996656-002 cable,TC38,unload,WJ1500- apl
Price: $39.66 Watkins johnson (wj) 996656-003 cable,TC39,bypass,WJ1500- apl
Price: $17.13 Aviza-watkins johnson-svg thermco 996871-001 seal, vto, flag, du
Price: $35 Applied materials (amat) 997049-001 clamp spacer ss
Price: $9.04 Rite-track 99-69148-01 lever
Price: $3861 Aviza technology 997192-002 blank,aln,vacuum chuck - scd
Price: $20 Watkins johnson (wj) 997265-001 cover, flange, exhaust, hf
Price: $55 Aviza technology 997388-001 adapter, exhaust, hf, facing, downwa
Price: $25.25 Aviza technology 997401-001 kit, wire, tc, removable-pl
Price: $22.28 Watkins johnson (wj) 997402-001 exhaust safety duct gasket, 14 x
Price: $250 Watkins johnson (wj) 997487-001 panel, bulkhead, power. primary,
Price: $11.59 Asml 99-80001-01 svg
Price: $1326.51 Svg 99-80071-49 pcb cpu hpo old type p/n 80071E
Price: $861.3 Watkins johnson (wj) 998012-001 shroud, 2 ports WJ1500- wpl
Price: $38.25 Svg 99-80137-00 handler interconnect pcb svg
Price: $382.5 Applied materials (amat) 99-80138-01 amat pcb sensor select
Price: $159.38 Svg 99-80184-02 arm vac sen
Price: $450 Svg 99-80166-01 station cpu board
Price: $75 Svg 99-80184-02 pcb, vacuum sensor board, 80184C-02
Price: $318.75 Svg svg 99-80203-02 RS422 communication board
Price: $117.94 Svg 99-80207-02 pcb, spin station expansion
Price: $138.33 Scp global 99-80210-01 assy pcb interface controller (for parts/
Price: $68.24 Scp global 99-80210-01 assy pcb interface controller (for parts/
Price: $50 Svg 99-80212-01 pcb shuttle interface (small)
Price: $467.5 99-80210C svg assy pcb interface controller
Price: $25 Svg 99-80212-01 pcb shuttle interface (small)
Price: $60 Paitrr 99-80214-01 temp sense pcb
Price: $150 Svg 99-80220-01 pcb nikon interface; 80220A
Price: $75 Svg 99-80224-01 pcb canon interface; 80224A
Price: $125 Netmercury 99-80241-01 vb/vp vac sns pcb
Price: $433.5 Svg 99-80267-01 shuttle interface board
Price: $250 Svg 99-80268-01 pcb, system power supply
Price: $219.94 Svg 99-80268-01 system power supply
Price: $280 Svg 99-80270-01 svg 99-80270-01 sensor multiplexor
Price: $450 Svg 99-80269-01 net mercury nm-0003-5663 rarm shuttle station pc
Price: $600 Svg 99-80293-01 pcb, i/o expansion/lcd interface
Price: $255 Svg 99-80293-01 i/o expansion/lcd interface board
Price: $361.45 Svg 99-80295-01 pcb power supply & safety reset
Price: $312.38 Silicon valley group (svg) 99-80295-01 pcb power supply & safety
Price: $318.75 Svg 99-80297-01 current limit sensor
Price: $79.69 Svg 99-80299-01 chill plate pcb
Price: $382.5 Svg 99-80302-01 90S interlock board
Price: $59.5 Asml 99-80309-01 pcb motherboard card cage (old ven. no.:
Price: $50 Svg 99-80304-02 receiver-handler interface assembly
Price: $86.06 Svg 99-80315-01 pcb, exhaust flow controller
Price: $302.81 Svg 99-80316-01 flow switch voltage regulator
Price: $159.38 Svg 99-80323-01 vacuum sensor
Price: $52.72 Watkins johnson (wj) 998040-001 line, containment, double, lengt
Price: $3.4 Finder 4 pole relay diode indicator part # 99.80.
Price: $35 Pulsotronic 9981-1002 proximity sensor, 10-30V dc 200MA
Price: $8 Aviza technology 998286-001 kit, strain relief, cable, hoist ss
Price: $338.31 Svg thermco 998412-001 manifold, valve, boron, reservoir, crs, s
Price: $200 Watkins johnson (wj) 998403-001 valve, assembly, resevior,crs- a
Price: $238.31 Svg thermco 998413-001 manifold, valve, phosphorous, reservoir,
Price: $410.04 Systems chemistry-air liquide 99-85015-03 systems chemistry 99-8
Price: $132.67 Aviza technology 998414-001 manifold valve, teos, reservoir,crs,
Price: $233.75 Systems chemistry 99-85016-00 interconnect pcb assy
Price: $32.04 Watkins johnson (wj) 998825-003 cable,tc 34,removable,injector b
Price: $32.04 Watkins johnson (wj) 998825-004 omega cable,tc 35,removable,inje
Price: $72.92 Watkins johnson (wj) 998953-001 accuglide CD20AAAH slide, linear
Price: $13 999-0007-08 bolt, eye, ss shoulder, pkg 2
Price: $4.25 Edwards vacuum inc. 99-90304-01 ribbon cable 50 pins mdu
Price: $1.43 Edwards 99-90304-02 ribbon cable, 8 inches long
Price: $1035.79 Aviza technology 999543-001 endefector,front-end-apl
Price: $10 Aviza technology 999509-001 plug ss pkg 13
Price: $20 Aviza technology 999597-003 tubing, 3/8 od ss, system,cooling, m
Price: $10 Aviza technology 999597-006 tubing, 3/8 od ss, system, cooling,
Price: $63.75 Hps 99-9696 flange ring rot bolt NW80
Price: $35 Vat 99983-R1 o-ring, locking ring seal
Price: $151.4 Aviza technology 999890-001 banner D12SN6FPH sensor, harness, lo
Price: $20.08 Square d 9999 PN01 contactor starter
Price: $9.56 Dai nippon screen (dns) 999901000 switch, float
Price: $65 Semifab inc 999901030 gasket die cover 999901012 semi-fab humidi
Price: $167.06 Watkins johnson (wj) 999924-001 roller, muffle end, sleeved
Price: $9.04 Hps/mks 99A1069 screen #8,KB601,blower
Price: $1200 New mks 99C0274 gate, valve, jalapeno, ; 100AM055CLHNH
Price: $3822.96 New applied materials (amat) 99DE0044000 pick list for
Price: $1200 Mks 99E0684 valve, iso 100 flange pneumatic angle
Price: $250 Mks 99E1446 element, al etch, high cap
Price: $25 Mks 99G0131 ring, bolt, thr, MF100, T3BI
Price: $250 Mks 99G0345 valve, LPV1-50AKCNH, mod
Price: $75 Mks 99G1062A heater, jacket, 120V, 218W, 1.82A, 50/60HZ, 100V, 1
Price: $150 Mks 99G0345 valve, LPV1-50AKCNH, mod
Price: $75 Mks 99G1064A heater jacket, 120V, 350W, 2.92A, 50/60 hz
Price: $20 Mks 99G1065A insulator, heater jacket, 120V, 97W, 0.80A, 50/60HZ
Price: $75 Hps 99G1652 iso 80 to 100 reducer with gauge port
Price: $25 Varian 99H0793 baf insert micro ion gauge NW16KF port
Price: $20.25 Mks instruments 99J0020 adaptor, heater 2.5 ss-8BK-vcr
Price: $1200 Mks 99H0795 valve, isolation, 3 stage, NW100 right tee fast acti
Price: $225 99J0730A valve, soft start assembly, body,iso 100 V3-100, inline
Price: $65 Hps 99J1684 heater, 6 feet power cable, A003356, 100-120VAC, max
Price: $15.06 Mykrolis 99J5561 planargard CM13 (filter)
Price: $2796.59 Applied materials (amat) 99TN0553000 "ck t/n#553 15"" magnetic"
Price: $10 San ace 40 9CR0412S5038 san ace 40 9CR0412S5038 dc 12V
Price: $300 9EI0-301 pcb, board
Price: $750 Dia nippon screen (dns) 9ECU-201A pcb, board cpu
Price: $300 Dia nippon screen (dns) 9EIO-201B1 pcb i/o
Price: $225 Megatest powertec power supply, super switcher series, input-out
Price: $250 Megatest astec 9J5-360-371-fgv-23-S1722A power supply, super swi
Price: $250 Megatest powertec power supply, super switcher series, input-out
Price: $15 Dell 9K099 32MB ati rage pro 128 agp card
Price: $10 Dell 9K100 low profile 32MB ati rage pro 128 agp card
Price: $250 Megatest powertec power supply, super switcher series, ac input:
Price: $9.99 Dell 9P301 dell 9P301 nvidia P73 NV17 4X 8X agp 64M video card
Price: $15 Dell 9P809 24X cd-rom slim drive
Price: $10 Dell 9P809 24X cd-rom slim drive
Price: $29.75 General electric 9T58B65 transformer 220V/115V 8 a
Price: $13.4 Magam a 25 li belt v a-25 for a/c ahelter
Price: $19.01 Mgi 9X-918 flag for pl adaptor
Price: $26.96 Asco a 948993 kit spare for sv-no #K302-047E pn 02800
Price: $4.25 Cat a-0000 filter teflon pads dasibi ***1PK=10PCS***
Price: $297.5 Leece-neville A0012301-b alternator for diesel engine pn 213807
Price: $500 Huntington A00-1545-a kit, isolation valve repair, asm epi
Price: $550 Huntington A00-1545 valve reactor iso asm epi
Price: $500 Asm huntington A00-1545-a kit, isolation valve repair, asm epi
Price: $35 Watlow A002262 heater jacket, 10V, 14W
Price: $35 Watlow A002263 heater jacket, 10V, 14W
Price: $35 Watlow A002266 heater jacket, 7V, 7W
Price: $16 Watlow A002267 heater jacket, 8V, 9W
Price: $45 Watlow A002268 heater jacket, 9V, 11W
Price: $45 Watlow A002272 heater, jacket, 14V 19WATTS
Price: $35 Watlow A002510 heater jacket, 15V, 31W
Price: $45 Watlow A002273 heater, jacket 17V 24WATTS
Price: $55 Watlow A002511 heater jacket, 27V, 55W
Price: $35 Watlow A003373 valve heater, weldment, atm switch/monometer, 120
Price: $1 Edwards vacuum inc. A00906028 wilson seal rubber es/ED50
Price: $46.75 Cat A01.11.54.12-01 comb stationed contactor PLCC68
Price: $8.5 Cat A01015062 connector special p/n A01.01.50.62
Price: $12.75 Cat A01.01.51.10 standard metal part
Price: $17 Cat A01-01-51-11 part metal p/n A01.01.51.11- standard
Price: $25 Koganei A010E1 solenoid micro air valve
Price: $21.25 Goulds A02863A01 goulds valve relief for compressor
Price: $370.6 Nikon A01 of up/down arm ty 4B990-033 04068, 4B990-033AN
Price: $35 Koganei A030E1-l solenoid valve 0~0.7MPA--not in original packag
Price: $25 Air products - nm A0-315M ngs, blank off, plate assembly pkg 9
Price: $60.25 Proconics international A0473800 xmitter, light curtain remote,
Price: $250 Proconics international A0474000 light curtains main receiver; p
Price: $60.25 Proconics international A0474100 pcb, remote light curtain recei
Price: $27.5 Proconics international A04740B0 pcb, sensor, light curtains, wi
Price: $150 Proconics international A0474400 pcb, light curtain control, mea
Price: $200 Entegris A057-1 pfa B207 handle wafer boat--not in original pack
Price: $180.74 Novellus A06-300-01 window quartz 9 1/2 inch
Price: $127.5 Alfa laval a-080M8200 K100200 actuator ecx d/a for valve 3 epdm
Price: $75 Nagano keiki seisakusho ltd A081968 pressure transmitter, 1-10 k
Price: $93.75 Barbaer-colman A092-85 actuator rear shaft kit
Price: $1.6 Nova electronic materials ltd A093 paper video thermal vt-11510
Price: $250 Proconics A0974400 and A0974600 i/o port junction card and i/o p
Price: $225 Proconics international A0974600 pcb, i/o port, meas/insp
Price: $175 Proconics A0974700 and A0974600 i/o port controller and i/o port
Price: $200 Proconics international A0974700 pcb assy, i/o port junction car
Price: $200 Proconics international A0974700 pcb assy, i/o port junction car
Price: $200 Proconics international A0974700 pcb assy, i/o port junction car
Price: $55.79 Proconics international A0974800 rev a pcb, vertical trolley jun
Price: $100 Proconics international A0975000 pcb, bcms gripper interface, me
Price: $225 Proconics international A0975400 pcb, encoder taxi, bcms/rcms
Price: $25 Rotor clip a-100 retaining ring applicator tool
Price: $38.25 Cat A1006847 AB800 belt - 69 tooth
Price: $17 Cat A1008405 belt motor z platen; AB800 belt 1/5 pitch, 53 tooth
Price: $28.33 Ebara a-1012-046-0001 diaphragm, primary topring
Price: $150 H-square A101-923 pcb -A101-923
Price: $3.4 Aromat A1020498 relay, micro miniature pcb mount
Price: $2.55 Hakko A1033 ceramic paper filter(l)
Price: $1 Hakko A1042 cleaning sponge; old number: 609-029
Price: $15 Ips ltd a-1068-3 pair of stainless steel handles
Price: $10 Norton A1077001 male 1/2" connector, skh-1/2-4N pfa
Price: $25 Watlow A1112U heater jacket, 24 v, 12 w
Price: $225 Proconics international A1176800 pcb, servo amp
Price: $125 Chem tec equipment company (cte) a-1154-30(12CCM) sensor flow ,a
Price: $150 Edwards vacuum inc. A13401701 adaptor speedivac 2
Price: $45 Hoffman a-14N126 14 x 12 x 6 junction box
Price: $25.31 Ebara a-1500-340-0001 base assy
Price: $7.65 Omron A16-2 switch lighted
Price: $4.76 Nikon a-160-3-2 stepper panel locks (takigen)
Price: $25.5 A165E-s-01 switch A165-s-01
Price: $7.65 Omron A16L-aga-24D-2 16 mm dia. , lighted , pushbutton shape squ
Price: $45 Koganei A180-4E1-psl-3L solenoid valve
Price: $45 Koganei A180-4E2-psl-3L solenoid valve
Price: $35 Sansei technos co ltd A180-AE1-pll valve, solenoid
Price: $65 Sansei technos co ltd A180E1-DC24V valve, solenoid, DC24V
Price: $170 Metron technology A182-60M-0215 boat pfa wafer carrier laser mar
Price: $145 Fluoroware A182-60MB wafer carrier 6 in, linear teflon, 150MM pf
Price: $750 Rhetech inc A182-60M 150MM- 6 inch rotor semitool rinser dryer
Price: $550 Semitool A190-60M-0215 rotor 150MM h-bar, 2800 rpm max balanced
Price: $29.75 Penn A19 penn temperature controlsensor remote lo water therm. c
Price: $60.25 Proconics international A1971300 board, rcms i/o port service lo
Price: $21.25 York 025-16593-000 johnson controls A19AAB-15 valve needle r 1/4
Price: $55.79 Johnson controls A19AAF-12 temperature control; spdt 25/255F; 10
Price: $106.25 Johnson controls A19ABC-9116 switch temp., 1-60-degree celsius,
Price: $15 Black box A1AV11673 a & b port ethernet switch
Price: $300 Mitsubishi A1SD75-M2 melsec positioning unit (sscnet) ses
Price: $488.65 Sez A1SJ71QBR11 net work card
Price: $5 Edwards vacuum inc. A20001703 general hazard labels, ***pack of
Price: $250 Westinghouse A202K4DA contractor 4POLE ac lighting 480/277V 200A
Price: $156.4 Asm A200-80MD-0215D waffer carrier 200MM - teflon
Price: $25.5 Edwards vacuum inc. A20402099 high vac blade; contains 50% chrys
Price: $5 Edwards vacuum inc. A20473003 NW16 blanking shipping assy
Price: $144.59 Tokyo electron (tel) A21181-000543-14 pcb
Price: $45.08 Precision dynamics A2212-v-vo 2 way valve (solenoid) 150MOPD, 5
Price: $35 Carlson pl-718-26 filter pleated cartridge, edwards A223-04-042
Price: $35.06 Edwards A223-04-079 odowr removal element EMF20 & EMF20HS
Price: $102 Tokyo electron A23181-060002-12 connect-i/O16
Price: $45 Porter A250-2-B2268 meter, rotometer l/min N2 at 40 psig and 70'
Price: $18 Porter instrument A250-2-B2268 roto meter; 0-18 l/min air @ 40-p
Price: $15 Porter instrument A250-5-B2993 roto meter; 0-70 l/min air at 40-
Price: $5 Porter instrument A250-5-B2993 roto purge meter; 0-70 l/min air
Price: $15 Porter instrument A250-5-B2993 roto meter; 0-70 l/min air at 40-
Price: $20 Porter instrument A250-6-B3263 purge meter, 0-130 l/min of N2 @
Price: $20 Porter instrument A250-6-B2566 rotometer flow meter, l/min N2 at
Price: $225 Edwards vacuum inc. A25201022 spraying systems co. 707-ss 1/4 b.
Price: $35 Edwards vacuum inc. A25903001 perspex cover ITO100-300
Price: $1.5 Edwards vacuum inc. A25908123 exhaust diaphragm viton® rvp
Price: $1 Edwards vacuum inc. A25976014 valve back plate for EM5/8
Price: $29.75 Gould A25X350 gould shawmut amptrap fuse, 350AMPS, 250V or less
Price: $2.55 Ferraz shawmut A25Z30-2 fuse 250V 30A
Price: $5 Edwards vacuum inc. A27159500 gasket EH250/500/600
Price: $1 Edwards vacuum inc. A27159532 gasket
Price: $6.8 Edwards A271-59-635 edwards oilbox gasket
Price: $1 Edwards vacuum inc. A27160010 seal, bonded 1/4" bsp
Price: $130 Edwards vacuum inc. A28702040 georg fischer 161.346.213 valve 3/
Price: $55.25 Keystone A29LY25 card feedback 4-20MA for keystone actu
Price: $18.07 Swagelok a-2-l-4 aluminum hose connector sleeve
Price: $450 Nissin A2NCPU-ul programmable controller
Price: $106.25 Dwyer A3000-0-240V dwyer series 3000 photohelic pressure switch/
Price: $300 Fala A3000 bearing, 300MM wrist arm
Price: $25 Pentax camera body
Price: $45 Dwyer A3003C with power supply photohelic differential pressure
Price: $20.08 Sporlan a-3-0-0/80 thermostatic expansion valve
Price: $14 Edwards vacuum inc. A30301732 shim kit
Price: $90 Edwards vacuum inc. A30551022 coupling enclosure 50HZ EH1200
Price: $1.7 Linde A33775 hexagonal shouldered nut for KV2645/46
Price: $165 Watlow A3504D/010518500 heater jacket, 120V, 162W, 120V, 362W to
Price: $155 Watlow A3504D/410919-002 heater jacket, silicone, 120V, 200W
Price: $35 Koganei A353-4E2-ps-l solenoid valve, 0.17~0.7 mpa--not in origi
Price: $150 Plasmatherm A360 inner liner model A360
Price: $25 Seastorm A362-843 teflon flat washer/spacer pkg 10 i.d .250'' o.
Price: $55 Edwards vacuum inc. A363-01-016 sight glass clamp E2M28
Price: $97.92 Asco A374624 valve solenoid SV7 7A, 02171
Price: $1200 Sigma A38123 shutter, elec box, sigma 200; shutter lid / cover /
Price: $93.75 Boc edwards A38611820 kit, silencer, rebuild kit
Price: $22 Bando A38 v-belt
Price: $2000 Mitsubishi A3ACPUP21 melsec programmable controller; A3ACPU-PU21
Price: $15 Belkin A3L791-04-org cable, lan utp, cat 5E, patch, 4PAIR; RJ5M/
Price: $15 Belkin A3L791-07-blk cable, 7 feet, lan utp, cat 5, patch, 4 pai
Price: $15 Belkin A3L791-15-blk cable, CAT5E, patch, 15' black, RJ45M/RJ45M
Price: $14 Belkin A3L791-15-wht cable, CAT5E, patch, RJ45M/RJ45M; 15', whit
Price: $145 Mitsubishi A3NMCA24R sequencer, A3NMCA24R
Price: $35 Mitsubishi electric corp A3NMCA-4-ul memory cassette
Price: $15 Belkin A3X939-10-kit cable, omnview, kit; F3A510-10 F2N025-10-t;
Price: $233.75 Proconics international A4000013 pcassy encoder/taxi mhr robot,
Price: $22.31 Proconics international 5095034 assy, pcb, bar code reader
Price: $180.74 Proconics international A4000081 rev. b pcb, servo amp bd
Price: $476.85 Scp global A40-00114 swagelok ss-68K-vpli-1CM swagelok vaporizer
Price: $156.19 Asyst technologies A4000155PC pcassy dsp vision cntrl pc at
Price: $350.2 Mattson technology inc A40-00241 megasonic cables
Price: $1.06 Dayco a-40 oleostatic 13 x 1016 li belt v a-40 for ex fan kxf 2
Price: $29.75 Teledyne es-551B1800015-009 guardian electric A410-362295-02 rel
Price: $72.25 Signal transformer A41-130-24 semiconductor part, 115/230V, 50/6
Price: $106.25 Cat A43084-A0 CB3084 222 baratron board
Price: $250 Oriental motor A4244-9515NGMM 5-phase vexta stepping motor
Price: $22 Bando A43 v-belt
Price: $679.42 Trikon technologies A44211 pcb arm p.a. 200 series
Price: $126.54 Aviza technology A44367 pcb, gas select relay
Price: $137.64 Aviza technology A44373 pcb, fan speed control
Price: $85.26 Trikon A44643-02 filter pcb - for pulsed power supply ets CB4643
Price: $150 Vexta A4503-9215KE stepping motor
Price: $550 Aviza technology A45227 motor, assembly stepper
Price: $25 Aviza technology A45458 cable, linker PL476
Price: $25 Trikon A45477 cable, loom. PC104 ctrl i/f
Price: $226 Controller, air, distributor unit, tray IEW009, A45593/**, screw
Price: $180 Spts A45719 200W cart htr w/a
Price: $180 Spts A45721 100W cart heater w/a
Price: $35 Generic A45948-01 din breakout box, 9 ports
Price: $45 Aviza technology A45997 plug, watchdog linker
Price: $223.03 Aviza technology A46398 edwards D02428000 gauge, head pirani pre
Price: $4405.59 Aviza technology A46517 standard 150PT rf matching unit
Price: $500 Oriental motor A4691-046 5-phase driver
Price: $297.5 Oriental motor A4691-046 5-phase driver
Price: $26 Bando A47 v-belt
Price: $29.75 Th A4812-th shaft 1/4 x 1 meter for bearing
Price: $145 Aviza technology A48568 control, H2O2 flow,
Price: $26 Bando A48 v-belt
Price: $35 Aviza technology A48582 heater, rod gas duct
Price: $45 Waltlow NTB1J2J1 heater jacket w/a, 240V, 400W, 3 2001 dm
Price: $127.4 Aviza technology A49777 cable, rf connection lead
Price: $2.24 Rapco A4MSWI 4 pin wlr straight male cord plug
Price: $1.44 Magam a-50 v-belt, bando, a-50 li 302
Price: $21.32 Edwards vacuum A504-19-000 kit, oil return M2 vacuum pump connec
Price: $106.25 Edwards vacuum inc. 4-A50433000 OLM100 oil level monitor (fit E2
Price: $10 Edwards vacuum inc. A50503001 oil drain extension for RV3-12
Price: $10 Edwards vacuum inc. A50584814 100V E2M1.5 in/s cap kit ld
Price: $15 Intel A50933-002 fan, DC12V 0.17A, F07R-12B4S1 02AC1, 3 pin, cpu
Price: $22 Bando A50 v-belt
Price: $35 A5225-0432-01 rld di fixings kit
Price: $250 Ffsion instruments fisons instruments A51301327-100 pcb kevex se
Price: $150 A-5225-0565-01 dual axis connector kit
Price: $55 A-5225-0569-01 rld di alignment aid kit
Price: $12 Edwards vacuum inc. A52840015 1/4" bulkhead rest assy
Price: $500 Edwards D37215000 im smart pump interface
Price: $356.25 Boc edwards A52850000 exhaust pressure module, series 3
Price: $600 Edwards A52844460 tool interface flash module, iqdp-im
Price: $34 Edwards vacuum inc. A528-59-708 restrictor replacement kit
Price: $170 Edwards vacuum inc. A52865000 connection kit QDP40/QMB250
Price: $162.42 Edwards A52867010 bellows for QDP40 to QMB250 frame kit.
Price: $155 Edwards vacuum inc. A52867011 flange adapter
Price: $170 Edwards vacuum inc. A52869000 connection kit QDP80/QMB1200, part
Price: $63.75 Edwards vacuum inc. A53111000 QDP80 3/4 interstage kit
Price: $38.25 Edwards vacuum inc. A53199007 q series thermocouple kit edwards
Price: $34.43 Edwards vacuum inc. A53199011 hawco edwards snap-switch kit
Price: $112.5 Boc edwards A53220032 kit, temp. sensor iqdp moter (blue)
Price: $112.5 Boc edwards A53220033 kit, temp. sensor iqmb motor (red)
Price: $93.75 Boc edwards A53220039 kit, temp. sensor iqdp body (black)
Price: $95 Edwards vacuum inc. A53259704 restrictor inlet/exhaust iq- kit
Price: $55.76 Edwards A540-14-0222 canister eof 40CR p/n A540-14-022
Price: $554.2 Edwards A55001047 edwards 235MM pipe heater
Price: $193.8 Boc edwards vacuum A55001048 0.12 meter pipe heater for 40MM pip
Price: $35.53 Edwards vacuum inc. A55001050 0.5 meter pipe insulation for 40MM
Price: $30.94 Edwards vacuum inc. A55001051 0.25 meter pipe insulation for 40M
Price: $30.02 Edwards vacuum inc. A55001064 80MM pipe insulation for 40MM pipe
Price: $170 Edwards A55001072 edwards temperature management system
Price: $34.51 Edwards vacuum inc. A55001066 0.36 meter pipe insulation for 40M
Price: $15.3 Edwards vacuum inc. A55001080 thermocouple t/c for tms unit edwa
Price: $125 Knf MK2 miniature pump assembly 24V dc, edwards, A55001143
Price: $14.58 Boc-edwards vacuum A55001919 sw elbow 4MM-1/8" bsp ss pkg 10 (no
Price: $45 Edwards A55101005 caster heavy duty, 6 wheel track,pkg 2
Price: $33.57 Boc-edwards vacuum A55401040 detector, water leak (tpu enclosu
Price: $18.75 Boc edwards A55401043 kit, tpu/tcs thermocouple kit
Price: $41.31 Boc-edwards vacuum A55401047 panel, front display kit
Price: $25 Edwards vacuum A55401057 pumped drain float kit
Price: $36.45 Boc-edwards vacuum A55401099 snap sw. kit cyc. chamber
Price: $10 Boc edwards A55405004 ignition, cap 214HT tpu
Price: $12.15 Boc-edwards vacuum A55635077 glass, sight
Price: $31.19 Boc-edwards vacuum A55635127 controller, burner ctrl, IFS110IM-1
Price: $35 Kalrez A5-568A-018 o-ring;018;kalrez;versa valve
Price: $25 Chemraz A5-568A-222-cpd-570 9222-SD570 o-ring; chemraz filter, 1
Price: $4 Officemax incorporated A5TC6001 label tape 1/2IN blk/blue brothe
Price: $5 Breter A600P600 switch, push button, 60947-5-1
Price: $22 Moller A600Q300 general use, contact block, above 300V ac, 10A 6
Price: $10.2 Thomson A61014 thomson ball bushing linear bearing, 13/32X5/8X7/
Price: $1200 A61998 end point detector assy.
Price: $20 Intel A64083-004 10/100 network pci card
Price: $11.56 Mattson technology inc A65082-01 cable 37 pin rapitrain to autom
Price: $67.5 Number eleven technologies A65202-01 cable, water in opened devi
Price: $25 Number eleven technologies A65202-01 cable, water in opened devi
Price: $26 Bando A67 v-belt
Price: $250 Nissin A68AD analog input module
Price: $15 Sdp/si a 6A25-034DF1508 pulleyhtd timing belt ; 5MM ptich, 250MM
Price: $18.9 A6B16-110012 stock drive products A6B16-110012 belt, timing 110
Price: $10.2 Sdp A6B16-115025 belt, 115025, theta, UV1050/1250
Price: $7.65 Stock drive products A6B16-200037 belt, atm 407 (200T .037"w)
Price: $5.1 Sdp A6G16-145012 belt, timing 145 teeth
Price: $6.03 Stirling instrument a 6B 6-190025 belt, timing
Price: $15 Sterling insturments a-6R-090-037 belt timming z-axis
Price: $6.03 Stirling instrument a 6R25M080150 belt, timing
Price: $17.85 Sterling instruments A6R25M254150 belt, mag onload
Price: $10.2 Stock drive products A6R3-061037 belt, timing xl 12.2LG 3/8" w .
Price: $22.95 Sterling instruments A6R25M315150 belt, servo drive
Price: $6.03 Stirling instrument a 6R 3-096037 belt, timing, 1/5 p
Price: $6.03 Stirling instrument a 6R 3-174037 belt, timing
Price: $40 Sdp A6R3-106037 timing belt
Price: $5.1 Sterling instruments A6Z16M648030 belt, timing mxl 51.84LG x 3M
Price: $90 Tokyo electron (tel) A7028-012124-1 vac, IAGD2-seal-mfc-L40
Price: $7.65 A70P20 gould A70P20 fuse, 20A 700V TYPE1
Price: $2.55 Thomas & betts A716 thomas & betts superstrut 1/4" cushioned cla
Price: $250 Acopian technical company A75HT560 75 v, regulated power supply
Price: $250 Acopian technical company A75HT560 75 v, regulated power supply
Price: $35 Jazz A78-005-001 o-ring silicon-chamber-up, size #267S70
Price: $35 Jazz A78-008-01 o-ring-silicon-chamber-bo size #259S70
Price: $15 Jazz A78-009-01 o-ring silicon-door size #250S70
Price: $55 Jazz A78-029-01 o-ring teflon coated-(ss) size #213TES
Price: $1.01 Omron A7BS-206 omron, rotaly switch
Price: $72.25 Hewlett packard A7861-65324 hewlett packard usb keyboard for sem
Price: $25 Bearing limited a-7Y-5MF1004 bearing, 10MM ODX4 IDX3W flgd pkg 1
Price: $5.1 Stock drive products A7C18-03 bushing, strip onload drive
Price: $132.09 Airpax A82840-M1 airpax A82840-M1 8848; 24V 7.0W rot, rpm: 0-8 1
Price: $38.25 Ets A89179D02 ecccentric bearing assy
Price: $191.25 Trikon technologies A89669C01 arm hand aid asy (for robot)
Price: $1020 Norcimbus A8NN norcimbus A8NN high pressure manifold
Price: $100.41 Gasonics A90-031-03 pcb, plasma/lamp failure detection
Price: $300 Gasonics A90-042-01 pcb, A3000 lamp controller
Price: $9.94 Process systems equipment corp FE511-650 process systems FE511-6
Price: $17 Novellus A92-036-01 paddle strip aspen ii
Price: $45 Bando A94 v-belt
Price: $57.38 Novellus A95-056-01 down stream assy eop electronics
Price: $2000 Gasonics A95-062-01 arm ii,assy,w/pca,A94-062-01:motorola
Price: $370 Renishaw a-9537-3010 RGS40-s scale, tape-40MICRON (100MM) shelf
Price: $15.06 Novellus A96-062-03 assy,cable-A3000, plasma sensor
Price: $10 A-9904-1342-02 rlu laser fixings kit
Price: $150 Johnson controls corporation A960PCA-3 sensor, temperature
Price: $6 A9CCG-0403F-nd digi-key corporation A9CCG-0403F-nd cable, flex 3
Price: $10.2 Olympus AA795600 nut for B2-SIC6R
Price: $45 Eskay corporation AAR00141 cable assembly maintenance pendant
Price: $10 Hp 372952-001 adaptec aar-2610SA 64MB 6-port sata raid controlle
Price: $28.35 Pall AB04F0013EH15K3 filter, pall emflon-pf
Price: $17.21 Pall AB04P05018J filter, 5 micron absolute
Price: $75 Okazaki AB174307 thermocouple, aeropak, element: k, class: 2
Price: $35 AB062 braided ground strap, 25 feet long
Price: $50 Pall AB1F0103EH1 1.0 um not pre-wet filter
Price: $45 Pall AB1H100-3 filter cartridge, 10 micron abs.
Price: $91.8 Pall AB1J0127PH filter cartridge N2 10 l 0.1 micron conn
Price: $45 Pall AB1J100-3H4 filter cartridge, 10 micron abs.
Price: $37.8 Pall AB1UVI3EH1 ulti-etch filter
Price: $125 Pall AB1Y2007PH4 profile ii filter
Price: $9 Jazz ab-2297-01 timing belt; 140XL037
Price: $145 Pall AB2P00519J profile ii filter
Price: $400 Pall AB2Y0203J filter 20" profile ii , 2UM
Price: $145 Pall AB2Y0053J profile ii filter
Price: $29.58 Ckd AB31-02-2-F3A sol.valve ss 2X2 110V 1/4 o-ring-viton
Price: $15.06 Ckd AB31-2N-2-04A valve
Price: $121.5 Pall AB3A4007J filter, profile star
Price: $50 Ckd AB41-02-5-03A solenoid vavle
Price: $42.5 Ckd AB42-02-6-03A solenoid valve; DC24V
Price: $252.87 AB900-1/115 richmond static control services AB900-1/115 power s
Price: $102 Semitool aba-101 pcb auxilary board-03
Price: $125 Pall ABD2ANM3EH1 0.02UM ultipleat p-nylon
Price: $15 Switch, data transfer, 2 port, a & b
Price: $125 Pall ABFG1STGE3EH11-K3 ultikleen G2 pre wet filter
Price: $125 Pall ABFG1UFKL3EH1-K7 filter, pall, teflon, 10 inch excellar er,
Price: $36 Bay pneumatic ABFH118X12 cylinder air wafer lift R3 rotation; co
Price: $20 Watlow ABG000Q040UK100 thermo couple (tc)
Price: $20 Watlow ABG000Q030UK100 heater rod
Price: $18.75 Disco hi-tec ABG2R2SND-D3 omron G2R-2-snd omron G2R-2-snd; relay
Price: $20 Port plastics ABH020 clear i.d. 3/4", o.d. 1-1/16, length 100 fe
Price: $75 Port plastics inc ABH20253 flexible pvc tubing, 3/4 inches i.d,
Price: $3.01 Swagelok a-BN4-2P-K41 cap
Price: $25 Panduit ABM2S-a-d cable mount, 4-way, 1" x 1", white, pack of 50
Price: $100 Valve plastics ABR013-62-2 adaptor tube 1/4-28 unf bottom sealin
Price: $1150 Applied materials (amat) 0190-02977 eto abx-X355 rf, eto gen eps
Price: $25 Black box AC056A-R2 2 channel vga video splitter
Price: $300 Trikon technologies AC1971 automatch hf/lf board
Price: $63.75 Beco ac-10661-pvc-ep quick dump valve for OMEGA1000
Price: $12 Nok AC2847E seal shaft
Price: $63.75 Opto 22 AC5 c e isa i/o 24BIT adapter card toolkit w/cable
Price: $225 Arrow hart ACC230U10 magnetic starter/contactor; 600V 35A
Price: $125 Arrow hart ACC230UMM10 magnetic contactor /starter 110-230 vac 3
Price: $283.5 Cosel ACE650F UF3000 power supply
Price: $225 Arrow hart ACC730U10 magnetic contactor; 3-pole, 24V coil, 93A,
Price: $16 Disco hi-tec ACH3DEHS-C3 omron H3DE-h (s) omron H3DE-h (s), rela
Price: $3570 Maruwa ACHK625701-1 glass quartz hook
Price: $75 Gordon ACHA00Q100WK000 thermocouple 10” temperature measuremen
Price: $510 Sez ACHK635524 wafer guide
Price: $30 Adesso ack-540PS/2 mini black ps/2 keyboard with guide point tou
Price: $30 Fcc ack-540 mini black keyboard with guide point touch pad
Price: $20 Sony ac-LS1A 12.5FT ac power adaptor
Price: $1.01 Metron acrm-075-5-6 coupling
Price: $25 Centralab ACS9-252-u potentiometer, 2" shaft, 2500 ohms, taper C
Price: $25 Centralab ACS9-503-u potentiometer, 2" shaft, 50K ohms, taper C1
Price: $1200 Teisan k.k acv-F1 cylinder, cabinet hand F1 pneumatic acv
Price: $25 Control products, inc. AD032-503 switch, snap, thermostatic
Price: $135 Cpi AD076-12/150F switch, thermal
Price: $500 Ftl/a.l.m.t AD100E151 dresser, 270D
Price: $8.5 Varian AD521KD varian ic AD521KD pn 6100101
Price: $35 Analog devices AD574AKN a/d 12-bit multiplex 28-dip
Price: $8.5 Analog devices AD581KH analog devices 10V i.c.
Price: $125 Opto 22 AD5T thermocouple input analog isolated module
Price: $125 Opto 22 AD5T thermocouple input analog isolated module
Price: $45 Square d ad-697 60A circuit breaker
Price: $4.25 Harris semiconductor AD7510D1JN harris semiconductor i.c.; zer v
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor AD7521JN national semiconductor 10-bit, 1
Price: $8.5 Analog devices AD7511DIJN analog devices i.c. dijn dielectrical
Price: $8.5 Intersil AD7541JN 12-bit multiplying d/a converter
Price: $10.54 Varian AD7581KN ic AD7581 das/8-bit 8 channels.
Price: $1116.56 Teradyne inc AD935 pcb HSD50 channel card
Price: $4 Generic ADC4-12 4-port tap
Price: $500 Alcatel ADA150 control unit rf servo ada 150
Price: $8.5 Varian ADC80-12 analog devices ADC80-12 ic ADC80 pn 6100309
Price: $4 Digi-key ADG419BNZ-nd digi-key ic switch spdt 8DIP
Price: $340 Varian adi-00 materials development corp mdc pcb 13.7KHZ 12 bit
Price: $12.78 Thomson ADJ81420 bering for extr elec. 4200286
Price: $10 Dell adp-90FB 240V ac power adapter
Price: $18 Swagelok a-dp-K1-c upperworks kit aov actuator
Price: $2.04 Svg ads 200 washer sst flat 1/4
Price: $45 Eskay corporation ADR59540 linear encoder daifuku (feh-DA5)
Price: $250 Daifuku ADS56270 oriental motor A4452-9415KM vexta 5-phase stepp
Price: $125 Cti-cryogenics adsorber filter - cti adsorber (helium filtration
Price: $10.2 Festo corp advl-16-15 a 12X4MM dbl act cylinder; K408 series, 31
Price: $28.05 Scp global 00046832-00 festo corp advu-16-25-p-a-S2 scp global 0
Price: $55 Festo advul-16-15-p-a air cylinder, pressure maximum: 10 bar
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) actuator, source assembly with festo pn
Price: $9.68 AE1709A okamoto corp AE1709A seal, oil vac table
Price: $106.25 Nikon tec corporation AE08 pcb bcr-spd type 4S007-014
Price: $22.1 Sez AEGK752809 wafer guide 1 position 5 AEGK752809
Price: $15 Matsushita AE5544 relay, -HL2D-24VDC
Price: $22.1 Sez AEGK752810 wafer guide 2 position 5 AEGK752810
Price: $2956.64 Sez AEGK825616 hook form arm sst peek right side
Price: $750 Afx aet-030P afx ozone hunter; hand-held ozone spot checker
Price: $26.25 Watlow AF1106701 thermocouple; ulvac technologies 1018315--not i
Price: $125 Datatran af-110 auto-fox protocol analyzer
Price: $135 Watlow AF1144901 thermocouple stage , mo: Z703950
Price: $350 General electric af-300B inverter unit ge drive 208 volts
Price: $20 Minolta lens, power zoom, 35-80MM, 1:4(22)-5.6
Price: $722.5 AF3731156 brooks automation inc AF3731156 pti sentry 9000 auto m
Price: $75 Rkc af-48N32C-m controller, temperature, j o~400'c
Price: $10 Delta AFB0612HHB delta brushless fan AFB0612HHB DC12V 0.18A
Price: $15 Delta AFB0712HHB delta fan AFB0712HHB 70X70X15MM dc 12V 0.45A 3
Price: $1.6 Cat afcon-6010-150 back base box for analog smoke detec. pn
Price: $20 Smc AFD30-02C micro mist separator harvested off unused system
Price: $129.94 Koganei afdpg-12 gripper (flat type air hand)
Price: $11.25 Disco hi-tec AFF87B-B12L switch (door interlock)
Price: $30 Smc AFM20-N01-cz bowl material: polycarbonate, 150PSI
Price: $17 Milton AFR11 piston positioner, pneumatic
Price: $21.25 Cat AFR112-98 spring positioner pneumatic
Price: $17 Milton AFR16 piston positioner pneumatic
Price: $212.5 Nikon afx-iia microscope camera system nikon , power: 1A, pri 10
Price: $120 Nikon camera system nikon , power: 1A, pri 100/120V, 1A, 50/60HZ
Price: $325 Ktm kitamura valve mfg co AG06S-0600-31 valve ball ss air actuat
Price: $325 Kitamura AG06S/E0600-31 valve 316 ss, ball air actuated cylinder
Price: $325 Kitamura AG06S E0600-3120A valve 316 ss, ball air actuated AG06S
Price: $36.17 AG08030212 abb automation AG08030212 sace tmax T1 d 160, 1SDA051
Price: $25 Fuji electric AG23-l illuminated pushbutton switch; led lamp: co
Price: $191.25 Scaime AG50 C3 sh 5E u single point load
Price: $27.75 AG2-nor-24U-nf-500 nk technologies AG2-nor-24U-nf-500 sensor, gr
Price: $100 Scaime AG50 C3 sh 5E u load cell scale single point load--not in
Price: $18.75 Disco hi-tec AGCB010A-310 breaker(circuit)
Price: $18.75 Disco hi-tec AGCB015A-309 breaker(circuit)
Price: $125 Ckd AGD11V-4RM valve diaphragm , 1/4 mvcr 316 ss, o.p. 0.4~0.6MP
Price: $750 Ips agt-2000 valve ss KF50 auto gain tritons 3 way
Price: $1.01 Metron AH164-SLR11E3 push button switch
Price: $12.99 Disco hi-tec AHAC21430W switch power
Price: $141.44 Tcumseh AH400JT-168-A4Y tcumseh compressor
Price: $125 Adaptive wireless solutions (aws) ai-1000 R2 sensor - programmab
Price: $16 Cisco systems air-ANT2012 antenna 2.4GHZ 6.5DBI patch w/rp-tnc c
Price: $15 5/16" i.d.-300# w.p air pressure hose 15 ft
Price: $5 Applied materials (amat) ait 9500 coupling 1/4 x 1/4
Price: $114.75 Nor-cal vacuum products inc aiv-300-LF80-80 valve, manual inline
Price: $1300 Mitsubishi AJ35PTF-R2 mitsubishi, AJ35PTF-R2, programmable contr
Price: $450 Mitsubishi AJ71UC24 melsec programmable controller
Price: $550 Mitsubishi AJ71UC24 programmable controller
Price: $125 Browning AK104H browning bushed sheave, 1 groove, 4L or a, 3L -
Price: $50 Vwr scientific products AK1815/0/vwr ak natural latex cleanroom
Price: $12.75 Tower AK725R-2 filter intake air #AK725R-2 pn 01001
Price: $102 Disco hi-tec AKE32-L25A disco sensor fiber(photo) v-shape loader
Price: $50 Act al-08-18-0-m length: 8.18" / 207.77MM, strap width: .094" /2
Price: $15.62 Watson AL2RR0+1/4 cylinder
Price: $125 Browning al-124 drive v-belt, 1 groove, 1" bore sheave pulley
Price: $4.68 Idec AL6H switch cover for idec AL6H
Price: $10.88 Idec AL6H-A24GC-um alternate switch green color
Price: $15 Plantronics AL8KXOOBS10A S12 telephone system headseat amplifier
Price: $125 Swagelok heated valve surface mount ald--not in original packagi
Price: $225 Recif inc ALIM06530 vicor vi-PU11-eww power supply for the recif
Price: $197.51 Videojet technologies inc al-SP62418 lens, focusing men. d=48MM
Price: $11.16 Mks instruments am-20 adapter module
Price: $8.93 Band it AM211 sid tie-lok ties, stainless steel 1/4 x 10, 5PER p
Price: $24.55 Mks instruments am-30 adapter module am-30
Price: $147.39 Aqua metrix AM3422-d-3-a-1 aqua metrix sensor conductivity c=5 S
Price: $55.25 AM4631 charge sensor pcb assy
Price: $14.33 Univer AM5060 valve, needle restrictor
Price: $350 Applied materials (amat) mass storage module mass storage module
Price: $45 Ckd AMD01-8BU-4 valve, air operate
Price: $45 Ckd AMD01-X0563 valve, manual dhf dtmah
Price: $50 Ckd AMD02-8BU-4 valve, air operate
Price: $250 Ckd AMD31-15BUS-10-1 valve teflon adjustable flow, air operation
Price: $225 Ckd AMD31-12US-10 valve teflon,air operate pilaer
Price: $250 Ckd AMD31-15BUS-10-1F valve teflon adjustable , air operation, m
Price: $143.44 Ckd AMD31-15BUS-10-3F valve teflon adjustable ckd, AMD31-15BUS-1
Price: $225 Ckd AMD31-15BUS-10-y valve teflon air operation
Price: $125 Ckd corporation AMD32-12US-10 valve, air operate pilaer joint
Price: $225 Ckd AMD32-15BUS-10 valve teflon, air operation, main 0-0.5MPA, o
Price: $225 Ckd AMD32-15BUS-10-f valve teflon, air operation, main 0-0.5MPA,
Price: $150 Ckd AMD41-20BUS-16-1F valve teflon , adjustable air operation, m
Price: $715.94 Ckd AMD412-20BUS-16-0-4 P50 drain valve, main 0-0.3 mpa, operate
Price: $24 Ckd AMD412-ft-s valve, resin, 0-04MPA, 0.4-0.5MPA
Price: $225 Ckd AMD412-X0232 valve teflon, air operate
Price: $225 Ckd AMD412-X0517 valve teflon, air operate
Price: $80 Ckd corporation AMD41-X0517 AMD41-X0517, valve, air operate weld
Price: $225 Ckd AMD41-X1103 valve teflon, air operate dhf
Price: $500 Ckd AMD42-20BUS-16 valve, air operation, main 0-0.4MPA, operate
Price: $552.5 Ckd valve AMD512-25BUS-20-0-4E air valve
Price: $255 Ckd corp AMD51-258US-22-y valve, teflon: 0-0.3MPA, operate: 0.3-
Price: $250 Ckd AMD512-X0233 valve teflon, air operate
Price: $225 Ckd AMD512-X0504 valve, air operate teflon
Price: $175 Ckd AMD51-X0431 valve teflon, air operate pilaer joint, main 0-0
Price: $225 Ckd AMD51-X0748 valve, 316 ss stub weld air operate sus welding
Price: $143.44 Ckd AMD52-25BUS-22-f valve teflon, air operation, main 0-0.3MPA,
Price: $350 Ckd AMDS00-X20 valve suck back teflon
Price: $45 Ckd AMG00-6US-4 air operation valve
Price: $55 Ckd AMDZ2-3US-2 valve, air operation
Price: $82.5 Ckd AMG302-X0194 valve, air operate
Price: $250 Ckd corporation AMG502-X0196 ckd corporation, AMG502-X0196, valv
Price: $136 Pall amloc-ii board circuit ac/dc mn amloc 110V yed 14
Price: $15 Amp AMP0039-205205 15 positions, 2 rows receptacle female contac
Price: $20 Mcmaster-carr amp-12 wire fitting spade lug # 12 pkg 75
Price: $400 Galil motion controls amp-20520 motion control icm with two 500W
Price: $1800 Novellus 27-10162-00 trazar corporation AMU10E-2 rf match networ
Price: $750 Megatest mega test ams board pcb, pwa: 112455, pwb: 112456
Price: $15 Smc AN200-KM11 silencer, quick release
Price: $25 Smc AN200 silencer, quick release
Price: $63.75 Analogic voltage display
Price: $55.69 Hp AN3149A card isolated input model
Price: $47.81 Nor-cal vacuum products inc anc-iso-80-of-ash-7.5 fitting
Price: $30 A&n corporation hinged clamp, pack of 4
Price: $25 Recif inc ANF8 A9028 driving roller assembly notch aligner mset-
Price: $25 Recif inc ANF8 A9029 ANF8 A9029 rotating roller assembly notch a
Price: $500 Anorad ano-40055 200MM x/y stage micro slides: ano-40055 with pa
Price: $150 Nais ANR12511 sensor micro laser displacement LM10
Price: $63.75 Mikro-karte a. .794763 V2 pcb, micro control w/eprom
Price: $335 Ansell sol-vex green nitrile gloves, 63 prcuff style: straight,
Price: $42.57 Cat ANSI150 valve habonim 3/4 flanged 07-31-6666TT/
Price: $106.25 Georg fischer ao-157-02 diaphragm epdm with assy valve, teflon s
Price: $17 Poly-flow ao-157 diaphragm epdm with assy valve
Price: $390 Mitsubishi AOJ2-E24T mitsubishi, programmable controller, output
Price: $450 Mitsubishi AOJ2-E56DT plc programmable controller, input: DC12/2
Price: $45 Varian aoplp 944#3 valve actuator aoplp 944#3
Price: $20.08 Panasonic AOZ262 power photomos relay
Price: $106.25 Lam research (lam) AP1001S aptech regulator ent ll pump ballast
Price: $25 Ark-plas prodictions AP01CW03753PB 3/8 od x .030 wall per roll,
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regualtor ss
Price: $85 Aptech AP1002SX 3PW FV4 FV4 0 p regulator max. inlet 3500PSI, ma
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1006S-2PW-FV4-MV4-p pressure regulator,ss 3500 psi max
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regualtor,ss max inlet: 3500 psi, max outlet: 6
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1006SX-2PW-FV4-MV4-p pressure regulator, ss 3500 psi m
Price: $120 Ap tech AP1010S 2PW FV4 FV4 regulator ss hp vcr
Price: $125 Aptech AP1010S 2PW MV4 FV4 gas stick
Price: $80 Aptech AP1010S 2PW MV4 FV4 regulator, max inlet 3500PSI, max out
Price: $225 Aptech AP1010S 2PW MV4 FV4 with shutoff valve gas stick inert
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1010S 3PW FV4 FV4 1 pressure regualtor ss, max inlet:
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1010S-4PW-FV4-FV4-0-0 pressure regulator, ss 3500 psi
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regulator ss, max outlet: 100 psi, max inlet: 3
Price: $85 Aptech AP1010SM 2PW MV4 FV4 regulator max.inlet 3500PSI, max. ou
Price: $25 Ap tech regulator ss maximum inlet: 3500 psi, maximum outlet: 10
Price: $375.44 Aviza technology 815021-915 aptech AP1206SM 2PW MV8 mv regulator
Price: $125 Aptech AP1206SM-2PW-MV8-MV8-PS100-60-with-45901554 diaphragm reg
Price: $55.79 Tied diaphragm regulator
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regulator ss, 300 psi max inlet, 100 psi max ou
Price: $25 Ap tech diaphragm regulator ss, 1700 psi max inlet, 100 psi max
Price: $125 Ap tech AP1210S 3PW FV8 FV8 0 regulator ss hp 1/4 vcr with gauge
Price: $75 Ap tech AP1210SM 4PW FV8 FV8 0 0 regulator ss with gauge vcr ass
Price: $35 Ap tech regulator ss, max outlet: 100 psi, max inlet: 1000 psi
Price: $75 Ap tech pressure regualtor ss, max inlet: 3500 psi, max outlet:
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regualtor ss, max inlet: 3500 psi, max outlet:
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1510S4PWMV4MV4FV4-40-1-4-375 pressure regulator ss, 35
Price: $25 Ap tech regulator diaphragm pressure ss, maximum inlet: 30PSI, m
Price: $25 Ap tech regulator ss, maximum inlet: 3500 psi, maximum outlet: 1
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regualtor ss, max inlet: 3500 psi, max outlet:
Price: $250 Aptech AP1510SM-2PWA-MV4-MV4 regulator hp 316 ss
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1510SM-2PW-MV4-FV4 pressure regulator, ss 3500 psi max
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1510SV-2PW-MV4-FV4 pressure regulator, ss 3500 psi max
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1702S-4PW-MV4-MV4-pc pressure regulator, ss 3500 psi m
Price: $25 Ap tech AP1710S 4PW MV4 FV4 0ST sp regulator ss, maximum inlet:
Price: $35 Aptech AP1710S 4PW MV4 MV4 pc pressure regulator valve with geag
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regualtor ss, max inlet: 300 psi, max outlet: 1
Price: $25 Ap tech regulator ss, maximum inlet: 300 psi, maximum outlet: 10
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regualtor ss, max inlet: 300 psi, max outlet: 1
Price: $50 Aptech AP1810SM-4PW-MV4-MV4-0-0 regulator ss with -30 to 160 psi
Price: $25 Ap tech pressure regulator ss, 300 psi maximum inlet, 100 psi ma
Price: $85 Ap tech regulator diaphragm pressure ss, maximum inlet: 30PSI, m
Price: $3.6 Idec AP2M-g led green AP2M dc 24V 11MA
Price: $3.4 Idec AP2M-red DC24V red mini lamp
Price: $35 AP3000S 3PWD FV4 FV4 MV4 asgt aptech AP3000S 3PWD FV4 FV4 MV4 as
Price: $17.85 AP3000SZ-2PWA-MV4-MV4 flow solutions AP3000SZ-2PWA-MV4-MV4 valve
Price: $30.98 Aptech AP300S-3PWD-FV4-mv-4-FV4 valve, n/c all vcr f(in)-m(out)-
Price: $20 Matsushita AP3145 relay, HC4-h-200V, 3A30V dc 80023
Price: $127.5 Keyence ap-33A digital pressurre sensor
Price: $125 Aptech AP3550S valve dual ap 3550; AP3550S dual v we; 980-02210
Price: $53.4 Aptech AP3550S 2PW TW4 MV4 valve, n/c 1/4" tube-mvcr
Price: $110.5 Aptech AP3550SM valve, isolation and leak check manifold assembl
Price: $125 Aptech AP3550SM 2PW MV4 TW4 1.31 diaphragm valve , max pressure
Price: $4.25 Eaton AP35PA end plate, cat no.: 2116.2
Price: $63.75 Aptech AP3600SM-2PW-MV4-TW4 valve 1/4 vcr 316 ss
Price: $20 Ap tech springless diaphragm valve, 3000 psi max pressure
Price: $17.85 AP3657SM 2 FS39 flow solutions AP3657SM 2 FS39 manifold, high pr
Price: $30 Keyence ap-40 separate amplifier type pressure sensor harvested
Price: $25.5 Aptech AP4550SM 3PWE MV4 valve port 250 psi
Price: $225 Aptech AP4550SM-3PWE-MV4-FV4-TW4 valve 3-port 316 ss
Price: $20 Ap tech valve manual ss 1/4VCR
Price: $125 Aptech AP4625S 2PW MV6 TW6 lt/rd diaphragm valve, max pressure 2
Price: $125 Aptech AP4650S 2PW MV4 TW4-ish manual valve with sensor, 250 psi
Price: $17.85 AP4657SM 2PWC MV4 TW4 aptech AP4657SM 2PWC MV4 TW4 valve, MANUAL
Price: $225 Aptech AP502SM 2P fa regulator sirface mount 2 port pressure, ma
Price: $76.5 Aptech AP5152S-4-ci-1-V3 regulator press.two t low flow
Price: $382.5 Aptech AP5156S-4-ci-h-V3 regul. pres.two t posit.shut off
Price: $127.5 Ap tech AP5158S-4-ci-h-1 ap tech AP5158S-4-ci-h-1 regulators wit
Price: $750 Megatest mega test apg board pcb, pwa: 11308, pwb: 11309
Price: $70 Keyence ap-C40W amplifier unit npn; 4153870
Price: $45 Ckd solenoid valve, DC24V, air: 0.6, water: 0.6, lt. oil: 0.5, b
Price: $30 Ark-plas green tubing 3.18MM id, 6.43MM od approx 75 feet,
Price: $8.25 Disco hi-tec APP405H-0.5A fuse (alarm), 0.5A, 250V
Price: $8 Disco hi-tec APP475H-7.5A fuce (alarm) 250V, 7.5A, P475H
Price: $35 Omron apr-s relay phase protection relay, voltage 200/220 vac, f
Price: $7.75 Disco hi-tec APSP410L-1A fuse (alarm) 250V, SP140L
Price: $55 Microsemi APT50M85JVFR VC709894.01, 0719, aln, 556E050 philippin
Price: $55 Microsemi APT50M85JVFR lot of 4 transistor power mosfet
Price: $25 Smc AR1000-M5BG pneumatic, M5 body, air regulator
Price: $8.64 Furon AR103-P20-ah furon teflon seal for V3
Price: $12.75 Smc AR20K-N01-z regulator, air
Price: $25 Smc AR2060-01B regulator air
Price: $23 Smc AR20-N02-z regulator, relieving type, 7.25 - 123 psi set pre
Price: $127.5 AR20-N02H-z regulator sst 1-4
Price: $35 Smc AR30-N03-z regulator, modular, set press. 7-125PSI
Price: $20 Smc AR30-N03-z pressure regulator ss, relieving type, 7-125 psi
Price: $10.2 Relay compact 30A/250V p/n 50800802
Price: $4.66 Aromat AR561298 relay compact 30A/250V p/n 50800802
Price: $25 Apc AR8122 netshelter, 250 lbs fixed shelf, 18 inches long 25 in
Price: $25 Apc AR8126A netshelter, 17" keyboard shelf drawer
Price: $9.29 Ara-542C fico ara-542C printboard, w/function keys
Price: $145 Smc ARM11A0-V00-z manifold regulator with 3 ARM11CB0-R00-A1Z reg
Price: $20 Viton as 475 vit 70 o ring 658.88 * 7.00 VIT70
Price: $2 Ascent as 371 viton o-ring viton 215,27X5,33
Price: $12.75 Scanner technologies AS01059 control, PB1044 uvp ring light
Price: $1389.75 Norcimbus inc as-0763-tower high pressure manifould pp-4 ( WF6 )
Price: $10.54 Smc AS1000 valve al flow control 1032FX-10-3
Price: $12.04 Smc AS1001F-04 pcb
Price: $75 Schurter AS168X-CB3-G050 circuit breaker; 3-pole, 5A, 3HP, 65VDC
Price: $12 Smc AS2200 1/8" x 1/4" npt bore elbow speed control valve--not i
Price: $15.19 Dai-ichi seiko AS22T-250 bearing, 22X250MM linear
Price: $14.68 AS2200-O2-D24 kuroda AS2200-O2-D24 valve, sol 24VDC 2P
Price: $6 Fafnir AS3KDD bearing, 3/8X7/8X9/32 shld ss
Price: $5.1 AS568 384 valqua AS568 384 o-ring, as-384 SA4640 tp-fkm; 14.975"
Price: $16 Viton AS568-159 2-159-SC1100 viton o-ring
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron AS568-162 o-ring..butyl AS568-162 blk
Price: $1 Valqua AS568-232 o-ring, AS568 - 232 compound: DC156, nom: 69.45
Price: $1 Valqua AS568-244 o-ring; AS568 244, compound: DC156
Price: $25 Barrel perfluoro AS568-236 mpw o-ring
Price: $1.25 Valqua AS568-244-ultic armor o-ring, AS568 - 244, compound: ulti
Price: $135 Simriz AS568-263 o-ring, simriz, AS568-263 cmp SC111L; Z1015-263
Price: $8 Viton AS568-467 o-ring viton 467-blk; V4640_7A467-, vai-05069, 5
Price: $48.6 Dupont dow as-568A k#283 o-ring, kalrez ID16.955 csd.139 8575
Price: $15.06 Kalrez as-568A k#11 o-ring, kalrez k# 011
Price: $12.04 Greene tweed as-568A-006 cpd E38 o-ring, chemraz, as-568A-006, c
Price: $27 Greene tweed as-568A-006 o-ring, chemraz, as-568A-006, cmp 513
Price: $10 Greene tweed as-568A-007-cpd-513 o-ring; gt p/n: 9007-SS513, 0.1
Price: $4 Greene,tweed co. as-568A-008 o-ring,3/16X 5/16X1/16
Price: $5 Cat AS568A-008 o-ring, inside dia. 3/16", actual inside dia. 0.1
Price: $9.35 Ulvac AS568A-017 ulvac 100000006 o-ring
Price: $1 Greene,tweed co, as-568A-021 o-ring,0.926 id x 0.070 cx in,15/16
Price: $20 Dupont as-568A o-ring, compound: 4079, kalrez, nom: 2.739 x 0.07
Price: $59.4 Kalrez as-568A-131 o-ring, kalrez, as-568A-131, cmp 6375UP
Price: $20 Kalrez as-568A o-ring, k# 142, compound 1050LF, nom: 2-3/8 x 2-9
Price: $75 Kalrez as-568A o-ring, k# 167, compound 8375UP, nom: 7 x 7-3/16
Price: $16.2 Dupont dow AS568A kalrez o-ring; k#334, compound: 8475UP; 2.6"(6
Price: $12.04 Chemraz as-568A-206 chemraz, as-568A-206, o-ring, cpd 592, 0.484
Price: $6.7 Greene tweed as-568A-216 o-ring, chemraz, as-568A-216, cpd 513
Price: $75 Chemraz as-568A-269 o-ring , 8.734 id x X0.139 cx in,221.84 id x
Price: $45 Greene tweed as-568A-221-cpd-520 chemraz o-ring; as-568A-221 cpd
Price: $12.04 Greene tweed as-568A-345 cpd 570 o-ring, chemraz, as-568A-345 cp
Price: $100 Chemraz as-568A-372 o-ring,chemraz:9372-SSE38(as-568A-372-cpd E3
Price: $10 Greene tweed as-568A-383 o-ring,13.975 id x 0.210 cx in,354.97 i
Price: $75 Kalrez as-568A o-ring, k# 458, compound 1050LF, compound 1050LF,
Price: $76 Kalrez as-568A o-ring, k# 460, compound 1050LF, nom: 15-1/2 x 16
Price: $125 Kalrez as-568A o-ring, k# 469, compound: 4079, nom: 20 x 20-1/2
Price: $150 Kalrez as-568A o-ring, k# 469, compound 1050LF, nom: 20 x 20-1/2
Price: $12 Kalrez as-568A-k-010-klr-4001 o-ring, 1/4 x 3/16 x inch, 6.07 x
Price: $50 Kalrez as-568A-k-112-4079 oring kalrez; as-568A k#112 cmp 4079
Price: $15 Kalrez as-568A-k-118-4079 o-ring kalrez , k#118, compound: 4079;
Price: $25 Kalrez as-568A-K137-8375 o-ring, quartz view port, 2.050X0.103 i
Price: $10 Lam research (lam) 734-034546-169 kalrez as-568A-k-169-8575UP o-
Price: $12 Kalrez sahara AS568A-K213-8575UP kalrezas-568A o-ring, k#213, co
Price: $15 Kalrez sahara as-568A k#213 8575UP o-ring kalrez ; 0.921"(23.39M
Price: $10 Kalrez as-568A-K225-4079 o-ring; 1.859"(47.22MM) x 0.139"(3.53MM
Price: $7.65 Olympus AS693700 bearing, 8X19X6MM flg ball shl
Price: $10.2 Olympus AS633300 bearing, 8X12X35MM for AL14-SA04
Price: $10.2 Olympus AS721900 s-guide
Price: $12.75 Olympus AS812700 sleeve for AL14-SA04
Price: $25 Ryokosha co ltd AS851700 shaft
Price: $243 Seek electronics as-8AP1-02A generator, pulse
Price: $2.89 Cat asa 1250 fitting pvc blind flange asa 1250 1 1/2
Price: $3.26 Cat asa 150 fitting pvc blind flange asa 150 2 1/2
Price: $1500 Cisco asa 5510-K8 V02 adaptive security appliance
Price: $80.14 Schneider automation as-bdep-216 tsx compact discrete input 16X2
Price: $41.68 Aeg modicon as-bdep-218 discrete input 115V 16PT dep-218
Price: $181.77 Ebara c-5152-051-0001 oriental motor S081038501 ebara c-5152-051
Price: $86.06 ASC10S1BOO sanyo denki ASC10S1 sanups 001
Price: $42.5 ASFH118X214 compact air products ASFH118X214 cylinder, 300MM cas
Price: $93 Olympus ash-99V-0 ushio 6000-8426 driver, motor
Price: $31.62 Aeg modicon as-hdta-201 secondary subrack for 5 i/o cards as-hdt
Price: $10.88 Landis & gyr ask 28 actuator kit linkage ask-28
Price: $25 Hummel ASL1-910225-001 npt 3/8" lock nut plate, pack of 150
Price: $125 Freedin-wade asl-706415-002 tubing 5/32 brown, 85A, pur, 2.33MM
Price: $86.06 Vexta ASM36AK motor, stepper rotary
Price: $35 Helical ASM7518-8 ipec ee base conditioner
Price: $65 Aviza technology ASML706415-007 tubing, 4MM o.d., 2MM i.d., blue
Price: $70 Feelin-wade ASML1-706415-008 yellow tubing 85A, pur 5/32 i.o., 5
Price: $125 Feelin-wade asml-706415-028 tubing yellow 85A pur 5/32 i.d., x 5
Price: $65 Freelin-wade asml 706415-029 tr orange. 85A pur 5/32 x 5/64 x 50
Price: $80 Black tubing, 3.97MM o.d., 2.04 o.d., 400 feet long
Price: $12.75 ASO1040 scanner technologies ASO1040 led, lower array
Price: $113.8 Gsi lumonics ASO1270-PP02134 pcb, pci i/o 5 volt PB1063
Price: $40.8 Cat as-wbxt-201 bus extension cable micro plc subrack as
Price: $40.8 Landis & gyr ASZ7.4 landis & gyr ASZ7.4; pot. +contact aux. asz
Price: $93.75 Trebor AT013 assy pilot valve SS40
Price: $500 Advantec co ltd AT03 trap, water cooling
Price: $15 Angst+pfister at-09-1831-5115 angst+pfister at-09-1831-5115 tand
Price: $4.56 Atmel AT27C256R rcm reservoir controller, 0C1672A-34003B 1-u 0C0
Price: $120 Olympus AT292300 pcb, front panel
Price: $125 Dh instruments AT302230 cpu assy pentium ipec
Price: $4 Axus technology AT300897 stud locating peek polish head
Price: $38.73 Olympus AT314000 arm, l 8"
Price: $25 Ryokosha AT317700 unit cable
Price: $45.44 Olympus AT395500 arm, a 8"
Price: $10.2 Megadyne 8051103 belt, 330 AT5 25
Price: $469.15 Olympus AT500300 pcb, main cpu
Price: $45 Synchroflex AT5/1050 603 belt toothed
Price: $12.75 Synchroflex AT5-340 belt, it/ot arm y-axis
Price: $20 Allied telesyn at-AR450S managed switch 8 port
Price: $236.25 Allied telesyn AT9812T 12 port 1000T (rj-45) layer 3/4+ switch w
Price: $750 Aztech controls atc-1436/cs-rfk-0002 flowmeter pfa with controll
Price: $10 Astro tool atc 2150 removal tool, 8 ga.
Price: $5 Ferraz shawmut ATDR1 amp-trap 2000 1A 600VAC; class cc fuse ***h
Price: $5 Ferraz shawmut ATDR2 amp-trap 2000 2A 600VAC; class cc fuse ***h
Price: $5.1 Amp-tramp 2000 ATDR30 time delay 30A 600VAC fuse
Price: $15 Ati industrial automation ati-102-B17002 radeon pci-e 256MB grap
Price: $15 Allied telesyn at-FS201 transceiver fast ethernet switch ieee 80
Price: $125 Pulley drive---not in original packaging
Price: $25 Allied telesyn MC101XL fast ethernet media converter
Price: $600 Applied materials (amat) 1110-01006 astech 3150086-003 automatic
Price: $12.75 Nippon mukki co atmml-z-E232 filter, 600X900X86MM ab ii thinfilu
Price: $12.75 Misumi usa inc ATP16XL025-BP8 pulley, timing 16T 6MM shaft
Price: $5 Ferraz shawmut ATQR1/2 amp-trap 2000 1/2A 600VAC; class cc fuse
Price: $35 At&t ATT3090-70 field-programmable gate arrays, H175 74 W9238MF,
Price: $55.25 Cuno AU39B11NN cuno betapure filter cartridge; 5 micron nom, 20
Price: $34 Cuno betapure AU40 Z11NG120 cuno filter cartridge 12 micron abs
Price: $63.75 Cuno AU40Z11BA120 cuno betapure filter cartridge; 12-micron abs,
Price: $20 Konica autoflex t camera, 35MM, slr film (body only)
Price: $9 Delta AUB0912VH DC12V 0.60A brushless cooling fan
Price: $10 Konica autoreflex a 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $10 Konica autoreflex tc 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $25 New baco auxibloc Z4 socket switch 600V ac, type: 22MM-30MM appe
Price: $225 Toho av-013 valve teflon, air operation (4F-av-013-ciff-1/2(nc))
Price: $300 Toho av-013-ns-ciff-1/2 valve teflon needle, air operation
Price: $135.55 Mdc vacuum av-053-p-special valve
Price: $143.44 Ete av-05-2PT-/4T valve teflon, air operation, pressure: 3.0KG/c
Price: $135 Ete av-08-2PT-3-8T valve teflon, air operation, pressure: 3.0KG/
Price: $250 Ets AV12-sn-PT1/2-t valve teflon, air operation
Price: $225 Ete AV20-3WH-3/4T valve teflon, air operation
Price: $300 Advance AV250-11SU-t air operation valve teflon, quick dump
Price: $86.06 Aved AV550 pci svga video card
Price: $350 Asahi yukizai kogyo AV7132 valve, actuated diaphragm
Price: $225 Ete AVH12-2PW1/2T valve teflon, air operation
Price: $11.16 Aviza technology avd-coc-4R eprom
Price: $250 Ets AVH20-3-PW3-4-t valve teflon, air operation
Price: $250 Nisco co ltd AVH20-3VHPV3-4T valve teflon , air operation
Price: $225 Ete avh-20-3WH-PT3/4-td valve teflon , air operation
Price: $1115.63 Aviza technology aviza-2012 omron NS5-SQ00B-V2 interactive displ
Price: $101.25 Aval data avme-340A photo isolation module
Price: $24.55 Hps/mks avp poly injector block avp poly injector block
Price: $143.44 Toho kasei av-N20-ciff-1 valve teflon , air operation: 0.3MPA, p
Price: $225 Dymatrix avpvm-F12IF1 valve teflon manual pinch
Price: $187.5 Dymatrix avpvm-F25IF1 valve, manual pinch avpvm-F25IF1
Price: $50 Smc AW2000-02 regulator-filter/seperator assy
Price: $20 Gl automation inc awa-8-13 support roller with shaft--not in ori
Price: $22.31 Gl automation inc awa-8-11 roller, peek alignment--not in comple
Price: $25.82 AWI58S-062R011 hohner AWI58S-062R011 encoder, baumer
Price: $55 Thk ax-1A06 linear shaft ball, thread--not in original packaging
Price: $12 AX28 gates AX28 belt, tri-power v-belt
Price: $20 Fujica ax-3 camera, 35MM, slr film (body only)
Price: $250 Dai nippon screen (dns) AX71 input module
Price: $60 Hitachi ax-dkla-23240(CX3001) ax-dkla-23240(CX3001)
Price: $63.75 AXHM015K-a vexta AXHM015K-a motor, 15W brushless dc
Price: $225 Inter-tel axxess-ah-card-cage card cage only
Price: $500 Inter-tel axxess-ah (1) power supply (550.0110), (6)DKSC16+ (550
Price: $185 Mitsubishi AY51-ul output module, 32 point triac sink, .5A, 12-2
Price: $29.75 Klockner moeller az C25 circuit breaker cb ssn-S1 klockner moell
Price: $50 Schmersal az 16-03ZVRK-M20 safety switch harvested off unused sy
Price: $125 Aera az-91 adapter, auto zero
Price: $8.5 Klockner-moeller az-C6 circuit breaker power azg-6A 220/380V
Price: $34 Klockner-moeller azg-10A circuit breaker automatic 3 polig. g-10
Price: $8.5 Cooper AZL037 element oil filter cooper AZL037 026L00015
Price: $5.44 Landis & gyr AZW61.119 scale temperature -TX50 0..+50 degrease c
Price: $120 Vacuum specials b 04616 bellows 1" s/s
Price: $22.66 Nikon B001160AB main flow meter(filter) type:CK111-667
Price: $10 Standard B0-10106 split ball plunger
Price: $30.29 Foxboro B0138YM semiconductor part, analog indicator
Price: $3 B-01 gasket, o.d.: 3.227", i.d.: 1.975", thickness: 0.028"
Price: $78.95 Goffin meyvis analytical & med B02910A pcb display board temp co
Price: $125 Motoyama B04462 valve 316 ss, metal diaphragm 2ET4RV 1 lv 1/4
Price: $16.63 B03283A-6127 c h spencer & company B03283A-6127 bearing, thrust
Price: $15 Standard B0-80128 split ball, .335"-.370"
Price: $45 Bando B102 v-belt
Price: $45 Bando B105 v-belt
Price: $45 Bando B109 v-belt
Price: $13 Asahi engineering co ltd B1-131-02 heater, 900W 220V 10X340MM ca
Price: $22.95 Asahi engineering co ltd B1-131-01 heater, 600W 220V 10X340MM ca
Price: $30 Transistion engineering b-1134-an adapter balun bnc male RJ11 pk
Price: $11.16 Honeywell B11 dk 1 200DC2AC2 skinner valve
Price: $65 Keithley instruments b-1 bezel, digital pwr meter exce
Price: $1.7 Rudolph technology inc B12041 rudolph cassette contact
Price: $70 Au B121EW01 12.1" glossy wxga screen, v.2
Price: $45 Auo B121EW03 12.1" glossy screen, v.7
Price: $20 Porter instrument b-125-20 roto meter flow meter, 10IN
Price: $15 Pcmi-003 B13120283.01 1312 pin interposer
Price: $20 Porter instrument B125-30B2811 rotometer flow meter, 10IN, l/min
Price: $65 Auo B133XW03 13.3" wxgaglossy lcd screen, v.0
Price: $191.25 Teledyne b-14082 pc board propor.temp.control c-14449 for
Price: $6.8 Honeywell B14RX17DN valve, skinner, 100PSI, orifice: 3/64 3/64,
Price: $20.4 Swagelok b-1410-7-12 fitting connector female brass 7/8 ODX3/
Price: $10.56 Honeywell B14RX37D valve skinner, 100-psi, orifice: 3/64 3/64, 2
Price: $6.8 Honeywell B14RX37DH valve skinner, 100-psi, orifice: 3/64 3/64,
Price: $6.8 Honeywell B14RX37DN valve skinner, 100-psi, orifice: 3/64 3/64,
Price: $6.8 Honeywell B14RX37D valve skinner, 100-psi, orifice: 3/64 3/64, 2
Price: $1530 Yokoyama b-15 voltac 3 kva variable transformer, input 230V 50/6
Price: $75 Onv B156RW01 15.6" wxga led lcd monitor, v.0
Price: $65 Honeywell i.n.c. B16BX9D valve solenoid ss, 175PSI, 12VDC, 1/16
Price: $145 E+h B181-V1.01 pcb
Price: $45 Porter instrument b-1828 purge meter; N2 @ 40-psig & 70F 0 - 8 l
Price: $8 Porter instrument b-1828 purge meter; N2 @ 40-psig & 70F 0 - 8 l
Price: $145 Barksdale B1T-H12 pressure switch adj. 3.5-85 bar, proof pressur
Price: $309.13 Cherry B1TZ-3201 pcb programing keyboard
Price: $9 Swagelok b-200-1-0157 male connector, 1/8 tube x #10-32
Price: $145 B200A pcb
Price: $257.96 Tokyo electron (tel) B2011-001787-1 kalrez pump part..W250 1SP 2
Price: $35 Adwill b-201C-P50X10 lintec barcode label 4000/r; 60MM x 15MM 40
Price: $60.25 Tokyo electron (tel) B2021-100308-1 ring, retaining e-type.. etw
Price: $124.82 Tokyo electron (tel) B2024-014353-1 flow meter, p-800-2UN1-S20-1
Price: $350 Oriental motor B2044-054 vexta controller harvested unused
Price: $25 Generic B20520403.00 interposer, 2052 pins, 72MM x 65MM
Price: $1.9 Ohmite B20J10K 10KOHM 20W fxd pwr VPR20H
Price: $1620 Tokyo electron (tel) B21380-036899-12 clean track ac power box;
Price: $105 Tokyo electron (tel) B21380-200288-12 cable, fl F80P 6100 mark 7
Price: $38.25 Tokyo electron (tel) B22910-417859-11 bracket
Price: $3.01 Tokyo electron (tel) B22910-417860-11 support
Price: $150 Tokyo electron (tel) B22910-420312-11 seal
Price: $4.25 B-24 needle rolling bearing pc basket
Price: $20 Porter B250-1-B2498 rotometer, l/min N2 at 20 psig and 70'f
Price: $45 Impervitran B250MBT713XK transformer industrial control removed
Price: $38.25 Asco B262B202V asco 2-way direct acting solenoid vavles normally
Price: $27.2 Asco B262C22MB valve sol 220V 50 hz compressor atlas
Price: $22.5 Edwards B27158071 ISO100 kit NY6 rd coseal; B271-58-071
Price: $116.38 Shibaura B2ME-06-7204-siba shibaura eletec corp. o-ring perfluor
Price: $20 Honeywell B2MLSK1147A skinner valve; 3.5-bar, 3.2 orif, 220V/50H
Price: $35 Predyne B3012-bb valve solenoid; orifice: 3/16" & 3/64"; 175-psi
Price: $23.8 Teledyne b-30868 temp.control pc board assy teledyne energy syst
Price: $10 Klockner-moeller b-3-1-3-PKZM1 auxiliary line side feed; b 3.1/3
Price: $160 Tokyo electron (tel) B31810-221048-b tokyo electron B31810-22104
Price: $280 Tokyo electron (tel) B31810-222191-11 tokyo electron B31810-2221
Price: $55.79 Airpot corp. B31925160P155X actuator
Price: $106.25 Tiv B31D80-002695-13 B31D80-002695-13 fm..p-530 (flow meter)
Price: $191.25 Tokyo electron (tel) B31D86-003683-19 tokyo electron, sensor, pc
Price: $106.25 Tokyo electron (tel) B31D86-003748-14 tokyo electron nf:pc:PC1 b
Price: $63.75 Tokyo electron (tel) B31D86-003806-12 B31D86-003806-12 heater as
Price: $38.25 Asco B320A89T asco 3-way valve solenoid; volts/hz: 240/50, pipe:
Price: $29.01 Square d B3.30 overload relay thermal unit
Price: $191.25 Cat b-34437 flame guard & anode power supply
Price: $10.95 Nidec B35502-35 nidec betav 5-pin cooling fan B35502-35 120X120X
Price: $16.81 Varian B362791 insulator, electrode
Price: $500 Lutz b-36-sc motor
Price: $334.69 Texas microsystems B3865/20 pcb, cpu, meas/insp 6204
Price: $55 Naigai tech kaisha ltd b-3P-20 detector, water leak tape 20FT
Price: $55 Naigai tech kaisha ltd b-3P-30 detector, water leak tape 30FT(10
Price: $65 Parker B3Y0000XXC 3002 valve 3-way 710K0435 150 psi C3Y000XX-976
Price: $52.28 Micron B400-0027 impervitran industrial control transformer tran
Price: $105.4 Xandex B400 inker inker base
Price: $182.25 Actuatech B4025-teas-no valve, 1/4" air oper ball socket weld tu
Price: $63.75 Btu engineering B42-27-18 btu engineering corp belt ss T314
Price: $7 Electroswitch B421J3723B22M rocker switch 4 polig black
Price: $25 Swagelok b-42S4 whitley brass ball 1/4" valves and a 250-2456-b
Price: $24 Swagelok b-42S4 whitley brass ball 1/4" valves and a ashcroft ma
Price: $3 Linrose B4400H13-amber led super brite, 5MM with amber lens
Price: $3 Linrose B4308CH1-red led super brite , 5MM with reds lens
Price: $45 Swagelok b-44S6-k valve, 3/8 brass 2200 psi at 100'f, 151 bar at
Price: $46.75 Swagelok b-45S8 whitey b-45S8; 2500 psi @100F, 172 bar @ 38C, 15
Price: $35 Swagelok b-45S8-k brass ball valve with knob, 2100 psi at 100 de
Price: $46.75 Habonim B46-666MTT habonim B46-666MT/eto ball valve; body: CF8M,
Price: $30 Nupro b-4LA valve ss needle
Price: $25 Tech town enterprise B4P2303H fan tubeaxial, 230VAC, 50/60HZ, 22
Price: $40 Omron B500-AL001 3G2A9-AL001 link adapter; sysmac programmable c
Price: $63.75 Power one B55934BPR power supply dc
Price: $28 Bando B60 v-belt
Price: $100.41 Opto 22 B6 16-channel analog brain, pamux protocol
Price: $22 Mitsubishi B62 v-belt
Price: $65 Varian B666171 dc output connector board
Price: $65 Varian B666235 process cont output conn board
Price: $65 683365-01 varian B666182 input connector board
Price: $120 Varian B686030 pwa primary protect.
Price: $20 Porter instrument b-694 purge meter; 0-15 l/min scfh N2 @ 20-psi
Price: $125 Ckd B6P5136-MID2-06 valve manifold 6, solenoid,DC24V
Price: $100 Gates B70 hi-power ii compressor v belt --not in original packag
Price: $15 Ball bearing, 49 r . mp fag -1
Price: $15 Porter instrument b-711 roto purge meter; 0-18 liters/min N2 @ 2
Price: $25 Bando B76 v-belt
Price: $62.05 Edwards B749-51-104 spares kit - NW40 outlet port, STPH1000C
Price: $30 Bando B77 v-belt
Price: $102 Reliance electric B78P7679N-zu motor including pump oil 380-50
Price: $131.25 Reliance electric B79B5010N-gg motor pump/sealed 1/2HP 3450RMP 2
Price: $65 Welden B80 air valve assey for pump M2 kt tf pn B80
Price: $32 Botron B8211 personal grounding tester; foot and wrist tester; 2
Price: $20 Iwata and co ltd B8P-6P fitting, bushing
Price: $33.12 Cat b-9905 battery sub - assembly, 4.2 vdc, 25 ma
Price: $50.35 Ba-129452 bulldog fabrication corp ba-129452 filter, element fo
Price: $40 Systence ba 272 spring motor assy
Price: $65 Escap BA16-0-1215 motor gr hd 12V dc tbv interfa; BA16-0-121.5
Price: $14 BA2-X0-10-102-237-d carlingswitch, inc. BA2-X0-10-102-237-d brea
Price: $25 Westinghouse BAB2010HT 2-pole 10A circuit breaker
Price: $65 Matsushita BAC202105 circuit protector, ac 220V ic, 2.5KA, 10A,
Price: $8.5 Georg fischer back ring back ring 6 ansi 150 for pvc cs pp
Price: $8.5 Georg fischer backing ring backing ring 8 ansi for D225 pipe gre
Price: $89.25 Berkeley process control bam-st 2-axis stepper motor interface
Price: $15.19 Tokyo electron (tel) BB10-202231-11 pick,CER8(pi-p)
Price: $25 M watanabe and co ltd BB10-300792-12 pin, llm quartz b
Price: $26.25 Tokyo electron (tel) BB10-301023-11 llm quartz pin a
Price: $168.75 Tokyo electron (tel) BB10-301634-12 suscepter-holder-ht-pro
Price: $15.19 Tokyo electron (tel) BB10-306294-12 quartz rubber
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) BB10-306294-12 quartz rubber, alpha 8
Price: $375 Tokyo electron (tel) BB81-000002-17 pcb, sat-imio
Price: $35 Novellus bb-103551-89 gasket, cff htr base
Price: $375 Tokyo electron (tel) BB81-000005-1AU pcb, sat-mctr
Price: $15.19 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-001288-11 omron D2D-2000 slip ring cov
Price: $650 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-001291-12 panasonic MX7G50B single pha
Price: $1215 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-001811-16 lifer driver assy
Price: $126.56 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-004961-13 ulpa-filter
Price: $126.56 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-007220-13 loader arm pick
Price: $15.19 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-010768-11 holder,CER8(d-p) kit
Price: $227.81 Tokyo electron (tel) BB87-011168-14 hp shower head assy
Price: $75 Novellus bb-870556-51 thermocouple, chamber
Price: $130 Novellus bb-953562-26 valve.mnl
Price: $150 Lambda BBAR2-R550-0-rp-12.7U prism, rhombic, 25.4MM offset,
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind BBBC0015 circuit breaker, 25A, 65V dc
Price: $212.5 Tse bbt-A59 pcb bbt edge connector board
Price: $127.5 Tse bbt-A60 pcb bbt plunger board
Price: $212.5 Tse bbt-A63 pcb bbt analog board
Price: $212.5 Tse bbt-A64-4 pcb bbt i/o card
Price: $12.75 Trace 1465-54921-16-060607 u-joint, split hub 1/4 shaft; trace 1
Price: $28 Shepherd controls & associates inc BC205SK10RM0 cylinder part do
Price: $2.55 Bussmann BC6032S fuse holder, replaces CC60030-2S, 30A 600V, cla
Price: $1.96 Entegris BC4-2 fitting pva. barb x 1/8 np
Price: $10 Fluoroware BC6-4 fitting pfa adapter. barb 0.25T x 1/4NPT integr
Price: $21.25 Varian BCC230A-1 6200230A eprom for disk beam controller
Price: $20 Sony bc-CS2A ni-mh battery charger; for aa or aaa sizes
Price: $6.7 Dell 0MT361 broadcom BCM92046MPCIE bluetooth wireless pci-e card
Price: $211.7 Varian BCR0026 reader, barcode ccd; NFT2135/002RL, fc-965-00013
Price: $67.74 Electromotors limited BCP1511B ac motor, 220/240V, 0.8A, 50HZ, 7
Price: $175 Moeller bd 01-AK2X-f tap off with bd-01-AK2X/f & window 4 spa
Price: $115 Moeller bd 01-AK2X-f tap off with bd-01-AK2X/f & window 4 spa
Price: $3.25 Canon spare parts BD0-4210-020 actuator pin
Price: $150 Teradyne inc bd-2000-002-30 pattern generator
Price: $86.7 Teradyne inc bd-2000-003-06 testech driver board
Price: $372 Teradyne inc bd-2000-006-05 testech pps board
Price: $211.2 Teradyne inc bd-2000-008-02 testech control board
Price: $180 Teradyne inc bd-2000-007-02 testech calibration board
Price: $10 Canon BD2-1084-000 canon BD2-1084-000 spring lockarm
Price: $4.83 Cat BD2-250-ef end flange pn BD2-250-ef
Price: $120 Ventex BD4-4806-000V x stage coupling c 42MM - pc
Price: $297.5 Klockner-moeller BD2-AK2X/S27 klockner-moeller BD2-AK2X/S27 tap-
Price: $8.5 Cat BD649 transistor
Price: $1 Ascent BD680 transistor BD680 darlington pnp SOT32
Price: $12.75 Koganei bdal 10X25 cylinder, plant 10X25
Price: $54.4 Aeg modicon bdap-216 output: 16X24VDC, schneider automation tsx
Price: $125 Aeg modicon bdap-216 plc output: 16X24VDC, schneider automation
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind BDBH0065 circuit breaker, 25A, 65V dc
Price: $202.52 BDC4000-2678 mfm technology inc BDC4000-2678 controller, wafer s
Price: $500 BDC4000X-2678 mfm technology inc BDC4000X-2678 servo motor contr
Price: $63.75 Bd-dacint-710 manufacturing integration technolog bd-dacint-710
Price: $35 Belkin bdn-12 device net bulkhead, pack of 4
Price: $34.43 Bdr-vf-D01 smart trak bdr-vf-D01 doorplate, modified lpc fab-4
Price: $850 Industrial drives controller, brushless motor,
Price: $1.16 Tesla BDX66C transistor 2N6051; sgs BDX66C
Price: $3.83 Brook automation BEA0006 brooks ball bearing falnged equalizer 1
Price: $25 Correct-touch beard covers beard covers disposable spunbonded po
Price: $750 Megatest mega test bem board pcb, pwa: 116410, pwb: 116411
Price: $25 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind BEBG0046 circuit breaker, 25A, 35V dc
Price: $225 Bay engeineered bes-521-32M solenoid valve mount card, 32 humphr
Price: $100 Poly flow bf-001 poly flow engineering llc bf-001 power supply d
Price: $125 Nasclean bf-1.125C-30-m filter, gas, 1-/1/8" service mount, c-se
Price: $8.5 Motorola BF259 motorola transistor
Price: $145 Thermco systems BF503-1 vacuum piping heater, 115W, 120V, 49-00
Price: $25 Technologic systems BF30 parallel to parallel buffer, 2MB
Price: $7.82 Lenz 235001210 low breather filter, 2 9/16 diameter
Price: $8.5 Cat BF871 transistor; power high voltage
Price: $125 Nippon seisen bf-bk-30SLM filter, gas; nasclean
Price: $65 Bfua-7140-1 heater jacket
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind BFBQ0017 circuit breaker, 25A, 65V dc
Price: $500 Daifuku BFV5015D92 lm inverter; vf-d(dfk)-2
Price: $1.7 Poly flow bg-037 lamp eao; 36V 33MA
Price: $12.75 Asm BG19 06 08 flexible coupling BG19 06 08 huco
Price: $470 BG3-4467-000 canon inc board, w/feeder
Price: $500 Canon BG4-4908 canon BG4-4908 xy preamp y
Price: $275 Canon BG4-6177 canon BG4-6177 inline io pcb-repaired, BH8-1639-0
Price: $35 Canon BG4-6731-000 cable assembly. rcro-1
Price: $220 Canon BG4-6928-000 urs/cd pcb
Price: $500 Canon BG4-8193 canon BG4-8193 rc-lb pcb repaired, BH8-1767-01
Price: $350 Canon BG8-3355 ebr pcb assembly, I4/I5
Price: $225 Canon BG9-3345-000 canon BG9-3345-000 ccd drive pcb assembly w/i
Price: $450 Canon BG9-3753 retical drive
Price: $125 Canon BG9-4128-000 signal pcb assy
Price: $250 Canon BG9-4657-000 canon 730NM led
Price: $250 Canon BG9-4658-000 canon 800NM led
Price: $820 Canon BG9-4877 disk unit
Price: $125 California seal & fastener bg-9600PTXME vat, valve slit plate, b
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind BGAC001 circuit breaker, 25A, 65 v ac
Price: $275.4 Advantest bgm-021556 pcb clamp
Price: $1200 Advantest bgr-016796 pps, adv
Price: $972 Advantest bgr-016797 pcb, dc cont
Price: $283.5 Advantest bgr-017417 pcb, hvpps control
Price: $283.5 Advantest bgr-021619 pcb, vi/o cont
Price: $58.04 Poly flow bh-030 thermocouple p/n bh-030
Price: $10 Cannon BH0-4387-000 000 photo sensor, TP1204 C1-0D--not in origi
Price: $9.56 Whittet-higgins co bh-06-61089A locknut,for spindle repair
Price: $9.56 Whittet-higgins co bh-08-71089 locknut,for spindle repair
Price: $10.2 Timken 793305 bearing, needle HDL362C
Price: $120 Koganei BH2-1218-000 solenoid valve, -100~0KPA, YM3T-62W, V030E1
Price: $21.25 Parker BH3-61 brass quick coupling male nipple, port size: 3/8"-
Price: $125 Canon BH4-0992-01 pcb extender test
Price: $125 Canon BH4-0993-01 pcb extender test
Price: $225 Tommy wv emp BH5-3292-000 servo module-repaired, servoland smcm-
Price: $25 Canon BH6-6595 canon BH6-6595 ac conversion cable(ups)
Price: $650 Canon BH8-1635-02 canon BH8-1635-02 piezo analog pcb-repaired, B
Price: $25 Canon BH6-6596 canon BH6-6596 d-sub conversion cable
Price: $650 Canon BH8-1760-01 canon BH8-1760-01 piezo analog pcb-repaired, B
Price: $300 Canon BH9-0069 canon BH9-0069 scsi extender pcb assembly
Price: $350 Canon BH9-0069 canon BH9-0069 scsi extender pcb assembly
Price: $275.4 Advantest bir-021939X02 pcb, tgfc SLOTS19-21
Price: $12.75 Eckardt BHEG411147079 amplifier pneum. for p-153
Price: $75 Wiremold BK1600-25B wiremold black 1600 25 feet length 562100
Price: $15 Apc BK200B backup-ups
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller bk-25-3-PKZM1 motor connect block; bk 25/3-PKZM
Price: $4.4 Bkp-6820C bulldog fabrication corp bkp-6820C filter, element (da
Price: $50 Turck bkfd 19-19-1 cable M16F 19/c w/ 1M pigtail
Price: $10.2 Bks-S20-8-pu-05 balluff bks-S20-8-pu-05 cable, with 4-pin connec
Price: $12.75 Bks-S49-4-pu-10 buchanan automation inc bks-S49-4-pu-10 cable, f
Price: $75 Entegris bl-14 pfa bellows length: 20"--not in original packagin
Price: $225 Oriental motor BL210GN-24H & 2GN5KA vexta brushless dc motor wit
Price: $85 Key high vacuum products nitrogen purge valve
Price: $7.65 Fuji electric bla-1 fuse, 1A 300V neozed
Price: $5.95 Fuji electric BLA003 3A 600V fuse
Price: $35 Fuji electric BLA003 300V, 3A, 600V, 3A fuse, pack of 6
Price: $4.25 Fuji electric bla-010 600V 10A fuse
Price: $8.5 Fuji electric bla-010 fuse 600V 10A pkg 5
Price: $25 Fuji electric BLA010 3A, 600V, fuse - link, pack of 4
Price: $15 Fuji BLA060 fuse, electric cartridge, 600V, 60A
Price: $30 Fuji electric BLA010 3A, 600V, fuse - link, pack of 5
Price: $5 Daito blank fuse holder
Price: $114.75 Advantest blb-017101X02 board, fdbuf
Price: $63.75 Advantest blc-022468 pcb, mh category panel board
Price: $106.25 Spectronics ble-2537S spectronics uv-pen tube lamp
Price: $3.61 Brooks automation inc BLT0006 powergrip industrial power transmi
Price: $55 Tywrap tywrap flag 6" black zip tie, pack of 1000
Price: $2.41 Brooks automation inc BLT0007 belt prescision; 57205356323; 160X
Price: $18.75 Silicon international corp. blt-009 belt,1/2 wide
Price: $58.22 Keyence bl-U2 power supply unit
Price: $135.55 Brooks automation inc BM01842/j motor precision asy BM01842
Price: $8 Cormine blue 5652 blue test wafer label, price per roll
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM05461 pcb, pri KXOO143
Price: $125 Brooks instruments BM05750RB sensor encoder interface
Price: $170 Brooks instrument BM05750RB pcb, sensor encoder interface
Price: $250 Brooks automation inc BM06241 pcb,z&r axis amp pcb; eps 978-457-
Price: $120.49 Fsi international BM09300 shaft assy gripper
Price: $39 Superior electric BM101025 motor, blue slo-syn M061-LS08
Price: $225 Brooks instrument BM10375L02 pcb,scara to itc board,dos reticle
Price: $15.3 Blue m electric BM115492 circular chart paper, 0-350
Price: $320 Brook automation BM11659 pcb; BM11659L02RB
Price: $100 Cat BM12125L01 pcb
Price: $108.44 Fsi international BM12125L02 pcb
Price: $108.44 Fsi international BM12125L05 pcb, board roll axis
Price: $194.65 St BM12345R pcb i/o disp drvr&ttc
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM13379 cable z-chain
Price: $6.03 General manufactoring BM15025 cable upper harness
Price: $22.64 Brooks automation inc BM15027 harness precision wht roll
Price: $1500 Brooks instrument BM15060 pitch gear box; pri 890472
Price: $20 Tem BM1522 motor coupler ss, 6MM x 6MM
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM16037 pcb, inductor/ptcr assy
Price: $243 Brooks automation inc BM16171 pcb, system interconnect
Price: $9.04 Brooks automation inc BM16183 grip. harn. w/wht. pvc
Price: $243 Brooks automation inc BM16335 pcb, board 6; PB16271; BM17015
Price: $63.75 Cat BM16535L01 diode-resistor assy
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM16536 z-chain 9 1/2 tower
Price: $5.42 Brooks automation inc BM16921 brake precision pitch plun
Price: $75.3 Fsi international BM16737 motor precision gripper
Price: $3 Brooks automation inc BM16921 brake precision pitch plun
Price: $243 Brooks automation inc BM17015 pcb; PB16271
Price: $38.25 Brook automation BM17479 brooks pri cable scara to itc
Price: $600 Brooks BM17919L01 robot scara (old reticle stroker)
Price: $45 Brooks automation, inc. BM18682 drive roller-auto i/o--not in or
Price: $750 Brooks BM19616 servo power supply
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM200520100 pcb
Price: $350 Brooks instrument BM23100L03 microprocessor board
Price: $350 Brooks instrument BM23475L06R pcb
Price: $62.99 Varian BM23475L11 pcb, i/o sys if ver 3
Price: $66.4 Varian BM23475L14 pcb, i/o board pc 23475
Price: $1800 Brooks instrument BM25765-refurb robotic arm, scara 7" modular n
Price: $250 Brooks instrument BM24970 assy, bitbus repeater
Price: $200 Brooks instrument BM26010L01 assy, v-station mtg co-esd 100
Price: $63.75 Pri automation BM27310 pcb, limit encoder, 5V, small
Price: $45 Brooks instrument BM27311 x-limit sensor assy
Price: $425 Cmc jght-4921-1 cmc jght-4921-1 pm servo motor with dual micron
Price: $300 Brooks instrument BM29960 assy, v-station mtg co-esd 100
Price: $225 Brooks instrument BM29964 assy, v-stn co-esd-100
Price: $150 Brooks instrument BM301770000 module interface module i/o assy
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM302650000 assembly motor hxfr
Price: $125 Brooks instrument BM302650000 assembly motor hxfr
Price: $17.85 BM34072 brooks automation inc BM34072 cable, gripper signal
Price: $497.76 Brooks instruments BM35708 reader, bar code
Price: $21.25 Brooks instruments BM35708 opticon nft-2135 miniature ccd fixed
Price: $45 Brooks automation BM35944 cable z motor qdc encoder
Price: $29.75 Brooks instruments BM38197 opticon nft-2135 miniature ccd fixed
Price: $125 Canon BM3-9072-000 canon BM3-9072-000 i-4 reticle lifter motor
Price: $12.91 BM41416 brooks automation inc BM41416 cable, p-enc ext lin arm
Price: $20 Brooks BM46384 cable swrial debug 300MM car--not in original pac
Price: $45.48 Square d BM53A2 square d limit switch;
Price: $225 Brooks instrument BM70100 pcb fsi
Price: $75 Brooks instrument BM70150 pcb, sensor
Price: $195 Brook automation BM70152 pcb, enc assy xz
Price: $20 Pri automation-brooks BM70152 pcb, enc assy xz
Price: $150 Pri automation-brooks BM70600 pcb, PB00459
Price: $100 Brooks instrument BM70640 pcb, i/o interface
Price: $111.56 Balzers bn 845 718-1 iridium cathode
Price: $8 Samsung BN39-00244B video 15 pin cable
Price: $30.12 Balzers BN845866-t katode, iridium
Price: $10 Rigaku bn-9-e-or lamp, neon, orange, 110V, 36
Price: $15 Bn-9-e-red lamp. led 220V, neon, red, 3613, 3620
Price: $10 Bn-9-e-y lamp, neon, 110V yellow, 3613, 3620
Price: $33.15 Bo-lu-T01 ludi electronics bo-lu-T01 unit, tilt/wobble-repaired
Price: $1.5 Cat BON74603 ballpoint screwdriver,1/16 prohold tip
Price: $8 Eagle electronic BP2006B plug, snap-on super plug, 5A-125V
Price: $45 Skinner valve BP2EV0005 valve solenoid ss, p.s.i.: 60, orifice:
Price: $20 Screen bp-879-1-h torque auto close hinge plastic
Price: $1020 Versatest brd-V0890 versatest 1000 pattern generator with versat
Price: $63.75 Hp brd-V1192 V1004 adapter board ts 3@4
Price: $1020 Versatest brd-V1190 versatest V1000 formatter/pe board
Price: $807.5 Versatest brd-V1390 V1000 buffer memory/ecr board
Price: $45 Geist manufacturing inc, BRF060-10 6-outlet 15A 19IN rack m, 15
Price: $68.85 Cutler-hammer BRH320 HC320 3-pole circuit breaker
Price: $125 Goldstar BRI4630 parallel / serial card; eud 5U9
Price: $15 Briskheat BS0051020L heat teapesize: .5 x 2FEET, frequency: 50-6
Price: $15 Longwell bs-1363/a lp-61L plug, 2 1/2 feet, united kingdom outle
Price: $15 Longwell bs-1363/a lp-61L plug, 2 1/2 feet, united kingdom outle
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4304-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4300-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4305-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4308-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4309-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4320-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4321-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4322-000 canon timing belt
Price: $25 Canon BS2-4323-000 canon timing belt
Price: $7.65 Gewiss BS4343 plug, 16A-6H 220-240V type 013
Price: $17.85 BSALS10X15 koganei BSALS10X15 cylinder, 10X15MM
Price: $9 Bsals-10X15-3B koganei bsals-10X15-3B valve, sol 24VDC 0-.9MPA V
Price: $27 Bsals-10-x-15-3B-CS11TA2 koganei bsals-10-x-15-3B-CS11TA2 cylind
Price: $50 Turck bsm-bkwm-14-998-4 cbl, M16 14PIN m/f 24AWG 4M, 13 1/2 ft
Price: $45 3300-0171-01 turck bsm bkwm 19-997-5/S101 16FT U2-03149 cable
Price: $25 Turck bsm bkwm 19-997-4/S101 6FT U0982-15 cordset
Price: $2.55 Cat bsp-X2 stortz half coupling 2 bsp x 2 matar 2
Price: $4 BT191545 3.7V 240MAH li-ion polymer, 80-7428-00-00
Price: $125 Horiba stec bt-001 trap, air bubble
Price: $5.44 Fluoroware BT4-4FN-1 jaacid fitting pfa. m.branch 1-4T x 1-4NPT
Price: $6.03 Entegris BT6-6FN-1 tee, male branch, flared, fluoroware
Price: $12.75 St microelectronics BTA10-600 st microelectronics triac SC146 60
Price: $12.75 Toshiba BU208 toshiba BU208 transistor power high voltage
Price: $8.5 Cat bu-500 bu 500 transistor, power high voltage
Price: $4.25 Farnell BU508A farnell transistor BU508 power high voltage
Price: $8.5 Nxp semiconductor BU508DF nxp semiconductors transistor
Price: $561 Allen-bradley bulletin-836 pressure switch
Price: $90 Disco hi-tec BVDS0068 Z1 dresser board
Price: $35 Naigai tech kaisha ltd eslon bvsv-40 valve pvc, ball, bvsv-40 ty
Price: $125 Johnson controls corporation bwk-600L valve actuator motor, mjv
Price: $1000 Cat BX36493 silicon nitride boat tel ALPHA8
Price: $150 Johnson controls corporation bwk-700 valve actuator electric
Price: $45 Gates bx-52 tri-power v-belt, 21/32" x 55, (M2)
Price: $100 Goodyear BX75 belt--not in original packaging
Price: $126.56 Tokyo electron (tel) BX80-070500-11 nichias rpl chemical filter
Price: $200 Toho bxbx-303-004-op temperature controller bx-303
Price: $90 Zygo BXC5T-25-06-np-cl assy, cable, active ee tool changr
Price: $850 Applied robotics inc BXC5T-25-06-np-cl end effector assembly, ca
Price: $11.25 Applied robotics bxcc-25-02-u mating connector w/cable
Price: $1.28 Mic BY299 semiconductor part, diode
Price: $12 Honeywell bz-2RW822T bz series standard basic switch; 15A @ 125/
Price: $71.4 Cat c FV4C 6L-FV4C-VR4-FR4 size c
Price: $100 Asm C002220A cable,co-ax,bnc,m.m.
Price: $100 Asm C002464A cable,datum
Price: $1.7 Eia C00-35A 35A 500V 120KA fuse
Price: $27.11 Asyst technologies C0040-5952-01 mount plate, floor
Price: $200 Asyst technologies C0093-0488-188 fan filter assembly with fan f
Price: $33.47 Trebor C0078 detent, diaphragm, 610NM-ab
Price: $15.06 Asyst technologies C0094-0772-08 cable assy
Price: $100.41 Gasonics C0094-0951-01 assy, i/f connections
Price: $11.16 Amphenol (amp) C0094-1467-05 cable
Price: $11.16 Amphenol (amp) C0094-1467-10 cable
Price: $4.16 Cat C02495A224-5304 viton o-ring for thrust seal sn-CO2495A2
Price: $46.75 Goulds C02495A28 goulds C02495A28 5308; acid resistant fluocarbo
Price: $29.75 Goulds C02495A3815308 goulds acid resistant fluocarbon o-ring
Price: $15 Black box C056A-R2 vga splitter
Price: $204 Tokyo electron (tel) C06020-006-0R6 bell jar etch 200 mm
Price: $35 Dell C057J cable management arm
Price: $5.1 Ebara C06-071-00-2-0 1010-01-001 rev. a pin, lift ss for vespel
Price: $7 Edwards vacuum C10007090 clamp
Price: $5 C10007093 iso 63/250 single claw
Price: $125 Rkc C100FK02-m-cn temperature controller, supply 100-240V ac, 50
Price: $9.85 Ebara c-1045-258-0011 pin, drive
Price: $13.64 Edwards C10505314 spacer for dp-80/40 exhaust
Price: $52.7 Edwards C10506303 elbow exhaust
Price: $52.7 Edwards C10516294 NW40 pipe flex hose braided NW40 135MM
Price: $50 Boc edwards C10517420 90 degrease elblow ss, NW50, ll vacuum pum
Price: $121.04 Pacific transformer C1064844 transformer for clean oil heater
Price: $45 Bando C106 v-belt
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) c-1100-018-0001 r shaft ebara
Price: $125 Yamatake C10TODTA0100 temperature controller AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
Price: $31.27 Ebara c-1100-152-0001 shaft, spline
Price: $2.55 Ebara c-1112-004-0001 cup ring for uper roll rotation mech.
Price: $20 Sojitz pla-net c-1150-000-0001 gear, 1.5M 22Z mc nylon
Price: $11.69 Ebara c-1132-005-0001 bearing, dresser NKXR30T2+IR253020
Price: $75 Sojitz pla-net c-1150-011-0001 gear, dry pump ebara
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-1156-003-0001 pulley, (1) SUS304
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-1156-004-0001 pulley, (2) epo-222
Price: $12.75 Ebara c-1158-008-0001 belt, timing 88XL037
Price: $75 Yashima sokki C11874 thermocouple, type: k, class: 1, mat'l: S6
Price: $1.39 Ebara c-1200-001-0001 spring, ss .805 x 586 od
Price: $35 Sojitz pla-net c-1212-033-0001 seal, oil dressing
Price: $21.25 Entegris C12-12FN-1 entegris adapter, 3/4"od tube x 3/4"mnpt, pf
Price: $106.25 Fluoroware C12-12GN-1 pneumatic diaphragm valve 3 way female 1
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-1216-025-0001 packing, 1
Price: $35 Ebara c-1216-136-0001 gasket teflon packing
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-1216-026-0001 packing, 2
Price: $1.39 Cat C12-16-fn-1 fitting male conn. 3/4T x 1 npt flaretek
Price: $41.99 Si span c-12 gauge pressure 2 30 -0-200PSI span c-12
Price: $45 Bando C124 v-belt
Price: $6.8 Metron technology israel C12-8GN-1 fitting pfa male conn. 3/4T x
Price: $25 Amp cannon plug kit, 12 pins position m-f--not in original packa
Price: $20 Fluoroware C12-8GN-1 fitting pfa male adaptor 3/4T x 1/2NPT qui
Price: $42.5 Ebara c-1322-024-0001 smc CDJPB6-15D-b-97S interlock cylinder; s
Price: $35.44 Ebara c-1322-062-0001 ckd ssd-ol-16-7 cylinder(t/o wafer chuck)
Price: $208.89 Ebara c-1382-001-0001 ebara bush, linear
Price: $1.21 Amphenol (amp) C146 10B004 102 6 connector
Price: $42.81 Valex C14VCR-25-bo fitting coax female vcr gland .5X.25
Price: $40 Varian c-1501820 pcb datalk slave assy , component side, dataloc
Price: $155 Eaton c-1501020 electrode suppression sense
Price: $75 Raychem c-150-e low profile, cold applied power connection, temp
Price: $168.75 Dynamics research corp C153/421-1000-60C encoder division, C153/
Price: $400 Hamamatsu C1556-51 C1053/C1556 series amplifier , pin assignment
Price: $25 Suspa C16-23459 lift supporter shock, M528500
Price: $1.01 Metron C163041 push spring
Price: $45 Bando C166 v-belt
Price: $75 Mfm technologies C18405 pcb, micron interfacerepair
Price: $75 Mfm technologies C18644 pcb, phase lockrepair
Price: $75 C18899 mfm technology C18899 pcb, opto isolation driver
Price: $1.01 Metron C1ATRMD008 flat gear
Price: $1.01 Metron C1ATRMD503 roller
Price: $1.01 Metron C1ATRMD506 flat gear
Price: $35 Millipore C1EN9545 0.1UM filter
Price: $225 Omron C200H-BC031-V2 controller, sequencer program
Price: $1500 Omron C200HG-CPU43-e module,C200 hg cpu; econ-450020; lot no.26Z
Price: $127.5 Omron C200H-ia-122 controller, sysmac programmable, input unit:
Price: $400 Omron C200HW-COM06-V1 omron, C200HW-COM06-V1, communication boar
Price: $1612.63 Omron C200HS-CPU01 sysmac programmable controller sequensor cpu
Price: $25 Accuride c-201-12D drawer slides, model 201, low profile, light
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net c-2014-029-0001 tube teflon, plaint
Price: $75 Sojitz pla-net c-2014-212-0001 tube, long plaint teflon, 3 feet
Price: $35 Barden precision bearings C203SSX340K5 ul THERM2000 ceramic hybr
Price: $19.25 Ebara c-2016-379-0001 tube, slurry, size 16
Price: $3 Barden C204SST5 ball bearing
Price: $125 Yamatake C204YM10201 temperature controller, AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
Price: $55 Tokyo electron (tel) c-2110-850-0001 socket, quick connector
Price: $15.19 Ebara c-2220-223-0001 advanced automation 2640-131CI-02 advance
Price: $21.51 Ebara c-2220-191-0001 advanced automation CEP011-BLK1210 advance
Price: $67.79 Ebara c-2230-133-0001 ebara block manifold for cmp f-REX200
Price: $38.31 Ebara c-2230-345-0001 smc VDW11-5G-2-M5-l-f-X18 smc VDW11-5G-2-M
Price: $16.2 Ebara c-2244-005-0001 surpass industry ftx-1/4-v check valve(t/r
Price: $94.77 Ebara c-2240-018-0001 advanced automation HIC300-115PIGH high in
Price: $253.13 Ebara c-2250-019-0001 ckd ckd PMM20-X048, slurry flow regulator
Price: $27.27 Valex C2-25 fitting coax elbow 90 degrease .5X.25 10RA C2-25
Price: $29.75 Cat C2--375-A7 fitting coax elbow 90 .625 x.375
Price: $36.45 Cutler-hammer C25END430T eaton definite purpose contactor, 24VAC
Price: $6.8 Cat C26 standard box 26/16/10 cm model:C26
Price: $1.01 Metron C262028 feeding roller
Price: $3.04 Apex, inc C262066 roller arm
Price: $3.04 Apex, inc C262060 collar
Price: $750 Omron C28P-edr-a C28P i/o unit plc, 12X5 i source: 100-240VAC 50
Price: $12.75 C2A4-L12 watlow# watlow C2A4-L12 watlow# heater, 120 vac 50W 1/8
Price: $106.25 Millipore C2SM1229 filter wafergard f-40 hmds ip
Price: $151.79 Ebara c-3000-097-0001 chuck, arm turnover 1
Price: $10 Hewlett packard C3004A battery rapid re-charger
Price: $64.6 Asco C302001 kit repair (asco-8262B208)
Price: $20.4 Asco C302018 nv kit valve 1/4 two way
Price: $1348.63 Varian C310099 asy beam dump assy
Price: $15.19 Ebara c-3102-084-0001 t/r guide
Price: $54.73 Ebara c-3102-175-0001 t/r guide (n)
Price: $76.61 Ebara c-3102-366-0001 guide, t/r
Price: $25 Tokyo electron (tel) c-3108-157-0001 valve box cover, 7 5/8" x 5
Price: $35 Ebara corportion c-3108-503-0001 protection shield
Price: $19.65 Ebara c-3115-022-0001 collar, b
Price: $5.06 Ebara c-3115-027-0001 collar c
Price: $15.19 Ebara c-3115-054-0001 collar a
Price: $5.06 Ebara c-3115-097-0001 seal collar
Price: $41.99 Ebara c-3115-104-0001 ebara seal collar (b)
Price: $227.81 Ebara c-3133-008-0001 chuck piece(wet)(EPO222 t/o)
Price: $25 Ebara c-3133-08-0001 chucking roller turn OVER2
Price: $218.68 Ebara c-3201-095-0001 diaphragm, support
Price: $29.05 Ebara c-3201-299-0001 diaphragm support inner
Price: $35 Sojitz pla-net c-3202-153-0001 ebara ebara c-3202-153-0001; pipe
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-3208-103-0001 shim, 0.03MM
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-3208-113-0001 0.03 mm shim; CEPO22-BLP0380
Price: $32.91 Ebara c-3208-179-0001 shim, .05MM buff table
Price: $32.91 Ebara c-3208-176-0001 shim, 1MM buff table
Price: $556.88 Ebara c-3224-026-0001 lift stage
Price: $30.1 Ebara c-3224-048-0001 stage, push
Price: $14.26 Ebara c-3228-341-0001 spacer, mounting top ring
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net c-3230-038-0001 sleeve
Price: $25 Mallory C32FD3710 capacitor, 370VAC, 50/60HZ
Price: $450 Load arm assembly
Price: $750 Sojitz pla-net c-3308-017-0001 under table
Price: $125 Sojitz pla-net c-3314-013-0001 tray, (2)
Price: $1 Cat C337 transistor BC337 npn TO92
Price: $45 Teledyne c-34434 electrometer amplifier pcb C34434
Price: $42.5 Transformer C34-622 transformer T915 T502 rfg
Price: $47.81 Sojitz pla-net c-3502-015-0001 housing 316 ss--not in original p
Price: $55.34 Ebara c-3502-121-0001 housing, upper topring
Price: $54.53 Ebara c-3502-138-0001 housing, lower topring
Price: $15 Ebara c-3525-011-0001 cylinder blanket
Price: $1000 Ebara c-3532-456-0001 flange, set eis
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-3544-001-0001 bearing block c
Price: $32.84 Ebara c-3544-244-0001 block, rod for pusher
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net c-3556-036-0001 box, separate manifold pvc
Price: $35 Tokyo electron (tel) c-3556-048-0001 separate box
Price: $25.59 Ebara c-3570-131-0001 plate, set gt
Price: $1.01 Metron C362013 push spring
Price: $90.82 Varian C361554 retainer, seal
Price: $4 Nappco fastner company C3-723-10 latch door scp female 10 lb(nap
Price: $100 Cutler-hammer C370AF2 operator handle power disconnect
Price: $401.31 Ebara c-3812-263-0011 holder, ring (2) E10
Price: $76.61 Ebara c-3812-294-001 ring, stop inner topring
Price: $89.6 Ebara c-3812-297-0001 ring, seal topping
Price: $38.82 Ebara c-3812-295-0001 ring, lock topring
Price: $51.08 Ebara c-3812-380-0001 supply ring gt
Price: $8 Tcs corporate services tcs corporate services C3900A-RT1 4V lase
Price: $85 Mamiya C3 body 120 film, crank winder, manual shutter cocking *b
Price: $18.09 Mego afek C400-1 1-2NPT gauge press.4 dia 0-200PSI br.1/2NPT gly
Price: $286.62 Alphasem ag C4013.000016 volumetric dispense head du, 6000439/10
Price: $63.75 Ebara c-4110-078-0001 impeler for preparation tank ebara
Price: $1 Edwards vacuum inc. C41101040 earth socket key brass
Price: $485.45 Ebara c-4110-249-0001 brush for dresser
Price: $103.61 Ebara c-4110-249-0021 (brush only) 90DAY pm kit (1) ebara c-4110
Price: $80 Tokyo electron (tel) c-4110-249-0021 brush, ebara condt soft
Price: $40.32 Ebara c-4111-098-0001 subcarrier, top ring modified
Price: $26.25 Ebara c-4111-099-0101 insert, outter rubber blasted 45MM
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) c-4120-093-0001 plate, entry side(A30W) eba
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) c-4120-094-0001 entry side plate; (A70W) eb
Price: $125 Sojitz pla-net c-4120-136-0001 plate, attachment side(A70W) ebar
Price: $125 Sojitz pla-net c-4120-096-0001 plate attachment side (A30W)
Price: $250 Ebara c-4120-139-0001 dry pump out side plate(alcatel A30W)
Price: $250 Ebara c-4120-235-0001 dry pump motor rotor 3.7KW ebara
Price: $125 Sojitz pla-net c-4120-242-0001 cover, gear ebara
Price: $250 Sojitz pla-net c-4120-354-0001 ebara ebara zccm induction motor
Price: $4.22 Boc edwards C414-11-800 seals kit PV40PK spare
Price: $135.55 Boc edwards C414-19-200 valve, fast acting, A6, turbo
Price: $68.95 Dell C4272 dell C4272 U320 pci-x scsi lvd controller SC1420
Price: $6.94 Klinger c-4400 kit.service 0206 00 (for float valve)
Price: $2.55 Nec C4557C silicon npn triple diffused planar transistor(switchi
Price: $350 Oriental motor C4773-90215HGE motor, v shaft 5-phase 500P/r,dc 5
Price: $6.8 Cat C4F6 duct filter for teos tdmat C4F6 riken ke
Price: $126.56 Ebara c-5002-012-0001 tachibana TVME2500 flash memory board
Price: $15.19 Ebara c-5004-071-0001 toshiba PAMHD005 toshiba mobile disk PAMHD
Price: $43 Omron C500-ID212 omron, C500-ID212, input unit, dc
Price: $50 Omron C500-II101 omron, C500-II101, i/o control unit
Price: $126.56 Ebara c-5010-004-0001 vme board
Price: $272.16 Ebara c-5120-057-0001 mitsubishi electric power supply
Price: $125 Sojitz pla-net c-5138-023-0001 sensor, flow,gas: N2,range: 3.4PA
Price: $25.31 Ebara c-5146-037-0001 power supply for touch panel screen
Price: $350 Sojitz pla-net c-5152--030-0001 yaskawa sgda-01AS yaskawa sgda-0
Price: $9 Ebara c-5178-007-0001 relay, 3A, 240VAC: 3A, 30VDC
Price: $25 Cat c-5222-005-0011 level switch float w-gauge, oil level
Price: $15.19 Ebara c-5402-247-0001 molex, cable CLEAN1 stage
Price: $25 Tokyo electron (tel) c-5403-189-0001 harness, tc conversion for
Price: $45 Intel C54393-003 heatsink for intel dev board
Price: $1 Lam research (lam) C565-4CKD5CP C565-4CKD5CP clean 440X5/16 socs
Price: $10 Hp C5708A 24GB dds-3 data cartridge
Price: $10 Hp C5709A dds/dat cleaning cartridge
Price: $10 Advanced electric C5E-121GY-10F cable, 10 feet, enhanced, CAT5 a
Price: $35 6102-0056-01 sr components C5EPCRD3 3FT red CAT5E patch cable pk
Price: $45 Merlin gerin C60H D40A circuit breaker 40AMP 3POLE 415VAC d curv
Price: $3 Fabco-air c-5-x pancake cylinder
Price: $9.46 24286 merlin gerin 24286 breaker, 400V multi 9
Price: $13.11 Merlin gerin C60N C6 breaker, 6A 230/400V 1PL
Price: $25 Merlin gerin circuit breaker, 10A-type d, 1 pole, 277 vac
Price: $335 Merlin gerin circuit breaker, power distribution 16A-type d, 63A
Price: $25 Merlin gerin circuit breaker, 16A-type d, 1 pole, 277 vac
Price: $55 Merlin gerin circuit breaker, 16A-type d, 3 pole, 480 vac
Price: $45 Merlin gerin circuit breaker, 16A-type d
Price: $18.75 Square d C60N 5A circuit breaker, mg 17404
Price: $24.55 Merlin gerin C60N-C40 400V 3 pole circuit breaker
Price: $20 Merlin gerin C60N circut breaker, multi 9, d 10A, 415V~
Price: $18.75 Merlin gerin C60N-C40 circuit breaker, multi 9 C60N c 40, 230/40
Price: $12.75 Merlin gerin C60N-C40 circuit breaker, multi 9 C60N c 40, 230/40
Price: $25 Merlin gerin C60N circuit breaker, 230V/400V~, multi 9, B16--not
Price: $25 Merlin gerin C60N circuit breaker multi 9, 1A-type d, 480 vac
Price: $21.25 Berg C64A18-60 gear 60 teeth clamp hub
Price: $46.75 Ferraz c-63210 ferraz pronorm c 63210 14X51 fuse
Price: $1.79 Systems chemistry-air liquide C6-6FN-1 entegris C6-6FN-1 fitting
Price: $8.26 Entegris C6-8FN-1 connector - male, flared
Price: $180.4 Millipore C6KM8976 filter, N2 disposable unit, 5513024, WGFG06WB
Price: $100 Hewlett packard C7671B scanjet transparency adapter
Price: $66.23 Valex C7R-375X25-B0 fitting coax reducing tee 10RA; C7R-.375X.25
Price: $52.33 Valex C7P-25 fitting coax tee purge .5X.25 10RA
Price: $12.5 Dell C8111 cd-rom slim drive
Price: $3.61 Fluoroware C8-4FN-1 fitting
Price: $1.01 Ebara c-8811-088-0001 o-ring
Price: $300 Ebara c-8812-043-0001 ebara technologies inc ring, top
Price: $3.94 Entegris C8-8FN-1 coupling male pfa 1/2" to 1/2"
Price: $17.5 Avc C9025B24UA dc 24V 0.3A ball bearing cooling fan
Price: $45 Bando C91 v-belt
Price: $191.25 Sgs-thomson C9531 pcb step motor controller 1.oa pc 300V02.02
Price: $38.25 C95SDB 40-125 smc C95SDB 40-125 cylinder, 40X125MM basic
Price: $35 Radiac C9A120 H9 B6H 12 x 1 1/2 x 3 inch grinding wheel
Price: $225 Millipore C9EM7760/WG2F4ORR3 filter gas ss vcr
Price: $125 Millipore C9SM9985 filter assy. ss 1/4 vcr
Price: $60 Fujitsu CA01675-B341000E harddisk drive, model MPC3064AT-e, rati
Price: $55 Fujitsu CA01675-B94400CP harddisk drive, model MPC3064AT-cp, rat
Price: $15 Plantronics CA10 cordless amplifier, power: dc 9V dc/800MA, clas
Price: $93.5 Synel industries inc CA12 adapter RS232/RS422 model CA12
Price: $55.25 Ontrak 70-0010-161 sprecher schuh CA3-9-01 contactor, 600 vdc, 2
Price: $20 Philmore CA904 12FT RG59/u cable; bnc male to bnc male
Price: $20.25 CA90X cymatix inc CA90X kit, pac sci basic connector
Price: $23.2 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display cable, video/screen axtent
Price: $25 Rose electronics cab-CX0606C5 cable; DB25 to vga/PS2 (ul to cpu
Price: $25 Rose electronics cab-CX0606M20 cable 20.5FT pc kvm
Price: $41.25 Applied materials (amat) cab-STD5MM06 6FT keyboard cable extende
Price: $300 Yaskawa cacr-01-DS3BUC controller, servo non working
Price: $650 Yaskawa cacr-01-DS3BUC controller, servo
Price: $225 Yaskawa cacr-PR02AA4 servopack power supply
Price: $225 Keyence ca-DC100 light controller
Price: $40 L-com CAF900MM-1M 3FT scsi-3 cable; CAF900MM-1M1663570717
Price: $25 Caster, 2 wheel swivel with stopping screw, pack of 2
Price: $10 Caster, 2 wheel swivel with stopping screw
Price: $100 Tool moving caster heavy duty pkg 2
Price: $10 Caster, swivel, grip ring
Price: $10 CAT5E-in-line-couple-8PK CAT5E-in-line-couple-8PK socket cat 5E
Price: $35 Black box various CAT5 cables cat-5 internet cable lot (1) 15.5F
Price: $3.01 Novellus CB112-13-10 cable assy
Price: $11.16 Amphenol (amp) CB1153S-3-10 cable assy
Price: $125 Rotec CB1/2 back plane pcb; dax 5 CB1/2 bs
Price: $225 Trikon technologies trikon CB4743-3 pcb, module control
Price: $7.5 Tokyo electron (tel) cb-5000-125 8" adapter cable
Price: $1.81 Amphenol (amp) CB651-55-1 cable, adapter, tv controller
Price: $22 6102-0155-01 motorola cba-U09-C15ZAR 15" usb to RJ45 coiled cabl
Price: $22.95 CBDA20X25-g koganei CBDA20X25G cylinder, 20X25MM actuating k
Price: $540 Millipore CBUZ3L0S1 filter
Price: $25 Emi CBEEE3F3CE9 ps/2 sun converter
Price: $127.5 Dai nippon screen (dns) 2-39-59705 mykrolis CBUZ8L0P1 dns 2-39-5
Price: $3.4 Cat CC2064 clamp cushion assy h-z 4.000 od
Price: $15 General devices CC2301-00-0240 chassis trak
Price: $12 Arcolectric CC7 110-230V lamp neon red; ~8" long
Price: $12.5 Dell CC755 cd-rw/dvd-rom combo slim drive
Price: $10 Dell CC755 GX620 cdrw dvd 24X combo sff
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. CCS30-2007 center pole cap
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. CCS30-2040 center pole
Price: $10 Mcgill ccyr 3/4S cam yoke roller
Price: $21.25 Cat 551118300 roller taping laminator (CD1-8773 part 7
Price: $21.25 Cat CD1-8773-67 roller left taping peeling
Price: $12.75 Cat CD1-8773-72 roller
Price: $191.25 Klockner-moeller cd-22 klockner-moeller feeder unit
Price: $8.5 Axcelis 6100192 harris CD4002BE harris i.c.; axcelis 6100192
Price: $1.49 Cat CD4016BCN ic mc 14016 dual bilateral switch
Price: $4.25 Cat CD4018BCN ic mc 14018 presettable divide
Price: $4.25 Cat CD4020BCN ic MC14020 14 stage ripple carry binary
Price: $4.25 Cat CD4022BCN ic MC14022 divide-by-8-counter
Price: $4.25 Cat CD4023BCN ic MC14023 triple 3 input norgate
Price: $4.25 Cat CD4024BCN ic MC14024 7 stage ripple carry binary c
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4025BCN national semiconductor i.c. tri
Price: $8.5 Fairchild CD4027BCN fairchild i.c. dual j-k master / slave
Price: $4.25 Fairchild CD4028BCN fairchild i.c. bcd-to-decimal decoder
Price: $4.25 Fairchild CD4030CN fairchild i.c. quad exclusive-or-gate
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4040BCN national semiconductor i.c. sta
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4044BCN national semiconductor tri-stat
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4053BCN national semiconductor analog m
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4050BCN national semiconductor hex noni
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor CD4060BCN national semiconductor i.c. MC1
Price: $4.25 Fairchild CD4070BCN fairchild i.c. quad 2-input xor gate
Price: $4.25 Fairchild CD4071BCN fairchild i.c. quad 2-input or buffer
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor CD4072BCN national semiconductor i.c. dua
Price: $40 Rca CD4075BE ic integrates circuits, chip triple or gate 31/p di
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4075BCN national semiconductor i.c. 3-i
Price: $8.5 Texas instruments CD4076BCN texas instruments i.c 4-bit d-type r
Price: $4.25 National semiconductor CD4082BCN national semiconductor quad 2-i
Price: $4.25 Texas instruments CD4503BE texas instruments cmos hex 3-state bu
Price: $118.16 Nitto denko america inc CD46-8376-4 roller, flat wafer mount sil
Price: $10 Dell CD453 ati industrial automation 109-A26030-01 128MB graphic
Price: $1.96 Cat cd-68-2KV capacitor ceramic 50PF 1000VDCW pn dd-50; cd 68 2K
Price: $8 CD74ACT374E ics, flip flops tri-st. octal
Price: $7.65 Smc CD85N16-125-b cylinder, 5/8X5 dbl act end mt smc
Price: $12.75 Smc CD85N16-40-b cylinder, 5/8X1.5 dbl act end mt smc
Price: $1.7 Nitto cd-8773-71 roller middle taping pealing (cd-8773#71;0370-0
Price: $12.91 CDA1FN80-120 smc CDA1FN80-120 cylinder, 80X120MM airrepa
Price: $21.51 CDA1FN80-120 smc CDA2F80-120 cylinder, 80X120MM air
Price: $12.75 Klockner moeller cd-A30-1 plug cd-A30-1 k&m
Price: $27 Koganei CDAF25X15-b-149W cylinder, 25X15MM dbl act hsg
Price: $22.95 Koganei CDAF25X2-b-406W cylinder, 25X2MM dbl act hsg
Price: $11.59 Klockner-moeller cd-aw-10 tap-off unit 3 pole 10A + 1M cable cd-
Price: $25.31 Metron CDBM2B25-145A-hn-H7A cylinder
Price: $19.8 Smc CDG1BA25-M1382-200 cylinder, 25X200MM special
Price: $25.31 Metron CDJ2B16-165A-H7BS cylinder
Price: $17.21 Smc CDG1BA25-M1382-200 cylinder, 25X200MM special
Price: $12.75 Smc CDJ2B16-45-a cylinder, 16X45MM basic
Price: $17.85 Smc CDM2B20-75 cylinder, 20X75MM basic
Price: $25.31 Metron CDM2B32-250A-H7A1 cylinder unit
Price: $15.73 Smc CDM2L25-225A r cylinder, 25X225MM stainless
Price: $6.8 Rca CDM62256E10 i.c. - static ram, 32KX8, 28-pin
Price: $22.95 Smc CDM2L25-225A cylinder, 25X225MM stainless
Price: $45 Smc CDMUN30-75 cylinder, 30X75MM basic
Price: $17.85 3691A19 smc CDQ2A32-01-94385 blades,
Price: $25.31 Metron CDQ2A32-100DM-F79 cylinder unit
Price: $13.37 CDQ2A32-120DC smc CDQ2A32-120DC cylinder, 32X120MM compact
Price: $39.23 Smc CDQ2A32-40DC-A80-XB9 cylinder, 32X40MM dbl act hsg
Price: $39 CDQ2A32-F9441-120 smc CDQ2A32-F9441-120 cylinder, 32X120MM compa
Price: $30 CDQ2A40-105DC smc CDQ2A40-105DC cylinder, 40X105MM compact
Price: $65 Smc CDQ2A63C-P0209-200 air cylinder dual acting--not in original
Price: $12.75 Scp global 510657 smc CDQ2B 20-10D cylinder, 36X10MM dbl act my
Price: $175 Smc CDQ2B100-J0829-20 cylinder, air, max press. 1.0MPA 10.2KGF/C
Price: $12.75 Smc CDQ2B12-15D cylinder, 12X15MM dbl act w/a
Price: $25.31 Metron CDQ2B12-15DCM-F79 cylinder unit
Price: $10.2 Smc CDQ2B12-5D cylinder, 12X5MM dbl act w/a
Price: $22.95 Smc CDQ2B20-40DC cylinder, 20X40MM compact, 1.0MPA
Price: $5 Smc CDQ2B20-20DC cylinder, 20X20 dbl act air
Price: $55 Smc CDQ2B20-50DC cylinder
Price: $19.13 Smc CDQ2B25-40D pneumatic cylinder
Price: $25 Smc CDQ2B25-50DCM air cylinder, max. press 1.0MPA
Price: $27 Smc CDQ2B32-20DC-F79L cylinder, 32X20MM, compact swt
Price: $38.25 Smc CDQ2B32C-P0430-75 pneumatic short stroke cylinder brooks 378
Price: $35 Smc CDQ2D16-15DM-A73 cylinder, max. press: 145 psi 1.00MPA
Price: $25 Smc CDQSB12-75DC compact cylinder 12MM diameter bore (compact db
Price: $15.17 Tokyo electron (tel) CS024-016931-1 smc CDQSB16-15DC-F9N-XB13 te
Price: $30 CDQSB20-25DCM smc CDQSB20-25DCM cylinder, 20X25MM compact
Price: $38.25 Smc CDQSB16-40DC-A93V-XB9 cylinder, 1.0MPA, 10.2KGF/CM2, 145PSI
Price: $25.31 Metron CDQSB25-15DCM cylinder
Price: $10.2 Smc CDQSBS12-10DC cylinder, 12X10MM dbl acting
Price: $22.95 Smc CDQSBS16-15DC cylinder, 16X15MM dbl acting
Price: $17.85 Smc CDQSBS16-15DC-r cylinder, 16X15MM dbl acting
Price: $12.75 Smc cylinder, air (wafer pusher)
Price: $90 Smc CDQSXB20-40D-F9NWL cylinder, microspeed, d/act, cln rm
Price: $26.43 Smc cdrqbw 15 rotary actuator
Price: $235 Parker c-drive compumotor drive, c series
Price: $225 Smc CDT1S25-A5-235-275 cylinder linear, unit
Price: $10.31 CDU20-20D smc CDU20-20D cylinder, freemount
Price: $30 CDU20-30D smc CDU20-30D cylinder, 20X30MM dbl act com
Price: $25 Cutler-hammer CE15FN3Y1 3-pole contactor 50/60HZ 32A 600V
Price: $150 Custom eye ce-20012 clamp ring
Price: $1.5 Custom eye ce-20159 spacer, cassette stage 18.8T
Price: $1.5 Custom eye ce-20160 spacer, cassette stage 18.5T
Price: $500 Mykrolis ce-35KF-sk-R4 aeronex gatekeeper hydride gas purifier
Price: $425 Hp cec 488 ieee-488 insrumentation interface, V1K, V2K cpu board
Price: $191.25 Walther werke ceetyp-460 socket 380V 3PH flush mnt d red 5X63 an
Price: $10 Briskheat centcom-004 cable, CAT5 communication, for briskheat c
Price: $10 Briskheat centcom-005 cable, CAT5E, plenum, 5FT.
Price: $20 Briskheat centcom-010 cable, CAT5 communication, for briskheat c
Price: $25 Briskheat centipede temperature controller
Price: $8 Linksys proconnect series, 50 female/female centronics, fully sh
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net CEP011-BPD1010 joint, rotary turn table(a)
Price: $15 Linksys proconnect series, pkg 2 50 male/male centronics, fully
Price: $5.54 Ebara c-1156-007-0001 pulley, cleaner
Price: $13.77 Axcelis CEP022-BHL1030 lamp, ballast/fixture epo-222
Price: $45 Sojitz pla-net c-3202-189-0001 ebara ebara c-3202-189-0001; pipe
Price: $500 Sojitz pla-net CEP099-AEL1410 board, w/battery mity
Price: $15 Ebara CEPO11-BPD1030 oil seal
Price: $15 Sojitz pla-net CEPO11-BMB0370 dresser, belt cover 2
Price: $65 Ebara CEPO11-BPM1050 valve teflon, check
Price: $5 Sojitz pla-net CEPO11-CFB0401 chuckin stud turn OVER1
Price: $7.65 Ebara CEPO11-DDK0510 belt, timing roll/rol
Price: $65 Sojitz pla-net CEPO11-DR10542 tube, plaint, 2 1/2 feet long
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO11-GAD0011 valve box cover, 7 5/8" x 5 1/4"
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO11-LP10010 support, air sensor
Price: $35 Ebara CEPO22-BHC1540 ckd R1100-6-n regulator ckd R1100-6-n
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BHL0290 stay, shutter
Price: $10 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BLC0450 top ring, belt cover 2
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BLB0230 0.10MM shim
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BLC0480 labyrinth
Price: $992.77 Ultratech inc CEPO22-BLR0110 ring, top hdd stainless steel
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BPB8151 tubing teflon, pliant
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BPX0060 holder cap
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-BPX0070 holder, stopper
Price: $700 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0010 top table
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0030 dummy wafer table l
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0040 table, dummy wafer
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0051 table, guide
Price: $15 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0050 guide, table
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0070 plate, guide b
Price: $55 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CKC0150 lever
Price: $175 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-CTC0020 vacuum, top wrist tel
Price: $75 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-DB10530 tube bellows , pfa teflon
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-DA10146 cover, divisonal
Price: $35 Cat CEPO22-DCK0075 bearing, block b
Price: $49.51 Ebara CEPO22-DJ2C071 holder, center nozzle roll
Price: $26.43 Ebara CEPON0-0000010 seal, oil
Price: $45 Sojitz pla-net CEPO22-DR10125 2 nozzle
Price: $350 Cat cepotr-8011031 sealing cover
Price: $1200 Dns cerd-8011 power supply
Price: $112.5 Dai nippon screen (dns) cesb-2012 board, spin
Price: $38.25 Bimba CF0-00418-a cylinder air 3/4 bore x 1 pn 203-018
Price: $45 Koa speer electronics CF1/4223JT52 component, carbon film resist
Price: $20 Stackpole electronics cf 1/4 component, resistor, 1/4 watt, 2M o
Price: $25 Thk CF8MUUA cam prt, follower
Price: $45 Stackpole electronics cf 1/4 component, resistor, 1/4 watt, 2M o
Price: $45 Eskay corporation CF8MUU-a cam follower
Price: $25 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind CFBC0049 circuit breaker, 20A, curve:
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind CFBZ0002 circuit breaker, 10A, voltag
Price: $2.86 CFE8BUUR applied industrial technologies CFE8BUUR bearing, 19X8X
Price: $20 Cincon electronics CFM100S240 switching power supply, input: 100
Price: $24.55 Bimba cfo-02461-a pneumatic cylinder
Price: $15.62 Bimba cfo-02462-a pk pneumatic cylinder; cfo-02462-a pk
Price: $15.62 Bimba cfo-02462-a xj pneumatic cylinder; cfo-02462-a xj
Price: $12.75 C-FS3TZ-V075 meacon corp c-FS3TZ-V075 cable, input cassette
Price: $125 Naigai tech kaisha ltd cf-sc-CA9-24 thermocouple, cf sc CA9 24
Price: $125 Naigai tech kaisha ltd cf-sc-CA9-24-with-tube thermocouple, tefl
Price: $4.22 Berg manufacturing CG1-32 clamp
Price: $40.5 CG1BA40-440-XB6 (smc) smc CG1BA40-440-XB6 (smc) cylinder, 40X440
Price: $27 Smc CG1BN20-325 cylinder, 20X325MM basic, 145PSI, 1.00MPA
Price: $15.3 Smc CG1BN25-320-XB6 cylinder, 25X320 dbl act end
Price: $7 Smc CG1BN25-320-XB6 cylinder, 25X320 dbl act end
Price: $18 CG1BN40-M2708-340 smc CG1BN40-M2708-340 cylinder, special cleane
Price: $17.85 Smc CG1LA25-225 air cylinder, 25X225MM basic, max. press. 150PSI
Price: $2.24 W.m. berg, inc. CG2-16-s shaft clamp
Price: $2.24 W.m. berg, inc. CG2-17-s shaft clamp
Price: $2 Appleton electric CG90-6250 1/2 in alum l-t crd&cbl conn
Price: $85.62 Teradyne inc CG3250 fits 6 foot pleated foil cable, 9724-4, 0547
Price: $22.95 CGBA32-100 smc CGBA32-100 (smc) cylinder, 32X100MM dbl act en
Price: $125 Thermodynamics thermocouple wafer 200MM
Price: $160 Varian ch 0535002 pcb target select
Price: $16.15 Fluid automation systems ch-1290 valve, vent
Price: $25 Fluid automation systems ch-1290 solenoid valve repair
Price: $125 Yodogawa kasel co. c-H3PO4-l coupler, liquid side qch wp 25AS f
Price: $125 Mitsubishi chemical engineering c-H3PO4-QE2-g-F2 coupler, liquid
Price: $145 Sierra monitor gas detector CH4, 300PPM--not in original packagi
Price: $106.73 Gemu ch-6343 valve,type 610 pneumatic, 3/8 nc teflon
Price: $106.25 Trikon technologies CHMCL456 tool pick up aviza 202774
Price: $175 Naigai tech kaisha chn-4 regulator 316 ss pressure controller;
Price: $25 Gelman CHS91DEDDK gelman supor dcf electronics grade filter
Price: $63.75 Cat CHP653-no air chuck
Price: $45 Chuck roller--not in original packaging
Price: $36.14 Mykrolis CHUV40KL1 filter
Price: $75 Ckd chv-6 valve, check 316 ss
Price: $15.06 Mykrolis CHUZ16KL1 filter, optimizer dev 16
Price: $45 Ckd chv-6 valve check ss
Price: $125 Recif technologies s.a.s ci-IDW1 193-03A pcb
Price: $144.59 Leybold-inficon cis TS200 leybold cis TS200 transpector
Price: $17 Toho kasei co ltd CIW3/4 fitting
Price: $15 Toho kasei co ltd ciwf 1/2 fitting, union
Price: $12.75 Smc CJ1L10-50-XB9 cylinder, 10X50MM foot
Price: $45 Smc CJ2B16-130-XB9 pneumatic cylinder maximum pressure: 100 psi,
Price: $17.85 Smc CJ2B16-150-XB9 cylinder, 16X150MM basic
Price: $45 Smc CJ2B16-175-XB9 pneumatic round body cylinder actuator, maxim
Price: $17.85 Smc CJ2-D16-130 cylinder, 16X130MM basic (5MM)
Price: $17.85 Smc CJ2F16-140-XB9 cylinder, 16X140MM basic
Price: $12.75 Smc CJ2L10-50-XB9 cylinder, 16X50MM foot
Price: $10.2 Smc CJ2L10-60-XB9 cylinder, 10X60MM basic
Price: $35 Smc CJB6-50R cylinder, maximum pressure: 0.7MPA, 7.1 kgf/cm^2, 1
Price: $145 Baldor CJM3107 motor water pump mydax tcu, 1/2 h.p. , 208-230/46
Price: $17.85 Smc CJPB6-5H6-b cylinder, pin 6X5MM single ac
Price: $25 Smc CJPL10-15D-XB6 air cylinder, maximum pressure: 0.7MPA--not i
Price: $68.51 Nikon CK110-516AB flowmeter for chamber type#23-1208F (CK1
Price: $9.04 Meco CK60 chain
Price: $17.25 Mitsubishi electric CK800FS4P paper sheet setfor mitsubishi digi
Price: $120 Entegris CK8-8N-8N check valve 1/2FNPT cmp slurry loop
Price: $202.5 Teradyne inc CKA58632F built-in test circuit card
Price: $180 Teradyne inc CKA60559 sys bus monitor
Price: $405 Teradyne inc CKA67737-03R x,y servo controller circuit card
Price: $500 Teradyne inc cka 69016H three phase commutator
Price: $315 Teradyne inc CKA69779 interferometer circuit card
Price: $195 Teradyne inc CKA73435 illumination control circuit card
Price: $195 Teradyne inc CKA76992C z stage & vacuum control circuit card
Price: $202.5 Teradyne inc CKA77697B laser and optics controller circuit card
Price: $45 Teradyne inc CKA77976D las/bp interlocks
Price: $45 Potter & brumfield ckb-38-37060 relay, time delay on dropout adj
Price: $15 Ryan herco CKM050V-pv pvc dia check valve 1/2" thd/v
Price: $15 Awm CL2-75C-28 cable, length 8 ft
Price: $45 Comair rotron CL2L2 caravel fan, 50/60HZ 1.0/.88 amps
Price: $4.25 Carr lane cl-5-blpt-1.50 carr lane quick release pin; cl-5-blpt-
Price: $4.25 Ball-lok cl-6-blpt-2-50 ball lock pin
Price: $35 Class ii laser diode class ii laser diode, 570NM wavelength; dig
Price: $250 Hps cold trap exhaust cleaned iso 80 ss
Price: $75 Tubing hose reinforced , 11.54MM i.d., 17.92MM o.d., 95 feet lon
Price: $25 Tubing 1", 25.15MM o.d., 18.48 i.d., 11 feet long
Price: $35 Teflon pfa tubing, 9.43MM o.d, 6.09MM i.d., 16 feet long
Price: $15 Clear plastic tubing, 12.69MM o.d, 8.22MM i.d., 20 feet used
Price: $30 Teflon pfa tubing, 9.56MM o.d., 5.84MM i.d., 21 feet
Price: $25 White plastic tubing, 5.69MM i.d., 9.22MM o.d., 52 feet long
Price: $5 Clear plastic tubing, 4.08MM i.d., 6.44MM o.o., 8 feet long
Price: $325 Daifuku clh-2522 pcb
Price: $11.51 Alliance commercial equipment cltu-1980 thermostat
Price: $22.31 Moeller klockner base, contactor, steag
Price: $175 Clutch & idler pulley assy clutch & idler puelly, hardinge auto
Price: $45 Toho kasei co ltd clw-6 fitting teflon, union elbow
Price: $200 Vacuum central cm-01-10 transducer, pressure, range 10 torr, inp
Price: $20.08 Millipore CM1602E06 planargard cmp filter
Price: $63.75 Smc CM2E20-200 pneumatic cylinder
Price: $4 Pec CM3508 bridge 800V 35A single-phase
Price: $2.55 Chicago miniature CM85-28 midget lamp bulb
Price: $11.25 Cat CM8-A231 2W 24V miniature light bulb
Price: $45 Chief CMA012018 12INCH - 18INCH black adjustable extension colum
Price: $25 Ziamatic corporation cmb bracket, air bottle cabinet mounting, p
Price: $40 I/o-35 mcm and 6: 4/o-2 cable splice, 4/0-2 copper pkg 8---not i
Price: $30 Vishay RN55C1740FT dale electronics inc, cmf-55 174 component, m
Price: $125 RN55C174FT/r vishay dale electronics inc. cmf-55-174 component,
Price: $30 Vishay RN55C8060FT/r dale electronics inc. cmf-55 806 component,
Price: $10 Vishay dale cmf-55 component, metal film resistor, pack of 100
Price: $300 Tylan general CMH4-M11 capacitance diaphragm gauge appeard refur
Price: $125 Vacuum general cmht-11 transducer, pressure, range: 10 torr
Price: $250 Tylan cmla-11 barratron, output: 0-10 vdc, range: 0-10 torr
Price: $120 Tylan cmla-21-refurb cm, campacitance diaphrgm gauge
Price: $850 Tylan general cmlb-11MS12 sensor pressure 0-10 torr
Price: $135 Celerity group inc CMLHL31160123 celerity group inc, cmlhl-31-16
Price: $325 Asml silicon graphics cmn B006Y87S cad workstation
Price: $15.06 Millipore CMP101E06 filter, planagard
Price: $15.06 Mykrolis CMP301E06 filter,.3MICRON,slurry,epr
Price: $15.62 Mykrolis CMP501E06 filter,.5MICRON,slurry,epr
Price: $143.44 Performance technologies inc cmp-kit-slurry kit light tower, cmp
Price: $100 Ehwa CMPMRAB2 silicon wafer cmp pad conditioner
Price: $425 Applied materials (amat) cmp-mst mst replacement kit
Price: $24.55 Bearing limited cmp-SS6008-rs bearing
Price: $180.74 Proconics international cms-1500 controller, wipstation, rcms rc
Price: $30 Dell cn-08P283-13740 dell cn-08P283-13740 socket 478 motherboard
Price: $20 Dell cn-0U9580 poweredge 1850 backplane
Price: $125 Omega CN101 six channel temperature alarm 120V-240V as is
Price: $75 Dell cn-0UC795-42940 latitude and inspiron notebook monitor / do
Price: $125 Omega CN101 monitor six zone high temperature alarm as is
Price: $6.15 Humphrey CN4126 cylinder air-single acting
Price: $26.77 Omega CN491A-V1-R2-lv AI100 temperature controller
Price: $12.04 Entegris CN5001E06 polycard cart 10" CD0 6/pk
Price: $105 Sunx cn-54-C5 assy sensor 001-1925-0013163
Price: $25 Sunx cn-73-C2 ltd sensor / cable
Price: $60.25 Omega CN884J-200F controller, temp, CN800
Price: $1200 Sumitomo CNFM05-6075-11 cyclo drive induction gearmotor; motor,
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnid-48304B mask slit
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-46031B beam cover
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnid-88178 slit (1) mask
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-76247 liner
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-77877 cup beam
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-77880 cover carbon
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-77890 cup beam
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-78634 cover carbon (1)
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-78198B mask slit
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-78635 cover carbon (2)
Price: $1.01 Regent grand investment ltd. cnie-80242 aperture
Price: $2 Ascent cn-s-NI14 lamp neon amber 125V
Price: $8.5 CNY17-2Z ic optoisolator cny 17-2
Price: $8.5 Fairchild CNY17-3 i.c. opto-isolator
Price: $12.75 Electroglas CNY36 opto coupler
Price: $10 Berg CO79S-6 coupling
Price: $10 Coil-tubing tubing, coiled light weight, length 2FT 10 in (expan
Price: $350 Ushio COM5A0003 sms computer stargate int DB50M with pcb
Price: $135.55 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display fingers, comb-bpp, recif
Price: $30 Com kyl aplicator bottle with pump, pack of 7
Price: $25 Industrial gas springs line gas spring, 13"
Price: $25 Industrial gas springs line gas spring, 18"
Price: $25 Computer-tower-case 2013-1 mini tower case-frame
Price: $35 Amp connector set cable/pane, 37 pin pos., pack of 2--not in ori
Price: $5 Pisco 90' elbow tubing fitting connector, 5/8 x 7/16" 0.401 x 0.
Price: $45 Coverall-2XLRGBLUE-7 coverall-2XLRGBLUE-7 coverall 2XLARGE blue
Price: $13.11 Kimball electronics inc cooner cable sensor, vac, t home genmark
Price: $75 Coverall-4XLRGWHT-15 coverall-4XLRGWHT-15 coverall 4XLARGE white
Price: $25 Coverall-lrg-7 coverall-lrg-7 coverall large tyvek pkg 7
Price: $125 Coverall-lrgblue-25 coverall-lrgblue-25 coverall blue, inset sle
Price: $25 Coverall-medblue-7 coverall-medblue-7 coverall medium tyvek pkg
Price: $25 Coverall xlrg blue coverall xlrg blue coverall extra blue tyvek
Price: $15 Coveralls-3XLRGWHT-4 coveralls-3XLRGWHT-4 coveralls 3X large whi
Price: $15 Coverall-xlrgwht-4 coverall-xlrgwht-4 coverall extra large white
Price: $65 Mitsubishi CP30-ba- circuit protector, 5A, 40'c, 50/60HZ, ui 250
Price: $160 Parker CP106-220 motor, compumotor
Price: $67.5 Humphrey CP4073B cilinder
Price: $11.16 Intersil CP82C55A transceiver ic voltage max 5V prog peripheral
Price: $25.5 Materials development corp mdc cpa-16-00 interface cable
Price: $68 Eaton cpb-16-00 varian-eaton cable, approximately 25 inches long
Price: $36 Matsushita cp-c-BAC201705 circuit breaker
Price: $75 Mitsubishi cp-c BAC201705 circuit protector, ac 220 v, ic 2.5KA,
Price: $150 Parker cp-c-drive compumotor c-series drive; cp*c-drive
Price: $55.79 Parker cp-c-drive-b compumotor c-series drive;cp*c-drive-b
Price: $43.35 CPR5-1C21K5E171 go CPR5-1C21K5E171 regulator, 1/4 vcr cpr-1 (go)
Price: $25 Gsr cpvc fpt bushing, size: 4"x 2", sch-80, F437/F439, nsf-pw
Price: $475 Kokusai electric cq-1400A digital direct controller
Price: $25 Smc CQ2B12-30D cylinder, maximum pressure: 1.0MPA, 10.2KGF/cm^2,
Price: $10.2 Smc CQ2B12-5T cylinder, 12X15MM compact
Price: $25.31 Metron CQ2B20-10DM cylinder unit
Price: $15.3 Smc CQ2B20-40D cylinder, 20X40MM compact
Price: $63.75 CQ2B20-40D-XB6 smc CQ2B20-40D-XB6 cylinder, 20X40 (smc hi-temp)
Price: $17.85 Smc CQ2B25-15DC cylinder, 25X15MM compact single act
Price: $50 Smc CQ2B40-15DC-XB9 cylinder, air
Price: $30 CQ2B40-25D smc CQ2B40-25D cylinder, compact 40X25MM
Price: $28.05 Smc CQ2L20-25DM cylinder, 20X25MM dbl act fm
Price: $143.44 Omron CQM1-PA206 plc power supply, unit, source: 100-240VAC, 50/
Price: $12.04 Smc CQS812-40DC cylinder
Price: $25.31 Metron CQSB12-10D cylinder
Price: $9 CQSB12-15DC smc CQSB12-15DC cylinder,12X15MMCOMPACTDBLE a
Price: $4.5 CQSB12-15DC smc CQSB12-15DC cylinder,12X15MMCOMPACTDBLE a
Price: $25.31 Smc CQSB16-25DCM cylinder unit
Price: $1.5 Cat cr 2032 lithium 3V batteries size CR2032 **7 per pack**
Price: $17 Goulds 8690-11220 cr 11343 / goulds 8690-11220 oil seal
Price: $100 Multicomp CR1/4W-5%-1K resistor, 1/4 watt, 1K ohms, tolerance 5%
Price: $37.74 General electric CR353AC4BH1C machine main contactor ac., 4 pole
Price: $125 Millipore CR5001T06 filter polygard 50UM filter
Price: $4 Applied industrial tech cr-8 applied industrial tech cr-8 cam fo
Price: $6.7 Millipore CR50F1006 filter, 50 micron H20
Price: $2.55 Varian 5100081 delandes crb-6 comp lug sb 1H
Price: $35 Iomega CRBS36408W zip 250MB atapi drive
Price: $15 Dell 34EWX lg crd-8482B cd-rom ide drive; dell 34EWX
Price: $10 Dell 34EWX lg crd-8482B cd-rom ide drive; dell 34EWX
Price: $150 Mykrolis CRK301V06 polygard-cr cartridge filter 10 in. 0.3 µm c
Price: $45 Mcmaster-carr seal crimp tool with 100 seals
Price: $850 Hitachi CRN2-40 booster pump ss; CRN2-40 a-p-g-bube, grundfos 80
Price: $16.2 Entegris CRO1F3006 30" filter, polygard cartridge
Price: $27 Iko CRWM2-30 bearing, 30MM linear
Price: $10 Sony CRX330E cd-r-rw-drv-rom K7414
Price: $125 Tempshield inc. cryogenic apron, 42" length x 24" width small te
Price: $165 Tempshield inc. cryo-gloves, waterproof midarm length with liner
Price: $300 Tokyo electron (tel) CS011-000003-1 iwaki 5353 iwakie pump contr
Price: $105 CS0001400019 heatcon inc CS0001400019 heater, 240V 900W hotwatt
Price: $15 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-003900-1 v part 4SO socket assy F4 16
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-004174-1 ckd TMD00-X6 valve, resin..
Price: $75 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-005569-1 check valve resin ft-4-V2
Price: $24 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-006085-1 ckd AMD412-ft-s ckd AMD412-f
Price: $425 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-007720-1 smc SS5Q13-20-X151 manifold,
Price: $17.21 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-007843-1 valve,check
Price: $17.21 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-009089-1 georg fischer 346 gf ball va
Price: $17.21 Tokyo electron (tel) CS012-010086-1 georg fischer typ 346 georg
Price: $45 Tokyo electron (tel) CS018-002620-1 bearing cross roller CRBH401
Price: $25.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CS023-000461-1 belt, timing B100S3M1005G
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) CS019-000134-1 bearing unit..WBK10-11
Price: $17 Tokyo electron (tel) CS023-002380-1 coupling mjt 30CK-rd-10-11
Price: $46.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CS023-002452-1 belt,timing..100-S5M-200-0
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CS023-002383-1 coupling mjt 30CK-rd-dia 12
Price: $150 Tokyo electron (tel) CS024-003016-1 gsi lumonics controller, spe
Price: $17.85 Tokyo electron (tel) CS024-013675-1 advanced automation advance
Price: $10.63 Tokyo electron (tel) CS036-001775-1 H20, leak det ipa sens
Price: $38.25 Tokyo electron (tel) CS040-002246-1 oriental motor 2GN30K-D3 ori
Price: $76.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CS039-002138-1 cosel PAA50F-24 cosel PAA50F
Price: $202.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CS040-002444-1 encoder
Price: $202.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CSB02-300870-11 ball, screw-z
Price: $122.13 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B02800899-11 ball, screw changer z
Price: $172.13 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B02-300900-11 ball, screw changer z
Price: $19.78 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B02-400774-11 coupling, ld t
Price: $31.7 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B02-400861-11 coupling, CCZ35 12-8
Price: $30 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B10-114641-18 chamber fm std
Price: $1800 Yield engineering systems (yes) CS1B10-115867-13 guide, wafer (p
Price: $152.38 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B10-338736-11 holder, left hand wafer
Price: $152.38 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B10-338738-11 holder, right hand wafer
Price: $350 Omron CS1W-BC083 sequencer, controller base unit
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) CS1B12-000089-11 ckd lyx-1095 ckd lyx-1095
Price: $18.75 Cs clean systems ag CS4121 caster D75MM (clean)
Price: $125 Omron CS1W-CLK21-V1 sequencer; controller link unit
Price: $106.25 Temptronic CS48950 stand pivot assembly temptronic corp
Price: $5.1 Sprecher+schuh CS4-p relay, aux contact 1NO/1NC
Price: $15 Plantronics CS50 base only charger
Price: $15 Plantronics CS55 base only charger
Price: $550 Kenwood cs-8010 oscilloscope digital storage , 50/60 hz 58W
Price: $12 Titmus CS74 t-loc shields
Price: $4.25 CSA201-8 bearing ball.5 id-40MM od
Price: $45 Crydom CSD2425 relay solid-state , output: 250V 25A, input: 3.5-
Price: $45 Crydom CSD2450 solid-state relay, 240V~ 50A--not in original pac
Price: $30 Supermicro cse-PT8L 1U chassis mounting rails and kit; 1P73399D
Price: $215 Nagase & company ltd csd-S62-ar polisher dresser, head
Price: $12 6102-0055-01 l-com CSM94-5M 5.0M 1394 firewire cable, type 1
Price: $25 Koganei cs-R300-03 regulator assembly, 0.05-0.83 mpa--not in ori
Price: $25 Koganei cs-R300-03 regulator 0.05~0.83MPA
Price: $9.51 CSRBT001 bi-torq CSRBT001 valve, solenoid 24VDC tcs/tpu
Price: $129.1 CSS20302 elmo S241-005 amplifier, servo motor
Price: $20 L-com csuzab-5M usb cable type a - b, 5.0M
Price: $5 Pillar cs-W6A cap sleeve, 3/4" nippon pillar pfa FS820L
Price: $200 Tokyo electron (tel) CT011-000983-1-r smc pa-2310-02N-X14 pump t
Price: $101.25 Tokyo electron (tel) B2018 000794-1/CT018-000794-1 nippon thomps
Price: $225 Tokyo electron (tel) CT018-002622-1 thk HSR12R1UUC1M+445LM(aff)
Price: $225 Tokyo electron (tel) CT018-002622-1-a thk HSR12R1UUC1M+445LM(aff
Price: $14.32 Tokyo electron (tel) CT024-021486-1 pall PHD11UGDEH11B pall trin
Price: $12 Tokyo electron (tel) CT027-003936-1 tokyo electron limited CT027
Price: $2.13 Tokyo electron (tel) CT030-001338-1 70066-0179 lot of 10 70066-0
Price: $10 Crucial CT12864AA800.M8FJ3 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHZ 24
Price: $1000 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-002001-11 hp hot plate, MK8, 8C9HP-h
Price: $182.25 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-002048-13 filter, air duv mark 7/8
Price: $283.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-101436-11 board cn-BASE2 sc/if
Price: $364.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-101437-11 board cn-BASE2 sc/if
Price: $350.55 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-102124-11 guide, light FGS7F690UVR-H
Price: $810 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-102881-11 fan, in line booster 100CF
Price: $25.5 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1380-102894-11 thermoid 510H-100 belt, bl
Price: $55 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-444163-14 omron E3HC-1L main arm fle
Price: $36.33 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-444579-12 smc CDQ2B32-40D-F79L-XB9 s
Price: $17.81 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-444582-12 assy, sensor mk-8
Price: $33.15 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-444810-12 assy, 8" nozzle chnger h s
Price: $24.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-453046-11 harness, sensor 3P m/a s.s
Price: $24.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-453047-11 harness, sensor 3P m/a s.s
Price: $300 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-4556646-12 MK8 main arm flex cably (
Price: $24.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-453048-11 harness, sensor 3P m/a s.s
Price: $300 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-456644-12 3P m/a s.s flex cable (M4)
Price: $95 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-456645-12 3P m/a s.s flex cable (M6)
Price: $300 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-456646-12 cable, 3P m/a s.s flex mar
Price: $300 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-456646-12 MK8 main arm flex cable (M
Price: $31.84 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1386-459741-11 assy, 8 pin u/d sol L1600
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1902-411191-11 pulley
Price: $16.19 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1903-300150-11 block, location MARK7/8
Price: $13.88 Tokyo electron (tel) CT1910-318301-12 guide, wafer mark 7/8
Price: $276.25 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2910-206476-13 dev solution E3 nozzle
Price: $124.77 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2910-213977-11 fork, 12PRA long
Price: $12 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2910-403893-11 spacer, hot plate
Price: $200 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2910-420312-11 seal chp
Price: $25 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2910-420313-11 seal chp
Price: $550 Tokyo electron unlimited CT2944-000006-11 analog board(P2V2A2) T
Price: $265 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2980-090752-11 board wee ccd wide slit, A
Price: $225 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2980-192593-11 rail guide.. mu-P236
Price: $135 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2980-190343-11 ces z-driver
Price: $28.76 Tokyo electron CT2980-192867-11 cable 8 irs x- sensor 02 BR93026
Price: $44.39 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2980-193223-11 amp, assy
Price: $242.25 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2985-400547-13 bottle cap (hmds_color)
Price: $20 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2985-402689-13 pin(transition-high-csb)
Price: $20 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2985-402935-13 pin (transition-low-csb)
Price: $100 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2985-407633-14 ergo loader mount base
Price: $1200 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2985-408083-16 act ergo loader assy
Price: $65 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-400683-13 cable smart probe
Price: $245 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-401221-11 8" m/az axis cable assembl
Price: $20 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-401317-11 sensor c/s cassette
Price: $100 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-402955-11 sunx fx-7 sod sensor-ebr o
Price: $850 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-4195-12 cpc-G221D01A-11 TKB2133; mot
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-435169-13 assy, sensor cover php
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-448784-13 switch, proximity 8 chp
Price: $55 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2986-479009-11 wee led assy, 2986-460153-
Price: $245 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2987-478652-11 cable assembly, (ACT8), z
Price: $145 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2987-478652-11 cable assembly, (ACT8), z
Price: $245 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2987-478653-11 cable assembly, (ACT8) z a
Price: $300 Tokyo electron (tel) CT2987-478653-11 cable assembly (ACT8), z a
Price: $125 White box CT485-al chart recorder temperature and humidity as is
Price: $125 Fluoroware CT500-062VI tube pfa convoluted flexible, 6 feet long
Price: $125 Omega CT485B chart recorder based temperature/relative humidity
Price: $25 Tokyo electron (tel) CT5010-405548-11 gauge dev 60679121-004 629
Price: $113.88 Tokyo electron (tel) CT5085-405392-13 fork, assembly iras
Price: $96.65 Tokyo electron (tel) CT5085-412474-11 fork, assembly cra
Price: $10 Vishay dale CT55 component, resistor pkg 100
Price: $1 Ascent CT70-10 connector crimp terminal eyelet 70-10
Price: $46.75 Tower ct-800-4 sight-glass moisture indicator; 1/4 flare
Price: $20.25 Mykrolis CTFA03TPE filter, fluorogard at 1.0UM 3
Price: $70 Seagate CTD8000E-s 4356XP tape drive 064-0003-001 b
Price: $106.25 Mykrolis CTFV0STPE fluorogard at c-0 4", 0.1UM filter
Price: $250 Entegris CTFY02E01SL mykrolis 0.03UM, 20" fluorogard ate cartrid
Price: $300 Matheson tri-gas ctl-1100-xx matheson tri-gas ctl-1100-xx contro
Price: $400 Keithley ctm-05 PC6122 counter timer pcb; ctm-05 PC6122 14014 re
Price: $337.5 Keithley ctm-05 PC6122 counter timer pcb; ctm-05 PC6122 14014 re
Price: $125 Mks controller, tester simulator
Price: $14 CU10-5D smc CU10-5D cylinder, 10X5MM compact
Price: $22.95 Cu-10-5D-XB6 smc cu-10-5D-XB6 cylinder, 10X5MM compact w/hi
Price: $1.7 Cat CU120-13 tinned copper cable lug 120 MM2 din
Price: $15.3 Smc CU20-30D cylinder, 20X30MM compact
Price: $1.7 Cat CU185-13 tinned copper cable lug 185/17 185MM2 di
Price: $17.85 CU20-30D smc CU20-30D-r cylinder, 20X30MM compactr
Price: $25 Mcmaster carr cable lug connector crimp "large" pack of 2--not i
Price: $25 Ohmite cu-3531 potentiometer, 2W, type ab
Price: $35 Red lion CUB4V miniature d.c. voltmeter
Price: $35 Red lion CUB4V miniature d.c. voltmeter
Price: $50 Potter & brumfield cuf-41-70010 time delay relay
Price: $25 Emp cv 30290 valve pilot 2 way nc
Price: $15.06 Pfa cv sensor pfa sensor, cover assy, pfa
Price: $225 Emp cv-10 pump micro , power: DC6V, Z904840
Price: $125 Parker cv-1-661212-10-t check valve, 3/4", ptfe, 10 psi
Price: $350 Omron CV500-BI112 sequencer, base unit
Price: $350 Omron CV500-BC101 sequencer, base unit
Price: $191.25 Amt CVA40 kit, narrow gap .P5000 pilot tool
Price: $12 Anver c-VF2 anver housing upa vacuum filter
Price: $106.25 Jai cv-M10BX-c camera, 1/2" progressive scan
Price: $350 Mks hps products cvnl-K1-mkkkk valve, kf 16 cv in-line;1" body s
Price: $8.61 CW4399 icos vision systems inc CW4399 cable, 3D lim led breakout
Price: $15 CW4774 icos vision systems inc CW4774 cable, breakout for MVS988
Price: $100 Entegris CWAA40KM1 1.0UM optimizer hv 40 cartridge filter
Price: $450 Mykrolis CWAX02PLT filter, 20" microgard plus upe cartridge, 0.0
Price: $106.25 Millipore CWFA01PLT fluorogard-plus 1.0UM cartridge code 0 tef-e
Price: $350 Mykrolis CWAX02PLTSL filter microgard plus 20" c-0 t, pore size
Price: $100 Mykrolis corporation CWUG0SP01 filter prewet ACT935IN 4IN 250E02
Price: $150 Tokyo electron (tel) 024-013907-1 millipore CWUZ0S0S1 0.05UM mic
Price: $1000 Kokusai CX1103 furnace tube controller CX1103
Price: $1600 Hitachi cx-1218 mechanical controller
Price: $1000 Hitachi kokusai CX1304C controller, hec pryo
Price: $1200 Hitachi kokusai CX1306 controller, furnace, mec
Price: $770 Hitachi kokusai CX1307 controller, lp-cvd, mec
Price: $700 Hitachi kokusai CX2001 controller, lp-cvd, mec
Price: $25 Ilme cxf 4/0 connector, pump 600V-ac, 80A-660V, 16A, 400V with c
Price: $40 Sunx cx-PRVM3 sensor s-r sunx double load
Price: $65 Smc CY1B10H-220-XB9 smc magnetically coupled rodless cylinder
Price: $38.25 Smc CY1L15H-R9831-150 cylinder, 15MM rodless specia
Price: $42.08 CY3B25-250-XB9 smc CY3B25-250-XB9 cylinder, 25X250MM magnetic
Price: $250 Apci cylinder jacket cylinder jacket ss
Price: $45 CYM3532 cymatix inc CYM3532 motor, brushless spindle resolver
Price: $225 Boc edwards vacuum d 14545801 tube replacement body tube ass.
Price: $1 Dinson technology D002010079 o-ring viton BS130
Price: $15.19 Dinson technology D002010086 insulator, heater assy
Price: $21 Dinson technology D002010325 o-ring 451 viton chamber
Price: $1 Dinson technology D002040087 viton o-ring
Price: $100 Asm D003081A cable,mfc
Price: $100 Asm D003475A cable,power,W03
Price: $20 Asm D003477A cable emo 300C0165;
Price: $50 Asm D003520A 20M ribbon cable
Price: $2.55 Dinson technology D004010157 o-ring 230 buna
Price: $28 Asm D003747A quartz vessel, 820G0115
Price: $15 Dinson technology D009320013 p-12 perfluoro white oring
Price: $1.5 Dinson technology D004010286 o-ring 383 buna
Price: $22.5 Dinson technology D009330058 g-280 perfluoro KD8
Price: $212.5 Pall D04F010F13H12 phosphoric filter for ON03 pall
Price: $10 Dell D0727 lat d series cdrw 24X
Price: $63.75 Barnstead thermolyne D0832 filter LOT87G1NH (for laser-mark) pn/
Price: $225 Varian D09782001 dvm readout
Price: $46.48 Cat D100X1-2 fitt.pvdf.inst.fitting.D110X1/2
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) D103483428 line, reactor 10 gas
Price: $35 Merlin gerin D10A circuit breaker 60261 D10A 2 pole 2P 9 C60
Price: $2.45 Fip D110 qrc fitting cpvc flat stub D110 qrc fip
Price: $37.6 Fip D110-02 fitting pvdf tee 90EQUAL D110
Price: $37.6 George fishcer D110 fitting pvdf tee 90EQUAL D110 gf
Price: $24.82 George fischer D110-735-100-114 fitting pvdf elbow 90 D110 735.1
Price: $1.7 Cat D110-stubs gasket epdm for D110 stubs
Price: $9.66 George fischer D110X90 fitting pvdf reducing bushing D110X90
Price: $2.21 Fip D110XD50 fitting pvc reducers
Price: $8 Tokyo electron D112576 guide spring locating pin
Price: $183.43 Tokyo electron (tel) D112647 shield, ring heater 150MM
Price: $400 Kitamura d-117442 valve teflon, air operate, type P2-50-D600-ptf
Price: $40.7 D11EN6FP-48307 banner industries D11EN6FP-48307 photoelectric se
Price: $35 Varian D12004061 pcb power supply
Price: $25 Varian D12004063 pcb power supply
Price: $100 Varian d-12004145 precision deadband amp
Price: $100 Varian d-12005999 pcb fil pre ampl
Price: $220 Varian d-12008291 pcb fil pre ampl
Price: $400 Kitamura d-120921 valve teflon, air operate, type P2-50-D600-ptf
Price: $125 Naigai tech kaisha D1300-15A manual valve ss, teflon diaphram
Price: $400 Kitamura d-131790 valve teflon, air operate, type P4-59-D600-ptf
Price: $400 Kitamura d-132611 valve teflon, air operate, type P4-50-D600-ptf
Price: $400 Kitamura d-131791 valve teflon, air operate, type P4-59-D600-ptp
Price: $600 Eaton d-1400630 1400630 log ratio module cont system
Price: $650 Eaton d-1400640 pcb emission control system
Price: $100 Nova associates d-1500240 pcb extender controller card
Price: $1.36 Cat D1427 transistor
Price: $2000 Edwards vacuum inc. D15471025 magnet assembly
Price: $214 Cat D160-1 valve pvdf.n/r.wafer c/w spring D160 PN1
Price: $10.44 Simona D160 ck ring D160 pipe x 6 ansi pp grey.
Price: $55 Dynamco D162202 pneumatic solenoid valve, 12VDC, 2.5W, sensor lu
Price: $25 Ontrak 31-0008-026 bimba d-166-1 clevis air cylinder piston
Price: $75 D16893 mfm technology inc. D16893 pcb, system controller
Price: $60.25 Svg D16B-9498-0401 pcb, control board p-351
Price: $175 Ktm d-171330 ktm, d-171330, valve, manual teflon pfa
Price: $246.29 Teledyne D19133-d teledyne motherboard for analyzer-model 306WAD
Price: $1500 Hitachi D1CK59352 adapter, inlet l 803
Price: $1200 Hitachi kokusai D1CL06440 flange, inlet
Price: $1500 Hitachi D1CL27729 adapter, inlet l
Price: $1200 Hitachi kokusai D1CL58943 adapter, inlet r
Price: $125 Kokusai D1CN95276-R8 3" gas line flexible tube
Price: $45 Crydom D1D40 relay, solid state
Price: $500 Shin-etsu quartz products D1DK-44792 quartz boat tel ALPHA8
Price: $500 Shin-etsu quartz kokusai D1DK-79865 quartz boat; tel ALPHA8 vert
Price: $213.04 Fuji electric D1I300A-120 transistor modul for vsic-110
Price: $68 Delaval turbine D1T-H1855 switch pressure 220V ac/1/4 npt PS25 s
Price: $38.25 Delaval turbine D1T-M8055 switch press D1T-M80 ss turbine oil un
Price: $750 Porter instrument D2000IBM045 lfc D2000I series liquid mass flow
Price: $941.87 Fsi D22116200 encoder joint 1/2 200 line; fsi-231782-001
Price: $1.73 George fischer D20X1-2 fittg pvdf male adaptor D20X1/2 bsp gf
Price: $862.92 Cat D22116201 encoder joint 3/4/5/6 560C, 250 puls/rev, pe 50 C6
Price: $1.83 Craftech industries, inc. D237-60-32 lot of 100 screw, 6-32 x 3/
Price: $10 Colonial d-2466 pvc-1 sch-40, pkg 7 nsf-pw, cav,c, 1" x 3 1/2" b
Price: $29.75 Crydom D2425 240VAC 25A solid state relay; 60035645
Price: $5 Colonial d-2466 pvc-1 female adpt sch-40, nsf-pw, cav,c, 1" x 3/
Price: $45 Nib co F1970 flange pvc with spears D2467 4" sch 80, reducer bru
Price: $10 D2467 flange block off plate, 2", ns-pw, sch-80
Price: $3.6 Agru D25-02 fitting pvdf elect.fusion socket D25.
Price: $41.31 Cat D25-16 valve check in_line D25 pvdf bw ir PN16.
Price: $225 Anorad D25609 2-axis iac/brushless backplane
Price: $47.6 Schilage D25D schilage loxk D25D ply bkset 2 3/4 finis
Price: $35 Bosch D263/D273 photoelectric smoke detector with chamber check
Price: $15 Upc D2665 45 degrease angle 1 1/2" 2501, pvc-i, nsf-dw, pipe fit
Price: $1.01 Metron D2ATM1D002 cutter bracket(b)
Price: $1.01 Metron D2ATM1D004 spring hanging pin
Price: $1.01 Metron D2ATM1D014 pull spring
Price: $1.01 Metron D2ATM1D035 torsion spring (r)
Price: $950 Tokyo electron (tel) D2CK21778 boat 200MM silicon carbide alpha
Price: $5.1 Omron D2D-1001 switch, safety power
Price: $500 Hitachi kokusai D2CM24747 pipe, exhaust 1C
Price: $8 Omron D2D-2000 switch, door interlock; model D2D, pull-on-lock t
Price: $750 Tokyo electron (tel) D2DK21819 shin-etsu quartz products D2DK218
Price: $750 Shin-etsu quartz products co ltd D2DK34000 cover ceramic
Price: $2000 Tokyo electron (tel) ALPHA8-cap shin-etsu D2DK44720A kokusai ver
Price: $65 Hitachi D2DK61658 plate, boat lifter
Price: $15 Omron D2MV-1L2-1C4 switch, 1A, 125VAC, 1A 30 vdc--not in origina
Price: $12.42 Disco hi-tec EHNM7004---cz D2VW-5L1B-1M switch, scrape basket li
Price: $35.57 Tokyo electron (tel) D3040-002433-1 vexta oriental motor vexta A
Price: $125 Bostitch D30AD hardware - boxlok pneumatic carton staple gun; wo
Price: $3.81 Agru D32-03 fitting pvdf.elect fusion socket D32.
Price: $27 Kuhnke automation D32-ror-m-24VDC-100XED 24VDC clockwise solenoi
Price: $1.91 Cat D32-1 bsp gf fitt. pvdf adpt.nipple
Price: $7.5 Bimba d-35875-14 switch a, door cyl 1800
Price: $33.75 Tokyo electron (tel) D361-11 D361 th installation jig 11
Price: $93.75 Tokyo electron (tel) D361-8 D361 th installation jig 8
Price: $35 Edwards vacuum inc. D37207075 shroud 9-way end entry
Price: $11.25 Plansee d-36233 rlse knob bolt sce
Price: $44.81 Edwards D37207591 edwards nim cable assy xlr 4W (3MTRS)
Price: $100 Edwards vacuum inc. D372-07-823 flash lon display pca in pdm
Price: $120 Edwards vacuum inc. D37207821 flash lon control pc
Price: $122 Edwards vacuum inc. D37207825 flash lon aim pca
Price: $115 Edwards vacuum inc. D37207826 flash lon tim pca
Price: $135.54 Boc edwards D37215000 nim - network interface module
Price: $200 Edwards D37215000 flash module iqdp interface
Price: $25 Edwards vacuum inc. D37218540 ~6.5FT lead extension 2M RJ45
Price: $445.5 Boc-edwards vacuum D37260000 module tpu, iq cms; D372-60-000
Price: $250 Hitachi kokusai D3CK22053 reactor holder
Price: $125 Hitachi kokusai D3CK22054 seal, flange
Price: $125 Shin-etsu quartz products co ltd D3CK35680K quartz, shutter glas
Price: $80 Hitachi kokusai D3CL76095 tweezer, set block 1
Price: $850 Hitachi kokusai D3CL06590 pipe, exhaust
Price: $80 Hitachi kokusai D3CM11393 tweezer, set block 2
Price: $75 Hitachi kokusai D3CM11394 tweezer, set block 3
Price: $55 Hitachi kokusai D3CM11395 tweezer, set block 4
Price: $75 Hitachi kokusai D3CM11396 tweezer, set block 5
Price: $125 Shin-etsu quartz products co ltd D3DK35631 quartz, shutter glass
Price: $55 Hitachi kokusai D3DK47683 cloth, heat protect, furnace
Price: $25 Hitachi D3EE43687(0.33M) D3EE43687(0.33M); robot cable
Price: $85 Hitachi kokusai D3VK28664 valve, air-operate, 2VALVE-3WAY mvilc-
Price: $25 Hitachi D3EE43687(0.38M) D3EE43687(0.38M); robot cable
Price: $350 Ucv D3VK28665(no-nc-nc) valve 316 ss D3VK28665(no-nc-nc); air-op
Price: $500 Hitachi kokusai D3VK28666(no-nc-nc) valve 316 ss, air-operate, 3
Price: $1.29 Fip D40 gic fitting cpvc elbow 90 D40 gic fip
Price: $250 Hitachi kokusai D3VK32530(nc-nc) ucv SUSF316L ucv, SUSF316L, val
Price: $1.5 Fip D40 tic fitting cpvc tee 90 equal D40 tic fip
Price: $25 Gateway D41668-503 intel D945GCZ / D945PAW desktop motherboard
Price: $125 Plc direct D4-16TD1 io module automation direct, 5-24VDC
Price: $42.5 Crydom D4850 73008-01; crydom solid-state relay; 50A 480VAC 3-32
Price: $350 Hitachi kokusai D4CX02134 vexta C4773-90215HGE vexta, C4773-9021
Price: $25 Hitachi kokusai D4CK13407 packing
Price: $200 Hitachi kokusai D4CX02536 vexta EM566-na-A15 vexta, EM566-na-A15
Price: $550 Hitachi kokusai D4CX05038 panasonic AMKB200B10LAK panasonic AMKB
Price: $1.5 Hitachi kokusai D4CX08380 o-ring D4CX08380
Price: $120 Hitachi D4CX11074#1(ZT17-S02) GC84-1D9 D4CX11074#1(ZT17-S02); sw
Price: $225 Hitachi D4CX21341 gear z box; KEG2-20 r-0297
Price: $25 Hitachi kokusai D4DK38704-000 packing, high speed cooling
Price: $25 Hitachi kokusai D4DK48071 packing
Price: $25 Hitachi kokusai D4DK48072-000 packing
Price: $25 Kokusai D4EX00932 ushio ji 100V 1000W lamp
Price: $435 Hitachi kokusai D4EX02265 panasonic AMKA100B10LAK AMKA100B10LAK
Price: $575 Hitachi kokusai D4EX02267 panasonic AMKA400B10LAK AMKA400B10LAK
Price: $300 Hitachi kokusai D4EX04845(8-units) valve, solenoid DJ815V manifo
Price: $55 Hitachi kokusai D4EX05942(SPCONV2) board, circuit
Price: $50 Hitachi kokusai D4EX09076-1(T406152-a) heater blanket D4EX09076-
Price: $125 Hitachi kokusai D4EX13962(T406152-b) heater blanket kit D4EX1396
Price: $50 Hitachi kokusai D4EX09076-1(T506141-a) heater blanket D4EX09076-
Price: $50 Hitachi kokusai D4EX13962(T8003031) heater blanket D4EX13962(T80
Price: $50 Hitachi kokusai D4EX13962(T802142) heater blanket D4EX13962(T802
Price: $35 Hitachi D4EX14454 heater jacket valve
Price: $125 Hitachi kokusai D4EX17594 parts, consumption el display
Price: $650 Hitachi kokusai D4KX85188 valve bellows kf 50 90 deg, exhaust ma
Price: $30 Omron D4MC-2020 short hinge roller lever switch
Price: $65 Hitachi kokusai D4X01072-2 meter, flow F05-280736
Price: $4.83 Agru D50-03 fitting pvdf.elect.fusion socket.D50.
Price: $24.21 Cat D50X1 fitt.pvdf.inst.fitting D50X1 p
Price: $3.03 Agru D50 back ring D50 pipe x 1 1/2 ansi. pp grey
Price: $2.86 George fischer D50X25
Price: $7.82 Tto D512 seal oil (drive) vinton 2103 G2M; 31X45X8MM
Price: $47.12 Cat d-52 shaft p/n 20 model d-52 hameits .
Price: $51.64 Bimba d-52403-a bimba air cylinder
Price: $4.25 Cat d-53 hameitz seal o ring model d-53
Price: $225 Melec d-541 2 station drive unit pm-driver
Price: $175 Ebara D55-L135-U14-T58-8 shaft, pump cylinder cabinet ebara
Price: $150 Melec d-561 pm-driver
Price: $1.53 Fip D63 fitting cpvc double socket D63 mic fip
Price: $11.22 George fischer D63-3 fitting pvdf tee 90EQUAL D63 gf
Price: $1.67 Cat D63-50 fitting cpvc double adaptor D63*50*1 1/2
Price: $23.37 D-63868 gerwah d-63868 shaft, coupling
Price: $350 George fischer 027/da 63DN50, memranventil, pneumatisch robinet
Price: $100 Eaton relay, ground fault, 8A, 250 vac
Price: $75 Rechner D68623 sensor; 14FT
Price: $125 Norgren d-71083 panel mount actuator lcm-5473-24NAK
Price: $15.62 Zenpure D75-010-05-3F1 cmp disposable filter
Price: $1.7 Fip D75 fitting pvc end cap D75 civ fip
Price: $1.05 Fip D75XD50 fitting pvc reducers
Price: $5.13 D8011-001 lintech D8011-001 sheet, spring
Price: $8.5 Nec D8086D nec i.c.; 16-bit cpu
Price: $76.5 Tokyo electron (tel) D81101-401501-11 thermo couple sleeve
Price: $27.11 Bimba d-82278-a-3 cylinder
Price: $450 Applied materials (amat) anorad corp. D8250-f pcb, intelligent a
Price: $10 Nec D8251AC nec 8251 i.c.; programable communication interface
Price: $8.5 Intel D8755A ic prog. u 13 8755, code 2 software, 47330901EA CEJ
Price: $125 Barnstead thermolyne D8951 hosed nipple organic/mixed bed cartri
Price: $63.75 Cdm D8S40 heater, 500 watts, 240 volts, G203
Price: $80.41 Gamma D90-10 valve.pvdf.n/r wafer.c/w spring.D90.PN10
Price: $1.06 D90XD75 fitting, pvc reducers
Price: $85.17 Tuthill D9863MC tuthill motor gear pump, 12VDC
Price: $2.24 Swagelock pvdf-fn-4-k 1/4 pvdf flare fitting nut
Price: $10 New avc DA07015T12U avc DA07015T12U 70MM x 70MM x 15MM cooler co
Price: $15 Avc DA09232B12H M6792 dc 12V 1.0A ball bearing cooling fan
Price: $10 Carlingswitch DA1-80-24-450-111-d circuit breaker, 5A, 250V, 50/
Price: $15 Carling technologies DA1-B0-34-610-111-d circuit breaker 12A
Price: $15 Carling technologies DA1-B0-24-475-111-d circuit breaker; 250V,
Price: $10 Carlingswitch DA1-B0-24-615-111-d 15A 250V 50/60HZ circuit break
Price: $15 Carling technologies DA1-B0-24-620-111-d circuit breaker; 250V,
Price: $15 Carling technologies DA1-B0-24-640-111-d circuit breaker
Price: $15 Carling technologies DA1-B0-46-615-111-d circuit breaker
Price: $15 Carling technologies DA1-B0-34-610-111-d circuit breaker
Price: $11.16 Smc d-A73H reed switch sensor
Price: $29.24 Gem-sol dab-214 valve solenoid 3/2 110V p/n dab-214
Price: $33.15 Koganei DAB25X125-4-w cylinder, 25X125MM air "slim"
Price: $13.4 DAC32X260 kroganei DAC32X260 cylinder, 32X260 dbl acting b
Price: $17 Cat dage-se-PC517 pcb z and x opto
Price: $83.44 Dage dage-shear-062-003 cutter tool width 75 microns pkg 21
Price: $425 Ulvac sinku kiko daa-v-155-fb pump vacuum 2 stage, 72L/min, 9 to
Price: $75 Norton da-P0-C9M-H7-MCMP1-2A2M-4-25 cmp, ipec viprr, conditionin
Price: $150 Norton da-P0-F9M-H11-MCMP1-2A2M-4-25 diamond wheel
Price: $170 Ulvac sinku kiko dap-15 compressor 18 l/min 110VAC
Price: $212.5 Aeg dap 208/as-bdap-208 output relay module: 8PT dap-208, 230VAC
Price: $125 Noah corporation DB031004-00 end effecter robot, hand---not in o
Price: $350 Taylor-hobson data acquisition interface
Price: $5 Black box DB09F-RJ45 adapter assembly, code: FA065
Price: $7 Black box DB25F-RJ45 2PC adaptor, network black, FA027
Price: $10 DB25 male to female adapter DB25 male to female adapter adaptor
Price: $15 Generic DB50M-C50F adapter, SCS1
Price: $25 Smc d-B54 sensor reed switch
Price: $5 DB9 female DB25 male DB9 female DB25 male adaptor DB9 female to
Price: $8 DB9 female RJ45 adapter DB9 female RJ45 adapter adaptor DB9 fema
Price: $16 DB9-male-DB25-female-adapter-9PK DB9-male-DB25-female-adapter-9P
Price: $25 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind DBBB0005 circuit breaker, 25A, 240V a
Price: $75 Sofmap co ltd dbi-UV8-4GT2 drive, hard back up
Price: $75 Sofmap co ltd dbi-UV8-4GT2-refurb drive, hard back up
Price: $225 Watlow DC10-24C0-0000 solid state power control heater ***harves
Price: $1.6 New ark DBU25S cinch d-subminiature connector female 25 contact
Price: $4.25 Ti DC11 collar set
Price: $100 Watlow DC11-48P5-0000 solid state power control, din-a-mite, 75A
Price: $125 Aviza technology 911083-002 watlow DC11-48P5-0000 din-a-mite sol
Price: $100 Watlow DC11-48P5-0002 solid state power control, din-a-mite 480V
Price: $200 Watlow DC11-48S5-0000 din-a-mite solid state power control heate
Price: $65 Watlow DC1L-5024-V100 controller heater din-a-mite solid state
Price: $75 Fujitsu denso DC220V-380V power supply, CH1 5V, 20A, CH2 9V, 8A
Price: $145 Fujitsu denso DC220V-380V power supply, CH1 5V, 20A, CH2 9V, 8A
Price: $6.09 Poly flow dc-224 o-ring teflon viton 52MM valve block
Price: $75.3 Parker DC3 power supply compumotor power supply
Price: $148.75 Parker DC4 compumotor DC4 power supply
Price: $63.75 Intl power sources DCA106 intl power sources dc/dc converter; vt
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind DCBA0021 circuit breaker, 25A, 250V a
Price: $7.65 Advantest dcb-ESA153X03A-1 cable, (6541)
Price: $10 Aviza technology dcp-cab-1-01 elulex PA1011225-00 cable, 50 pin,
Price: $5 Toner dc-R27 1-port 27DB, 5-600MHZ, -200DB rfi tap; pack of 5
Price: $106.25 Conlab dct-3 isolated dc transmitter
Price: $73.63 Precision micro control corp dcx-BF100 micro control pcb
Price: $375 Air products dd 1051 gasguard master control processor
Price: $25 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind DDAB20007 circuit breaker, 80V, hertz
Price: $12.5 Dell DD314 cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind DDAB30035 circuit breaker, 80V, 31.25
Price: $3.57 Viking DDR3264SOD2100 128MB ddr 266MHZ CL2.5 laptop ram
Price: $10 Hp dds-2 8GB data cartridge
Price: $15 Ibm ddyf-T18350 ultrastar hard drive 07N3270
Price: $15.19 Nissin-allis ion equipment DE09961 fpc(belt)
Price: $50 Nissin-allis ion equipment de-1072231E wire insulated ceramic be
Price: $50 Nissin-allis ion equipment de-1072239E wire insulated ceramic be
Price: $51 Advantest dee-002659-1 hlp kawai 200V 300W 9705 heater cartridge
Price: $145 D-link de-220E pcb, ethernet interface card
Price: $51 Advantest dee-002659-2 hlp kawai 200V 300W 9805 heater cartridge
Price: $81.94 Aeg modicon dep-210 card 8 digital input 115VAC/6MA, dep-210
Price: $125 Despatch DES150040 heating element 6 kw 240V htr ay LCC1-51
Price: $350 Fala technologies depodder asyst
Price: $275 Varian d-F4685002 pcb vert scan gen
Price: $55 Smc d-F7NJL switch, auto solid state relay
Price: $25.06 DFA1A050PS44 flow solutions DFA1A050PS44 filter, 5MM super pilla
Price: $41.25 Pall DFA2A010F64 pall filter
Price: $55.25 Pall DFA4001 J025P filter capsule hdc 2.5 mic pall
Price: $55.25 Pall DFA4001J045 filter capsule HDC4.5 mic, working pressure at
Price: $46.75 Porous media DFL04 filter, element, max operating pressure: liqu
Price: $55 Dns electronics dfa-V195-4P valve pfa manual 1/4
Price: $345 Vexta 5-phase driver, DC24V +-10%, 1.1A
Price: $20 Jaquet dfr-915-s jaquet dfr 915 s digital display
Price: $500 Pureron dfs 3-1200 switch, flow digital 316 ss, press max 0.7MPA
Price: $15 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind d-frame circuit breaker, 25A, 6-32
Price: $1.7 Electroglas DG20ICJ ic dg 201 acj pn 027964
Price: $25 Hy-mag circuit breaker ind DGAA0001 circuit breaker, 50A, 80V dc
Price: $25 Smc d-G59W-bp switch
Price: $15.78 Sony DGD15CL sony cleaning cartridge
Price: $212.5 Festo dgo-16-775-ppv-a-b linear actuator cylinder
Price: $480 Varian d-H0135001 pcb assy d.p. interface & dc drivers
Price: $22.59 DH30005847 mmsi pte ltd DH30005847 kicker,
Price: $6.03 Allied devices DH59T45 gear spur .650X.25ID 20-00049-00
Price: $5.81 DH3006597 mmsi pte ltd DH3006597 sensor, flag limit
Price: $191.25 Entegris dht-00-03-000 dispense head NH4OH 228-0102 F6
Price: $135 Entegris dht-00-04-000 dispense head brown- slurry
Price: $212.5 Entegris dht-00-08-001 dispense head for H3PO4
Price: $127.5 Entegris inc dht-00-99-00 dispense head
Price: $671.5 Entegris dht-00-ug-000 dispense-head pfa
Price: $38.25 Entegris dht-00-lx-001 entegris dispense pfa head; part number:
Price: $637.5 Uhp DHT504M10606-10 46599-1A parker valve ss bw duplex horizonta
Price: $127.5 Parker DHT508M10808-10 valve ss bw duplex horizontal 1 main x
Price: $225 Entegris DI3T4-29-M4-000-00 drum insert, 4-port, insert length:
Price: $17 Nacom dib-pvdf nacom dib-pvdf bellow ptfe no valve
Price: $30.6 DI810172 ceramic shaft for di data flow
Price: $15 Black watch digital linear tape iv magnetic 1/2" cartridge tape
Price: $38.25 Klockner-moeller dil 08-62 klockner-moeller universal contactor
Price: $5.42 Klockner-moeller dil-08-40-s universal contact relay
Price: $2 Klockner-moeller dil-08-40-s universal contact relay
Price: $148.75 Klockner-moeller dil-08-44 220V universial contactor relay
Price: $191.25 Klockner moeller DIL3-22-na contactor 110V 50HZ 120A DIL3-22-na
Price: $20 Din-916-st set screws, 6 x 6 mm, metric stainless cup point sock
Price: $250 Icp dio-144 icp data acquisition board, 144-bit opto-22 compatib
Price: $59.5 Icp dio-144 icp data acquisition board, 144-bit opto-22 compatib
Price: $50.63 Industrial computer source DIO8-p pcb, DIO8 card
Price: $300 Naigai tech kaisha ltd DISKDIA15AD600JIS10K valve, manual teflon
Price: $300 Naigai tech kaisha ltd DISKDIA20AD600JIS10K valve, manual teflon
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-01-08-000 entegris insert - drum pfa; dip tube for
Price: $42.5 Flouropure dit-01-gu-005 drum insert for tungsten slurry, 3'
Price: $38.25 Fluoroware dit-23-99-000 dip tube for slurry (re-circulation dru
Price: $127.5 Flouropure dit-29-ug-000 dip tube , insert-drum pfa
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-60-02-000 entegris fluoropure insert - drum pfa; di
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-60-09-000 entegris insert - drum pfa; dip tube for
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-60-11-005 entegris insert - drum pfa; dip tube for
Price: $135 Entegris dit-71-99-000 dip tube keyed black - slurry del
Price: $106.25 Entegris dit-60-ki-000 entegris insert - drum pfa; dip tube for
Price: $10 L-com DK225MF-3 cable molded extension, din 5, male/female
Price: $51 Syrelec dkr-h off delay 24VAC dkr.h
Price: $75 Vox-tec dl 55 v 178 ceramic ring 5 zoll; material: AI2O3, DL50.3
Price: $35 Aviza technology DL06-a-076 anode cap (weekijzer ring)
Price: $35 Boschert DL130-3001R power supply, 115 volts
Price: $385 Varian DL30-a-1049 shield for ceramic ring 5"`
Price: $500 Densei-lambda DL5107-600J 5107 600V uninterruptible power supply
Price: $4.25 Electroglas 022784-001 coilcraft DLF8000-c data line emi filter;
Price: $50 Toyo sokki dls-5023D weight monitor
Price: $54.4 Tdk-lambda DLP240-24-1-ej power sup lambda NES240-24 24VDC 10A
Price: $15 Maxwell dlttape iv 1/2" tape cartridge, 40/80 gb, 557M, 1828FT
Price: $3.75 Littelfuse L1C28F flnr 40 id, L1C28F power-gard RK5 fuse
Price: $15 Quantum dlttape iv 40/80GB, 0.5 inch data cartridge
Price: $246.8 Olympus DM142300 ag heinze inc valve, sol 6VALVE 24VDC assy
Price: $125 Tektronix dm 501 meter, digital multi
Price: $45 Door lock electro mosnet, electro mosnet 1/0 vac
Price: $156.19 Fluke DM615013 phillips scope dual channel pm series, no handles
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor DM74LS04N national semiconductor i.c. inv
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor DM74LS132N national semiconductor i.c. qu
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor DM74LS244N national semiconductor i.c.
Price: $7 DM74S138N ics, decoder, demultiplxer
Price: $85 Hokuyo automatic dm-HB1 module, optical data transmission device
Price: $35 Smc DMK12-04-C1 multi connector with 1 touch fitting
Price: $125 Daifuku dm-ID3 infrared sensor
Price: $50 Datel dms-30PC-1-rh-c 3.5 led digital panel meter
Price: $165.75 Advantest dmt-003613-1 2-phase 15.a max motor controller
Price: $20 Nisshin dmu-n-3 PT1/4 * 50, 0-1.6 mpa pressure gauge
Price: $500 Kokusai electric dn-130L protector, overheat
Price: $700 Hitachi kokusai dn-130L-z(td) heater over temperature protection
Price: $11.19 George fischer DN15 valve diaphragm kit ptfe for GF315
Price: $26.35 Fip DN40 diafragm 1.5 DN40 epdm for fip pvc va
Price: $722.5 B&r DN15X15PN40X40 valve safety prv 25.18BAR ss DN15/PN40 in-out
Price: $30 DN40KF pipe spool kf 40, flange, length 3 7/8 in., inner dimensi
Price: $15 Dell DN55T speaker assembly
Price: $135 DN63LF DN63LF bellows pipe, flange KF50, length 19 1/2 in., outt
Price: $15 Daniel woodhead DND10SS-0030 cable, male/female, 300V, 2.4A, len
Price: $35 Daniel woodhead DND10SS-0030 cable, devicenet length 38 in., 300
Price: $35 Daniel woodhead DND33SS-M010 cable, devicenet length 42 in., 300
Price: $125 Woodhead connectivity DNTA14114A1 devicenet passive drop box nan
Price: $10 Dell D0723 ID0D0723-48220-428-0084
Price: $4.46 Asm door latch for vtr 7600 carousel furnace
Price: $37.5 Yoshitake dp-10 valve, solenoid,AC100V-15A
Price: $22 Sunx DP2-20Z high performance digital pressure sensor, -101.kpa
Price: $21.25 DP40-401 filter air 35 PERCENT20X16X4 for shelter ah
Price: $53.5 Cimtech DP5D0010 panel, front, air control unit
Price: $15.67 DP8409AN ic ram controller NS74S809 nicolet
Price: $15.62 Square d DPA33 contactor
Price: $27.11 Trebor dp-c-8 probe fiber optic
Price: $256 Edwards vacuum inc. edwards vacuum inc DPI52S25-20 dip-proofing
Price: $256 Edwards vacuum inc. edwards vacuum inc DPI52S50-20 dip-proofing
Price: $78.09 Rk industries DPR503V-svg regulator diaphragm pressure pp ½ npt
Price: $27.11 Banner industries D12 series sensor, cycle/leak
Price: $20 Delta electronics dps-200PB-101 a power supply, 115V/230V 9A/5A,
Price: $125 Ckd corporation dps-05-05-am-15-100KPA switch, pressure kaijo
Price: $12.5 Dell dps-500CB dell switching power supply
Price: $318.75 Carten DPV1000-065-500-049-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas valv
Price: $318.75 Carten dpv-1000-065-500-049-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas val
Price: $318.75 Carten DPV500-049-250-035-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas valve
Price: $318.75 Carten dpv-500-049-500-049-PC1 carten ultra high purity gas valv
Price: $29.01 Brown dpx-600A-in pressure gauge
Price: $25.63 Apollo dqc-100 connector network
Price: $15 Apollo dqc-100 connector network
Price: $165 Lambda DRP240-1 power supply harvested off unused system
Price: $20 Gordos dr-0DC24 gordos 22 din rail out mod; akrion IOM1B0047
Price: $175 Disco hi-tec DRS10070 grinding wheel Z2 (if-01-1-8/16-b-K04)
Price: $38.25 Mgi drw-00-m-199 cassette limiter mgi
Price: $52 Tokyo electron DS027-003032-1 pkg seal seat
Price: $38.25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS012-012061-1 valve ball, g-470072 3/8
Price: $97.63 Tokyo electron (tel) DS027-003266-1 kalrez jis P95 o-ring, kalre
Price: $6.89 Tokyo electron (tel) DS028-002727-1 fitting, resin, 220-ue-1
Price: $16.2 Tokyo electron (tel) DS028-003143-1 flg, 34.800.802 NW20/25 vito
Price: $20.25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS028-016864-1 fitting, flange, 34.0056.10
Price: $5.6 Tokyo electron (tel) DS028-014253-1 flang, NW25-oz-pvs
Price: $20.25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS028-018959-1 fitting, flange, PD6334
Price: $15.06 Tokyo electron (tel) DS036-002265-1 keyence PZ2-61 switch photo
Price: $81 Tokyo electron (tel) DS036-006180-1 thermocouple, t-240-31
Price: $141.75 DS036-007450-1 mks instruments DS036-007450-1 sensor, pressure
Price: $59.5 Tokyo electron (tel) DS039-001824-1 cosel PAA75F-12 cosel system
Price: $150 Tokyo electron (tel) DS040-365151-1 motor,stepping A3651
Price: $180 Tokyo electron DS043-000440-1 tokyo electron DS043-000440-1 fht
Price: $6.56 Limitron DS045-001040-1 fuse..ktk-2 1/2
Price: $7.89 Tokyo electron DS045-00107-1 fuse..fnq-r-3/4
Price: $7.21 Tokyo electron DS045-001135-1 fuse..fnq-r-4/10
Price: $182.25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1105-302133-51 quartz pedestal base
Price: $11.16 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1110-301887-11 fork diskring boat 6"
Price: $389.37 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1110-217001-13 insulator, heat 2
Price: $40.02 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1110-317604-12 insulator, heat material.
Price: $25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1110-408125-11 blankoff 3/8" flange port
Price: $93.5 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1187-093841-11 touch pen
Price: $637.5 Tokyo electron (tel) DS1187-143513-12 jc board 8SE ct/tbx-36 G12
Price: $25 Dallas DS1231 -20 9401 4CPOWER monitor chip, pack of 5
Price: $7.5 Dell DS2 ncb express card slot board
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor DS2004CN national semiconductor i.c. ULN2
Price: $100 Tokyo electron DS2110-336676-11 heater ribbon; tokyo electron DS
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-355606-11 panel, heater 21103554761*
Price: $182.25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-355609-11 panel heater, .2110355477
Price: $32.38 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-356269-11 spacer, 1 ptfe T1.0
Price: $39 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-363579-11  flex, 3/8" SF6-400-sp
Price: $26.26 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-356270-11 spacer, 2 ptfe T1.0
Price: $10.85 Tokyo electron DS2110-445187-11 screw quartz holed..INCONEL600
Price: $25 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-451098-11 inner labyrinth, SUS316L
Price: $5.1 Tokyo electron (tel) DS2110-457898-11 screw, cap M5X7 INCLONEL60
Price: $30.6 Norcimbus inc DS21-ns 10-pack washer fpr jis cylinder connection
Price: $21.25 Cat DS26-ns pctfe gasket washer for jis W26-r cylinder connectio
Price: $12.75 Nais DS2Y-s-DC24V miniature relay. nominal voltage 24 v dc
Price: $8.5 National semiconductor DS3662N ics, quad high speed trapezoidal
Price: $297.27 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-120037-B2 quartz, housing 300MM diff
Price: $214.65 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-22004511 quartz, cover 300MM diffusi
Price: $222.75 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-220056-11 quartz, plate 300MM diffus
Price: $445.5 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-320005-12 quartz fin,rot
Price: $445.5 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-320004-11 quartz, fin rot 300MM diff
Price: $17.58 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-320068-B1 quartz, injector l-82-260
Price: $19.08 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-320069-B1 quartz, injector l-84-45
Price: $14.94 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3805-320074-B1 quartz, injector l-82-748
Price: $63.91 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3810-324514-12 mks instruments 55-0797 mk
Price: $20.9 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3810-322683-11 assy, injection pipe fnc..
Price: $422.31 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3810-325138-12 mks instruments 9635-1075
Price: $63.75 Sterlon DS3-.812-a semiconductor part, slide
Price: $61.24 Tokyo electron (tel) DS3887-204432-12 mks instruments 55-0794 mk
Price: $25 Omron dsd-1000 switch, pkg 2 OEM12B interlock, 16(4)a 380~, 16A,
Price: $17.85 Festo corp dsnu-16-150-p-a cylinder, 16X150MM dbl act
Price: $27.11 Tokyo electron (tel) DSMJ4-085240-c fxtr,l/a align,100/125/150,s
Price: $27 Dsnu-8-25P-a festo corp dsnu-8-25P-a pneumatic cylinder; max: 10
Price: $230 Festo corp dsr-16-180-p rotation cylinder adjustable
Price: $245 Celerity DSRAB100 IN2 mass flow controller; gas: N2, flow rate:
Price: $245 Celerity DSSAB100 IN2 mass flow controller; gas: N2, flow range:
Price: $75 Entegris dsu-00-01-00 dispense head, pfa, 1" flaretek
Price: $35 Proportion-air DSY008 pressure transducer harvested from unused
Price: $150 Mettler toledo DT120 sensor,temprature
Price: $150 Datatran data tracker
Price: $45 Surface technology systems DT320174 funnel, 200MM wafer-short
Price: $231.96 Icd heateflex DT6500 system controller,306923
Price: $100 Deposition tech dti-12431 ring clamp mcap arc sprayed
Price: $135 Generic dual 6X2 casters dual 6" casters, 2" width casters, 6" d
Price: $9.38 Ashcroft duragauge oxygen pressure gauge, 100PSI, aisi 316 tube
Price: $300 Advanced radiation corp. duv-1000-30119 lamp,1000W duv f/208V sy
Price: $225 Arc duv-2001-30192 lamp xenon arc 33 volts,60.6 amps
Price: $79.9 Furon DV2-144NCA1 delta solenoid valve, psi: 60(air), 50(water),
Price: $125 Nisco co ltd dv-25-t valve teflon air operation tank drain
Price: $21.51 Olympus DV308600-1 AT292300 DV308600-1  pcb, front panel-repair
Price: $125 Hitachi high tech dv-30-t valve teflon , air operation
Price: $63.75 Hastings-raydist dv-4D-vcr vacuum gauge tubed
Price: $55 Furon DV3-234D2 solenoid valve teflon 3 way, 60A, 50W, orfifice:
Price: $95 Surpass dv-500R electronic pressure monitor
Price: $10 Mic DV5800A dvd-rom drive
Price: $10 Mic dv-5800A 3892D260 11C9555T211
Price: $10 Mic dv-5800A dvd rom
Price: $175 Hitachi dv-80-t valve teflon air operation valve tank drain
Price: $125 Ebara d-v-booster-end-plate booster end plate
Price: $10 Compaq dvd-117MG dvd rom drive unit
Price: $317.05 Mw instruments DVM96/2000E mw instruments DVM96/2000E digital di
Price: $77.93 Parker DVT1004D1040210BSK-02 vlv diaph.dup.v.tee.1/2X1/4 DVT1004
Price: $318.75 Parker DVT1004D1040210BSK vlv.diaph.s.hor.cross 1/2X1/4 SHC1004C
Price: $637.5 Uhp DVT5041110804-10 47092-7A parker valve duplex vertical tee 1
Price: $255 Parker DVT504M10604-10 valve ss duplex vertival 3-4 main x 1-2
Price: $10 Dell DW1390 wireless card
Price: $12.27 Dw-as-405-M10-650 contrinex dw-as-405-M10-650 detector, proxiblo
Price: $125 Ebara d-w-booster-end-plate booster end plate
Price: $75 Dwyer magnehelic differential pressure gauges, series 2000, seri
Price: $9.75 Bulgin DX1091-rd DX1091/rd: led indicator, 5MM red
Price: $121.5 Tokyo electron (tel) DXT170-80-4A-6 connector, assy 24"
Price: $125 Millipore DZUPC21K1 impact pi-250, photochemical filter
Price: $50 Millipore DZU004401 assist flushing shell. for use with ipa clea
Price: $127.5 Varian e H2376001 pcb, servo control
Price: $121.5 Ultratech inc E00002 dry scrub E00002 electrode, 2 turns, 1 rive
Price: $150 Generic E010482 pneumatic valve board, VQD1151-5LO smc
Price: $25 Salisbury E0011R-11 rubber insulating gloves (max use voltage 50
Price: $3.4 Blue-m E04J-20 bussmann tron fnq-20; time-delay fuse, 448H misc
Price: $35 Excimer E0601-no laser chamber elrc bearing; 05-02121-01
Price: $21.25 Tyco e-06 raychem kit end for heat strip
Price: $90 Cat e-0803 magnet short-stroke for e-0803
Price: $95.63 Cat E0R05-18377A-E0R05-18376A cpu board (set)
Price: $38.25 Lam research (lam) E108998 cable emo. lam 44XX/45XX etcher
Price: $5.91 Systems chemistry-air liquide 215-164 ridgid E10512 weld machine
Price: $4100 Varian E11001000 left arm servo controller
Price: $375 Varian E11001530 homlock assy
Price: $23.62 Varian E11001490 roller, multi 1.5IN dia
Price: $500 Varian E11001574 plate chuck
Price: $125 Varian E11001914 200MM spider assy
Price: $15.3 Varian E11002210 lipseal, multi assy
Price: $977.5 Varian E11004970 controller service, monitor
Price: $237.49 Varian E11007780 kit, liner graphite dipole
Price: $2500 Varian E11022430 amp assy scan
Price: $86.06 Varian E11029670 motor, chuck lift
Price: $55 Varian E11029840 relay, contact arm assy
Price: $1700 Varian E11045500 kit,replacement,interface,logic
Price: $4496.35 Varian E11054660 11054660 assy, es gas dry
Price: $405 Varian E11064190 detector, dect assy burn thru
Price: $125 Varian E11072340 source liner
Price: $125 Varian E11077200 assy, feedthru dose
Price: $135 Varian E11079020 proteus industries 0201C24 proteus industries 0
Price: $63.75 Varian E11081330 gems sensors sensor, assy
Price: $175 Varian E11081511 peter paul electronics 100008170 vent valve
Price: $200 Varian E11087460 bushing, housing assembly ball, bracket, slidii
Price: $155 Varian E11089770 valve, switch mtg assy iso lh
Price: $155 Varian E11089780 valve, switch mtg assy iso rh
Price: $2500 New varian E11091420 controller, high vacuum gauge; RE11091420 a
Price: $155 Varian E11089790 switch, mtg assy tilt lh
Price: $178.04 Varian E11095240 liner, assy waveguide no.2
Price: $12.91 Varian E11096640 plunger, assy
Price: $210 Varian E11123620 kit, beam dump pm, analyzer, general
Price: $55 Varian E11124560MNR kit pm source assy ihc minor vista
Price: $3240 Varian E11130350 assy, i/v interface
Price: $1500 E11133620 varian assy, decel cylinder
Price: $15 Hitachi e-112144 sensor, mechanism part carrier
Price: $1600 Varian E11286920 kit, seal differential
Price: $30 Lg E114072 16MB (2 x 8MB) memory kit
Price: $126.44 Varian E11709024 assy, sensor flow
Price: $15 Copartner E119932 cable, signal 300V 26AWG, 80'c
Price: $125 Varian E12003810 clutch, modified screw manip
Price: $27.11 Varian E12008480 coupling, flexible 3/16 id, m
Price: $103.28 Varian E12009370 housing, spring
Price: $63.03 Varian E12008980 coupling, 3/16 to 1/4 id flex
Price: $15 Black box E120414 cable, 25 feet type CL2 24AWG 75 degrease c
Price: $62.72 Varian E14000360 capacitor, deflection
Price: $375 Varian E15000020 pcb, multi-emi protection
Price: $194.4 Varian E15000040 pcb serial loop mast
Price: $350 Varian E15000101 pcb assy multi electrode manip
Price: $38.25 Varian E15000140 pcb, deflect active ld
Price: $175 Varian E15000150 pcb assy proteus signal condit
Price: $375 Varian E15000150 pcb assy proteus signal condit
Price: $250 Varian E15000200 motion controller assy
Price: $375 Varian E15000151 pcb, proteus e s si
Price: $300 Varian E15000290-refurb pcb, signal conditioner
Price: $375 Varian E15000310 pcb assy shunt regulator assy
Price: $159 Varian E15000310 pcb assy shunt regulator assy
Price: $71.4 Varian E15000320 pcb assy elevator control
Price: $150 Varian E15000510 pcb, 30KV deflect drive stage
Price: $75 Varian E15000520 pcb, 30KV deflect active ld
Price: $1360 Varian E15000540 pcb energy
Price: $375 Varian E15000641 master, port loop dual
Price: $222.75 Varian E15001080 pcb, assy setup faraday cup
Price: $162 Varian E16008701 light link assy
Price: $162 Varian E1608980 light link, temperature
Price: $162 Varian E16008990 light link, temperature
Price: $15.19 Varian E16081770 cable assy,W2013,surge supp to mani
Price: $191.25 Varian E16058960 varian harness assembly, home sensor position
Price: $25.5 Fluoroware E16-12FN-1 fitting pfa male ell 90 1 t x 3/4NPT fl
Price: $3.4 Valex E16-24-co fitting ss cap but weld 1/4 od E16-.25 v
Price: $16.26 Fluoroware E16-12FN-1 fitting pfa male ell 90 1 t x 3/4NPT fl
Price: $10 Haurtian E164535 cable, computer
Price: $14.08 Valex E16-5 fitting ss cap but weld 1/2 od E16-.5 va
Price: $21.25 Nsn E16A-7 nsn switch-toggle-main
Price: $20 Varian E17001780 plate faraday setup
Price: $25 Varian E17001790 set-up shaft bushing
Price: $45 Varian E17001810 setup-faraday cup
Price: $22.95 Varian E17007410 rod, accelerator torsion
Price: $22.07 Varian E17008450 pin, hinge
Price: $33.11 Varian E17008460 pin, hinge adjustable
Price: $45 Varian E17008840 bushing, adjustable
Price: $37.5 Varian E17009150 forcer, pivot
Price: $22.95 Varian E17010270 hub, wafer handling hardstop
Price: $25 Varian E17011320 filament
Price: $125 Varian E17011850 carriage, stiffarm
Price: $7.5 Varian E17012400 coupling, flexdisc
Price: $43.82 Varian E17012770 shaft, vertical onstage
Price: $37.5 Varian E17012790 flexure, orstage
Price: $34.63 Varian E17017140 nozzle, small
Price: $10.2 Varian E17020270 gasket, 34X54X1.5MM 4HOLE sili
Price: $70.93 Varian E17020820 plate, setup suppr
Price: $50 Varian E17020820-refurb plate setup supressor
Price: $35 Varian E17021610 forcer, adjustable saddle mount
Price: $20 Varian E17021600 forcer, adjustacle sa
Price: $35 Varian E17021890 cover, head hard stop
Price: $75 Varian E17023050 cup, focus graphite
Price: $21.51 Varian E17023890 slide, multi-inner
Price: $60.42 Varian E17025400 17025400; window, quartz, 4.97' x 5.97' x .470'
Price: $187.5 E17026050 varian semiconductor equipment motor, alternate coolin
Price: $61.05 Varian E17026570 mask, ground setup cup
Price: $300 Varian E17026680 deflector, scan
Price: $82.5 Varian E17026610 plate,  faraday
Price: $150 Varian E17026680 graphscan - ground plate
Price: $7.5 Varian E17026690 plate, ground rear
Price: $65 Varian E17027040 bottom, front grnd pl
Price: $75 Varian E17027050 top, front grnd plt
Price: $82.5 Varian E17028530 multi-grapht liner
Price: $82.5 Varian E17028531 liner, multi-graph
Price: $25 Varian E17030190 relay-actuator arm
Price: $81 Varian E17030860 shield, target backwall
Price: $55 Varian E17036400 liner,support grap
Price: $25.18 Varian E17036971 strap, bernas reflector
Price: $38.25 Varian E17042140 plasma flood gun insulator
Price: $38.25 Varian E17042160 #2 plasma flood gun insulator
Price: $75 Varian E17042300 magnet, vista 810
Price: $12.91 Varian E17042280 block, cooling pfg
Price: $33.75 Varian E17046610 spacer, center, elevator door
Price: $87.14 Varian E17048800 clamp, spacer filament
Price: $17.85 Varian E17049240 electrograph 31892 clamp, filament
Price: $45 Varian E17049410 REV5 handle source 35038
Price: $30 Varian E17050510 liner, inboard
Price: $35 Varian E17053330 shaft wafer lift--not in original packaging
Price: $93.75 Varian E17054970 insulator,sampling cup
Price: $101.25 Varian E17054980 cup, sample faraday
Price: $23.24 Varian E17055940 blankoff, faraday
Price: $150 Varian E17059403 e clamp spider assy 150MM
Price: $97.2 Varian E17058260 aperture, horiz exit
Price: $75 Varian E17063150 support, chamber lower
Price: $109.35 Varian E17063170 plate, end arc chamber
Price: $13.56 Varian E17064640 spring, retainer
Price: $25.31 Varian E17063840 insulator, lamp, dual; insulator, lamp
Price: $10 Varian E17066291 plate,end plate arc chamber blanket
Price: $7 Varian E17066330 reflector screw b
Price: $25 Varian E17069090 vaporizer tab
Price: $32.93 Varian E17070270 strap, graphite
Price: $10.2 Varian E17076690 spacer, suppressor plate
Price: $135 Varian E17075130 rev 5 shield, bottom pole blankoff
Price: $30.66 Varian E17077190 shield, gauss
Price: $54.11 Axcelis E17079880 aperture, dual 2 step
Price: $6.75 Varian E17082220 spacer,drive shaft
Price: $17.21 Varian E17088290 shaft, preload manipulator
Price: $12.75 Varian E17088300 bracket, z cam manipulator
Price: $250 Varian E17091250 loya machine E17091250 housing, pfg flood gun
Price: $13.04 Varian E17091720 bracket, suppression magnet
Price: $18.88 Varian E17091270 insulator, faraday base
Price: $19.36 Varian E17092030 insulator, suppression magnet
Price: $16.2 Varian E17093250 lead, filament, left, bernas arc sour
Price: $83.53 Varian E17094580 bushing, beamgate shaft
Price: $11.14 Varian E17094760 bushing, insulator beamgte as
Price: $368.3 Varian E17097870 support, stem weldment
Price: $21.3 Varian E17102970 rod, multi-torsion
Price: $1089.04 Varian E17099710 chamber, profiler
Price: $29.62 Varian E17110890 screw, repeller
Price: $127.58 Varian E17116690 housing, filament
Price: $51 Varian E17115640/2 shield, source exiti repair
Price: $12.74 Varian E17116730 filiment, retainer
Price: $71.38 Varian E17117300 feedthru, welded
Price: $31.82 Varian E17117310 feedthru, vista 810
Price: $200 E17133890 varian rear shield
Price: $22.95 Varian E17133980 guard, left
Price: $16.97 Varian E17133990 guard, right
Price: $208.52 Varian E17134120 insulator, front set up
Price: $125 Varian E17134250 plate, scan
Price: $225 Varian E17134260 plate, electrode suppression (graphite)
Price: $225 Varian E17134630 electrode, exit suppression
Price: $37.5 Varian E17135270 filament, insul tungs
Price: $150 Varian E17136220 tube, exhst, tfln coat
Price: $117.78 Varian E17136730 standoff,insulator
Price: $107.47 Varian E17136790 ckd GAB352-3-4-M2H-fld ckd GAB352-3-4-M2H-fld;
Price: $20 Varian E17136970 aperture, high energy lens#2
Price: $35 Varian E17145790 shield, source housing liner
Price: $27 Varian E17146160 electrode, reducing graphite
Price: $55 Varian E17148480 cable, W3 assy
Price: $52.5 Varian E17151480 liner bottom pole, analyzer
Price: $52.5 Varian E17151490 liner, top pole, analyzer
Price: $75 Varian E17154060 shield, chamber exit
Price: $46.93 Varian E17155660 conductor
Price: $33 Varian E17156700 insulator, decal
Price: $155.48 Varian E17157880 electrode, variable
Price: $37.5 Varian E17158720 aperture, exit shield graphite
Price: $75 Varian E17158730 aperture, faraday shield graphite
Price: $30.98 Varian E17158740 housing, liner graphite
Price: $51.83 Varian E17158750 insulator, boron nitride
Price: $205.95 Varian E17159230 plate, arc chamber base, no vaporizer
Price: $15.01 Varian E17159910 button, faraday
Price: $55 Varian E17160860 shield, graphite face resolving
Price: $45 Varian E17167280 spacer, block
Price: $213 Varian E17167330 plate, ground
Price: $12.27 Varian E17168600 retainer, bushing
Price: $162 Varian E17175130 liner, upper rear (corrector magnet)
Price: $38.5 Varian E17176140 insulator, faraday base
Price: $16.2 Varian E17177000 liner, secondary face; liner, secondar
Price: $37.5 Varian E17177010 liner, secondary end
Price: $15.5 Varian E17177020 bushing
Price: $28.48 Varian E17179590 plate, mounting arc chamber
Price: $185.29 Varian E17181110 sleeve, electrode ground decel end statio
Price: $145.8 Varian E17182660 plate, base decel lens assy
Price: $18.59 Varian E17182700 shield, horizontal 1ST
Price: $68.34 Varian E17183230 cover, adj bias feedthru
Price: $170.86 Varian E17184980 housing, filement
Price: $25 Varian E17185810 electrode, suppression, profiler
Price: $35.54 Varian E17185840 shield, inner, faraday
Price: $36.78 Varian E17185850 electrode, filler
Price: $1.01 Varian E17190010 washer, piston
Price: $40.47 Varian E17189190 cover, filament bottom rounde
Price: $1.01 Varian E17190020 spacer, seal; spacer
Price: $33 Varian E17192360 aperture, faraday cup
Price: $481.95 Varian E17191540 pick shuttle 200MM right
Price: $17.75 Varian E17194530 electrode, ground cap
Price: $14.2 Varian E17195820 aperture oven charge entrance
Price: $10 Varian E17195830 exit oven charge
Price: $100.41 Varian E17200890 platform cassette polish
Price: $172.45 Varian E17201730 aperture, plate, arc chamber, tungsten
Price: $214.65 Varian E17201770 base, arc chamber
Price: $28.05 Varian E17202910 repellar clamp
Price: $74.61 Varian E17204070 bracket, collector cup left
Price: $57.16 Varian E17204430 aperture, end cap arc chamber
Price: $51.64 Varian E17204460 plate, mounting arc chamber
Price: $12.75 Varian E17204780 beam, dump front
Price: $125 Varian E17205410 shield, scan plate assy
Price: $74.61 Varian E17207890 post, filament positive
Price: $135 Varian E17207900 clamp, filament, negative
Price: $38.73 Varian E17210510 aperture, scanner
Price: $18.67 Varian E17215550 pin, mounting
Price: $344.25 Varian E17219690 shield, cryo flange corrector
Price: $126.56 Varian E17220380 plate,base,ihc arc chamber
Price: $126.56 Varian E17220520 plate,side,gas,ihc source
Price: $9 Varian E17228470 spacer
Price: $101.25 Varian E17229140 plate, graphite supp elect
Price: $126.56 Varian E17231450 liner, secondary end; liner, secondary
Price: $233.75 Varian E17240030 electrode, accel/decel
Price: $52.5 Varian E17232530 liner, exit, upper, c-magnet
Price: $60.25 Varian E17245440 finger graphite short
Price: $10.2 Varian E17248490-a cone, clamping
Price: $45 Varian E17250090 liner, center, bottom
Price: $5.06 Varian E17267650 insulator, filament/cathode post
Price: $15 Varian E17270060 liner, interlocked 70 wa
Price: $55.69 Varian E17274980 shield, cathode assy
Price: $82.5 Varian E17280170 shield, faraday aperture graphite
Price: $200 Varian E17280180 shield, aperture exit graphite
Price: $148.08 Varian E17285300 plate, mounting cathode assy ihc 3000
Price: $255 Varian E17285420 shield, pair, leybold turbo position
Price: $82.01 Varian E17286160 d&d manufacturing plate, mounting
Price: $25.31 Varian E17288250 feedthru, 2-cond high voltage
Price: $43.57 Varian E17297970 endcap, repeller ver
Price: $119.03 Varian E17312330 assy, block shuttle with beari
Price: $6.7 Varian E17298100 clip, mounting adapter
Price: $101.25 Varian E17386180 chamber, arc moly (non vap) eterna
Price: $25 Varian E18000282 shaft support tool
Price: $60.75 Varian E18003590 block,bearing, support
Price: $121.5 Varian E18006350 tooling 150MM e-clam
Price: $182.25 Varian E18006360 ring, centering, 200MM
Price: $32.81 Varian E18008220 blank, off 90 waveguide
Price: $950 Varian E19000070 bellows, manipulator
Price: $225 Varian E19000130 motion, rotary manip
Price: $600 Tamara luckemeyer E19001-2 power supply; 12V/8A power module; cu
Price: $142.79 Varian E19008760 faulhaber 3557P0197 faulhaber 3557P0197, motor
Price: $25 Mapa advantech e-194 517 gloves trionic triple polymer clean roo
Price: $25 Mapa advantech e-194 517 gloves trionic triple polymer clean roo
Price: $45 Imo E1H-H250-P6-pls differential slack diaphragm pressure switch
Price: $27 Trionic e-194BPK gloves, triple polymer; sold as a pair
Price: $408.54 Varian E20000284 mylex D040461-0-itg 08P2721 pcb, assy pc raid c
Price: $105 Varian E20000286 intel CINFE450A intel pro/100+nic
Price: $100 Honsberg E20077475 exhaust pressure alarm switch 1.5
Price: $265 Farnell E204460 44 channel multi-function pci-adc
Price: $162.45 Boc edwards E21007008 actuator 16MM dia 25MM stroke
Price: $105.55 Varian E210A225 aop bettcher 240A224A keypad, rtm power
Price: $12.75 Micro-mechanics inc E2-12C-xxx holder, p/u tip esec 2008 (large
Price: $106.25 Cat E2-13-3 bearing, double shield chain tensioner; 746-90156-1
Price: $75 Hitachi high tech e-214998 shaft
Price: $2.55 Cat 450203005 spare cutting wheel for plastic pipe cutter
Price: $8.5 Cat e-220-n-09551 y-strainer ss sieve dirt trap comp e-220 n 095
Price: $56.1 Valex E2-2 fitting elbow 90 degrease but weld 2 od E2-2 valex
Price: $80.75 Asco E222B094 2-way solenoid valve, 24V/50HZ, pipe: 1/2, orifice
Price: $25 Cutler-hammer E22B20 contact block, ac-15, dc-13, 120V-440V
Price: $15 Cutler-hammer E22D-button-switch button switch with E22D light u
Price: $12.75 Cutler-hammer E22ED2 push/pull button switch
Price: $10 Cutler-hammer E22NB3N25 flush push button green illuminated
Price: $18.95 Dell E233037 dell latitude D505 cpu fan and heat sink E233037, U
Price: $3.4 Fluoroware E2-4N fitting pfa m.ell 90 1/8T x 1/4NPT inte
Price: $10 E233629 video kvm switch cable, length: 20 in.
Price: $15.03 Valex E2-.5-bo fitting ss elbow 90 degrease but weld 1/2 od
Price: $62.39 Varian E26006 weidmuller 25S/LPK2H weidmuller 8155650000, 25S/LP
Price: $25 E2C-X1R5A omron E2C-X1R5A sensor, proximity
Price: $67.46 Asco E263B206-lt 2-way direct acting solenoid valve, normally cl
Price: $35 Omron E2K-F10MC1 capacitive sensor proximity, switch 10MM--not i
Price: $35 Omron E2K-X4ME1 capacitive proximity switch
Price: $19.53 Varian E300000114 filter, dessicant tower
Price: $17.04 Varian E30000045 filter, 440 micron brass
Price: $125 Varian E30000065 filter, 318 ss nupro 3/8TU 0.5M
Price: $12.27 Varian E30000113 indicator, moisture
Price: $35 Altech E305318 circuit breaker, ul 489 branch-interrupt ratings
Price: $8.5 Motorola E3055T transistor
Price: $2.41 Hardware specialty co. E3-10-214-75 hex door latch
Price: $15.73 Electroglas eg 4090 PROBER1724 predyne E3310 electroglas, soleno
Price: $350 Kitamura E3-125-D1393-tn valve; size: 40A, w.p.: 2 kgf/CM2, sup.
Price: $12.33 Valex E31-.5X.25-C0 fitting weld, ss, 1/2 x 1/4 od
Price: $27.11 Rohs E31NRFT-ldn-ns-00 motor, encoder
Price: $33.56 Valex E31W-1.5X1-co fitting ss 1 1/2X1 od
Price: $35 Varian E32000042 vakuumventile ag switzerland 79002-R1 gate, sea
Price: $187.5 Varian E32000044 kit, seal vat valve
Price: $12.75 Varian E32000363 precision dynamics B2212-S18 precision dynamics
Price: $25 Hitachi high tech e-321448 holder, arm
Price: $64.6 Omron E32-T11 cable fiber sensor, optic fibre/thru-scan
Price: $35 Omron E32-T22S 2.5M fiber optic sensor
Price: $32.5 Varian E33000018 wasco P110-55W3B/6844 wasco, P110-55W3B/6844, p
Price: $25 Omron E32-TC200E photoelectric switch fiber unit
Price: $30 Cherry electric 29F2895 switch, mini spdt roller pkg 3
Price: $12.75 Asm E33-50KG micro switch g.e.E33-50KG red kema
Price: $12.75 Varian E34000044 interconnect, barnstead head
Price: $15 Swagelok fitting connector m, 9/16-2 vco--not in original packag
Price: $15 Swagelok 90 degree elblw, 9/16" vco
Price: $187 Linde ag e-340 retainer oil for compressor e-340
Price: $7.5 Varian E34000392 adaptor, 1/2-14FP
Price: $12.75 Bauer E340-n-09121 sieve dirt trap comp e-340 n 09121
Price: $123.25 Lam research (lam) e-34972 cable rf coax lam 44XX/45XX etcher
Price: $25 Pura-lite E3452 water purity indicator, 1 meg ohm, 115V
Price: $12.75 Varian E35000055 furon - st gobain AR10400-318AC lipseal
Price: $1.5 Varian E35000070 o-ring, id.239 csd.064 tc feedthru
Price: $45 Varian E35000400 furon - st gobain AR10414-327UC furon AR10414-3
Price: $13.94 Varian E35000480 seal, vista 810
Price: $10.36 Varian E35000489 seal, lip vista 810
Price: $65 Varian E35000495 o-ring, viton,15.955 id x .210 w 70, 2-385
Price: $15.97 Varian E35000580 saint gobain 250-218-0807 seal, elast/spring 1/
Price: $4 Eco air E35-25X25X2 disposable filter 25X25X2
Price: $20 Eco air E35-12241 disposable air filter, e-35S series size: 11-3
Price: $117.3 Sony E3552-05 mitsubishi fx-eeprom-4 with software for the fme.,
Price: $10.2 Southco E3-56-45 latch draw (.50-.63) ar-200
Price: $4 Eco air industrial grade disposable air filter, size: 24 7/8 x 2
Price: $4 Eco air E35S 12241 disposable air filter, e-35S series, size: 12
Price: $5 Eco air E35 s disposable air filter,E35 s series, size: 15 x 30
Price: $8 Eco-air e-35S pleated air filter (size:20X20X2)
Price: $75 Varian E36000031 8" air cylinder, stroke, 9/16 bore
Price: $75 Precision sensor E36W-H87 900-torr absolute pressure switch
Price: $29.75 Omron E39-F1 2001240-00 litchtleiter linse photoelectric switch
Price: $12.75 Omron E39-F32A5 tube fibr protectn armr flex .5M
Price: $25 Omron E39-F32C fiber optic 1000MM spiral ss tubing
Price: $12.75 Omron E3C-S30W photoelectric switch, E3C-S30DW & E3C-S30LW
Price: $6 E3C-DS10 omron E3C-DS10 switch, sender/receive 20CM
Price: $30 Swagelok e-3DK-df diaphragm kit, sc-01 clean
Price: $126.57 Omron E3S-BT81 photoelectric switch
Price: $12.75 AT297200 omron E3X-A11 sensor, amp
Price: $45 Omron E3X-A11 2M amp sensor switch, volts: 10 to 30 vdc
Price: $45 Omron E3X-A21 amplifier, fiber sensor
Price: $45 Omron E3X-H11 sensor
Price: $42.5 Omron E3X-DA11 photoelectric sensor, 12-24 vdc
Price: $75.86 Omron E3X-NA11 amplifier; photoelectric; dual fiber sensing mode
Price: $45 Omron E3X-NH11 sensor, amplifier for if-b, 12 to 24VDC
Price: $45 Omron E3X-NT11 sensor, amplifier for if-b, 12 to 24VDC
Price: $40 Omron E3X-NT11 sensor, amplifier for if-b, 12 to 24VDC
Price: $60 Daifuku 44303630 omron E3XR-CE4 sensor amp; daifuku 44303630
Price: $25 Omron E3Z-D61 sensor, photo
Price: $48 Omron E3Z-LS81 sensor, optoelectronic
Price: $45 Omron E3Z-LS81 sensor
Price: $10.2 Varian E40000862 spacer, .562OD x.375 ss
Price: $10 Varian E40001580 wrench spanner 1-9/16" to 1-41/64
Price: $12.75 Varian E41000072 belt, implant sub-system
Price: $55 Hitachi high tech e-417508 gear, large
Price: $45 Hitachi high tech e-417462 shaft, transfer
Price: $10 Hitachi high tech e-418088 bolt, front pvc
Price: $10.2 Varian E42000082 bearing, 21X35X14MM rl track
Price: $22.5 Varian E42000088 bushing, teflon
Price: $15.19 Varian E42000208 bearing, rulon j, 3/8"
Price: $15.19 Varian E42000206 bearing,spheric,tfe;bearing,spheri
Price: $12.91 Varian E42000214 bearing, ball angl cont
Price: $9 Varian E42000226 mrc 200SFF mrc 200SFF; ball bearing, 0.3937X1.8
Price: $17.85 Varian E42000293 thomson A122026 bearing, vista 810
Price: $3.01 Entegris E4-2GN-1 fitting
Price: $150 Varian E43000020 ring retaining int 1.181H
Price: $50 Applied materials (amat) E43000048 ring retaining 150 valve
Price: $15 Varian E43000090 ring, retaining bev 1.00
Price: $5 Varian E43000106 pin, 5MM diameter eccentric
Price: $127.5 I-t-e E43B100 circuit breaker; 100AMP, 480V ac, 3-pole; 98001564
Price: $105 Varian E440B182C bellows, robot
Price: $3.61 Fluoroware E4-4FN-1 fitting, flare elbow, 1/4" male
Price: $4.25 Varian E47000048 screw cap socket head hex 10-32 x 1/2
Price: $350 Ktm E4-90-D3300-94TN valve diaphragm air actuator E4-90-D3300-94
Price: $250 Ktm E4-90-D3300-tn 20A valve, E4-90-D3300-tn 20A, diaphragm air
Price: $156.43 Varian E50000622 voltage,feed thru
Price: $350 Kitamura E4-90-D3394-tn 20A valve diaphragm air actuator, E4-90-
Price: $5.74 E5000-920 tube vacuum
Price: $10.2 Varian E51000095 connector, fiber optic gra
Price: $72.14 Varian E52000006 mag, ndfe 5X2X2
Price: $41.07 Hamamatsu photonics E5211 felt buff TIP6MM SHANK3 soft mountain
Price: $130 Hitachi kokusai E52-CA15A-1-6-4M sheath, t/c
Price: $40.26 Minitor co E5341 felt buff TIP4MM SHANK3 soft flat
Price: $15.06 Gelman sciences E530F1BE filter, cartridge, 30 microm.
Price: $21.25 Minitor E5343 minitor co sentan tool; felt buff tip 6MM shank 3
Price: $74.72 Iko E534-820-032D vacuum, shaft pnp pre t&r
Price: $15 Omron E53-r relay unit, contact: 5A, 250VAC, coil: 24VDC
Price: $5.1 Specialty optical system inc E5444 lamp, 220V 25W strobe screw
Price: $50 Motomatic e-550 motor generator
Price: $191.25 Tritec industries E55237 pcb pump control tritec industries
Price: $20 Varian E59000002 standoff smith ceramic
Price: $7.5 Varian E59000005 ceramaseal
Price: $22.31 Telos labs e-5-9-5 telos lab spare part sensor; 3220-10001
Price: $25 Watlow E5A34 1/4" (diameter) firerod heater; EFA34-E36
Price: $15 E5A57-L12 watlow E5A57-L12 heater, firerod 12'' leads
Price: $235 Omron E5CS-rkj meter, temperature indication
Price: $10.2 Varian E60000159 b/w controls 6013-msa-1 b/w moisture sensor no.
Price: $12.75 Cherry E62 sub-miniature snap-action switch module, 10.1A, 125/2
Price: $125 Varian E61000016 imp, ic a/d 12BIT 4 chn
Price: $37.5 Varian E64000014 applied solar energy
Price: $25 Fluoroware E6-4FN-1 adapter 90 degrease, pfa 1/4MPT x 386 flare
Price: $3 Varian E67000003 capacitor 1UF 50V
Price: $1.5 Varian E69000001 resistor 1K 0W125 1% mf
Price: $3.75 Varian E69000060 resistor 30K1 0W125 mf
Price: $15 Cherry E6930A0 switch door, 10 amps 125/250 vac, 1/3 h.p. 125/25
Price: $42.5 Unkn unkn tower E7080 kit V2000 dut extension kit
Price: $467.5 Agilent technologies E7080-59616 agilent technologies verstatest
Price: $23 Veri E7088-63201 valve, plus solenoid
Price: $107.83 Varian E71030411 tube, swing arm-cont.
Price: $20.98 Valex E7-1-co fitting ss equal tee but weld 1 od
Price: $27.2 Valex E7-3-13605 fitting ss equal tee but weld 3 od E7-3
Price: $19.52 Valex E74 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 3/8X1/4 od E74
Price: $4.42 Alco E7560 switch roker momentary resset
Price: $25 Gems e-7-6-3 switch float, level - stainless steel, 1012-lw--not
Price: $19.04 Valex E7-.5-co fitting ss equal tee but weld 1/2 od; E7-.5-co
Price: $15 Varian E77000001 cable, fiber optic
Price: $7.65 Varian E77000059 cable, coax RG316, 4FT
Price: $5.81 E770-P15-013 manufacturing integration technolog E770-P15-013 ga
Price: $33.57 E770-141-032 manufacturing integration technolog E770-141-032 sh
Price: $14.88 E770-P15-045 manufacturing integration technolog E770-P15-045 br
Price: $20.74 Valex E7-.75-47 fitting ss equal tee but weld 3/4 od
Price: $7.36 E777-202-020 manufacturing integration technolog E777-202-020 sc
Price: $30.23 E788-313-028 manufacturing integration technolog E788-313-028 sh
Price: $40.66 Manufacturing integration technology E788-632-011 ball screw, z
Price: $38.18 Valex E7R 1 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 1X3/4 od E7R 1
Price: $39 Valex E7R 2X1 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 2X1 od E7R 2X1
Price: $22.1 Valex E7R-1X.5-co fitting ss red.tee b.weld 1X1/2 od
Price: $14.48 Valex E7R-5X25-C0 fitting ss red.tee b.weld 1/2X1/4 od; E7R-.5X.
Price: $20.64 Valex E7R-5X375 fitting ss red.tee but weld 1/2X3/8 od E7R-.5X.3
Price: $37.67 Valex E7W-1-5-co fitting ss equal tee but weld 1 1/2 od
Price: $68.34 Manufacturing integration technolog E818-212-089 ball screw, aut
Price: $20 Awm E88972 cable, length , 80'c, 26AWG
Price: $172.72 Lam research (lam) E9-e-sc mydax E9-e-sc kit repair pump seal my
Price: $40 Fuji electric EA32AC-3A 3AMP 2-pole AC440V auto breaker
Price: $517.79 Poly flow ea-113 poly-flow ea-113 pcb display unit p/n ea-113
Price: $40 Fuji electric EA32AC-5A 5AMP 2-pole AC440V auto breaker
Price: $20 Fuji electric EA52AC-BB2BEAC-005 5A AC220V 2.5KA, auto breaker
Price: $12.75 Fuji EA52F auto breaker 30A
Price: $255 Cat EA70202220000 pal drive assy opal, sem
Price: $22 Ekk EA560-25P mechanical seal for industrial and general purpose
Price: $225 Applied materials (amat) EA70312540200 pcb, RS170 board came fro
Price: $233.75 Opal EA7031159C100 vac. drive bd.
Price: $250 Applied materials (amat) EA70316570300 pcb, itu driver board cam
Price: $225 Applied materials (amat) EA70412720 pcb, mps board, EK194V-0 330
Price: $1.33 Moore ind. EAA870090 hinge indust. cover
Price: $125 Ebara e-a-booster-end-plate booster end plate
Price: $109.14 Edm EAJ10APIP2-1 heater, element 1000-w 240-v
Price: $18.75 Disco hi-tec eaum-1109502 pressure switch unit
Price: $208.25 Poly-flow engineering inc eb-005 pcb auto flow controller eb 005
Price: $106.25 Intelligence power technology EB6-020 power supply, 5V/3A 12V/0.
Price: $125 Ebara e-b-booster-end-plate booster end plate
Price: $3.57 Elpida EBD26UC6AASA-7B 256MB PC2100 laptop ram
Price: $3.57 Elpida EBD26UC6AKSA-7B 256MB PC2100 ddr laptop ram
Price: $1.79 Elpida EBD26UC6AMSA-6B 256 ddr 333 CL2.5 PC2700 laptop ram
Price: $25 Powerise eb-eaa-8700-P1-120 gas spring
Price: $20 Black box corp of pennsylvania EBN25C-MM60 50FT long DB25M/f 24/
Price: $750 Megatest EBEM5W bd pwa: 121618, pwb: 121617
Price: $55.79 Tokyo electron (tel) ebr-3 act 8 chuck spindle shaft
Price: $5 50MA, 24V, miniature lamp bulb
Price: $29.75 Drager EC3-ecl electrolyte CL2 (1BT=100CC) p/n-EC3-ecl
Price: $8 Hagemeyer north america inc EBW066615 cartridge respirator ammon
Price: $234.19 Tokyo electron (tel) EC5000/EC5400 micro/sys EC5000/EC5400 pcb,
Price: $35 Shinwa corporation EC9-18H filter 19 11/16 x 9 13/16 x 2 3/4
Price: $8 L-com ECF504 usb adapter b-a, shielded
Price: $6.7 Philips ECG5342 bridge rectifier
Price: $25 Reliance fuse ecnr 150 fuse, time delay dual element current lim
Price: $2.25 Panasonic ECOS2DP471DA-x capacitor 470UF 200V up 85C aluminum el
Price: $1200 M.y.g. tech ltd. ECT12-300-0.8-assy-1 innersense smart wafer; EC
Price: $106.25 Zentro ecv-24N power supply 220V-24V power supply 3-2A
Price: $15 Dve ecw-S22805Z95 motor run capacitor; 8.0 uf + 5%ahsfh, 220V~ m
Price: $11.25 ED00000044 hendor pe inc ED00000044 module, diode 403CNQ100
Price: $30 Parker ED207729 cylinder, 1.06X4 dbl act end mt ssbimba, 1.06DXP
Price: $127.5 Powerex ED431225NA scr pow-r-blok, 250A, piv neeltran
Price: $300 Nemic lambda ed-5-1212 supply, power 12V dc , input 85-132 vac,
Price: $250 Westinghouse circuit breaker, 3 pole, series: c, 200A, 240 vac,
Price: $123.25 Edi-mpb power board auto door- edi-MPBV3 for air shower
Price: $35 Black box EDN12H-0050-mf 50-ft (15.2M) DB9 serial cable, male/fe
Price: $6.7 Small precision tools edn-1.5-19-w-0.4 small precision tools (sp
Price: $1.01 Nissin-allis ion equipment EE050620 bracket electrode support
Price: $1.7 Omron ee-1001 omron photo sensor table unit, socket
Price: $35 Omron connector for 4 pin photo sensor pack of 4, ee-sx u shaped
Price: $15.19 Shibaura mechatronice(shanghai) ee-1003 sensor
Price: $57.41 Omron ee-SPX302-W2A photo sensoor assy, microphotosensor for eew
Price: $35 Omron ee-SPX402-W2A sensor
Price: $15 Omron ee-SPX403 photo micro switch
Price: $15.19 Metron ee-SPY401 photo micro sensor
Price: $15.19 Shibaura mechatronice(shanghai) ee-SPY402 sensor
Price: $20 Omron ee-SPY412 omron photo microsensor
Price: $6.8 Omron ee-SX4088 omron transmissive photomicrosensor
Price: $100 Omron ee-SX670 slot-type photo micro sensor pkg 9
Price: $10 Omron ee-sx-671A micro sensor
Price: $15.19 Rigaku international corporation ee-SX672 photo sensor (x-ray sh
Price: $7.5 Omron ee-SX672 photo micro sensor ; t-shaped appearance with slo
Price: $15 Omron ee-SX673A photo micro sensor
Price: $2.4 Digi-key corporation eeu-FC1C821 capacitor 820 uf 16V long; 820U
Price: $12.41 Replacement components division EF19ZG110 carrier coil sol
Price: $9 Delta EFC0912BF DC12V 0.60A brushless cooling fan
Price: $43.35 Leclanche ef 385 s 1500 capacitor ef 385 s 1500 iii; 1500UF -10+
Price: $10 Intel e-G021-03-1982 C2126 gigabit fiber network card
Price: $63.75 Fuji EG102A gfi circuit breaker 30MA trip, 100A, 100-240V
Price: $50 Fuji electric EG103C-75A 75AMP 3-pole 30MA earth leakage circuit
Price: $125 Fuji electric EG203B circuit breaker, 100-200-415V, 100-200V, 30
Price: $70 Fuji electric EG32FC-5A-30MA 5AMP 2-pole 30MA earth leakage circ
Price: $80 Fuji electric EG33FC-15A 15AMP 3-pole 30MA earth leakage breaker
Price: $80 Fuji electric EG33FC-20A 20AMP 3-pole 30MA earth leakage circuit
Price: $50 Fuji electric EG53FC-50A 50AMP 3-pole 100MA earth leakage circui
Price: $12.75 Eg-6-10-pk-3 festo corp eg-6-10-pk-3 cylinder, 10MM festo
Price: $18.9 Applied materials (amat) 0190-70044 predyne EH3112-mm switch,24V
Price: $325 Abb eh-800 contactor 250-700HP
Price: $1.7 Cat ehd.103 led ir red ld 271
Price: $21.46 Mks EHG2-cntl-MKS0 heater jacket controller, 100 to 240V~ (ac) 5
Price: $15 Black box EHN048-0005 cable vga at ser 5FT
Price: $17.21 Black box corp EHN382-0020 cable, cpu to switch serv
Price: $65 Omega EI1110109/tt-j-30 EI1110109/tt-j-30/8.5"/smpw-m with srt-0
Price: $1 Jercy-smart tech ei-33100 retainer
Price: $1 Jercy-smart tech ei-70640 spring compression sorrce
Price: $25.31 Jercy-smart tech EI7-09860 feed-thru(10KV)
Price: $25.31 Jercy-smart tech ei-92400 shileld insulator
Price: $15 Osram ejv halogen display/optic lamp, 150W, 21V
Price: $125 Micro-tech instruments, inc eke microscope light source / illumi
Price: $290 Millipore EL0001920016 span LR300 multi-channel display/controll
Price: $49.3 Elantec EL2007 high efficiency precision servo driver with heats
Price: $20.39 Helvar EL2X36HF chock elctrin magnatech bbt-158 W1
Price: $35.16 Bionics instrument co. el-4215 electrolyte for freon ana. (100 c
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-46C236T2 valve 316 ss, low press air operate block 2-3
Price: $125 Sam ELAHR4V-cy valve 316 ss, low press air operate
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-64R236Y-D1 valve 316 ss, low press manual 2-3 way
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-64R236Y-E1 valve, low press manual 316 ss
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-CR236Y-21 valve 316 ss, block 2-3 way ELB4V-CR236Y-21
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-R236Y-21 valve 316 ss, block 2-3 way
Price: $125 Sam ELB4V-R236Y-D1 valve 316 ss , low press manual 2-3 way ELB4V
Price: $29.04 Dai-ichi seiko elf-4 6 cyl seal kit kit, seal t/f manifold 6 cyl
Price: $25 Toflo EM0100DR meter, digital cable
Price: $87.5 Ceragon networks em 0023-1 ceragon fibeair pa module
Price: $106.51 Keyence em-014 amplifier-in-cable proximity sensor npn
Price: $88.37 Keyence em-038 sensor,
Price: $225 Ulvac EM0663-121-01C gas ring upper
Price: $145 Asml ips ltd EM0621 thermo couple sensor, 6 feet long
Price: $225 Ulvac EM0663-121-02B gas ring lower
Price: $25.5 Keyence em-080 sensor, proximity
Price: $13.26 Ulvac 100010086 EM0843-150-27A pin guide sheet flange; ulvac 100
Price: $622.51 Cat EM0848-162-04A target fixture
Price: $250 Ulvac EM0867-131-04E copper plate
Price: $125 Ulvac EM0867-131-23C cu plate a
Price: $15 Ulvac EM0867-131-11A spring terminal current feed-thru
Price: $125 Ulvac EM0867-131-24B cu plate b
Price: $21.25 Ulvac EM0894-125-20C lower deposition shield ti-treatment entron
Price: $254.26 Ulvac technologies inc EM0894-125-20B shield ring, lower (ti tre
Price: $21.25 Ulvac EM1566-662-61A upper shield (1)
Price: $21.25 Dwyer EM1660-630-25C thermo couple EM1660-630-25C
Price: $125 Ulvac EM2145-004-30A shield earth TS200
Price: $125 Ulvac EM2145-659-03A shield bottom depo ring chamber
Price: $25 Eaton EM22 switch 2 pos. push-pull 50MM red aluminum
Price: $25 Eaton EM22JL2 switch 2 pos. push-pull 50MM red aluminum
Price: $350 Ulvac EM2338-160-02A shield top depo ulvac ring chamber
Price: $125 Ulvac EM2615-150-03A wafer dummy 8IN ulvac
Price: $21.25 Siemens emg-10-rel-ksr-g-24-1-lc relay minature power (j-box inj
Price: $4 Applied materials (amat) o-ring 345(vsp-345SC1100V75)viton
Price: $8 Axcelis EMP471B231 o-ring (m&p EMP471B231)
Price: $55 Manufacturing consulting design, llc EMSC1056 belt- complete plm
Price: $10 Manufacturing consulting design EMSC1056-b pps roller for plm br
Price: $400 Ips ltd EN20PT end effector, 200MM, with knife holder clamp bloc
Price: $127.5 Klockner-moeller EMT6-230V EMT6 over temp. motor protection rela
Price: $60 Hewlett packard EN489AA docking system
Price: $14 Wika en-837-1 manometer 0-1.6 bar diam 40 mm
Price: $35 Wika en 837-1 2 1/2" gauge ss oil filled, 0-35PSI, 0- 2,5 bar, k
Price: $65 Mykrolis ENC0MRF02 valve ss diaphram
Price: $550 Gsi group end effector for cybeq end effector cybeq
Price: $55.25 Motorola eni 1 transistor eni 1(spcial for gen. mod. pl
Price: $5.1 Sunnex eopt-713557 lamp bulb 12V 20W halgen
Price: $10 EP0-222 1/4 t pfa elbow
Price: $18.7 Meitav EP2-sw thermostat fan coil
Price: $191.25 Power pac EP8CC-05-ov power pac EP8CC-05-oc M77 linear power sup
Price: $191.25 Power pac EP8CC-15-ov power pac inc. linear power supply
Price: $170 Power pac EP8CC-18-ov-M77 power pac inc. linear power supply
Price: $255 Power pac inc. EP8CC-24-ov power pac inc. EP8CC-24-ov M77 linear
Price: $120 Power pac inc. EP8CC-24-ov power pac inc. EP8CC-24-ov M77 linear
Price: $15 Ball valve, elastomer, 1/2" x 3" long--not in original packaging
Price: $191.25 Power pac EP8CC-36-ov power pac EP8CC-36-ov M77 linear power sup
Price: $25 Sojitz pla-net EPO22-BPX0390 pipe support
Price: $350 BM16171 engineered parts & supply, llc EPS31208 pcb, system inte
Price: $5.1 43948 general electric 43948 lamp, 13.8V 50W bi-pin,64608
Price: $12.75 Jelight eq-0044 switch interlock
Price: $55.25 Seal master er-12T ball bearing, .750BX1 .850OD, 2-012B
Price: $24 Maxell ER6 (aa) super lithium 3.6V pkg 2
Price: $27 ER7174 extron ER7174 analog video switcher,ac adaptor:pd-9500,in
Price: $125.63 Crown ersb-3099-wq regulator 316 high purity ss--not in original
Price: $125 Teisan ersb-9019-wq regulator high purity 316--not in original p
Price: $14.42 Teledyne es 551B140025-0C kit parts shutdown reg. 551B1400025-00
Price: $4.25 Cat es-001122 ring teflon koh plumbing #18TR
Price: $10 Tokyo electron (tel) ES012-011986-1 battery, apc, dallas DS1220Y
Price: $200 Tokyo electron (tel) ES015-005856-1 millipore fc-2979MEP5 mass f
Price: $5 Tokyo electron (tel) ES020-000685-1 screw, cap..M5X22, 10-pack
Price: $2.4 Tokyo electron (tel) ES020-000057-1 screw, cap..M5*12 (15 in pac
Price: $1.6 Tokyo electron (tel) ES020-000685-1 screw, cap..M5*22 (10 in a p
Price: $1.6 Tokyo electron (tel) es-020-002650-1 tokyo electron inside vac,
Price: $4.83 Tokyo electron (tel) ES020-003419-1 bolt, 4 x 55 mm inside vac c
Price: $21.25 Tokyo electron (tel) ES027-001460-1 o-ring fluorine D0270 AS568A
Price: $7.65 Tokyo electron (tel) ES027-002507-1 o-ring, fluorine ID3.359 csd
Price: $16 Valqua america inc ES027-002872-1 net mercury ES027-002872-1 o-r
Price: $12.82 Tokyo electron (tel) ES028-011169-1 ftg vac.iagd-mfgr-SUS35 gask
Price: $3.67 Tokyo electron (tel) ES028-013664-1 ftg vac.IAGD3-seal-L35 gaske
Price: $6.8 Teledyne es-050020 seal, filter cartridge (10512-063)
Price: $20 Chino ES05002 clean s 60MM chart paper , pack of 3
Price: $180 Elemental scientific, inc. es-1503-0500 820E0044: sapphire injec
Price: $25 Naigai tech kaisha ltd es-1C-ca-03 cable, sensor leak
Price: $125 Fluoroware es-1C-md-00 single channel control module -sensor
Price: $135 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D05-300053C14 qqe inc ES1D05-300053C14 r
Price: $467.5 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-200733-11 ring. shield (DRM2)
Price: $297.5 Tokyo electron ES1D10-201595-15 shield. depo 85 l(DRM2)
Price: $175 Tokyo electron ES1D10-201595-15 shield. depo 85 l(DRM2)
Price: $548.57 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-203753-12 ring, centering-y sccm
Price: $225 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-309946-12 applied ceramics 94-00079A
Price: $115.37 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-311758-11 ring, bellows lower sccm
Price: $500 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-315272-11 ring shield m-2(skirt) UNI
Price: $17.85 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-402078-12 shaft, p-pin c (DRM2)
Price: $10.2 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-402045-12 collar,spring
Price: $12.75 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-402080-11 support, p-pin b (DRM2)
Price: $10.2 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-402081-11 tyl support, p-pin c (DRM2
Price: $2.54 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D10-404783-11 screw shield depo a (DRM2)
Price: $850 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1D80-002468-11 valcom SG1S067H000NS4 prss
Price: $12 Tokyo electron (tel) ES1N10-401833-11 tokyo electron fitting sup
Price: $166.05 Tokyo electron (tel) ES3D05-200162-12 ring, quartz 17IN wap gene
Price: $100 Commerce one bpo, llc es-2040-25 pfa-st micoflow neb. 20UL/min
Price: $1404.09 Tokyo electron (tel) ES3D10-100912-11 plate exh hole, 1.5-14050-
Price: $548.57 Tokyo electron (tel) ES3D10-200330-12 ring, focus pm 4.0
Price: $191.25 Teledyne energy systems es-551A1400018-01 matrix barrier
Price: $85 Teledyne es-551A1400097-009 koh pump insert assembly-41540 teled
Price: $282.8 Teledyne es-551A1400133-001 std. impeller & magnet assy pn 41515
Price: $14.45 Teledyne es-551B1400026-009 kit parts run reg.
Price: $59.5 Teledyne enerngy systems es-551B1800032-0C reed switch assy four
Price: $125 Tokyo electron (tel) ESBX80-070311-11 oshitari nvl-101S3-A8FA os
Price: $236.29 Entegris ESI001189 filter, duv 3, 24 1/2 x 18 x 6 (w/o gasket)
Price: $165.19 Entegris ESI001195 filter, DUV3 (360X620X155) w/o gasket
Price: $126.77 Entegris ESI001196 filter, DUV3 (460X360X155) w/o gaskets
Price: $212.5 Teledyne es-M14031-001 plaque matrix barrier M14031-001
Price: $63.75 Teledyne energy systems inc. es-M14152-001 filter element ss, dy
Price: $16.8 Esnu-25-10P-a festo corp esnu-25-10P-a cylinder, 7/16BORE x 1/2S
Price: $12.5 Compaq ps-3381-1C compaq power pack
Price: $375 Traco ESP18-24S traco power supply 24V
Price: $125 Applied materials (amat) euro power ESP835515/x power supply, re
Price: $55 Entegris es-sp-017 entegris tube ring 3/4" adaptor
Price: $35 Entegris es-sp-018 entegris adaptor leak well 1/4" mnpt
Price: $53.55 Nor-cal vacuum products inc esv-2502-iso-80-iso-63 valve 80 x 63
Price: $162 Nor-cal vacuum products inc valve, 3" 90 degree man NW80 flange
Price: $9.04 Esvp-075-100 nor-cal vacuum products inc esvp-075-100 kit, KF25
Price: $15.06 Nor-cal vacuum products inc esvp-150-16 PESVP150 poppet valve
Price: $25 Praxair esvp-150-95 valve seal kit, 1-12" pneumatic valve
Price: $1.7 Lam research (lam) esvp-150-spring sprivg for norcal valve NM40
Price: $6.8 Btu engineering esvp-300-95 1O-ring kit for 3" main vac valve
Price: $100 Elo touchsystems ET1725L-7CWF-1-g 17" touchscreen lcd monitor wi
Price: $25 Clippard et-3M-24VDC solenoid valve
Price: $25 Clippard et-3M-24VDC solenoid valve
Price: $29.75 Dwg et-691000-u dumper pvc exhaust 3 dwg 00-m-224-4 wit
Price: $8 Cat 5E, patch cable and etl to eia/tia-568A 4UTP, 24AWG, stander
Price: $35 Clippard eto-3 24VDC solenoid 3-way fully ported valve
Price: $45 Hitachi high tech ets chuck arm arm, chuck, HODF2
Price: $199.75 M61 systems etx-1200 generic automation etx-1200 uspp ETX1200
Price: $22.31 Toho kasei EU6104-N25 motor horizon cable, 8 feet long--not in o
Price: $29.75 Panasonic eux-TP703AT pc head thermal for digitec 6470 printer
Price: $35 Festo ev-16-4 150682 clamping module
Price: $250 Ckd EV2500-208-C11B4 pressure controller assembly
Price: $225 Ckd EV2500-208-C11B4 digital pressure controller assembly, dc 24
Price: $200 Toho ev-261-CIW1/4 valve metering teflon
Price: $20 Elektronisches vorschaltgerat evk 12 1504 B8G 110 lamp, electron
Price: $15 Black box EVMPS03-0006-mm cable,6 feet extension, keyboard
Price: $15 Black box EVNPS06-0010-mm cable, video, length 10 ft.
Price: $10 Black box EVMPS03-0050-mf 6-pin mini din cable, male/female for
Price: $35 Smc EVZ5123-5MOZ-01F solenoid valve
Price: $12.75 Consolidated ew-3/8 bearing ball thrust; ew-3/8
Price: $55.79 Ewal 424 gas stick inert
Price: $25 Ew-pa 219 286/98 conduit flexible plastic black, 11 feel long, 2
Price: $100 Nemic-lambda ews-150-5 nemic-lambda, ews-150-5, supply, power 5V
Price: $32.71 Tokyo electron (tel) 039-155912-1 lambda EWS15-5 power supply, 5
Price: $106.25 Nemic-lambda EWS50-6 nemic lambda EWS50-6 power supply output 6V
Price: $45 Smc EX250-IE3 input block; M8 connector, 3 pin, socket harvested
Price: $15 Ok industries ex-2 extractor, ic extraction tool for chips 24/40
Price: $145 Smc EX300-S001 si unit
Price: $250 Smc EX300-TTA1 t-unit
Price: $5 Ok industries ex-6 tool, plcc extractor, extracts plcc sizes fro
Price: $450 Cyberoptics ex-73Q-C06 wafer mapping sensors (cyberoptics semi)
Price: $131.75 Rosemount EX89C2009X eexia ii CT5, eexia ii CT6; u max in= 60V,
Price: $63.75 Herion ex-92-c-2175X valve sol.5/2WAY for KY2621/2
Price: $724.34 Krammer ex-93.c.2104X krammer ex-93.c.2104X; pneumatic actuator
Price: $35 Smc EX9-OEP1 output block for high wattage load harvested off un
Price: $35 Smc EX9-OET1 output block for low wattage load harvested off unu
Price: $45 Smc EX9-PE1 power block harvested off unused system
Price: $45 Sunx ex-D30M sensor proximity ss
Price: $7.31 Mgi ext-410 timing belt/dbl sided
Price: $15 Navitar exw-sjf bright light lamp module, 82V bulb
Price: $45 Omega extt-rs-20 +black/-red copper wiring, tc, r-type, 20AWG, e
Price: $8 Ushio exz halogen display lamp, 12V, 50W
Price: $20 Black box EYN738MS cable, CAT5 solid-conductor patch, plenum, st
Price: $25 Black box eyx-q cable, comunication 10 feet
Price: $1500 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display antenna, rotary mapping
Price: $38.25 Sensycon f 37890 sensor meass.insert l=315 for TE2601/2/1
Price: $1000 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display antenna, rotary mapping
Price: $1200 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display antenna, standard mapping
Price: $17.85 F01-602072 tokyo keiso F01-602072 flow meter
Price: $4.8 Dell F017F cpu heatsink for latitude E4200
Price: $2.5 Dell F017F cpu heatsink for latitude E4200
Price: $15 Norgren F07-100A1TA separator , max temp: 125 degrease f/50 degr
Price: $16.15 Fluoroware F1 201-71 kit valve repair for 201-hfm-12P
Price: $61.44 Flouroware F1 201-74 kit valve repair for 201-40
Price: $1.7 Scienceware F11646-2332 bottle wash 1L methanol
Price: $1062.02 Disco hi-tec F10-25 mount disk assy (F10-25)
Price: $17 Scienceware F11646-3832 bottle wash 1L solvent/s
Price: $25 Big j enterprises, llc F11X-1894 xdk ald clear cover with intel
Price: $15 Mdc F133000 1.33" blank 6 x 0.172" holes stainless vacuum
Price: $1.81 Eiko F15/T8/cw lamp, fluorescent, 2-pin
Price: $24.5 Belkin F1D082 adaptor omni view sun
Price: $25 Belkin F1D104 omni view se 4-port ps/2 kvm switch
Price: $25 Belkin F1D9400-10 cable,monitor keyboard mouse extension 10 feet
Price: $25 Belkin F1D108-osd omni view pro 8-port, DC12V, 1A
Price: $25 Belkin F1T013 switch, 2 position automatic for printers
Price: $25 Koganei F1W090E1 solenoid valve
Price: $25 Koganei F1WR090-4E1 solenoid valve, 0.2~0.7MPA
Price: $30 Koganei F1WR090-4KE2 solenoid valve,0.2~0.7MPA--not original pac
Price: $125 Condor F24-12-a+ power supply, input: 100/120/215, 230-240V, out
Price: $25 Soligor lens, f=35-70MM, mc, zoom-auto
Price: $20 Smc f-2815-251 restrictor flow insert .025 orifice brown plate p
Price: $55 Takex F28742-2 fiber sensor assembly (dicing saw)
Price: $1.49 Farnell F289 bnc t female/female/female model 1508 re
Price: $1.02 Cat F290 bnc right angle female/male model 1509 r
Price: $150 Swagelok f-2-f 1/8"t weld flex pkg 10
Price: $17.5 Belkin F2N209-xx-t 15FT 9 pin serial cable
Price: $5.1 Fairchild F2N4403 fairchild transistor
Price: $140.25 Edwards vacuum inc. F31300004 card cage for d-1000
Price: $5 Eaton F31S36501 filter bag po-5-P02E-ww-30L; polypropylene senti
Price: $1.06 Bran & luebbe F3 fuse 2A F3 bran and luebbe
Price: $21.25 Edwards vacuum inc. F32080002 100-psi ametek gauge for hf-mix re
Price: $2 Asml F32170094 o-ring viton 1/2' fmp
Price: $1300 Varian F3287002 diode rectifier pass stage assembly
Price: $708.75 Boc edwards F33766000 sumitomo sitix silicon, inc. pump, 1/2 pfa
Price: $30 Arrow pneumatics drain filter, 1/4" npt, 250 psig max pressure
Price: $297.5 Boc edwards vacuum boc edwards operator control panel
Price: $2 Belkin F3H982-10 cbl, video, monitor, 10' , vga/svga mntr cbl w/
Price: $20 Belkin F3X982B10-mw cable, omnvw, ALLN1, ps/2 std kit, 2XMNDN6M;
Price: $30 F3, dip mounted miniature cylinder slow blow micro fuse, 15A, 25
Price: $17 Air logic f-400-200 air logic pressure electric switc; 15AMP
Price: $125 Rkc instrument temperature controller, range: -100.0-100.0'c JPT
Price: $95.63 Rkc instrument inc F400FP04-v*jh-nnn-4N temperature controller,
Price: $15 Breter F40 contact block, 600V, 12A, 380/500V, 4,5/2,6/2,1A
Price: $15 Berter F40 switch, epo red button with mounting base metal 22MM
Price: $15 Airtrol f-4200-60 pressure electric switch--not in original pack
Price: $1.06 Fairchild F5D1 880 nm 8 degree emission angle to-46 convex lens
Price: $7 Belkin F5D8010 wireless pre-n notebook network card
Price: $21.25 Watts fluidair F701-02D7 oil removal filter, counter ball
Price: $15.3 Fabco-air f-5-x cylinder, 1/2B 5/8S pan da
Price: $100 Watts fluidair oil removal filter, counter ball
Price: $106.25 Magnetek F7-24 quick pack power xfmr pri-115V 50/60HZ, sec. 24VC
Price: $5.1 Fairchild F74S139PC ic 74S139 dual 1 or 4 dec./dem **10 per pac
Price: $3.06 Fu jian F802512SM kalos pc box rear fan
Price: $35 Hitachi kokusai F90-001RA-n sensor, fiber optical
Price: $8.37 Ati industrial automation F9595 dell radeon X600 256MB pci-e gra
Price: $4.75 Ati industrial automation F9595 dell radeon X600 256MB pci-e gra
Price: $33.13 Tokyo seimitsu FA0075B digital divider board
Price: $21.25 Cat FA0079+80 cable flexible
Price: $8.5 Cat fa-0081+82 flexible ribbon cable
Price: $140 Teradyne inc FA0134 ld io-1
Price: $420 Tokyo seimtsu FA0111A cap sensor board
Price: $100 Teradyne inc FA0134 ld io-1
Price: $202.5 Tokyo seimitsu FA0139B 5CH pgen board
Price: $22.5 Ace fa 1008 vb miniature shock absorbers, fa series
Price: $600 Kitz fa-10UTB2L valve, 3WAY; work. p; 0.39-0.69MPA; 60-100PSI; w
Price: $135 Duralite fa-1829 blazer 6000 lcd control panel
Price: $750 Adler FA1-DN25-PN40-304-N870178 high pressure ball valve
Price: $850 Iwaki fa-2E-W02 teflon bellows pump
Price: $650 Delta f corp FA30111A trace oxygen analyzer, 110 v.a.c., 50-60 h
Price: $9 Black box FA402 gender changer, DB25M-m
Price: $3000 Iwaki fa-40VEW iwaki bellows pump fa-40VEW teflon 20LPM-10GPM 10
Price: $7 Black box FA452 gender changer, HDB15M-m
Price: $45 Rama corporation FA4177CHU-1 5" x 5" heater blanket, 250W, 115V,
Price: $253.13 Generic power FA9002 pcb, gp dac version 3.0
Price: $1200 Quantum global technologies inc faceplate & blockerplate kit 520
Price: $6.7 Parker fame-64 flare adaptor male elbow
Price: $71.5 Comair rotron fan-04115-1 fan 4 sq axial 115V neeltran
Price: $8 Flanders FAP100 pleated air filter, (size: 20X20X2), fap 30
Price: $550 Fas technologies fas-1S photo-250 controller, 120 vac, 2 amp, 50
Price: $29.75 Klockner-moeller faz G1A klockner-moeller faz G1A 220/380 a.c. m
Price: $63.75 Chem-tec FAV375S(B683-.025) flow switch brass .038FPT 0.025GPM
Price: $4.04 Moeller faz-2-C10 breaker, circuit, 2 pole
Price: $38.25 Klockner-moeller faz G2A klockner-moeller miniature circuit brea
Price: $8.86 Faz-2-C25 moeller faz-2-C25 breaker, 25A 400V 2PL
Price: $30 Faz-2-C4 moeller faz-2-C4 circuit breaker, 4A 400V 2PL
Price: $10.2 Moeller faz-2-C6 breaker, 6A 400V 2PL
Price: $11.16 Moeller 50 amp; triple pole circuit breaker
Price: $17.85 Moeller 3POLE circuit
Price: $25 Moeller faz C10 circuit breaker, 230/400 a.c.
Price: $21 Moeller 3POLE circuit
Price: $43.35 Scp global 00073761-00 moeller faz-C16/2 breaker, 16A 400V 2PL;
Price: $4.25 Klockner-moeller faz-C4 230/400V / 240/415V circuit breaker
Price: $8.94 Klockner-moeller faz-C4-2 circuit breaker fazs 2*4A 2P
Price: $21.25 Klockner-moeller fazg 2 2-hi 10 klockner-moeller fazg 2 -2-hi 10
Price: $25.5 Klockner-moeller faz-G10A-3POLE circuit breaker, 3 combined faz-
Price: $4.52 Klockner-moeller faz-G6A circuit breaker automatic 3-polig g-6A
Price: $11.16 Moeller 2 pole starter / contactor
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C10-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C10 circuit breaker
Price: $8.23 FAZNC1-2 moeller FAZNC1-2 breaker, 1A 400V 2PL
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C16-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C16 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C2-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C25-2 circuit breaker
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C4-2 circuit breaker
Price: $30 Moeller fazn C4 circuit breaker, 2-pole, 0.75...25MM^2, ~400
Price: $15 Klockner-moeller fazn-C4 circuit breaker
Price: $12.75 Klockner-moeller fazn-C6-2 circuit breaker
Price: $8 Klockner-moeller fazn-C6-2 circuit breaker
Price: $21.25 Klockner-moeller fazs-C32 circuit breaker fazs-C32/2, 2*32A 2P
Price: $125 Ebara f-b-booster-end-plate booster end plate
Price: $225 Oriental motor FBLM220A-gf-GF2G10 motor with gear, head,GF2G10 b
Price: $225 Fujikin fbnsdv-6.35-2B3-316LP-ams valve 316 ss, 3-way, final
Price: $225 Fujikin fbsdv-6.35-2B4-bgb valve 316 ss, air operate
Price: $150 Fujikin fbsdv-6.35-2B4-bgc valve 316 ss, fbsdv-6.35-2B4-bgc; air
Price: $225 Fujukin inc fbsdv-6-35RS20-2B3 valve, air ope, 0.39-0.59MPA,type
Price: $350 Fujikin fbsdw-6.35-4B6-bgc valve 316 ssfbsdw-6.35-4B6-bgc; 4-way
Price: $29.75 Riken keiki fc-001 check sheet for C4F6 riken keiki
Price: $34.95 Dell FC0210406-13 dell FC0210406-13 66MHZ 1GB pci copper channel
Price: $60 Ryan herco products corporation FC050B-1-4-pp valve flow control
Price: $69.25 Plast-o-matic FC050EP-002-pf 1-5" pvdf flow control valve efdm 2
Price: $95.27 Plast-o-matic valves, inc FC075EP-003-pf 3/4" pvdf controller va
Price: $95.2 Plast-o-matic valves inc FC075EP-6-pf flow controller valve 6GPM
Price: $72.59 Plast-o-matic FC075EP-4-pf flow controller pvdf 4GPM 3/4 FCO75V
Price: $10.2 Fluoroware FC16-16FN-1 fitting pfa. fem. conn 1 t x 1 npt flare
Price: $45 Yokogawa FC1A-aa-b isolator,in:ma dc 4-20,out:ma dc 4-20
Price: $250 Tylan mass flow controller, range: 3 slm, gas: N2
Price: $250 Tylan mass flow controller, range: 500 sccm, gas: N2, flow: 150
Price: $530.73 Tylan general fc-261-02 mass flow controler, gas O2, mfc O2 2L I
Price: $530.73 Tylan general fc-261-O2 mass flow controller, 150 psig max, gas
Price: $250 Tylan general inc. fc-261 v 10 slpm O2 mass flow controller, 10
Price: $257.55 Tylan fc-280-san-1SLPM-NH3 mfc tylan fc-280-kz 1SLM NH3
Price: $200 Tylan FC2900M mfc tylan FC2900M gas: N20; inlet perssure: 34 psi
Price: $170 Tylan FC2900-100-sccm-ar tylan 2900 series 100SCCM argon mfc
Price: $250 Tylan FC2900 (100-sccm-N2) mfc, 100 sccm, gas: N2
Price: $250 Tylan mfc, range: 1 slpm, gas: NH3
Price: $250 Tylan FC2900 (1 slpm ar) mfc, 1 slpm, gas: ar
Price: $250 Tylan mfc, range: 3 slpm, gas: N2
Price: $250 Tylan fc-2900MEP-N2-10SLPM mass flow controller; model: fc-2900M
Price: $250 Tylan fc-2900MEP-N2-30SLPM mass flow controller; model: fc-2900M
Price: $250 Tylan fc-2900MEP-SIH4-2SLPM mass flow controller; model: fc-2900
Price: $250 Millipore mfc gas: SIH4, range: 500 sccm
Price: $250 Tylan fc-2960-MEP5 mass flow controller (mfc); model: fc-2960-ME
Price: $250 Millipore fc-2960MEP5 mass flow controller (mfc); model: fc-2960
Price: $250 Tylan fc-2979MEP5-wm mass flow controller, range 50 sccm, gas C4
Price: $250 Tylan fc-2979MEP5-wm mass flow controller, range 1.5 slpm, gas O
Price: $250 Millipore fc-2979MEP5-wm mass flow controller, range 50 sccm, ga
Price: $175 Celerity fc-2979MEP5-wm-ar-1SLPM fc-2979MEP5-wm, gas: ar, range:
Price: $250 Millipore fc-2979MEP5-wm-co-1SLPM flow controller; gas:co;
Price: $275 Celerity fc-2979MEP5-wm-O2-50SCCM tylan fc-2979MEP5-wm, gas: O2,
Price: $12.11 Fluoroware FC6-4FN-1 fitting, flaretek
Price: $13.95 Fluoroware FC6-6FN-1 adapter, straight, 3/8FL x 3/8 fnpt
Price: $6.8 Fluoroware FC6-8FN-1 fitting pfa f.con 3/8TX1/2 nptf flaretek
Price: $250 Aera fc-780 mass flow controller, gas H2, flow range 3SLM
Price: $300 Aera fc-780 mass flow controller, gas N2, range 1SLM
Price: $350 Advanced energy FC7810C-H2-10SLM mfc - aera fc-7810C, gas: dihyd
Price: $280 Aera fc-785C 29D2435 mass flow , 0.8% 50SCCM 0.8% PH3/he
Price: $375 Aera fc-785C 29D2436 mass flow controller, SIH4, 50 sccm
Price: $300 Aera fc-785C GM00921003 mass flow controller, gas: NH3, range: 5
Price: $375 Aera fc-785C mfc,N2 200SCCM
Price: $300 Aera fc-785C-N2-5SLM mfc, fc-785C N2 5SLM
Price: $300 Aera fc-785C mfc, dcs 100 sccm
Price: $350 Aera fc-785C mass flow controller, gas O2, range 1.5SLM
Price: $280 Aera fc-785C mass flow controller, gas 0.8% PH3/he, flow range 5
Price: $250 Aera fc-785CY-bf mass flow controller SIH2CL2-0.2SLM refurb
Price: $250 Aera fc-785CY-bf mfc, aera NF3 1SLM refurb
Price: $6.29 Fluoroware FC8-12GN-1 fitting fem.conn 1/2T x 3/4NPT quickgrip
Price: $20 Dainippon screen mfg fc-821L-specs mutually agreed and confirmed
Price: $5.74 Fluoroware FC8-6FN-1 fitting pfa f.con 1/2TX3/8 nptf flaretek
Price: $20 Fluoroware FC8-8GN-1 fitting pfa fem. CONNECTOR1/2T x 1/2FNPT qu
Price: $300 Tylan fc-981 mass flow controller, gas H2, range 20SLM
Price: $297.5 Aera fc-D985C mfc, tc-fc-D985YBF, gas:hcl, range:500 sccm
Price: $250 Area fc-D985CT-bh mass flow controller, range: 100 ccm, gas: C12
Price: $250 Area fc-D985CT-bh mass flow controller, range: 150CCM, gas: C12(
Price: $450 Aera fc-D985CT-bh mass flow controller, range: 50 ccm, gas: SF6
Price: $250 Area fc-D985CT-bh mass flow control, range: 200CCM, gas: N2, d
Price: $382.5 Aera fc-D986 mass flow controller,
Price: $350 Advanced energy (ae) fc-D986CYBF-7.5 mass flow controller multi-
Price: $350 Advanced energy (ae) fc-D986CYBF-7 mfc,multi-gas 5-10 slm
Price: $350 Aera mfc ar, range: 200 sccm, fitting type: ba
Price: $350 Aera mfc ar, range: 500 sccm, fitting type: ba
Price: $350 Aera mfc he, range: 3 slm, fitting type: ba
Price: $106.25 Kepco fcp-102K power supply ecp-102K NANO5
Price: $4.46 Bimba FCP4K air cylinder, ss-body
Price: $250 Kokusai fc-PAR785T-bw 3SLM N2 advanced energy (ae) fc-PAR785T mf
Price: $454.75 Yutaka engineering fcr-801K crown valve CO2 reducing with heater
Price: $3.75 Radeon FD072 ati radeon X600 128MB pcie graphics card dvi-i s-vi
Price: $6.57 Radeon FD072 ati radeon X600 128MB pcie graphics card dvi-i s-vi
Price: $250 Westinghouse circuit breaker, 80A, 600 vac, series: c, 3 pole,
Price: $120.49 Koganei f-DAV125-r-db valve double fill
Price: $90.36 Koganei f-DAV125-r-sb valve single fill
Price: $453.46 Seiwa FDCA32100 fluorescence lamp CEP011-CJD1240
Price: $15 FDD001268-00 floppy disk drive lap top
Price: $17.85 FDK20 franke 84441AN 84441AN bearing, 20 axes feather roller
Price: $33 Afaya fdk-25SH02G 2GB idi flash disk
Price: $225 Honeywell FE5F-3MC6-m assembly, wafer sensor, microswitch, vts--
Price: $20 Fluoroware FE6-8FN-1 elbow, 3/8"od tube x 1/2"fnpt, pfa with pvd
Price: $45 Pepperl & fuchs fef-PLT1-L2 micro switch; 453618; fiber optic ca
Price: $1.7 Entrelec FEM13U end section for terminal block
Price: $125 Aviza technology fep tubing teflon pfa , 1/16 x.03 wall 1.5MM i.
Price: $30.6 Generic fer-2090WW4 fitting ss 304L 2 ell 90 agmo
Price: $46.75 Emerson elecric FF115-S1 high pressure control cutout cnt 1820.
Price: $25 Ooberon ff-028 clear faceshield, chemical resistant outside comp
Price: $191.25 Westinghouse FF4-16 controller pressure comp e-220 n 14862
Price: $145 Toflo ff-P100-te-A200-pf-ss fin flow meter pfa , power: DC12~24V
Price: $125 Tokyo keiso flow rotometer ss---not in original packaging
Price: $550 H-square FFTB3MA automatic flat finder
Price: $550 H-square FFTB2MA automatic flat finder
Price: $17.21 Scp global f-fvcr V2 asgt drk-2-vcr-fs valve, manual f-fvcr V2 a
Price: $10 6110-0031-02 lemo fgg.ob circular push pull connector
Price: $9 Lemo fgg.3B 3 pin connector--not in original packaging
Price: $10 Nikon fg 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $225 Cutler-hammer FI225 circuit breaker; 90A 3-pole; molded case cir
Price: $550 Tokyo keiso fi-7155A,b mx-52E-050-L92J1 flowmeter, fi-7155A,b mx
Price: $6.7 Strasbaugh filter mesh
Price: $100 Senju fire sprinkler head ss wax coated , pack of 4
Price: $125 900108-060 alpha pro tech fit 221 1/4 black heat shrinking tubes
Price: $35 Alpha fit 221 heat shrink tubing,pkg 5 2 inch black 5 x 4 feet,
Price: $30 Alpha pro tech fit-221-3-32-clr heat shrinking tube, 100FT(25X4F
Price: $30 Alpha pro tech fit-221-3-32-red heat shrinking tubing, 100FT(25X
Price: $35 Alpha pro tech fit 221 3/32 red heat shrinking tubing. fit; 25-p
Price: $30 Alpha pro tech fit-221-3-64-grn heat shrinking tubing, 100FT(25X
Price: $30 Alpha pro tech fit-221-3-64-red heat shrinking tubing, 100FT(25X
Price: $45 Alpha pro tech fit 221 heat shrink tubing pkg 26, 3/8, black, 25
Price: $40 Alpha pro tech fit 221 3/8 black heat shrink 3/8 black pkg 26 pi
Price: $30 Alpha pro tech fit-221-3-8-blk heat shrinkable tubing, 100(25X4F
Price: $15 Lab savety fit test ampules fit test ampules for respirator qual
Price: $77.66 Cat fk-100 ball for valve fk-100(repair kit) 4 -lin
Price: $25 Turck fk 4.4-1/14.5/npt U2-03118; eurofast receptacle
Price: $18 Fuji seiki fk-1008-l-s energy absorber, impact rate: 0.3 - 3.0M/
Price: $250 Kitz sct fkm-seat bellows valve, Z3, btbas, AV72
Price: $27.11 Omega fl-1002 flow meter, air
Price: $3500 Accretech 82-00048 jds uniphase FL10A fiber laser industrial las
Price: $45 Fluoroware FL12-1-90-sps elbow 90 space saver pfa 3/4F ***harves
Price: $55 Fluoroware FL12-1-t 3/4" pfa tee ***harvested; never installed s
Price: $45 Fluoroware FL12-1-tr 3/4X3/4X1/2F tee reducer ***harvested; neve
Price: $65 Fluoroware FL12-1-trsps tee reducer pfp 3/4F pos 1-3; space save
Price: $18 Idec FL1C-PM3 memory cartridge
Price: $155 Omega roto flow meter teflon , 0-150 mm, 200PSIG
Price: $35 Fluoroware fl-4-1-scs elbow 90 degree reducer pfa spacer saver 1
Price: $25 Omega fl-72 flow meter 0-60 gph
Price: $35 Fluoroware FL8-1-sps 1/2" 90° elbow pfa space saver***harvested
Price: $1.91 Flaretek FL8-1 fitting teflon flarenut 1/2 od flare tek
Price: $50 Fluoroware fl-8-1-tsps tee pfa 1/2F pos 1-2 1/2 space saver pos
Price: $30 Fluoroware FL8-3-90 90° elbow pfa 1/2"f ***harvested; never ins
Price: $125 Detrotek flame detector sensor, flame detector
Price: $20 Flange, 4" weld streel
Price: $25 Power cable flanged inlet plug and hubbel: 20A, 125V female plug
Price: $35 Bimba flat-1 for-040.375-3F cylender, air flat-1 for-040.37-3F,
Price: $6.8 Flaretek FLC12 FLC12 cap, flaretek, 3/4"od tube, pfa
Price: $30 Hps/mks flex line 1', cvd exhaust, kf 40
Price: $45 Swagelok hose braided ss flexible, stainless steel, length 28 in
Price: $35 Swagelok hose braided ss flexible, stainless steel, length 26 in
Price: $40 Swagelok hose braided ss flexable , stainless steel, length 29 i
Price: $45 Swagelok bellows flexable hose, stainless steel, length 30 in.,
Price: $35 Swagelok hose braided ss flexable hose, length 36 in., 2/5 in. c
Price: $65 Swagelok hose braided ss flexible, stainless steel, length 48 in
Price: $55 Swagelok hose braided ss flexible, stainless steel, length 35 1/
Price: $75 Swagelok hose braided ss flexible, length 63 in., stainless stee
Price: $65 Ss braided flexible 4 1/2 foot hose
Price: $75 Alta technologies flex-guard pe cable, braided monofilament slee
Price: $125 Alta technologies flex-guard pe braided cable monofilament sleev
Price: $225 Pall FLHF100E-09M3F-pw filter 10" T90061909948; 0.1UM
Price: $300 Pall FLHF100-04M3F-pw-300 T90044200300 0.1UM filter
Price: $25 Phoenix flk-D50 sub/s interface module
Price: $8.87 Littelfuse flq 30 fuse dual 30 amp/500V
Price: $12.75 Littelfuse FLM1 time-delay fuse pkg 9
Price: $5 Littelfuse flq-15 diget fuse, 500VAC or less
Price: $3.4 Littelfuse flsr 60 id 75-600 vac class RK5 time delay current li
Price: $12.75 Columbia electric supply flsr 8 if fuse, 8A 600V idsr time delay
Price: $35 Memtec FLTR050-9M3F memtec 90013000300/ usf T90013000300; 0.05 m
Price: $46.75 Cat FM01002-0018 pin stage
Price: $80.75 Cat FM01011-0031 0085 pin set-1 vacuum
Price: $7.65 Pacific bearing fm-05 PCFFM5 bearing, 5X12MM linear
Price: $7.65 Fm-08, mfg-pfic applied industrial technologies fm-08, mfg-pfic
Price: $18.95 Dell FM349 dell FM349 ati radeon HD2400 pro 256MB dvi s-video vi
Price: $250 Tylan fm-3900MEP-N2-1SLPM mass flow controller; model: fc-3900ME
Price: $212.5 Tylan general fm-360-100SCCM-N2 mass flow controller; model: fm-
Price: $250 Aera fm-391 N2 10SLM s/n:20C2722 mfm, N2 .10SLM
Price: $250 Aera fm-391 mfm, (N2.50SLM)
Price: $125 Entegris fm-4F-250-i entegris fl mtr - 1/4" ft 250CC-i
Price: $12.74 Fluoroware FMC4-6 fitting pfa reduce. bus. m/f. 3/8M x 1/4N
Price: $11.04 Entegris FMC2-4 fitting pfa red. bush m/f.1/4MX1/8FNPT ga
Price: $14.03 Entegris FME2-2 fitting, pfa. street ell 90 1/8NPT galte
Price: $10 Furon FMF66EAMN-1 furon flare grip male elbow 3/8 tube x 3/8 mnp
Price: $2.79 Fct electronics FMK2G d-subminiature connectors 15P metal hood s
Price: $3.12 Fct electronics FMK3G d-sub miniature connectors 25P metal hood
Price: $45 Cat FMP4SUP bulkhead union teflon
Price: $11.9 Semifab FMP8UE union elbow 1/2 male flare connector
Price: $17 Saint-gobain FMP6SU saint-gobain teflon fitting flare union 3/8;
Price: $25 Mst fms 8710 monitor, gas, no system, with key lock 12-24 vdc, r
Price: $61.71 Precision instruments FN296-n-ug-11-1D filter, duv excitation, 2
Price: $47.81 Schaffner FN612-20-10 filter, 12B line--not in original packagin
Price: $13.6 Schaffner fn-612-6-06 electric filter for m.d.u; 110/250VAC/50-6
Price: $4.25 Bussmann fnm-1/2 fusetron dual-element fuse
Price: $3.4 Bussmann fnm-5 fusetron dual-element fuse
Price: $1.7 Reiku fnmt-c pg connector reiku pn-pa-gob-36P36
Price: $18 Bussmann fnq-20 tron time-delay fuse pkg 4
Price: $4 Bussman E04J-7 time-delay fuse, tron, cooling blower, ir 10KA, 5
Price: $15 Cooper industries fnq-5 tron time-delay fuse, ir 10KA, 500V a.c.
Price: $17 Tokyo electron (tel) 045-01043-1 cooper bussmann fnq-r-3 cooper
Price: $225 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display moto clamp
Price: $10.68 Cc tron fnq-r-5 fuse, time delay class cc current limiting
Price: $35 Kla-tencor fo-14-40 fiber optics 40" cable--not in original pack
Price: $22.6 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display kit, fo mapping antenna ra
Price: $35 3M scotch vinyl foam tape double sided, white, 1" w, 0.30 thickn
Price: $23.09 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display kit, foup door key initial
Price: $9.04 Kensington laboratories focus autoscope focus knob, kensington
Price: $25 Applied materials (amat) foot base(oxdfx) base, adjuster foot fo
Price: $45 Sms FOR2B0006 sms main air cylinder
Price: $31.19 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display kit, initialization sensor
Price: $33.94 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display kit, carrier resting plane
Price: $28.19 Recif technologies s.a.s idlw display kit, rotary fo map antenna
Price: $15.62 Bimba for-31-0.5-l-eeo.375 pneumatic cylinder; for-31-0.5-l-eeo.
Price: $15.62 Bimba for-31-0.5-eeo.375 ok pneumatic cylinder; for-31-0.5-eeo.3
Price: $17.85 Bimba fos-040.5 cylinder, 5/16X1/4
Price: $17.85 Fos-500.375 bimba fos-500.375 bimba cylinder, tape punch
Price: $29.75 Filter chem fov-50 valve pvc actuating 8060A
Price: $220 Yokogawa FP203-GL2-B1 pressure dispatch machine,output:4-20MA dc
Price: $65 Tokyo keiso level switch float tank pvc
Price: $125 Fp-91-6.35 fujikin incorporated valve, air-operate for ke
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-91-9.52 valve, operate air
Price: $125 Georg fischer ball valve pvdf, D25, DN20, 20 m/m (3/4")--not in
Price: $3.61 Fluoroware FPNC4-4N fitting
Price: $125 Fujikin incorporated fpr-71-6-35-up valves & tubes connectors
Price: $125 Fujikin inc fpr-6-35 valve 316 ss micro weld, air ope
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-71-9.52-2 valve nupro 1/2" n.c
Price: $140 Fujikin fpr-91-12.7 fpr-91-12.7; valve, air operation
Price: $400 Fujikin fpr-91-9.52 fpr-91-9.52; valve, air operate; ag 5MX000,
Price: $185 Fujikin fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-6 fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-6; valve, air operat
Price: $120 Fujikin fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-3 fpr-sdtb-71-6.35-3; air valve
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-ubf-716-6.35-2-up valve 316 ss, operate air
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-ubftb-716-6.35-2-up 3-way valve; fpr-ubftb-716-6.35-
Price: $100 Fujikin FPRUBFTB716-6.35-4UP valve 316 ss, fujikin; o.p. 4~6KGF/
Price: $125 Fujikin fpr-uddf-71-6.35-2-316LP pneumatic 2-way valve, 0.34-0.4
Price: $70 Fujikin fpr-uddf-71-6.35-nl valve, air-operate for koyo LE1-3
Price: $70 Fujikin fpr-uddf-71-6.35-nl-pa fpr-uddf-71-6.35-nl-pa; valve, ai
Price: $125 G cube co ltd fpr-uddf-71-9.52-nl valve, air-operate for koyo LE
Price: $15 Fps-148-ohv fabco-air fps-148-ohv cylinder, 5/8X1-7/16 air load
Price: $15 Aviza technology fps-024-6016 heat shrink 3/8 black 8014 pkg 14
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-6.35-2 valve 316 ss, air-operate
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-6.35-2-nl-up valve, air-operate
Price: $90 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-6.35-2-nl-up valve, air-operate
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-9.52-2-nl valve 316 ss, fp-uddf-71-9.52-2-nl;
Price: $125 Fujikin fp-uddf-71-9.52-nl-pa fp-uddf-71-9.52-nl-pa
Price: $12.75 Cherry elect FR152-12 microswitch positioner electric FR152-12
Price: $28.49 Entegris FR16D flange ring; fr 16-d
Price: $400 Koganei FR300-02 regulator filter, maximum pressure: 9.5KGF/cm^2
Price: $750 Mitsubishi fr-A720-7.5K vfd freqrol-A700; A700 inverter, vfd, va
Price: $1.05 Cat frb 10-20 locating ring frb 10/120.; s frb 10*120
Price: $25 Freelin-wade fre-thane-95A-polyurethane tubing appr 46-feet tubi
Price: $35 Bussman division frn-r-100 fuse, dual element time-delay current
Price: $4.25 Fusetron frn-r-15 250V 15-amp fuse; dual element time delay curr
Price: $4.25 Bussmann frn-r-30 fuse, fusetron dual - element time delay curre
Price: $4.25 Bussmann frn-r-3/10 fusetron dual element time-delay fuse, class
Price: $25 Bussman division frn-r-40 fuse, dual element time delay current
Price: $25 Enfield frpp-210 astm-F1412 pipe, pp acid waste 1 1/2" 38MM, 2 i
Price: $225 Beco fs-103306 switch flow N2 4 scfm 25 psig teflon
Price: $75 M system frs-3A-r temperature converter, input pt 100 0-50 celci
Price: $20 Konica fs-1 camera, 35MM, slr film (body only)
Price: $16 Konica fs-1 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $35 Keyence FS2-60 photoelectric sensor
Price: $37 Keyence FS2-62 sensor; 12-24V dc
Price: $100 Keyence FS2-62 sensor with amplifier ; NM0003-3165; sk daifuku 4
Price: $20 Keyence FS2-62 photoelectric sensor, 12~24V dc harvested off unu
Price: $1 Plasmatherm FS428 bearing ball radial
Price: $35 Tridelta FS6145-1302 air pressure switch, low
Price: $15.06 Rkc FS8-r*nn-8N-2 digital control unit FS8-r*nn-8N-2
Price: $60 Fsi fs-850-5 switch flow; 230082001; 6 ft
Price: $250 Millipore FSFBD500JH00 mfc, digital mass flow, gas: NH3, range:
Price: $336.6 Fsi fsi-900928-001 phoenix control panel assembly
Price: $38.25 Fsi fsi-900943-001 switch limit assy fsi
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-1(5A*160L)-r reactor, pipe 1 5A 160L dj 8
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70176-b r-2(5A*190L)-r reactor, pipe 2 dj 825; fsl-
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70203-b r-6(5A*495L)-l fsl-70203-b r-6(5A*495L)-l;
Price: $55 Tofle co fsl-70203-b r-7(5A*475L)-l fsl-70203-b r-7(5A*475L)-l;
Price: $25 Sparkle power international FSP250-60GTV (ln) power supply, inpu
Price: $25 Sparkle power international FSP300-60GRE power supply, input: 11
Price: $45 Keyence fs-T1 sensor amplifier
Price: $8.49 Entegris FSU4 fitting pfa full cpl 1/4NPT galtek
Price: $3.74 Fluoroware FSU2 269301 fitting pfa full cpl 1-8NPT galtek
Price: $35 Keyence fs-V12 12-bit slave unit amplifier
Price: $46.75 Keyence corporation fs-V21 keyence fiber optic sensor amp notch
Price: $20 Keyence fs-V22 dual, digital fiber sensor
Price: $45 Keyence fs-V22 dual, digital fiber sensor
Price: $25 Keyence corporation fs-V32 sensor, fiber mega cordless handset
Price: $45 Keyence fs-X18 amplifier, fiber sensor
Price: $15 Petri ft ii 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $15.06 Novellus ft-00302-A1 plate mounting
Price: $25 Bimba ft-040.5 1/2" stroke air pneumatic cylinder
Price: $55 Datalux FT1-skin datalux, skin, protective, keyboard,
Price: $75 Atlantic tubing co FT18-natural teflon pfa 50FT awg 18 tubing
Price: $175 Deltron inc. FT46AHH33-36P power supply, 400 watt max,
Price: $75 Deltron inc. FT46AHH33-36P power supply, 400 watt max,
Price: $17 Btu engineering ft-6-ss mesh trap
Price: $1.21 Fala technologies ft-ebt-hp elbow bearing template
Price: $10 Petri ft ee 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $125 Surpass ftl-3-v teflon check valve
Price: $20 Canon ft camera, 35MM, slr film (body only)
Price: $15 Aviza technology ftp cat.5E patch iso/iec cable, 16 feet loom et
Price: $3 Ascent FTR09 switch dpdt toggle biased
Price: $15.19 Metron ftv-7BC photoelectric sensor
Price: $15.19 Metron FTWH150S-5M-270 timing BELT1
Price: $10 Naigai tech kaisha ltd FU05 sus fineu-nut unit, bearing
Price: $41.74 Keyence fu-31 sensor optical, side view reflective
Price: $45 Lintec keyence fu-32 cable sensor, optical fiber
Price: $225 Fujikin incorporated fubfl-71-9.52-2-a bellows 90 deg open/close
Price: $50 G cube co ltd fubfn-71M-6.35-2BR-up valve, needle
Price: $100 Fujikin fubfl-91-9-52-a valve; fubfl-91-9.52#a; DD1016611UFV016
Price: $65 Fujikin fucdf-21-6.35UGF-akh check valve; k-L6D8-001
Price: $125 Fujikin fucl-715-6.35-0.023-cr fucl-715-6.35-0.023-cr; valve, ch
Price: $125 Fujikin fucl-715-6.35-0.023-cr-up valve check
Price: $125 G cube co ltd fucl-715-6.35-007 valve, check 316 ss
Price: $125 Fujikin fucl-715-6.35-0.07-up valve, check 316 ss
Price: $125 G cube co ltd fucl-715-9.52-0.07 valve, check,316 ss 6.86 kpa, 1
Price: $25 Fujikin fuddfl-21-6.35UGF 1/4" 2-port turn manual valve; k-H30K-
Price: $225 Fujikin fuddflt-21-6-35UGF-apd filter fuddflt-21-6.35UGF-apd
Price: $125 Fujikin fuddfl-91-12.7-nl#a diaphragm valve, 316L, 1/2", handle
Price: $225 Fujikin fuddfm-71M-6.35 ptd, diaphragm valve, mg
Price: $125 Fujikin fudf-716G-6.35-2-bp-up valve 316 ss, operate air
Price: $125 Fujukin FUDF716G6-35BPUP valve, high press manual valve 316 ss
Price: $125 Fujikin FUDFTB716G-6-35-4-bp valve 316 ss, operate air
Price: $150 Fujikin FUDFTB716G6.35-2BPUP regulator 316 ss, operate air FUDFT
Price: $75 Fujikin fufl-915-6.35-2 filter, inline, 2 micron ss
Price: $100 Fujikin three fujikin 316L-p, o.p. 3.5~5KGF/cm^2G(0.34~0.49MPA)
Price: $18.1 Entegris FUT4 fitting pfa tee f.s.scrd 1/4NPT galtek
Price: $55 Takex FVR7162N takex fiber optic e-axis sensor
Price: $75 Dell FW82801DBM oj-5351-70166 dell motherboard
Price: $55 Hitachi kokusai fvr-7162-n sensor, fiber optical
Price: $12 Dai-ichi seiko fwm-1008VBD-c shock absorber, 9MMSTRKX10MMO
Price: $25 Koganei f-X110-4E1-1W solenoid valve
Price: $100 Mitsubishi fx-16EYR programmable controller; out: DC30V/AC250V
Price: $414.38 Mitsubishi FX2-48MR plc unit, AC85-264V, 50/60HZ, 50 va max, inp
Price: $75 Scp global FX6-2P autonics FX6-2P double counter/timer/controlle
Price: $41.25 Sunx fx-7PJ amplifier, sensor pnp
Price: $58.41 Freudenberg FX9S10G/55 freudenberg polishing pad (oxide); mat. #
Price: $20 Yashica fx-d 35MM slr film camera *body only*
Price: $3.61 Sunx fx-MR1 sunx# lens, fiber optic
Price: $74 National FZ40423494S panasonic ballast, 200V, 60HZ, 40W x 2-lamp
Price: $25.95 Dell G0169 dell nvidia GEFORCE4 MX440 P117 dvi agp 64MB video ca
Price: $10 Dell G0169 dell nvidia GEFORCE4 MX440 P117 dvi agp 64MB video ca
Price: $31 Dell G063G dell oem latitude E4200 laptop ssd hard drive cable G
Price: $10 Dell G0770 nvidia 180-10117-0000-B00 geforce 64MG agp graphics c
Price: $10 Dell G0771 nvidia agp vid card w/ dvi,tv
Price: $10 Dell G0772 64MB nvidia agp dvi w/tv out
Price: $17.68 Disco hi-tec MOENH242 parker G10-41 pressure gauge; disco MOENH2
Price: $1.33 Craftech industries, inc. G1203-1-29 lot of 50 washer, .437 x .1
Price: $200 Emerson us motors G135 series 3000 gear motor, corro-duty, G12-G
Price: $30.6 Filt air G15-10GV-1241 filter ro tank G15-10GV-1241 95%, 7X-886-
Price: $65 Novellus G1-610003-00 cba,quartz lamp
Price: $102 Filt air G16-1066-8D41 filter class to en 1922: H10
Price: $18.75 Metron G162053/G163054 hand/sheet
Price: $160 Agilent technologies G1820-60399 lens omega
Price: $250 Agilent technologies G1820-65343 system,sc intro,poly-propylene
Price: $297.5 Shibaura g-190 o-ring perflouro-g-190(p)
Price: $5 Novellus G1-910085-01 xmitter, sensor, ext
Price: $191.25 Shibaura eletec g-200P shibaura eletec corp g-200(p) o-ring
Price: $297.5 Shibaura g-210 o-ring perflouro-g-210(p)
Price: $29.01 Watlow G227385 thermo-couple probe 95-3644 lamp control J4 to ch
Price: $38.25 Asco G238A050SCA sv for di tank relief 1" 115V 0 bar
Price: $297.5 Shibaura g-250 o-ring perflouro-g-250(p)
Price: $486.2 Alpha moisture systems G2-sr-nee dewpoint indic. - alarm G2
Price: $9.49 Omron G2R-1-e relay, pc mount 120 vac coil, 120VAC~, 16A-250VAC,
Price: $15 Marshalltown instruments G32154 3.5 1/4BM 300 dp brass needs cal
Price: $75 Omron G32A-A10-vd relay, power device cartridge for relay, load:
Price: $25 Omron G32A-A10-vd power device cartridge, load: 50/60HZ, 24-240V
Price: $80 Omron G34-m-001 alarm unit 12/24 vdc
Price: $65 Omron G32A-A10-vd sensor temp power device cartridge,G3PA-210B-v
Price: $24 Net mercury NM0003-1888 novellus G35-0000100 o-ring, viton 2-82-
Price: $15.19 Omron G3H-203SN omron, solid st. relay
Price: $17.85 Watlow G390236 bayonet, k-type sheath 1/8DIA 6"l
Price: $50 Tokyo electron (tel) G3-m-upl-001 pipe, tel unity pcw line in
Price: $25.3 Omron G3NA-220B solid state relay; 200-240VAC
Price: $20 Omron G3PA-210B-vd-DC5-24 relay, solid state 10A
Price: $35.06 Omron G3PA-24OB-vd solid state relay, load: 50/60 hz, 24-240 vac
Price: $45 Dupoint G410-K8900 jis, g series, o-ring, nom: 16.114 x 0.224 in
Price: $48.75 Ultra G428 thermocouple signal conditioner
Price: $41.72 Shibaura g-45 o-ring perflouro-g-45(p)
Price: $45.19 Ibm G45M4H-014 rls bcr decdr/cntrlr
Price: $45 Eriks west G480 V75 o-ring,metric.viton. 479.3MM x 5.7MM
Price: $1.7 Tehalit G4873 3-poles output connector
Price: $35 Opto 22 G4-AD3 44 analog i/o, 4-20 ma input
Price: $21.51 G4AIVA opto 22 G4AIVA pcb, G4AIVA analog i/o repair
Price: $12.75 Opto 22 G4-IDC5 5-volt logic relay; input: 10-32 vdc
Price: $12.75 Opto 22 G4IDC5D in, digital
Price: $212.5 Opto 22 G4PB16L nsfp G4PB16L G4 dc output 5-60 vdc 16-channel in
Price: $17.85 Opto 22 G4ODC5 module, digital output
Price: $275 Opto 22 G4PB24 pcb, i/o module rack opto 22
Price: $30 G4PB4 opto 22 G4PB4 4-channel mounting rack
Price: $65 Eriks west G50K4079 kalrez 100112535 o-ring, kalrez id, G50, id,
Price: $55 Betatherm G50K6D44 temperature probe, 3 1/2 feet long
Price: $25 Ckd G59D-8-PK04-P9 pressure gauge
Price: $20 Mechatronics G6015H24B2-rh ballast fan, dc 24V, 0.095A, 2 ball--
Price: $4.25 Cat G6019566 poppet for run regulator
Price: $2.55 Rigaku international g-60 o-ring
Price: $15 Omron G6A-274P 2-pcs, 0.6A 125VAC, 12VDC relay--not in original
Price: $45 Omron G6B-47BND relay,250 vac,30 vdc,coil:24VDC
Price: $15.19 Omron G6B-4BND omron, terminal relay, -fd-us, 24VDC, 5A-250VAC,
Price: $11.16 Ibm G6SM4H-009 rls, rms gripper sense
Price: $11.16 Proconincs international a-09760000 pcb, rls, ccd 94V-0 ibm G6SM
Price: $66.74 Shibaura g-75 o-ring perflouro-g-75 (p)
Price: $250 Fil-tech g-75-pt ion gauge glass tubulated gauge 3/4 inch glass
Price: $18.07 Applied materials (amat) G78V81-G86K cuno filtration sales filte
Price: $15.19 Omron G7L-2A-tj omron, RELAY1, coil:24VDC
Price: $15.19 Metron G7L-2A-tj(AC100V) omron, relay, coil:100-120VAC
Price: $25 Omron G7L-2A-tj heavy duty relay, coil: 24 vdc--not in original
Price: $25 Omron G7T-1112S 24VDC, contact:10A-250VAC, 10A-30VDC, 1/2HP-240V
Price: $15 Omron G7P-2 relay, 24VDC, contact: 5A 250 vac, 5A 30VDC--not in
Price: $71 Omron G7TC-0C08 i/o relay terminal P7TF-OS08 24 vdc
Price: $50 G80Z unit mfc pcb, 210 cardedge (G80Z) 10 slm - repair
Price: $6.8 Sylvana G8W ultra violet lamp, bule uv for tami bar, uvc
Price: $10 Mic G9041 dvd 16X lead free bl dskt
Price: $10 Ati industrial automation G9184 dell radeon X600 256MB pci-e low
Price: $12.5 Dell G9391 sony CRX830E cdrw-dvd sff sata; sony CRX830E
Price: $73.58 G9D-301 omron G9D-301 relay, safety unit
Price: $82.69 Millipore GA0001863893 gauge swsolid state 0-15PSI norm ips-122
Price: $72.25 Sae GA1B-20 sae emi filter
Price: $6.8 Tokyo electron (tel) 0462-23-6131 smc GA36-10-01 smc GA36-10-01
Price: $100 Cambridge GA6-408126858-rc absolute filter hepa
Price: $35 Glentek GA365-1 pcb, servo amp x,y,z
Price: $4.25 Apparate systeme wolf s.l. GASKET20 apparate systeme wolf s.l. G
Price: $45 Gauge, pressure 1/4 vcr ss, 0-160 psi, 0-1000 kpa
Price: $15 Gauge, pressure /vac ss, 0-100 psi, 1-7 bar
Price: $25 Gauge, temperature tank mount ss, 0-150 fahrenheit
Price: $8 Gauge, pressure, 0-160 psi
Price: $8 Gauge, pressure, 0-160 psi, 0-11 bar
Price: $10 Gauge, pressure gauge, 0-200 psi, 0-1400 kpa
Price: $8 Gauge, pressure, 0-30 psi, 0-200 kpa
Price: $8 Gauge, pressure, 0-700 kpa, 0-100 psi
Price: $191.25 Square d gaw-21 thc vacuum, class 9016, series c, 100 psig, 6.9
Price: $15 Csc GB4 804A sprinkler head
Price: $15.19 Metron GBATRM2013/TFATRMD01 hand/sheet
Price: $12.5 Dell GC253 24X cdrw/dvd combo slim drive
Price: $8.5 Cat GC25RE-5 eprom fortrend
Price: $155 Nagano keiki GC62-211-10N manometer, digital
Price: $155 Nagano keiki GC62-211-20N GC62 manometer, digital
Price: $125 Nagano keiki GC72-223 pressure sensor switch gauge, power: 24VDC
Price: $55 Nagano keiki GC94-211 digital meter relay
Price: $10 Hitachi gcc-4241N kr-OU1753-35831-393-2875
Price: $10 Hitachi gce-8400B cdrom cdrw 40X ide black
Price: $3 Dell X7082 h-l gcr-8240N 24X cdrom slim drive; dell X7082; dell
Price: $15 Dell N1192 h-l data storage gce-8483B cd-rw ide drive; dell N119
Price: $10 Mic gcr-8485B 0431630-10 e-H021-04-4973-b
Price: $1 Edwards vacuum inc. GD120084 gasket case
Price: $350 Riken keiki gd-577D gas detector
Price: $8.5 Goldstar GD74LS138 goldstar ic 74LS138 3:8 decoder
Price: $8.5 Goldstar GD74LS93 goldstar i.c. 74LS93 counter 4 bit
Price: $8.5 Goldstar GD75189A i.c. quad line rec.
Price: $250 Gastech gd-K35PN gas detector
Price: $448.8 Cat gd-K77D analyzer tdmat gd-K77D 24VDC riken keiki
Price: $350 Riken keiki gd-K77D gas detector, hcl, 24VDC, 0-15 ppm, riken ke
Price: $350 Riken keiki gd-K77D gas detector, btbas, 24VDC, 0-15 ppm, riken
Price: $550 Aviza technology 815015-743 riken keiki gd-K77D-O3 sensor,gas de
Price: $170 Riken keiki gd-K7D detector toxic gas leak
Price: $350 Riken keiki gd-K7D detector toxic gas leak
Price: $385 Gastech gd-K8D gas detector
Price: $10 Ibm gdr-8085N 11S39T2576Z1ZASR053516
Price: $10 Hewlett-packard company-hp gdr-8164B dvd-rom drive
Price: $10 Hp gdr-8482B cd-rom drive E2C
Price: $12.75 Cat 551223202 lamp spotlight
Price: $340 Gespac gespia-2A pcb
Price: $200 Alcatel gessmc-1 pcb motor control board
Price: $179.11 Cat GETA100B card 4 speech links 100B command
Price: $342.99 Cat GETA100D card 4 speech links 100D command
Price: $12.75 Cosmos GF16 var resistor
Price: $15.06 Gilmont instruments gf-5341-2414 flow meter, model 6.5 mm
Price: $27.11 Hubbell GFR53501 ground fault circuit interrupter
Price: $250 Pall GFF1100VMM4 filter, assembly, 3000 psig at 100'f, mwo numbe
Price: $1 Bussmann GGC8 fuse 8A 250V 6.3X32MM fast
Price: $42.5 Plast-o-matic GGMT100-pf pvdf molded gauge guard, 0-100-psi /tef
Price: $100 Global series ghdd-101 power supply
Price: $25 Guden GGS21-090-i gas spring; specs: rod dia: .315, stroke lengt
Price: $125 Millipore GHPZ01PLT 0.05UM filter, guardian hp 10"
Price: $4000 Eni rf generator,ghw-12Z software version: 6.81 rf output: 1250W
Price: $11.16 Cutler-hammer gi-125 circuit breaker
Price: $5.03 Columbia electric supply gilway-L8010 lamp, 5V 77A 2420K
Price: $1.53 Fip gic D50 fitting cpvc elbow 90 D50 gic fip
Price: $45 Omega gjqss-116E-48 probe, grounded sheath
Price: $29.75 Mechanical plastics GJWB60 mechanical plastics corp the tb toggl
Price: $12.75 Pall GK6738PB01 o-ring; oag 6738PB00
Price: $21.25 Trane gkt 1935 gasket, cover assembly
Price: $63.75 Trane gkt 1920 gasket rupluar disk-gkt 1920.
Price: $12.99 Gkw gkw 331 bow gkw 331 175 x 300 x 300 with platf atf
Price: $10.2 Cat gkw-341 gkw-341 box 170X400X300 with plate mw-34
Price: $75 Ngk gl-66-2 igniter plug
Price: $125 Nec GLG5322 laser radiation laserstrahl rayons laser, wavelength
Price: $225 Pall GLFF4200VMM6/8 gaskleen filter, low press; GLFF4200VMM6/8
Price: $200 Nec GLG5323 laser - 5MW class iiia laser, 632.8MM wavelength
Price: $250 Pall GLPCLXPVMM4 filter,purifier chloride 1/4 vcr micro
Price: $18.07 Pall glpf 3000MFC9 filter, inline gas, mini gaskleen
Price: $75 Nec GLS5323B laser, gas power supply
Price: $18.48 GLT2 (seeka) jai punix inc GLT2 (seeka) sensor, fiber optic
Price: $125 Dell GM819 755 optiplex, LGA775 motherboard, 4-slot dimms, 5 sat
Price: $21.68 Brooks automation inc BM11205 motor; brooks BM11205
Price: $119.07 Pittman GM8712F225 motor, 24VDC 187:1 ratio
Price: $2.55 Staticure gmw-1 cooper bussmann fuse 125V 1AMP
Price: $8.5 Dupont GN512P-5221H gasket:3M701 w/bs ; film type: nitrocallulos
Price: $17.85 Ckd gnab-X1114 valve, solenoid air/vacuum/wa
Price: $175 Engel GNM2130-G5 motor gleich strom getriebe
Price: $7.65 Cummins GP1 pinion pn 8 for fuel pump type GP1 1-2
Price: $300 Finnish thompson inc. (fti) GP1PVB01455C28 pump marathon, spray
Price: $25 Daito GP20 2A, 250V fuse, pack of 5
Price: $750 Kokusai gp-581-H2L indicator unit 2
Price: $30.6 Filt air gpb-10GV-zfca filter ro tank G15-10GV-1241 95%, 7X-886-
Price: $156.1 Condor GPC80-5 power supply; 80W 5V @ 16A
Price: $1 Ascent GPH16 connector crimp terminal eyelet 70-10
Price: $45 Dyer 5 gpm, 300 gph rotometer---not in original packaging
Price: $225 Ffsion instruments panasonic gp-KR212 camera industrial color cc
Price: $125 M.schneider GR1-200AT-500V-mg motor, huse of ponie for mg
Price: $1500 Komatsu gr-712-1 heat exchange power supply; p/n: 20000620
Price: $25 Grease guns lot of 3 grease guns pkg 3
Price: $8 Cormine green 5652 green test wafer label, green sticky dots, pr
Price: $15 Festo grla-M5-pk-3-b one-way flow control valve
Price: $17 Festo grla-1-8-pk-4-b flow controler one way grla-1/8-pk-4-b
Price: $41.25 Festo gr-M5X2-b inline flow control valve
Price: $20 Mcmaster carr ground strap braided 1/2" x 20 feet--not in origin
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-1400LX pureaire sensor, F2, el-1460-1, m-1
Price: $15 Bionics instrument gs-1401DX pureaire sensor, F2, el-1460-1, m-1
Price: $32 Ww grainger inc GS1-420-426 channellock set, tongue & groove pli
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-1551DY pureaire sensor, H2, el-1555, m-150
Price: $10 Bionics instrument gs-2460HY diaphrams
Price: $125 Bionics instrument gs-3000 2T sensor teos
Price: $35 Bionics instrument gs-3050KY sensor gas
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-4006HX sensor, SIH4, el-4061K, m-4006-m
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-4060DY pureaire sensor, SIH4, el-4070, m-4
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-4060HY sensor, SIH4, el-4070-7A, m-4000-g
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-410 hx sensor, el-415, m-400-m
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-4150HY sensor, NF3, el-4155, m-4100-m
Price: $25 Bionics instrument gs-470DY pureaire sensor, el-415, m-400 m,
Price: $125 Enmet corp. gs-720HX sensor, gas sampler w/transmitter
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-470HY sensor, el-410-5, m-400-m
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-720HX sensor, hf, el-760-1, m-700-m
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-780-hy sensor, hf, el-760-1, m-700-m
Price: $20 Bionics instrument gs-840 hx sensor, O3, el-860-1, m-801M
Price: $2.41 Ggb industries inc gsk-32-t gasket
Price: $369.75 Semi gas systems gsm-4A gas safety monitor
Price: $48.75 Fluidix 39675K124 proctel-tru 16120877; fluidix 39675K124; motor
Price: $7 Tyton hellermann gt.75X150P2 3/4" grip ties, pack of 10
Price: $12.75 Cvc gtc-036 thermocouple gauge tube
Price: $17 Eiko GTL3 lot of 3 glow starter germicidal bulb E17 base
Price: $125 Pall GTMF3200F4A-VM4 filter,stainless steel
Price: $15 6400-0038-04 square d guc circuit breaker accessory
Price: $11.02 GV1-M04 meco equipment GV1-M04 switch, motor secure .4-.63A
Price: $25 Telemecanique GV2-AN11 side mount auxiliary contact
Price: $35 Telemecanique GV2-AN11 auxiliary contact
Price: $45 Telemecanique GV2-M14 circuit breaker starter, 3-pole, 6-10A sta
Price: $45 Telemecanique GV2-M16 9-14 amp motor starter
Price: $55 Telemecanique GV2ME16/9-14A motor circuit breaker; 3-pole, 9-14A
Price: $106.25 Oriental motor co GVH5G250 gear head (GVH5G250)
Price: $5.57 Smc GVVZS300-21A-160 cable, sub-d
Price: $58 Telemecanique gv-M03 starter manual motor circuit breaker & prot
Price: $2.55 Gewiss gw 60 082 plug 110V 1PH yellow 3X16A, 16-4H/110-130 2P, I
Price: $2.18 Gewiss gw 60 095 plug 1PH yellow 3X32A
Price: $1.7 Gewiss gw-27-005 enclosure horizontal n-1 gewiss GW27002
Price: $1.7 Gewiss gw-60-001 plug 2P+grd 16A/110V -yellow color, 16-4H/110-1
Price: $4.56 Gewiss gw-62-203 socket protected gw-62203 5*16A 110V, 16-4H (63
Price: $4.35 Gw-60003 plug 5-16A 110V gewiss yellow
Price: $1.26 GW62204 waterproof socket, protected 3X16A gewiss, 16A-6H, 220-2
Price: $38.25 GW62210-a cee waterproof socket,16A-6H/380-415V, type 415
Price: $63.75 GW62210-c pce socket, 32A-6H, 220-380V, 240-415V, type 425
Price: $63.75 GW62210-b cee socket, 32-6H, 220-380, 240-415, type 1215
Price: $2.72 Gewiss gw-62-221 socket 380V 3PH red 5X32A
Price: $2.76 Gewiss gw-62-482 socket 380V 3PH flush mnt d erd 5X16., 16-6H(22
Price: $162.56 Gewiss gw 68 001 din distribution board--not in original packagi
Price: $340 Gewiss gw-68-05 gewiss gw 68 005 unwired water-tight board with
Price: $12.5 H-l gwa-4082N cd-rw/dvd-rom slim drive
Price: $125 Ebara g-w-booster-end-plate booster end plate
Price: $10 Ati industrial automation GX240 rage 128 16MB apg graphics card,
Price: $500 Summit GX500U-6002 power supply assembly, input: 115/230V~ 50/60
Price: $300 Summit electronics GX500U-6002 power supply assembly
Price: $25 Sunx gxl-N12F-ip proximity sensor
Price: $125 Summit GX500U-6002 power supply assembly, input: 115/230V~ 50/60
Price: $2.99 Skf h 308 adapter sleeve, s.k.f. for a/c oah-9
Price: $93.75 Tosoh quartz H001460 T4DD1-57465 tel injectors, quartz nozzle
Price: $35 Applied materials (amat) 3870-01784 humphrey H010E1 solenoid VAL
Price: $20 H0095 weather head 5/16", black air hose, 15 feet long
Price: $38.25 Edwards vacuum inc. H02121103 o-ring nitrile model 1695-30
Price: $35 Edwards vacuum inc. H02122159 o ring vit 299.3ID x 5.7 sec PK1
Price: $45 Nor-cal vacuum products inc h-021301DA2-a heater jacket, 73W, 24
Price: $15 Edwards vacuum inc. H03524919 1" gasket
Price: $45 Edwards vacuum inc. H03527000 fitting male connector
Price: $235 Edwards vacuum inc. H03537123 3/8" compact check valve 1PSI
Price: $10 Edwards vacuum inc. H03537279 swagelok ny-200-2BT male conn nylo
Price: $9.95 Radeon H0424 ati radeon 109-81100-02 dell 03X905 3X905 0H0424 H0
Price: $5.1 Honeywell H0A2001-1 optp sensor mgi wafer transfer
Price: $20 Varian H0436001 bracket feeler
Price: $500 H1100353 thermocouple assy high temp
Price: $500 Inficon H100M rta quadropole sensor
Price: $45 Humphrey H110-4E2 solenoid valve
Price: $1.91 Santa clara windustrial co h-119-1-2 hex. rod cpl. 1/2
Price: $750 Axcelis H1200110 control concepts phase-angle power controller,
Price: $10 Edwards H128-10-001 dry star coolant- volume shown in pic
Price: $27.27 Dockweiler H12139 fitting coax elbow 90 degrease .5X.25 10RA C2-
Price: $4.04 Edwards H128-10-001 dry star coolant- volume shown in pic
Price: $126.56 Axcelis H1407109 300MM edge ring;300MM edge ring;ring
Price: $10 Weidmuller H16/24 grun wire end ferrule terminator with plastic
Price: $35 Humphrey H181E1-psl solenoid valve, 20~100PSI
Price: $35 Helicoflex h-305658 gasket, w-seal, 15 x 9 centimeters pkg 18
Price: $38.25 Skf h-309 skf h 309 sleeve adapter
Price: $42.5 Nsk H310X adapter for bearings
Price: $350 Pacific scientific H33NRHB-ldw-ns-00 motor-1.8' step motor
Price: $48.75 Axcelis H3500451 element holder
Price: $3 Jazz H3500718 43UM filter
Price: $227.81 Axcelis H3501182 lens, sapphire plano, conves 50MM f
Price: $65 Omron H3BA relay, source: 200/220/240VAC, contact: 5A, 250VAC re
Price: $5.95 Nidec H35017-58CQ nidec beta sl H35017-58CQ 15X70MM .43A dc brus
Price: $34 Omron H3BH-8 timer,24 vac 5A 250VAC 50/60HZ
Price: $75 H-5755-S2000-s disco diamond wheel
Price: $129.19 Ham-let H6895SSNL1/2PSS HX150 chiller drain valve 3000PSIG @ 100
Price: $55.25 Ham-let h-710-ss-n-1" ham-let h-710-ss-n-1" ball valve
Price: $46.75 Ham-let h-710-ss-n-3/4" ham-let ball valve h-710-ss-n-3/4" ss 34
Price: $10 Meacon corporation H7185 muffler ,mech,PFD2,wht ,20205002 pkg 5
Price: $35.77 Ham-let h-800-ss-L1-2 valve ball ss 1/2 sw-lok h-800-ss-l 1/2
Price: $204 Kla tencor H7-24E7 inker catridge holder
Price: $42.5 Ham-let h-810-n-1/2't h-810-n-1/2't, valve, 316 s.s. 1500 psi, 7
Price: $30 Ham-let h-810-n-1-2-t h-810-n-1/2't, valve, 316 s.s. 1500 psi, 7
Price: $25 Hitachi H8/3256 chip, prog, diamx #2
Price: $5.4 Dell H9142 dell ati radeon X600 0H9142 128MB video card pcie dvi
Price: $3 Dell H9142 dell ati radeon X600 0H9142 128MB video card pcie dvi
Price: $12.5 Dell H9294 dmod cdrw dvd 24X cdr
Price: $4.08 Cat H9 c.b handle interlocking gray H9
Price: $36 Semco H96-014347 semco cartridge, 232ML for cds pump
Price: $18.07 Humphrey HA010LE1 manifold set/valve
Price: $25 Humphrey HA010E1 valve solenoid
Price: $35 Humphrey HA040E1 3-way 2-position normally closed solenoid manif
Price: $10.2 Warden fluid dynamics HA040E1-psl valve, sol 24VDC 100PSI 3PORT
Price: $325 Atcor ha-0478-04 mpu eprom
Price: $350 Ushio hb-10201AF power supply dc lamp starter, 208,200V, 15A,
Price: $125 Ushio hb-10201AF-panel power supply, mercury lamp, control panel
Price: $125 Ushio inc hb-10201-af front panel remote power supply, mercury l
Price: $4.56 Ham-let HB102 fitting brass cross p/n HB102 1/2NPT
Price: $12.91 HB21-6-1-n-AC100V ckd HB21-6-1-n-AC100V valve, solenoid 100V 4W
Price: $10 Kep HB123/HB1621 machine hour meter counter, 24VDC
Price: $45 Applied materials (amat) power-one HB24-1.2-a power supply, inte
Price: $73 Teradyne inc HB5-3/ovp-a ac/dc power supply 5V
Price: $55 Teradyne inc HB5-3/ovp-a ac/dc power supply 5V
Price: $75 Power-one HBB15-1-5-a-used HBB15-1.5-a power supply
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL2313 twist-lock connector body. 2P3W, 20A 125V, L5-20
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL2313 twist-lock connector body. 2P3W, 20A 125V, L5-20
Price: $10 Hubbell HBL2321 plug. wiring scheme, 2-pole, 3-wire grounding. a
Price: $25 6110-0113-01 hubbell HBL2323 connector body. wiring scheme, 2-po
Price: $10 Hubbell HBL2326 hbl flanged receptacle; insulgrip twist-lock
Price: $19 Hubbell HBL2425 ac flanged inlet nema L15-20 male white, 20 amp,
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL2426 ac flanged outlet nema L15-20 female white,20 am
Price: $20 Hubbell HBL2811 ac plug nema L21-30 male,30Y 120/208V ac, 30 amp
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL2426 twist-lock flanged receptacle. 3P4W, 20A 3PH 250
Price: $20 Hubbell HBL4579C power cord plug grounding 15A, 250V
Price: $15 Hubbell HBL7101C connector, twist lock ac, female
Price: $17 Hubbell HBL7485 plug, 15A 125/250V 3W tl
Price: $1500 Osram hbo-450W-gs mercury short arc photo optic lamp; hbo 450W/g
Price: $15 H-BP20E lamp, 5V, 21MA, t-1, biu-pin pkg 2
Price: $15 Hardinge hc-10258 brake adj bushing
Price: $68 Power-one HC12-3-4-a power supply; output: 12VDC @ 3.4-amps temp
Price: $19.79 Condor d.c. power supplies HC15-3-a power supply, 15 vdc, 3A
Price: $35 Nc hc-300-200-2 heater jacket, 240V, 24W
Price: $25 Nor-cal vacuum products inc hc-300-2T-2 heater jacket, 240V, 13W
Price: $20 Aromat HC4-h-AC115V relay, 110/120V, 3A30V dc, AP3144K, matsushi
Price: $4.25 Cat HCF4012BE ic MC14012 (or MC4012) quad input hand
Price: $8.5 St HCF4016BE st i.c. CD4016 quad bi switch
Price: $250 Svg thermco hciu host computer controller track system, 8010B bo
Price: $15 Helical HCR075-8-8 motor coupling
Price: $284.75 Leica 036-085.003-026 escap hd-11-216-e-2041 dc motor, HD11 216
Price: $55.25 Condor HD12-6-8-a module psu 12VDC6.8A for cpu
Price: $55.79 Condor HD24-4-8-a power supply 24V 4.8A, 110/220,
Price: $25 Pepperl+fuchs HD2-SS1-EX4 isolated switch amplifier; HD2-SS1/EX4
Price: $8.5 Hitachi HD46800DP hitachi i.c. 8-bit cpu
Price: $15 Hitachi HD46821P pio interface 2 mhz 40 dip
Price: $550 Baldor HD70C4-44S servomotor with gear reduction; bs/M63A-275AA
Price: $3 I-chem hdpe-1000ML hdpe 1000ML plastic bottle
Price: $25 General HDW004032-00 laptop to cs to hard drive adaptor
Price: $750 Square d disconnect fused heavy duty safety switch, 200A, 600 va
Price: $4.25 Cat HEF4014BP ic MC14014 8 stage static shift register
Price: $4.25 Cat HEF4015BP ic MC14015 dual bilateral shift
Price: $4.25 Philips HEF4035BP philips 4-bit f. in.f.out shift r
Price: $12.75 Philips HEF4073BP philips i.c. input and gate
Price: $15 Ina HF0812SS225 bearing
Price: $60.75 Mks hesv-150-1 heater, jacket iso valve 12V 6.5X3.6, 32W, 120V
Price: $225 Spirax sarco hf-2300-15-4R-2-1 flow meter (spirax sarco) emco ol
Price: $297.5 Carten HF500-049-PC2 carten ultra-high purity valves
Price: $27.11 Thermo electron hfc 0803 enclosure, explosion & fire hazard only
Price: $106.25 Nord hfd 511-460-8 line filter; hfd 511-460/8; 146162.3
Price: $82.5 Fluoroware hfm-16F valve - hf man ft 1"
Price: $100 Veriflo HFR900W2PFS8FMV regulator, max inlet 500 psi, part numbe
Price: $10 Comm instr HFW1201S100 relay surface mount
Price: $75 Humphrey HGF10T1-80-ps valve solenoid manifold assembly
Price: $134 Humphrey HGF10T1-80-ps valve solenoid manifold valve assembly
Price: $10.63 Carrier hh-18JA-066 carrier corporation temp act switch; spi 6/3
Price: $9.68 HH54PW-l okamoto corp HH54PW-l relay, magnet
Price: $2.98 Klockner-moeller HI11-P1-P3 contact auxiliary for safety switche
Price: $25 Omron HH62P-fl-DC24V DC24V relay
Price: $225 Advance HIC300-115PIGH valve teflon model 20544 air operated, HI
Price: $931.77 Advance HICV005-131 self control valve
Price: $1334.91 Sez HICV020-131RC1/4'' self control valve spm pining (
Price: $21 Hi-flg-200-nw-1 nor-cal vacuum products inc hi-flg-200-nw-1 flan
Price: $15 Hinged clamp, pack of 2
Price: $20 Hinged clamp, pack of 3 KF25
Price: $1.7