Price: $4200 Walk-in cooler 8 x 10 x 8"h complete
Price: $400 Freezer 1 well self contain drop-in unit
Price: $850 Table wood bakers best table 120 x 30 x 2.5 inch thick
Price: $2995 Traulsen PRI332H commercial two door roll-in dough proofer
Price: $7.95 Bread proofer
Price: $2235 Nu-vu electric oven & proofer, 30" wide
Price: $695 Metro C75-H8N-non-insulated proofing/holding cabinet
Price: $350 Win-holt baker box non insulated
Price: $1690 Belshaw tz-6 electric donut proofer cabinet
Price: $3890 Belshaw tz-17 electric full size donut proofer cabinet
Price: $2200 New nu-vu pro-8 proofer on casters ( )
Price: $3500 Traulsen proofer
Price: $54.93 Ad-craft lot of 6 dough proofing pans with lid pz-DRPE800
Price: $750 Bakers aid mini proofer
Price: $1333 Proofer cabinet mobile half height toastmaster E9451-HP12CDN
Price: $1554 Proofer cabinet mobile full height toastmaster E9451-HP34CDN
Price: $880 Nu-vu electric countertop convection oven, model xo-1A
Price: $19.99 Hobart 01-008013 capacitor 1.5UF for ebm motor 400V 50/60HZ
Price: $1500 Blodgett proofing cabinet bp-100
Price: $1995 Revent 2 door roll in rack bakery proofer warmer proof box 2021P
Price: $888.88 Traulsen roll in proofing cabinet holding oven model PR1132H
Price: $169.99 Winco esh-72, 72-inch electric strip heater, 1750W, 14.6A, etl
Price: $125.99 Winco esh-24, 24-inch electric strip heater, 500W, 4.2A, etl
Price: $135.99 Winco esh-36, 36-inch electric strip heater, 850W, 7A, etl
Price: $147.7 Winco esh-48, 48-inch electric strip heater, 1100W, 9.1A, etl
Price: $161.6 Winco esh-60, 60-inch electric strip heater, 1400W, 12A, etl
Price: $2100 Deluxe oven & proofer combination unit
Price: $5639.39 Winholt inhpl-1836C insulated heater proofer/holding cabinet
Price: $499 Doyon JA4 jet air convection oven
Price: $5000 Lucks 9 rack proofer used works well
Price: $6995 Piper super systems OP3 oven proofer heat & humidity bread 
Price: $850 Traulsen ARI132LUT-fhs roll in refrigerator
Price: $550 Winholt nhpl-1836CA economy heater proofer
Price: $750 Bakers aid retarder/proofer control board 7 day 01-3PB122-0000A
Price: $328 Revent 7021 proofer control box (fro 7000 - 50277203)
Price: $4089.48 Nu-vu proofer tabletop - pro-8
Price: $4762.26 Nu-vu proofer w/automist - prow-8
Price: $6750.79 Nu-vu proofer floor model - prow-18
Price: $4818.65 Nu-vu proofer floor model - pro-16
Price: $1280.5 Adcraft heater proofer cabinet set model pw-120
Price: $417.05 Adcraft heater proofer contol drawer model pw-120H
Price: $1900.81 Masterbilt proofer holding cabinet HP6A-lx
Price: $6900.53 Nu-vu roll-in proofer w/automist - amp-12
Price: $12353.43 Nu-vu roll-in proofer w/automist - asmp-36
Price: $1795 Used nu-vu bo-12 10 pan proofer
Price: $240 Lockwood CA60-RR25, bread proofing cabinet with wheels
Price: $2000 Duke ahpo-6/18 12 pan oven/proofer
Price: $181.99 Winco esh-1, electric countertop strip heater
Price: $1342.5 Winco edm-1, pizza display merchandiser, 120V, 1800W
Price: $44.35 Winco edm-2PZS, 5-3/4" x 16-1/8" pizza sign for edm-2
Price: $44.35 Winco edm-2PRS, 5-3/4" x 16-1/8" pretzel sign for edm-2
Price: $893.75 Winco edm-2, pizza display merchandiser, 120V, 875W
Price: $54.05 Winco edm-2PR, pretzel rack for edm-2
Price: $3960 Becom proofer humidifier - be-ph-std
Price: $1863.37 Intermetro TC90B, insulated heated cabinet, ul, culus, nsf
Price: $2541.37 Intermetro C539-hfc-4, full-height heating cabinet, culus, nsf
Price: $98.28 Winco ehl-2C, electric heat lamp, steel, two 250 w bulbs, 120 v
Price: $163.86 Nemco 6000A-1, freestanding infrared heat lamp, ul, cul, nsf
Price: $1152.48 Omcan fw-2-3, food warmer, display case, ce
Price: $508.48 Omcan fw-2-2, food warmer, display case, ce
Price: $680.96 Omcan fw-2-1, food warmer, display case, ce
Price: $464.8 Omcan DH580, food warmer, display case, ce
Price: $552.16 Omcan DH2P, food warmer, display case, ce
Price: $474.88 Omcan DH1P, food warmer, display case, ce
Price: $278.9 Winco esw-70, stainless steel soup warmer
Price: $81.6 Libbey L7700, 6.75 oz martini glass, 1 dz/cs
Price: $156.8 Atosa AT51388, electric stainless steel soup kettle
Price: $588 Omcan bsb-5, 5-compartment baine marie
Price: $397.6 Omcan bsb-3, 3-compartment baine marie
Price: $423.36 Omcan bsb-4, 4-compartment baine marie
Price: $1368.64 Toastmaster 3A81DT09, free-standing single drawer warmer, etl
Price: $3960 Becom-proofer humidifier
Price: $2000 Bread cabinet
Price: $999 Traulsen proofer box
Price: $3500 Benier intermediate proofer - bread system - bread line.
Price: $2220 Moffat turbofan E89AMSW proofer and holding cabinet
Price: $184.99 Turbo air rfw-20, food warmer
Price: $240 Crescor proofer #100-1833 transport storage cabinet
Price: $495 Belshaw tg-50 donut processing production system thermoglaze
Price: $4750 Bread baguette molder system adamatic
Price: $875 Servolift eastern restaurant proofer/ hot box warmer 220V
Price: $1197 Lucks 01-207780 R20G rack oven circulation fan motor
Price: $499 Adcraft pw-120H – control drawer for heater proofers
Price: $1295 New adcraft heater proofer set 36 pan mobile cabinet -pw-120
Price: $3499.99 Traulsen double (2) door roll-in pizza proofer RPP232L-fhs
Price: $5978.61 Moffat H10T-fs mobile turbofan holding cabinet - 1900 watts
Price: $5733.59 Moffat H10T turbofan holding cabinet
Price: $4214.43 Moffat H10D-fs mobile turbofan holding cabinet - 1900 watts
Price: $3996.36 Moffat H10D turbofan holding cabinet
Price: $537.2 Adcraft aluminum heater proofer control drawer pw-120H
Price: $850 Nuvu proof box
Price: $2950 Baker's aid proof box
Price: $499.98 Hobart HP1/HP2 proofer heater assembly
Price: $79.95 Mccall model 1045HP magentic door gasket
Price: $79.95 Mccall model 1045 magentic door gasket
Price: $1579 Cadco - XALT195 - full size proofer oven base
Price: $1286 Cadco - XALT135 - half-size proofer oven base
Price: $135.67 Winco fw-S500 electric food warmer 1200W - full size
Price: $95.86 Winco ehl-2 professional heat lamp w/two 250W bulbs
Price: $170.51 Winco fw-S600 electric food cooker/warmer, 1500W
Price: $83.81 Winco esw-66 electric soup warmer
Price: $229.99 Adcraft idw-940W, infrared display warmer, ce
Price: $140 Hobart 01-172620 pipe assy, flush line
Price: $110 Hobart 01-071090 pipe assy, fill, tank
Price: $4363.05 Nu-vu prow-8 electric countertop proofer cabinet with automist
Price: $4334 Nu-vu pro-8 electric half-height proofer cabinet
Price: $4292.68 Nu-vu pro-16 mobile electric proofer cabinet
Price: $11225.91 Nu-vu asmp-36 electric 61.88" roll-in proofer with automist
Price: $6282.24 Nu-vu amp-12 one section 32" roll-in proofer with automist
Price: $700 Traulsen RPP132L-fhs roll in proofing cabinet
Price: $1665 Hobart PRF21E half size electric proofer
Price: $1510 Fwe tst-16-chp proofer heated holding cabinet food warmer
Price: $2500 Nu-vu ub-E4/8 oven –proofer
Price: $1100 Lockwood warmer proofer/holding rolling cabinet 
Price: $900 Servolift eastern 1900PH-73-A5 proofer/ hot box
Price: $5295 Doyon convection oven
Price: $657.43 Adcraft hd-26, 26-inch heated display
Price: $814.23 Adcraft hd-36, 36-inch heated display
Price: $1105.43 Adcraft hd-48, 48-inch heated display
Price: $493.91 Adcraft bw-450, bun warmer
Price: $143.35 Adcraft fw-1200W, full size food warmer
Price: $137.75 Adcraft fw-1200WR-b, 7/11 qt. round black food cooker/warmer
Price: $173.59 Adcraft fw-1500W, 4/3 size food warmer
Price: $144.47 Adcraft fw-1500W-c, full size cooker/warmer
Price: $200.47 Adcraft rw-E50, 50 cup rice warmer
Price: $135.51 Adcraft sk-600, economy soup kettle, black powder shell
Price: $199.35 Adcraft sk-500W, 11.4-quart premium soup kettle
Price: $570.07 Equipex wi-2, 2 compartment topping warmer, nsf, ul, usa
Price: $109.75 Adcraft hl-2, dual heat lamp
Price: $1323.22 Adcraft pw-120, non-insulated heater proofer cabinet
Price: $1450 New custom built warmer cabinet (C132) **** price ****
Price: $426.95 Adcraft pw-120H proofer control drawer aluminum 1800 watt
Price: $3995 Nuvu toastmaster- commercial oven / proofer
Price: $1495 Used blodgett bp-100 8 pan proofer